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Yea. I've actually been doing this for awhile on another board everything thats gonna follow this post has been posted on the other board awhile ago. The first show that i'm actually gonna be writing up and posting here first will be The Tokyo Dome PPV I am doing. So here is the backstory:

user posted image


It all began in the month of May. TNA Wrestling then known as NWA: Total Nonstop Action. Announced their TV deal. The TV show was dubbed IMPACT! The debut date was scheduled for June 4th 2004. June 4th is now a meer 4 days away. IMPACT! will debut on Fox Sports Net. TNA hopes they will get a good amount of veiwers. Also they hope that their switch from Nashville to Orlando will go over well and that the same amount of fans will be at the shows.

You see this is were I come in. Vince Russo has been very busy lately and TNAW wants the same cutting edge style Russo gave the WWE in the attitude era. But with Russo busy and barelly able to write one decent storyline anymore they needed someone else. But not someone to be head booker. More of a consultant to Russo. Someone who would give him ideas from the fans point of veiw. Like for one to take the title of Triple J which we'll get to alittle later on.

TNAW set Russo up with a few diffrent people but all of them were just bad. Or well thats how Mr. Russo put it to me when he told me about them. After getting all these bad consultants Mr. Russo decided "It's like the old saying goes if you want something done right do it yourself!" he didn't mean go back to writing everything with no help. No he meant choosing his consultant.

His consultant had to be smart with the wrestling buisness, smart with buisness in general, and smart enough to know when Russo needed coffee. Well you see I gave Russo only one of those things. I was wrestling smart. I wasn't buisness smart and I had no intention of figuring out his exact coffee times. I told him straight up "If you want a consultant that knows wrestling then i'm your man. But i'm not going to get you coffee, laugh at your bad jokes, and treat you like god and to be quite honest I hope you don't put me in any situation with the money because i'm not a smart buisness man. I'm a smart Wrestling FAN!"

The keyword in my words was FAN! Just because I might and did become a semi-writer didn't mean I was going to give up being a fan. Like I said my job was to give Russo idea's from the fans point of veiw and what better way to do that then be a fan? Talk to the other fans? Just like I always did? Their was no better way.

When my job started none of my ideas were taken seriouslly. Not until they were leaked on the net atleast. Some people didn't like them and others loved them. Same thing that always happens its a catch 22. But for some reason the group that liked it caught Russo's attention.

Now at the time I was at home doing what I do best and that was wrestling but when I wasn't doing that sitting on my ass whatching TV or typing on the computer. Then all of a sudden my phone rings. Who might it be. Mr. Russo. The conversation went a bit like this.

Russo: MIKE!

Me: What do you want? Do I have to fly up their to tell you i'm not getting you a coffee to your face again?

Russo: No.

Me: What do you want me to give you some more idea's that you can just ignore?

Russo: NO!

Me: Well what the hell is it that you want?

Russo: Just listen for a second.

Me: I think i'm capable of that.

Russo: I was reading over some of your ideas on the net and noticed a group of people who liked it. Which made me think maybe you are wrestling smart.

Me: Well duh.

Russo: Ok don't get all a'hole-ish on me thats my job! But listen. I've decided that I will use some of your ideas combined with my own. So you better be up here by June 4th because we have alot to brainstorm about before the first TV show.

Me: Ok sure. You flyin' me out?

Russo: No.

Me: So i'm paying for my own ticket again?

Russo: No. TNA is flying you out because from now on your an official employee. Good luck kid you'll need it.

The phones were hung up and I was packing.

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user posted image




BG James

Chad Collyer

Chris Harris

D-Lo Brown

Dustin Rhodes

Elix Skipper

Erik Watts

Frankie Kazarian

James Storm

Jerry Lynn



Matt Stryker

Mikey Whipreck


Ron Killings


Shark Boy

Sonjay Dutt


Terry Funk

The Amazing Red

The Sandman


AJ Styles

Sonny Siaki


Abismo Negro


Andy Douglas

Chase Stevens

Christopher Daniels

CM Punk


David Young

Glenn Gilberti

Heavy Metal

Hector Garza

Jack Evans

Jeff Jarrett

Johnny Devine

Johnny Swinger

Julio Dinero

Juventud Guerrera

Kevin Northcutt

Kid Kash


Michael Shane

Monty Brown

Mr. Aguila


Petey Williams

Scott D' Amore

Shane Douglas

Simon Diamond



Teddy Hart




Tag Teams:

red= Face team

blue= Tweener team(both tweener or one heel and one face)

Green= Heel team

America's Most Wanted: Chris Harris and James Storm

Diamond and Swinger: Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger

Gilberti and Young: Glenn Gilberti and David Young

Hart Foundation 2K4: Teddy Hart and Jack Evans

Raven and Sandman: Raven and The Sandman

Red Shirt Security: Kevin Northcutt and Legend

The Gathering: CM Punk and Julio Dinero

The Naturals: Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens

The New Church: Sinn and Slash

The New Franchise: Shane Douglas and Michael Shane


NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Jarrett

NWA Tag Team Titles: Vacant

TNAW X-Division Title: Chris Sabin

NOTE: These are not my current champions because as I stated all the posts i'm posting now are from another site that i've done this on for a few months already.

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June 4th marks the debut of TNAW's IMPACT! television show. For us its like being close to land on the moon. The landing on the moon will be when we are succesfull with this TV show.

But enough of that we need to know what major things will go down on this great show.

First of all after the weeks of Apolo and D'Lo Brown going head to head with Kid Kash and Dallas for the tag titles we've decided that they shall be vacated. Starting this Friday on IMPACT! will be a tournament for the TNA tag titles. The following are the brackets for this tournament:

user posted image

Along with this Jeff Jarrett has won the NWA World Title back from AJ during a NWA Wildside event. This has brought on alot of commotion saying that although Wildside is a major NWA franchise that the title should have been defended in TNAW. AJ has plead his case but is not sure what will happen. Currentlly Vince Russo and company are trying to make a decision. This decision will be announced this friday.

Also a MAJOR announcement regarding the America/World's X-Cup shows. Also the rumour of a new title to be introduced to TNAW will be either proven or put to rest friday.

So be sure to tune into the first ever TNAW IMPACT! television show this Friday June 4th 2004 at 3:00pm'est!

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TNAW is saddened to report that Christopher Daniels, Dusty Rhodes, and CM Punk have left the promotion. CM Punk has left to persue his carrer in ring of honor.

Christopher Daniels has taken the offer of PWG and became soul owner of the company.

and Dusty Rhodes has taken over NWA-Wildside.

We hope the 2 young men a great future in wrestling and hope that Dusty Rhodes gets an even more defiened legendship from being an owner of a major Indy promotion.

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Vince Russo introduces.....:

The night starts with the usual opening video and music then we see the TNAW dancers. Mike Tenay gets ready to talk but then suddenlly Vince Russo's music hits and out comes well Vince Russo. He's on the stages with a brand new title belt in his hands. Three of them actually. He also holds a microphone in hand.

Vince Russo: Well as you can all see their are indeed new titles in TNAW! As you can see I have not one, not two, but three titles that are identicle. Why do I have this. Well how many people are on a team in Six-Man matches? Three right? Well say we had a huge Six-Man Tag Match between say four diffrent teams of three. The winning team will have all 3 of those members hold these very titles! Cause you see these are the Six-Man Tag Team Championships! This is the first time this has been done on national wrestling television and believe me all of you will love it!

Russo leaves but not before holding up the titles for all to see.

user posted image

Overall Rating = 77.6%

Mike Tenay: WHAT A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! TNAW NOW HAS SIX-MAN TAG TEAM TITLES! This will be huge for us. I can't wait to see who Russo will pair up for this big 4-way Six-Man match.

Don West: THATS RIGHT TENAY! But don't forget tonight that we have the huge first round of the Tag Team title tournament. For anyone that didn't see on the website here are the brackets:

user posted image

Mike Tenay: Thats right Don. However their has been a few slight adjustments to the brackets. First of all Christopher Daniels has been replaced by The Amazing Red as Jerry Lynn's partner. Daniels left to run another promotion. We wish him luck. Also CM Punk has left to pursue other carrer choices and Julio Dinero is nowhere to be found their for The Gathering will be replaced by The Naturals of Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas!

Don West: It shall still be amazing Tenay so lets get to our first match. The Naturals vs Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker!

Tag Title Tourney Round 1 Match 1: Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker vs The Naturals:

Great match and an amazing way to start off the night. Some amazing things seen in this one. At one point Andy Douglas goes for his amazing moonsault but Stryker did something unseen before. Insider of lifting the knees. He put both feet up in the air and Douglas landed right on the flat boot of Matt Stryker driving into Douglas's gut. It looked as if it hurt Stryker though. We also saw Chad Collyer lock in the Texas Cloverleaf on Douglas but then get clocked with a springboard front flip dropkick from Chase Stevens. But the best did not come till the end. Douglas went for a Tornado DDT on Collyer and hit it. Suddenlly Chase Stevens come flying from the top rope with a Natural Star Press. However Collyer moves out of the way and Stevens lands right on his gut and starts to roll around the ring. Douglas then see's Stryker and quicklly runs at him. Stryker then kicks him in the gut and sets up for the big move. STRYKER DRIVER!!! We then see Collyer getting up and locking in a Texas Cloverleaf on Stevens. The crowd starts to go crazy. Stryker then locks in the Stryker Lock on Douglas. The crowd is going crazy and finally Stevens and Douglas tap out at the same time!

Winners and advancing: Collyer and Stryker

Match Reaction = 40.1%

Match Quality = 76.4%

Overall Rating = 33.6%


Ad for the new TNAW Game coming out

Sports Illustrated Ad

2 ads for PS2 games

Ad for the upcoming "A War To Remember" TNAW PPV on Sunday June 20th 2004!

Mike Tenay: Welcome back folks! Stryker and Collyer have just left after celebrating. They will go on to the semi-finals of this tournament which will air next week.

Don West: Thats right! But next up we have another match in the first round of this tournament.

Mike Tenay: Yes! That match will be right now and its between The Hartfoundation 2.0 of Ted Hart and Jack Evans going against a favorite in this tournament The America's Most Wanted.

Tag Title Tourney Round 1 Match 2: America's Most Wanted vs The Hartfoundation 2.0:

Alright match here. Seemed that the more wrestling based style of AMW didn't really blend with the more high flying based styler of Ted Hart and Jack Evans. However it was a good match considering they had to work to blend the two styles. At one point Jack Evans went for the Corkscrew 630 onto James Storm. However Storm moved and Harris went running across the ring and caught events in somewhat of a powerbomb. Weird one but a powerbomb none the less. Another odd move was when Teddy went for the Hart Attack SSP but was suddenlly caught by Harris in a Diamond Cutter style move. However the biggest part came again at the ending. But it wasn't the typical pin fall ending. Bassiclly Teddy clothesline James Storm over the top rope. Ted then went to the apron and hit his double springboard moonsault. The crowd awed. Then suddenlly Harris. Thats right Chris Harris comes off the top rope with a corkscrew on Ted and Storm who had just stood up. They all stand up. We then see Jack Evans flying through the air doing flip after flip and spin after spin in one sequence till he lands with his chest on all 3 of them knocking them down. Then for about 10 seconds they lay their and slowlly punch each other. Suddenlly the ref counts 10 and calls for the bell. The match is over and there is no winner. How does this work into the tourney? After the bell rings the 4 keep brawling until they finally reach the top of the entrance. Security comes out from the back and seperate them from each other.

Winner and advancing: DRAW!

Match Reaction = 58.6%

Match Quality = 76.7%

Overall Rating = 40.6%

AJ arrives:

We see a nice white truck pull up to the arena and out steps AJ Styles. He grabs his bags from the back seat and quicklly pushes open the doors to the arena.


Ad for TNAW trading cards and figures

Ad for the movie "Troy"

Shrek 2 Ad

Ad for the upcoming "A War To Remember" TNAW PPV on Sunday June 20th 2004!

Mike Tenay: Well how is this going to work for the tournament? The match was a draw.

Don West: I have no idea Tenay! This is crazy! Collyer and Stryker win with a simultanious tap out from The Naturals then this sudden draw.

Mike Tenay: Thats right. But the next match shall be huge mainlly because in this match are the team that still beleive they deserve the tag titles and should have never had them taken away for this tournament.

Don West: Thats right next up is Kid Kash and Dallas vs Jerry Lynn and THE AMAZING RED!!!!!!!

Tag Title Tourney Round 1 Match 3: Kid Kash and Dallas vs Jerry Lynn and The Amazing Red:

Great match. Kash and Red worked on the flying of this one as Lynn and Dallas actually put on a fairlly good wrestling clinic. At one point Dallas and Lynn were chain wrestling and Red jumped over them from the top rope and caught Kash in one of Kash's own trademark hurrican-rana's! We also see an amazing spot where Lynn comes off the second rope clotheslining Dallas but then they both get up and Dallas clothesline's Lynn and Lynn backflips landing on his face. But the big one this time doesn't come at the end but close to the end. Lynn runs at Dallas and gets backdropped over the top rope. Dallas then lifts Red in the belly to back razors edge into powerbomb position. Kash then yells out "KASH KOMPACTOR!" his new finisher I guess. He then runs up the ropes jumps around and gets one of those twists into a hurrican-rana! The crowd goes crazy this time actually shocked at the greatness of the move. You see when Kash caught the rana Dallas flipped Red. The ref counts 1....2.... kickout! Also make note that Tenay and West announced that this was their new and only at the time female referee. Dallas starts to pummell Red. Lynn gets in the ring and kicks Kash and sets him up for the cradle piledriver. All of a sudden the ref makes it look like she is tripping on the ropes. She hits Lynn and Lynn drops Kash. Kash lands on his feet and quicklly rolls up Lynn. Then we a get a quick count from the ref of 1.2.3!!! The crowd boo's as Kash, Dallas, and the ref leave the ring. As they go up the ramp suddenlly a fan grabs the ref by the hair and a mask comes off. ITS GOLDYLOCKS! The crowd boo's as Goldy runs away and Kash and Dallas stare the fan in the face. Dallas grabs the fan by the throat and lifts him up. Then the fan punches Dallas in the face and is dropped. The fan falls on the other side of the guardrail. Kash runs at the fan and the fan backdrops him over the guardrail then runs away as the crowd cheers.


Ad for the upcoming "A War To Remember" TNAW PPV on Sunday June 20th 2004!

Sports Illustrated Ad

Ad for the new TNAW video game

Mike Tenay: Welcome back and I understand we have AJ backstage with Scott Hudson.

AJ Styles insults Jeff Jarrett:

We see Scott Hudson backstage standing beside AJ Styles infront of the TNAW interveiw set.

Scott Hudson: AJ what would you like.....

AJ Styles: Listen Hudson. I don't need you asking the questions. I'm here to say what I need to say. Jarrett its no secret that you cheated to win in Wildside. Not to mention the fact that it was in Wildside. IT WASN'T EVEN ON TV it wasn't even mainstream. It was reported on the internet! Jarrett you have to admit I deserve a title shot and I want that title shot right the hell now!

All of a sudden the microphone gets cut off so AJ just keeps yelling. Then Vince Russo walks up with his own microphone.

Vince Russo: AJ I know you want a title shot but Jeff isn't here tonight. But to give you a match and a match against a good wrestler. Tonight it will be the Styles Clash vs The Devine Interventions, the Spiral Tap vs The Love Gun DDT, AJ Styles vs Johnny Devine!

Russo walks off leaving AJ with a pissed off look on his face.

AJ insulting JJ: Overall Rating = 63.9%

Russo makes AJ vs Devine: Overall Rating = 70.6%

Tag Title Tourney Round 1 Match 4: Juventud Guerrera and Hector Garza vs D'Lo Brown and Apolo:

Great match. Another one of those "styles don't blend" types however. Some amazing moves. Nothing extremelly major to comment on though. Although at one point Apolo powerbombed Garza off the apron. The big match ended when Juvi hit a 450. Yes a beutiful 450 on Apolo at the same time Hector Garza corkscrewed during a backflip and landed with his Garza-Sault. The ref got in the middle of the ring and slammed the mat 1..2...3 times with his hands for the win!

Winners and advancing: Juventud Guerrera and Hector Garza

Match Reaction = 56.8%

Match Quality = 73.6%

Overall Rating = 39.1%


Ad for Big Brother 5

Ad for "Troy" the movie

Ad for the upcoming "A War To Remember" TNAW PPV on Sunday June 20th 2004!

Ad for Shrek 2

Mike Tenay: My god we have AJ vs Devine live tonight!

Don West: Thats right Tenay but don't forget. We just saw the Captain and Assistant Captain of Team Mexico-AAA advance in the big tag team tourney!

Mike Tenay: Thats right Don! It will be one hell of a semi-final. But from what i've heard Dallas and Kash have been given a bye! This gives Dallas and Kash a huge advantage as they will be going into "A War To Remember" with one less match then the other team had.

Don West: Thats right and while on the subject of "A War To Remember" we've been told that Chris Sabin has laid down a challenge to 5 other superstars to have what I beleive is the first 6 way LADDER MATCH! For Sabin's own X-Title. He says that he doesn't care if he loses he just wants to do something huge for TNA's first non-weeklly PPV!

Mike Tenay: That is huge news! Also rumour has it that "A War To Remember" will feature a 4 vs 4 vs 4 match between Team Canada, Team TNA, and Team AAA-Mexico and the winning team will take the X-Cup trophy for the next 5 months until we have the next X-Cup. On that subject it has become official that an X-Cup will be held every 5 months. No more once a month things. Every 5 months and what will happen is leading up to that X-Cup the other teams will have a series of matches on IMPACT! the team that comes away from that with the most points will go on to face the holders of the trophy. But I now have word that we are ready to show a pre-taped interview that Jeff Jarrett had with Terry Taylor earlier today.

Jeff Jarrett insults AJ Styles:

Terry Taylor: Jeff what do you think of AJ Styles and saying in net and other interviews that your win was a cheating win and wasn't even real because it was with one of the "lower" companies so to speak?

Jeff Jarrett: Personally I beleive that Mr. Stylass is just pissed off because he lost to the better man and he knows it. I beat him one, two, three with no help from anyone!

Terry Taylor: Well to be fair lets show what happened to the fans at home.

We see AJ and Jarrett fighting at Wildside. Suddenlly AJ accidentlly whips Jarrett into the ref. AJ still however manages to hit a Spiral Tap on Jarrett. But their is no ref. All of a sudden we hear EminEm style rap music but its sung by someone diffrent and out comes none other then Slim J. AJ stands up and just stares at him. AJ turns around and goes for the pin on Jarrett but theirs no ref. Slim J gets on the apron and then springboards and does a front flip landing on AJ's head with a legdrop. Slim J then does a standing SSP. He then picks AJ up and hits a spike DDT on him. Slim J then helps the ref up and leaves. Jarrett then gets AJ and hits a stroke. The ref counts 1...2...3!

Jeff Jarrett: LISTEN TERRY! That isn't relevant! I didn't ask Slim J for the help. So as far as I am concerned I won the match on my own and if you ever.... EVER! Pull anything like that in an interview with me again I will leave but not before beating your ass!

Terry Taylor: Ok. Now why are their now rumours that you will not be here tonight at TNAW's first TV show? Were you not supposed to have a special title match against Low-Ki?

Jeff Jarrett: Listen I was and it wasn't even reported on the website about Low-Ki and me fighting! Why? Because the idiot left the day we decided on it. He said that All Japan Pro Wrestling was more important then TNA Wrestling! So if I have no one to face i'm not showing up to the show tonight! It's simple as that and you know what when they show this interveiw I think about now would be a good time for a commercial cause your questions suck you stupid slap nut.

Jarrett stands up and gets ready to leave.

Jeff Jarrett: O wait though don't show the commercials before this!

Jarrett rips off the mic on his shirt then takes a guitar that was behind his chair. He slams it over Terry Taylors head. Jarrett then walks away and they zoom in on Taylor with blood coming from his forehead from the guitar shot.

Overall Rating = 78.0%


Ad for Sports illustrated

Ad for 2 new PS2 games

Ad for 1 new X-Box Game

Ad for 3 new Gamecube games

Ad for a special new game called Eye-Toy

Mike Tenay: Welcome back! That was just dispickable from Jeff Jarrett. I've never seen anything like that anywhere but in the WWE!

Don West: Your right Tenay and I hope Jarrett gets a hefty fine for his actions. But all this doesn't change the fact that right now we have AJ Styles vs Johnny Devine!

AJ Styles vs Johnny Devine:

Quite possiblly the most amazing match EVER and it was a great way to end the night well of matches atleast. Lots of huge spots at one point Devine tries a Devine Interventions from to the outside but misses and luckilly lands on his feet. AJ then hops onto the apron and moonsaults back as Devine lands on his feet. AJ catches Devine's head and quicklly goes down in a reverse DDT. At one point we finally see the Love Gun DDT. But not the usual in the ring style. Instead AJ is woozy on the outside. Devine looks at the ring steps. He runs up them then accross the apron. He jumps and catches AJ's head then tornados into an amazing DDT. AJ lands right on his head on the outside. The crowd starts to go wild in amazement. Devine truly did show himself in this match but that doesn't change the major thing AJ pulled out. Spiral Tap from the top rope to the outside landing on Devine. But now we must get to the end. We see AJ down in the middle of the ring and Devine on the top rope looking out to the crowd. He then backflips, tucks in, untucks, and lands MISSING the Devine Interventions. He bounces up and AJ runs at him. Devine drops to his stomach but not in the regular drop down fashion it looks more like in pain. AJ then hits the turnbuckle back first. Devine gets up and manages to get to the apron. He pushes AJ slightlly forward. He then jumps over the top rope and lands on the second rope and springs backwards. He gets his legs on AJ's shoulders for a hurrican-rana. AJ holds him though. He then gets his legs over Devine's arms. All of a sudden we see a guitar slide in the ring and its Jeff Jarrett's. Suddenlly Jarrett's face emerges and he picks up the guitar. He runs at where AJ and Devine are and slams the guitar over AJ's head slightlly hitting Devine's legs but whatever. AJ drops Devine and AJ starts to walk forward not knowing whats happening. Jarrett then hits a Stroke on AJ and the bell rings for the DQ as we go to commercial.

Winner: AJ Styles

Match Reaction = 61.8%

Match Quality = 78.6%

Overall Rating = 42.9%

Final Night Commercials:

Ad for sports illustrated

Ad for 1 new X-Box game

Ad for "Troy" the movie

Ad for the upcoming "A War To Remember" TNAW PPV on Sunday June 20th 2004

The end of the night:

As soon as were back on TV we see AJ backstage yelling with blood streaming down his face. He walks by a pillar and suddenlly a ladder falls and hits AJ right in the face. AJ falls down. Jarrett suddenlly comes out from behind the pillar and grabs the ladder. He starts to slam it down on AJ. Jarrett then lays the ladder out and lifts AJ as if he's dead weight. He then hit a Stroke on AJ onto the ladder. He then picks him up again and hits him with a Stroke onto the concrete floor. He then picks up the ladder and sets it diagonally on the pillar. He lifts AJ like dead weight again and irish whips him towards the ladder and pillar. AJ ends up flipping into the ladder and landing back first on it upside down. He then slides down. Jarrett then looks and see's some medics rushing to help AJ and some wrestlers rushing to get Jarrett. Jarrett quicklly runs to his limo and yells "DRIVE SLAP NUT!" The limo starts to move and just as it exits the building Jarrett yells back "YOU'LL NEVER GET YOUR SHOT AJ!" the screen then fades to black.

Jarrett beats AJ with a ladder: Overall Rating = 70.4%

Jarrett quicklly leaves the building: Overall Rating = 81.1%

Overall Show Rating: 56.9

(OOC Note: I forgot to assign announcers to IMPACT! in the game thats why the matches got very low ratings.)

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user posted image

The second installment of TNAW's IMPACT! tv show is this week. It shall be an amazing show as the tournament continues!

Kid Kash and Dallas vs BYE

Collyer and Stryker vs Juventud Guerrera and Hector Garza

This meaning that we will only have Collyer and Stryker vs Juvi and Garza this week. The finals of the tournament will be held at "A War to Remember" on the 20th of this month.

Also we will find out the 4 teams that wrestle in the 6-man 4 way match up. Their will be two matches this week, then two the next week, the final match will be at the PPV. The first two matches for this week are:

Teddy Hart, Jack Evans, and Johnny Devine


Chris Harris, James Storm, and Erik Watts

Chase Stevens, Andy Douglas, and The New "Natural" In Training David Young


D'Lo Brown, Apollo, and Frankie Kazarian

The rumoured teams for next week currentlly are the obvious 3LK! Members of TNA Management Abyss and The Redshirt Security. Team TNA's Jerry Lynn, Chris Sabin and Elix Skipper. Those are the current rumoured teams. They will be named this friday along with the fourth team for next week.

After these matches the four winning teams will go on to face each other in an epic battle that will go down in history as the beginning of the 6-Man Tag Team Titles!

Along with these huge things the on-going battle between AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett will most likelly continue after AJ was taken to the hospital after the show due to injury. The current state of AJ is a concussion, bad wounds which weren't seen on camera, and a fracture in his wrist and a broken bone in his hand! AJ will sure as hell be out for revenge weather their be injuries or not!

Also Vince Russo has said that he will announce another thing this week. But this time concerning him. What will it be we won't know. But it should be huge!

So tune in this Friday at 3:00pm est to catch TNAW's IMPACT!

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user posted image

The show opens:

We see the TNA dancers for about 30 seconds then we cut to Tenay and Don West. But suddenlly we cut to the backstage area where we see Vince Russo at his desk. He looks at the screen and begins to speak.

Vince Russo: I realize that Dallas and Kid Kash have been give a BYE in the Tag Team Title Tournament because of the draw between The Hartfoundation 2k4 and America's Most Wanted. Thats fine and dandy. I truly couldn't care less aslong as the tournament has a normal outcome and a team walk away champions I am happy. However what I couldn't care more about is the fact that Dallas and Kid Kash will go into this big match fresher than their opposing team. Now I understand that either way their will be a week for them to rest up. But I don't want Kash and Dallas having one less match then their opponents. I also don't want Kash and Dallas having a match next week when their opponents don't because that would give the opponents an advantage. So I have spoke to Dallas and Kid Kash and they have said that they will be very unhappy if they have a match tonight. To be honest I don't care. I am Vince Russo I called the shots in the WWF, I called the shots near the end of WCW, and I call the shots in TNA! So tonight Kid Kash and Dallas will face Jerry Lynn and Sonjay Dutt. Along with this both Kid Kash and Dallas and their opposing tag team who will be whoever wins the tournament match tonight will get next week off and if they are caught in the arena for whatever reason they will be disqualified from the finals of the tournament. So good day to Kid Kash and Dallas. By the way your match is up next!

The screen fades out to the outside of the arena.

Overall Rating = 49.9%

JJ arrives:

Jeff Jarrett arrives at the arena in a limo. He gets out and is quicklly confronted by Scott Hudsons.

Jeff Jarrett: Is AJ here?

Scott Hudsone: No.

Jeff Jarrett: Good now get out of my face slap nut!

Overall Rating = 81.1%


Commercial for America Online's newest internet

Commercial for 2 new PS2 games

Commercial for the upcoming "A War To Remember" PPV for TNAW

Mike Tenay: Well Kid Kash and Dallas will be fighting tonight I guess. I wonder how they will fair against two of TNA's best stars.

Don West: I wonder as well Tenay. But did you see Jarrett? He looked scared as he thought AJ was here. But he seemed happy after knowing he was not.

Mike Tenay: It was happiness knowing he wouldn't get killed tonight by AJ.

Don West: I guess so but we have to get to that match now as Kash and Dallas are in the ring and they look angry.

Jerry Lynn and Sonjay Dutt vs Kid Kash and Dallas:

Alright match. At one point Lynn, Kash, and Dallas are on the outside. Dutt runs towards the ropes they are on the outside of. He does a cartwheel then jumps backwards and starts to backflip. He twists and lands in a crossbody. The crowd goes wild. But the end of the match sees' them booing. Lynn and Dallas are fighting. Kash starts to get worried as Lynn actually manages to knock Dallas to the ground. Kash quicklly jumps in the ring and kicks Lynn in the face with a beutiful dropkick. Kash then gets back on the apron and Kash tags himself in. He gets in the ring and Dallas starts to distract the ref. Kash goes to the outside and grabs a chair. Dutt gets off the apron to try and stop Kash but Kash cracks the chair over his head. Kash gets in the ring and the ref see's nothing. Kash yells out "SMASH MOUTH" and the ref starts to turn as Kash throws the chair at Jerry Lynn. Lynn catches it and Kash quicklly drops to his back and starts to hold his head. The ref gets around fully and sees' Kash on the ground holding his head and Lynn with the chair. The ref calls for the bell for the DQ. The crowd starts to boo and Kash nips up and jumps over the ropes. He starts to laugh at Lynn and Dutt as him and Dallas quicklly leave.

Winners: Kid Kash and Dallas

Match Reaction = 39.5%

Match Quality = 71.6%

Overall Rating = 54.7%

Vince Russo's announcement about himself:

Vince Russo's music hits and he comes out to the stage.

Vince Russo: Now i'm going to make my announcement short and sweet. I would like to introduce my new assitant who will actually have his first match next week. Here he is....

We hear the Canadian national anthem starting and its like metal music. Suddenlly the new assitant comes out with a hoody on that says "Canadian Hero" on the back and has a maple leaf on the front with the letters MB and flames coming from the letters.

Vince Russo: MIKE BLAZE!!!

The crowd simply stares at him. Mike then gives the finger to the crowd which gets a barrage of boo's as him and Russo leave.

Overall Rating = 76.3%


Commercial for Sports Illustrated

Commercial for new X-Box game

Mike Tenay: Wow. Whoever that was he really did something we didn't expect or need in this arena.

Don West: I know what you mean Tenay. The profanity really isn't needed.

Mike Tenay: Right Don but now we have to get to our first 6 man battle between The Naturals and D'Lo, Kazarian and Apol...Wait a minute I have word that somethings going on backstage.

The Naturals have one up:

We go backstage where theirs a pack of wrestlers, security, and staff in a circle around a wall. The camera man gets through and we see Apolo knocked out through a table. He's busted open with blood streaming from his face and a small puddle of blood from the back of his head. We see some EMT's pushing a stretcher as we fade to the ring.

Overall Rating = 57.7%

Winning team goes onto A War To Remember for the 6-man tag titles: The Naturals and New Apprentice David Young vs D'Lo Brown and Frankie Kazarian:

Well a note to make is when the teams were introduced Jeremy Borash was handed a card saying the new name of The Naturals. The name is The Natural Punks. They also came to the ring in their new short jeans punk attire like WCW and ECW Raven. While David Young came out with a nice new pink attire. Stevens and Douglas sort of told him he was an idiot. Not a very exciting match. Most of it involved Stevens and Douglas getting their ass kicked despite having a one person advantage. However when Young got in it seemed different as D'Lo and Kazarian would end up on the recieving end of things. The end of the match saw Douglas getting the hell beaten out of him. So he crawled as quick as he can and made the tag to Young. Young gets in the ring and clotheslines the hell out of D'Lo then Kazarian gets up and runs at Young. Young catches him and hits him with quite possiblly the hardest spinebuster of all time. Young goes for the cover 1...2... and Stevens pulls his foot to get him off of Kazarian. Stevens looks at him and says "What the hell do you think your doing? Your not far enough yet in The Natural Punks to get the win NOW TAG ME!" so Young tags Stevens in. Stevens goes to the top rope and calls for the Punk Star Press which must be what he's calling his Natural Star Press now. He then laughs and jumps off the top rope and lands on his feet. He then falls forward onto Kazarian and the ref counts 1...2...3! Young and Douglas then get in the ring and Young tosses D'Lo and Kazarian over the top. They begin to celebrate but Stevens and Douglas yell at Young "NO YOU GET US WATER!" Young leaves the ring and gets them water. They drink it and leave.

Winners: The Natural Punks and Apprentice David Young

Match Reaction = 44.2%

Match Quality = 67.3%

Overall Rating = 53.6%


Commercial for new X-Box game

Commercial for FHM magazine

Mike Tenay: Wow. I never thought i'd see The Naturals.... errrr Natural Punks like that.

Don West: Me neither. I wonder how David Young feels being treated like that by people that are close to 2 times smaller than him.

Mike Tenay: Thats a good thing to take into question Don. But now its time for Collyer and Stryker vs The Co-Captains of Team AAA-Mexico!

Tag Tourney Semi-Finals Match #1 and only: Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker vs Juventud Guerrera and Hector Garza:

Amazing match up which saw lots of great moves. At one point Matt Stryker goes flying over the top rope with a crossbody to Juvi, Garza, and accientlly his own partner Chad Collyer. Collyer then does the same thing but in this case with a very nice front flip sunset-ton style move. A major move we see is Stryker on the apron as Collyer and Garza fight. Juventud jumps from the top rope and catches Stryker around the neck with his legs. Juvi goes back and Stryker flips off the apron. He hits Garza much to the unhappiness of Juvi. But to the happiness of Juvi rolls off from their and hits Collyer and they both go over the guardrail. The end is whats major though. After what seems like an eternity of fighting to win this match by Collyer and Stryker it finally happens and with a new move. They both yell out "STRYKER COLL" which obviouslly is meant as the names together but in the pronounciation of Strike Call. The crowd doesn't know whats going to happen as Juventud Guerrera runs at them Collyer jumps over him with a leap frog and gets caught with a really quick Stryker Driver. The crowd goes crazy as Collyer hooks Garza in a reverse DDT looking move. Stryker then walks over and hooks one arm under the leg of Garza and one over top. He locks his hands together and pulls upwards as Collyer does the same. Collyer then goes to his back and Stryker sits down. Garza lands right on his head and the crowd starts a "Holy ****!" chant. Stryker makes the cover 1...2....3!!! THEY WON! THE UNDERDOGS ADVANCE O MY GOD!

Winners and Advancing: Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker

Match Reaction = 48.0%

Match Quality = 81.7%

Overall Rating = 63.2%

AJ Styles arrives:

We see AJ's truck pull up outside of the arena and then we go to Russo yelling at security guards. They go running as the camera goes back to AJ. He opens the doors and security come out of the doors and tell him that Mr. Russo has said not to allow AJ into the building as we fade to black.

Overall Rating = 57.7%


Commercial for Maxim Magazine

Commercial for "A War To Remember" TNAW Upcoming PPV

Jeff Jarrett cuts a promo:

We come back as Jeff Jarretts "MY WORLD" plays. Jarrett comes out walking down the ramp with his world title on his shoulder. He walks down the entrance and gets into the ring. He yells at Borash something along the lines of "Get me a microphone idiot." Jarrett is given a microphone. He looks to the crowd as they boo him. He just shrugs it off and begins to speak.

Jeff Jarrett: Well slapnuts. I'm here again. You know that slapnut quote is getting old i've been using it since WCW 2000. But saddlly FSN and the FCC wouldn't allow me to call you what I truly want to call you. So i'll stick with slapnuts. Anyways. I'm out here to talk about AJ Styles. DID YOU ALL SEE HOW HE ASSAULTED ME LAST WEEK? Honestlly did you see that? O wait it was the other way around wasn't it? Whatever who cares. Aslong as AJ isn't here tonight i'm happy. This show is better off without Mr. Styles. Aslong as i'm here with the title around my waist or shoulder we will get ratings.

The crowd boos and starts to chant "YOU ARE SCARED! YOU ARE SCARED!"

Jeff Jarrett: SHUT THE HELL UP OR YOUR ALL BANNED FROM THESE SHOWS! I'm the champion and I can do whatever the hell I want. I hate when idiots like you fans chant stupid things like that. Why don't one of you get in this ring and fight me? Or are you too scared just like AJ Styles? You know how about I just leave. I was going to come out here sign a few autographs. But now i'll just leave all you stupid slapnuts to your boring lives that are only ineresting here everyweek for an hour!

Jarrett drops the microphone and goes to hold his title up but looks at them like there unworthy for even that. He just puts it back on his shoulder and leaves.

Overall Rating = 72.0%

Mike Tenay: My god. I can't beleive AJ is being blocked from the building and Jarrett is making himself seem like the victim.

Don West: I know Tenay. Hopefully AJ will get a word in at some point. But right now we have Team Canada's Ted Hart, Jack Evans, and Johnny Devine vs AMW and Erik Watts in a match to determine the second team to go onto the 4 way 6-man match for the 6-man tag titles!

Winning team goes onto A War To Remember for the 6-man tag titles: Team Canada vs America's Most Wanted and Erik Watts:

Alright match. The styles really contrasted. But managed to work together in someway. AMW did a few good power and technical spots. While Erik Watts stuck strictlly to power. Team Canada on the other hand used or atleast tried alot of high flying moves. The match comes to a end when James Storm has Johnny Devine set up on his knee's. Chris Harris is on the top rope and calls for the Death Sentence. Jack Evans quicklly runs and pushes off Devines chest. He jumps up from it and gets his legs or atleast feet around Harris's neck. Jack goes back flipping as Harris front flips. Harris still lands on Devine but at the same time Jack kicks Storm in the face. Then the camera suddenlly goes to Ted on the top rope. He jumps from the top rope and catches Erik Watts. He then swings down and DDT's him. Ted goes for the pin. 1..2...3! Team Canada gets a major win.

Winners: Team Canada


Match Quality = 72.4%

Overall Rating = 59.3%

Mike Tenay: Wow! Team Canada will advance to the huge match at A War To Remember. But I currentlly have word that Vince Russo is backstage ready to announce something.

Vince Russo Announcer the absence of Chris Sabin:

We see Russo backstage and he quicklly begins to speak.

Vince Russo: Camera would you please zoom out.

The camera zooms out and we see Teddy Hart and Johnny Devine still breathing heavy from their match just 30 seconds ago. We also see Frankie Kazarian and Juventud Guerrera.

Vince Russo: You see I have called you all here for one simple reason. Chris Sabin has left TNAW. Theirfore the TNAW X-Title is vacated. To be honest I don't feel like holding a tournament for that title. So i've decided to get the four X-division stars I find most worthy and they would be you four. So next week there will be an Ultimate X-Match. Now I know this is more something for the Pay Per View. however Ted Hart and Johnny Devine already have a match at the Pay Per Veiw. Now you can all leave.

They all leave and Jeff Jarrett walks in.

Jeff Jarrett: I want a match against an opponent of my choice to show AJ what i'm made of. The opponent of my choice is.....

Vince Russo: Tell me when this cameras gone so its more of a suprise. But thanks to you asking for it. It will be a NWA World Title Match!

The screen then fades to black.

Russo announces that Sabin has left theirfore next week the X-title will be on the line between Teddy Hart, Frankie Kazarian, Johnny Devine, and Juventud Guerrera: Overall Rating = 68.4% (Segment= 2 minutes)

Jarrett asks for match but gets more then he barrganed for: Overall Rating = 77.6%

Final Commercial Break:

Commercial for FHM Magazine

Commercial for Sports Illustrated

Commercial for America Online

Commercial for upcoming "A War To Remember" TNAW PPV!

NWA World Title Match: Jeff Jarrett vs ???:

The opponent ended up being SHARK BOY. The match was alright. Most of it was a sort of underdog getting the shockers as Shark Boy kept on taking Jarrett down. At one point Shark Boy got a moonsault and made the pinfall and got a 2.99999 literally. The end of the match came when the ref is knocked out. Jarrett gets his guitar and gets ready to smash it over the head of Shark Boy. But suddenlly AJ comes from nowhere and grabs the guitar from Jarrett. He smashes it over Jarrett head. He kicks the peices out of the ring and hides under the apron. The ref awakens as Shark Boy makes the cover. The ref counts 1...2...3!!! SHARK BOY IS THE NEW CHAMPION!!!! O MY GOD! SHARK BOY! But suddenlly out comes Vince Russo. He says that he is sad to say that the match must continue because of interference of AJ Styles. AJ then gets out from the apron and grabs Jarrett and Styles Clashes him. The crowd goes crazy but the bell rings and Jarrett is announced winner via DQ. AJ then starts to punch the living hell out of Jarrett. The Red Shirt Security come out and try to get AJ off of him but AJ dropkicks them both and they fall over the top rope. AJ then jumps over the top rope landing on them. He then slides back in the ring. Him and Jarrett begin to punch right, left, right, left and so on. The crowd goes crazy as suddenlly the cops come to the ring. One cop actually cracks AJ over the head with a night stick. AJ falls down knocked out and actually starts to bleed everywhere from the hit. They cuff AJ and take him away as Jarrett gets on his knee's and laughs. The camera then fades out to the end of the show.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett d. Shark Boy via DQ from AJ interference afterwards JJ and AJ brawl:

Match Reaction = 67.3%

Match Quality = 77.6%

Overall Rating = 69.6%

AJ gets arrested: Overall Rating = 66.2%

Before we actually go off air:

Before the show goes off the air we see the 4 other 3-man teams that will compete to go on to the 6-man tag titles. The teams are:

3 Live Kru

Red Shirt Security and Abyss

Jerry Lynn, Sonjay Dutt, and The Amazing Red

The Odd Team: The New Church(Sinn and Slash) and SHARK BOY?!?

Overall Show Rating: 64.8%.

TNAW recieved 661,955 viewers for TNAW Impact (decrease of 7,997 viewers from previous show)

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user posted image

Another preview for another installment of TNAW IMPACT! This week Friday June 25th 2004!

As you can see in the above picture AJ Styles has been arrested. TNAW management head Vince Russo ordered this as soon as he saw AJ enter the ring to take out Jeff Jarrett. Were not sure as of right now if AJ will be at TNAW IMPACT! this week.

Also we have the next part of the battle for the 6-man tag titles. The following are the matches:

3 Live Kru


The Red Shirt Security and Abyss

Jerry Lynn, Sonjay Dutt, and The Amazing Red


The Odd Team: The New Church and Shark Boy

Along with this Vince Russo's new assitant makes his in ring debut on IMPACT! against an unknown opponent.

Also Kid Kash, Dallas, Chad Collyer, and Matt Stryker will all not be at IMPACT! because of orders by Vince Russo. If anyone of those four step foot in the arena for whatever reason their team will be disqualified from the tournament.

All this and more. Tune in to IMPACT! on FSN to see how it all turns out.

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Team Canada has a shot:

The show begins and we quicklly go backstage where you see Teddy and Devine sitting down whatching tapes of Juventud Guerrera and Frankie Kazarian obviouslly studying for their match. Suddenlly Scott D'Amore the Team Canada manager walks into the room. He looks at Devine and Ted and they look at him. He then begins to speak.

Scott D'Amore: Listen up you two! Tonight you are 50% of a 4 way X-Title match. While the other two arn't a team. Do you understand me? You give Team Canada the best chance of getting that title. Just like this sunday where you two will help us win the 6-man tag titles. But tonight it is the X-Title that you're shooting for. So tonight both of you go out their and do what you can to bring that title to Canada because god knows America hasn't added any credibility to it!

Overall Rating = 76.6%

Mike Tenay: D'Amore brings up a good point. Team Canada has a 50% chance of winning this match when the other two not being a team only have a 25% chance.

Don West: Thats right Tenay. I wonder if Team Canada will team up like D'Amore said or they go against each other to win the title.

Mike Tenay: It should be great. Hold on were going to a match I guess as AMW is out here. I've been informed that they requested a match against Team Canada so were given the two who are supposed to have the night off. Jack Evans and Petey Williams.

America's Most Wanted vs Jack Evans and Petey Williams:

Great match here. It see's a few nice spotty moves from Evans and Williams as AMW take the more technical and power side of things. At one point Petey takes an 8 second ride from Storm but Storm is quicklly got with a Dragon Rana from Jack Evans to the delight of the crowd who cheer in amazement. Once Evans gets up from the hurrican-rana part on Storm he gets grabbed by Chris Harris. Harris lifts Jack in a fallaway slam position then swings him around and drops for a elevated STO. Harris hits the CATATONIC and Evans lands on his head in it which looks extremelly painful. When the match ends Petey Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer on Storm. He gets up and Harris hits him with a Catatonic. At the same time Evans does a corkscrew 630 from the top rope and lands on Storm. Evans shoots to his feet from the momentum and Harris hits him with quite possiblly the quickest Catatonic ever. Harris then goes to the top rope and jumps. He does a 90 degree turn into a leg drop which is pretty cool when usually its just a 90 degree splash. He makes the cover and gets the 1...2...3! The crowd cheers as suddenlly Harris turns around and Teddy Hart is their. He springboards on the top rope and catches Harris's head in the big Canadian DDT of Teds. Then suddenlly Devine comes off the top rope doing a beutiful SSP. The crowd goes crazy in boo's yet aw from the moves. Ted and Devine then start to kick the hell out of Harris and Storm. Suddenlly Teddy and Devine turn to do some taunting but Frankie Kazarian grabs Devine and hits him with a Wave of the Future and Devine actually lands on his head and ends up bouncing so much that he goes through the middle rope. Juventud grabs Ted and hits him with a Juvi Driver. Ted holds his head and rolls out of the ring as Storm and Harris get up so do Jack and Petey. They dropkick AMW together then run at Kazarian and Juvi. They then get backdropped over the top rope and land on Ted and Devine. The 4 members of Team Canada get up and run away. As they run you see D'Amore on the stage and he yells out "Crap!" because it seems that Kazarian and Juvi are working together to take down Team Canada.

Winners: America's Most Wanted

Match Reaction = 48.4%

Match Quality = 73.4%

Overall Rating = 57.8%


Commercial for America Online

Commercial for Sports Illustraded

Commercial for the upcoming TNAW PPV "A War To Remember"

Mike Tenay: Maybe the 4 way will be even tonight.

Don West: Thats how it looks.

Mike Tenay: Wait a minute. I'm being told AJ is here and he's backstage and he's pissed.

AJ Styles vs.....

AJ looking furious storms through the halls to Vince Russo's office. He kicks open the door and starts to yell.

AJ Styles: Listen Vince! Jeff Jarrett doesn't deserve that title. I do! Why I was arrested is beyond me. But as a favor in return for having me arrested. How about you give me a shot at Jeff Jarrett tonight!

Vince Russo: I'm afraid that can't be done. But since your so intent on a title shot. How about this. I had a match set up for him but instead tonight it will be AJ Styles vs Mike "The Canadian Hero" Blaze and AJ if you win your will have your title shot at A War To Remember. But if you lose you will never EVER get a title shot again not even a tag title shot aslong as I am in control.

AJ looking angry goes face to face with Mike. AJ then turns to leave and Mike turns him around and slaps him in the face. AJ's head turns and then he looks back and punchs Mike and throws him into the office couch which tips over on impact. AJ then leaves.

Overall Rating = 72.1%

Six Man tag match: Sinn, Slash and Shark Boy vs Jerry Lynn, Sonjay Dutt and The Amazing Red:

Alright match. Slash was alittle out of place as even Sinn pulled out some cool spots. At one point Sinn almost did a 450 to the outside. However he landed more on his knees on top of the shoulders of Lynn and Dutt which looked sick. Once all 3 got up Slash ran and slid under the ropes kicking Lynn but the impact sent him backwards knowing down Dutt and Sinn. All 4 get up and Shark Boy comes off the top rope doing a moonsault. Once all 5 are finally up together fighting Amazing Red gets on the apron. He jumps to the top rope and Infared's backwards landing on all of them even his partners. All 6 are now laying on the ground in pain. Once they get back in the ring some more spots are hit. But the ending comes now. Slash gets on the second rope with Red. He lifts him into a powerbomb as Shark Boy gets on the top rope. He then jumps around and goes for a reverse hurrican-rana. Suddenlly Shark Boy and Red go flying from the top down to the outside of the ring. Lucklly they both land sort of on their feet so they can break their fall. Sonjay quicklly gets in the ring as Jerry Lynn and Sinn fight on the top rope. Dutt runs towards the corner that Slash is on. Dutt jumps to the second rope and does a 360 as he gets to where Slash's shoulders are. He catches him with his feet over his head. He then flips backwards and does more of a whisper in the wind then backflip as Slash lands on his back from the move. We then see Lynn and Sinn on the very top rope. Sinn's back is to the ring as Lynn is looking at the ring. He grabs Sinn and lifts him. He then hooks the Cradle Piledriver. He jumps from the top rope and lands on his knee's. Sinn cracks his head on the canvas from the drop and bounces upwards onto his stomach. The crowd starts chanting "Holy ****!" from all the major spots. Lynn then makes the pinfall 1...2...3!!! The crowd goes crazy as Lynn, Dutt, and Red leave.

Winners: Jerry Lynn, Sonjay Dutt, and The Amazing Red

Match Reaction = 51.1%

Match Quality = 70.8%

Overall Rating = 58.6%

Mike Tenay: Wow! What amazing moves from all 6 of them. Even Slash who isn't known for huge moves pulled out some big things.

Don West: Thats right Tenay! An amazing match. I can't wait till Sunday's PPV. I also can't wait till Russo's major announcements at the press conference tommorow.

Mike Tenay: Thats right Don but we still have some time before commercial so lets get to the next Six Man Tag Title Match!

BG James, Konnan and Ron Killings vs Legend, Kevin Northcutt and Abyss:

Alright match. Lots of it was power. Mainlly because Killings is the most rounded on in the match. However once Killings and Legend got into the ring it wasn't all that bad. They had some great technical spots going along with some nice power moves and flying spots from Killings. Killings hits a bunch of dropkicks and other moves. He does a springboard hurrican-rana on Legend at one point. The ending comes when its Killings and Abyss. Killings gets to the top rope and goes for the flying scissor kick. But Abyss catches him and hits a Black Abyss. The crowd boo's as Abyss makes the cover. 1...2.... BG James hits a legdrop. Legend into the ring to do a powerbomb but Killings pops upwards and quicklly scissors and kicks Legend in the head. He makes the cover. 1..2...3! 3LK WIN!!!!

Winners: 3 Live Kru

Match Reaction = 50.5%

Match Quality = 68.6%

Overall Rating = 57.3%

JJ Arrives:

Suddenlly as usual a limo pulls up to the arena. Jeff Jarrett steps out of the limo and is confronted by Scott Hudson like last time. Except this time Hudson delives JJ with some news he really didn't want.

Scott Hudson: Ummmm Jeff what do you think of AJ getting a #1 contendership match for your World Title against Mike Blaze?

JJ just looks at Hudson then yells and kicks open the door as we fade to commercial.

Overall Rating = 78.3%


Commercial for FHM magazine.

Commercial for 2 new PS2 games one being TNAW "Total Nonstop Impact Wrestling" the other being ATV Fury 3.

Commercial for Dodgeball the movie.

NWA World Title #1 contendership however if AJ loses he gets no title shot not even tag titles aslong as Vince Russo is in control: AJ Styles vs Mike Blaze:

We began with myself in the ring with a microphone. I begin to speak as the crowd falls silent.

Mike Blaze: It seems that my debut match for this company has to be against the most Phenominal peice of CRAP in the buisness! In AJ Styles! I have more ability in my middle finger which you all saw last week than AJ does in his whole body! AJ will never be able to take down a Canadian Hero. He may be considered an American Hero to you people but remember Canada is better then America ever will be which makes me better then AJ. So get your ass out here and fight me. I'm waiting to make you go nuts when I hit your own Styles Clash!

With that AJ made his way to the ring. I think I did alright in this match. It was a good match with the help of AJ some what carrying me. I'll be the first to admit I need alot of work before I face a worker of his caliber again. At one point I did just what I said and hit the Styles Clash which got lots of heat. Which i'm glad about. It was the spot that was supposed to get me the most heat and it worked. The highlight spot of the match was AJ doing a springboard Spiral Tap to the outside almost landing right on the top of my head. At one point I went for my Moonsault Legdrop but AJ moved. Which got a huge pop for AJ. The end came as JJ distracted AJ. I hooked AJ over the head and then under the leg and lifted him. He twisted abit into more of a regular move but still in the same hook. I got ready to drop for the Neckbomb move but he broke the hold of my hands and landed on his feet. He kicked me in the gut and lift me up into a powerbomb. He then lets me down and got his legs over my arms. I tried my best to break away but it didn't work out as AJ hit the Styles Clash to a huge ovation and then proceeded to count 1..2...3! Jeff Jarrett then gets in the ring as I get up. He pushes AJ down then looks at me and slaps me. At about this time I leave the ring and go backstage as AJ and Jarrett start to fight each other in the ring. They brawl until JJ hits a Stroke. The crowd then boo's as The Red Shirt Security come out and they both lift AJ in a choke slam and then both drop to one knee and slam AJ backfirst over their knee's. We then fade to a video package.

Winner and going to A War To Remember to fight for the NWA World Title: AJ STYLES!

Match Reaction = 66.2%

Match Quality = 81.2%

Overall Rating = 76.1%

X-Title up next!:

We see a video package show casing the talent of all 4 competitors. Near the end it says "Up Next Falls Count Anywhere X-TITLE!" the crowd goes crazy learning that it is Falls Count Anywhere. The video then fades to our final commercial break of the night.

Overall Rating = 45.3%


Commercial for Movie The Terminal.

Commercial for Movie The Notebook.

Commercial for PS2 Game ATV Offroad Fury 3.

Commercial for TNAW PPV A War To Remember on Sunday.

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This was quite possiblly the best X-Division match since the early times of the X-Title between Lynn, AJ and Low-Ki. Lots of amazing spots pulled out. At one point we see Johnny Devine and Teddy on the outside gaining their composure to go back in and fight Juvi and Kazarian who are teaming up on Team Canada at the time. Juvi gets to the top rope on one side and Kazarian on the other. Ted and Devine both look up at them and start yelling "NO! No! No! You are not jumping!" suddenlly Juvi does a 450 and Kazarian does a backflip. They take Ted and Devine down as the crowd cheers in amazement and chant "HOLY ****!" At another point Juvi and Kazarian are found on the outside. Ted jumps from the top rope and catches them both in the Teddy DDT on the outside. However Ted looks to hit his head on the steel steps which isn't good. After this is done Devine looks to the outside he sort of shurgs as if he might aswell do something. He climbs to the top rope but not on a turnbuckle just in the middle near where Kazarian lays. Devine suddenlly goes flying doing an SSP to the outside. Kazarian however moves out of the way and Devine lands on his gut and starts to cough almost looking ready to puke. As we skip a bit we end up at the top of the stage near the entrance tube. Pretty weird entrance but whatever. Devine knocks Kazarian off the stage and Kazarian lands on his back. Devine turns around to do something but Juvi runs at him. Devine ducks for what looks to be a backdrop but Juvi jumps over and ends up going off the stage onto Kazarian. Devine doesn't notice and ends up backdropping Ted who was running after Juvi. Ted goes flying off landing on Juvi and Kazarian. Devine does another cocky shrug and gets on top of the tube entrance. He does a front flip but all 3 some how move. He slightlly catches Kazarian and Juvi's arms but not enough to completelly break his fall. Ted quicklly takes the advantage and gets back on top of the stage. He does an SSP and catches Kazarian and Juvi in a SSDDT!!! The crowd goes wild with Holy **** chants from the whole spot. Devine then jumps to the stage and drops to his ass then backflips like a split legged moonsault off the stage. He hits Ted and Juvi as Kazarian goes up to the stage. Devine gets up and gets on the stage as well. He runs at Kazarian and Kazarian clotheslines him and drops to one knee and ends up hitting the rock bottom onto the knee from the clothesline. Kazarian then lifts Devine and calls for the Future Fly(One man spanish fly) they end up both hitting Ted on the way down as Juvi goes up to the stage. He runs and jumps and 450's and hits all 3. The crowd goes crazy as Juvi makes the cover on Ted who has had the most punishment. 1....2.... but Devine some how stands and does a backflip landing on Juvi's head. Devine makes a cover on Juvi 1...2.... Kazarian somehow stands and does a standing front flip legdrop onto Devine's head and Devine rolls off Juvi as Juvi rolled off Ted. Kazarian makes the cover 1...2.... Ted somehow gets up and does a standing SSP onto Kazarian's head. Ted can't make the pin however from pain as the crowd goes crazy over the major spots. As we see the end they are in the crowd. On the floor Juvi and Ted fight. About 12 feet above Devine and Kazarian are fighting. Devine dropkicks Kazarian and he falls off the second story of seets into the arms of Juvi and Ted. They all go rolling back and all end up on their feet even Kazarian. They all continue to fight and Devine looks down. He jumps and backflips and tucks, un tucks, etc doing what people have come to call the 5* moonsault but really The Devine Interventions. He ends up hitting all 3 but only Juvi and Kazarian slight enough to knock them down. But Ted gets the brunt of it. Ted falls and Devine lands on his knee's over Ted. Devine pops up and looks around sorta then falls forward not knowing where he is I don't think. The ref makes the cover 1...2....3!!! Devine wins Devine wins!

Winner and new X-Champion: JOHNNY DEVINE!!!!!!!

Match Reaction = 60.4%

Match Quality = 67.7%

Overall Rating = 66.7%

Team Canada is torn apart through celebration?:

D'Amore, Petey Williams, and Jack Evans all come to where Ted and Devine are bassiclly knocked out at. They look at Ted but start to help up Devine. They all carry Devine to the ring as Ted stands and can barelly walk. They all reach the guardrail and climb over. They get Devine into the ring and D'Amore gets the X-Title. He gets in the ring as Teddy Hart just stands on the outside looking on in anger.

Scott D'Amore: Finally gold has been brought back to CANADA! and who better to hold it then Johnny Devine!

He gives the title and microphone to Devine.

Johnny Devine: It feels damn good to be champion Scott. Hell it feels positivelly devine even! I love having gold over my shoulder. Especially X-Title gold. I've never felt better and that was one hell of a match to. Plus Scott now you don't have to worry aslong as this title is with me its safe in Cana.....

Ted gets in the ring and grabs the microphone from Devine.

Teddy Hart: What the hell? Your all celebrating for him? He pinned me! His own partner its like in war if we turned on ourselves! You don't deserve that title so how about next week its Canada vs Canada Teddy Hart vs Johnny Devine? For the TNAW X-Title! Bring all you got Johnny cause i'm a mad Teddy Hart and I will kick your ass.

Ted then slaps Devine and leaves as we fade to black.

Overall Rating = 62.8%

Overall Rating of 65.2%.

TNAW recieved 688,739 viewers for TNAW Impact (increase of 26,784 viewers from previous show)

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Press Conference reported by insidewrestling.com:

The wrestlers attending the press conference were:

Kid Kash


Matt Stryker

AJ Styles

Jeff Jarrett

Ted Hart

Andy Douglas

Chase Stevens

Jerry Lynn

Ron Killings

Vince Russo

and Mike Blaze

Every wrestler spoke what they wanted including Mike Blaze who was announced will be facing an un-named opponent for a dark match which will be on the DVD but not the PPV.

The first major thing that happened was Stryker talking about how Collyer had other engagments and was sick for the conference and thats why he was not their. Kid Kash and Dallas then made fun of the team and said their was no way they were gonna get beat. Stryker went to punch Kash but Red Shirt Security stepped in out of nowhere(they were not mentioned in appearances as they left directlly after). Kash and Dallas then said if they had any problems with Stryker and Collyer at the PPV the Red Shirts would help just like now. This prompted Russo to make his first announcement about the matches. The announcement would be that this tag match would be in a CAGE to prevent any outside interference!

Alright that got a huge pop but i'm not sure if anything was bigger then the next one. Jerry Lynn spoke on behalf of his team for the 6-Man Titles and damn please TNA put someone with mic skills up next time. Teddy did the same as did Douglas/Stevens and Ron Killings. But then suddenlly Mike took the podium. He said that now he is the assitant of Vince Russo that he has been given full control over the 6-man titles aslong as he doesn't use it for his own personal gain. He then announces that to make the first TNA monthlly PPV a major success this match will be a TLC MATCH!!! Thats right 3 vs 3 vs 3 vs 3 Tables, Ladders and Chairs!

More was talked about along with the possible return of STING! Thats right folks their is talks of Sting making his return for a one night deal which may possiblly be more. He will go against an un-named opponent for the #1 contendership of the NWA World Title! However Russo said it may not happen but their is good probability!

But then the major main event announcement that got even more of a pop than the TLC announcement. See AJ proposed to JJ that they have a Ladder Match. But it would be a special Ladder match. AJ took out a replica of the NWA World Title even though Jarrett had the real one. AJ said that their would be a Cage surrounding the ring. 20 feet above the real World title and Replica World title would hang. Bassiclly one for each of them. The first person to grab a title and take the title they grabbed out of the ring with them over the cage would become new champion. Jarrett laughed at the idea and said it would never work. But then Vince Russo piped up and said that it would happen. But just to make it even bigger the match would start with No Cage. The cage along with the ladder chained to it would lower to the ring after 5 minutes of wrestling from the athlete's. If either were able to get a pin within 5 minutes the Cgae would not be lowered and the person to get the pin would win. The concept had many in question on if it would work, if it would be good, and well they all still popped.

AJ, Mike, Teddy, Juvi, and Stryker all signed autographs for about 30 minutes after Killings and Jarrett signed for about 10 minutes. The rest left immediatelly after.

With those 3 huge matches with great stipulations you have to wonder if this show will be anything short of amazing. Plus the possiblle return of STING!

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Pre Show Matches:

D'Lo Brown and Apolo vs Abismo Negro and Heavy Metal:

Alright match the crowd really didn't seem to enjoy the members of Team Mexico to much. The match ended with a beutiful powerbomb on Metal by Apolo followed directlly by the frogsplash from D'Lo. Which got the 1...2...3! from the ref.

Winners: D'Lo Brown and Apolo

Match Reaction = 39.8%

Match Quality = 72.0%

Overall Rating = 45.1%

Michael Shane vs Mike Blaze:

Lots of the match was Michael Shane pulling out great offense on Mike. Shane hit lots of brutal moves but ultimatelly missed the Super Kick and got caught in The Overhead Drop Down Neckbomb Buster! Yea weird name but its a great move that almost killed his opponent. Mike made the pin and got the 3. Afterwards Shane got up and superkicked Mike towards Traci who got on the top rope and did the Pie in the Sky to Mike. After she did it Mike started to spit and then yelled "NASTY AMERICAN WOMEN!"

Winner: Mike Blaze

Match Reaction = 48.8%

Match Quality = 80.5%

Overall Rating = 61.6%

The show starts with video footage highlightlly the 6-man tag title's, the tag title tourney, and AJ vs Jarrett. Also the words "Plus the return of STING!" are seen at the end officially stating the return of the one and only Sting. We then go to the broadcast area where Mike Tenay and Don West sit. Tenay begins to speak.

Mike Tenay: Welcome everyone to A War to Remember and were live back here in Nashville, Tennesse for this huge Pay Per Veiw. The major matches that all have been talking about are tonight. This will be the most over the top wrestling Pay Per Veiw you will EVER see! We have the tag titles on the line in a CAGE MATCH! Then the 6-Man tag titles on the line in yet another stipulation match this time it will be a 3 vs 3 vs 3 vs 3 match and if that wasn't enough the stipulation is TLC!!!! Then you have the NWA World Title on the line! AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett.

Don West: Don't forget Tenay that, that it self is what we are calling the Caged Ladder Of Hell match. Yes its a weird name but it fits as the match is weird it self. You see the first 5 minutes will be a regular match. But if their is no pin within 5 minutes a cage will be lowerd with a ladder chained to the side. The wrestlers will have to get the ladder and climb it. Their are two titles hanging from the roof the real NWA World and a Replica World. The wrestlers will grab one of the titles and will have to take the title they grabbed over and out of the cage with them. The first person over the cage with their title will become new world champion!

Mike Tenay: Plus Don the return of STING! STING! STING! But right now we have a 6 man match the winner getting a shot at the X-Title after Teddy vs Devine have their match this upcoming impact.

X-Title #2 Contendership: Elix Skipper vs Frankie Kazarian vs Petey Williams vs Hector Garza vs Mr. Aguila vs Shark Boy:

The match begins with Skipper locking a headlock on Petey. Garza and Aguila come from behind and hook Petey in a belly to back suplex position. Kazarian then comes from behind and hooks Aguila and Garza and quicklly does a double Russian Leg Sweep sending Skipper and Petey in the air onto their backs all landing on Kazarian while Aguila and Garza take the quick whiplash back slam style move. The crowd goes wild as we have a major spot right off the bat. All 6 lay on the ground in pain. Aguila and Garza are actually the first to get up as they seem to have taken the least pain as they didn't go as high up before the fall and didn't get as crushed. Aguila grabs Kazarian up and DDT's him. Aguila keeps the hold even after Kazarian rolls over from a spike and then rolls. Aguila starts to wrench at the neck after he rolls and Kazarian screams in pain. Petey Williams gets up and goes after a relaxing Garza in the corner. Garza and Petey start to fight and eventually fall through the ropes. Suddenlly on the other side of the ring is Elix Skipper on the apron. He springboards and goes accross the ring and double stomps on the backs of Aguila and Kazarian. He then quicklly jumps forward and goes over the top rope landing on Petey and Garza. The crowd goes wild again to such a move of beuty. Skipper then gets on the apron and looks backwards at Garza and Petey they start to get up but so do Aguila and Kazarian. Aguila and Kazarian run to the turnbuckles on either side of Skipper. Skipper springs to the second rope as Aguila and Kazarian spring off twisting. They catch skippers head and bulldog him over the top rope and Skipper lands spiked on his head. The crowd goes crazy yet again over these amazing spots pulled out so early in the match. Garza and Petey then continue fighting as 3 in the ring are out. Funny thing is that Shark Boy hasn't been seen at all in this match yet. Petey and Garza continue to fight and all of a sudden the camera goes to the crowd. You see a shark fin going through the crowd and then you say Shark Boy put his finger over his mouth as if he's telling them to be quiet. He slowlly moves through the crowd and eventually gets to the ring. He gets in the ring and runs towards where Petey and Garza are fighting. Shark Boy then jumps over the 3 laying on the ring and flips over the top rope. Garza and Petey turn and catch him on their shoulders. Garza and Petey then powerbomb him over the guardrail into the empty corner of the crowd. The crowd starts to cheer more. We pan away from Shark Boy back into the ring where we see Kazarian on Aguila's shoulders in an electirc chair drop position. He gets gets ready to hit it. He pushes Kazarian over his head. Kazarian rolls however with his legs tucked in the arms of Aguila. They end up like a victory roll and the ref counts 1...2.. but they start to stand. Kazarian hooks the legs of Aguila in his arms. He then jumps backwards sitting out hitting the Amazing Red style reverse Styles Clash type move. It looks so sick and the whole crowd sort of cringes. Kazarian makes a pin 1...2.... Petey Williams comes flying from the top rope with a splash and lands right on Kazarian's head. Kazarian rolls of Aguila holding his head then just sort of goes limp. Williams laughs. Wondering why Garza isn't in the ring we see a replay of Garza and Williams on the outside that we hadn't seen. Williams ends up throwing Garza at the rail and Garza jumps over but collides with Shark Boy and they both fall back. Petey is bassiclly in control now and just stands their laughing. Suddenlly we see Shark Boy on the top rope but Garza pushes him off and Shark Boy yells out "O CRAP!" in mid-air and lands right on the guardrail. Garza waits for Petey to turn then goes flying off the top with a missile dropkick. He kicks Petey quite hard in the chest and sends Petey flying backwards onto his neck. Garza stands up and picks Petey up. Garza hooks Petey's head and DDTs him. Petey lands on the top of his head and sort of just stays their. Garza gets up and looks at him and laughs. He then quicklly kicks him extremelly hard in the gut to the point that Petey doesn't fall forward. He actually crunches in on his neck. Petey just lays their still head over heals for awhile while the rest fight. Garza turns and goes to punch Aguila who stands up finally. But Garza stops. Suddenlly Kazarian dropkick Aguila in the back and he falls forward pushing Garza. Garza hits the ropes and bounces back running at Kazarian. Kazarian jumps and goes for a hurrican-rana. Garza catches him and keeps running. They eventually reach the ropes behind Kazarian that were on the opposite side of Garza. Garza goes to powerbomb Kazarian but Kazarian swings back. They both go over the top rope and both sort of land on the apron then go down to the floor. Finally after awhile of Skipper doing nothing he's finally back up. Aguila gets up and Skipper quicklly does a hurrican-rana. Skipper is standing right infront of the ropes that Garza and Kazarian are down at. Petey gets up disoriented from the DDT and harsh kick. Petey turns into Skipper as Kazarian and Garza get up. Skipper hooks Petey in a belly-to-belly and throws him over the top rope. Petey lands in the shoulders of Kazarian and Garza who some how hold him. Skipper turns and sees this so he quicklly grabs the ropes and pulls himself over. As he does it he corkscrews and lands on all 3 on the outside. They all go down. 4 guys out on the outside. We then see Aguila getting up but behind you can see Shark Boy laugh and hide under the ring. Aguila looks to the outside and goes to the top rope. He does alittle prayer thing for some reason and looks backwards. He moonsaults and goes all the way over in like a reverse 450 landing on the other 4 back first on them. We see all 5 just laying their in pain now. Shark Boy comes in the ring running around doing his little Shark symbol as the crowd laughs. Finally someone in the form of Elix Skipper starts to stand up on the outside. Shark Boy quicklly jumps over the top on the other side and hides by the ring. Skipper gets in the ring as Shark Boy looks up at him from the apron. Skipper turns with his back to Shark Boy. Shark Boy gets on the apron. He springs to the top rope and jumps towards Skipper. Accross the ring. He goes past Skippers head and catches his head. Skipper lands on his forehead from the diamond cutter style move from the top. Shark Boy makes the cover 1...2... Petey Williams still allitle weird looking comes from behind and lifts Shark Boy. He hooks him in a piledriver position and does a flip. CANADIAN DESTROYER! Petey hits the Canadian Destroyer on Shark Boy. Shark Boy bounces atleast a foot in the air after it and then lands on his stomach. Petey makes the cover 1...2.... Aguila into the ring. Aguila legdrops the back of Petey's head and picks him up. Aguila lifts him to his shoulder then swings back Gory Bombing Petey. Aguila then goes to the top rope and does an amazing moonsault onto Petey. He makes the cover 1...2... Kazarian kicks Aguila in the head to get him off Petey. Around this time Skipper and Shark Boy start to stand Kazarian quicklly gets Aguila on the top rope backwards. He turns and notices Skipper and Shark Boy nearing. Kazarian quicklly does a reverse hurrican-rana on Aguila from the top rope. Aguila hits Skipper and Shark Boy who oddlly enough land on Petey then roll to the outside. Kazarian quicklly pins Aguila thinking he's in the clear 1...2.... But Hector Garza gets in the ring and kicks Kazarian soccer kick style right in the side of the face. Garza quicklly runs to the corner and climbs it. Kazarian gets up holding his head and Garza goes flying off the top rope with the CORKSCREW MOONSAULT. He hits Kazarian who catches him and falls. Garza stays on Kazarian pinning 1...2.... KICKOUT! GOD DAMN KICK OUT! HOLY user posted image! Garza quicklly gets up and lifts Kazarian into a powerbomb. He then does the thing where you push them off your shoulders so they backflip into a face buster. However as Kazarian backflips Garza grabs his tights and sits out hitting the sickest piledriver EVER! The crowd goes crazy in aw. Garza then pins him 1...2...3!!!! The crowd all look in aw. Garza stands up and looks around as Shark Boy, Skipper, and Aguila get up and congratulate him. Garza helps Kazarian up and Petey comes from behind. He dropkicks Kazarian and then tells Garza to go to hell. Garza goes to punch Petey but he gets out of the ring and leaves. Garza helps Kazarian up again and they raise each others hand as the crowd stand and applaud the great battle that they just saw. But remember this was the beginning of the night, this was the match that wasn't advertised or built up at all. This was that quicky match this was this was nothing compared to what you will see for the rest of the night.

Winner: Hector Garza

Match Reaction = 44.2%

Match Quality = 76.2%

Overall Rating = 61.3%

AJ Styles arrives:

We see AJ Styles enter the arena in his street clothes with his gear. One of the road agents comes up to him and tells him something. He shurgs it off and leave's. He then see's someone in a Jarrett shirt from the "TNA Management" group he looks at them angry and walks past as we fade out to Mike Tenay and Don West.

Overall Rating = 70.3%


Mike Tenay: It was an amazing match Don. All 6 of those amazing athlete's pulled out some great moves. Especially Garza with that modified piledriver to end the match.

Don West: That was one crazy move Tenay. Kazarian neck went to hell and back!

Mike Tenay: But also AJ has just arrived and he looks ready for his big match tonight. But right now we apparentlly have Team Canada backstage ready to talk about the upcoming Six Man Tag Title match.

Team Canada Interveiw:

We see Scott D'Amore standing with the 3 count them 3 members of Team Canada in this upcoming match. You'd think Petey would atleast be supporting them but I guess not. Scott Hudson begins his questions for Team Canada.

Scott Hudson: First i'd like to know why isn't Petey here to support you guys? Like I understand he just had a match but most guys would be here supporting their team.

Scott D'Amore: Listen Hudson he's busy treating some injuries just suffered in that match. Its like in hockey the players still support their team but when their injured its just done from afar.

Scott Hudson: On that note will you be accompanying your team to the ring with your hockey stick flag tonight for this major match?

Scott D'Amore: I will acompany them to the ring like every other night. But I won't stick around. The great captain here Johnny..... I uhhh mean Teddy Hart has informed me that it could get to big for a manager to be standing at ringside.

Ted looks at D'Amore pissed off then looks normal after D'Amore says something to him.

Scott Hudson: Teddy why did you look angered?

Teddy Hart: Its bad enough that Johnny Devine is X-Champion by pinning me. We had it worked out we still have to wrestle friday. But I would rather not have me mixed up with him as captain. I'm captain and you will never EVER make any mistake about that. Cause i'm Teddy F*ckin Hart!

Scott Hudson: No need for that language. Anyways. D'Amore what is your teams strategy for tonight?

Scott D'Amore: Our strategy is simple. Outlast the other teams and climb that ladder to success. Its just like the Calgary Flames who rised that ladder. However they were cheated out of their playoff win. We won't be!

Soctt Hudson: Final question. Why is Johnny Devine not captain?

Teddy goes berzurk and leaves with Jack. Johnny goes to calm him down.

Scott D'Amore: Because Teddy is mroe qualified! Alright! Damnit! You stupid dolt! You call Canadians "Stupid Canucks". Well you and all the other American peice's of user posted image can be stupid Lakers! Yes I realize its dumb but it works for the sports team bit jackass!

D'Amore gets ready to walk away but Petey walks up as Hudson leaves. You can see Petey and D'Amore yelling at each other about something as the camera fades back to the announcers.

Overall Rating = 61.9%

Mike Tenay: Well that was alittle weird at the end. I wonder what problems Petey and D'Amore are having now.

Don West: I have no idea Tenay but now its time for Kid Kash and Dallas vs Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker in A STEEL CAGE MATCH!

Tag Team Titles and Tourney Finals Steel Cage: Kid Kash and Dallas vs Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker:

The match starts before the bell even rings. Kash and Dallas bring The Red Shirts to ringside with them. You can clearly tell Kash is telling them if they must to break into the cage to save them. Suddenlly Collyer jumps through the middle rope suicide diving through. Kash and Dallas move and Collyer hits The Red Shirts. Kash and Dallas grab the chain from the ref and get in the ring. They shut the door and lock it. The ref tries to open it with a key but Northcutt gets up and blocks him. The bell still not ringing as all 4 men are not inside the cage. Stryker runs and clotheslines Kash and knocks him down. He then drops and starts to punch him. Kash starts to yell for Dallas. Dallas grabs Stryker and whips him to the ropes. Stryker runs back and gets a big boot in the face and damn near lands on his head because he swings back from the hit so much. Kash stands and sits in the corner as Dallas starts to pummel Stryker. Kash notices Collyer climbing the cage and he runs and dropkicks the cage. Collyer falls to the floor onto his feet but starts to climb again. Kash yells to Legend. Legend grabs Collyer from behind and powerbombs him to the floor. We go back to the ring where Stryker is sat in the corner taking punch after punch after punch from the monster known as Dallas. Dallas continues the beatdown of Stryker. Eventually Kash tells him to step away. Kash walks over and lifts Stryker. He then pokes Stryker and Stryker just falls forward completelly out of it. Suddenlly we see Collyer running around the ring from The Red Shirts. He hops onto the rail then spins around. He sort of double stomps on the shoulders of Northcutt. He jumps off and catches on the cage. Suddenlly from behind again comes Legend. He grabs Collyer and powerbombs him off the cage. Northcutt holding his shoulders lifts Collyer. He then lifts him into a stalling suplex. Legend goes over the guardrail and moves some fans and chairs. Northcutt then falls back and Collyer lands with his back over the guardrail. Luckilly with his feet on the crowd ground so the pain isn't as bad. Collyer then lays with his back bent over the guardrail. Suddenlly Legend lifts his foot high then swings it down over the face of Collyer. Collyer flips back over onto the mats at ringside. Collyer just lays their now as Kash and Dallas continue a beat down of Stryker in the ring. Kash and Dallas lift Stryker and both irish whip him. Kash backdrops him but Stryker rotates extra and lands on his feet. But Dallas standing right their grabs Stryker by the throat and chokeslams him right to the canvas as hard as possible. Stryker holds his back in pain. Dallas goes to grab him again and he starts to plead almost begging for him to stop. Kash calls Dallas off and lifts Stryker himself. He whips Stryker to the turnbuckle. Kash then runs at him and clotheslines him followed by pushing Stryker out of the corner so that Stryker turns. Kash then calls for the Kash-Kompactor(Double springboard 180 into a hurrican-rana) Kash springs onto the second then the top and spins as the crowd looks in aw at the athleticism. Stryker catches him and quicklly sits out powerbombing Kash. Stryker then stands as Dallas goes after him. Dallas grabs him by the throat and lifts him for the chokeslam. However Stryker gets Dallas's hand off of his throat and quicklly pushes his feet dropkicking Dallas right in the chest. Dallas goes flying down onto his back as Stryker gets up. Stryker climbs over the cage and gets to about the middle of it climbing on the outside. He looks behind him at The Red Shirts and lets go. He spins 180 and lands on The Red Shirts. Stryker helps Collyer up and they both climb the cage. They reach the top of one of the plywood platforms that are in the middle of the cage. Collyer lifts Stryker into a powerbomb. He then pushes him off so he backflips. Stryker goes flying close to 30 feet in the air landing on Dallas and Kash. All 3 topple in the ring and then roll up. Suddenlly Collyer front flips as Stryker runs to the ropes Collyer knocks Dallas and Kash down and Stryker springs onto the second rope and spins in a 180. Stryker lands on Dallas and Kash in a senton as Collyer quicklly rolls away the bell finally rings as all 4 are in the ring and the match officially begins. The crowd goes crazy as Stryker and Collyer get up and take a small breather. Stryker lifts Kash and DDTs him. Kash gets spiked on his head and then rolls onto his back and sort of starts to twitch. Dallas stands and looks at both Stryker and Collyer he runs at them and goes to clothesline them both but they duck. They then both do a front flip kicking Dallas behind them as they flip over. Dallas stumbles back into the ropes and they get up. Dallas walks forward and they double dropkick him. Kash gets up and runs at Collyer but gets hit with a clothesline. Dallas walks forward yet again and they double clothesline him. Dallas falls to his back but sits up. Collyer runs to one side and Stryker to the other and they double dropkick Dallas right in the side of the head each. Dallas falls back looking knocked out as the crowd goes ballistic in cheers. Collyer and Stryker both go to the top of the cage and get ready to leave but then look back. Dallas and Kash are slowlly making their way to their feet. Stryker and Collyer look at each other and shrug. Dallas and Kash get fully up to their feet and suddenlly Stryker and Collyer both come off the top of the cage crossbodying Dallas and Kash. The crowd goes wild again until they notice that Dallas has caught Collyer. He then swings back like a fallaway slam but Collyer goes back first into the cage then rolls off the top rope and cage sort of onto his face in the canvas. Stryker then runs at Dallas and Dallas grabs him by the throat. Dallas falls back throwing Stryker like a backdrop from the chokehold. Stryker flys back first into the cage just like Collyer did then bounces off onto his face as well. Collyer slowlly starts to get to his feet and Dallas kicks him in the gut. He hooks for a suplex and holds him up their. Suddenlly Stryker runs at Dallas so Dallas holds out his right arm and still manages to hold Collyer with his left. Stryker ducks and Dallas grabs his head from behind. Dallas then falls back suplexing Collyer and neckbreaking Stryker. We see Kash getting up and he starts to kick Stryker and Collyer. Dallas grabs Stryker by the throat on the ground and lifts him up from the ground for a chokeslam. But Stryker manages to spin his hips and hook under Dallas's arms. They roll into a pin and Stryker gets up and quicklly double stomps Dallas and then falls back into a standing senton which looks and most likelly is extremelly stiff. Its stiff to the point that Dallas actually rolls around holding his gut before just laying in one place to cough. Stryker then runs over and starts to punch Dallas. Him and Dallas start to fight as Collyer gets up. Him and Kash lock up and then start to exchange holds, reversals and stiff blows to the head and gut. As they do this Dallas and Stryker continue to fight on the other side of the ring. This lasts for close to 3 minutes. Maybe about 4 minutes. Until Collyer whips Kash towards the turnbuckle. Kash runs up the ropes and does a 180. Collyer ducks but Kash catches Stryker's head and hits the KASH-KOMPACTOR! Collyer goes running at Dallas and Dallas goes for a clothesline. Collyer ducks and jumps to the second rope and spins around catching Dallas's head and bulldogging him. Collyer quicklly locks in his patent Texas Cloverleaf taught by his training Dean Malenko. Dallas starts to scream as Kash walks over and quicklly DDTs Collyer off of Dallas. Stryker stands in pain and kicks Kash in the gut. He hooks his head and lifts him high. He then lets Kash down onto his feet and less than a split second after Kash lands on his feet Stryker sits out with the nasty Rude Awakening style neckbreaker. Stryker stands back up and Dallas grabs him. He goes for yet another chokeslam but this time Stryker manages to get his feet around his head and do a hurrican-rana. Not a great hurrican-rana but a good one non the less. Stryker quicklly makes the pin on Dallas 1...2... kick out! Kash gets up and grabs Stryker. He kicks him and double underhooks his arms. He lifts him and calls for the Money Maker. But suddenlly gets dropkicked by Collyer from behind which still sends Stryker into a face plant but not as bad as a spike. Dallas sits up and grabs Collyer by the back of the head. Then hits quite possiblly the weirdest move I have ever witnessed as he lifts Collyer from behind and throws him down face first to the mat in somewhat of a reverse chokeslam. Dallas lifts Kash and puts him on his shoulders. Kash gets up to the top of the cage doing this and Stryker runs and jumps up and somehow pushes off the shoulder blades of Dallas onto the top where that tiny plywood platform is. He lifts Kash back up to the platform. They start to punch each other on the platform. Kash eventually gets Stryker to fall off and just barelly grab it. Kash tries to stomp on the fingers of Stryker but Stryker manages to pull himself back up. Kash goes for a hard punch but Stryker ducks and Kash falls off the thing grabbing onto the platform from behind him. So he is looking to the ring while holding onto the platform which is behind him. Stryker then goes downwards like a dive and grabs Kash's legs then starts to flip. They end up landing 15 feet downwards in the ring with Stryker sitting out and Kash smacking face first onto the canvas. The crowd starts a "Holy ****" chant as Kash holds his face and Stryker starts to twitch holding his back. Dallas holding his shoulders from the jump Stryker did onto them begins to climb up the ropes. He gets to the top rope and starts to pull himself up the cage. Collyer jumps onto the second rope then the top rope and does a quick slide out sidewards doing a sort of dropkick to the leg of Dallas. Collyer lands on his side in the ring coughing as Dallas falls down with his leg hooking onto the ropes. Dallas starts to scream as the ref checks on him. Looking like he pulled something extremelly bad or tore something in his leg. All 4 lay on the ground in complete pain as the crowd goes crazy waiting for what may come next. Collyer stands holding his ribs and Stryker stands holding his back. They both start to climb the cage but Kash runs and dropkicks Stryker right in the lowerback. Stryker falls off the cage onto his feet then drops to his knees in pain. Then to his face holding his back. Kash starts to climb just maybe an inch away from Collyer. Collyer gets up to the tiny platform and so does Kash. Collyer tries to push Kash off but to no avail. Kash quicklly jumps and goes for a hurrican-rana but Collyer holds him and calls for a piledriver. The whole crowd just goes silent. But Kash fights away and the crowd sits down. Kash goes to clothesline him but Collyer ducks and Kash spins but he doesn't fall and in this case he would have fallen off the cage to the outside. Collyer grabs him and double underhooks him. He calls for the Butterfly Suplex. The crowd stands again and Collyer lifts Kash and spins. Collyer holds more then he should though. He jumps off and lands sitting out as Kash lands almost right on his head but more on his shoulder blades but from the top of the cage! The crowd goes wild with "Holy user posted image" chants. Kash holds his neck in pain as we see Stryker slowlly stand to his feet. He begins to climb up the cage and he gets to the platform. Suddenlly Dallas gets to it as well. Dallas grabs Stryker and lifts him for a powerbomb. Strykers about an extra 6 feet in the air making hime 21 feet up their. Dallas jumps and lets go as he jumps. Stryker lands on his back from 21 feet in the air as Dallas lands on his feet and lands so hard that he fallas to his back and holds his legs. The crowd goes crazy in aw yet again. Everyone but Kash have done something crazy from up their so far so the crowd stands waiting to see what Kash may do. Collyer gets up and dropkicks Dallas who is sitting holding his knee. Dallas goes to his back as Collyer climbs the cage. Somehow Kash starts to get up.[/He looks at Collyer and grabs Collyers foot. Kash starts to climb holding Collyers foot as the crowd is going crazy. They both reach the platform and Kash ends up on the side where he could go down to the outside as Collyer is on the side towards the ring. Kash jumps and gets on the shoulders of Collyer then spins around. So Kash is on the back of Collyer's head. Kash goes back and Collyer backflips off the top of the cage as Kash falls and grabs the mesh. Collyer lands right on his gut as the crowd goes wild. Kash gets onto the top rope and backflips and oddlly enough accidentlly hits Dallas. All 4 lay down in pain. Collyer and Stryker stand and so do Kash and Dallas after a bit. They start to fight as the crowd goes wild. Kash and Dallas run at the ropes on one side as Collyer and Stryker do to the opposite. They run at each other and all clothesline each other. Stryker and Kash nip up as Collyer and Dallas stand. Stryker and Kash lock up as Collyer and Dallas lock up. Dallas goes for a chokeslam but Collyer jumps and spins. He locks his feet on Dallas's head like a head scissors and rolls forward sending Dallas onto his head. Kash goes for a move on Stryker but its reversed and Stryker hooks up STRYKER DRIVER! The crowd goes crazy as Collyer goes up one side and Stryker up the other. They both get on the platforms and look back and jump off the platforms to the ground below landing on their feet. They lay their as the bell rings. They just lay down for about 10 seconds then they both nip up and run around the ring. They grab their titles and start celebrating together as the cage is set and brought up to the roof of the building for later in the night.

Winners and NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPS: Matt Stryker and Chad Collyer!

Match Reaction = 39.6%

Match Quality = 66.7%

Overall Rating = 50.3%

Mike Tenay: O MY GOD!

Both look stunned at the announce station.

Don West: That was amazing!

Mike Tenay: AND IT WAS ONLY OUR SECOND MATCH! Imagine what will happen in the TLC. Just imagine! Tonight is just amazing. But wait a minute look at the screen and listen to that music!

The Hype:

Suddenlly we hear the music of the man they call Sting. You see him in a dark room from afar and the video slowlly moves closer. It closes up on him and he smiles. We see clips of him in his current TNA matches along with the WCW footage of him that he actually owns. You can hear the crowd cheering in the background. We see more clips and suddenlly we go to the arena where Sting makes his way to the ring.

Overall Rating = 27.4%

World Title #1 Contendership: Sting vs Raven vs The Sandman vs Sabu:

The rules were announced that it was a "TNA Style Corners Match" in which two people would start and you would tag out to any of the two waiting on the apron. This prompted Sandman and Sting to go the apron leaving the two young ones to start the match off. Sabu and Raven lock up and Raven takes a headlock on Sabu. This starts a trading of holds and reversals for a minute. Not as good as most as Sabu isn't really a technical wrestler and neither is Raven. But still fairlly well done. After this Sabu and Raven both tag out to Sting and Sandman. Sandman and Sting lock up and Sandman quicklly breaks and walks back. He yells out "Don't hug me!" they then lock up again. Sandman takes a headlock on Sting and looks weird about what he's doing. Sting reverses into a headlock of his own and takes Sandman over. They get up and Sandman whips Sting off the ropes. Sting runs back at Sandman and shoulder blocks him. Sandman falls to his back and Sting runs to the ropes on his right side. Sandman just lays their and Sting jumps over. Sandman gets up and clotheslines Sting. Then tags in Raven. Raven gets in the ring and quicklly locks a headlock on the grounded Sting. Sting gets up and whips Raven and Raven stops and says "No crappy tackle spots!" Raven then locks up with Sting. Raven quicklly gets a headlock then spins out of it and kicks Sting in the gut. He then suplexs him to a cheer from the crowd. Raven stands and starts to do a gesture with his arms as he waits for Sting to stand back up. Sting gets up and Raven kicks him in the gut and sets him up calling for a piledriver. The crowd looks on as Raven lifts but Sting starts to kick down and gets to his feet then backdrops Raven. Raven lands hard on his back as the crowd whatches in aw of 4 legends battling it out for an NWA title shot. Raven gets to his knees and quicklly tags in to Sandman. Sandman gets in the ring and locks up with Sting. Sting pushes him to the ropes and Sandman runs back at him. They start to fight and Sting falls to the ground after a harsh punch from Sandman. Sting crawls and tags into Sabu. Sabu gets in and him and Sandman begin to fight. Sabu suddenlly starts to a series of flips eventually having Sandman in total pain on the outside. Sandman gets back in holding his back and kicks Sabu in the knee hard. Sabu falls and starts to hold his knee in complete and utter pain. Sandman then whips Sabu to the ropes and Sabu runs back. Sandman backdrops him but Sabu goes flying and ends up hitting Sting. Sting falls to his back on the outside as Sabu lands hard on his leg and it twists. Some EMT's quicklly come rushing and take Sabu to the back. The match becomes and triple threat no tags needed first pin wins. Raven quicklly after hearing this jumps down and crawls to the side so no one can really see him. Sandman gets in and so does Sting. They lock up and Sandman actually shows some good technical skills for a change. After a few minutes they get up and Sting whips Sandman to the ropes and Sandman comes back hitting a tackle. Sandman runs to the right and Raven tugs on the top rope. Sandman falls over and Raven slides in. Sting stands up and WHAM! EVENFLOW DDT! Raven makes the cover 1..2...3! By far our shortest match of the night.

Winner and #1 contender: Raven

Match Reaction = 60.0%

Match Quality = 72.9%

Overall Rating = 65.4%

Mike Tenay: I think Sabu really hurt his leg on that fall.

Don West: So do I Tenay. Raven got extremelly lucky pulling off that Evenflow.

Mike Tenay: But now its time for quit possiblly the most awaited match of the night. TLC 6-MAN TAG TITLES!!!!

6-Man Tag title Hype Video:

We see a video with Tables, Ladders, Chairs and clips of the wrestlers seen. It then says "A first for TNA..... TLC!"

Overall Rating = 44.0%

6-Man Tag Title TLC: The Natural Punks vs Team Canada vs 3LK vs NWA's X-Style:

Note: This match will be mainlly highlights as it is so long.

Amazing match here were we see some amazing spots. Some of the spots we saw were this one from The Naturals. Devine climbed one of the two ladders set up in the ring. Suddenlly Stevens on one ladder right beside him start to punch Devine. Douglas got up to Devine and started to punch him from infront. Then suddenlly Young came up the same ladder as Devine on the same side. Young grabs him and gets ready for a move but Stevens yells no. So Young helps place Devine on Stevens shoulders like a tombstone. Young them lifts Devine's head up and places it on Douglas's shoulder like a Stunner. Douglas and Stevens then jump to the landing on their knees hitting what they have now named "The Punk Out". Devine bounces off their shoulders to the point he goes through the second rope onto his back on the outside and starts to twitch. We skip a bit and see 4 ladders set up in the ring side by side by side by side. As 3LK, NWA's X-Style and The Punks fight on one side Ted and Jack are on the other side as Devine still lays in pain holding his neck. Teddy springs to the top rope and then to the first ladder. He runs across and does a flip. He ends up doing one of if not the SICKEST 630's ever right onto the heads of all the members of these people. Then Jack does a prayer as some stand on the other side. He springs to the top rope then onto a ladder then does a cartwheel. He then backflips as much as he can. He ends up doing thats right just like last time A DOUBLE MOONSAULT! Landing on everyone. The crowd goes crazy. But onto some more spots. Not sure if any were as crazy as the Sonjay Dutt, Amazing Red, and Ron Killings spot. What happened was their were the 4 ladders set up. Red and Dutt stood across from each other on one as Killings stood in the middle. Dutt and Red sort of flipped off Killings just without the finger which was weird. They then backflipped and ended up rotating into the reverse 450 TO THE OUTSIDE! Suddenlly both Konnan and BG James catch Red and Dutt respectivelly and Red and Dutt hurrican-rana them. At about the same time Killings come off the top of a ladder to the outside hitting Teddy Hart with a scissor kick to the head. Then suddenlly Jack Evans jumps over the top rope hitting all the Punks with a over the top 450 splash. At about this time Lynn starts to climb the ladder. Devine then gets up and starts to climb the ladder himself. Lynn just can't get to the title and Devine manages to get to the top Devine and Lynn start to punch each other. Devine grabs Lynn and they both step to the very top of the ladder. Devine grabs Lynn by the throat and lifts him in a chokeslam. He then chokeslams him OFF THE LADDER! Devine then falls landing in a crotch on the ladder as Lynn lands backfirst on the canvas. Devine lets out a loud sound of pain then yells "ATLEAST I'M STILL UP HERE". He then grabs the title (only one was place at the top). He starts to tug but it won't come off. He then stands and starts to tug. Suddenlly it comes off and Devine falls about 25 feet onto his back. He starts to twitch as he holds the title up. Tema Canada's music hits and the crowd goes wild. Scott D'Amore comes running down as the people clean up and helps Devine up.

Winners and FIRST EVER 6-Man Tag Title Champions: Johnny Devine and Team Canada

Match Reaction: 67.3

Match Quality = 65.2%

Overall Rating = 69.4%

Celebration gone bad:

After everythings cleaned and all thats left Team Canada excluding Petey Williams stand in the ring. They take a picture with the titles and D'Amore along with the flag like they did in the olympics when Team Canada won. D'Amore then takes the microphone.

Scott D'Amore: TONIGHT MARKS TEAM CANADA TAKING OVER TNA! We not only have the X-Title but now we have the 6-man tag titles! Not far from us is the World title I beleive. If Johnny Devine can get us this far he can take us further. Devine I feel proud to name you the new CAPTAIN OF TEAM CANADA!

Teddy is looking down but once he hears that looks up at D'Amore and looks angry. Ted grabs the microphone and starts to speak.

Teddy Hart: WHAT THE **** DO YOU MEAN NEW CAPTAIN!? I'm the damn captain you son of a bitch! Johnny Devine isn't captain! I AM CAPTAIN! What the hell is with this user posted image.

Devine tries to grab the mic but Teddy pulls back.

Teddy Hart: **** YOU!

Teddy drops the mic and leaves the ring. D'Amore and Devine celebrate a bit as Jack looks on at Ted. Ted grabs a chair and gets in the ring. Jack yells not to do it but Ted tells him to go to hell. Devine turns and Ted smacks him right in the face with the chair. Devine falls to his back and starts to bleed. Teddy lifts the chair and slams it on Devine's face about 10 times. Devine then lays motionless not even twitching. Ted then picks Devine up like dead weight. Ted puts him in the corner then unfolds a chair. Ted gets onto the second rope behind Devine and backflips he catches Devine's head and DDTs him right onto the unfolded chair. Devine then lays their and D'Amore tries to get him away and Jack starts to try as well. Ted pushes Jack and yells "REMEMBER IF IT WASN'T FOR ME YOU WOULDN'T BE HERE!". Ted then grabs the chair and folds it. He spins around and cracks it over D'Amore's head. D'Amore falls to his back and Ted leaves.

Overall Rating = 64.0%

Mike Tenay: What in the blue hell? What is going on with Team Canada. First Petey gets pissed tonigh then Ted goes crazy on Devine. I really think D'Amore pushed it by making Devine captain.

Don West: Great match but Ted ruined it all. Like completelly ruined it. But right now its time for AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett!

Hype Video:

We see a video hyping the upcoming match between AJ and Jeff Jarrett.

Overall Rating = 55.9%

NWA title Cage/Ladder match: AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett©:

Note: Also so long that it will be somewhat broken up in parts. Each part will also be labelled to make it easier to read.

The first 5 minutes before the cage was lowered: The match began with some chain wrestling for about a minute. They then stopped and each went out of the ring to take a breather. I think eventually they realized that if they got a pin within the first 5-minutes they wouldn't have to go through the hell of getting the belt from the ladder. They get in and for the next 4 minutes its really fast paced especially for Jeff Jarrett and extremelly American Strong Style like. We see lots of extremelly stiff forearms exchanged, stiff kicks, stiff punches, stiff elbows, stiff shoulder tackles. Everything is more stiff then usual along with the quick and fast spots from both. At about 10 seconds left AJ kicks Jarrett in the gut and manages to set up for the Styles Clash. He hits it and 1...2.... THE CAGE STARTS TO LOWER! The ref gets ready to count three but Russo comes out and says that the 5 minutes has expired. They may continue to wrestle but no pins can be made from here on out.

As the cage lowers and the beginning after the lowering: As the cage lowers they keep fighting as the crowd goes crazy. Eventually AJ gets Jarrett down and starts to beat the living hell out of him. Jarrett turns him and starts to beat on him the cage lowers more about a second away from going to the canvas. Jarrett gets a sick look in his eyes and puts AJ under the cage. The cage lowers on AJ's chest and the ref yells to stop the lowering. Jarrett continues to kick the hell out of AJ whule he's stuck under the cage because for some odd reason they don't bring it higher yet. Russo comes out and tells Jarrett to lay off or he will be stripped of the title and the title will go to Raven. This prompts AJ to yell "what the hell?" even while stuck under the cage. Jarrett steps back and the cage is lifted up and AJ is given a 30 second breather by the ref then gets up. The cage lowers and they lock up. They start to go into some mat wrestling and eventually Jarrett misses a clothesline and AJ does the backflip toe kick. Jarrett falls to his back and AJ goes up to where the ladder is and tries to get it down. But its got a lock on it. AJ again yells "What the hell?" Russo then comes back out and says that their is 5 cords. One in the middle obviouslly holding the title and 4 on each side over the platforms. He says that they will have to find out which 2 are the keys that unlock the locks. AJ looks all pissed off as he climbs to the platform above the ladder. He grabs the one key as Jarrett grabs a key on the other side. AJ gets down and tries to unlock it but it is the wrong key. JJ pulls AJ's foot and AJ manages to smack his face on the ladder before falling to the canvas. Jarrett goes up and unlocks one of the chains obviouslly have the right key. JJ gets down and AJ manages to get up. He grabs Jarrett and quicklly piledrives him. As Jarrett lays on the ground AJ goes up one of the sides and grabs a key. He goes to unlock as JJ goes up to the other side the last remaining key. AJ's key again doesn't work. He gets pissed and goes over the cage and lets go dropping to his feet on the ground. Jarrett unlocks the last peice of the ladder and AJ climbs back to the platform. Jarrett gets down and lifts the ladder. AJ then does a SSP FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE and ends up hitting the ladder with Jarrett holding it and Jarrett ends up getting crushed under the ladder.

As the battle to climb begins: After skipping alittle bit we see AJ climbing the ladder after managing to hit Jarrett with his own move The Stroke. AJ is up close to the top and Jarrett manages to get up. He pushes the ladder backwards and AJ lands pretzelled on the top rope with his neck hitting the cage. He then bounces forward and lands right on his face. Jarrett lifts the ladder and puts it up and starts to climb himself. AJ then manages to get up as Jarrett reaches the top. AJ pushes it and Jarrett falls to the side but ends up catching onto the top of the cage holding himself. The ladder lands like a ramp on the top rope. AJ runs up the ladder and dropkicks Jarrett's back. AJ flips to his gut on the canvas while Jarrett falls back onto the ladder and slides down it. We skip a bit of mat wrestling as soon as Jarrett gets up to see AJ climbing yet again. He gets to the very top and we see Jarrett standing. AJ notices and bassiclly says screw it and jumps off the top rope doing a 450. He lands on Jarrett as the crowd goes crazy!

The end is near: We skip through alittle more and see AJ on the top of the ladder tugging at the belt. Jarrett goes up the ladder behind him and grabs AJ by the back. He then jumps off the ladder holding AJ and hits a Stroke OFF THE LADDER! AJ lays on the ground in pain as Jarrett starts to climb the ladder. Jarrett gets up and grabs the belt and starts to tug yet again. AJ climbs up the other side and starts to punch him. AJ then jumps over and hooks JJ like a sunset flip. AJ lands feet first on the 5th rung and Jarrett falls back. AJ manages to get one leg over Jarretts arm then jumps off Styles Clashing him off. As they just lay their in pain The Red Shirt Security walk out.

The End: As we go through a bit of fighting between AJ and Jarrett AJ finally hits yet another Styles Clash followed by a 450 from the cage. He lays on the ground for a second as The Redshirts go backstage. AJ gets back up and starts to climb the ladder. But The Redshirts come running down with a metal cutter. The ref tries to stop them from breaking in but Legend pushes the ref into the guardrail as Northcutt well cuts the chain. They get in the ring as AJ pulls the title down AJ gets ready to celebrate but the bell doesn't ring. Legend lifts AJ in the Godzilla Choke Bomb as Northcutt runs and big boots AJ in the face. AJ gets slammed and lands on his head. He drops the belt and Jarrett grabs it. Jarrett quicklly goes through the door and so do The Redshirts they then shut the door and put a new lock and chain on. The ref stands and sees this and calls for the bell. Jarrett managed to find a way to win this one without his own skill even!

Winner and Still NWA World Champ: Jeff Jarrett!

Match Reaction = 89.5%

Match Quality = 78.3%

Overall Rating = 88.2%

Russo says no:

Jarrett celebrates and starts to walk up the ramp as the ladder is taken away and the cage is broughten up. The crowd boos and suddenlly Vince Russo's music hits. Russo comes out with a microphone and begins to speak.

Vince Russo: I may have stacked the deck against AJ. I may have wanted you to keep the title Jarrett. But at our first major PPV this is not how its going to end! Since AJ should still get his shot and we already have a #1 contender lets go right now king of the hill match Raven vs Jarrett vs AJ!

but suddenlly Sabu's music hits. Sabu comes out and speaks.

Sabu: Russo I don't speak much. But right now its gotta be done. I was never truly out of that match. I just got injured. I was never actually pinned or never actually lost. So I'd like to be in the king of the hill for the title. Even if it means wrestling injured!

Vince Russo: Fine Raven vs AJ vs Jarrett vs Sabu.

Overall Rating = 74.6%

NWA World Title 4-way King of the Hill: AJ Styles vs Raven vs Sabu vs Jeff Jarrett©:

Raven has already gotten to the ring through the crowd and him and AJ are fighting. Sabu runs down and slides in the ring. He does a springboard moonsault hitting both Raven and AJ. The crowd goes crazy and Jarrett whatches this. The three start fighting for about a minute as Jarrett whatches on. Raven manages to hit Sabu and AJ both with an Evenflow DDT. He then lifts them and sets them up against the ropes. Raven runs to clothesline them over but they duck. They start to punch Raven together and Jarrett drops his belt. He runs down to the ring and slides in. He runs at Sabu and AJ. Sabu and AJ turn around and dodge Jarrett. Jarrett hits Raven and Jarrett and Raven GO OVER THE TOP! Jarrett and Raven are eliminated. AJ looks out and starts to yell at them. Jarrett gets up and pulls AJ's foot. AJ starts to kick at Jarrett so he doesn't pull him out which would make Sabu win. Jarrett goes back and Raven grabs the foot. AJ starts to kick at Raven and Raven falls back and lands on Jarrett. AJ gets up and from the other side Sabu springs and flips forward. He hits AJ but AJ rolls backwards and Sabu ends up on his gut. AJ lifts Sabu and sets up. STYLES CLASH!!!! He rolls over in the sunset style cover the ref counts 1...2....3!!! AJ WINS! AJ WINS!!!!! AJ gets up and starts to celebrate and he shakes Sabu's hand as we go off the air.


Match Reaction = 74.6%

Match Quality = 73.1%

Overall Rating = 76.7%

A WAR To Remember! show got an overall rating of 53.0%.

TNAW recieved 422,880 buys (0.96 buyrate) for A WAR To Remember!

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user posted image

Report on last nights PPV from www.tnafans.com:

After last nights PPV their is a fair bit to report.

First things first the X-Title #2 Contenders Match. Apparentlly Petey Williams was supposed to win the match and was planned to do so about a week before the event. Although he came across problems and asked for a few weeks off. So they gave the win to Garza who all felt deserved it. I'm not sure how Petey taking time off will play into the "Team Canada Disbanded" storyline but who knows. TNA may pull something awesome off.

Of course we must talk about the amazing Tag Team Cage Match.

Apparentlly Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker will be on Impact friday but they will not be wrestling as they suffered minor injuries during the hellacious match. Dallas will be missing some time as he was complaining about a leg injury before the show which was just agravated more during the cage match. Kid Kash hurt his neck slightlly on the double underhook tombstone type move from the top of the cage. He said he needs 2 weeks maximum off to heal it and go see a doctor. If the doctor says its worse then we thing Kash may need to miss almost a year of action.

Sting vs Raven vs Sandman vs Sabu was apparentlly a match made in hell as the backstage officials said. The match completelly bombed. Sabu was actually injured during the match. According to news reports the match went as planned as Sabu was supposed to get knocked to the outside then come back in and then get knocked back out and sort of disapear and the match would go on as normal. Then late in the evening the 4-way would be made. However the first fall resulted in a broken ankle to Sabu.

The 6man tag title match was said to be the best match of the night and the best TLC match of all time. Apparentlly Johnny Devine really shined in the match. Many were impressed with Jack Evans. TNA is said to be extremelly lucky that Jack recentlly turned down a WWE contract. They say that of all their stars right now after this match Devine and Jack seem the most promising to be future stars.

The Caged Ladder Match was said to be amazing. Even better live then on TV. Apparentlly Jarrett really gave it his all and the fans in the arena could tell. Their saying that Jarrett may have hurt himself slightlly on the Styles Clash from the ladder. AJ says his knee is acting up but he won't miss anytime. Jarrett will only miss friday but will also be promotion TNA on the Jimmy Kimmell Show that saturday.

The overall feeling of the 4-way was that it worked very well for the night ender. The reason for this was that Jeff didn't want to job to AJ 3 times in a row to lose his title. Managment decided to add Sabu when they spoke with Raven. Although Raven didn't refuse to job to AJ management just didn't think it was right for him to job to AJ as they are trying to set up a program between the two. Weather that will happen or not remains to be seen.

The overall reaction to the PPV by backstage staff was that it was great for their first but they will do better next time.

Thats all look for some reports on injuries later this week.

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(Note: Impact on June 25th was cancelled by the network due to special events.)

Thats right the aftermath of the major Pay Per Veiw is this week on IMPACT July 2nd.

After the win of Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker what will happen with Kash and Dallas? Will Kash and Dallas even be their? Will anyone challenge the new champions?

Team Canada won the 6-man titles and what a celebration. O wait. No the celebration involved the beat down and knock out of Johnny Devine by none other then Teddy "The Former Captain" Hart. Then we've got tonight Teddy vs Johnny X-Title. In god knows what match as it was reported their may be a stipulation added. Although Johnny had a week to rest thanks to the special events. That does not change the beat down with the chair. Beleive me I saw Johnny he didn't look good.

Plus what is going on with Petey Williams and Team Canada? Will the problems excalate this week?

Along with all this what about the other 3 teams from the 6-man tag titles what are they going to do tonight?

Then AJ Styles. YOUR NEW CHAMPION! THE KING OF THE HILL! KING OF THE ASYLUM! KING OF THE TNA CASTLE! Your NWA World Champion AJ Styles. What will AJ be doing tonight. What roll will he play in the show? Who knows? But he is here!

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TNA's X-Style start the show:

We open the show seeing TNA's X-Style of Jerry Lynn, The Amazing Red, and Sonjay Dutt in the ring. Jerry Lynn holds a microphone. My god why Russo decides to put Lynn on the mic is beyond me. Lynn looks around as the crowd starts to chant "USA! USA! USA!" in support I guess after their loss to Team Canada in the 6-man title match. Jerry Lynn begins to speak.

Jerry Lynn: Thank you all. Now i'm not that good a speaker. So i'll say this simple and quick. Me and these two want those 6-man tag titles. So Team Canada we challenge you to a match for those titles next week.

Lynn drops the microphone and him and the TNA X-Style leave.

Overall Rating = 55.7%

Mike Tenay: Wow. What a way to start off the show. Obviouslly these guys are hell bound for those titles.

Don West: Sure seems that way Tenay. But right now we have an amazing X-Division match for all of you Michael Shane vs Petey Williams vs Frankie Kazarian vs Mr. Aguila!

Michael Shane vs Petey Williams vs Frankie Kazarian vs Mr.Aguila:

Great match. Shocking it had no major reason behind it more of a filler I guess. The ending of the match see's Aguila and Shane on the outside. Aguila gets onto the top rope and goes for a moonsault. Shane moves and Aguila shockinglly lands on his feet. Shane then quicklly superkicks Aguila and Aguila falls to his back. In the ring we see Petey Williams hit the Canadian Destroyer on Frankie Kazarian. Shane gets in the ring and clotheslines Petey and locks in a subbmission that I don't even know how to describe. Petey starts yelling "HELP HELP! SCOTT! TEAM!" But no one comes out. Eventually Petey passes out and his arm is lifted and dropped 3 times. Michael Shane is announced the winner. As Petey gets up he doesn't even notice he just lost. When he finds out he gets angered and rips up his Team Canada jersey and breaks his flag. He then leaves looking angry.

Winner: Michael Shane

Match Reaction = 54.2%

Match Quality = 82.2%

Overall Rating = 70.2%


Commercial for TNA house shows starting this month

Commercial for FHM magazine

Commercial for TNA's upcoming Video Game

The Natural Punks also want the titles:

We go backstage and Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas are seen walking by Scott Hudson. We see David Young walking behind them and the two "leaders" are yelling at him. Hudson stops them for and begins a small interveiw.

Scott Hudson: Ummm Naturals why are you yelling at David Young.

Chase Stevens: Because me and Andy beleive that it is this stupid idiots fault that we lost.

Andy Douglas: Of course thats why we have vowed revenge on Team Canada for taking advantage of the idiot.

David Young: that is.....

Both Stevens and Douglas: SHUT UP!

Chase Stevens: That is why we want those 6-man title and have talked to Russo and gotten a match made for next week.

Andy Douglas: Thats right us vs 3LK vs the TNA's X-Style and the winning team gets a shot at the 6-man tag titles!

They then walk away as we fade out to Tenay and Don West.

Overall Rating = 50.5%

Mike Tenay: Wow! That will be an awesome match next week.

Don West: Yes it will Tenay. It will be amazing. If the TLC wasn't enough you have 3 of the great teams from the TLC competing in another match for a shot at those titles.

Mike Tenay: Wait a minute our cameras are backstage in Mr. Russo's office.


We see Mike Blaze in Vince Russo's office. He looks are his boss and starts to speak.

Mike Blaze: You know Mr. Russo. I beleive its time. Its time for a Canadian to shine in TNA. Its time for a Canadian to hold the NWA World Title. Mr. Russo its time that I get my shot.

Vince Russo: What do you mean exactlly?

Mike Blaze: Tonight my rematch against AJ Styles. For the World Heavyweight Title!

Vince Russo: I would but..... no. I will however give you a #1 contenders match. You see for awhile now i've been getting asked by people to give Elix Skipper his shot. So tonights the perfect night to screw Skipper out of any form of title shot. By putting him against my prized star in you. One on one the winner goes on to face AJ for the NWA World Heavyweight Title!

Mike Blaze: Thank you Mr. Russo. Thank you.

Mike leaves the office and goes towards the entrance as we fade to another area of the arena.

Overall Rating = 77.2%

AJ Styles is well respected:

We see AJ Styles arrive like he has previous weeks. He walks in and receives a standing ovation from his peers. We then fade to the arena were a set is in the ring and Jonny Fairplay stands.

Overall Rating = 72.9%

The Tag Champs speak:

Jonny Fairplay stands in the ring. He looks around then sits down and begins to speak.

Jonny Fairplay: Welcome back to another edition of Playin' Fair With Jonny Fairplay. The first in awhile. Saddlly I was given the unhappy task of interveiw the new tag team champions Chad Collyer and....

the two start to enter and Fairplay gets more enthusiastic faking for them.

Jonny Fairplay: MATT STRYKER!!!!

The two get in the ring and sit down. Fairplay begins to speak.

Jonny Fairplay: Well champs. How does it feel to hold those titles.

Matt Stryker: Feels great Jonny. Never felt better. We hold the same titles that the Rock N Roll Express, The Road Warriors, The Four Horsmen, and all the great teams once held.

Chad Collyer: I um agree with Matt. We hold titles that legends held. That was my dream and it has officially come true.

Jonny Fairplay: Yea great legends. You know who was a real legend? Me on Survivor. I was the best. But no I wasn't called back for Survivor all-stars not at all. I had to come to TNA interveiwing idiots like you. I'd like this if I was interveiwing good people like Jeff Jarrett. But not retards like you two.

Matt Stryker: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN! We are two of the best wrestlers around right now. We have the tag titles to prove it. What can you say about being great. You don't even have the Survivor Win!

Fairplay looks and looks angry. He stands up and so does Stryker they go nose to nose but Fairplay looks semi-scared as well. Fairplay lifts the microphone to his mouth.

Jonny Fairplay: You know were out of time. So lets have you two back next week.

Jonny Fairplay drops the microphone and leaves.

Overall Rating = 57.0%


Commercial for FHM Magazine

Commercial for TNA Video Game

Mike Tenay: Well. Lucky for Fairplay he's got that contract clause saying how if anyone touches him he gets 10,000 dollars from the NWA Association.

Don West: Very true or else i'm sure Stryker wouldn't have hesitated to kill him.

Mike Tenay: Just what I was thinking. But in just a few seconds Mike Blaze gets his shot at #1 contendership for the world title. My biggest problem with this is that he's been here for what a month? Skipper has been here for 2 years and Russo is doing what ever he can to get Mike the win. But whatever. Its about to start NOW!

World Title #1 Contendership: Mike Blaze vs Elix Skipper:

I think this match was alright. Skipper really did alot to help me through it. Lots of the spots were called by him except one long tackle spot. I really liked taking some of his inovative moves. Like the hurricanrana bump from the rope. I've been waiting to do that bump for so damn long. Anyways though. Half way through the match AJ come onto the stage holding the world title. Of course I noticed looked at him and told him to go to hell to fit with my gimmick. Obviouslly this prompted AJ to start walking down the ramp. As he started I turned and got caught in the Play of the Day by Skipper. But suddenlly someone came down the ramp and cracked AJ in the back of the head with a chair. The ref quicklly got out of the ring to check on AJ as this guy jumped into the crowd. Suddenlly you see him jump back to ringside. He gets in the ring and cracks the chair over Elix Skipper. He then takes off the little black mask and reveals himself to be non-other then my trainer "Ravenous" Randy Myers! Quicklly he slid out of the ring like nothing had happened and he just showed up to cheer me on. I quicklly went to the top rope and looked back at Skipper. I then moonsaulted and all I really know after going back was I landed with my legdrop thankfully. Hopefully it looked good. I then made the pin 1...2....3!! I stood up and the crowd booed. Really I didn't understand why Russo did this. But whatever i'm not going to object being pushed. Randy then got back in the ring and pickes up Elix Skipper. He put him behind his back and called for the Bootycall. He then jumped behind so Skipper fell onto his back and Randy landed in a legdrop on him. The crowd boo's as me and Randy left the ring.

Winner: Mike Blaze

Match Reaction = 60.4%

Match Quality = 77.6%

Overall Rating = 71.6%


Right as the match ends we go backstage to Mr. Russo's office yet again. He looks straight at the camera. He then point to a small X statue beside him. He begins to speak.

Vince Russo: You see this X? It stands for the X-Division. Do you know what the X in X-Division stands for? It stands for Xtreme. But not the kind of Xtreme you would have found in XPW or ECW. No the kind of Xtreme as in highflying, spots, and technical warfare. You see that X stands for an Xtreme that only TNA can offer. So with all the problems between Team Canada and Teddy Hart and Devine why not have Teddy Hart vs Johnny Devine in a match that truly takes this to the next level. A match that truly brings out the X in X-Division. A LADDER MATCH! Now sit back whatch these commercials and wait for the match of a life time!

Overall Rating = 72.8%


Commercial for PS2 games

Commercial for Maxim Magazine

Commercial for upcoming TNA figures

Hype Video:

We see a video showing everything that has happened between Team Canada so far. The end shows Devine laid out on the mat in the same picture as on the IMPACT preveiw banner. It zooms in and then fades out to a picture of Teddy and Devine both punching each other. Looks like a picture from Stampede Wrestling actually. Either way it says "Teddy vs Devine!" then a Ladder fades inbetween them and it says "Ladder Match!" we then fade to the announcers just as the match is about to begin.

Overall Rating = 49.0%

Mike Tenay: I can't beleive this is going to be a ladder match! I'm shocked! I'm awed! This will be amazing. Teddy vs Devine alone sounded great but with a 25 foot high ladder?

Don West: My god Tenay your right! This shall be huge. Teddy vs Devine. Teddy vs Devine. TEDDY VS DEVINE! LADDER! If a TLC match where you couldn't even keep your eye on the action was highlighted by Team Canada imagine how a ladder match will be with just two members of Team Canada in it.

Mike Tenay: My god this sounds better and better as we talk about it.

Don West: Tenay I can't wait lets get to it now!

X-Division Title Ladder Match: Teddy "Terminator" Hart vs "Hotshot" Johnny Devine:

This was quite possibly the best IMPACT match so far in IMPACT's short life time. Both pulled out so many beutiful spots. At one point Devine was on the outside and Ted went to the apron and called for his top rope spring asia moonsault. But then looked back. He jumped to the top rope. Sprung up to the ladder and moonsaulted OFF THE LADDER TO THE OUTSIDE lander on Devine. Alright Ted you've done it you've actually done an official 30 foot moonsault. You think thats something to praise over. Well lets just say IMPACT needs a new announcers table now. Ted climbed the ladder. But Devine went flying. But he didn't dropkick Ted no no. He dropkicked the ladder. The ladder fall to the side. The side where the announce table was near to be more specific. Teddy goes flying off the ladder and lands on the table the crowd stands and starts a "HOLY ****!" chant. But not because the table broke. But because THE TABLE STOOD UP! Ted landed on hard wood and he was almost crying and just laid their yelling "MY BACKS BROKEN!" Devine then set the ladder oddly enough by the ropes which were towards where Ted was. Devine looked up and began to climb. He looked back and told all the medics to move away. He yelled out the words "Devine Interventions" which some have come to call the Five Star Moonsault. The medics and road agents moved as Devine flew back tucking in then out and backflipping. He then landed on Ted and yes the table FINALLY broke. Devine began to roll around holding his knee as Ted twitched a bit. The road agents and medics all helped them up and started to carry them to the back as the ref was about to call for the bell. But Devine pushed away and grabbed Ted and took him back to the ring. But the end is just crazy and amazing. As they both climb the ladder and reach the top they begin to punch at each other. Suddenlly Devine blocks a punch and hooks Teddy's head. Devine then yells for a Tornado DDT. He runs up the two rungs to the top then spins 180. He's now on Teddy's side as Ted spins slightlly. Devine then goes back and hooks his legs in the ladder. Ted goes and smacks the top of his head on the ladder and falls. As Teddy falls it seems like an eternity. Ted finally hits the ground on his side and just lays their knocked out. Devine sits up and pulls his legs from the rungs. He's just a few away from the top. He gets to the top rope grabs the belt. He tugs and goes falling back. He lands on the mat close to Ted. The camera then zooms in on their bloody faces as the bell rings and the screen fades to black.

Winner and still X-Division Champion: "Hotshot" Johnny Devine

Match Reaction = 56.5%

Match Quality = 73.7%

Overall Rating = 61.4%

Last night's TNAW Impact show got an overall rating of 63.8%.

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Yet another edition of TNA IMPACT! Happens this week. This edition will feature amazing action including AJ Styles vs Mike Blaze in AJ's first Title Defense but we'll get to that later.

First off is Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker. Last week we saw Collyer and Stryker in the "Playin Fair with Jonny Fairplay" talk show. Things got heated up and ended in a stare down between Stryker and Fairplay. Fairplay then invited the two back for next week. Who knows what Fairplay has planned for next week. Because with Fairplay when you insult a Survivor you don't survive!

Plus who will win the shot at the 6-man titles? Will it be The Natural Punks who obviouslly want these titles and will stop at nothing to get them even if it means yelling at David Young day in and day out? Or will it be 3LK who we didn't even hear from last week? Or will it be TNA's X-Style who as you saw really want the titles aswell?

On the note of the 6-man titles. What will happen in this on going saga between Team Canada? Every week they seem to break apart more and more. Will anything more happen? Will Teddy officially leave, will Petey say anything, what will Devine do, and where does all of this leave Jack Evans who is seeminglly in the middle of Teddy and Devine?

Now finally to the main event. Many beleive a child as he is being called shouldn't get this shot. But that isn't changing his best pal boss Vince Russo's mind. Thanks to interference by a wrestler revealed to be Randy Myers of Stampede Wrestling AJ Styles's first title defense will be against Mike Blaze. Will AJ be able to beat the hell out of this kid? Or will this kid manage to win or when you think of that will it jsut be a matter for more interference? Lets hope AJ can hold that title.

But remember. Tune in tonight to find out how it goes down.

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The show opens with Mike Tenay and Don West sitting at the announce desk as usual and they being to speak.

Mike Tenay: Welcome everyone to Total Nonstop Action Wrestlings IMPACT! and tonight the first NWA Title defense of AJ Styles's third title reign happens tonight against oddlly enough to new kid and the brown noser to Vince Russo I think it is safe to say Mike Blaze.

Don West: Thats right Tenay and along with that we have the 6-man tag title contendership match as well as Johnny Devine's second title defense against Hector Garza.

Mike Tenay: Yes Don but you have to wonder if Teddy Hart will play a role in this match. After the brewing war between Teddy and Devine. Its something that we could assume will happen.

Don West: Thats right. But along with Teddy and Devine's battle Petey Williams has been getting angry in Team Canada and in an off screen interveiw said that he is sick of being treated like nothing in Team Canada and thinks he deserves to be treated like god in it. But that doesn't seem to be the case.

Mike Tenay: Thats right but speaking of Petey Williams. Petey vs Juventud Guerrera is about to start so lets get to the ring for the action.

Petey Williams vs Juventud Guerrera:

Amazing match. Petey came out in his old blue tights without anything having to do with Canada which was obviouslly furthering the story of him and Team Canada having problems. Some nice spots including a Juvi Driver off the apron to the outside which looked fairlly good although Petey sort of landed on his lower back more then his shoulders because obviouslly they didn't want him injured. We also saw a nice Canadian Destroyer off the middle rope. Juvi didn't land on his face more like a face buster actually. Still amazing move. The ending see's Petey on the ground sort of twitching after a sick piledriver. He starts to yell out for the team. But again no one comes. Petey crawls to the ropes looking towards the entrance on his stomach. He starts yelling as Juvi climbs the ropes. He then does a 450 and lands on Petey's back. The crowd can't beleive the way Petey's back bends when he gets hit. Juvi then rolls him over and pins him 1..2...3! The crowd cheers as Petey gets to his feet.

Winner: Juventud Guerrera

Match Reaction = 51.4%

Match Quality = 86.6%

Overall Rating = 63.3%

Continue of above segment: Petey and Devine argue:

Team Canada come out and enter the ring as Petey reaches his feet and balances. Johnny Devine takes the microphone.

Johnny Devine: What the hell was that? Your a Canadian! Not an American! You sure as hell shouldn't be losing to some Mex....

Petey crabs the microphone from Devine.


Devine gets his own microphone.

Johnny Devine: You shouldn't need help. You shouldn't need help wrestling an American and sure as hell no Mexican. Your a Canadian your the next generation of some of the greatest technical wrestlers EVER!

Petey Williams: First of all you racist a'hole. Mexican wrestlers, Japanese wrestlers, American wrestlers. Now adays their just as good as us.

The crowd cheers majorlly to that comment.

Petey Williams: If I need help you should be the first out here. Your the damn captain. Whenever you need help its given to you. If Ted was still the captain he would have helped me!

Devine just bows his head for a second and turns around. Angry I assume. He then spins around and punches Petey. Petey falls down into the ropes sitting.

Johnny Devine: I am a better captain then Teddy ever was. Teddy's a good member of the group. But as captain he is nothing to this team.

Jack Evans gets in Devine's face and speaks.

Jack Evans: Listen I don't talk much in this group. But Teddy was a great captain and you can't deny us. He was captain on our way to the 6-man titles. You weren't named captain until after the win and if your so much better why was Ted here before you.

Johnny Devine: How about both of you go to hell!

Devine then leaves the ring with D'Amore as Petey and Jack are in the ring staring at them in anger.

Overall Rating = 67.0%


FHM Magazine Commercial

Commercial for the new TNAW video game and their upcoming house shows

Commercial for RoH's new TV show airing on FSN directlly after TNA

Commercial for Scary Movie 4

Mike Tenay: My god this is getting worse and worse everyweek. Sooner then later Team Canada is going to be done!

Don West: My god Tenay you may be right. Team Canada looks like its coming to an end and eventually it will end. But do you see whats in the ring right now?

Mike Tenay: Yes Don the set for "Playin' Fair" With Jonny Fairplay where he has re-invited Matt Stryker and Chad Collyer.

Playin' Fair with Jonny Fairplay|Guests: Matt Stryker and Chad Collyer:

For the second week in a row Fairplay introduces Stryker and Collyer and they make their way to the ring. They get in and sit down. Well not exactlly this time. Chad Collyer gets in and sits down and Stryker goes nose to nose in a staredown with Fairplay again. Eventually Fairplay backs down looking scared and they both sit. Fairplay then begins to speak.

Jonny Fairplay: As you know I invited you two back here this week. But not for an interveiw. Mainlly because you guys suck at talking. But yea anyways. No I invited you here for something else. This something else has to do with your tag titles. You see I whatched matches of you two for hours and hours for the last week and decided that you two really don't deserve titles like this with the prestige of the NWA alliance written on them. You two are two of the worst wrestlers i've ever seen. I just hope the people I want to take the titles from you can find a way to bring the credibility back up from how low you've dropped it in just under 2 weeks.

Fairplay stands up and starts to walk back and forth as he speaks.

Jonny Fairplay: But you know I beleive they can. For one reason. The people I choose have more credibility then you two have in the nail of your pinky finger. You see one of them is a former NWA Champion the other should be holding a title in all of the major promotions if you ask me. You see both of them have the technical skill of Chris Benoit. Both have the brawling ability of Bruiser Brody. Both are well rounded amazing wrestlers. All of that makes them 10,20,30 no 50 times better then you two will ever have a chance to be. So without further adu I introduce to you.......

Fairplay pauses for a bit.

Jonny Fairplay: You know you guys suck so much you shouldn't even have the satisfaction of losing to these guys I have ready for you.

Stryker stands up.

Matt Stryker: Thats right. Just like how you shouldn't of had the satisfaction of even being on Surivor!

Jonny Fairplay: Fine you two brought this upon yourselfs.

Suddenlly Jeff Jarrett comes from behind with a guitar. He gets in the ring and Fairplay points behind to Stryker. Stryker and Collyer look back but Stryker gets clocked with a guitar. Collyer gets up but is then touched on the shoulder. He turns around and is met by ALEX SHELLEY! Shelley kicks him then quicklly hits a sick flatliner. Him and Jarrett then throw the chairs from the set down onto them. Shelley and Jarrett then start to kick them until Fairplay says to stop. They stop and stand with Fairplay and Fairplay gives Jarrett the chance to speak.

Jeff Jarrett: Theirs one reason for this. I was alone and when with others I lost the NWA title. But now I have teamed up with Mr. Fairplay and my new apprentice "The Next" Alex Shelley. So Collyer, Stryker, and any other team in TNA. Just you all wait. It's time for us. Its time for Team J to take over!

Jarrett then drops the mic as "Team J" leaves.

Overall Rating = 58.5%


Commercial for new TNAW Figures

Commercial for Scary Movie 4

Commercial for Anacondas the movie

Don West: O MY GOD! Jeff Jarrett and "The Next" Alex Shelley have alliend with Jonny Fairplay. Against the Tag Champs!

Mike Tenay: My god Don. This is huge. I really do feel sorry for Stryker and Collyer they're go up againt a former WCW and NWA World Champion and against someone who is a major influence in RoH and BCW.

Don West: Thats right Tenay. Put the Natural Punks are in the ring and its time for the contendership to the 6-man tag titles!

#1Contendership to the 6-man Tag Titles: The Natural Punks vs TNA's X-Style vs 3LK:

Amazing match The Punks and X-Style pulled off some nice spots together while 3LK were more the brawlers of the group. At one point Chase Stevens hit the most beutiful Shooting Star Press I have seen in awhile. Jerry Lynn hit an amazinglly sick Cradle Piledriver on Andy Douglas at one point from the apron to the ramp way. Which prompted him to bassiclly twitch all over the place until he finally just stopped and laid their. Bassiclly other then Stevens SSP alot of the match consisted of Stevens and Douglas getting the crap beaten out of them but David Young beating on everyone else. Eventually we see a bunch of guys on the outside. Well actually it was bassiclly all of TNA's X-Style beating on Douglas after he said a bunch of crap about them. Then Young making the save. In the ring Konnan and BG James double suplex Stevens as Killings climbs to the top rope. He then jumps as Konna and BG James are bent over positioning Stevens. Somehow Stevens moves and Killings legdrops Konnan and BG James on their heads. They then fall and Konna rolls out of the ring. BG gets up and asks Killings what happened. Killings says it was an accident. BG beleives him and bends down to pick Stevens up again. Killings then quicklly scissor kicks BG and BG falls to his face. Killings then rolls BG over and puts Stevens on top of him for the 1...2...3! Killings then says "Screw 3LK" and pulls off his jersey and leaves.

Winners and going on to 6-man tag titles: The Natural Punks

Match Reaction = 55.2%

Match Quality = 73.6%

Overall Rating = 60.0%

The Terminator Threatens Hotshot:

We see Teddy Hart backstage and he has a microphone in hand. He begins to speak.

Teddy Hart Listen Devine i'm going to make this short just for you. I will get you, I will hurt you and I will take back my captain status and your X-Title and their is not one thing you or Scott D'Amore can do about it because I'm Teddy Hart. I'm the most recognizable face in the industry today. Im better then you and I can wrestle better then you. So see you soon Devine. You better cuddle with that title while you have the time!

Overall Rating = 77.3%


Commercial for Scary Movie 4

Commercial for Annacondas

Commercial for Teddy Harts best of DVD

Commercial for the summer olympic games

Mike Tenay: My god. Ted Hart just gave Devine a nice little threat their didn't he.

Don West: Yes Tenay I truly beleive the end of Team Canada is not far away. But Devine is in the ring now and Hector Garza is on his way out. Its time for our big X-Tite bout.

X-Tite Match: Johnny Devine vs Hector Garza:

Amazing match up between these two superb talents. Some nice spots including a springboard Devine Interventions to the outside. Well actually 3. Well sort of. Devine hit 2 but on the 3rd Garza caught him and said "No More" and dropped him on the guard rail. But the brutal part was is he held Devine's arms to his sides and Garza dropped to his knees so Devine had no blocking ability and smacked his chest right on the rail. Isn't that sorta how Bret cracked his sturnum? Well hopefully Devine's fine. Garza really impressed me with a 360 corkscrew moonsault to the outside where Devine moved. Garza landed on his feet then hit an alright dropkick not his best but thats to be understandable when he just landed on his feet from that height. The end of the match see Garza holding Devine on his shoulders and could possiblly get the win. Teddy then comes from behind and takes Garza's leg out from behind. Garza falls to his back and Devine lands on his feet. Ted then gets up and clotheslines Devine extremelly hard. The bell sounds and the referee talks to the announcer. The ring announcer starts to speak and says "This match has been ruled a No Con...." Ted then gets out and pushes the ring announcer down. He grabs the chair he was using and gets in the ring. He sarts to slam it on Devine's leg as hard as he can until Garza gets up. Ted then turns around swinging and cracks the chair over Garza's head. Security eventually come running down and take Ted away as he yells at Devine. Once the ring announcer gets up he announces the match is a No Contest due to interference on both men by Teddy Hart.

Winner: No Contest

Match Reaction = 36.6%

Match Quality = 78.3%

Overall Rating = 49.3%

Final Commercial Break:

Commercial for Anacondas

Commercial for TNA Video Game

Commercial for Hidalgo on DVD and VHS

Mike Tenay: My god did you see what Teddy did to Devine.

Don West: Tenay that was brutal and that chairshot to Garza looked like it killed him.

Mike Tenay: Ted Hart truly is a loose cannon.

Don West: Thats for sure Tenay. But we still have one huge match to come. Well sorta.

Mike Tenay: Thats right AJ's first title defense.... against a rookie.... suck up...... Vince Russo assistant.... Mike Blaze.

Don West: Well then lets get to it.....

NWA World Title Match: AJ Styles© vs Mike Blaze:

My god I hope this went over well. Honestlly AJ managed to pull a really good match out of my sorry ass. But he's AJ he can do it with anyone well anyone but Jeff Hardy but yea. Lots of spots in this match. The good ones that weren't messed up at all came from AJ. Although I did pull out a nice double springboard 450. Well it would have been nice if I landed right when AJ moved bu I landed on my knees. Atleast he picked up at my mistake by dropkicking me while I was on my knees. AJ hit quite possiblly the best spiral tap ever on me at one point. The match bassiclly came to an end as Randy Myers was distracting the ref as AJ had the pin. AJ went and punched Randy off the apron as I got up. AJ turned and I went for a hurricanrana which would have looked like **** if it was actually done. But AJ reversed into the Styles Clash. He hit an awesome Styles Clash on me and rolled into the sunset pin position and got the 1...2..3! I got up shook AJ's hand then yelled out "SCREW TNA!" and forearmed AJ in the head. Randy then got in the ring and started to beat on AJ with me for a bit. But suddenlly AJ got back into it and started to beat on both of us. He hit us with a double dropkick then grabbed a chair. He got in the ring and got ready to hit us but we both dropped to our knee's and blocked our faces. We then pointed behind him were he got clocked with a chair into his chair sending his own chair into his face. Yea I know that made sense. Anyways. It was none other then APOCALYPSE! Thats right the same Apocalypse that was meant to wrestle for MLW. Apoc then picked AJ up and set him on the top rope so his back was towards the ring. Apoc went up so he was chest to chest with AJ on the top. He then picked him up jumped off with a Michinoku Driver for what he calls THE JESUS DRIVER! Randy and Apoc then sat AJ up held his arms out. I stood right by AJ and lift the chair I now had over my head. I swung down onto his head and his face about 10 times until he was completelly out of it and bloody. Apoc, Randy and I then proclaimed ourselves as Anti-TNA and left.

Winner and STILL NWA World Champ: AJ Styles

Match Reaction = 48.4%

Match Quality = 77.8%

Overall Rating = 64.9%

End of the Show:

We go backstage where Ted Hart storms the medic room where Devine is getting a tenser bandage on his leg. Ted starts to punch at Devine. Devine gets up and limps out the door. He then limps backwards and slightlly punches Ted as Ted follows him and punches the hell out of him. Eventually Ted knocks Devine down infront of a grouping of metal poles. Ted then pushes all the poles down so most of them atleast land right on Devine's leg. Devine screams in pain as Ted brings him over to the wall and starts to slam the knee up against the wall. Devine screams more. Ted lifts Devine up against the wall then runs at him. Devine moves however and Ted hits the wall with his fist. Ted bends over holding his fist in pain for a second as Devine starts to limp towards the parking lot. He finally gets to the lot as Ted runs after him. Ted forearms Devine in the back and Devine falls into a truck. He is then lifted into the truck by Scott D'Amore who tells whoever the hell the driver is to get going. They then drive away as we see Petey Williams run by Ted yelling at D'Amore. Pete and Ted then stare eye to eye at each other as the screen fades to black.

Overall Rating = 64.9%

Last night's TNAW Impact show got an overall rating of 63.1%.

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user posted image

AJ Styles was left a brutal bloody mess by Anti-TNA and Team Canada seems to go down the drain more and more each week. Welcome to another TNAW IMPACT! Preveiw.

First thing to talk about was the debut of "The Next JJ" Alex Shelley. Who has apparentlly been signed by Jonny Fairplay to take down Matt Stryker and Chad Collyer with the former world champ Jeff Jarrett. Shelley's debut was a major shock but i'm sure their will be know so who knows what will happen this week.

Also The Natural Punks won a #1 contendership match for the 6-man titles. But this means that Team Canada have to find away to work as a team even after all the problems. Can it be done? Or will the Punks take the gold? Will Devine be able to compete after the brutal breaking of his ankle by Teddy Hart? Will Jack and Ted be willing to team with Devine? And were does this leave Petey Williams who seems just as angry in this whole war as anyone if not more?

Plus after the debut of Apocalypse ending with a bloody and battered AJ Styles what will come of it? Will AJ show up and kick ass and take names? Or will he just be a victim of another beating by the group known as Anti-TNA? Were does Vince Russo stand in this being pro-TNA but also being the mentor of Mike Blaze?

You'll have to wait and see till IMPACT!

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user posted image

{Note: I've decided to stop posting what commercials happened. During the time of commercials you will simply see Commercials are shown.}

The Opening 6man talk:

We open the show seeing Vince Russo in his office. Suddenlly the door is kicked open and we see David Young. Douglas and Stevens then push him aside as usual and Stevens begins to speak.

Chase Stevens: We have decided that we want our 6man tag title shot. I dunno. Tonight!

Vince Russo: If thats what you want then thats what you get. Tonight in the main event of IMPACT we will see The Natural Punks challenge Team Canada for the 6man tag titles!

The Punks nod their head and leave as we go to the announcers table.

Overall Rating = 62.0%

Mike Tenay: Wow. I don't think any of us expected te 6man tag title to be defended tonight!

Don West: You got that right Tenay! Tonight Team Canada vs The Natural Punks! My god this can be huge!!!!

Mike Tenay: Don I think your right. I can only imagine what will happen though with the problems Ted and Devine have been having. But right now we go to a special X-Division style tag match between the teams of Elix Skipper and Sonjay Dutt vs Frankie Kazarian and Michael Shane!

Elix Skipper and Sonjay Dutt vs Frankie Kazarian and Michael Shane w/Traci:

Amazing match showcasing the X-Division perfectlly. Although Frankie Kazarian and Michael Shane arn't the most amazing singles workers they do make up for it in their teaming. Elix Skipper and Sonjay Dutt combining their athleticism could be quite possiblly the best "Throw Together" team of all time! The end sees Sonjay Dutt hit Michael Shane with the Hindu Press the ref counts 1...2.... but quicklly Kazarian jumps in the ring and points out to the ref that Dutt is not the legal man but only got into the ring after Skipper was knocked to the outside. The ref realizes this as Skipper gets back into the ring. Dutt is forced to leave as Skipper runs right at Kazarian. Kazarian throws him in the air like a flap jack. Skipper falls and on his way down is caught in a version of the Wave of The Future. Kazarian then hops over the top rope with a crossbody plancha to Sonjay Dutt. Michael Shane then rolls over and pins Elix Skipper. However Michael Shane is not the legal man. The referee still counts 1...2...3! Kazarian then gets in the ring and him, Shane and Traci leave laughing at how they won.

Winners: Michael Shane and Frankie Kazarian

Match Reaction = 56.5%

Match Quality = 78.5%

Overall Rating = 70.4%

Commercials are show.

Ted and Devine brawl upon return:

We come back to the show with no announcing as Mike Tenay as sitting on a chair in the ring with two chairs on either side of him. He calls out Ted Hart and Johnny Devine. each make their way to the ring and sit in the chairs. Tenay begins to speak.

Mike Tenay: First off I would like to congratulate you on holding the 6-man tag titles. Secondlly I want to speak with both of you about your problems. First off Devine what is your problem with Ted?

Johnny Devine: It's a simple problem. He is a jealous buffoon. He's angry because he knows just as well as everyone else knows that i'm better then him. I have the X-Division gold, I got the belts in the 6-man tag title TLC match, and most of all I took Ted's spot as leader of Team Canada!

Ted stands up with his fist in the air and Tenay stops him. He says he's sorry and sits back down.

Mike Tenay: Ted whats your problem with Devine?

Ted Hart: Its simple Tenay. Devine has an egomaniacal thing going on. His head is bigger then mine which is hard to do. Plus I can tell he doesn't care about the fans. I die for my fans he's more careful then a bubbleboy that has no disease anyways. Like i've always said if you like me, I like you. If you hate me, I hate you more. And its apparent that Devine does not like me. But Devine i'm willing to put everything behind us and be a team once again if you be a man and shake my hand.

Ted stands up and extends his hand to Devine. The crowd boo's obviouslly expecting Ted to do something to Devine. They shake hands. They let go and Devine kicks Ted in the gut which was a shocker. The crowd lets out a loud boo as Devine tells them to Shut Up. Devine DDT's Ted onto the chair and Ted like ends up spiked on the chair. It looks extremelly sick as Devine then takes the chair and waits for Ted to get up. Ted gets up and gets clocked with the chair. Devine then poses with the chair then goes up onto the second rope and poses. Ted with a sudden burst of energy nips up and pulls Devine off the ropes. He starts to punch the living hell out of him as the crowd cheers. Devine walks drowsy out of the corner and Ted hopes to the top rope and does a 180 catching Devine in the DDT from the top move. Ted follows up by going to the top again and flying like an eagle with the Hart Attack SSP. But Devine moves and Ted lands on his feet. Devine and Ted then stare at each other over the ropes with anger in their eyes and mind you they still have a match to team in tonight.

Overall Rating = 71.3%

AJ has the night off:

AJ Styles enters the building and Mike Blaze walks up to him. AJ gets ready to punch but then cops come walking up behind Mike. AJ puts his fist down and Mike speaks.

Mike Blaze: Hey AJ. Mr. Russo told me to tell you that you get to have the night off and because of that are not allowed in the arena. So turn around and walk right back out that door. Or these cops here will force you to because personally I don't think your worth me doing it.

Mike then spits in AJ's face and steps behind the cops and laughs as we cut to commercials.

Overall Rating = 55.5%

Commercials are shown.

Don West: How was that in their with Devine and Ted Tenay?

Mike Tenay: I, I, I, I, I'm speechless Don. I can't beleive what I witnessed first hand. Like I could see the hate in their eyes for each other this time. It was nothing I ever want to see again.

Don West: Sounds like it was brutal standing their Tenay. But either way we must get to the ring with Apocalypse vs D'Lo Brown.

Apocalypse vs D'Lo Brown:

Amazing match where D'Lo really showed himself. Good thing he's back on TV. I was wondering why he had only been working Xplosion for so long. Apocalypse definatelly showed that he deserved the signing as many thought he'd be the next Dallas. Big but not to big and still no skill. But Apoc showed that he had the skill. The end saw Apocalypse hit the Jesus Driver(Michinoku/Juvi Driver). He got a 1...2... but AJ Styles came from behind with a chair and hit Apoc in the head with it. The ref calls for the DQ as Mike bolts from ringside through the crowd but not before telling Randy Myers to get in the ring. Randy gets in and gets clocked with a chair. AJ then yells at Mike that this is to send a message to him. AJ then hits both Randy and Apoc with a Styles Clash onto the chair. AJ yells a bit more and eventually leaves to cheers from the crowd.

Winner by DQ: Apocalypse

Match Reaction = 56.1%

Match Quality = 78.4%

Overall Rating = 64.7%

Stryker and Collyer are brutally beaten down:

We cut backstage were we see Stryker and Collyer walking toward the exit/entrance of the building. They're talking about something. It sounds like Russo just told them they had the night off like what happened to AJ. They continue walking and suddenlly a door to a locker room swings open and a women comes running out yelling for help. Stryker and Collyer follow her back into the room where suddenlly on either side of them appear Alex Shelley and Jeff Jarrett. Jonny Fairplay then walks up from behind. They turn around and Fairplay nods his head. Shelley and Jarrett who are holding chairs quicklly crack them on Stryker and Collyer hard. Both Stryker and Collyer fall and Shelley and Jarrett begin stomping on them. Fairplay laughs and says to get going. They all start to leave but Fairplay stops and takes one quick kick at Stryker. They then leave with this women who we have no idea who she even is. The camera turns away from Fairplay, Jarrett, and Shelley and focuses in on a knocked out Stryker and Collyer as we fade out to a locker room.

Overall Rating = 53.6%

Team Canada's locker room:

We go to Team Canada's locker room were on one side we see Teddy, Jack, and Petey. Interesting note Petey is holding his head as apparentlly the week before he suffered a concussion and will miss ring time until August 10th. Anyways. On the side opposite of them is Devine and Scott D'Amore. Everyone is silent but D'Amore finally breaks the silence.

Scott D'Amore: Ted, Devine, Jack. Tonight is the night to unite. No more fighting! We go out their and retain those 6-man tag titles as a team. Not as individuals AS A TEAM!

Petey walks out in anger as D'Amore doesn't even acknowledge him in the speach.

Scott D'Amore: So lets get out their and GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CANADA!

They all leave the room as the screen fades to commercial.

Overall Rating = 59.5%

Final commercials are shown.

Mike Tenay: Welcome everyone back to TNA IMPACT! In our Main Event quarter. The Natural Punks are already in the ring. So lets get this thing underway!

6-Man Tag Title Match: The Natural Punks vs Team Canada©:

Amazing match. At one point David Young hit Jack with a spine buster and no word of a lie Jack landed on his head with Young still landing on him. It was one sick move. Jack also managed to pull out what he calls the Corkscrew 630 off the top rope which got a major pop from the crowd. The biggest thing in the match that almost screwed Team Canada was Ted was holding Chase Stevens and of course Devine went for a missile dropkick as Ted held him. Stevens moved and Ted got dropkicked. Ted went flying back and ended up doing a back roll and when he reached his feet went nose to nose with Devine but D'Amore yelled at them and got the thing back to normal. Devine really didn't do as much as most were expecting he bassiclly played the role of leader and directed Ted and Jack on what to do. The match comes to an end when David Young goes for a spinebuster on Ted but D'Amore comes in while the refs back is turned and hits Young with the Hockey stick. Young falls out of the ring making a tag to Andy Douglas as Devine gets in the ring and knocks Stevens off the apron. This prompts Andy Douglas to push Devine over the top. Douglas then turns around and runs at Ted. Ted leaps over and Jack kicks Douglas in the gut. Jack lifts him and hits a backbreaker over the knee and holds him their as Ted goes to the top rope. Ted goes flying and hits the Heart Attack SSP Elbow Drop. The crowd goes crazy as Jack then gets up from off his knee and runs and flips over the top landing on Young and Stevens. Ted makes the cover in the ring 1...2... Devine comes from behind and pulls Ted off Douglas and makes the cover himself 1...2...3!!! DEVINE STEALS THE WIN FROM TED! O MY GOD! Ted gets up and looks at Devine and they just start to brawl wildlly. D'Amore gets in the ring and grabs Ted and Jack gets in and grabs Devine. Eventually Ted elbows D'Amore so Devine does the same to Jack. Ted and Jack then begin to brawl with D'Amore and Devine. Finally security come down and pull Ted and Jack away and get D'Amore and Devine out of the ring. Ted takes a microphone as they take them to the top of the ramp and begins to speak.

Ted Hart: I KNOW YOU HATE ME! SO NOW I HATE YOU MORE THEN YOU CAN EVERY IMAGINE! Devine whatch your back. Because as of right now Hartfoundation 2k4 IS DONE with Team Canada which means Teddy "Terminator" Hart doesn't have to put up with your **** and be careful in beating the living hell out of you anymore!

Ted drops the microphone and goes to the top rope looking at Devine. He fingers him which will be pixelated on TV. He then does a moonsault backwards onto his feet as the crowd cheers wildlly.

Winners and Still 6-man tag team champions: Team Canada

Team Canada d. The Natural Punks: Match Reaction = 44.3%

Match Quality = 76.4%

Overall Rating = 50.4%

Ted Hart and Jack Evans leave Team Canada:

Overall Rating = 62.6%

Last night's TNAW Impact show got an overall rating of 61.1%.

TNAW Impact drew 643,061 viewers (up by 16,918)

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Huge news on the next TNA PPV!:

Reported by Dave Scherr of 1wrestling.com:

Word is that Total Nonstop Action Wrestling will indeed be getting a second PPV which will air Sunday, Spetember 19th.

The Logo was realeased earlier today:

user posted image

When you veiw the TNA logo on this logo you notice that New Japan Pro Wrestling's tiger logo is inside the TNA logo. I found this odd and upon further inspection learned that TNA and New Japan Pro Wrestling will be joining forces as "Total New Japan Action" for one night only to present "The Tokyo Dome". This will be the only time a promotion other then WWE has run out of Japan since the original NWA in the 1980's.

The rumoured card so far is as follows:

Ted Hart vs Johnny Devine vs Koji Kanemoto

20 man Junior/X-Division Battle Royal: 10 men from Japanese juniors and 10 men from TNA's X-Division.<<Confirmed

AJ Styles vs Masahiro Chono

we do not know if any title will be on the line. or not. Those 3 other then the 20 man junior/x-division match are only rumoured matches. We will bring you any news we get on this major event for the weeks to come leading up to September 19th!

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user posted image

TNA IMPACT! Has never been so intense before this event. Which you will learn why in this preveiw.

First of all Stryker and Chad Collyer were left a mess knocked out in a locker room after a brutal beat down by Team J as they are calling themselves for the time being. The weirdest thing about it all though is the mysterio women whose face was not clearly veiwed who was with Fairplay, Jarrett, and Alex "James" Shelley. Their is no telling what will happen tonight in this battle of teams. Rumours have it that Stryker and Collyer won't even be appearing due to injuries from the assault. But who knows. For all we know Stryker and Collyer could give Jarrett and Shelley some pay back. We'll just have to wait and see I guess.

Along with this Anti-TNA's Apocalypse scored his first TNA victory in his first TNA match via DQ due to interference of AJ Styles who was supposed to be gone from the building. Rumour is that after AJ left he was confronted by cops backstage and arrested. He has been barred from the arena for tonight as Anti-TNA's members of Randy Myers, Apocalypse, and Mike Blaze will face off against TNA's X-Style for the #1 contendership to the 6man tag titles. But this brings upon the talk about Team Canada and what is seeminglly the end of it.

Team Canada was bassiclly torn to peices last week as Teddy Hart and Jack Evans officially left the group. Petey Williams will be out till mid-august with a major concussion. This leaves Johnny Devine as an active member of Team Canada. However they are still 6-man tag champs. Their is no telling what will happen this week in this on going saga between Team Canada but i'm guessing it will involve problems with someone at some point.

But to be sure and actually know tune in to IMPACT live tonight on Fox Sports Net.

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user posted image

An announcement to open the show:

We go backstage to open the show were we see Vince Russo sitting at his desk. Russo looks at the screen and begins to speak.

Vince Russo: I regret to inform you that Sonjay Dutt has left Total Nonstop Action Wrestling for less greener pastiours in the WWE. So tonight in a replacement for him in TNA's X-Style. Winners of the opening Tag Match from last week partner might I add regularlly Michael Shane and Frankie Kazarian will face each other. The winner going on to team with Jerry Lynn and The Amazing Red in the main event of tonights show for a #1 contendership to the 6-man tag team titles! Also how about to go along with this Shane vs Kazarian will be reffed by their manager Traci Brooks!

Russo's door shuts as the screen fades to the arena were Michael Shane and Frankie Kazarian are entering the ring.

Overall Rating = 58.4%

Mike Tenay: Wow Don. Sonjay leaves and we get Shane vs Kazarian along with the #1 contendership to the 6-man tag titles all in one night.

Don West: Thats right Tenay this should be amazing to see. However I wonder how this will work out with Traci as referee. Will she help Shane or Kazarian. Or will it be called right down the middle.

Mike Tenay: I'm truly not sure Don. But lets get to the match now.

Winner wrestles in the #1 contendership to 6-man tag titles: Michael Shane vs Frankie Kazarian (Special Guest Ref: Traci Brooks):

Great match although it was only the first half of a 2 part match. But we'll get to that in a second. The match started with some alright chain wrestling from the two for about a minute. Eventually they started a tackle spot which lead to more spots afterwards. At one point Michael Shane went for a moonsault as Kazarian was standing just like good ole cousin Shawn used to do. Kazarian however side stepped and Shane landed right on his gut and Kazarian said something along the lines of "See i'm not dumb like the guys HBKrap wrestled!" this lead to an argument between the two before each slapping the taste out of each others mouths. They then stood their for a second. Then apologized to each other, shook hands and oddlly enough both fell down and placed a finger on each others chest for a double pinfall which Traci gladlly counted.

Winner: Draw

Match Reaction = 57.5%

Match Quality = 76.6%

Overall Rating = 57.2%

Vince Russo says "No, No!":

Vince Russo walks out onstage after the match as Michael Shane and Frankie Kazarian take the mic and begin to speak.

Michael Shane: Look Vince! Look at us! We both get to go on to the 6-way because we are the greatest of all time!

Frankie Kazarian: Don't forget that were the coolest to Mike!

Vince Russo gets a microphone by a sound man near the stage and begins to speak.

Vince Russo: No, No! There is no way in hell on my whatch you two idiots are going into that match together. Traci if anything like that goes down again you either don't count or you get fired. Sound good? If you don't understand what I mean. I mean that this match is being restarted. Along with this if either of you two pull any crap in it you will both be suspended. So hurry up and get to it. Well actually you have 2 minutes to whine about it cause we have to go to commercial!

We fade to commercial as Russo goes backstage and Shane and Kazarian are seen in the ring have a fit.

Overall Rating = 68.2%

Commercials are shown.

Part 2: Michael Shane vs Frankie Kazarian (Special Guest Ref: Traci Brooks):

They start off with lots of quick spots now including both turning around quicklly and going for moonsaults which ended up getting them nothing but hitting each others legs. Some extremelly stiff shots seen including Frankie hitting Shane with a forearm from hell. Followed by Shane with a super kick right to the chin almost knocking Kazarian out but not quite for the 3. They eventually stop with the hard hits and spots and lock up and go into a few basic chain wrestling spots. The crowd actually got really into it. Especially the ending when Kazarian had Shane in a headlock. Shane whipped Kazarian over with a back suplex but Kazarian landed on his feet. Kazarian then went for a german on Shane but Shane flipped and landed on his feet. Kazarian turned around and they both went for a dropkick and kicked each others feet sending them flying across the ring to diffrent sides respectivelly. They then both got up and ran at each other. Double clothesine. They got up again and ran at each other. Double crossbody. They got up again ran and both rolled past each other. They got up clapped and Kazarian ran at Shane and started beating on him in the corner. Traci started to try and pull Kazarian away but he held onto Shane by the shoulders. Traci pulls eventually hard enough but it sends Kazarian hitting Shane with a Wave of the Futer. He makes the cover and Traci reluctentlly makes the 1...2...3! Kazarian then celebrates as Shane gets up and yells at Traci before storming off in anger.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Match Reaction = 58.8%

Match Quality = 79.6%

Overall Rating = 54.0%

Mike Tenay: Great match Don. Looks like Shane and Traci arn't getting along well after she counted Shane out for Kazarian.

Don West: Well Tenay its expected of a person like Shane to be an angered jerk like that sometimes.

Mike Tenay: Yes Don you're right but now I need to change the subject. We were told earlier today that indeed Stryker and Collyer were cleared to wrestle. Each are not 100% but are well enough to have a match. Their for Vince Russo decided that tonight a team that has long awaited their next title shot will get it tonight. That team is America's Most Wanted!

Don West: Yes Tenay AWM finally gets back on TV and gets another tag title shot. Which is RIGHT NOW! So lets get to it.

Tag Team Title Match: Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker© vs America's Most Wanted(James Storm and Chris Harris):

Pretty good match. Not the best but good. We see Collyer use his Butterfly Suplex Sitout Driver like mover at one point which gets a nice pop. James Storm for the first time in months hit the 8-second ride on Stryker which got a pop as it is an amazing move. The match continues with some chain wrestling near the end which is diffrent from the usual pace of a match starting with chain wrestling then going to big moves this started more with big moves then chain wrestling. Anyways though. Stryker and Harris are chain wrestling and suddenlly out of the crowd comes Jeff Jarrett and Alex Shelley. Shelley pulls Collyer off the apron and him and Jarrett start to beat on him. Jonny Fairplay then comes walking down the ramp with April Pennington holding his arm. This distracts Stryker as she smiles at him. Harris rolls Stryker up but manages to kick out. Stryker turns around and ends up taking a guitar shot right to the head from Jarrett. The ref calls for a DQ as April comes walking down to the ring with Fairplay. She gets in the ring and slaps Stryker who is then hit with a stroke. Suddenlly Harris gets up and Storm gets in the ring they end up chasing Shelley, Jarrett, Fairplay, and April up the ramp then helping up Collyer and Stryker as we go to commercial.

Winners and STILL tag champs: Collyer and Stryker

Match Reaction = 54.5%

Match Quality = 76.4%

Overall Rating = 52.9%

Commercials are shown.


We return to the broadcast as Collyer and Stryker are walking up the ramp with AMW. Out of no were now again we see Jarrett and Shelley attack but this time both holding chairs. They first go after AMW and knocked them out with the chairs. Styker goes running at Jarrett and Shelley and they throw the chairs but Stryker ducks. Stryker however ends up getting backdropped and this brings out April and Fairplay. Fairplay handcuffs AMW together then to a pole on the stage as April spits on Stryker and handcuffs him to a stage pole. Jarrett then orders Shelley to beat down Collyer. Shelley says alright and starts to punch him. Shelley then looks off the stage and smiles. He picks Collyer up and sets him up. He lifts him and POWERBOMB OFF THE STAGE!!!! Collyer goes flying down to the ground below and unlike WWE with no tables breaking the fall just right to the cement. 10 feet down to cement. Collyer just lays motionless as EMT's come running out and jumping off the stage to help Collyer. We then cut to a pre-recorded sit down interview with AJ Styles conducted by Mike Tenay.

Overall Rating = 42.5%

Sit Down with AJ Styles:

We go backstage and we see AJ Styles sitting in a chair across from Mike Tenay also sitting in a chair. We see the pre-recorded symbol on the screen and the interview begins.

Mike Tenay: AJ, i'd like to ask you about the stampede wrestling talent who have invaded TNA so far calling themselves simply Anti-TNA. What do you think of Randy Myers?

AJ Styles: Honestlly Tenay I hate all 3 of the ones here right now. One by one I will take them and anyone else who comes to TNA associated with them out. The funniest thing is this all started because some dumb kid who doesn't even deserve to be in TNA is being favored by his boss Vince Russo. Also Tenay the only reason Apocalypse and Randy Myers are in this promotion is because of that dumb kid. Thos 3 don't deserve to be here and shouldn't be here. I have all the respect in the world for guys working their way up but not when they get somewhere because the kid they trained is favored by Vince Russo.

Mike Tenay: Alright thats fair. Can I get your thoughts on the Total New Japan Action Tokyo Dome show that will be broadcasted on PPV september 19th from Tokyo Japan?

AJ Styles: I truly hope it does well and I can't wait to find out who i'm wrestling. I've never had the honor of wrestling any of the New Japan guys other then The Stampede Kid and American Dragon. I'd love to wrestling anyone like Liger and Masahiro Chono. I just hope Blaze, Apocalypse, and Myers will be barred from my match and any other match so they won't ruin the show.

Mike Tenay: Understandab.......

Suddenlly Mike, Apoc, and Myers make their way onto the set and Mike begins to speak.

Mike Blaze: Hey AJ. Got a question how do you think it will feel to lose your title to a kid? hahahahaha!

AJ gets up and throws his chair but security gets in between them. Mike spits on AJ as him and Anti-TNA leave.

Mike Tenay: What the hell? Don't worry their just a'holes. But response?

AJ Styles: YOU KNOW WHAT TENAY?! Actions speak louder then words and tonight my actions will speak louder then any word I can say right now!

AJ gets up and rips the microphone off and leaves.

Overall Rating = 82.3%

Final commercials are shown.

Don West: Well that was quite the interview Tenay. Any idea what AJ meant at the end?

Mike Tenay: I have no idea Don. All I know is that usually what AJ says he means. So i'm sure Mike Blaze will feel some pain tonight.

Don West: I'm sure of that along with you Tenay. But the main event is now.

Mike Tenay: Thats right Don. Anti-TNA vs TNA's X-Style with new member Frankie Kazarian RIGHT NOW!

#1 contendership to 6-man tag titles: Anti-TNA vs TNA's X-Style(Lynn, Red and Kazarian):

Pretty good match. Which saw me sort of stay on the apron till the end. At one point Apocalypse did a 450 from the top rope to the outside landing on Me, Myers, Lynn, Red and Kazarian. It looked sick later on tape. Myers being the crazy awesome guy he is pulled off a 450 for his first time which I myself popped for. During the match Ted Hart, Jack Evans, Johnny Devine, and Scott D'Amore came out onto the stage all at diffrent times to whatch. They also had a littler stare down with each other during the time. Eventually I got in the ring and took a Cradle Piledriver, then a Code Red, then a Wave of the Future. Everytime i'd be pinned Apoc or Myers would get in and make the save. Eventually I got the advantage and went to the top rope as Lynn laid out on the ground. We then saw the moonsault legdrop landing it for my first time ever. On a legend in Jerry Lynn. 1...2.... AJ comes running down the ramp and slides in the ring. He picks me up and starts to beat on me as the ref is with Apoc, Myers, Red and Kazarian on the outside. Eventually AJ clocked me with a chair and Styles Clashed me on it leaving me bloody. He then rolled Lynn onto me. AJ got out of the ring and the ref got in the ring. The ref got over and counted 1...2.....3!!! This suddenlly brought AJ into the ring who pushed Lynn out and threw the ref over the top rope. AJ then began to beat on me with the chair till i'm bleedying much worse then already. Devine and D'Amore start to walk down the ramp after TNA's X-Style. But Jack and Ted follow behind and forearm Devine and D'Amore in the back. They start to brawl with them and eventually get into the ring with AJ and Me. Eventually AJ whipped me over the ropes and went to the outside to beat on me then me, AJ, Myers, Apoc, and TNA's X-Style sorta just disappeared. However in the ring a battle between Team Canada and their former members. D'Amore sorta leaves the ring and Ted and Devine fight. Jack starts to sorta look disoriented after a shot he took earlier and falls tripping Ted. D'Amore gets in the ring with a chair and cracks it over both Ted and Jack's backs. D'Amore then hands the chair to Devine and takes a pair of handcuffs out of his pocket. He handcuffs Ted to the ropes and Devine starts to beat on Jack with the chair. Jack just starts to twitch a bit until finally Devine slams the chair right over Jack's face and Jack starts to roll around the ring screaming. Devine then lays the chair out and he picks Jack up. He puts Jack on the top rope and goes up their with him. He sets him up in a tombstone. He jumps off the top rope and TOMBSTONE ONTO THE CHAIR FROM THE TOP. Jack just starts to twitch as he lays on the ground. Devine and D'Amore then walk over to Ted and Ted tries to kick them but can't. Devine takes the X-Title and holds it right to Ted's face yelling at him "This is the closest you will ever be to this title you son of a bitch!" eventually Ted spits on Devine. So Devine punches him right in the face then him and D'Amore leave the ring and start to walk up the ramp as Jack looks at Ted with a look like "Why did you make us leave?" as the blood drips down his face onto his chest. We fade to black ending the show.

Winners: TNA's X-Style

Match Ratings:

Match Reaction = 54.3%

Match Quality = 82.3%

Overall Rating = 71.0%

Jack Evans beatdown:

Overall Rating = 54.2%

Last night's TNAW Impact show got an overall rating of 51.1%.

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The first IMPACT! of August will see the aftermath of a sick beat down on Jack Evans but thats only the icing on the cake!

First thing to talk about is the break down seeminglly of Michael Shane and Traci that has began devolpment when Traci counted down Shanes shoulders giving Kazarian a victory catopolting him into the main event. Will anything happen this week with this story or will it just dwindle away and will Shane and Traci be fine and dandy again?

Now we speak about one of the biggest shockers of the show. Jack Evans beat down was brutal and nasty. But what we are about to talk about was worse. The powerbomb given to Chad Collyer by Alex Shelley off the stage. The reason this was worse then usual was because Collyer didn't even hit a table to get hurt ALOT but atleast break his fall from the concrete floor. No he landed back first on a solid concrete floor. Currentlly Chad Collyer is still in the hospital and will not be at this weeks show. Rumoured for tonight however is Matt Stryker vs Alex Shelley in a No DQ match.

But now to the icing on the cake. After interference by AJ Styles giving TNA's X-Style the win over Anti-TNA for the 6-man tag titles #1 contender ship we were treated to a huge free for all brawl. Eventually TNA's X-Style, Anti-TNA, and AJ just sort of dissappeared. But Scott D'Amore, Johnny Devine, Ted Hart, and Jack Evans who all came out to whatch the match at diffrent times did not. Ted was handcuffed to the ropes and forced to whatch his partner and student take a beating till Jack was covered in his own blood. HOWEVER tonight will see Petey Williams who is being forced to team with Johnny Devine against Teddy Hart and JACK EVANS who has told doctors he does not care about what they say and has signed a wavier saying if he gets any more injury due to this TNAW will not be held responsible. Maybe Jack will get his revenge.

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The show opens with Michael Shane:

We open the show with Michael Shane and Traci making their way to the ring. Odd to say the least. Shane gets into the ring and takes a microphone. He looks around and begins to speak.

Michael Shane: Frankie listen up. Traci here has admitted her mistake in counting me out against you. So tonight I want me vs you in a match. But I want it to be one on one regular. No guest referee. Cause Frankie you know without a problem with my girl you couldn't beat me if I had both hands tied between my back and my left leg tied between my hands.

Shane waits and suddenlly hears music but its not Frankie's. It's JUVENTUD GUERRERA'S!!!! Juvi jumps out from the curtain as the crowd lets out a loud roar. Guerrera walks down the ramp way and grabs a microphone.

Juventud Guerrera: Well Michael it seems that Frankie won't be coming out tonight. So how about I make my redebut in ring against I dunno YOU!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!! By the way Mr. Russo told me it would happen.

Guerrera drops the microphone and walks to the ring as Shane goes crazy.

Overall Rating = 67.6%

Michael Shane vs Juventud Guerrera:

Great match which saw some nice spots from both. Shane tried for his Picture Perfect Elbow to the OUTSIDE! But Guerrera rolled out of the way avoiding it which sent Shane to a crashing end on the ground elbow first. It actually looked like Shane injured his arm on the landing. The ending see's Shane whip Guerrera into the ropes and run at him. Traci trips Guerrera not noticing Shane and Shane trips over Guerrera guilotining himself over the top rope. He falls to his back as Guerrera stands. Guerrera goes to the top rope and Traci tries to hold onto his feet but Guerrera kicks Traci off the apron onto her back. Guerrera stands on the top rope. Looks around and 450!!!!!! He lands right on Shane extremelly hard and stays their for the cover the ref comes over 1...2....3!!! Guerrera gets the win and starts to celebrate as Traci gets in the ring. Guerrera walks about the ramp signing autographs in the front row and stuff. But we then go back to the ring were we see Shane yelling at Traci. Eventually he pushes her away from him and he leaves.

Winner: Juventud Guerrera

Match Reaction = 50.8%

Match Quality = 82.6%

Overall Rating = 66.6%

Hardcore Match Hype Up by Don West, Mike Tenay, and Scott Hudson:



Scott Hudson: Should be an amazing bout between two rivals next up on TNA's IMPACT!

Mike Tenay: After weeks of Collyer and Stryker being assaulted and insulted by Shelley and Jarrett last week the line was drawn as Chad Collyer was powerbombed off the 10 foot high stage onto the hard cement floor beneath. But tonight Matt Stryker has vowed revenge in a Hardcore match against "The Next JJ" Alex Shelley! This is all NEXT!

Overall Rating = 61.9%

Commercials are shown.

Hardcore Match: Matt Stryker vs Alex Shelley:

CRAZY and GREAT match up. It begins with a good 3 minutes of good solid wrestling between the two until finally Shelley brings a chair into the ring. He cracks it over Strykers head and Stryker falls to the canvas. Shelley makes the cover and gets a 2 and 3 quarter count. For about a minute or 2 Shelley and Stryker use the chair for some pretty nice spots inculding Stryker laying Shelley over the chair bridged. Stryker then jumped off the second rope elbow dropping right on the chest of Alex Shelley sending him onto his head which looked very sick. Eventually Shelley ran at Stryker and took a backdrop over the top rope. He over rotated a bit and landed on his feet for a split second before going to his back. Stryker got out of the ring and starts to kick the crap out of Shelley. They got on the stage and Stryker looked down at the guardrail. He tried to backdrop Shelley into the crowd but Shelley fought out of it. Shelley then threw Stryker in the air behind him but not in a backdrop. Stryker ended up landing throat first over the guardrail. Shelley had the advantage for most of the ending now on the stage as he just really beat the living crap out of Stryker. Eventually Stryker was bleeding and Shelley went for the Downward Spiral. Stryker ends up going down with it but pops up to his feet. As we look at the replay we notice he landed hand standing and nipped up from their. He turns around and kicks Shelley in the gut and STRYKER DRIVER!!!! The crowd goes crazy as Stryker makes the cover 1...2....3!!! STRYKER GETS THE WIN! He stands up and smiles then turns around and GUITAR OVER THE HEAD! April Pennington actually just hit Stryker with a guitar. Stryker starts to stagger and Jarrett comes out and grabs him. Jonny Fairplay isn't far behind with a chair which he sets up unfolded. Jarrett then hits the STROKE on Stryker so he lands face first right on the chair. Stryker bounces off and starts to twitch. Shelley gets up and goes to powerbomb Stryker off the stage but Stryker blocks security comes out and restrain Shelley and Jarrett after getting Stryker away from them. We then cut backstage were for some odd reason Abyss is with Scott Hudson.

Winner: Matt Stryker

Match Reaction = 43.1%

Match Quality = 66.2%

Overall Rating = 54.0%

Abyss wants to TALK?!?!:

We go backstage were we see Scott Hudson standing by Abyss in the interview area. Scott Hudson starts to speak.

Scott Hudson: So Abyss you wanted to actually talk to me tonight.

Abyss: rrrr.......arrrr........irrrrr.......

AJ Styles sudenlly walks by.

AJ Styles: Dude you suck!

AJ then walks past and just sorta dissapears into the hallway area.

Overall Rating = 65.3%

Commercials are shown.

Mike Tenay: Wow I can't beleive AJ just walked in and told Abyss he sucked and then walked past. That was a shocker if you ask me.

Don West: Yes it was Tenay.....

Mike Tenay: Sorry to cut you off Don but apparentlly Abyss just kicked in the door to Russo's office. Lets get some cameras back their.

Abyss wants a match with AJ:

We go backstage to Vince Russo's office which the door is broken open from Abyss kicking it in. Russo looks right in Abyss's face and speaks.

Vince Russo: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?! Breaking into my office like this! Knock and ask politelly next time you stupid big ass KANE LOOK ALIKE IDIOT!!! Now tell me what the hell you want so I can get your ass out of here.

Abyss: errr..grrrr.rrrrrr.ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russo jumps out of his chair and behind it and yells for security. Security comes filing in and stands between Abyss and Russo. Abyss then points at the TV Russo was whatching of an NWA Wildside match on.

Vince Russo: You want a match?

Abyss nods his head yes.

Vince Russo: Against who?

Abyss points to a picture of AJ Styles.

Vince Russo: AJ Styles is who you want to wrestle? When?

Abyss looks around and points to the ring.

Vince Russo: Right now?

Abyss nods his head yes again.

Vince Russo: Well then I guess AJ Styles vs Abyss is RIGHT NOW!!! So get to the ring.

Abyss leaves and Russo starts to breathe easier as we fade to the arena for the match.

Overall Rating = 65.3%

AJ Styles vs Abyss:

Alright match which has been seen a few times before already. Abyss beats on AJ for alot of it with power moves. At one point AJ ran at him full speed and took a clothesline that sent him really hard onto the back of his head. AJ sorta started to twitch after that and this gave Abyss the chance to pick him up and powerbomb him right onto his head. The crowd popped for that actually I think it was just because of how hard he landed and how truly sick it looked. AJ managed to get the moonsault reverse DDT onto Abyss for a 2 count but was then pushed up and thrown through the middle rope. AJ lands hard on his hip on the outside hard which might need to get checked out. Abyss goes onto the outside and waits for AJ to get up. He grabs AJ by the hand and pulls him into him. He grabs and lifts and hits the Blackhole Slam on the OUTSIDE! Abyss however can't make the pinfall on the outside so he rolls AJ into the ring and irish whips him again. He catches him and goes for the Blackhole Slam but AJ holds Abyss's arm and backflips over. He starts to hit Abyss in the back as he holds around his waist. Eventually Abyss falls forward and because AJ is holding his gut its onto his head. AJ attempts to set up for the Styles Clash but can't get it. He pushes him over and then leg drops him landing leg first on his throat. AJ goes to the apron and calls for the springboard 450. He jumps and out of no were Randy Myers jumps to the apron and pulls AJ backwards so AJ flies off the ropes to the harsh ground below. Apocalypse jumps over the rail and him and Randy begin to stomp away at AJ as the ref calls for the bell. Eventually Apocalypse picks AJ up for a crucifix powerbomb/grounded splash mountain bomb. Apocalypse ends up throwing AJ back like a Gory Bomb and Randy catches him in a downward spiral on his way down. Security then come out and lead Apocalypse and Randy backstage as we cut to pre-recorded interviews with Ted and Jack and Team Canada before their match.

Winner: AJ Styles

Match Reaction = 60.4%

Match Quality = 70.8%

Overall Rating = 60.9%

Scott Hudson Interviews Teddy Hart and Jack Evans:

We go to a pre-recorded quick interview with Ted Hart and Jack Evans conducted by Scott Hudson. Scott looks at Teddy and begins to speak.

Scott Hudson: Ted and Jack I would like to know what you two are thinking before this huge match finally pitting you 2 against your former Team Canada partners happens.

Teddy Hart: Scott in all honesty all I can think of is going out their and with my best friend Jack by my side beating the living hell out of Johnny Devine even if I have to go through a good friend in Petey Williams to do so. My hatred for Johnny Devine is more then any hatred for any person in this world. Me and Johnny were once good friends but now me and Johnny are great enemies. The hatred boils within us week after week. Till finally we crack and we have cracked. Tonight I hope will be the end of this but even if it is the end that doesn't mean i'm going back cause I can't handle Team Canada anymore I want to look out for myself and Jack.

Jack Evans: Scott all I can think of now is going out their to help Ted and thats all I really care about right now.

Teddy Hart: So Johnny take a deap breathe because in just a few minutes me and Jack are going to enter that ring and kick your ass!

we fade to the Team Canada interview.

Overall Rating = 63.1%

Scott Hudson interviews Team Canada:

We go to another pre-recorded interview this time featuring the remaining members of Team Canada in Coach Scott D'Amore, "Hotshot" Johnny Devine, and Petey Williams. Scott Hudson stares at them and begins to speak.

Scott Hudson: As I asked Ted and Jack earlier. What are you thinking going into this huge match finally pitting all of you together in this large battle against each other?

Petey Williams: Well honest......

Scott D'Amore: Petey shut up for a second. This time is for Johnny to get his hatred for Ted known to the world before he rips Ted's guts out from his own mouth.

Petey Williams: Then go to hell! I'll be out their only because i'm being forced to!

Petey stands up and walks away.

Johnny Devine: Stupid Windsor kid. Anyways though. Like Scott said this time is for me to get my hatred for Ted out to the world so they know why tonight I have to kill Ted. Tonight I will beat Ted into that mat till I get the 3 count and then I will beat on him until his blood is splattered over the ring. I will use a chair to spill his blood if I must. I will do all I can to possibly end his carrer tonight in the asylum. And if he doesn't like it he better learn to love it because it will be positivelly Devine and now Team Canada is going to go get ready for that match!

We fade to commercials as Devine and D'Amore leave the room.

Overall Rating = 75.0%

Final commercials are shown:

Mike Tenay: West this is going to be huge. Finally Team Canada vs Ted and Jack will happen. The diffrences will finally be settled. Who is the better team? We'll soon find out!

Don West: Your totally right Tenay. This will be a huge match and deciding factor in both the fate of Ted and Jack and Team Canada. I can't wait to see what all 4 pull out in this one.

Suddenlly Scott D'Amore comes walking down and sits down beside Tenay and Don.

Scott D'Amore: Listen guys. I don't how can I put this nicelly.......Trust you commentating this match alone. Theirfore i'll help you. But before it starts i've been told by Mr. Russo their is a video to be played.

Hype Video for Tag Match:

We see a video hyping the tag match which shows the problems in Team Canada so far including Devine's X-Title win and Ted's anger afterwards. The 6 man tag title win followed by Devine getting captainship and Ted going crazy. Going through all the things that have happened eventually reaching a picture of a bloody Jack Evans staring up at Ted as in the background you see Devine and D'Amore standing their laughing.

The Great Battle: Team Canada's Petey Williams and "Hotshot Captain" Johnny Devine vs Jack Evans and Teddy "Terminator" Hart:

The match began with Ted and Petey in the ring. They start going for each others arms one grabbing and the other pushing away. Ted eventually jumps and hits a nice dropkick to send Petey to his back. Ted waits for him to stand up and he hooks him in a headlock and takes him over. This begins about a minute long of chain wrestling before Ted makes the tag out to Jack. Jack gets in the ring and locks up with Petey. Jack manages to get a snapmare which goes into about 2 minutes of chain wrestling which was suprisinglly very very well done. Eventually it ends however with Petey whipping Jack at a turnbuckle and Jack runs up and moonsaults which looks extremelly nice. Jack makes the cover 1...2.... Devine gets in the ring and kicks Jack in the back of the head then DDT's him and Jack lands spiked. Devine pulls Petey over to his corner and tags himself in. Devine gets in and starts to kick the hell out of Jack. Devine then beats on Jack for a few minutes before going to the top rope. Devine goes for the Shooting Star Press but Jack moves and Devine lands face first on the canvas. Jack makes the tag to Ted as Devine gets up. Devine turns around and is confronted by Ted. Devine quicklly runs and tags into Petey. Petey gets in the ring and dropkicks Ted and starts to brawl on him majorlly. Ted eventually manages to get him down with the headlock twist fujiwara spot. He then picks him up and whips him into the corner. Petey hits hard and walks out and takes a harsh kick to the gut. Ted then goes to the top rope and looks at Petey and jumps. He ends up upside down in the air as he lands on Petey's shoulders. He then swings his legs down and hits the Terminator DDT. The crowd lets out a large cheer as Ted goes up to the top rope again. He comes off the top with a Shooting Star Press and turns it into an Elbow Drop which he calls the Hart Attack SSP V2.0. However Petey rolls and Ted lands hard on his head and elbow. Petey makes the tag into Devine and Devine gets into the ring. Devine starts to kick at Ted and eventually slams him in the middle of the ring. Devine goes up to the top rope and yells for the Devine Interventions. He goes for the moonsault and tucks in for the frogsplash at the end. He untucks and AGAIN someone moves this time Ted. Devine lands on his gut and him and Ted both crawl to their corners and tag out to their partners. Devine gets out of the ring and Petey gets in as Jack springboards to the top rope. However he slipped off the top rope and lands on Ted. Once he gets up he turns right into the CANADIAN DESTROYER!!!! The crowd lets out a large "Holy ****!" chant for the move. Petey makes the cover 1.....2.....3!!!! Petey gets the pin and smiles Devine then gets in the ring and starts to celebrate pushing Petey away sorta.

Winners: Team Canada

Match Reaction = 48.5%

Match Quality = 91.2%

Overall Rating = 63.4%


Scott D'Amore gets into the ring with Devine and Petey. They push Jack out of the ring and look at a coughing Teddy Hart after the harsh landing on his gut from a falling Jack Evans. D'Amore calls for a microphone. Its given to him and he begins to speak.

Scott D'Amore: Well well well Teddy. Seems like your the one whose been defeated and because of who? Your own buddy slipping off the top rope. The same guy you trained to do that flippy no technique **** fell off the ropes. Funny isn't it? GET UP YOU PEICE OF CRAP! BE A MAN!

Ted starts to stand and Devine slaps him and kicks him in the chest. Ted falls to his back again and looks up coughing.

Scott D'Amore: Ted you may think this is over but its far from over! KICK HIS ASS!

Devine starts to beat on Ted and so does D'Amore. They tell Petey to help but Petey tells them to go to hell and tries to pull them off of Ted. Devine gets up and starts to brawl with Petey as D'Amore gets out of the ring and grabs a chair. He gets back in and cracks it over Petey's back and they roll him out of the ring. D'Amore then sets up the chair and Devine sits on it with the microphone. D'Amore keeps kicking Ted in the face as Devine speaks.

Johnny Devine: I told you i'd kill you tonight Ted and i'm going to keep my promise. I may not be able to kill you as a person because of law but I will kill your carrer. By the time me and D'Amore are through with you right now you will be dead!

Devine gets up and tries to DDT Ted face first onto the chair but Ted blocks it and backdrops him. Ted then turns around and blocks a punch from D'Amore. He kicks D'Amore in the gut then DDT's him onto the chair. D'Amore rolls out of the ring in pain as Devine gets up. Devine rushes Ted into the corner but Ted turns him around and they start to brawl in the corner. They beat on each other till both are almost knocked out. Suddenlly Ted starts to punch Devine hard in the head and Devine is sorta just closing his eyes and falling into the corner more and more each time he gets hit. Jack Evans then gets in the ring and grabs the chair. He tells Ted to move and Ted does so. Jack then walks forward. He looks at Devine and suddenlly Devine's eyes open wide. Both Jack and Devine get this evil smile on their face. Jack then spins around and knocks Ted out with the chair. Ted falls to the ground and both Devine and Jack start to kick him in the chest and head. Devine goes to the top rope and then hits the Devine Intervention moonsault on Ted. Ted starts to cough and they then slam his throat on the chair and he begins to cough up blood. They yell at D'Amore whose getting up and he pulls out a table from ringside. Jack starts yelling "Did you really think i'd accidentlly fall off the top rope like that right onto you?" at Ted and many other things that can't be repeated and will be bleeped out. D'Amore sets up the table as Devine takes Ted to the outside. They set Ted up on the table and Jack goes to the top rope. He prays and lets out a big breathe. He then jumps up and DOUBLE MOONSAULT FROM THE TOP ROPE TO THE TABLE ON THE OUTSIDE. Ted starts to twitch as Jack starts rolling around holding his gut. Devine and D'Amore manage to help Jack up whose coughing alot and they lift Ted in the ring. Devine then puts one foot on Ted's chest as him, D'Amore, and Jack hold their arms up and we fade to the end of the show.

Overall Rating = 57.9%

Last night's TNAW Impact show got an overall rating of 63.1%.

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Get ready for another exciting week of TNA Impact! But first lets recap the end of last week.

Last week Jack Evans did the un-thinkable. He turned on his partner, his trainer, and most importantlly his friend! To join what has now come to be the Darkerside of Team Canada. Jack took Ted down with a chair. Then proceeded to go to the top rope and blast Teddy with a double moonsault through a table. Due to the hainess and brutal attack by Jack, Johnny Devine, and Scott D'Amore Teddy will not be at Impact this week. Johnny and Jack better realize they were two very lucky people because if Ted was their i'm sure their would be hell to pay.

Another thing is the beat down of Matt Stryker after his victory over "The Next JJ" Alex Shelley in the hardcore bout. Will Stryker get his revenge?

Also AJ Styles defeated Abyss. But by disqualification after the not so shocking interference from Anti-TNA Apocalypse and Randy Myers. The Stampede Wrestling duo stormed the ringside area ripping AJ off the apron. Then pounding on him with a series of stomps followed up by a brutal and great tag team move. This week we have Randy and Apoc vs AJ and a partner of his choice booked and ready to go. The best part is Mike Blaze has been told by TNA Management and by TNA Management we mean the higher ups from Vince Russo. That he will be barred from going to the ring and if he goes near the ring at all he will be suspended!

Also this week we will announce the main event for the Tokyo Dome show run by as joined TNA and NJPW.

So make sure to tune into TNA Impact this week for all the details! DON'T FORGET!

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