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ECW 2000 - What If The Radicals Had Returned Home?


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OOC: Most of the info was gathered from various websites, too many to credit. The PPV writeup will be mostly taken from someone's recap since I wouldn't have booked most of these matches and I don't want to start off on the wrong foot. I dropped Hardcore TV, made ECW on TNN an hour and a half, and I think that's pretty much all for now.

ECW CHAMPIONS as of 1/1/00

ECW World - Mike Awesome [2] (def. Masato Tanaka on December 23, 1999)

ECW TV - Rob Van Dam (def. Bam Bam Bigelow on April 4, 1998)

ECW World Tag - Raven & Tommy Dreamer (def. Dudley Boyz on August 26, 1999)



Mike Awesome © vs Spike Dudley


Raven & Tommy Dreamer © vs The Impact Players (Lance Storm & Justin Credible w/Dawn Marie)


Rob Van Dam © vs Sabu

Jerry Lynn & Little Guido vs Tajiri & Super Crazy

Simon Diamond, Danny Doring & Roadkill vs Jazz, Kid Kash & Nova

CW Anderson vs Mikey Whipwreck

Angel vs New Jack


ECW began operating in 1992 as Eastern Championship Wrestling. However, on August 27, 1994, the very nature of professional wrestling was changed when Shane Douglas entered the vacant NWA World Title Tournament. He defeated the Tazmaniac and Dean Malenko to reach the finals, then took down Too Cold Scorpio to lay claim to the NWA World Title. He then delivered a spirited speech, talking about the tradition of the NWA. He mentioned such wrestlers as the Funks, Buddy Rogers, Harley Race, Barry Windham, Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, and others. He then said that they could all kiss his ass, because he wasn't accepting a torch handed down by an organization that had died seven years before. He declared himself "The Franchise" and proclaimed himself the new Extreme Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion of the World! Over the last 5 1/2 years ECW has gone from a wrestling nonentity to arguably the 3rd largest promotion in North America. The once upstart organization has cracked into the world of televised wrestling and PPV, and has left an indelible mark in the minds and hearts of their diehard fans. It is those fans who really cannot believe the news that has been leaking across dirtsheets all over the web of late.


Four Defectors May End Up Someplace Old, Instead of New

By Wade Smeller, Torch editor

Dec 27, 1999, 4:09 pm

We're being told that the previously reported news of Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, and Perry Saturn all heading to the WWF starting next week is no longer a done deal. Apparently Benoit grew concerned that Vince McMahon and company were only taking the other three to appease his contractual wishes, and to hurt WCW by removing some of their stars from TV. When it was revealed to Benoit that the WWF does not have anything planned for his friends beyond being his back up, Benoit had second thoughts and the four have recently been rumored to return to ECW. Given ECW's history of not being fiscally responsible, one has to wonder whether or not, Paul Heyman can afford to bring in four men who would command as much money as the rest of his lockerroom combined.

More ECW News

Fifth Man Rumored To Jump Ship

By Wade Smeller, Torch editor

Dec 29, 1999, 1:22 pm

In an interesting turn of events, we have just found out that none other than 'The Franchise' Shane Douglas has been rumored to be heading back to ECW as well. Reports are that he is not necessarily going to be welcomed back with open arms by many longtime ECW workers who were unappreciative of his self serving ways during his last stint with the company. Douglas joins four other ECW alumni in limbo as deals with the WWF have fallen through after Vince McMahon found out about the hesitation displayed by Chris Benoit earlier in the week. WCW wants no part in being held hostage by this quintet of workers who havehad  numerous opportunities to re-sign with the company, so it may in fact be ECW that becomes the unwitting benefactor in this power play. More info as we get it.

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Oh god yes. I cannot wait for the first show. I was excited when TGC/TRC brought this idea up, and I hoped someone excellent could take it and run with it, and someone has.

I'll definately be reading.

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Looks truly awesome. With all five guys being former ECW guys it'll be another twist. Would be awesome if they had a holier than thow attitude, we've been in th big leagues, you haven't. he talk in the Vault about someone starting this diary, got me wondering about what the WWE/F would be like without The Radicalz, and maybe if they'd stayed with WCW what would happen to ECW. It's something to think about. But then again that's got nothing to do with the diary. Nothing much to comment on at the moment, eagerly anticipating the first show when I can leave a 'proper' response.

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This sounds like a very interesting concept and starting point, and good to see that you're not actually starting right off with those 5 men in your promotion, assuming that they still are coming to ECW...

I never had access to ECW when it still ran, but this time period still interests me vastly, so uhh...do a good diary >_> which I believe you can easily accomplish.

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OOC: This show is not going to be written out in full detail just because I'm more concerned with setting up the PPV that follows two days later. The Doring/Roadkill vs Kash/Nova & Dreamer vs Credible matches actually took place on that week's TV show, I filled in the gaps elsewhere.

ECW on TNN 1/7/00

1 - AND SO IT BEGINS . . .

Shortly after ECW's traditional opening montage of clips, the music of one of ECW's greatest tag teams began to play as "Real Solution #9" by White Zombie blared over the speaker leaving a befuddled Joey Styles to stumble over his words as he reminded the fans that no one had heard from The Eliminators since Perry Saturn had left the company on his way to WCW. At this point, an intern ran up to Styles and handed him a script to read, while a video showcasing the ECW careers of both Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko began to play on screen.

Styles (reading from the script): "In the beginning, we created ECW, and it was good. We said let us make this company in our image, and in our likeness, and let it rule over the hearts of fans across the world, and so we did. And again, it was good. But in time, you fans turned your backs on us. You cravings for greater violence and innovation were never satisfied, and for that reason we left you. Don't be mistaken though, it was YOU who abandoned US first! And so we watched from a distance as a new generation of wrestlers came in and destroyed the very thing we made special. We watched as you supported these false idols with your cheers and with your wallets, and it angered us greatly. So we decided to come back and destroy the very thing that we created so long ago because you simply do not DESERVE it! ECW as you know it will be TOTALLY ELIMINATED!"

*A recent image of Malenko & Saturn staring into the camera concludes the clip as the fans boo heavily*

Styles (shaking his head): "What the hell does that mean?!?!?"

Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn hype video - 76.2% (3 min)


Styles shook off the initial shock of the announcement that at least some of the men rumored to be returning to the company did not have good intenions and called the first match of 2000 with his usual intensity, particularly calling attention to a vicious chair shot delivered by Steve Corino to the skull of Blue Boy. Corino could have gone for the cover as Blue staggered around, unable to see clearly as blood streamed down his face, but 'The King of Old School' decided that he'd rather continue the assault and delivered another shot to the face, dropping his opponent where he had previously stood. Corino then signalled to the crowd and delivered an OLD SCHOOL EXPULSION on top of the mangled chair for the victory. Following the match, Corino spat on Blue leading to a chorus of boos as it was time for a commercial break.

Steve Corino p. Blue Boy - 76.8/84/74.4 (8 min)


For the second time tonight, Joey Styles was interrupted as he was about to shill this Sunday's PPV. He once again received a script and was told to read it as a video played for the viewing audience. This time, it was a recap of Eddie Guerrero's prior work in the company.

Styles (reading from the script): "Yo homies. . . Do I actually have to read this? *Styles is told he has to, and continues* Yo homies, it's been a long time since you saw me in E-C-W, but that don't change the fact that I'm the GREATEST ECW TV Champion in history esses! If it wasn't for me and Dean-o Machino there wouldn't even BE an ECW TV Title homes! You don't believe me, well lemme ask you this, do you know who Johnny Hotbody, Glenn Osbourne, Jimmy Snuka, Terry Funk, Sabu, Tazmaniac, J.T. Smith, Pitbull #1, Mikey Whipwreck, Jason Knight or 2 Cold Scorpio is? Besides being a bunch of NOBODIES, those vatos held the ECW TV title before we blessed it with our greatness. That belt meant NOTHING before us, and it means NOTHING right now. Rob Van Dam ain't never been in the big time, he ain't ever wrestled on a REAL Pay-Per-View, and he ain't ever beat the man who made that belt what is is today esses! Lemme put it to you like this, until R-V-D beats Eddie G., he ain't nothin' but a Jean Claude Van Damme wannabe!"

*A shot of Eddie Guerrero mocking RVD's thumb taunt ends the clip as the crowd boos again*

Styles: "Don't get me wrong, Eddie Guerrero did help make the TV title what it is today, but Rob Van Dam has been champion for almost TWO YEARS, and he's taken on any and all comers, so I don't agree with Eddie calling him a wannabe. RVD is one of our biggest stars ever because he's earned it, and if I know Rob, he'd be willing to take Eddie on tonight if he had to!"

Eddie Guerrero hype video - 83.7% (3 min)


The next match between Tony Mamaluke and Chris Chetti was for all intents and purposes a time filler, and the crowd treated it as such for the most part. Aside from a crisply executed series of suplexes by Mamaluke, there was nothing special about this match. The end came when Mamaluke went up top for an elbow drop, but caught by Chetti who connected with a superplex. . . but the momentum, and a handful of tights allowed Mamaluke to roll over Chetti and pick up a dubious victory. Mamaluke hustled out of the ring once he was declared the winner and pointed to his head, while Chetti's complaints about being cheated fell on deaf ears. Chetti was nearly in tears as the camera cut away from him.

Tony Mamaluke p. Chris Chetti after cheating - 41.6/64.3/46.8 (7 min)


The next segment was just a recap of the end of last month's ECW World Title match which saw Mike Awesome regain the title he'd lost just 6 days earlier from Masato Tanaka with a running AWESOME BOMB through a table. Following the end of the clip, Joey Styles wondered aloud if Spike Dudley would be able to survive his match with Awesome this Sunday given Awesome's tremendous size and strength advantage.

Recap of Mike Awesome defeating Masato Tanaka for the ECW World Title - 68.7% (2 min)


The next contest featured three teams in a Triple Threat match that almost seemed designed to punish Da Baldies, as they were the lone set of rulebreakers in the match. Having said that, Angel & Tony DeVito controlled most of the action as they isolated Kid Kash from his partner Nova, and also managed to keep both Danny Doring & Roadkill on the apron for 90% of the match. However, it was Angel who ultimately kept his team from registering in the decision as he showboated near Doring & Roadkill's corner after a stiff side suplex. Nova ran into the ring and dropkicked Angel in the back leaving him close enough for Doring to tag himself in! Doring tossed Angel through the ropes as Roadkill came off of the top with a huge splash that knocked the remaining air out of Kash and allowed Doring to get the pin without even having to execute a single move! While Doring and Roadkill celebrated their victory, the other teams were not so happy as Nova could be seen arguing with Kash, while DeVito and Angel also traded insults. Fortunately, everyone got their tempers in check and all three teams left intact.

Danny Doring and Roadkill def. Nova and Kid Kash in a match with Da Baldies when Doring p. Kash - 60.5/67.2/67.9 (10 min)


After a night of being insulted and watching the bad guys win two of the three matches prior, the fans finally had something to cheer about as "Back in the Saddle" by Aerosmith played and the unexpected return of 'The Canadian Crippler' Chris Benoit' actually took place! The crowd chanted "WELCOME BACK" as Benoit entered the ring and stood side by side with Joey Styles who was acting as though he'd just seen the return of Jesus Christ himself. Just as Benoit was about to speak, "Perfect Strangers" by Deep Purple kicked in and 'The Franchise' Shane Douglas SLOWLY walked out to major heat. Douglas entered the ring and hugged Benoit who seemed rather nonplussed by Douglas ruining his big moment. 'The Franchise' then used up the remainder of Benoit's TV time by jawing back and forth with the crowd before hugging Benoit again and exiting the ring just as slowly as he'd come. Styles then reluctantly told Benoit that he was sorry, but they were out of time for the segment, which led to Benoit's eyes being filled with hate as he repeatedly muttered 'The Franchise's' name as it was time for a commercial.

Chris Benoit returns, and is interrupted by Shane Douglas - 86.4% (4 min)


Tonight's Main Event was of the utmost importance to both Justin Credible and Tommy Dreamer since the winner was guaranteed a shot at the ECW World Title in the future. Dreamer was already one half of the ECW World Tag Team Champions, and a victory tonight could finally set him up to claim the one thing that had eluded him in his illustrious ECW career, while Credible was still looking to establish himself as an impact player (pun intended) within the company. Credible was escorted to the ring by the lovely Dawn Marie, though Lance Storm was conspicuous by his absense given that the two would be vying for the Tag Titles in about 48 hours' time. Dreamer received one of the loudest pops of the night, and he too was missing his tag team partner as Raven was nowhere to be seen.

The match was your typical ECW brawl and involved Dreamer DDTing Credible on a Stop sign before Dawn Marie made the save by jumping on Dreamer's back. As we'd seen many times before with other women, Dreamer got the better of his attacker and had her set up for a piledriver but he stopped to play to the crowd by pretending to go down on Dawn. This hesitation allowed Lance Storm to enter the ring from behind Dreamer and lay him out with a vile Singapore Cane shot to the side of the head. Dreamer and Dawn tumbled to the mat, with Storm pulling Dawn out of harms way seconds before Credible put Dreamer away with a THAT'S INCREDIBLE tombstone piledriver. Following the three count, Credible and Storm posed over Dreamer's body and held his title belt between them until Raven came from the back and made the save. Dreamer seemed to be asking where Raven had been until then as the camera pivoted to focus on Joey Styles once again.


Justin Credible p. Tommy Dreamer after interference by Lance Storm - 71.7/74.3/79 (12 min)


With the show all but over, Styles was about to run down the PPV lineup when 'The Franchise' walked into his announce position, grabbed Styles' mic and shoved him out of the way.

Douglas: "Well, it seems that the new millenium is as good a time to renew my dominance over this company as any. No one cares about that stupid PPV Styles, and that's simply because the Main Event is probably the worst thing ever assembled under the ECW banner. First off we've got a juiced up, speech impaired Cro-Magnon man with a mullet carrying MY title into the match, and a rat faced 120 pound schoolteacher as the challenger. Where's the drama in that? Where's the excitement? Is it any wonder that ECW is going down the drain? You see, what you people don't realize is that Chris Benoit coming back doesn't really mean anything. He was never ECW World Champion. He was never involved in anything of note here except breaking Sabu's neck, but honestly, Sabu's perfectly capable of breaking his own neck! *chuckles to himself* ECW once again needs its 'Franchise', and that is why I am back. I don't care whether it's Awesome, Credible, Van Dam or anyone else I have to go through to reclaim what is my birthright, but you can rest assured knowing that the ECW World Title will once again be in capable hands. And this time, I'm never going to let it go!"

*Douglas sneers into the camera as the show comes to an end*

Shane Douglas challenges Mike Awesome for the ECW World Title - 95.1 (5 min)


75.4% overall rating, 67,820 viewers, 4,503 people attended

Notes: ECW's overness improved about 1.5% across the US, so we're closing in on WCW territory. However, being on TNN means we won't ever see nearly as many viewers as the 'Big Two' does presently. The next ECW on TNN show will be better than this one :shifty:




Mike Awesome © vs Spike Dudley


Raven & Tommy Dreamer © vs The Impact Players (Lance Storm & Justin Credible w/Dawn Marie)


Rob Van Dam © vs Sabu

Jerry Lynn & Little Guido vs Tajiri & Super Crazy

Simon Diamond, Danny Doring & Roadkill vs Jazz, Kid Kash & Nova

CW Anderson vs Mikey Whipwreck

Angel vs New Jack

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I'm glad I didn't take this job now. naiwf, you're a fantastic writer, and... wow. That took me back to ECW in 2000 when I first got addicted to ECW. Everything was spot-on, and Styles reading Guerrero's transcript was hilarious. I hope this diary is successful, and beats your Oracle diary in terms of quality and popularity.

Good luck man, but I know you won't need it.

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This idea is fucking awesome, I have never even thought of it before! The only MAJOR thing that eally irked me was that you hyped their returns. ECW usually never hyped returns, they were always just spontaneous and I think that would have been better. Like if Saturn & Malenko came out and destroyed the Impact Players and Raven & Dreamer. Then later on Eddie Guerrero destroys RVD & Sabu. And then finally having Benoit attack Awesome only for Douglas to attack HIM or something like that. Also I really dont think the fans would boo the hype videos because I think realistically they would have gone apeshit for the return of ANY of these guys. Other than that though I'm REALLY looking forward to this, let's see what you can do :thumbsup:

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Yes, but having three surprise returns in one night would diminish their over-all impact.

Here, you have two big returns, although Benoit's return was completely over-shadowed [and there was NO hype given to the fact that he was the undefeated WCW champion, either, which is incredibly odd].

The Douglas return was very well done, and seems very likely something Douglas would do.

Had Eddie/Dean/Saturn also debuted on this show, it might possibly make the show TOO memorable, and something would get lost in the shuffle.

But man, that Benoit return was seriously bad. Thumbs down for that.

I don't know what was wrong with that write-up. It was a perfect length, with decent descriptions of all the matches, and good interviews. Maybe make the meaningful matches a bit longer, but really, that's the only fault I can find with the show.

Well, except for that Benoit debut. Man, that left a horrid taste in my mouth.

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This is a really great idea for a diary.

If anything could have saved ECW from it's future fate, this could have been it.

I look forward to seeing where this goes.....

Only if they came with about $10 million in a briefcase :rolleyes:

Anyway, I like where this is going and everything that needs to be said has already been said, I always hate it when a diary begins based off one storyline because it seems like it needs to keep that forever, but what the hell, for a writer like you naiwf I'll make the exception.

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Yes, but having three surprise returns in one night would diminish their over-all impact.

Here, you have two big returns, although Benoit's return was completely over-shadowed [and there was NO hype given to the fact that he was the undefeated WCW champion, either, which is incredibly odd].

The Douglas return was very well done, and seems very likely something Douglas would do.

Had Eddie/Dean/Saturn also debuted on this show, it might possibly make the show TOO memorable, and something would get lost in the shuffle.

But man, that Benoit return was seriously bad. Thumbs down for that.

I don't know what was wrong with that write-up. It was a perfect length, with decent descriptions of all the matches, and good interviews. Maybe make the meaningful matches a bit longer, but really, that's the only fault I can find with the show.

Well, except for that Benoit debut. Man, that left a horrid taste in my mouth.

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Personally, I'd have given Benoit a better theme :shifty: But I obsess about things like that.

Though if you ever need help on giving someone a theme here, ask me and I'll try to help. I loved ECW to death for having licensed songs as their themes. They weren't the first to do it, but they really mastered it on most occasions.

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OOC: http://www.lordsofpain.net/reports/ppv/ecwgac1-9-00.html

Since I didn't get to "book" this PPV, I pretty much used the report from above for the match descriptions. I added in everything beyond the seven matches, so that will explain why it may seem as though two different styles were used here. This will also be the last show where I don't really care too much about how the matches are presented as I can finally start to do my own thing from here on out. Also, I need you to pretend for the sake of argument that Benoit won the WCW World Title a couple of weeks earlier then he did in real life, as he technically won it the Sunday following this PPV. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the show.


Tonight's Pay-Per-View opened with Cyrus The Virus and Joey Styles standing in the ring, and arguing about who will make the bigger impact upon their return to ECW with the former arguing for Shane Douglas, and the latter championing Chris Benoit. Cyrus then informed the fans that he will be interviewing Benoit later on in the evening leading to a loud "WE WANT BENOIT! *clap clap clap clap clap*" chant starting up. Cyrus instantly became upset with the fans choosing Benoit in the verbal battle and informed the guys in the truck to start the show. Moments later, the ECW opening credits played, as the fans chanted "ECW! ECW! ECW!"


After the credits, the camera cut to Mikey Whipwreck who was making his way down to the ring to a decent round of cheers, while Cyrus and Styles continued to bicker back and forth regarding the importance of Benoit's return. CW Anderson followed Whipwreck to the ring, and was thankfully without the completely useless Lou E. Dangerously and the preposterous New Dangerous Alliance. It took a little while for the match to begin as Anderson jawed with some of the fans in the front row who were giving him a hard time for not being a "real" Anderson.

Things got underway with Whipwreck Irish whipping Anderson into the turnbuckle, then clotheslining him over the top as he rebounded out of the corner. Whipwreck rolled under the bottom rope to go after CW and delivered a few stiff right hands before attempting to climb back into the ring. However, Anderson caught him from behind, pulled him off of the apron and Super Kicked him off of his feet. Anderson then fired Whipwreck shoulderfirst into the guardrail before sending him back into the ring. After continuing his argument with the fans Anderson scooped Mikey up, and executed a shoulderbreaker. CW went for a cover at this point, but only got a two count. Anderson jumped to his feet and began stomping away on Whipwreck's injured shoulder before going for another pin, which also registered a two count. CW continued to press forward with his offense spiking Whipwreck with a single arm DDT, which also led to a 2. Whipwreck finally managed to get some offense in, after he was whipped into the corner but managed to catch CW running in behind him with a boot to the face. Whipwreck then climbed the ropes, and attempted a tornado DDT, but Anderson blocked it, so Whipwreck turned it into a Russian Leg Sweep, which earned him his first near fall of the match. Mikey then went for the WHIPPERSNAPPER, but Anderson countered it with a trademark Anderson left hand, that dropped Mikey to a knee. CW then fired him into the ropes and nailed him with a huge ANDERSON SPINEBUSTER for the 1-2-3!

CW Anderson p. Mikey Whipwreck - 68.7/62.6/90.2 (8 min)


"Simon Says" by Drain S.T.H. started up, and Simon Diamond makes his way out, with his butler Mitch, Danny Doring & Roadkill, who were accompanied by Electra. At this point, Mitch grabbed the mic, and introduced Diamond, taking nearly a minute and a half before "Intergalatic" by the Beastie Boys interrupted him and signalled the arrival of Nova, Kid Kash and Jazz. The crowd was somewhat divided on who to cheer in this match as they only despised Diamond of the 6 competitiors in the ring.

The match began with Jazz showing no fear as she started things off with Doring. They tied up, leading to a side headlock for Jazz. Doring quickly broke out, but Jazz swept his legs out from underneath him before going for a cover which didn't even register a one count. Doring popped up to his feet and tagged in his regular partner, Roadkill. The Amish warrior charged at Jazz, who ducked and promptly tagged in Kid Kash. Kash started off with multiple arm drags on Roadkill, which grounded the big man. At this point Doring entered the ring, as did Nova, allowing Kash to connect with a bulldog on Roadkill. Jazz and Simon also entered the fray without tagging in as the referee lost control of things for a brief period. Jazz began to dominate Diamond with a series of holds, multiple chops, and finally a JAZZ STINGER! Before a pin could be registered everyone managed to spill to the outside where Simon’s former bodyguard, Richard came out and grabbed Jazz by the hair. Jazz jumped on his back and began to choke him out as she, Diamond and Richard fought their way to the backstage area.

Back in the ring, Nova executed an inverted DDT on Doring. Roadkill charged in to make the save, but got knocked down by Nova. Nova tossed Doring in the corner, and charged at him off of the far side ropes, but Roadkill leveled him with a vicious clothesline! Doring and Roadkill then took turns teeing off on Nova before Doring connected with the BAREBACK, which was good for a two count. Roadkill then climbed to the second rope, and hit Nova with a huge elbowdrop before pulling him up, firing him into the ropes and connecting with the DIRT ROAD SLAM. Doring tried to make the cover, but again only got a two for his efforts. Nova got up and tried to make the tag but got knocked down by Roadkill. At this point, Chris Chetti came storming down to the ring and begged for a Nova tag, confusing Nova and most of the fans. Doring finally lost control of Nova, who got free and tagged in Chetti who scored with multiple lariats on Doring. Roadkill came in, and got nailed with a side kick to the head which knocked him to the outside. Chetti then went high risk with a suicidal dive over the top, but Doring topped him with a wild dive of his own that caught Chetti just as he was pulling himself off of the body of Roadkill. Doring tossed Chetti back into the ring, and scored with a double underhook DDT on Chetti seconds before Roadkill came flying off of the top with a huge splash for the victory. Following the match, Nova and Kash got into it with Chetti, who once again looked as though he was going to cry as the camera cut away from him.

Danny Doring, Roadkill & Simon Diamond def. Nova, Kid Kash & Chris Chetti (Roadkill p. Chetti) - 59.4/56.7/69.6 (13 min)


After two matches, the crowd was now given a chance to focus on the middle of the ring for the highly anticipated interview between Cyrus The Virus and 'The Canadian Crippler' Chris Benoit'! "Back in the Saddle" by Aerosmith played for the second time this week, and once again Benoit got an incredible ovation as he walked out from behind the curtain to another chant of "WELCOME BACK". Cyrus paced nervously across the ring and handed Benoit a microphone once he entered the squared circle.

Cyrus: "If you don't mind Chris, I have a couple of questions that I'd like you to answer. However, they are the sort of hard hitting questions that only a broadcast journalist of my caliber will ask. If you wanted a bunch of creampuff questions, you should have requested this interview time with Joey Styles!"

*The crowd "ooh" as Cyrus burned Joey who looked flustered as the camera quickly showed his reaction before focusing in again on Benoit & Cyrus*

Benoit: "You can ask me whatever you want. 'The Crippler' has no secrets."

Cyrus: "So, "Crippler", what's it like being a sell out?"

Benoit: "Excuse me."

Cyrus: "I asked you what it's like to be a sell out. You were the man who walked away from ECW for a bigger paycheck DOWN SOUTH, and now that you've been treated poorly, and can't go up to STAMFORD, you expect the ECW fans to bend over and welcome you back. Where do you get the audacity Chris? Just who the hell do you think you are Chris Benoit, who the hell do you think you are?!?"

*Cyrus gets face to face with Benoit following his last question*

Benoit *laughs to himself*: "Who do I think I am? I think I am the man who walked away from WCW while being their World Champion because I was tired of being mistreated! I am the man who took a huge paycut to free myself of a bad situation. I am also the man who was looking out for the best interests of his friends when making my decision. Now, I've got a question for you Cyrus, just who the hell do you think YOU are to get in MY face?"

*Cyrus backs off as Benoit cracks his knuckles*

Cyrus: "So, what you're really saying is that your own selfish needs prevented you from making the right decision for three men you call "friends". A REAL man would have given his friends the opportunity to make enough money to retire at the end of their next contract. A REAL man wouldn't have made his friends return to this hellhole where the fans actually have the nerve to mock someone who slips up while risking their lives and livelihood all for their entertainment. A REAL man like 'The Franchise' Shane Douglas would have come back by himself to prove a point. . . "

*Benoit lost it when he heard Douglas' name mentioned and dropped Cyrus with a hard right hand. Cyrus tried to get to his feet, but got nailed with a vicious chop to the chest prompting a "WOOOOO" from the crowd as Benoit ripped his shirt off. Cyrus realized he was beat and scampered out of the ring at top speed.

Benoit: "You want to talk about being a "real man" Cyrus, but you ran like a coward! Chris Benoit runs from no man, and if you EVER question my integrity again, I'll make sure you find out firsthand why they call me 'The Crippler'!"

*The crowd cheer wildly for Benoit whose intensity is off the charts as usual*

Benoit int - 91.4% (5 min)


The next match was in the unenviable position of following the hottest segment of the PPV thus far, but fortunately all four men put on their working boots and kept the crowd's attention as Tajiri & Super Crazy teamed up to meet Little Guido & 'The New F'n Show' Jerry Lynn. Lynn and Crazy started things off, with Lynn getting an arm bar on Crazy, who quickly reversed it, but Lynn rolled out, and slapped on a hammerlock. Crazy tried to free himself, but Lynn arm dragged him down instead leading to a small round of applause from the fans. Lynn whipped Crazy into the ropes and charged after him, but the 'Extreme Luchadore' sprung off of the middle ropes and flipped over him, before catching a surprised Lynn with a shoulderblock to the abdomen. Lynn replied with a thumb to the eyes and went for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Crazy reversed it into an arm drag before tagging in Tajiri, who shoved Lynn towards his corner and demanded that Guido enter the match. Lynn tagged out, leading to an exchange of shoves between Tajiri and Guido, before Guido finally took Tajiri down with a leg sweep. Guido went for a powerbomb, but Tajiri blocked it and dropped Guido with a vicious kick to the ribs before connecting with multiple buzzsaw style kicks to the head as the crowd popped for the sound each kick made. Tajiri then tied Guido up in the ropes and cinched in a TARANTULA, which Lynn broke up with a dropkick to the back of Tajiri's head.

Crazy managed to even the score with a springboard missile dropkick that knocked Lynn halfway across the ring, allowing Tajiri to tie Lynn upside down in the corner, and baseball slide him in the face. Tajiri then began to work Lynn over with a series of kicks before setting him up on the top rope. However, Lynn gained control and countered with a huge sunset flip pin attempt, which Crazy managed to break up at 2. All four men were in the ring after this as Guido and Lynn whipped Tajiri and Crazy towards each other, but Tajiri leapfrogged over Crazy only to get taken down by a Guido dropkick. In the meantime, Crazy managed to put Lynn down with a sharp powerbomb, and then tossed Guido out of the ring. Crazy stepped through the ropes and scored with a beautiful Asai moonsault as Tajiri caught Lynn with a whirling DDT! Crazy and Tajiri then spiked Lynn with a double team powerbomb, which was finally enough for the victory in this wild matchup.

Tajiri & Super Crazy def. Little Guido & Jerry Lynn (Tajiri p. Lynn) - 78.8/67.2/81.4 (15 min)


Some dates for TNN tapings were shown followed by an ad for the first ever ECW game. Following that, we saw Angel & Tony DeVito (Da Baldies) make their way down to the ring. Once they entered, "Natural Born Killaz" by Ice Cube and Dr. Dre led New Jack out with a garbage can full of goodies, as the crowd popped for 'The Original Gangsta'. The match was a typical garbage style brawl that saw Angel take shots to the head from a road sign, a mail box, and a wine bottle before getting a staple embedded in his forehead! The crowd was loving it as New Jack pulled out a roof of a car and hip tossed Angel onto it. Jack then climbed to the top rope and dropped a chair assisted elbowdrop across Angel's face busting him wide open! New Jack continued to dominate with a vacuum cleaner shot to the balls, before being dragged out of the ring by DeVito, who was keeping pace with Jack, until he got kicked low and DDTed on the concrete, bloodying him as well. That momentary distraction allowed Angel to nail New Jack in the back of the head with a pipe!

Angel pulled Jack up to the balcony as DeVito set up a stack of tables on the floor. The wide shot from the camera showed Angel and New Jack were about 25 feet in the air, and that New Jack was all but out cold as Angel pointed to the tables below with a hateful look in his eye. The leader of Da Baldies then wound up and tossed New Jack over the edge of the balcony as the fans gasped! New Jack's body exploded through the tables, as the crowd chanted "ECW! ECW! ECW!" while we were shown a few replays of the hideous fall. Angel casually walked back down to floor level, and covered New Jack for the victory. After the match, Jack continued to lay motionless as Joey Styles tried to switch gears and mentioned that something was going on backstage.

Spanish Angel p. New Jack - 71.8/75.1/66.8 (11 min)


At this point, a white stretch limo was seen pulling up to the arena. The camera managed to catch a glimpse of the Georgia based license plate which read WE R BACK leading Styles to wonder just who was in the vehicle.

Limo arrives - 79.4% (1 min)


With New Jack still being attended to in the arena, a shot from earlier in the day was shown of Fonzie pushing ECW TV Champ Rob Van Dam to cut a promo. RVD initially says no, but finally agrees and says that he is the "Whole F'n Show" and the "Wrestler of the Millennium". He also says that everyone will be able to celebrate him as TV champ for another year. RVD states that he has beaten everybody for the title, including Bam Bam Bigelow & Jerry Lynn. Fonzie reminds him that Sabu isn't on that list, so RVD says that he is Rob Van Dam, the longest reigning champion in the history of ECW, everyone’s favorite wrestler, the most gifted wrestler in the company, and again mentions that he is the "Whole F'n Show". Fonzie says that he has to go and goes directly to Sabu’s lockerroom where he mentions that Sabu has been studying wrestling for 33 years, and that he finally found a man that is equal to him. Fonzie guarantees a Sabu victory, or Sabu will pack his bags and leave.

We now cut back to the ring where Fonzie made his way out alone. Sabu's music finally starts up and Sabu jogs out to a moderate pop. Next, "Walk" by Pantera starts to play, and RVD comes out with the fans chanting along with his song. Once the introductions were finished, the fans are chanting for RVD as he greets them with a thumb taunt. The two former partners then measured each other up before going shot for shot in the middle of the ring. RVD countered a Sabu attempt at tossing him into the ropes and took him down with a reverse leg sweep. Sabu then slid out of the ring, and RVD followed leading to another exchange of heavy blows that Sabu won. The challenger then whipped RVD into the guardrail. Sabu quickly set up a chair, jumped off of it and nailed RVD into the steel again. Sabu then tossed RVD back in the ring and went to work with an armbar, but RVD managed to free himself, and caught Sabu with a kick to the jaw. RVD managed to get to his feet, and backflipped onto Sabu for a cover, and a 2 count. The two once again spilled to the outside where a thrust kick by Sabu sent RVD over the guardrail and into the crowd. Sabu then attempted one of his death defying moves as he entered the ring, bounded off of the ropes, executed a springboard off the top rope and jumped into the crowd and onto RVD as another "ECW! ECW!" chant started up!

Sabu gave RVD a few shots to the face before setting up a table on the guardrail. But RVD caught Sabu in his tracks by throwing a nearby chair into his face! RVD then climbed up on the apron, pointed at Sabu and dropped a corkscrew leg drop on him as the crowd popped loudly. Both men were suffering a bit from the fall, but RVD rolled back in and celebrated his greatness as chants of "RVD" started up again. RVD rolled out of the ring, just as Sabu rolled back in, allowing him to dive over RVD and bring him down with a modified powerbomb on the floor that saw RVD's head bounce off of the ground with a sickening thud! Sabu then set RVD up on the table that was still leaning on the guardrail before climbing to the top. After a brief hesitation Sabu dove off and splashed RVD through the table as the "ECW!" chant began once more. Neither man was moving for a while leaving Joey Styles to scream for medical attention before Sabu finally got up and rolled into the ring. After realizing RVD was still outside, Sabu went to get him, and got a two count on the champ. After another period of relative nothingness, Fonzie decided to make his presence felt as he handed Sabu a chair, while RVD managed to get one of his own, and the duo slapped chairs forcing both men to drop their weapon.

RVD caught Sabu with a spinning heel kick, which got him a two count, but Sabu rolled out, dropped RVD and secured a Camel Clutch in the middle of the ring! Inexplicably though, Sabu released the hold, backed RVD into the corner, whipped him across the ring, followed him into the opposite corner, sprung off the ropes, and back elbowed the referee as well as RVD. Sabu would have had the match won, but the referee was out cold! Sabu finally let go of his attempt at a pin, and woke the ref up, only to get a two count. RVD went for one of the chairs but Fonzie grabbed it and refused to give it to either man, allowing Sabu to connext with a running clothesline on RVD. Sabu then climbed up to the middle turnbuckle and was about to go for a springboard back flip but RVD tossed Fonzie into Sabu, grabbed a chair and slammed it across the top of Sabu's skull! RVD then flung Fonzie over the top rope, climbed up top and delivered a FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH for the victory! After the match, RVD and Sabu shook hands. Sabu left the ring first, as RVD remained to celebrate, while Fonzie was still out cold on the outside.


Rob Van Dam © p. Sabu to retain the title - 90.9/79.8/78.8 (21 min)


Just as RVD was about to exit the ring, Eddie Guerrero was seen jumping over the guardrail with a chair in hand. RVD thought the rise in crowd noise was simply the fans appreciating him, and was completely taken by surprise when Guerrero lit him up from behind with a wicked chairshot to the back of the head! Eddie then placed his chair on the mat, draped RVD across it and executed his own FROG SPLASH! Eddie taunted the booing crowd and then further riled them up by grabbing the ECW TV Title and posing with it atop all four turnbuckles while shouting "You never beat me ESSE! to an unconscious RVD, issuing a crystal clear challenge to the champion.

Eddie Guerrero att RVD - 81.2% (4 min)


The next match was given some buildup on the last ECW on TNN show when Justin Credible pinned Tommy Dreamer with an assist from his partner, Lance Storm. Dreamer had issues with the other half of the current ECW World Tag Team Champions Raven for showing up a little too late to stop the double team effort. However tonight, Raven and Dreamer seemed to be on the same page as Francine had clearly talked to the two of them since Friday night's problems.

The match itself got off to a violent start as Dreamer began to work over Credible, until Raven took over, dragging him all the way up to the stage entrance. Dreamer and Storm then followed leading to the champions simultaneously tossing Storm and Credible onto a nearby merchandise table down below! A "HOLY SHIT" chant started up as Raven followed them down and whipped Credible into another nearby table. Dreamer then brought Storm back into the ring where he earned a near fall. Dreamer executed a Russian Leg Sweep on Storm as Raven dropped Credible with a clothesline just outside of the ring. Dreamer went for a cover, but Credible made the save. Dreamer got to his feet and ducked a Credible Super Kick, but got nailed by one from Storm instead! The challengers then isolated Dreamer for the next couple of minutes making quick tags and ensuring that Raven could not tag himself in. Storm eventually set up a chair in the middle of the ring and tagged in Credible who picked Dreamer up and executed a vile looking Hangman's neckbreaker on the chair!

Dreamer somehow managed to kick out of the pinfall and ducked another attempted Super Kick from Credible before DDTing him on top of the remnants of the chair! Dreamer then rolled to his corner and tagged in a fresh Raven who went nuts on the Impact Players. Raven eventually tossed Storm to the outside before connecting with a drop toe hold onto the chair on Credible. Raven whipped Credible into the ropes, but the challenger reversed it into a THAT'S INCREDIBLE tombstone for a 2 count, as Dreamer made the save. Dreamer then launched Credible right over the turnbuckles, but Storm came in and hit him with a stiff piledriver for another near fall. Credible was going to set Dreamer up for his finisher when Francine jumped on his back. A few seconds later, Dawn Marie came in as well and began to duke it out with Francine allowing Joey Styles to shout one of his favorite phrases, "CAT FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT"! Francine got the better of the exchange with a Bronco Buster on Dawn, but Credible managed to get his Singapore Cane from the outside and was about to hit Francine when Raven dove at her to save her from taking the hit. This act of heroism (or stupidity) allowed Credible to nail Raven with the blow instead, pick him, and drop him headfirst into the mat with a THAT'S INCREDIBLE for the three count and the titles!


The Impact Players (Lance Storm & Justin Credible w/Dawn Marie) def. Tommy Dreamer & Raven w/Francine (Credible p. Raven) to become the NEW champions! - 84/78.7/79.4 (15 min)


Backstage we see RVD getting stitched up by the doctors. The TV champ is seen clutching his championship title belt as he begins to speak.

RVD: "Usually, R-V-D doesn't let things get to him, but when some has been like Eddie Guerrero wants to come onto MY show and try to take me out with my own move, which I do better by the way, well that kinda burns 'The Whole F'n Show'! You say that I've never beaten you Eddie, and hey that may be true, but you've never beaten ME, and you never will! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I am the longest reigning champion in the history of ECW for a reason. I'm everyone’s favorite wrestler for a reason. Whenever you think you're ready to come try and take MY title, I'll be here Eddie, but when you lose, just remember this. . . it doesn't make you bad for losing to Rob Van Dam . . . it just makes you like everybody else!"

RVD challenges Guerrero to a TV title match - 81.8% (4 min)


With the RVD promo over, Joey Styles again informs the audience that something's going on backstage. This time we see Raven & Tommy Dreamer screaming at each other at the top of their lungs, while Francine is stuck in the middle

Dreamer: "I can't believe you just cost us the ECW Tag Team Titles! DAMNIT"

Raven: "I wasn't going to let Francine get hurt, especially when we can always win the titles again."

Dreamer: "She's the "Queen of Extreme", one cane shot isn't going to kill her."

Raven: "That's probably true, but I wasn't willing to take that risk."

*Dreamer spits on the floor*

Dreamer: "You disgust me. In the last 3 days you've cost me a title AND a chance to fight for the World Title. Where the hell is your head man?"

Raven: "Maybe you should stop looking for me to be your savior and try to be your own man for once in your life. I know it's probably going to be hard for you, but you need to stop riding my coattails. . ."

*At this point Dreamer swings at Raven and connects with a punch to his jaw. Raven stumbles backwards before charging at Dreamer. The two begin to exchange blows while Francine frantically calls for help. After about 45 seconds of brawling, the remainder of the babyface lockerroom finally split the two former Tag Champs up, leaving Dreamer cursing Raven's name, while Raven smirks through a bloody lower lip*

Raven & Dreamer need to be separated - 70.8% (4 min)


Tonight's Main Event was what it was, a match where the challenger Spike Dudley only had a snowball's chance in Hell of beating the champion Mike Awesome for the title. Spike went after Awesome before he could fully head into the ring, but Awesome hip tossed Spike into one of the ringside tables! The champ then took his belt off and showed it to the crowd. Spike slid back in, but was met by Awesome, who picked him up, and tossed him out through a stack of tables which had been set up since the last match! Awesome rolled outside, and whipped Spike into a guardrail before clotheslining him over. Awesome continued to toy with Spike by flipping him over the guardrail and rolling him back into the ring. Awesome then used a slingshot splash onto Spike for a two. Awesome quickly got to his feet, and began to showboat while dragging Spike by the shirt into the center of the ring where he set up for a powerbomb, but once up there Spike gave Awesome a few shots to the face. Awesome staggered backwards and fell over the ropes, and to the outside, followed by Spike! Dudley then went for an ACID DROP on the guardrail and connected. With a little bit of momentum on his side, Spike grabbed a chair and cracked Awesome on the back of the head, and upper back with it. Spike rolled into the ring and was favoring his right knee as he tried a dive through the ropes but landed right at Awesome's feet prompting a "YOU FUCKED UP" chant, which played into what Cyrus The Virus said earlier in the evening. From that point on, it was all Awesome who battered and bruised Spike with a chair before setting up a table in the middle of the ring and delivering a vicious AWESOME BOMB from the TOP ROPE and through the table. Needless to say, Spike didn't kick out, and Awesome retained his title in what many viewed as a foregone conclusion.


Mike Awesome © p. Spike Dudley to RETAIN the title! - 75.9/75/66.3 (14 min)


Awesome began to celebrate his title defense when "Perfect Strangers" by Deep Purple played over the loudspeakers. Awesome dropped his title belt and stared at the top of the ramp, waiting for the arrival of 'The Franchise' Shane Douglas. . . but it was Eddie Guerrero who walked down the aisle and got Awesome's attention. Taking a page from Eddie's actions earlier in the evening, Douglas came out of the stands with a chair in hand and caught a champion from behind with a vile shot to the back of the head. Eddie then joined 'The Franchise' in beating down the dazed and confused champ. Guerrero eventually opened up the chair, setting it up for Douglas to deliver a BELLY TO BELLY across the top of the chair! Awesome was in clear pain as he clutched at his lower back/kidneys while Guerrero climbed to the top rope. Just as Eddie was about to launch himself he saw a bandaged Rob Van Dam rushing out from the back, and decided it would be best for him to not allow RVD to get a chance at revenge tonight. Guerrero and Douglas then ran through the backstage area and hopped into their waiting limo, where a glimpse of Perry Saturn's tattooed right arm was seen closing the door before the limo raced off into the night as the show came to an end!

Douglas & Guerrero att Awesome, RVD makes the save - 88.6% (5 min)


70.8 overall, 8981 buys (0.02 buyrate), 9564 attended

Notes: I had no use for Lou E. Dangerously or 'Judge' Jeff Jones, so they are not going to be around. New Jack falls into the same category to a lesser, so I wrote him out with a career ending injury since that's what I think ECW would do with him. Vic Grimes isn't in the scenario, so he's not a part of Da Baldies here since I don't feel like going through the hassle of creating him.


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Decent PPV, but they didn't give you much to work with ;)

Benoit's promo was okay, but still is lacking something - I feel as though you're forcing his overness a bit too much with the chanting and stuff. Then again, the segments are rated highly enough, so.. it makes sense.

I'm still not feeling the return of all the guys, unfortunately. It just hasn't really struck me as anything "OH MY GOD" yet. Yet being the keyword, however.

I will be reading! :thumbsup:

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ECW on TNN PREVIEW - 1/14/00

Little Guido vs Super Crazy - Although these two were involved in a tag team match at Guilty As Charged, their issue remains unsettled. With neither man being involved in the decision, it is unclear which is the better wrestler, and more deserving of consideration in regards to an ECW TV Title match in the future. Will Crazy's insane high flying skills be enough to keep the incredibly sound mat technician Guido off guard, or will the feisty Italian be able to ground Mexico's 'Extreme Luchadore' in what promises to be an action packed match?

Jerry Lynn vs Tajiri - These two also took part in the aforementioned tag match on the PPV with Tajiri registering a pinfall over 'The New F'n Show'. Lynn has been said to be irate since being defeated and demanded a chance to take on the 'Japanese Buzzsaw' one on one. It is rumored that the winner of this contest will take on the winner of Guido/Crazy at a later date with a shot at the TV title on the line, so expect both men to leave everything they have in the ring!


Rob Van Dam © vs CW Anderson - It's a battle of initials as RVD takes on CW in Anderson's biggest match in ECW to date. After his impressive victory over Mikey Whipwreck at GAC, he will now have a chance to end the mindblowing 21 month run of the longest reigning champion in all of professional wrestling! Given RVD's brutal affair with Sabu last Sunday and the postmatch attack he endured by Eddie Guerrero, it's quite possible that this is the most vulnerable Van Dam has been since he won the title way back on April 4th, 1998. Can RVD survive this tough test and go on to face Guerrero in the future, or will CW Anderson shock the world by becoming the NEW ECW Television Champion?

We also expect to hear from Raven who is NOT happy with his former tag team partner, Tommy Dreamer, and we promise to deliver an up to the minute injury report on both New Jack & Spike Dudley, so be sure to join us on Friday night at 10 PM on TNN!

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Guest Prototype

Good show. I like the idea of the Radicalz coming back, Im interested as well in the other storylines, like Raven and Dreamer, as well. Pretty good so far, so keep it up.

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OOC: Pretend any word surrounded by stars such as *fuck* is censored. I'll include the words just so you know for sure what's supposed to be said

ECW on TNN 1/14/00


Tonight's show began with Joey Styles recapping last Sunday's Guilty As Charged results, when he was suddenly interrupted by the sounds of "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" by Grinspoon. A few moments later, the NEW ECW World Tag Team Champions, the Impact Players (Lance Storm & Justin Credible), and the always lovely Dawn Marie emerged to major heat from the crowd. Credible chased Styles off with the threat of a Singapore cane shot and grabbed the mic that Joey dropped in his hasty retreat.

Credible: "For the last five days, all I've heard is that we only won these titles because Raven chose *pussy* over gold, and well, I think that's *bullshit*! Lance and I were dominating that match and could have put Raven or Tommy Dreamer away whenever we wanted to. The fact of the matter is we were the younger, hungrier team and had something to prove. Unlike those two old bastards, we're not letting a woman cloud our judgment, and that's why we're the best tag team in the industry today!"

Storm: "You're absolutely right. Now if I can be serious for a moment, since we are fighting champions, we'll put these titles on the line against Raven and Dreamer again, just to PROVE being a shadow of a doubt that we are the superior team. If Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko want to test themselves against the best team in ECW history, they are more than welcome to as well. The Impact Players are here to make a legacy, and since there is not a combination who will ever be able to beat us, we will put the gold up for grabs anytime someone is stupid enough to issue a challenge!"

*Storm flexes as Credible pats him on the back*

Credible: "Speaking of challenges. . . Mike Awesome, you OWE me a shot at the ECW World Heavyweight Title, and I'm gonna collect on that match right here NEXT WEEK. And when I beat you to become the World Champion in addition to being one half of the World Tag Champions, you'll find out that I'm not just the coolest. . . that I'm not just the best . . . but that I am JUSTIN CREDIBLE!"

*The Impact Players then strike their trademark pose while Dawn Marie looks seductive in the background*

Impact Players w/Dawn Marie int - 89.8% (4 min)


As was explained on the ECW website, Super Crazy & Little Guido took part in a tag match at the last PPV, but neither was involved in the decision which led to this match and a mini-tournament of sorts with the winner here taking on the winner of Jerry Lynn/Tajiri at a later date with a shot at the ECW TV title on the line in that 3rd and final match. With the stakes that high, the early action was fairly tentative as neither man wanted to make a mistake, but at about 3 minutes in that's just what happened as a backdrop attempt by Guido was countered by Crazy with a fierce neckbreaker. Crazy then hit his multiple moonsault in the corner spot that got a rise out of the crowd and a 2 count. Guido quickly bailed out of the ring and began to walk away from the action to clear his head when Crazy sprinted across the ring and flung himself over the top rope, clipping Guido with a suicidal dive that prompted tonight's first "ECW! ECW!" chant. On the outside, Crazy pounded on Guido with punches to the face, but a low blow allowed Guido to spike Crazy with a DDT that saw Crazy end up doing a near headstand as he was violently driven into the floor. Guido tossed Crazy into the ring where he then blasted him with a cradle piledriver possibly sending a message to Jerry Lynn, his partner last Sunday and potential opponent should the two win tonight. Guido was so proud of himself that he began to play to the crowd, but Crazy somehow managed to nip up and knocked Guido down with a Tajiri style kick to the side of the head! A massive brainbuster followed, and then Crazy sealed the deal with a top rope moonsault for the victory! Only after the match did Crazy remember to sell the blows to his head, which knocked away from some of the believability aspect of the contest.

Super Crazy p. Little Guido - 71.4/68.9/71.3 (11 min)


At this point in the show, we were treated to a promo taped earlier in the day as Raven sat in the lockerroom, while Francine rubbed his shoulders. Despite not having his share of the ECW World Tag Titles, Raven looks surprisingly happy as he begins to speak.

Raven: "It's no secret that I have not had the greatest luck with women during my lifee. Over the years, everyone has seen Tommy Dreamer steal Beulah away from me, and The Sandman ruin my life by taking his wife and son back after they were mine! You and I were never meant to be partners Dreamer. You know that the only reason I came back was to help you take out The Dudley Boys for hurting Beulah, and I lived up to my end of that deal. Quite simply, I grew tired of you trying to USE me again. I saw how you used to look at Francine. It was that same lustful look that you used to give Beulah when I was kicking your ass years ago. An old saying goes, "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me", well you're NOT going to fool me again Dreamer! You will NEVER take Francine away from me, and if you even think about trying, I'll spill your blood just like I used to. I never NEEDED you Dreamer, and now that you're not holding me back any longer, I can move on to bigger and better things, such as reclaiming the title that Mike Awesome is currently disgracing by being the only man who would make a worse champion than you Dreamer!"

*Raven & Francine then begin to laugh, with Raven then deciding to kiss her as if to remind Dreamer and the rest of the world that she is his property*

Raven w/Francine int - 95.1% (4 min)


Our next match would determine which man would someday soon go on to face Super Crazy to determine the # 1 Contender to the ECW TV title. Also at stake was a chance at gaining revenge for 'The New F'N Show' Jerry Lynn as he tried to get even with 'The Japanese Buzzsaw' Tajiri, the very man who pinned him just five nights earlier in a tag match.

Unlike Guido/Crazy earlier in the night, this match was all out from the opening bell as Tajiri caught Lynn with a few swift powerful kicks to his sides before clotheslining him down. Tajiri then slammed Lynn down and measured him for what would have been a knockout kick had it connected, but Lynn ducked it and swept Tajiri's legs out from underneath him before delivering a series of hard rights to the face. Lynn then scooped Tajiri up and scored with a series of various suplexes before spiking his opponent with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, earning a round of applause despite being the heel in this match. Lynn then signalled it was time for his finisher, but Tajiri managed to escape the attempted piledriver with a roll through into a backslide, which earned him a near fall. Lynn complained that Tajiri had his tights (which he didn't), so the ref went to admonish Tajiri, giving Lynn enough time to thumb his rival in the eye. Lynn then connected with a tornado DDT in the corner before stealing one of Tajiri's signature moves with the TARANTULA! Lynn's cocky grin was evident as Tajiri winced in pain while the referee broke the hold. A standard DDT followed with Lynn pulling Tajiri up at 2 3/4. 'The New F'N Show' once again informed the crowd it was time for the end, and this time he planted Tajiri with a CRADLE PILEDRIVER for the win, and a date with Super Crazy in the not too distant future.

'The New F'N Show' Jerry Lynn p. Tajiri - 78.3/73.1/84.6 (12 min)


Following his impressive victory, Jerry Lynn requested a microphone and then began to speak.

Lynn: "It's no surprise to me that I easily defeated Tajiri since he's just not on my level. Super Crazy is also not on my level, but the main man who is trying so hard to be as good as Jerry Lynn but failing is none other than Rob Van Dam! *Lynn draws some heat from the crowd* You can boo all you want, but I GUARANTEE that none of you here want to see CW Anderson fight for the ECW TV title next. The fact is that match NEEDS Jerry Lynn in it, and if RVD wants to prove he's not a spineless punk, he'll let me in that match so I can prove to him that I am 'The New F'N Show'!"

*Joey Styles goes into super shill "I don't know what's gonna happen next" mode as we cut to a commercial break*

Jerry Lynn int, challenges RVD for TV title shot - 76.6% (3 min)


Tonight's Main Event didn't start right away as security had to pull Jerry Lynn out of the ring after Paul Heyman informed Lynn that he would NOT be part of the match and that if he interfered in any way he'd be removed from his # 1 Contender's match with Super Crazy! Once that whole scene was over, CW Anderson made his way out to a minimal reaction as most in the crowd did not see him as a deserving opponent for Rob Van Dam. As "Walk" by Pantera began to play, the crowd erupted and RVD emerged to the loudest cheer of the night. After a lengthy prematch introduction for the champ, the match finally began roughly 5 minutes after the break ended.

Van Dam started off quickly as he hit Anderson's right cheek with a leaping kick, which sent CW back to the nearest corner. Anderson checked to see if all of his teeth were in place before blindly charging out of the corner where he was caught with a drop toehold and a half dozen or so open handed slaps to the back of his head before RVD jumped off of him and mocked CW with a few jumping jacks! Anderson was steaming once more as he again charged at RVD, and was once again taken down by RVD who openly yawned in Anderson's face once 'The Enforcer' got back to his feet. CW charged for a third time, and finally managed to catch RVD as he stopped short, forcing RVD to sidestep and then walked right into a vicious clothesline. CW mounted RVD and nailed him with a series of fists to the face and headbutts to the chest before dropping a stiff elbow right near Van Dam's heart. An attempted cover only got a 2 count, but gave Anderson some confidence as he pulled Van Dam up and fired him over the top rope to the floor below.

On the outside Anderson grabbed a chair which he then introduced to the small of RVD's back three times before tossing it into the ring. Van Dam was in clear pain as Anderson whipped him spinefirst into the ringpost. But then, Anderson made a mistake by trying to clothesline RVD while he was up against the steel as RVD did a split just before Anderson's arm would have hit him, leaving it to strike the ringpost instead! Van Dam caught CW with another leaping kick before tossing him into the ring and slamming him on the chair which Anderson had used moments earlier! A split legged moonsault followed, with the cocky RVD returning now as Anderson was in trouble. Van Dam then made his way to the top, did his thumb taunt with a slight wince before executing his FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH. After a brief pause, Van Dam rolled on top of Anderson and secured the victory in a match that took more out of him than most would have expected. To make matters worse, Jerry Lynn ran down to the ring and nailed RVD from behind with a clothesline to the back of the neck. Lynn then went for his CRADLE PILEDRIVER, but Van Dam backed out of it before nailing Lynn with a spinning heel kick to the jaw. RVD then threw Lynn out of the ring where 'The New F'N Show' decided to back off as he no longer had the element of surprise on his side.


'The Whole F'N Show' Rob Van Dam © p. CW Anderson to RETAIN the title! - 76.7/68.4/77.1 (15 min)


But, just as RVD cleared Lynn out of the ring, the combination of Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn & Shane Douglas stormed through the crowd and swarmed him. The trio quickly got the better of Van Dam with Saturn putting him down with a shot from RVD's own TV title belt! Saturn then locked in his RINGS OF SATURN while Guerrero and Douglas cheered him on. Eddie eventually called Saturn off, instructing him to hold RVD's feet, while Douglas did the same with his arms. Guerrero grabbed the title belt, and then draped it across Van Dam's exposed sternum before floating to the top, licking his finger and checking for the wind direction and diving off with a high impact FROG SPLASH! Guerrero hit the gold with such force that he clearly injured himself in the process, but Van Dam was clearly the worst for wear as he clutched at his ribs, possibly suffering a fracture or a clean break in one or more of them. Satisfied with their work, Douglas and his crew then began to celebrate as the show finished.

Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn & Shane Douglas att RVD - 84.1% (5 min)


81.6% overall rating, 67,922 (+102) viewers, 3,603 people attended

Notes: ECW's overness is now 61.1% across the US.



No matches announced yet

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I wanted to wait to see you book your own first show before I commented on this, and as you have done it, I feel obliged to start talking. As I do with some diaries, I will be presenting my own personal grades after each and every show.

This show gets a C+.

I liked the opening spot with The Impact Players, despite it serving no real purpose on the show whatsoever. I may be in a minority, I am not sure, but I always liked this team. Credible is not ready to Main Event ECW here, nor was he in reality, but in a mid to upper midcard Tag Team he works quite well. On the other hand, Lance Storm always seemed sort of wasted here with Credible. It's an odd thing for me, as I don't want to see them break up, but I don't think this is good for Storm's career, and really only benefits Credible as his OBVIOUS weaknesses are well hidden. Perhaps a third male member could fix this problem? Just thinking aloud really.

Next we move to the two Number One Contender's for the TV Title matches, and in my opinion the weakest parts of the show. All four men are gold in the ring, all four men deserve to be here, and yet I never suspected for a moment that it wouldn't be Super Crazy and Lynn as the winners in the end. There was no suspense, in any way whether it be gut instincts or via the writing, as to the outcome. I know this might not be the ECW way, but I would have loved some sort of mini tournament that would have seen all four men in multiple matches against each other, with the man with the most wins, best of seven perhaps, being named the man to meet RVD at some PPV in the future. That would have provided me with enough suspense and could have either taken one man and propelled him clearly over all the others when he won them all or could have made all four men look equally good. Again, this is speculation and even fantasy booking of fantasy booking on my part, but while the matches were fine as is, they weren't great and I never felt they were going anywhere but to the ending we saw.

The Raven promo was serviceable. I know how hard it is to write one of those things, and I have seen you write some simply golden Raven promos so I know you have it in you, but this wasn't one of your best. Still, it was a damn sight better than most are capable of doing.

Your Lynn, however, was quite good. I was never really sold on a heel Lynn, ever, but if you continue to work with him as you have here I may be able to see him as a workable heel. His demands to be in the Main Event because nobody wants to see Anderson and RVD was a nice touch.

The Main Event was okay, as Lynn was right I really didn't want to see that, only made better by the fact that RVD just got the shit kicked out of him by four other people. I am wondering where Anderson wandered off to however, as the challenger just disappearing so as to allow the attackers and the attackee to provide their own story isn't how I remember ECW. I would have preferred to see Anderson hang around, join in on the beating, then maybe get taken out as well. Are the invaders here, Douglas, Saturn, and Eddie, only going after certain people or are they after everyone in ECW? A seeming union with Anderson only to be followed by an attack on him as well would have furthered that question in my mind quite well.

All in all, it was an above average naiwf show. Sadly, much as I do with several other writers, your usual standard is so high that even an average show is leaps and bounds ahead of damn near everyone else in The Dome. A C+ here is like an A in an average writer's diary, so please keep that in mind as I write and respond to your shows.


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