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an epic adventure

Tony contacted me a few months ago. I had been helping to run a local promotion based in New York, and despite the severe lack of money, resources and talent, I had somehow managed to pierce together some watch able shows, and over the course of the past few months, the promotion had really started to come into it’s own. But after busting my ass off for 5 years for the promotion, I started to get muscled out by the owner. He started to take all of the credit. And as I considered retiring from this backstabbing industry known as pro wrestling, he called.

Tony Buller was a man with a vision: he wanted to build up the next big wrestling promotion, from the ground up, and he had patience. He didn’t mind waiting for years to get on TV, as long as we were making a name for ourselves. And he wanted me on board, apparently. So, I overlooked his plans. I would have pretty much a free-reign on the talent I brought in, and was encouraged to bring in talent from all over the country, and even from other countries, to put on matches that have been rarely staged, in an attempt to capture the internet fans attention and try to increase tape and DVD sales. The promotion was extremely well off financially, as Tony was a self made millionaire at the age of 26 and he also had a bunch of big-time backers on-board. So, naturally, I signed across the dotted line.

I decided that we should stay in New York: I knew the wrestling fans well there. I decided that Championship Wrestling Entertainment - the fed, should also be about drawing to start off with, and gaining a loyal following, mainly of families looking for an entertaining night out, but I was also hoping that the indy cruisers would satisfy the serious wrestling fans who would see that we were also trying to cater for them. Get a few old guys that people will remember at low prices while pushing the cruisers in their own division, throw in a load of entertaining cheap young indy guys with a bit of name value who we can slowly base CWE on more and more, and voila: that was my plan for the first year or so of CWE.

So, as we approach the first show, I wonder: will this place last? Will I really get a free reign on things? If this thing is as good as it looks to be right now, I could legitimately take this bad boy to the top. One thing's for sure, this is most certainly gonna be an epic adventure, and I'm sure as hell looking forward to taking CWE to the very top, and I ain't gonna stop until it gets there.

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Championship Wrestling Entertainment presents…


30th January 2005

From New York City

A few hundred people pack into a nice looking arena in New York, a wrestling ring set in the middle with security rail around it. The crowd is made up of mostly families, with quite a few youngish children, and the crowd pops as Joel Gertner comes down to the ring wearing a light yellow suit. He slaps fans hands as he slides into the ring, and is passed a microphone.

Joel Gertner: Well……..well………well. Firstly, allow me to introduce myself: I’m Joel Gertner, and I’m the Commissioner of CWE, and allow me to insure you that every decision I make will be for you fans, to make sure that you get the best action, at every, single, CWE event! Tonight, all of you people, you have the honour, and the privilege, to witness the birth, the inception of a wrestling promotion that will become the number one wrestling federation in the world! Tonight, you people, every single one of you, you will bare witness as history goes down, and we crown a World Heavyweight Champ, in a one night, four man tournament!

A mild pop.

Joel Gertner: A tournament involving Marty Jannetty……….Chris Chetti……..Tyson Tomko…….and the Vampire Warrior! All four men will be in a singles match, and the winner from each singles match will go on into a final to decide who wins the gold, and that match will be fought under Falls Count Anywhere rules! The pinfall or submission could go down in this very ring……..on that very ramp…….or, perhaps, in amongst you, in the crowd!

A big pop, as Gertner nods his head with satisfaction.

Joel Gertner: BUT THAT’S NOT IT! No, no, no, not by a long shot. Tonight we will see a hardcore match, between three men: Kevin Northcutt, The Nasty Boy Brian Knobs and HC Loc! Also, the young blood, the high flyers in the CWE locker room will duke it out, as the team of Jose and Joel Maximo, collectively known as The SAT……….take on the youngsters, two of the brightest prospects in all of pro wrestling right about now…..in Jerrelle Clarke, and Mikey Batts, accompanied by the gorgeous Lulu!

The crowd give a very small cheer.

Joel Gertner: A wrestling legend will also be in action tonight……..that’s right, none other than Barry Horowitz will be taking on the second generation superstar Erik Watts! But hey, let’s stop the talking, let’s get the action going! Because tonight, this is CWE and THIS IS…………………..The BEGGGGINNNIIINNNGGGG!

Some small pyros go off as Gertner exit’s the ring and goes into the back, as the first match in CWE history begins.


CWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament

“Cunning” Chris Chetti w/”Dastardly” Danny Doring and Elektra VS Marty Jannetty

Doring, Chetti and Elektra come out first and takes ages to get into the ring as they shout abuse at the fans. Elektra pulls of Doring’s and Cheti’s matching pink jackets, and then takes both men’s sunglasses off, before Doring grabs a microphone, the crowd booing a bit.

Danny Doring: You people need to pipe down! See, the three people in this ring right now………Triple C, Cunning Chris Chetti……..Elektra………and Triple D, Dastardly Danny Doring…….we are the three sexiest people in the whole of CWE, in the whole world in-fact! Ya see, we’ve made more adult movies, then you pieces of trash, have had hot dinners, and I don’t mind tellin’ ya that we can also get it done in the ring, every…..single…..night! We are Erotica Inc, and we are taking over CWE, one title at a time!

The crowd boo as Doring and Chetti look frustrated, stamping on the mat and kicking the bottom ropes.

Danny Doring: Shut up! Shut your mouths damn it! Ya see tonight, Chris is going to become the very first CWE World Heavyweight Champion…….and Erotica Inc, will be dominating CWE, whether you people LIKE IT, OR NOT!

Doring throws the microphone on the floor as Jannetty comes running out from the back, an the match begins. Jannetty starts the match like a house on fire, not allowing Chetti any offence whatsoever as he whips him off the ropes and catches the Cunning One with dropkicks and clotheslines. Jannetty is tripped up by Elektra eventually, and then hung up on the top rope by Doring, allowing Chris Chetti back in the match. Chetti simply beats down Jannety in a corner of the ring, and then takes the referee away from the scene, allowing Doring and Elektra to both choke, punch and slap Jannetty from the comfort of the outside of the ring. Chetti continues to beat Jannetty, with Jannetty having little spurts of offence that are cut off with a cheap shot or a rake to the eyes. Chetti signals for the finish, and goes to the top rope with a huge Chettisault (Moonsault), but misses the mark. Jannetty and Chetti both make their way to their feet and Jannetty gets the better of Chetti now with a barrage of onslaught, coming to a conclusion with the Rocker Dropper, but Elektra gets up on the apron, distracting the ref. Doring sneaks into the ring and goes for a superkick, but he catches Chetti inadvertently, and Doring is then clotheslined to the outside by Jannetty, who then goes to the top himself and connects with the Flying Fist Drop for the three count. After the match, Danny Doring and Elektra immediately roll into the ring and Doring puts the boots to Jannetty, as does Chetti when he gets to his feet. Christian York comes running down the aisle however, and fights both Doring and Chetti off with punches to both, followed by clotheslines to the outside. York helps Jannetty to his feet and Jannetty thanks the young man, as they shake hands, and the crowd cheer.

Winner: Marty Jannetty


The team of Jerrelle Clark and Mikey Batts come out next in matching blue tights, accompanied by the beautiful Lulu, slapping fans hands. Clark and Batts it on opposite turnbuckles, as Lulu stands in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand, and the cheers slowly die down.

Lulu: Ladies and gentlemen of New York City: what’s up?

The notorious cheap pop ensues.

Lulu: Before you stands two of the most promising youngsters in the business today, Jerrelle Clark, and Mikey Batts! Ladies and gentlemen, both of these men want to earn your respect, and that is exactly what they are going to do each and every night right here in CWE, by taking risks, and putting their bodies on the line, for your entertainment! So lean back, and enjoy the match, because in my boys Mikey and Jerrelle, you are looking at the future of professional wrestling, right before your very eyes!

Lulu drops the microphone and gets out of the ring.


Jerrelle Clark and Mikey Batts w/Lulu VS The SAT (Jose and Joel Maximo)

The SAT get booed as they taunt the crowd in the ring, getting decent heat. Clark and Jose start the match out with a great sequence off the ropes, both men ducking and weaving past each other, with Jose eventually nailing Clark with a moonsault dropkick, landing on his feet. Jose goes to work on Clark before tagging in brother Joel Maximo who goes to work on Clark with some snappy offence, getting some near falls. Clarke fights back quickly however, and manage to plane Joel with a springboard spinning heel kick. Clarke tags in Mikey Batts who works over Joel Maximo with some striking offence, and nails a second rope leg drop for a near fall. Joel reverses a hurricanrana into a power bomb next however, and then clotheslines Batts to the outside. Joel goes flying to the outside and takes out Batts with a suicide dive. Both Clarke and Jose Maximo follow, taking out every man on the outside with a big high flying move, to a big ovation. Clark and Jose Maximo get back into the ring and duke it out with some stiff blows, before Clark nails Jose with a jumping reverse DDT from the top rope, as Batts elevates Joel into the crowd. Batts then goes to the top rope and connects with the Corkscrew 450 Splash on Jose Maximo in the ring for the win.

Winners: Jerrelle Clark and Mikey Batts w/Lulu


CWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament

Tyson Tomko w/Gary Hart and Matt Morgan VS Vampire Warrior

Vampire Warrior comes out first with a cup of red liquid that he spits out in the ring to big cherrs, as he then gives his black sunglasses to a kid on the first row, ala Bret hart. Out next are Matt Morgan wearing a suit and Tyson Tomko, led by Gary Hart down the aisle, who has a microphone in hand.

Gary Hart: We are here! Myself, Gary Hart, the greatest manager in wrestling history! My personal bodyguard, the man that is the future of this business, Matt Morgan! And this man…..YOUR future CWE World Heavyweight Champion………..TYYYYSON…..TOMMMKO! This is the Hart Enterprise, and we are taking CWE over…….and what’s more, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you can do about it!

The crowd are booing the hell out of the trio, as Tomko slowly gets into the ring, and Morgan and Hart stand outside of it. Vampire Warrior immediately goes on the offence with punches and kicks on Tomko, but the big man doesn’t even flinch. Warrior tries some more offence, but Tomko completely no sells everything, and eventually destroys Warrior with a huge clothesline. Tomko dominates Vampire Warrior for a few minutes with big power moves, as Gary Hart applauds from ringside, and Morgan warns the fans at ringside to sit down and shut up when they cheer Vampire Warrior or boo Tomko. Tomko eventually decides to go for the win after teasing it a few times but picking Warrior back up. Tomko boots Warrior in the gut and connects with the Dominance (Spinning Neckbreaker) for the three count.

Winner: Tyson Tomko w/Gary Hart and Matt Morgan


Hardcore Match

“The Nasty Boy” Brian Knobs VS HC Loc VS Kevin Northcutt

Knobs comes out to big cheers as he slaps fans hands, and brings a garbage can full of weapons to the ring, but is immediately jumped by Northcutt and Loc. Knobs is double teamed, and the whole contents of his trash can are used on him, before Northcutt turns on loc, and beats him around the outside of the ring with weak weapon shots. Loc fights back with a big boot to the gut, and then nails Northcutt with a huge chairshot to the skull. Loc slides five chairs into the ring before going in, where Knobs batters Loc with a bunch of weapons. Knobs sets up four chairs, two rows of two facing each other. Knobs takes Loc to the top rope and signals for the power bomb, but Northcutt strikes Knobs from behind with a cane shot, before pushing Knobs onto the four chairs, and then throwing Loc off the top rope head first onto the guardrail on the outside. Northcutt takes the fight to Knobs in the ring but is unable to put him away, as Knobs fights back, nails a DDT onto a chair, and connects with a elbow drop onto the face of Northcutt which has a chair on top of it for good measure.

Winner: “The Nasty Boy” Brian Knobs


Barry Horowitz VS Erik Watts

Horowitz gets booed as he makes his way to the ring wearing a cape with his initials on the back in green letters. Erik Watts gets cheered as he charges the ring, and the match begins. Watts takes control of the match early on, showing good speed for a big man, hitting some basic moves for some near falls, but the veteran Horowitz clearly gets back into it with a mule kick on Watts that the referee fails to see, and Watts sustains a lot of mat-based punishment for a few minutes, with Horowitz going for the submission on Watts, working on Watts right arm and shoulder, stamping on it, and applying some submission moves. Watts battles back with punches, but his right arm is now useless and Watts is forced to use his left arm only, allowing Horowitz back into the match with an arm bar, and an assortment of arm drags as well. Watts is now screaming in pain and looks to be about to submit, but he doesn’t quit and instead fights back one more time, catching Horowitz with a one arm side walk slam out of desperation. Both men are down and the crowd rally behind Erik Watts, as both men stumble to their feet. Watts gets the better of the veteran with punches, and somehow manages to hit the E-Bomb for the duke.

Winner: Erik Watts


CWE World Heavyweight Title

Falls Count Anywhere Match

Marty Jannetty w/Christian York VS Tyson Tomko w/Gary Hart and Matt Morgan

Jannetty comes out with Christian York by his side to a big pop, and Tomko comes out with the rest of the Hart Enterprise, which of course provokes boos. The match starts with a lot of stalling, with Jannetty and Tomko backing the other man into a corner following a lock up, getting the crowd interested. Jannetty suddenly explodes with punches and chops, quickly clotheslining Tomko to the outside. Jannetty beats Tomko around the ring, whipping him into the guard rail repeatedly, but Tomko really doesn’t look that hurt more pissed off than anything else. Jannetty tosses Tomko into the crowd, and repeatedly smashes Tomko in the head with chairs passed to Jannetty by the crowd. Tomko is slightly busted open by the forehead, and Jannetty gets a near fall in the crowd, before brining Tomko back towards the ring. Gary Hart shouts instructions at Tomko, who cuts off yet another chairshot from Jannetty with a right hand to the gut, and Tomko than batters Jannetty all over the ring with a barrage of offence. Tomko gets a few near falls, but Jannetty won’t quit, as he fights back against Tomko with punches, and nails a huge piledriver for an extremely near fall. Marty Jannetty goes for the Rocker Dropper, but Tomko comes out of nowhere with a huge clothesline, before picking up Jannetty and hitting the Dominance onto a steel chair for the three count. As Gary Hart passes Tomko the World Heavyweight title, Matt Morgan and Tomko put the boots to Jannetty. Christian York gets into the ring but Matt Morgan immediately grabs York and throws him into a corner of the ring, before pummelling him down to the canvas, as Hart chokes Jannetty and Tomko puts the boots and punches in.

Winner and FIRST EVER CWE World Heavyweight Champion: Tyson Tomko w/Gary Hart and Matt Morgan


The crowd are booing the hell out of the Hart Enterprise which now includes the first ever CWE World Heavyweight Champion, as Commissioner Joel Gertner comes out, microphone in hand, to big cheers.

Joel Gertner: Congratulations Gary Hart! Congratulations to the Hart Enterprise! And congratulations to Tyson Tomko! Congratulations Tyson Tomko, because next month at Surreal, Tyson Tomko, you are going to have to make your first defence of that World Heavyweight title, against wrestling legend, Brutus Beefcake!

The crowd cheer, as Beefcake storms the ring through the crowd. Gary Hart and Tysom Tomko bail, as Beefcake, York and Jannetty all punch Matt Morgan around, before Beefcake clotheslines Morgan to the outside. The Hart Enterprise stand in the aisle with Hart pointing to the Heavyweight gold, as Gertner stands on the stage with a smile on his face, the faces in the ring stand united, as the crowd cheer.


Overall, a very solid first show. The cruisers certainly did not let me down, and by the end of the night, the Hart Enterprise was definitely over, with Tomko as the Champion, which seemed to shock the crowd slightly who thought Jannetty would win. The Horowitz/Watts match brought the quality of the show down, but I wanted something in-between the hardcore match and the main event, as they were both stipulation matches, and that seemed to work okay. Erotica Inc also look to have a lot of potential, and with the legends confirmed for next months retirement show, overall, CWE is doing well, despite losing some money, we gained a lot of exposure.

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I like the fact that you are doing what you said you would ..... family friendly, and going for overness. Bringing in Brutus for a one-off attempt for the belt would bring in some older fans who are feeling nostalgic. I was reading the last match, just hoping that Jannety wouldn't win though. That would have scared the hell out of me, Marty Jannety with a World Title.

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The show was okay but if you wanted to sell videos and DVDs I don't think that card would get it done.

Also if you were trying to be a family friendly fed I don't think you would start the show with a promo from a group called erotica inc. where they swear a lot. Also making the hometown boys of SAT heels is a weird move.

Still I liked the writing and hopefully we see some better cards coming up.

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Marty kicks ass.

Anyways, good show. The opening promo by Danny was a highpoint for me.

Also, how can you say Marty is a bad champino when TYSON TOMKO was picked ahead of him. :shifty:

I kid. Hopefully you can make Tomko a credible champ.

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Championship Wrestling Entertainment presents…


27th February 2005

From New York City

A slightly bigger crowd cheers as this month’s show starts the same as last month’s, as the Commissioner of CWE, one Joel Gertner, makes his way to the ring, slapping fans hands, before being passed a microphone, and entering the ring.

Joel Gertner: Well, well, well. Last month, in this very ring, we crowned our very first……..CWE World…..Heavyweight…….Champion. And it pains me to say, that the man that walked outta here with that belt, is one Tyson Tomko. Now Tyson, I have no problem with you big man, but I DO have a problem with YOU, Gary Hart! Now, you claim that you’re taking over! You claim, that the Hart Enterprise is going to take control of CWE, and that suggests to me Gary, that suggests to me that you are going to take power in this place away from me, because as long as I am Commissioner around here, I’m gonna make sure that the Hart Enterprise knows it’s damn role! And tonight, Tyson Tomko of the Hart Enterprise will be defending his World Heavyweight championship, against a wrestling legend no less, in Brutus Beefcake, a man that is no stranger to title matches himself!

The crowd cheer, as Gertner paces around the ring.

Joel Gertner: But on the subject of legends, as you people know, a career of a legend will end here tonight, as we play host to The Iron Sheik’s retirement match, as he takes on hacksaw Jim Duggan, in what is sure to be one hell of a bout between the two nemesis’!

This match gets a big pop, but Gertner clearly isn’t done, as he waves his left arm up and down, trying to quieten the crowd.

Joel Gertner: BUT THAT’S NOT IT EITHER! Because just like last month, tonight, we will crown champions, because tonight, not only do we crown the very first CWE Lightweight Champion in a triple threat match, we will also crown CWE Tag Team Champions, in a one night tournament, exactly the same format as last month, except that this time it’s not two men battling it out for championship glory at a time, IT’S FOUR! Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we will witness title matches THREE title matches, we will separate the men from the boys, and we will witness a legendary career reach a fitting end…….ladies and gentlemen……..this is truly…….SURRRRRRRREAL!

Gertner exit’s the ring and slaps fans hands as pyros go off, and the first match of the night kicks off.


CWE Lightweight Title

Christian York w/Marty Jannetty VS Hi69 VS M-Dogg 20

Hi69 comes to the ring first and gets a small pop as he slaps fans hands. M-Dogg 20 comes out next looking in superb shape, and he taunts the crowd, a cocky smirk on his face. Christian York is out next with Marty Jannetty by his side, and gets a big pop. M-Dogg 20 goes on the offence straight away, whipping Hi69 and York into the ropes and connecting with some beautiful moves in great exchanges. M-Dogg 20 goes to the top rope and takes out York and Hi69 on the outside with moonsault. York takes control next following a reversal from a M-Dogg 20 attempted tornado DDT into a overhead belly to belly suplex, and York then looks to finish the match after nailing Hi69 with a bunch of big moves. York goes to the top rope and goes for a double cross body, but both men catch him and dump York head first onto the canvas. Hi69 takes the fight to M-Dogg 20, and the duo have some quick fire exchanges, with M-Dogg 20 coming out on top with a tiger bomb which gets a two count before York breaks it up with a top rope leg drop, quickly followed up with the Full Effect as Jannetty shouts instructions at York from outside of the ring, and York crawls onto M-Dogg 20, but the count is broken up by Hi69. Hi69 beats York with some stiff blows, putting York onto the canvas, before going to the top rope and going for the shooting star press, but York rolls out of the way and hit’s a running power bomb for the three count.

Winner and FIRST EVER CWE Lightweight Champion: Christian York w/Marty Jannetty


Tag Team Title Tournament

Erotica Inc (“Cunning” Chris Chetti and “Dastardly Danny Doring w/Elektra) VS Next Generation (David Flair and Erik Watts)

Erotica Inc get some big heat as they make their way down to the ring, mocking the crowd, as Elektra helps undress Doring and Chetti, and Doring grabs a microphone, looking angry.

Danny Doing: Last month, Triple C himself……….the Cunning One….that’s right, Chris Chetti, he got a shot at becoming the CWE World Heavyweight Champion. But somehow, SOMEHOW, that broken down old man called Marty Jannetty pulled the upset of his life, and in doing so, he knocked Chris outta the tournament. Now I don’t mind tellin’ ya, this pretty face was fuming! I was angry baby! I was red hot with anger! But tonight, tonight Erotica Inc regains some face, right here in New York City, whether you people like it or not!

The crowd boo, as Chetti and Elektra applaud Doring who laughs.

Danny Doring: Last month I told you people a plan, involving Ertocia Inc taking over. Well last month we met a……….erm……….a small problem but we are going to overcome that, we are going to focus on tonight, and tonight, Erotica Inc are gonna beat David Flair and Erik watts, we’re gonna beat the other team, and we will be crowned the VERY FIRST…….CWE Tag team Champions of the world baby!

Erik Watts and David Flair come to the ring, with Flair having his hair dyed blond and wearing trunks like his dad, with his initials on, and the resemblance is effectively pretty close to his father. Watts and Doring start the match, with Watts going on the offence, and pounding Doring unmercifully in a corner with big chops and kicks. Watts whips Doring all around the ring nailing some big power and strike moves, with Doring bumping like a pinball, really selling every piece of Erik Watts offence. Watts gets a few near falls as he tags in David Flair, who goes to work with chops which get big pops of “woos” from the crowd. Flair goes for the Figure-Four Leglock quickly, but Doring shoves Flair into the Erotica Inc corner of the ring with his feet. Doring provokes Watts to try and get a piece of him by spitting on Watt’s chest, but this simply acts as a distraction as Chetti, Elektra and Doring violently beat down Flair for several minutes, the crowd desperately trying to get the ref to turn around, but to no avail. By the time the ref has turned around, Flair has taken a lot of offence as Chetti is working him over in a surfboard. Flair doesn’t quit, as Chetti gets to his feet and continues to take the fight to Flair, beating the crap out of Flair. The crowd really try and help Flair however, and eventually he explodes with a desperation discus clothesline. Flair gets the hot tag to Erik Watts and Chetti tags in Doring. Watts takes apart Chetti and Doring with power moves, and quickly nails the E-Bomb on Chetti, but Doring breaks up the count. Doring connects with the G-Spot Sweep, and then connects with the Bare Back straight after, before rolling Watts to the outside. David Flair gets back into the ring, dazed, as Doring grabs him from behind, and Elektra gets onto the apron. Doring shoves Flair towards Elektra on the apron, but as Elektra goes for the slap, Flair ducks, and Elektra slaps Doring around the face. Flair dropkicks Doring into Elektra, knocking Elektra to the arena floor, as Flair connects with the reverse neck breaker on Doring and locks in the Figure-Four Leglock, which Doring is forced to tap out of in moments. As Watts and Flair celebrate in the aisle, Doring, Chetti and Elektra look all pissed of in the ring, as the crowd cheer Next Generation, the team that will be fighting for the Tag Titles later tonight against opponents still be decided.

Winners: Next Generation (David Flair and Erik Watts)


The crowd boo, as the Hart Enterprise come down to the ring, led by Gary Hart, followed by his personal bodyguard Matt Morgan, who is wearing a suit, and finally Tyson Tomko comes behind the two, the CWE World Heavyweight title on his shoulder proudly. The Hart Enterprise get into the ring, and Hart grabs a microphone, as the crowd continue to boo.

Gary Hart: Shut up! Don’t you know who we are? We are the Hart Enterprise! And last month, you people witnessed EXACTLY why we are going to become the most dominant faction in pro wrestling ever. On our first night together, Tyson Tomko, he captured the World Heavyweight title, he beat all the odds, he beat a wrestling legend, in one Marty Jannetty. You people didn’t think he could do it, but he did! And do you know why? Because he’s pumped up, and he’s pissed! And do you know, why THAT is? Because we are an organised, cohesive, collective coalition of pain! We are the Hart Enterprise!

The crowd boos, as Morgan threatens to go and beat up some fans, and Tomko stands as still as a statue, looking on.

Gary Hart: And tonight, tonight we are supposed to be given a challenge. My man Tyson Tomko, and your CWE World Heavyweight Champion, expects a worthy challenger for his title. But who does he get? He gets a washed up piece of trash, named Brutus Beefcake! Is this a joke, or what? Last month at The Beginning, Beefcake has the audacity to jump the Hart Enterprise. And tonight, he has the nerve, the sheer nerve to turn up, and take on the most dominant man in this business, period, in the monster, the monster known as Tyson Tomko? Well Beefcake, let me tell you something: this isn’t the WWF, and your buddy Hulk Hogan, he isn’t here to watch your back. Tonight, tonight your ass is going down, and I promise you, I guarantee you that at the end of tonight’s show, the Hart Enterprise will be bigger, badder………and BETTER than ever!

Hart drops the microphone and the Hart Enterprise get major heat as they make their way into the back.


Tag Team Title Tournament

The SAT (Jose and Joel Maximo) VS The Harris Brothers (Ron and Don Harris)

The SAT look much more upbeat on their way to the ring than last months shows, as they slap fans hands, and the crowd start cheering them even though they played heel last month. The Harris Brothers make their way to the ring next, not doing anything, simply looing focused on business. Jose Maximo and Don Harris start the match, with Don throwing Jose down to the canvas several times, before beating Jose around the ring with punches.Don sends Jose off the ropes and Jose explodes with an array of springboard and high flying moves, throwing his body at Heavy D, trying to knock the big man down. Jose hit’s a cross body and gets a near fall on Heavy D, but Don Harris then destroys Jose Maximo with a mammoth clothesline. Heavy D tags in brother Ron Harris, and Ron also beats Jose around the ring. Ron, perhaps foolishly, allows Jose to tag in brother Joel Maximo, who explodes with punches on Ron. Joel gets the better on Ron for a few minutes, before Ron elevates Joel into the air, and Joel Maximo his the canvas stomach first. The Harris Brothers tag in and out over the next few minutes, beating, choking and doing every thing else possible to hurt Joel Maximo, legal or not. The crowd actually start rallying behind The SAT, and it seems to work, as after a few failed attempts, Joel finally tags in Jose Maximo, who explodes off the top rope with a moonsault onto both Harris Brothers for a near fall. The SAT get several near falls, and take out Ron Harris on the outside with a double asai moonsault. The SAT isolate Don Harris and manage to get him to the top rope, but as they go for the Spanish Fly, Don Harris choke slams both Maximo brothers to the canvas violently, before covering Jose Maximo for the quite unpopular three count.

Winners: The Harris Brothers (Ron and Don Harris)


-15 Minute Intermission-

CWE Tag Team Titles

Tag Team Title Tournament Final

Next Generation (David Flair and Erik Watts) VS The Harris Brothers (Ron and Don Harris)

The action kicks off again with the tag title tournament, and The Harris Brothers come out, still sweating from their last match, and they receive some boos. Next Generation come down to the ring next and provoke a big reaction from the crowd. Both teams immediately exchange punches in the ring, with Flair getting tossed out of the ring pretty quickly. Erik Watts is left in the ring to fight both of The Harris Brothers, and he holds his own for a while, to big pops from the crowd for some power moves, but eventually Watts is beaten down to the canvas. The Harris Brothers basically beat the crap out of Watts in the ring, and every time that Flair tries to get into the ring, one of the Harris Brothers hangs him up on the top rope, or punches him off of the apron. Watts is almost put away on a number of occasions, but he suddenly gets a second wind, as he knocks down Heavy D with a clothesline, and then spears Ron Harris into a corner, inadvertently squashing the ref in the corner as well. With the referee down, David Flair seizes the advantage, as he rolls into the ring with a steel chair in hand. The crowd cheer Flair on, as he swings the chair at Ron Harris, but Ron ducks, and then punches the chair into the face of David Flair. Erik atts is back up though, and Ron Harris walks right into the E-Bomb. Watts makes the cover, but there is no referee to make the count. The crowd are getting really into the conclusion of this match, as Don Harris low blows Erik Watts from behind and signals for a neck breaker, but David Flair comes off the top rope with a beautiful missile dropkick to the face of Don Harris, allowing Erik Watts to hit the schoolboy as the ref gets up and counts the groggy three count. After the match, Next generation raise the title belts above their heads as the crowd cheer, but out of nowhere Erotica Inc punch both Erik Watts and David Flair to the canvas. The crowd boo as Erotica Inc. put the boots in, and then Doring hit’s the Bare Back on David Flair, while Chris Chetti comes off the top rope with the Chettisault on Erik Watts. Erotica Inc pose with the belts, before throwing them on Next Generation’s chests, and going into the back to a sea of boos.

Winners and FIRST EVER CWE Tag Team Champions: Next Generation (David Flair and Erik Watts)


The Iron Sheik’s Retirement Match

Jim Duggan VS The Iron Sheik

The Iron Sheik comes out first to a thunderous reaction of boos from the crowd. Jim Duggan is out next, two by four in hand, as he waves the American flag high up in the air. The crowd are really pumped for this match, as both men get their respective face and heel reactions. Duggan takes control of the match early with clubbing blows, but The Iron Sheik comes back with a rake to the eyes, followed by a sneaky low blow. The action is incredibly slow and sluggish, but the crowd don’t seem to care, as they react to every single little move by these two. The Iron Sheik, after beating Duggan around the ring for a considerable amount of time, locks in the Camel Clutch. The crowd cheer on Duggan, as he struggles for ages to get to the bottom rope, but he eventually does, and The Iron Sheik is forced to break the hold. Duggan comes back with a barrage of offence, highlighted by the attempted Running Clothesline, but The Iron Sheik ducks it, stamps on the referee’s foot, and while the ref tends to his feet, The Iron Sheik throws powder into the eyes of Jim Duggan, before hitting a DDT for the win. After the match, The Iron Sheik and Jim Duggan go face to face. The Iron Sheik has tears in his eyes, as he shakes Jim Duggan’s hand, and applauds the crowd for a while, who give The Iron Sheik a standing ovation, before Duggan and The Iron Sheik go into the back together, The Iron Sheik’s illustrious career finally at an end.

Winner: The Iron Sheik


CWE World Heavyweight Title

Brutus Beefcake VS Tyson Tomko © w/Gary Hart and Matt Morgan

Hart Enterprise comes out first, of course getting big boos from the crowd, as Morgan and Hart stand outside of the ring and Tomko stands as still as a statue, waiting for Beefcake to come down the aisle. However, Beefcake comes through the crowd again like last month, and attacks Tomko from behind in the ring, delivering a barrage of punches, kicks and chops. The crowd go crazy as Beefcake beats Tomko all over the ring for several minutes, Tomko not getting any offence in. However, Tomko comes out of nowhere with the big boot, and following a military press, a spinebuster and a power bomb, Tomko finally connects with the Dominance for the easy win. After the match, Matt Morgan takes a few cheap shots on Beefcake and Hart throws him through the middle ring, as the Hart Enterprise poses in the ring, Tomko still with the belt in hand, to a chorus of boos.

Winner and STILL CWE World Heavyweight Champion: Tyson Tomko w/Gary Hart and Matt Morgan



A great second show, ever so slightly surpassing the first. The cruiserweight match was slightly disappointing, but all of the tag matches were good, especially the Harris Brothers/SAT match. The SAT work much better as faces, and producing a match like that was definitely a surprise to me, so I will definitely look into a push for them. Brutus Beefcake was poor, he turned up in a bad state, the crowd wasn’t that into him, and in the ring he was abysmal. The retirement match was also an abysmal in-ring affair, but the crowd lapped the action up, and both Jim and The Sheik were pleased with the bout. Overall, a better show than the first, and we will definitely looking to be improving even more with the next show, Dying To Live. We also made a profit this month which I, along with Tony, am very happy about. We are already planning a major storyline that will soon be coming into fruition, as our July supershow, At Any Cost, approaches.

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Well, in some ways I like this, and in others I don't. I'm glad you're including workers like The Harris Brothers, Brutus Beefcake, and Tyson Tomko, as well as Gary Hart (who rocks), and your shows are good, but I really don't like the way you're dispatching your belts. It seems like you just pick four random guys and shove them into a match, or a tournament.

Anyway, it's looking good, so keep it up and don't get fired. :thumbsup:

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I like the writing of the diary but I don't really like a bunch of the guys you use.

I do like that your light heavyweight division is a lot different from your heavyweight division.

I like the way you are using the legends as draws but you only really need one legend to really draw for a show instead of having a bunch of them wrestle on each show.

Still I do like what you are writing so I'll be sticking around.

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Championship Wrestling Entertainment presents…


27th March 2005

From New York City

The show kicks off as usual, with CWE Commissioner Joel Gertner making his way to ringside, but this time however, he is accompanied with tag team legend Raymond Rougeau. The crowd cheer both men, especially Gertner, but Gertner doesn’t look in a happy mood, as he gets on with the talking straight off.

Joel Gertner: Last month, I was made a fool of, courtesy of the Hart Enterprise. Gary Hart’s man Tyson Tomko was victorious over the man that I had brought into CWE, with the expressed purpose of beating Tomko, and taking that World Heavyweight title away from the Hart Enterprise. So where am I left now? The Hart Enterprise did what they said they would do, and in the process, I have simply made their egos even bigger. Well Gary Hart, you ain’t taken this place over yet! I ain’t gonna role over and submit defeat yet! I told you, if you want to take this place over, then you gotta go through the Commissioner of CWE, you gotta go through Joel Gertner buddy, and I’ll let you control this place, over my dead body!

The crowd give a big cheer, as Gertner passes the microphone to Raymond Rougeau.

Raymond Rougeau: I am ready for a fight tonight. I have come, for a fight tonight. When Joel Gertner gave me a call a few weeks ago, I promised him that I would come here. And see, for the past few days, I’ve been on one flight, to another, to another….and then I drove, and drove, and drove to get my butt here. I’ve came here all the way from Canada, and I realise what I must do today. What I must do for the CWE fans; I need to dethrone Tyson Tomko as the World Heavyweight Champion, and it needs to be done…….TONIGHT!

The crowd give a smallish pop, as Rougeau hands the microphone back to Gertner.

Joel Gertner: Ladies and gentlemen, this man is yet another legend, a former tag team legend in fact, in the best tag team in Canadian history, the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers. But tonight is not about legacies, about reputations. Tonight, is about putting an end to the Hart Enterprise, because Gary Hart will not get the better of me tonight…….I won’t let it happen damn it!

The crowd pop, as Gertner composes himself slightly.

Joel Gertner: But there is more tonight, much, much more tonight, than simply that big main event. Because tonight, Christian York will be making his very first CWE Lightweight title defence, as he takes on a very special, and very deadly mystery opponent, all the way from South California! Also on the subject of first defences, Next Generation, the team of Erik watts and David Flair, they will be making their first defence of the Tag Team titles tonight, as they take on a team that came up short in last months one night tournament, Jose and Joel Maximo, collectively known as The SAT. We will also have a four way hardcore match pitting Belvis Wesley, Vampire Warrior, HC Loc and Cannonball Grizzly at it, and that match sure has the potential to be a blood bath! And last, but by no means least, we will crown number one contenders to the CWE Tag Team titles, as Erotica Inc, the team of Danny Doring and Chris Chetti, take on a legend making his return to CWE, in Jim Duggan, who will be teaming up with Mikey Batts! Ladies and gentlemen, the men that you will see tonight, are taking these beatings, these insane risks to their bodies each and every month just for you people……….the men of CWE truly are………..DYING…..TO…….LIVE!

The crowd give one last cheer, as Gertner and Rougeau make their way into the back, both men looking pumped.


#1 Contenders Match To The CWE Tag Team Titles

Erotica Inc (“Cunning” Chris Chetti and “Dastardly” Danny Doring w/Elektra) VS “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Mikey Batts w/Lulu

Erotica Inc get big heel heat and Jim Duggan got a huge pop. Mikey Batts took it to Chris Chetti to begin with, in some great cruiserweight action that the crowd loved. Batts planted Chetti with three consecutive inzuguri’s for a near fall. Batts tagged in Duggan who beat up Chetti around the ring with sloppy offence. Batts got back into the match but Chetti hung him up on the top rope with a flapback. Erotica Inc took it to Batts, double teaming him, with Elektra getting in some cheap shots as well. Doring nailed a bunch of heavy hitting moves on Batts, including the Bare Back which got a near fall. Lulu eventually had enough of seeing Elektra interfering, so she attacked Elektra, and the women brawled on the stage to a big ovation. Chetti and Jim Duggan went on the stage in an attempt to break up the women, but this also distracted the referee, allowing Danny Doring to low blow Mikey Batts and connect with the Dannaconda for the cheap win.

Winners and #1 Contenders: Erotica Inc (“Cunning” Chris Chetti and “Dastardly” Danny Doring w/Elektra)


The Hart Enterprise are out next, all looking even more confident than ever, as Gary Hart comes down to the ring, followed by Matt Morgan who is wearing his trademark suit, and finally Tyson Tomko comes down the aisle and enters the ring, the CWE World Heavyweight title on his shoulder. Instead of Gary Hart grabbing the microphone, Matt Morgan does instead, which is surprising.

Matt Morgan: First off, you people need to sit down, shut up and listen to what I gotta say.

Of course, this simply provokes more boos.

Matt Morgan: See, when Gary first gave me a call, he asked me if I wanted a wrestling promotion. He asked me, if I wanted to join a faction that would soon become the most famous, and most decorated faction, in wrestling history. He asked me if I wanted to join a faction so good, that it would literally hold an upstart wrestling promotion to ransom. And I accepted. And now, looking back ,every single word that Gary said was true, was most certainly true. See, right here in Championship Wrestling Entertainment, the Hart Enterprise is running wild, and try as he may the Commissioner, Joel Gertner, he can’t do anything about it. You people, you can’t do anything about it. No one can! And tonight, Gertner has decided to bring in another legend to try and take down my boy Tyson Tomko, but it ain’t happening.

Morgan hands the microphone to Hart, as Tomko looks on silently.

Gary Hart: Joel, Joel, Joel. Last month, we made you look like a bitch! We made you look like a fool! You brought Brutus Beefcake to CWE, in an attempt to stop the monster known as Tyson Tomko, but all he did, was make him better. All you did, was make him more confident! All you did, was give him another easy win to notch up! And believe me when I say, tonight will be no different! Tonight, you bring in………….Raymond Rougeau. Wow. I’m scared. The Hart Enterprise is scared. See Joel, I don’t think you can comprehend just what a well oiled killing coalition that the Hart Enterprise is. But no matter. Tonight, we’ll show you again. We’ll kill your legend. And then, then Joel…………….WE’RE COMING FOR YOU! Joel Gertner, you tried to stand up to us, you tried to stop us. You sir, are a fool.

Hart drops the microphone as the Hart Enterprise go into the back to a sea of boos.


Hardcore Match

Belvis Wesley VS Cannonball Grizzly VS HC Loc VS Vampire Warrior

Every man got a mixed reaction as he came to the ring. Grizzly took control early on, as he was the biggest man by far and so squashed everybody. Everybody hit Grizzly with weapon shots, but Grizzly wouldn’t go down for a while, and when he did, courtesy of an HC Loc trash can shot, Grizzly was busted open. Vampire Warrior beat up Belvis Wesley on the outside, punishing the Elvis-wannabe with the guard rail, which the crowd loved. HC Loc came to the outside and all three men started brawling. Cannonball Grizzly made his way to the outside and charged at all three men. HC Loc was the only man that managed to get out of the way as Grizzly squashes Vampire Warrior and Belvis Wesley into the guard rail. HC Loc took Cannonball Grizzly into the ring and eventually wore him down with literally hundreds of rapid fire weapon shots, finishing off the offence with a leg drop from the second rope onto a chair on Grizzly’s face.

Winner: HC Loc


CWE Tag Team Champions

Next Generation (David Flair and Erik Watts) © VS The SAT (Jose and Joel Maximo)

Both teams got cheered, especially the tag champs. The match had a chaotic start, with both Maximo brothers taking out Next Generation on the outside with dazzling high flying moves. Erik Watts fought back however, beating up both Maximo’s in the ring with power moves. David Flair took it to Jose with mainly chops but a few basic moves as well for a couple of near falls. Flair went to the top for a missile dropkick but Joel Maximo crotched him on the top, and Jose connected with a thunderous tornado DDT for a near fall that had to be broken up by Erik Watts. The SAT had some exchanges with Flair, carrying Flair to make them look good, and Flair basically gets planted again and again. Flair inevitably knocks down Jose Maximo with a dropkick and gets the hot tag to Erik Watts who comes in like a house on fire, hitting both Maximo’s with power moves, including a death valley driver on Joel Maximo for a near fall. Watts goes for the E-Bomb on Joel, but Jose comes off the top with a moonsault into a reverse DDT. However, David Flair is off the top next with a leg drop to the back of the head on Jose for the three count.

Winners and STILL CWE Tag Team Champions: Next Generation (David Flair and Erik Watts)


CWE Lightweight Title

Christian York © w/Marty Jannetty VS Mystery Opponent

York came out with his mentor Jannetty and got a nice pop. The mystery opponent was none other than Super Dragon who immediately took York completely apart with ultra stiff chops and kicks. York was reeling for a good eight minutes with Dragon beating the crap out of York, and the crowd absolutely loving it. Dragon gets a few near falls but is unable to put York away. Dragon continued to the relentless beating until York finally reversed a kick into a dragonscrew leg whip. York threw everything that he had at Dragon, with some big top rope and springboard moves, including a blockbuster for a near fall. Jannetty shouted York instructions to York, but e was unable to stay in control for very long before Dragon cut off an attempted Christian York springboard cross body with a stiff kick top the head. Dragon went goes for the Psycho Driver a number of times, but York manages to battle out just in time half a dozen times, before suddenly surprising Dragon with a roll up for the surprise three count. After the match York celebrated in the crowd with the belt and Marty Jannetty.

Winner and STILL CWE Lightweight Champion: Christian York w/Marty Jannetty


CWE World Heavyweight Title

Tyson Tomko © w/Gary Hart and Matt Morgan VS Raymond Rougeau

Tomko got big heat and Rougeau got a smaller pop from the crowd. Rougeau and Tomkio duked it out early on, with Tomko getting the upper hand, pummelling Rougeau all over the ring. As Tomko goes for some power moves however, the veteran Rougeau blocks them and takes some sneaky shortcuts that the crowd love, including a finger to the eye. Rougeau smashes Tomko all over the ring with stiff blows, before going to the top rope for the Quebec Press, but Tomko rolled out of the way and nailed the Dominance for the easy win. After the match, the Hart Enterprise ensued their trademark beat down, before tossing Rougeau to the outside, and posing as the crow booed thunderously.

Winner and STILL CWE World Heavyweight Champion: Tyson Tomko w/Gary Hart and Matt Morgan



Again we improve. Super Dragon was worth every single cent, he really, really stole the show with Christian York in the best live match I have ever seen by a distance. Raymond Rougeau was charismatic and passable in the ring with what he was in to do. Matt Morgan did well on the microphone, and Erotica Inc are getting heat second only to the Hart Enterprise. Jim Duggan is a great guy to have in the locker room, and the crowd love him too. Marty Jannetty helped a lot with this show, talking to some of the younger guys, as we were aware that a local New York based TV network was in the house to see what we were made of. Overall, a great event, and another step in the right direction in terms of making money and gaining face in the eyes of the public, mainly due to the internet fans raving about the York/Dragon match.

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Raymond Rougeau, Marty Jannety, WCW's Janitor Jim Duggan....

That is old school booking. And I like it. The only really bad thing? Beefcake. He sucks, and he doesn't really have that name that the other guys have.

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That’s right, Championship Wrestling Entertainment today inked a deal with local TV network NYTV, for a prime time TV slot, which will see a minimum of 12 weeks worth of CWE TV go down in the New York area! Of course, this is huge and unexpected news for the company that is barely three months old, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the people that have made this dream a reality for CWE: the fans.

CWE TV will be filmed live every Friday in New York, for transmission on NYTV. For information on the exact locations of the weekly, live TV show, go to the schedule section of the site. Once again, CWE management would like to thank every one of the CWE fans for showing up to shows, and e-mailing NYTV to get us this great opportunity, that will only make CWE bigger and better than ever before.

Once again, thank you.

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