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I need of something to do, Gongsun turns to uh...

Gongsun Zan

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In other words, toss me some recomendations, keeping in mind that I'm a clueless buffoon who knows nothing. For the record, I do not posses the mental energy required to anticipate and/or drag myself to the comic book store on a regular basis, so instead I shall be content to fool around with compilations of previously completed series. Or something.

Preferably something with lots of characterization. The deeper the better.

*Acknowledges the fact that he has know clue as to what he's talking about*

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100 Bullets is the way forward.

Written and drawn by the team of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso.

Very cool, great characterisation.

On issue 55 (coming out about now in fact) and they're stopping at 100 so it's going to be a contained collection.

I've just won issues 1,2 and 3 on an e-bay so I'm very happy.

It's lots of individual stories (ranging from 2 comics - 7 comics) that intertwine, with various characters turning up in each story, all linked to a mysterious man and a major corporation....

Very cool and you won't feel like a tool for reading it.

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