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EWB's top films of 2004


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Surprisingly the same topic last year was a success. Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King won film of the year.

Matrix: Revolutions was the most disappointing film of the year.

So same again this year.

Give me the ten films you enjoyed the most this year.

The top five get 2 points, the next five get one point.

Then give up to three most disappointing.

Also which film are you most excited about next year?

And a new category, what is the best DVD release of the year (best extras etc)

I'll start.


1. Zatoichi (2 points)

2. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2 points)

3. Shaun Of The Dead (2 points)

4. House Of Flying Daggers (2 points)

5. Hero (2 points)

6. OldBoy (1 point)

7. Collateral (1 point)

8. The Last Samurai (1 point)

9. The Village (1 point)

10. Shaolin Soccer (1 point)


I only go to watch films I know I'm going to like. Having said that Aliens vs Predator destroyed any dreams of decency.

Shrek 2 added nothing to the original in any way.


Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith


Easily "Shaun Of The Dead"

Results will be out in the new year so GET VOTING!

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I'm going to freakishly attempt to write something about every new movie I've seen this year. You guys are gonna love my head exploding all over the board.....like Scanners, but crappier.

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1. Collateral

2. The Girl Next Door

3. Napoleon Dynamite

4. Starsky & Hutch

5. Shrek 2

6. Shaun of the Dead

7. Hero

8. Spiderman 2

9. The Butterfly Effect

10. Mean Girls (I shit you not, I liked this movie a lot)

Honorable mention goes to Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, but I was stoned while watching it, so it may have seemed funnier then it really was.

As you can tell by my list, I hardly ever go see films that generate Oscar buzz. Actually, I have probably only seen about 15 or so movies in the theater this year, so yeah...my list ain't so great. But, I personally did enjoy every film on my list very much, regardless of how other people feel about them.

Best Film: Collateral

Biggest Dissapointment: I didn't go into any movie this year with high expectations, but I'll just say Alien vs. Predator for the hell of it.

Next Years Film: I'm not too sure what is coming out next year, but I am looking forward to Meet the Fockers.

Best DVD Realease: N/A, don't really pay too much attention to the extras and shit, unless there is a gag reel of some sort.

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Guest American Idiot


1. Friday Night Lights

2. Shrek 2

3. The Incredibles

4. The Last Samurai

5. After the Sunset

6. National Treasure

7. Collateral (1 point)

8. The Last Samurai (1 point)

9. Starsky And Hutch (1 point)

10. Shark Tale


Elf....It was horrible

Hero was even worst


Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith


Star Wars DVD Package

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The Passion of the Christ is the best film from this year I've seen, so that is my nomination.


For now, The Butterfly Effect with Club Dread behind it.


The War of the Worlds, in terms of pure eventful film.


The Ultimate Matrix Collection or Star Wars Trilogy

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Best Film:

1) Kill Bill: Volume 2

2) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

3) Lost in Translation

4) The Passion of the Christ

5) The Butterfly Effect

6) The Last Samurai

7) Troy

8) Supersize Me

9) Spiderman 2

10) The Day After Tommorow

Biggest Dissapointment: Shark Tale

Next Years Film: Reveng of the Sith

Best DVD Realease: The Return of the King SE

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Guest Bluesman

1. Eternal Sunshine

2. Shrek 2

3. Supersize Me

4. Dodgeball

5. The Corporation (haven't seen it yet, but I know it won't end up like Fog of War)

6. The Last Samurai

7. Kill Bill 2

8. Bourne Supremacy (haven't seen it yet either, but loved the first...as long as they don't pull a Spider Man 2 it'll deserve this spot)

Yea, I don't watch too many movies. I actually should go rent Bourne, now that finals are over.

Biggest disappointment: Spider-Man 2. If you would have told me the fight scenes would have drastically improved, and they dealt with his various conflicts with the suit, I would have guaranteed a 10. The problem was that the comics have always had this fine balance between drama and action, which was complete shit all over in this film. The best part was when MJ says "Go get 'em Tiger" and a bunch of Spider-Man nerds started cheering and giggling like school girls.

Next year's film: The Corporation comes out on DVD

Best DVD Release: Hopefully the Corporation has as many extras as they should. In all seriousness though, I'll have to go with the Lord of The Rings: Return of the King (extended).

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All right. As of now...

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

2. Ray

3. Hero (If people are voting for The Last Samurai which came out in 2003, I can vote for Hero, dammit.)

4. Shaun of the Dead

5. The Incredibles

6. Napoleon Dynamite

7. Kill Bill vol. 2

8. Hellboy

9. Spider-Man 2

10. Collateral

11. If Hero Does Not Count: I, Robot

Three Most Disappointing:

1. Van Helsing

2. Starsky and Hutch

3. Meh. Dunno. I wasn't overall disappointed by anything else, besides perhaps the ending of Kill Bill vol. 2.

Next Year's Film: Don't really give a damn right now.

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1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

2. Kill Bill Vol. 2

3. Finding Neverland

4. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

5. Spider-Man 2

6. Collateral

7. Dodgeball: A TRUE underdog Story

8. Saw

9. The Butterfly Effect

10. Sideways


The Whole Ten Yards

Next Year's Film

Batman Begins

Best DVD Package

Clerks X

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1. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

2. Man On Fire

3. The Butterfly Effect

4. Anchorman

5. Super Size Me

6. 50 First Dates

7. Fahrenheit 9/11

8. Starsky And Hutch

9. Walking Tall

10. Mr. 3000


Mr. 3000, it's only in my top ten because I can barely remember 10 movies that I saw

Next Year's Film

Meet The Fockers

Best DVD Package

Clerks X

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Guest seattlebandfan9

1: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

2: Finding Neverland

3: The Terminal

4: The Butterfly Effect

5: Shaun of the Dead

6: Napoleon Dynamite

7: The Girl Next Door

8: Spider-Man 2

9: Blade Trinity

10: The Incredibles


Shrek 2

Next Year's Film


Best DVD Package

LOTR - Return of the King

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1. Kill Bill Vol. 2

2. Super Size Me

3. The Ladykillers

4. Spider-Man 2

5. Napoleon Dynamite

I haven't seen enough movies to warrant including more than five

Disappointing- Club Dread

I had low expectations for Eternal Sunshine, so I can't really call it a disappointment, despite my dislike for it.

Next Year's Film- The Spaceballs sequel, which may come out next year, according to rumor.

DVD release- Stealing Life, Cheating Death: The Eddie Guerrero Story

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Yeah, most of my list sucks...

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

2. Friday Night Lights

3. Spider-Man 2

4. Ocean's Twelve

5. Shrek 2

6. I, Robot

7. Starsky & Hutch

8. Dodgeball

9. Anchorman

10. The Girl Next Door


Saved! -Not the worst movie I saw this year, but it was probably the most disappointing because I had such high expectations of it and thought it was going to be a really funny movie, and it let me down majorly. Others include: The Village (which I still enjoyed, but it just wasn't what I hoped) and Mean Girls (seems like everyone else liked it and I just don't see it).

Next Year's Film

Batman Begins, I guess.

DVD release


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