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For those who like the Beastie Boys...


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So, I decided i'd start listening to more from them, considering I have enjoyed every song from them i've ever heard, and just never bothered to download any songs or buy a CD.

So my question is, name a few mandatory songs for my collection, and none of the more rock like songs since I have those.

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The entire Licensed to Ill album is solid gold.

1. Rhymin' and stealin

2. New style

3. She's crafty

4. Posse in effect

5. Slow ride

6. Girls

7. You gotta fight for your right (to party)

8. No sleep till Brooklyn

9. Paul Revere

10. Hold it now hit it

11. Brass monkey

12. Slow and low

13. Time to get ill

My favorites being Rhming and Stealing, Paul Revere, New Style and No Sleep Til Brooklyn

All of To The Five Boroughs Is excellent

1. Ch-Check It Out

2. Right Right Now Now

3. 3 The Hard Way

4. Time To Build

5. Rhyme The Rhyme Well

6. Triple Trouble

7. Hey Fuck You

8. Oh Word

9. That's It That's All

10. All Life Styles

11. Shazam!

12. An Open Letter To NYC

13. Crawlspace

14. The Brouhaha

15. We Got The

That's all hip hop, best songs are Ch-Check It Out, Triple Trouble, Crawlspace and Open Letter To NYC

Hello Nasty album is god, best songs are Super Disco Breaking, Remote Control, Body Moving, Intergalactic, Three MC's and One DJ, The Negotiation Limerick File

Pauls Boutique Album is worth getting just for BBoy Bouilliabase, although Egg Man and Shake Your Rump are excellent as well.

The Check Your Head and Ill Communication albums are more of an aquired taste, and I wouldn't reccommend them to start with.

The two disc anthology is worth getting just for 'Alive' which doesn't appear on any of their other albums.

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