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Agent Risktaker

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In response to the thread I posted in The Lounge, if I do decide to go to the movies, should I see this? Is it any good? Or should I see one of the following? Keep in mind, I'm not interested in a deep-thought, boring movie. I want action and comedy/drama, if possible. NOT SHREK 2.

13 Going on 30

Laws of Attraction

Man on Fire

Mean Girls

New York Minute


Van Helsing

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Guest Ringmaster

13 Going on 30 - Cheesy chick flick

Laws of Attraction - Avoid

Man on Fire - Bleh

Mean Girls - Very funny

New York Minute - Mediocre

Troy - Enjoyably bad

Van Helsing - Bad

I'd say Mean Girls.

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Van Helsing was good, its just a ruthless action movie and will never even be thought of for an Oscar. Just cuz the acting isnt 5 star and the plot is like a jigsaw puzzle doesnt mean people wont lik it.

I thought Van Helsing was pretty good. Okay, maybe it's just for Kate Beckinsale and those three brides. Especially, the brunette one.

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Go see Van Helsing or Troy... I saw Van Helsing, and if you're not expecting a well thought out boring novel-esque film, then you'll probably enjoy it.

Van Helsing isn't even a good popcorn flick. It's just a collection of action sequences with a completely ridiculous plot. See, I have no problem with popcorn movies. I liked both Hellboy and The Rundown, because they were entertaining and not overly stupid. Van Helsing was completely terrible from the second scene on.

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Guest Locutus of Borg

If you want to see "13 Going On 30", then save yourself $15 and just go to Blockbuster and rent "Big".

Heard "Troy" was totally kick-ass.

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