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The Victor Ebuwa Appreciation Thread

Stevie B

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So far four contestants have entered,

* A very weird drama queen guy.

* Assilm Seeker.

* Muscle man only wearing a thong.

* A Gay guy who only wants straight guys.

I have a feeling this Big Brother will be very interesting...

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Guest OnlyOneKeano

i hate sterotypical gay men so much ! (no up roar needed , its my opinion ) . Looking extremly shite so far

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Certainly some intresting people in their, lol can you imagine if someone gets it on with the transexual how sick would they feel once they found out, if it happens of course.

Im in love with the farmer girl, anf Kitten is gonna be fun to watch.

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Shell is just too damn cute and sexy.

That girl in like the red thing hanging about with the queer in the white top, she is just annoying me already, she is worst than Jade from BB3. The queer in the white top, well I am not agains't gays but this guy is just a pure twat.

The woman needs to lose the sailor outfit. That guy needs to put some clothes on, the one in the pink needs to take some off.

At the moment, Shell seems about the best, she can marry me. Then that guy with like the headband, he seems like he's an alcoholic, he's cool.

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God damn how am i gonna compete with IWC im gonna get a cunning plan, maybe ill dress as a sheep then she can rear me :P

I reckon the 2 gay guys will end up fighting , and lol what if the guy wearing a thong loses his suitcase.

Anyone else think that the intelligent guy looks a bit like Christian?

Dunno a little i suppose.

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BTW, the guy with the headband, he isn't gay is he? I missed like all of the run up to the show. I know Shell is cool and that other woman is a bloke, but what about this bloke with the headband?

I think he is straight, is he the one that reckons he's the most intellegant person, he looks a little bit gay but probally isn't.

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I don't think he is gay. I couldn't care if he thinks he is intelligent, at least he isn't running round the room screaming like a right little queer. I don't mind gay people, but when they start acting like twats, then thats taking it to a whole new level.

And I'll say it again...Shell is mine...

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And I'll say it again...Shell is mine...

I see a triple threat match coming on, winner takes shell.

so based on first impressions,

Who is going to win???

Maybe shell, the guy in a thong will probally go to the end, the others are questionable.

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