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I made sure to look around and see if the topic had all ready been made, I didn't see it so I'm only guessing that it wasn't. However, if it was, then feel free to close this topic I suppose.

So yes, just started listening to the CD today...I never really liked U2 that much, but that's because I've only heard their last CD before this one. Some friends of mine have recommended I listen to their past ones. After this CD, I just might do so.

Thus far I'm really enjoying the CD, it's got some pretty good songs on it. As I type this I'm on Track 05 of 11, and I haven't found a song I haven't enjoyed yet really.

The only song I've really had a problem with so far is Vertigo. I mean, it was an interesting song, but their 'One, Two, Three, Fourteen' intro in spanish confused the piss out of me. Either way though, it was a pretty good song; nothing that would ruin it for me. Just a small problem.

So anyway, thoughts? Obviously non-U2 fans aren't going to like the CD, but I'm interested in U2 fans comments on this CD. Would you rank this as one of their better CDs? Worse? Any songs in particular that caught your interest in a good or bad way? I'm interested to heard what you all have to say :)

So, with the hope that this topic hasn't been made before, I leave you with this to say; Discuss.

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U2 in the past two albums have defintely been playing it safe. Right know they realize experimenting with sounds isn't a good idea, they want to play it safe and making sure they keep their reputation intact.

With that said, it isn't a bad album, but it isn't a good album. U2 knows how to keep people just satisfied while making them salivate for more and more. I'll continue to buy their CD's in hopes that they do something new and fresh.

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Guest UmpireAJS

Not bad,not bad at all,but nothing ground-breaking. I liked All That You Can't Leave Behind better though,since I was not happy with some of their previous performances.Yes they are definitely playing it safe.

Vertigo,it has grown on me,but the first time I heard it I absolutely despied it.

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