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Driving Tunes

lafunky xxvii

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Guest boris yeltsin

Wheels on the Bus,


Old McDonald...

Nah, well Metallica is always good, and Linkin Park, Guns 'n Roses. Pretty much any of their songs are good. And Possibly Led Zepplin

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Guest Angry Baboon

Welllllllllll, I've just made a summer CD for driving, since the weather's nice now and all....

It is:

1: Led Zeppelin- "Over the Hills and Far Away"

2: Flaming Lips- "She don't use jelly"

3: The Who- "Won't get fooled again"

4: Fleetwood Mac- "My heart beat like a hammer"

5: Captain Beefheart- "Zig Zag Wanderer"

6: T. Rex- "20th Century Boy"

7: Dinosaur Jr- "The Wagon"

8: Kinks- "Days"

9: Bob Dylan- "Visions of Johanna"

10: Belle and Sebastian- "If she wants me"

11: REM- "Imitation of Life"

12: Pixies- "Bird dream of Olympus Mons"

13: The La's- "Son of a Gun"

14: Jesus and Mary Chain- "Head on"

15: Neutral Milk Hotel- "Holland 1945"

16: Modest Mouse- "Summer"

17: Sonic Youth- "The Diamond Sea (5 Minute edit version)"

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I'm drawing a blank on suggestions, too. Most of the rap I like is Mainstream. And, since everyone else thinks Mainstream Rap sucks, it's hard to make good suggestions. Of course, I know most of you like 50 Cent's 'Power of the Dollar' album, that was released before he made it big. He did an awesome job on that, it's much better than his current stuff, IMO.

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