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The Punisher demo


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I demand you all go to your favorite game coverage site and download the demo to the new Punisher game. I expected it to be just some Max Payne clone, but boy was I wrong.

The best feature of the game is the interigation system, the best hostage/information system i've seen in a game. Basically, you run up to a criminal hit the 'E' button to grab them and then from there you can either hit 'q' to do a quick kill, 'e' to enter interigation mode or just use them as a shield against his allies. The interigation menu has four options, you can either punch them, smash their face against the ground, use gun tension or choke them. From there you get a bar of stress and their health. The point is to try to get the bar in the stress area and keep it there long enough to make t he guy talk. From there you can do what you want with him.

Another awesome thing, is that there's apparently 101 enviromental ways to interagate crime. For example in the demo level, you can grab a guy and dangle him over a pirana tank. After I got my information out of him, I pushed him into the tank, and everything goes black and white, you catch a glimpse of his barren skull before it returns to full color etc.

Meh, just go play it, you might like it.

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Guest raze0811

This sounds like the most awesome game ever. I love games where you can destroy people in creative ways. I'm off now to see if this game will be available on XBox at any point in the near future.

EDIT: Apparently not. I guess I will be getting the PC version then.

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Another interesting tidbit here, I found that you can throw the people that you are holding. For example, from the second level, I grabbed a thug and threw him from the top level, down implaing him on a guard rail.

Also, I figured out that there's a mode where you hit the 'Tab' button, and you go into a mode where Punisher throws knives, you don't have to aim, and the enemies all get scared as hell. The whole time, you hear the voices of your family.

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