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The EWB Debate-Off


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Ok, the premise here is simple.

Me and Basha are going to participate in a small debate, the subject matter aswell as the winner will be judged by you.

The subject of the debate can range from, "who would win in a fight, Blue Meanie or Roddy Piper?" to "Can WWE's mediocrity end?"

As with any debate there are two sides.

When, you write in your stipulation please include who you want to debate for which side of the arguement.

We'll each be given two posts to express our points, although only one is required, after the debating has ended, the first p.o.v to be given 5 votes in favor of it wins.

You may ask, 'why bother?'

Because, we were bored and it's something to do while I train, so come one, come all to the first and perhaps only Debate-Off.

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Just because I know if I don't throw this question in now, it'll be #89273948 by the time I check the topic again:

If Heyman was given complete control over the WWE's booking, would he save or kill the WWE?

Basha: Save

Pleather: Kill

Eh. If you want to switch or whatever, I don't mind, I'd just like to see it answered.

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