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Underground Racing!


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Jeff Flourmann and Lethal Dosage forums are both pleased to announce that Jeff’s first full game, Underground Racing, will be released on  the afternoon of Wednesday, December 22nd at approximately 3:00 PM eastern time.

The chat room will be in use before and after the release for any questions, comments, or concerns that anybody may have.

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Well, here we are. Almost a whole year since I picked up my copy of Visual Basic 6.0 and began learning, I have my first project to show you guys. The best thing ever? Not even close. At least I know now that I can create a program and have some confidence to carry over. Anyone can make a program if they want to learn.

Don't look at this game as an example of my skill level because it really just is a teaser of a game in my eyes.

Now, without further ramblings, here is Underground Racing 1.0 in rar format. A .exe file will be up shortly to match the .rar.



Source: Lethal Forums

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Nate and Ryan battle it out for first place. Ryan, trying to break away into first place, turns on his turbo. Nate turns on his turbo as well and the other two break away from every other car. Y's turbo pours on hard in the beginning, but all of a sudden begins to fizzle. X's turbo keeps up and he glides into first place. Ryan tries to fight back but his turbo won't switch again, allowing Nate to win the race.
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You have fixed the damages to your car. It costed 300 credits.

:P It also charges me when my condition is maxed out, might want to change that in case people accidently click it.

Oh and the magazine works for me.

EDIT: And now it doesn't. <_<

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