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The Shield season 4


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I know the season doesn't start for another two weeks but the first episode is out there and I just finished watching it....Good episode, nice start to the new season...The beginning alone has one of the funniest moments in the shows history, I won't even put any of it in spoilers because you have to see it for yourself :D poilers are below and I am giving some stuff away here, so don't read if ya don't wanna know

Ok, I'll say one thing about it, "Nice collar."<you'll get it when you see it :)> But onto other things, Glenn Close's charecter looks to be a change of pace from David, for one thing she has street experiance and isn't just a politician. Claudette's in the DA's doghouse after what happened in season 3, Dutch has stuck by her so far but you can see it's getting to him, will be interesting to see if he sticks it out or cuts bait. We get a brief appearence by Lem in the episode, but not much. Looks like Ronnie may finally get some decent TV time now that it's just him and Vic teamed up. And of course Vic going to see someone he was looking at to help him put someone away only to find him dead and Shane in the apartment apparently tied in with the guy Vic was trying to get after...it's been teased for so long, and I've said it several time but this could be the year Vic and Shane really go at it.

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Guest Bluesman

I've got the set of Season 1 and just finished watching that recently. I'm a bit worried about Close coming in, it bugs me not just adding the new character (not so much) but how it's being advertised for it's "name" value. I really can't wait though, The Shield is one of the few t.v. shows I actually watch.

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Guest Bluesman

Like I said, it really doesn't bother me too much bringing in a new character, it's that their advertising it for name value that worries me a bit. They've done such an excellent job with lesser known (or not even known) actors, I'd hate to see them break away from that and the product suffer.

One thing I found out from the commentary on season 1 was that they hadn't planned from the beginning on Gilroy being the 'big villian'.

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