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Must... Buy... Apple..... Ipod.


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I don't understand it, I never wanted one before, but all of a sudden I realise I NEED one. I can't explain it.

I'm in the same boat as you. I'm trying to justify ways to blow such a big chunk of my paycheck on something so frivolous. And while it's tough to find an excuse, I just really want one. I guess I'm tired of not having music on demand; when I'm away from my computer, I always find myself wanting to listen to songs I don't have burned to CD. I see myself breaking down and buying one within a month and a half.

Exactly the same here. An Ipod costs half of a months pay, but I do really want one, but I dunno if I wanna blow that much money on it.

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Rio Karma's are:

- Cheaper

- Fit in a shirt pocket, as opposed to a very big trouser pocket

- Have vastly superior battery life

- Look sexier

- Haven't got that fucking lame Apple Wheel shit. Replaced it with an interface you can actually use.

- Plays back more file types (ok, so one more, and one you've probably never heard of at that, but still :shifty:)

- Has a cool docking station, with Ethernet port, USB port (also a USB port on the player) and speaker ports, plus it lights up and looks pretty (:shifty:)

- Rio DJ, has loads of pre-set ways to play back stuff (like; random playlist, newest additions, oldest additions, by genre/year/artist/album/etc, most listened to, least listened to, etc etc etc.)

In fact, pretty much the only bad thing about it is the fact that you have to use the supplied software (which is actually really good, compared to others I could mention (can't fault iTunes either though, tbh)), it doesn't act as a seperate drive that you can add stuff too. Also, you can only store non-music files on the rio if you install Rio Taxi, and that needs to be installed on the destination computer too, which kinda sucks.

But yeah, Rio > iPod.

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I'm not bashing iPods :P I'm just saying, Karma's own iPods. Why have second best if you're only just about to buy one? :P

Oh, and PVP's (portable video players) suck. Who the hell would want to watch anything on a screen that small? More to the point, WHEN will anyone ever watch anything on a screen that small? At the bus stop? :| Yeah, because that'd be worth it...watch ten minuts of the movie each day :P

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I'm witcha IWC

I all of a sudden just felt like it was the only thing I wanted

Maybe Apple poisoned our water supply

And about BLADE: Trinity

Triple H slept with the director and made his part bigger which made the movie really, REALLY bad

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I really didn't mind Triple H, wasn't great or anything, but didn't really detract form the movie much.

Speaking of Blade Trinity, is there a list of the music used anywhere? The soundtrack CD seems to be all rap, and I'm after some of the more technoey stuff. I tried imdb.com, but there's nothing there yet.

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I would be terribly happy if I got a 5GB Mp3 Player, doesn't matter what kind, although an IPod would be good too. I have tons of CDs burned with music inside, but sadly I don't have a Discman (mine broke a few months ago) and since then I've been craving for a MP3 player.

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The following people understood this thread:


I was talking about how in the middle of blade trinity, everything stopped for twenty minutes so they could advertise the iPod, with a close up slow motion shot of itunes transferring songs. Twice.

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