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Over the past two months or so the local here has kareoke a couple of times a week. I always say I won't sing, but after I get a few in me I inevitably get up there and make a fool out of myself. So what's everyone's favourite songs to sing at kareoke?

I nearly always bust Back in the USSR and Crocodile Rock, and have been known to wail a little Khe San.

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I only went to sing karaoke 3 times... All of them Metallica songs.

1st: Enter Sandman - apparently the people loved it, they were singing it with me and I got applause.

2nd: Nothing Else Matters - did OK, I guess.

3rd: The Unforgiven - sucked big time and never had the guts to sing again.

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

You never close your eyes

Anymore when I kiss your lips.

And there's no tenderness

Like before in your fingertips.

You're trying hard not to show it, (baby).

But baby, baby I know it...

You've lost that lovin' feelin',

Whoa, that lovin' feelin',

You've lost that lovin' feelin',

Now it's gone...gone...gone...wooooooh.

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Britpop is a must for karaoke.

Park Life, Don't look back in Anger, Common People etc. in fact just go with Blur and Oasis and you can't go wrong. Last time I did karaoke (Which was Sunday) I did 3 songs (2 with other people) I did "Everything I do I do it for you" (The Bryan Adams song) with a mate. Then I did "Jump Around" by House of Pain with another mate and some other random dude (That's the best karaoke, involve randoms it kicks arse). I also pulled out a special version of "Buck Rogers" by Feeder (Come on the lyrics are inspired :shifty:)

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