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Wrestler Picture Requests

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Early??? Only third person to post

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Guest Horace222

This is for my Fantasy Spilit with topshelp and if you can con you make the titles above so i can post the title and request for a wrestler for it can you make the following

1.NCW Lightheavyweight title

2.NCW World Heavyweight title

3.Red eye Tag team titles

4.NCW title

5.NCW tag team

6.NCW Lightning title

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can I get Lucy LuFisto with the WWE Divas Championship

also can i get William Regal with the WWE Championship

Kelly Kelly with the Womens championship

Mark and Jay Briscoe with the WWE Tag Team Championships

thanks in advance

By me:


By Jess:



One photo, anyone up for the challenge?


Kevin_Hackman.jpg?t=1294785355 May I have this in KYKY please?



Thanks again!!

P.S. I am now in need of Charlie Haas with the US championship.



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....Anyone? :(

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Could I get this on a KyKy background?

This photo

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I've uploaded a lot more of the KyKy cuts that I've made up to Photobucket and decided to share them with you. Some are stuff 100% by me, while the older pics were precut from my EWR pack and just modified to put the KyKy base on them.

Spoiler Blocked due to the number.



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