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World Championship Wreslting- The New Era

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

Wrestling Circle News-

In the world of wrestling early this morning we received word that Albert Redneck was fired from WCW’s head of creative control and booking. Ted Turner went on air to claim that “He was not doing a good enough job for me and that is why the man has been fired.” Many thought that WCW would take a long time to recover but just hours later Ted Turner hired John Mercer a former AWA Towel Boy and ECW booker. John Mercer who is one of the top minds in his field said that he “hopes to bring new talent and also bring WCW to the number one slot once again.”


Wrestling Edge News-

John Mercer the new booker and head of talent has already made some big decisions less then 24 Hours on the job. He recently signed a couple big names such as.

Paul Wight- (The Big Show/The Giant) Has been stuck between WWF and WCW when it came to signing.

Paul Heyman- Many say that Paul signed on with WCW to advance in the wrestling world. Many are shocked that he left ECW for WCW. Many fans are wondering why he would do that but many say that the reason he signed on was because of John Mercer.

AJ Styles- Many are not sure about this young kid but from what we have heard loads of potential in him.

Also many wrestlers from the WCW Roster have been sent to the NWA WILDSIDE where they hope to get a lot more training in before heading back up to WCW.


WCW Roster- Bold Wrestlers are Faces

Main Event-


Bill Goldberg

Kevin Nash

Randy Savage



Bret Hart

Hollywood Hulk Hogen

Upper Card



Lex Lugar

Ric Flair

Roddy Piper


The Giant

Scott Hall

Mid Card-


Booker T

British Bulldog

Chris Beniot

David Flair

Dean Malenko

Disco Inferno


Rey Misterio Jr.

Rick Steiner



Bam Bam Bigelow

Buff Bagwell

Chris Jericho

Eddie Guerrero


Scott Steiner

Lower Card-


Billy Kidman

Bobby Duncan Jr.

Chavo Guerrero Jr.



Norman Smiley

The Disciple



Alex Wright

Barry Windom

Brian Adams

Brian Knobbs

Curly Bill

Curt Hennig

Ernest Miller

Hardcore Hak

Hugh Morrus

Juvi Guerrera



Scott Norton

Steve Ray

The Barbarian



Arn Anderson



Jimmy Hart

Paul Heyman

Miss Elizabeth

Sony Oono

Non Workers-

Eric Bishoff

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

WCW.Com News

We are proud to say that the WCW’s Wild side Camp has picked up a couple new wrestlers.

Randy Orton( Son of the famous Bob Orton. Tons of Potential)

Seven (Another young gun which could strengthen WCW in the long run.)

Nick Dishmore- (A Young heavyweight that could add a lot to the heavyweight divison)


Wrestling Edge News!


Here is a list of wrestlers that the WCW head of talent John Mercer has fired from the company.

Mike Enos, Robby Rage, Jerry Flynn, Rick Fuller, Reno, David Taylor, Madusa.

Once again word is not sure on why these members of the roster were fired. We will keep you updated!


WCW.Com News

Once again some new signings come from the recent WWE releases.

Shelton Benjamin- A NCAA Wrestler who has loads of technical skills.

Brock Lesnar- A NCAA Wrestler along with Shelton who should be a dominate force in the future. Him and Shelton are a dominate Tag Team.


WCW Thursday Night Thunder Preview

WCW fans you are all in for a treat. Tonight two great submission wrestlers will be going at it in a submission match. Sting against Bret The Hit Man Hart which should be a great WCW battle!

Also how can we all forget Hollywood Hulk Hogan gets a number one contender match against The Hot Rod himself Roddy Piper!

The most extreme and cruel thinking human Paul Heyman the owner of ECW will be here!

The Television Title will be on the line as Konnan defends it against Chris Beniot and Chris Jericho!

The New World Order is looking to take control of the Tag Team Titles as the vacant title will go up in a match between Harlem Heat and The World champion Kevin Nash and Scott Norton!

Tonight a fatal four way elimination match will take place for the cruiserweight championship. Rey Jr, Eddie G, Billy Kidman, and a mystery man coming from Paul Heyman himself.

Come and check out all the action at Eight O’clock on TBS! The Turner Broadcast Station!

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

WCW Thursday Night THUNDER!

[The lights go out and the fans cheer. Hollywood Hulk Hogans music starts to play and Hulk Hogan walks down to the ring. Sell out chants begin to pick up. Hogan looks around and smiles. He wears the colors of the New World Order. Hulk asks for a microphone,]

Hollywood- That’s right brother the Hulkster is out here for a couple reasons tonight. When I first started wrestling years back everybody had a manager. Be because brother the Hulkster knew right away if your going to succeed in this business you need a manager that can set things up and get your title shots brother. And that is why brother Hollywood Hulk Hogan would like to introduce you all not only to the Hulksters new manager but the New World Orders Manager as well. This brother is the baddest dude you can find in all of wrestling!

[The Hollywood music starts to play and Paul Heyman walks out. He has his business suit on. Paul stops on the middle of the ramp and lifts off his ECW hat. Heyman laughs and then throws it into the crowd and then places a New World Order hat on his head. Heyman smiles and climbs into the ring with Hogan.]

Paul Heyman- Hogan you spoke the truth. Paul Heyman is here and is the newest manger of all the new world order wrestlers. Some of you might ask what about ECW? Well ECW can go to hell for all I care! I am in WCW! With the new world order! And Hogan you can bet your ass that tonight you will be hearing from Eric Bischoff himself that you will be having a title shot at Monday Night Nitro!

[The Hollywood music starts to play and Paul Heyman and Hollywood Hogan walk to the back smiling.]

Overall- 89% Paul Heyman gained three points.


Dusty Rhodes- On his way to the ring the British Bulldog and his foe Curt Hennig.

[Hennig climbs into the ring and then grabs Bulldog from behind and hits a reverse DDT. A couple moments later British Bulldog is climbing the top rope. He motions to the center of the ring where Curt Hennig is lying from the previous impact of a huge spine buster. Suddenly Bulldog flies off the top rope nailing a huge splash. Hennig rolls over in pain. Bulldog goes for the pin. 1………2…….. kick out. Moments later both men are fighting back and fourth. Bulldog goes for a top rope axe but Hennig kicks him in the gut. Hennig then grabs him and nails a Hennig plex. 1…2…3!

Dusty Rhodes- Curt Hennig gets the win and we got to take a commercial break!

Overall- 78%

Match- 77%

Crowd- 71%


Dusty Rhodes- Lets get ready folks we have a huge match coming ahead of us. The cruiserweight title will be up for grabs.

Larry- Who is Paul Heyman brining into this match tonight?

Dusty Rhodes- I have no clue but I hope it’s a good one!

[ Rey Jr’s music hits and Rey walks out from the curtain and down into the ring. He climbs each turnbuckle and taunts as Eddie Guerrero’s music hits. Eddie walks out from the back stumbling like he always does. He then taunts and climbs into the ring. Eddie gets in the face of Rey. Billy Kidman’s music hits and Kidman walks out with the title around his waist. Kidman gets in the ring. Hollywood starts to play and the fans boo. Paul Heyman walks out.]

Paul Heyman- You all wondered who is coming out here to claim that belt?! Well it is none other then…

[The lights go out and R-V-D is heard over the speakers in the ring the three men cannot believe it. RVD walks out on the stage and smiles. RVD takes off his new world order shirt and then runs into the ring. The three men get ready to face him. Eddie goes first to strike but RVD nails him with a shuffle kick. Eddie gets hit and rolls out of the ring. RVD laughs. Rey goes running forward him. RVD throws him over the rope and Jr. Holds on. RVD moves forward. Kidman then motions to somebody behind RVD. RVD turns around and Rey flies across the ring nailing a drop kick. RVD hits the ground but gets up. Eddie is back in. All three men follow him. RVD gets out of the ring and climbs in the ring. All three men back out. Suddenly all three men get in a huddle talking out a plan. RVD climbs to the nearest top rope near them. RVD then jumps off holding the chair and flies out of the ring hitting both all of them. Kidman goes over the guard rail. Rey falls back. RVD then throws him into the ring. Rey runs forward to the ropes and reverses threw acting like he was going threw. He rebounds back running at RVD. RVD hits a northern lights suplex. The pin. 1…2…3! ]

Dusty Rhodes- Rey Jr. is gone!

[Eddie climbs back into the ring. They both exchange punches. Eddie kicks him the stomach and nails a inverted DDT. Eddie climbs to the top turnbuckle and taunts. Kidman is back over the rail. Kidman moves RVD out of the way just in time for Eddie to miss the Frog Splash. Eddie is in pain. Kidman climbs the turnbuckle and taunts. Shooting Star Press! Kidman goes for the pin. 1….2…..3!]

Dusty Rhodes- Another man down. The Champion and RVD are the only ones left.

[Kidman slowly gets up. RVD nails a spinning wheel kick. Kidman falls back into the turnbuckle. RVD gets out of the ring and grabs the chair from earlier. RVD climbs the turnbuckle across the ring from Kidman. RVD flies across hitting a drop kick into the chair into Kidman!]

Dusty Rhodes- No way! How the hell did he do that?!

[RVD then slowly covers Kidman. RVD puts his feet on the ropes for leverage. 1…2…3! RVD WINS!]

Dusty Rhodes- I might not like the man for how he just pinned him but I don’ think it would of mattered. All that matters is that we have a new cruiserweight champion!


Match- 80%

Crowd- 67%

Cruiserweight Title has gained image!


Dusty Rhodes- Fans we are going to the back right know we have just been told there is a fight going on.

[The camera flashes backstage and Randy Savage is fighting somebody.]

Larry- I can’t make it out who is attacking Savage!

[savage takes a blow to the head and Savage falls to concrete ground. Suddenly a Seven foot figure walks over him.]

Larry- Oh my god! It can’t be! I thought he was injured! It’s the Giant folks!

[The Giant then whiplashes Savage into a crate. The Giant then picks him up and lets go of him. Savage falls on top of it. The Giant climbs on top of the crate. There is a smaller crate lower then them. Giant grabs savage by the throat.]

The Giant- See you later Savage!

[The Giant choke slams Savage onto the crate below. The fans are screaming. People backstage are running forward to Savage. Miss Elizabeth is standing there. The Giant walks by her. And then the screen fades to commercial.]

Overall- 95%

The Giant gained 1 point overness.

Randy Savage gained 3 points overness.


Dusty Rhodes- Up next is a title match for the vacant Tag Team Titles. As we said earlier it looks like the New World Order is looking to win gold once again because tonight it is Kevin Nash the world champion and Scott Norton up against Harlem Heat.

[Wolfpac music hits and the fans cheer and Kevin Nash and Scott Norton walk out. Paul Heyman is walking out behind them. Harlem Heats music hits and the fans cheer. Booker T and Stevie Ray walk out and both taunt and fireworks go off. ]

[booker T ties up with Scott Norton. Booker T sends Norton flying into the turnbuckle and tags Ray in. Ray whiplashes Norton into the ropes and nails a high flying kick to Norton. Norton tags Booker T back in. Heyman is screaming from outside the ring. Booker T sets him up for the scissors kick. Kevin Nash runs in and nails a big boot to Booker. Booker rolls out of the ring. Scott Norton follows Booker. Nash is in the ring. Nash then big boots Ray. Ray gets back up. Norton nails Booker with a chair shot but the reff is not looking that way. Nash grabs Ray by the throat. Nash beings to choke him. Suddenly Norton climbs the turnbuckle. He nails a backwards body splash landing his back on Booker T. Norton goes for the pin. 1…2… Nash nails a Jackknife power bomb! 3! Norton gets up and laughs.]

Dusty Rhodes- I can’t believe it! They had to cheat to win.

Overall- 69

Crowd- 72

Match- 63


[The camera turns on and Mean Gene is knocking on the door of Sting. Sting swings the door open.]

Gene- Sting can I have a word?

[sting nods]

Gene- Sting tonight you take on Bret Hart how do you feel about that?

Sting- Tonight Bret Hart is climbing into the ring with one of the hardest men to beat in the business and that’s me! Tonight when I walk out there, I will have a purpose and that purpose is none other then to make that man they call the Hit Man to tap out to the Stinger Death Lock!

[sting opens his locker room door and walks in. Camera fades back to the ring.]

Overall- 92%

Sting gained 1 point


Dusty- Looks like Sting is getting ready for his big fight later tonight.

[Chris Beniots music hits and Chris walks out from the back. Beniot gets in the ring and jumps up and down. Chris Jericho’s music hits and Jericho walks out. Chris J gets in the ring and stands next to Beniot. Both me start to push each other. Beniot nails Jericho with a punh and Chris hits the mat. Konnans music hits and the fans cheer as Konnan runs out from the back into the ring. Beniot turns his attention Konnan. Beniot gives a couple slaps to Konnan who is know on the turnbuckle. Jericho gets up and runs forward Beniot moves out of the way and Jericho nails Konnan with a splash. Chris Jericho backs away slowly a little dazed. Beniot grabs Jericho from the back. Germans Suplex! German Suplex! A third German Suplex! Chris Jericho rolls out of the ring. Konnan runs near Beniot. Beniot grabs Konnans arm and puts him in the Crippler Cross Face position. Konnan taps! Beniot gets up and starts to celebrate. Beniot grabs the Television Title and climbs the turnbuckle and taunts with it.]

Dusty- That’s are third title change! Beniot dominated the match!

Overall- 81

Crowd- 80

Match- 82

Title gained image


[As Beniot is celebrating in the ring the Horsemen music starts to play. The horsemen walk out. Ric Flair climbs in the ring and grabs the mic from the ring announcer. Arn Anderson looks at Beniot. Dean is relaxing on the turnbuckle.]

Ric Flair- WHOOOOO!!!! Chris Beniot great job tonight! WHOOO!!!! But like most of you can think the night cannot get much better right?! Well it can! Because tonight Ric Flair the Nature Boy is going to let somebody join the greatest stable the world has ever seen.

[Ric Flair walks around the ring.]

Ric Flair- WHOOOOO!!!! I feel good! That is why Eddie Guerrero get your ass out here! WHOOOOOO!!!!

[Eddie Guerrero’s music hit sand Eddie walks out. Fans are cheering. Eddie walks down to the ring and climbs into the ring with the Horsemen. Ric Flair smiles.]

Ric Flair- Eddie Guerrero! WHOOOOOOO!! Its glad for you to come down here tonight! You tonight I saw what you were able to do in the match with RVD. That is why Eddie. We are letting you join the Horsemen! WHOOOOO! Because we think that you have the class and character to join! So what do you say?

[Eddie chants pick up. Eddie looks around and Ric Flair hands him the mic.]

Eddie Guerrero- Wait a second esa. I never said yes yet!

[Ric Flair looks stun.]

Eddie Guerrero- That’s right Ric Flair and the rest of the Horsemen. What would make you think I would want to join your little Rat Pack?

[All the Horsemen members look at each other.]

Ric Flair- I am going to ask you one more time. Yes or No!

[Eddie Guerrero smiles.]

Eddie Guerrero- NO!

[Ric Flair looks down and then back up with a smile.]

Ric Flair- Well in that case then.

[Ric Flair swings a right hand nailing Eddie across the head with the microphone. Eddie hits the ground. The rest of the Horsemen start to gang up on him. Arn Anderson and Flair begin to hit Eddie with punches back and fourth before Dean flips him over and gets the Texas Cloverleaf. Chris Beniot climbs the turnbuckle and flies off hitting a Headbutt on Eddie Guerrero.]

Ric Flair- Maybe next time you will think a little more about it! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!

[The horsemen music starts to play and they walk to the back as the medics run to the ring to help Eddie out.]

Overall- 95

Eddie Guerrero gains 3 points


[ Scottish music starts to play and bag pipes begin and Roddy Piper walks out from the back. Fans are cheering. Piper taunts as he walks down to the ring. Piper climbs in and removes his Hot Rod Shirt. Suddenly HOLLYWOOD starts to play and Hollywood Hulk Hogan walks out and Paul Heyman is following him down to the ring. Hulk climbs into the ring and stands face to face with Piper.]

Larry- These two faced off at the first Wrestlemania so many years ago.

[Hogan smiles as the fans begin to chant Piper. Piper then spits Hogans face. Piper eye rakes Hogan. Heyman starts to scream. Piper begins to hit Hogan with cross chops and punches into the stomach. Piper taunts. Hogan walks back up. Piper nails him across the face with a elbow. Hogan stumbles. Hogan grabs Piper by the head and nails his own punch. Piper falls to the mat and gets back up. Hogan hits him again. Piper gets back up and this time Hogan slams Piper on his back. Hogan laughs. Hogan runs against the ropes and then back down nailing a elbow drop. Hogan gets back up and taunts. Piper slowly climbs to his feet. Hogan walks over and slams him back down. Hogan taunts. Piper gets back up to his knees. Hogan has his back turned. Heyman is smiling. Suddenly Piper low blows Hogan. Hogan falls to his knees. Piper gets up. Piper runs against the ropes and rebounds back nailing the kneeling Hulkster with a knee to the face. Hulk falls back. Roddy Piper runs against the ropes again and this time nails a leg drop. Hogan gets up slowly. Piper then grabs Hogan in the sleeper position. Hogan is trying to get out. Heyman climbs on the ring apron and tries to get a distraction. Scott Hall runs out from the back. Hall climbs into the ring. Piper lets go of the hold. Piper turns around and Hall kicks Piper in the stomach and nails a Outsiders Edge!]

Larry- Wasn’t Hall injured?

Dusty- Well not anymore!

[Hogan turns around and sees Piper laying there. Heyman gets off the turnbuckle. Hall jumps into the crowd. Hogan runs against the ropes and nails his famous Leg Drop. 1…2…3!]

Larry- The Winner Hollywood Hulk Hogan! He is know the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Title!

Overall- 85

Crowd- 91

Match- 73


[As Hogan is walking out HOLLYWOOD starts to play and Eric Bischoff walks out.]

Eric Bischoff- Ladies and Gentlemen lets all congratulate Hollywood Hulk Hogan on becoming the number one contender for the Heavyweight Championship.

[Eric walks around the stage.]

Eric Bischoff- Hogan your title match will be at none other then this MONDAY NIGHT NITRO! Have a nice day Hogan and don’t let the NEW WORLD ORDER DOWN!

[HOLLYWOOD hits and Eric walks to the back and we go to commercial break.]

Overall- 89


Dusty- Well ladies and Gentlemen it has been a hell of a night and what better to finish off a great night with two of the greatest wrestlers ever going at it in a submission match. Its simple first man to make the other submit is the winner.

[bret Harts music starts to play and Bret Hart walks out with his United States Title around his waist. Hart climbs into the ring and taunts. Suddenly the lights go out and fans cheer. Suddenly a object from the ceiling is seen coming down. Sting! Sting lands in the ring and takes off all of his gear. Sting stands in the center of the ring looking at Bret Hart as Sting takes off his gear. The gear is off and Sting and Hart grapple. Bret Hart nails a knee to Sting. Hart starts to focus on the midsection of Sting. Sting gets hit with another knee shot. Sting drops to his knees. Hit Man nails a upper cut. Sting falls but gets back up. Sting gets ready. Sting sees Hit man run forward. Sting moves out of the way and picks up the legs of Bret. Bret flies out of the ring. Sting taunts. Sting jumps out of the ring doing a body press. Hit man is down. Sting gets up and whiplashes Hart into the steel steps. Sting cheers once again. Sting rolls Hitman into the ring. Sting taunts and then goes for the Figure Four Leg Lock. Hit man reverses it quickly into the Sharpshooter. The reff checks for Sting to tap. Sting fights it off. Sting grabs the ropes. Bret picks up Sting. Bret goes to whiplash Sting into the turnbuckle Sting reverses it into his own whiplash. Hart nails the turnbuckle! Sting runs forward and nails a STINGER SPLASH!!! Sting goes behind Hart who is stumbling. STINGER DEATH DROP! Fans are cheering. Sting taunts and straps on the Death Lock. Bret Hart taps! ]

Dusty- The Winner Sting! I can’t believe it folks! A hell of a match!

Larry- That’s all the time we have for tonight folks see you at Saturday Night Wrestling!

Overall- 90

Crowd- 88

Match- 92


Show Over all- 84%

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

Wrestling Edge News-

WWE has released The Prototype for to many wrestlers on current roster.

Also the final rating for WCW Thursday Night Thunder was a 3.52 which was ranked as one of the best yet. Many people think that show will be the start of many great ones to come from John Mercer.

Also for the WCW pay per views. The WCW writers have decided to move the Starrcade date to the end of the month. Also Mayhem will no longer be a ppv instead WRESTLE WAR will take the place. More news later on the decisons

DIARY NEWS- I will only do writing results for Nitro and Thunder not Saturday.

Saturday Night Wrestling Results!

The opening to the show as a video of Chris Beniot winning the Television Championship from Thunder and how he is the future of WCW.

Overall- 68%

Buff Bagwell verses Rick Steiner- Bagwell reverses a neck breaker. Bagwell climbs the top rope and nails the Buff Blockbuster! 1…2…3 Bagwell wins!

Overall- 70

Crowd- 73

Match- 64

Eddie Guerrero is in the ring talking on how that attack from Ric Flair was cheap. Eddie Guerrero then challenges Ric Flair to a match. Flair walks out and accepts the match for The pay per view.

Overall- 88%

Eddie Guerrero gained 2 points

The Triad verses Faces Of Fear- After minutes of the match all hell breaks lose and Bam Bam Bigelow is seen climbing the top rope and flies off nailing Meng in the head with a headbutt. Kanyon then nails the Barbarian with a evenflow for the 1…2…3

Overall- 67

Crowd- 66

Match- 68

A Video plays from Thunder on The Giant attacking Randy Savage. It then cuts to Randy Savage saying that come Nitro he will get his revenge on The Giant in a Cage Match!

Overall- 83

Saturn verses Dean Malenko- Dean and Saturn tie up and Saturn nails a DDT moments later Saturn goes for the Ring Of Saturn but is reversed into a Texas Clover Leaf and Dean Malenko wins the match.

Overall- 67

Crowd- 58

Match- 77

Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash are in the ring sitting at a table. Nash signs the contract for himself to defend the World Title against Hogan at Nitro. Hogan signs it. As Nash is getting up Hogan attacks Nash. Nash then gets hit with a chair and Hogan spray pains the World Title with black and white and it goes over the red and black from before.

Overall- 90

DDP verses Chris Jericho- DDP cheap shots Jericho in the stomach Jericho rebounds back with a couple of fists. Jericho then nails a flying drop kick from the top. Jericho goes for a splash but misses. He gets up slowly and DDP nails a DDP Cutter for the 1…2…3!

Overall- 78

Crowd- 79

Match- 78

Over all show 75

Nitro will be up today or tuesday

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You replaced Starrcade? "The Granddaddy of them all"? The WCW equivalent to Wrestlemania? Worst of all, there was no explanation for it. Sorry, bad move there, in my opinion.

To continue, I would like to see a little bit of color in this one, as it's just BLAH to look at right now. Also not feeling like you've got a good grasp of these characters, or at least what they should sound like. I mean, Dusty Rhodes could have been ANY wrestling announcer. There was nothing to distinguish him from Larry at all.

And I don't like Heyman with Hogan. Not at all. Also, what year is this supposed to be? I think I can tell based on the roster, but I want to be sure, as nothing was specifically SAID about the year.

Add to that some spelling and grammar issues, and I'm not liking this one at all. Sorry man, but you've got a ways to go before this one can reach it's potential.

Edited by bigsheep305
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Guest 72recreMoreZ

There will be some news on the ppv changes, I have already thought about that. Also Heyman is over in the NWO with Hogan because of a storyline I plan to switch real soon,

As for Dusty Rhodes yea I get where your pointing at. I should and as for the color.

I did this on Microsoft Word and wasn't sure if it would convert. I plan on going back and changing everything on here once the new nitro is posted. I don't plan to get way into this till summer which is only like 9 days away. Then it will be better.

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Big mistake taking out Starrcade, like already said. Also add like colour or some boldness to your writing, it really helps things to stand out. Like the other guy said too, I don't like Heyman with Hogan, it just doesn't work for me.

Also awful descsion to bring in them people you signed, especialy Lesnar and Benjamin. Don't get me wrong they are good, but meh they shouldn't be in a WCW diary IMO. Also Orton too, maybe he could fit in though. I just never like seeing a WCW diary with all these WWE people in, but maybe thats just me.

Some things are a little off, but the writting isn't like awful. I have seen so much worst from people. Trying adding some colour and stuff and maybe it will boost this thing.


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Guest 72recreMoreZ

Shelton and Lesnar are not going to be Main Eventers. Lesnar or Shelton will never get that far I brought them in for the Tag Divison. As for Starcade I edited it back.

Also the Heyman and Hogan is once again for a storyline that will be drawn out in time.

Edited by ZeroMercer27
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Guest 72recreMoreZ

user posted image

Monday Night Nitro!

[HOLLYWOOD starts to play and the fans begin to boo. Eric Bischoff walks out with a big smile on his face. Bischoff walks down to the ring. He gets in and grabs the microphone.]

Eric Bischoff- Well congrats to Hollywood Hogan on his Heavyweight Title win over Kevin Nash. But Hulk Hogan don’t think your ride is so over. Because this Sunday at the Great American Bash its name its very suiting. Great. American. BASH! Because at the Great American Bash it will be Kevin Nash verses Sting verses Goldberg verses Hollywood Hulk Hogan for the World Heavyweight WCW Championship! Have a nice day!

[bischoff walks to the back.]

Overall- 81


Bobby- I can’t believe what I just heard. The brain promises that we will see Hogan walk away!

[Fans Cheer as DDP’s music hits. DDP walks out and taunts for the crowd and Bulldog comes down to the ring as well. Bulldog motions to shake hands but then Bulldog nails DDP in the face. DDP gets right back up and Bulldog slams him down on the mat. Minutes later Bulldog is on the top rope. Bulldog jumps off but DDP rolls out of the way just in time. DDP sets him up. Bulldog gets up and walks over and DDP nails a Cutter onto Bulldog. 1…2…3!]

Tony- There is the winner DDP!

Overall- 73

Crowd- 68

Match- 79


Tony- Here comes RVD being escorted by none other then Paul Heyman. RVD gets in the ring and taunts. RVD has his title with him. Beniots music hits and Beniot runs down to the ring leaving his WCW Television Title on stage.

[beniot and RVD look at each other. Heyman is outside the ring. Beniot goes in going for the legs of RVD. He tackles RVD down and puts RVD in a leg lock. RVD battles out of it. RVD whiplashes Beniot into the turnbuckle. RVD nails a splash. Beniot falls forward and then gets hit with a spinning wheel kick. RVD taunts. RVD walks over and then hits another spinning wheel kick. RVD then begins to pick up Beniot in a germen suplex position. RVD taunts but Beniot reverses it and hits his own Germen suplex. Another one after another one. Three. Chris Beniot climbs to the top rope and flies off hitting a headbutt. Heyman grabs the reff as Beniot goes for the pin. Heyman jumps of the apron when Beniot goes for him. RVD gets up. Beniot gets nailed with a hell of a spinning wheel kick. RVD climbs the turnbuckle and motions for the 5 Star Frog Splash. Beniot jumps up while RVD is in mid air. Beniot kicks RVD. Crippler Cross Face! Fans are cheering RVD taps!]

Bobby- Another win for Beniot! The brain predicted this will happen and look it happened!

Overall- 78

Crowd- 70

Match- 87


[The scene opens up and Piper is seen standing in his Pipers pit that he holds for special events. Mean Gene walks is seen walking on. Piper is looking around his pit.]

Mean Gene- Can I have a word?

Piper- Listen up Mean Gene tonight I have a lot to things to say and its about that no good Scott Hall! Mean Gene tonight when I step into that ring when you hear the bag pipes go off every single fan will be chanting Piper. Why? Not because they have to but because they want to! Last week that little punk Scott Hall stole my shot to face Kevin Nash for the World Heavyweight Title. And tonight I am going to make him pay for it. Tonight Hall your going one on one with the toughest Scotland has to offer. Roddy Piper!

Overall- 78


Bobby- Listen up Tony tonight we have a great night Scott Hall verses The Hot Rod. What is better then that?

Tony- I don’t know it’s a great match but I…

Bobby- Non sence this match is what every fan here wants to see and tonight the Brain guarantees you will see that man we just say Rowdy Roddy Piper walk out with the big W tonight.

Tony- Well we will have to wait and find out.

Tony- Why should we wait I just told you what’s going to happen!

[bag pipes are heard and Piper walks out. Fans are cheering as he walks down to the ring. Piper gets in the ring and jumps around getting ready to fight. Hollywood starts to play and Paul Heyman walks out with a smile on his face. Scott Hall walks out from behind the curtain. Hall smiles and stand next to Heyman. Hall walks down to the ring and climbs in. Piper doesn’t give him a chance. Piper runs over and kicks Hall in the back of the head. Hall bounces off the mat. Piper grabs Hall. Piper begins to give some chops to Hall. Piper is yelling respect. Piper whiplashes Hall into the other turnbuckle. Piper runs forward and nails Hall with a knee to the stomach. Piper taunts. He slowly picks up Hall.]

Bobby- See look what I told you Piper is winning and soon it will be all over. Once again the Brain is right!

Tony- I am still not sure.

[Hall begins to fight back with some punches. Hall then kicks Piper in the stomach and then sets him up in the Fall Away Slam position. Fall Away Slam! Tony turns to the Brain and smiles.]

Bobby- Give him time!

[Hall picks up Piper. Piper is placed in the beginning form of the Outsiders Edge. Piper goes up but slips out of Halls position. Piper grabs Hall and the puts the Sleeper on him. The reff checks from the submission. 1…2…3 his arm didn’t move he is asleep.]

Tony- I told you all the Brain never is wrong!

[Piper is in the ring celebrating.]

Overall- 90

Crowd- 84

Match- 97


[Mean Gene is seen walking up to Eddie Guerrero.]

Eddie Guerrero- Hey what’s up ESA? How about a interview?

Mean Gene- I suppose. Eddie at Saturday Night Wrestling you challenged Ric Flair to a match at the pay per view. How do you feel?

Eddie Guerrero- Ah Mean Gene you might want to be asking me about that later my friend because tonight is all about celebrating!

Mean Gene- Celebrating?

Eddie Guerrero- Yea because this will be the last Nitro with Ric Flair after I put him in the hospital ESA!

[suddenly Mean Gene gets out of the way and Ric Flair runs forward and nails Eddie. Eddie falls to the ground. Flair gives Eddie a couple chops into the stomach. Flair gives a WHOOOO. Flair picks Eddie back up and turns him around and nails a Russian Leg Drop. Ric Flair gets back up as Eddie is lying on the concrete. Flair walks over and grabs a chair. Flair swings the chair down on Eddies shoulder. Flair smiles after two shots to the shoulder.]

Ric Flair- Eddie Guerrero you think tonight is my last Nitro? Well Eddie. WHOOOO. Ric Flair. WHOOO. Is going to walk all over you come The Great American Bash because know Eddie Guerrero I have the upper hand and you have a shoulder injury! WHOOOOOO!

[Ric Flair smiles as he walks away and the camera shoots on Eddie as Nitro goes to commercial.]

Overall- 87

Eddie Guerrero gained 3 points


Bobby- I do believe Eddie won’t win that match at the Great American Bash this Sunday.

Tony- That reminds me folks I hope you all tune in for the Great American Bash this Sunday June 13th 1999! It will be a hell of a night from what it starting to look like.

[The screen turns on and it shows security escorting Bill Goldberg to the ring. Moments later the fire works go off as yellow sparks fly up and Goldberg walks out. Lex Luger music hits and Luger walks out from the back. Luger climbs into the ring and studies Goldberg.]

Tony- The man you call Goldberg is currently undefeated. The man has not been beat yet.

Bobby- I think he is at the top of his game and Luger who the hell cares the man is the worst wrestler I have ever seen. Goldberg is winning this and I don’t care what you say Tony!

[Goldberg makes a attack going for the legs of Luger. Luger gets flipped over. Goldberg bends Lugers legs back. Luger grabs the rope and the reff tells Goldberg to back off. Luger gets back up. Goldberg runs forward and Luger dunks and rolls under him. Goldberg turns back around and Luger nails him with a clothsline. Luger smiles. Goldberg jumps back to his feet. Luger is not looking. Goldberg is getting ready for the spear.]

Bobby- Here it is!

[Goldberg runs and Luger trips Goldberg’s legs as his face hits the turnbuckle.]

Tony- Don’t forget folks Goldberg has a shot to win the WCW World Heavyweight Title this Sunday. If he loses it will be his first lost ever!

Bobby- Unless he losses this. The way he is going he deserves to lose!

[Luger gets ready. Goldberg gets back up and Luger puts him in the Torture Rack! Reff is checking for the tap. Goldberg reaches out and grabs the ropes. Reff tells Luger to let go. Luger drops Goldberg. Goldberg gets up. Luger puts him in the suplex position. Goldberg goes down and reverses it. JACKHAMMER! 1…2…3 Goldberg’s won the match.]

Bobby- Man tonight I can’t lose. This brain might be working to hard.

Tony- A great win and Goldberg moves on with another win around his belt as his huge winning streak keeps going!

Overall- 81

Crowd- 85

Match- 74


[Paul Heyman is seen backstage in the New World Order locker room. There is a nock at the door.]

Paul Heyman- Come on in!

[The door opens and Harlem Heat steps in.]

Paul Heyman- What the hell do you two want?!

Booker T- Listen up chubby we want you as our manager!

Paul Heyman- Listen up Booker T I don’t manage losers like you two. Maybe your brother Ray but not you! You got pined by Scott Norton!

Booker T- We want a rematch for our tag team titles and we know you’re the only man that can get us are tag team title rematch.

Paul Heyman- Listen here. You want a match for the Tag Team Titles. Well Eric Bischoff is supposed to make this match but I guess it wont matter. At Thunder if you two can beat two members of the Horsemen that I pick out then maybe you get a shot.

Booker T- Sounds good sucka. What about you managing us?

Paul Heyman- I am only one man I can only do so much. So get the hell out of here before I change my mind!

Booker T- Fine. Next time you see us we will have the tag team titles.

Paul Heyman- And when that does happen I will be your manager.

[booker T leaves the room and the camera fades to commercial.]

Overall- 83

Steve Ray gained 1 point

Paul Heyman gained 2 points


[The camera shows the Cage being lowered.]

Bobby- It should be a brutal match for those two.

Tony- Yes it should. Brain what are your predictions.

Bobby- Well if you look at the Big Show you know the man has a lot more height over Randy Savage. But the man is also slower. So basically I am predicting that the Macho Man Randy Savage will squirm his way out of this match by climbing over the cage.

[The cage is then being secured to the ring by Staff members.]

Tony- Well Brain lets get the match underway!

[Macho Mans music hits and Randy Savage walks out with Miss Elizabeth walking beside him. Savage taunts as he climbs threw the cage door. Miss Elizabeth goes and sits down by the ring bell. The Giants music hits and the fans cheer as The Giant walks down to the ring. The Giant climbs threw the cage door. Giant tests the cage by shaking it. Savage runs up from behind the Giant and hits a splash. Giant stumbles forward. Savage gets back up. Giant turns around. Randy Savage runs forward and starts to punch him in the stomach man times. Giant does not show any damage. The Giant grabs the hand of the Macho Man. Savage drops to one knee. Savage gets back up by kneeing the Giant. Giant lets go. Macho Man stumbles over. He beings to get back up by using the ropes. The Giant walks over and grabs Savage. He clubs him over the head. Savage falls back down. Holding onto the ropes again.]

Bobby- No way. The mans name is what he really he THE GIANT! I don’t think anybody will be able to beat this man!

[The Giant then whiplashes him against the ropes. Macho Man comes back and the Giant picks him up. The Giant then throws him into the cage with a military press. Macho man falls between the ropes and the cage. The Giant laughs. The Giant walks back over and grabs the Macho Man. The Giant then begins to rake his head against the cage. Macho Man is bleeding from the head. Miss Elizabeth climbs threw the cage door and into the ring. The Giant drops Macho Man. The Giant turns back to Elizabeth. Giant begins to stalk her. Macho Man is climbing the cage. The Giant turns around and sees Savage at the top. Giant climbs on top of the turnbuckle and grabs the throat of Randy Savage! The Giant grabs then climbs up on the cage.]

Tony- There is no way that cage will hold the two of them.

Bobby- I think I see the screws start to come out!

[The Giant picks up Randy Savage in a choke slam position. Suddenly The Giant picks him up and lets go of him. Savage falls from the top of the cage into the ring and nails it hard. Savage is out. The Giant smiles and then climbs down the cage. Giant wins!]

Bobby- I can’t believe that!

Tony- We need help out here fast!

[Miss Elizabeth is in the ring screaming for help. Medics run down with a stretcher in hand. Savage is placed on the stretcher. The Giant is seen taunting.]

Overall- 91

Fans- 92

Match- 92


[The camera shoots backstage where Hollywood Hogan is standing with Paul Heyman.]

Hollywood Hogan- Listen up all of you Hulkamaniacs out there. Tonight Hollywood Hulk Hogan gets a match a shot for the World Heavyweight Title. Its going to be a hell of a match. A match for the ages brother. Hollywood Hogan verses Kevin Nash. It will be a hell of a Nitro to remember.

[Paul Heyman smiles and grabs the microphone.]

Paul Heyman- That is right. Tonight it will be New World Order member verses Wolfpac member. World Heavyweight Title. Win or lose the New World Order will still have the World Heavyweight Title.

Hollywood Hogan- And brother tonight Hulk Hogan will be walking out with the WCW Heavyweight Title!

Overall- 87


Bobby- Here we go folks the main event of tonight.

Tony- Hollywood Hogan verses Kevin Nash for the WCW World Heavyweight Title!

Bobby- The Brain predicts that Hogan will walk out.

Tony- Here we go!

[The lights go out and Hollywood starts to play and Hogan walks out. Fans begin to boo. Hogan plays the air guitar and walks down the ramp. Paul Heyman walks out from behind Hogan. Hogan gets in the ring. Paul gets in the ring with Hogan. Both men are standing around. Wolfpac starts to play and Kevin Nash walks out with the WCW World Heavyweight Title around his waist. Fans cheer. Nash climbs into the ring. Suddenly Hollywood starts to play again and Eric Bischoff walks out onto the stage.]

Eric Bischoff- Paul Heyman before this match gets under way come on up here me and you are going to do some commentary with Bobby and Tony. And also one last thing. Hogan and Nash your match won’t just be a regular match. It will be Falls anywhere!

[Fans Cheer and Paul Heyman leaves the ring and Bischoff and Paul get in the commentary booth.]

Eric- How are you doing today Bobby?

Bobby- Fine.

Eric- Bobby what do you think of this match?

Bobby- I predict Hogan will walk out champion.

Paul- Your dam right Hogan will walk out the champion because the best dam manager mange’s him!

Eric- Take it easy lets watch the match.

[in the ring the two men circle each other for a while. Suddenly Hogan asks for a mic.]

Hollywood Hogan- Kevin Nash… If you want to lay down do it know. Because I don’t want to make you look bad.

[Nash looks at Hogan and then lays on the mat. Hogan goes over.]

Eric- Wait a second!

[Nash then reverses it into his own pin 1…2 kick out. Hogan gets up looking surprised. Nash laughs. Hogan runs forward and the two grapple. Nash knees Hogan in the gut. Hogan falls. Nash picks him up. Nash flicks his hair back and then Nash nails Hogan in the face with a punch. Hogan falls back. Nash hits him again and again. Suddenly Hogan starts to battle back. Hulk points to him and Hulks up and tears his shirt off. Hogan runs against the ropes and then gets a big boot from Kevin Nash. Nash smiles. Nash picks up Hogan. Hogan breaks the hold. Hogan starts to beat up on Nash. Nash gets whip lashed. Big Boot! Hogan runs against the ropes and goes for the leg drop. 1…2… kick out. Nash gets out. Nash stumbles up and Hogan slams him back down. Hogan signals for the top rope. Hogan climbs the top rope and flies off nailing a ATOMIC LEG DROP! 1…2…3!]

Eric- I can’t believe Hogan used the top rope Leg Drop!

[Paul Heyman is seen running down to the ring and slides in. Nash gets up and can’t believe it. Hogan grabs the belt and starts to dance around with it. Hogan celebrates with the title. Heyman laughs.]

Tony- We are all out of time folks.

Bobby- Good night folks!

Overall- 98

Crowd- 95

Match- 98

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Hogan off the top rope with a leg drop= Broken hip.

What's a Russian Leg Drop? Did you mean Russian Leg SWEEP?

I really can't see The Giant climbing over the top of the cage to be honest with you.

And for the love of God, it's BenOIt, NOT BenIOt. Please spell your wrestlers name's correctly. And please, PLEASE make sure you double and triple check your shows. I still see grammar mistakes and typos out the wazoo in this thing.

On a positive note, better job with the color and format in general.

Sorry man, I'm not trying to pick on you, but I love WCW, and I HATE to see WCW diaries not live up to their potential.

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Russian Leg Drop is a move a lot diff from Russian Leg Sweep I saw it at a indy event once

Then explain what it is, as I too have never heard of it.

Dates man, put in some dates.

If this is the late 90's, weren't Lesnar and Benjamin finishing up college at this point?

I got NAILED by having Hogan fall off a ladder and hit the floor in a previous diary of mine, you are getting similarly nailed for having Hogan do a Top Rope Lef Drop. He wouldn't do it. PERIOD.

Some more thoughts...

What songs are all of your wrestlers singing to each other? It's VERSUS or vs. not verses.

Heyman sold ECW to WCW? Why is he here when he should be doing his OWN SHOWS. Or is he working with WCW ala how he did with WWF in the latter 90's?


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Guest 72recreMoreZ

Heyman is working like he did with WWF he is still the owner of ECW. But I have a plan for ECW which can come into hand later. ECW is doing poor so If I buy them i could do a invasion angle or something

As for music I am not sure like whats Benoits music in real life so I am just saying the Horsemen music and Hollywood is just the NWO music because I am not sure on wrestling music

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

Thursday Night Thunder!

[The opening scene of Thunder plays and it shows Hollywood Hogan winning the WCW Heavyweight Title from Monday. It then shows a preview for the Great American Bash.]

Tony- Welcome everybody to Thursday Night Thunder! I am Tony Schiavone.

Dave- And my name is Dave Meltzer. Tonight we have a great card for all of you fans.

Tony- Yes that is right. Tonight we have Rey Jr. up against RVD for the cruiserweight championship.

Dave- That’s right and we also can’t forget tonight the new crowned heavyweight champion will be taking on Sting in a non title match. And also Kevin Nash versus the Giant!

Tony- Yes all that and some great more!

[Hollywood starts to play and the fans begin to boo as Eric Bischoff walks out on the stage. Bischoff taunts by waving to the crowd and the fans boo even more. Bischoff walks and climbs into the ring and pulls out a microphone from his leather jacket.]

Eric- Cut the music, cut the music. I am out here for a couple reasons tonight. One being I am sick and tired of hearing how Paul Heyman is taking control of the New World Order. Let me tell you all that Paul Heyman is not in control of the New World Order I AM!

[Fans Boo]

Eric- You also think I am losing control of my company. Listen I have the right to say what goes on in WCW because I am in charge and I am the man! So listen up! Tonight I have two announcements. Bret Hart will take on DDP tonight in a non title United States Match. Because at The Great American Bash it will be Bret The Hit Man Hart against Scott Hall!

[Fans Cheer]

Eric- Oh wait it gets a hell of a lot better. And none other then THE GIANT!

[Fans boo as The name rings threw there ears.]

Eric- And for you all Randy Savage is band from ring side!

[Hollywood hits and Eric Bischoff walks the back.]

Overall- 79


[Hip Hop music starts to play and the fans stand up and start to cheer and Rey Jr walks out. Jr tightens his mask as he climbs into the ring and tests out of the ropes. The fans wait. R-V-D blasts across the screen and RVD walks out with the cruiserweight title around his shoulder. Paul Heyman walks out from behind him and walks down to the ring with him. RVD gets in the ring and taunts on the turnbuckles. RVD jumps down and gets ready.]

Tony- This should be a high flying action pack match!

Dave- Or it can be a fast match like at Nitro with Benoit and RVD.

[RVD and Jr. walk around each other. RVD then moves in and kicks Jr. in the stomach. Jr. gets whip lashed against the ropes he comes back RVD goes for a kick but Jr. Dunks it and runs back. RVD gets up Rey jumps off the ropes and rebounds back hitting RVD in the chest with a drop kick. RVD rolls back and gets up. Jr. is already running against the ropes. He fakes going out and comes back in with a 619 position. RVD gets hit in the chest with the move. RVD stumbles backwards. Jr. climbs the rope and goes off looking for a hurricanranna RVD counters it into a power bomb. RVD is down and Jr. is also. RVD gets up stalking Jr. Jr. gets up and gets hit with a spinning wheel kick. RVD taunts R-V-D and hits a rolling thunder.]

Dave- Tony I have to say RVD is very impressive I bet you can see him be a future main event wrestler.

Tony- Hopefully if he keeps going at it.

[RVD nails a snap DDT. RVD grabs him and puts him in a Russian Leg Sweep position but moves the leg forward and snaps the arm forward Russian Leg Drop. RVD gets up. RVD walks over the turnbuckle and flies off hitting a kick to the face. RVD gets up. RVD picks up. RVD nails the Van Daminator.]

Tony- Where the hell was the chair?

Dave- He does not need one!

[RVD climbs the top rope and fly’s off hitting a 5 Star Frog Splash! 1…2…3!]

Tony- There you go folks the Winner RVD and he still retains his WCW Cruiserweight Championship!

Overall- 80

Crowd- 70

Match- 91


Tony- Welcome back folks to Thunder if you just tuned in RVD retained his WCW Cruiserweight Title and we are getting ready for Ric Flair and Curt Hennig to come out here.

[The lights go out and Cowboy music starts to play and Curt Hennig walks out. Fans are booing. Hennig spits some gum into the crowd as he walks out. Hennig is in the ring waiting. Suddenly Horsemen music starts to play and the fans stand up and start to cheer as Ric Flair walks out. He does his walk down to the ring. Fans are cheering like crazy. Flair taunts as he gets in the ring. Flair turns around and Hennig runs at him hitting a clothsline.]

Dave- What a cheap move!

Tony- Well if he gets this win that will move him up the rankings.

[Curt gives a couple punches to Flair. Flair is against the turnbuckle. Flair then battles back with some chops to his own. WHOOOOO!!! Flair then punches him in the face and Curt falls to the mat. Flair taunts him for getting up. Curt gets up and runs against the ropes. Running back Flair flips him over his back. WHOOOOO!!!]

Tony- Flair is getting hyped up.

[Curt runs back going for a punch Flair blocks it and nails his own punch. Flair begins to hit the chops back. Flair is WHOOING after every chop. Flair whip lashes him. Hennig runs back dives under Flairs clothsline and then nails his own clothsline. Fans Boo. Hennig picks him up and begins to give some chops to the chest. Flair is in the corner once again. Flair gets whip lashed across the ring. Flair hits the turnbuckle and stumbles back. Hennig picks him up in a Hennig plex position. Flair slips out of it. Flair pushes Curt into the turnbuckle body first. Hennig bounces back and Flair nails a pancake on him. Flair then straps on the Figure Four Leg Lock! Hennig taps.]

Dave- The Winner Ric Flair!

Tony- A Hell of a match Hennig almost pulled it off.

Dave- The keyword is almost.

Tony- He still did a gre…

Overall- 85

Crowd- 87

Match- 81


Tony- He did a great job!

Dave- He still lost.

[Announcers look over and Eddie Guerrero is running down to the ring.]

Dave- Look what’s going on!

Tony- Looks like another brawl. Security!

[Eddie Guerrero climbs into the ring. Flair turns around and Eddie runs at him hitting him in the stomach with a spear. Eddie begins to punch Flair in the head. Eddie then grabs the Flairs legs.]

Tony- Don’t tell me… He is, he is. The Figure Four!

[Eddie Guerrero straps on the Figure Four Leg Lock. Fans are cheering. Flair is in pain. The fans begin to cheer as the rest of the Horsemen run down. Eddie Guerrero slides out of the ring and runs back onto the stage as the Horsemen slide into the ring and help up the leader Ric Flair. Eddie Guerrero is smiling on the stage.]

Tony- I can’t believe this.

Dave- I am loving this feud ladies and gentlemen I encourage you all to tune in to the Great American Bash this Sunday and see how this fight ends!

Tony- It will end with Eddie Guerrero getting a beating!

Overall- 92

Eddie Guerrero gained 2 points.


[D-D-P starts to play and DDP walks out. He does his bang taunt and fire works go off. DDP walks down to the ring and climbs in. Bret Harts music starts to play and the fans begin to cheer as Bret Hart walks out with his United States Championship. Bret Hart slides into the ring.]

Tony- Bret Hart will be defending that title of his at Great American Bash against two worthy contenders.

Dave- I bet the Giant will walk out.

Tony- If the Brain was here tonight he would say the same exact thing!

[bret Hart and DDP walk around the ring. They tie up. DDP sends Bret flying across the ring. Bret stumbles. Bret walks over and they go for another tie up. Hart kicks him in the gut. Bret then clubs him in the back. Bret picks him up and hits a Russian leg sweep. Bret picks him up and throws him against the ropes DDP rebounds back dunking the move from Hart and rebounds back with a flying elbow. Hart falls. DDP gets back up. DDP taunts as Hart walks backwards. DDP grabs him and goes for a German Suplex. Hart gets out of it. Hart whip lashes him but DDP reverses it. Hart comes back and nails a neck breaker. Hart climbs to the top rope. Hart fly’s off hitting him with a Axe handle smash. DDP falls back. Hart taunts. Hart picks him up and hits another Russian leg sweep.]

Tony- Those seem to be working,

Dave- Most be he is about to win this match.

[Hart picks him back up and goes for another neck breaker. DDP turns him around and goes for a DDP Cutter. Hart pushes him. DDP turns around and then Hart grabs his legs and locks him in a Sharpshooter! Tap out!]

Tony- Your winner Bret Hart!

Overall- 90

Crowd- 91

Match- 88


[The camera cuts to the back. The Giant is standing in his locker room.]

Man- Look Giant I am your agent I am trying to tell you that somebody has been on your case lately. He keeps calling the office.

[Giant grabs his agent by the neck.]

The Giant- Listen I don’t care who it is or what it is I am The Giant nothing can stop me!

[Giant lets go of him and walks out of his locker room. The Giant walks out and suddenly a huge crash comes down in front of him. A bunch of pipes fly and roll all over the place.]

The Giant- Who the hell is up there! Get down here! AH!!!!!!

[Giant walks off.]

Overall- 75

Lost two points


Tony- That was very bizarre.

Dave- Who cares the Giant can handle himself lets get the match’s going.

Tony- On Nitro Paul Heyman announced he would manage Harlem Heat if they were able to beat two members of the Horsemen.

Dave- Yea but I bet Harlem Heat is wondering what two members that will be.

[Harlem Heats music starts to play and the fans cheer. Booker T and Ray walk out. They taunts and walks down to the ring. Suddenly Hollywood starts to play and Paul Heyman walks out and joins the announce team.]

Paul- How you guys doing?

Dave- Pretty good why are you out here?

Paul- What do you mean I am out here to see some future prospects that could be managed by the best dam manager in wrestling today Paul Heyman!

Tony- Paul its glad to have you out here.

Paul- Thank you Tony. Tony shows respect, Dave you better shut up or learn how to talk to people that are ranked higher in the company and sit at the right hand of Eric Bischoff!

Tony- Lets just get the match started.

Paul- Sounds great to me you guys are going to love the two guys I picked.

[The horsemen music starts to play and the fans cheer. Chris Benoit walks out with his Television Title around his waist. Dean Malenko follows him out. The two men get in the ring and Dean starts it off with Steve starting for Harlem. Dean and Steve go face to face Steve towering over him. Dean then suddenly throws out a punch. The fans begin to cheer. Arn Anderson walks out from the back and joins them at the ring to manage. Dean throws another punch and hits Steve. A couple more jabs and then Dean whip lashes him. Steve fly’s back and hits him with a shoulder block. Steve taunts and then tags in Booker T. Booker climbs the top rope and flies off hitting Dean in the shoulder with a leg drop formation.]

Paul- Winner of this match gets a tag title shot at Nitro you guys know that?

Tony- Don’t think so.

Paul- OH. Well its true!

[Dean suddenly flips Booker over and goes for a pin. 1…2 kick out. Dean gets up and goes to tag Benoit in. Booker pulls him back and tags in Ray. Ray and Booker double team him in the corner. Booker picks up Dean and flips him around hitting a pancake. Benoit try’s to get the fans on his side. Ray whip lashes Dean into the corner. Booker T grabs Deans neck as Ray kicks him in the gut. Ray taunts as Dean crawls to the corner. Dean turns around and low blows Ray. Both men are on the ground. Dean tags in Chris. Chris runs in as Ray tags Booker. Chris throws some punches to Booker. Ray gets up. Benoit runs behind him and hits a German Suplex. Booker is walking backwards. Another German Suplex. Booker T is down. Dean spears Ray out of the ring. Benoit climbs the turnbuckle and fly’s off hitting a head butt. Benoit goes for the pin. 1…2…3 Paul Heyman walks and climbs into the ring.]

Paul- Harlem Heat. You can kiss your ass good bye from the Paul Heyman management agency!

[Heyman spits on Booker T and walks the back shaking hands with Anderson, Dean and Benoit.]

Over- 77

Crowd- 76

Match- 78


[The scene opens up and Paul Heyman and Hollywood Hogan are standing backstage.]

Hogan- Listen Heyman Brother at the pay per view I have a hell of a match. And there is no way I can walk out of there without this title because Brother all of those guys are going to be ganging up on me.

Paul- Listen Hogan. You know I have some important investments in other federations like ECW. I have a plan that could save you and destroy you opponents when inside that ring.

Hogan- So what is the plan?

Paul- Its simple. Very simple. At the pay per view some one will be in your corner. Not me. But somebody that the World is not going to forget. Just remember this. The Money maker will want a shot at your title,

Hogan- If he keeps the strap on me I will give him a shot.

Heyman- Sounds good.

Hogan- So who is this mystery man.

[Heyman says something into Hogans ear. Hogan smiles.]

Hogan- Good plan, good plan.

Overall- 91

Heyman gained 3 points


[The lights go out and Wolfpac music starts to play and the fans stand up and start to cheer as Kevin Nash walks out.]

Tony- That man has had a hard week. Losing the World Title didn’t help him much.

Dave- He will get over it.

[Nash gets in the ring suddenly THE GIANT appears over the screen and the Giant walks out. Fans begin to boo.]

Dave- That man destroyed Randy Savage at Nitro. Hell Savage is not cleared to wrestle this week or the following. He is still in the hospital last time I heard.

[The Giant gets in the ring and him and Nash look into each others eyes. Suddenly the Giant lets a punch go nailing Nash in the face. Nash turns back and Giant is laughing. Nash nails the Giant. Giant grabs his arm and fires a punch back knocking Nash off balance. Nash holds onto the ropes. Nash runs at Giant and the Giant big boots him.]

Tony- I have never seen a man be as dominating in the ring as The Giant! The man can simply not be beat!

[The Giant grabs Nash and gives him a head butt. Nash falls back. Giant picks him up again and hits another head butt. Nash falls again but Giant brings him back up. Nash grabs Giant by the throat but the Giant fights it and then grabs Nash by the throat. Nash lets go. Nash try’s to break his hold. The Giant lets go and turns around and scares the reff. Nash turns around and kicks Giant in the stomach. Giant didn’t move. Nash is surprised. Nash goes for another kick but Giant grabs his foot. Nash gets spinned around and then the Giant grabs him by the throat and CHOKE SLAMS HIM!]

Dave- If I ever saw a choke slam!

[The Giant laughs. The Giant pulls Nash to the center of the ring. Giant runs back against the ropes and nails him with a Giant Splash! 1…2…3!]

Tony- The Winner is the Giant.

Dave- Does not surprise me one bit. The man is a GIANT! The man cannot be beat. If this man ever gets a shot in the ring against the World Champion no matter who that would be he would win with out a shout of a doubt.

Over- 89

Crowd- 86

Match- 92


[The camera shoots back and the camera shows Sting one the phone with somebody.]

Sting- Yes. At The Great American Bash it is. You will be there?… Alright that sounds good. You are scheduled to be there already? How is that? Paul Heyman? Alright I will make sure I get some things straight. Listen there is two ways we can do this and I think we are going at this the right way. Alright talk to you later.

[Paul Heyman is seen standing to the side of the camera. Sting hangs up the phone.]

Paul- That’s very weird Sting you are calling the exact same person I called. Why are you calling him in the first place?

Sting- He’s a old friend.

Paul- Oh sure and WCW was bought out from the WWF. Listen Sting what ever you have planning won’t help you at the pay per view. Because no matter what Hollywood Hogan is walking out with the WCW Heavyweight Championship.

[sting moves over and stands in front of Heyman.]

Sting- Heyman there is nobody that can stop me. I am unstoppable at this point. And that is why in a couple moments when I walk out to that ring I am going to beat your boy Hogan with the Death Lock. And there is nothing that can change that.

[sting walks past Heyman and leaves the locker room.]

Overall- 88


Tony- Well here it comes The Newly Crowned World Heavyweight Champion Hollywood Hulk Hogan against Sting!

Dave- Should be a great match.

[The lights go out and a figure from the ceiling fly’s down on a rope. The lights turn back on and Sting is unstraping his rope. The lights go out and Hollywood starts to play. Hogan walks out playing the guitar on his Heavyweight Title. Paul Heyman is following him out to the ring.]

Tony- Tonight is a rematch from last years Starrcade.

Dave- Clash Of the Titans if you ask me.

[sting and Hogan look at each other and move around in circles. They go in and tie up. Sting breaks the hold by kneeing Hogan in the stomach. Sting grabs Hogan and nails a chop. Hogan stumbles. Hogan then goes back for a offence move. Hogan goes for a punch but Sting blocks it and gives Hogan a eye rake. Hogan turns around and holds his face. Sting grabs Hogan and gives him a neck breaker.]

Dave- Looks like Hogan is getting a little to old for this.

[sting picks Hogan up and upper cuts him in the face. Hogan stumbles. Sting begins to give a couple slaps the stomach and chest of Hogan. Hogan suddenly fires back with a shot to the head of Sting. Sting gets up Hogan starts to Hulk up. Hogan fires punches back and fourth. Hogan whip lashes him BIG BOOT. Hogan runs at the ropes and back and goes for the Atomic Leg Drop. MISS! Sting rolls out of the way.]

Dave- That’s going to leave a mark.

Tony- Went for the big finish couldn’t get it what so ever.

[sting is up and Hogan gets up slowly. Hogan turns around and Sting goes for a small package. 1…2 kick out. Sting stomps on Hogan. Sting runs against the ropes rebounds back Hogan grabs Sting and goes for a slam. Sting gets out of it and pushes Hogan forward into the turnbuckle. Sting runs and STINGER SPLASHES HIM! Hogan stumbles back. Sting grabs his legs and locks in the Death Lock! The reff checks for the tap. HOGAN TAPS!]

Tony- I can’t believe this once again Hogan is defeated by the Man they call Sting.

Dave- Is this the future of the World Champion. Will Sting be the Future World Champion!

Tony- I don’t know Dave. But we are all out of time and join myself and Bobby The Brain Heenan at the Great American Bash this Sunday!

For the Great American Bash I plan to go all out with the show so that should be the best yet

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

user posted image

[The camera turns on and Dusty Rhodes and Bobby Heenan are sitting at the announce table.]

Bobby- Welcome folks to Saturday night Wrestling! We have some great action coming your way.

Dusty- Lets get started!

[ Raven whip lashes Hak into a back breaker. Hak battles back with some moves of his own. Moments later Raven hits the event flow and Hak gets up hits a DDT onto a chair for the 1…2…3.

Over- 76

Crowd- 52

Match- 100-------------------------

[The screen turns on and a video of the Giant wrestling is seen. Giant is seen doing a choke slam to Randy Savage and then another choke slam to Kevin Nash. The Giant then shows his pre video of his United States Title match.]

Over- 81


Dean Maleanko versus Saturn.

[Match starts off with Saturn getting the upper hand with a German suplex but Dean battles back with submissions of his own. He finally gets Saturn to tap with a Texas Clover Leaf.

Over- 73

Crowd- 65

Match- 82


[Ric Flair is seen walking in the back when Mean Gene walks up to him. Ric Flair gives a two or three minute speech on how he is going to beat Eddie Guerrero come the pay per view.]

Over- 91


Scott Steiner versus the Bulldog

[ Scott Steiner begins the match up with a low blow. Bulldog fights back with technical moves. Steiner locks in the Steiner recliner but its broken by the rope. Bulldog hits the running power slam for the 1…2…3

Over- 76

Crowd- 77

Match- 75

British gained one point


[Eric Bischoff comes out and announces that at Great American Bash it will be Chris Benoit versus Chris Jericho in a cage match with the Television Title on the line.]

Over- 85


RVD versus Piper

[ RVD starts the match off by a couple spinning wheel kicks and then a 5 Star Frog Splash which gets missed. Piper applies the Sleeper and gets the submit.]

Over- 87

Crowd- 79

Match- 96


[The video turns on and a Hype for the World Title match is shown.]

Over- 85

Overall- Show was a 82

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

Wrestling Edge- WCW NEWS!

Current News-

There is word going around that the Great American Bash is going to open a special section in the arena to seat some more fans.

Also in the news word is going around that the WCW have hired a hall of fame wrestler to interfere in the WCW Main Event Match at the ppv.

Kevin Nash and Scott Norton are said to be very unhappy about being Tag Team Champions at the current time. Both me said they do not wish to be a tag team together and wish to seperate at anytime.

Also does Paul Heyman have some new ideas up in his head of chaos. Anything can happen. Fans are hoping that the ideas are that ECW will be making a invasion on WCW in the future.

Also there is a new WCW ppv in late summer. Its name takes the name of former all start ppv Clash Of The Titans!

Check in more when we have new and better updates.

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

user posted image

Dark Match

[ The lights go out and Back And In Black starts to play and Max Idol a unknown name from a independent league walks out.

Max Idol climbs into the ring and walks around the ring and taunts. Suddenly BANG! DDP walks out and the fans scream as DDP walks down to the ring. DDP walks in and him and Idol shake hands. Idol then nails DDP in the head with a fist. DDP gets back up and Idol grabs him and picks him up in a fishermen suplex position. He hits it. Idol goes for the pin. 1…2 Kick out.

DDP gets up and rebounds back after a reverse whip lash. DDP cross chops Max. Max falls back. DDP keeps fighting. DDP whip lashes him and hits him with a Drop Kick! DDP whip lashes him again and nails a arm drag on Idol. DDP taunts and smiles. DDP picks him up and another whip lash, Idol dunks and then turns around and picks him up hitting a twisting move. Idol climbs the turnbuckle. The 250 man jumps off hitting a shooting star press. Fans cheer. DDP gets up slowly. Idol kicks him in the stomach and nails a triple power bomb! 1…2…3! The Winner Max Idol]



[The lights go out and the Great American Bash logo flashes. The fans are cheering and fire works go off.]

Bobby- Welcome everybody to The Great American Bash! And we have a great night in store for all of you!

Tony- That is right folks tonight your joining Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and myself Tony Schiavone and we are happy that you to joined us for another great WCW pay per view!

Bobby- Tonight we have a huge main event. Hollywood Hogan fresh off his title win this past Monday night a Nitro will be defending against Kevin Nash, Sting, and Goldberg!

Tony- And don’t forget Brain if Goldberg losses that will be his first lost ever!

Bobby- The brain predicts that Goldberg will pull off the unpredictable and win the WCW Heavyweight Championship for the first time!

Tony- Well Brain all those answers will be answered later tonight lets get ready for some action.

Bobby- This night is loaded with action and very special attractions!


[The camera cuts to the back and Paul Heyman is seen backstage talking to Hogan.]

Paul- Listen Hogan tonight you will be defending that title!

[Heyman points to the WCW Heavyweight Title.]

Paul- That is what gives you respect in this world. That title is the greatest title to ever come about. This title has history starting from the early 1900’s! Over ninety years that title has been in existence. And every day you hold that title the title gets more valuable.

[Hogan pats his WCW Heavyweight Title.]

Paul- Listen Hogan don’t do it for those fans! Do it for yourself! And Paul Heyman!

[Fans Boo and Hogan looks down and then back up. Hogan stands up with the WCW Title around his shoulder.]

Paul- So Hogan what do you say are you ready to go out there later tonight and show these people who the real deal is or are you going to let them down?

[Hogan looks at Paul in the eyes.]

Hogan- I am going to walk out there later tonight not because I have to but because I want to and Brother! I am sure as hell not doing it for those fans!

[Heyman smiles and the camera fades back to the ring.]

Over- 95

Paul Heyman gained 2 points


Bobby- Well Tony tonight two of the most talented athletes will battle within that very cage.

[ A cage is shown being secured to the ring.]

Tony- I think tonight we will see some high flying action from both Benoit and Chris Jericho.

Bobby- The battle of the Canadians!

[ Jericho’s music hits and Jericho walks out on the stage. Jericho walks out to the ring and walks around the cage looking at every aspect. Jericho gets inside the cage and waits. The Horsemen music starts to play and the fans begin to cheer as Chris Benoit walks out wearing the WCW Television Title around his waist. Benoit walks down to the ring and climbs straight into the cage. Benoit hands the reff the TV title. Benoit and Jericho stand face to face.]

Tony- Both men have trained together.

Bobby- I can’t wait for this.

[Jericho and Benoit circle each other. They go in for the attack and Benoit grabs him with a headlock. Benoit throws Jericho down. Jericho bounces against the mat and gets back up. Jericho runs against the ropes and back at Benoit. Jericho dives under Benoit’s legs and jumps up. Benoit turns around and gets hit will a drop kick. Benoit gets slowly back up and Jericho hits him with a flying elbow. Jericho hits the ground with Benoit. Jericho puts on a sleeper. Benoit fights it getting to his feet. Jericho try’s to keep it on but Benoit breaks it with a couple elbow shots to the stomach. Benoit runs against the ropes and Jericho leap frogs over Benoit. Jericho lands and turns around and Benoit is ready. Belly to Belly Suplex! Fans Cheer.]

Bobby- Would you look at that!

[benoit grabs Jericho from behind. German Suplex. Another and another.]

Tony- That’s three.

Bobby- I can count you know!

[Jericho is laying in the middle of the ring. Benoit climbs the cage. Benoit is on top of the cage. Fans are cheering.]

Tony- Benoit can only win the match with a pin fall folks.

[Benoit dives off going for a head butt. Benoit misses. Jericho moves out of the way.]

Bobby- The brain predicts that Jericho will win.

Tony- A little late for that prediction.

[ Jericho gets up. Benoit slowly gets up. Jericho gets ready for a bull dog. Jericho jumps into the air Benoit reverses it into a Crippler Cross Face! The reff is checking for the tap. Jericho goes for the ropes. Jericho is feet away. Jericho can’t take it anymore and taps to Beniot! TAP OUT TAP OUT!]

Tony- No Way! I thought Jericho had it won.

Bobby- The winner and still Champion Chris Benoit. The man put on a great effort.

Tony- Both men put on a good effort.

Over- 85

Crowd- 80

Match- 91

TV title gained image


[ Benoit is seen celebrating and the scene cuts to Ric Flair backstage with Mean Gene.]

Flair- That’s right, that’s right! Mean Gene did you just see that!

[Flair is pointing to the monitor and shows Benoit winning.]

Flair- WHOOOOO! This is the Horsemen’s night. Benoit already defended his title and know its my turn to walk out there and win another great match for the Horsemen! WHHOOOOO!!

Mean Gene- Flair don’t you think it will be a challenge of some sort?

Flair- Challenge? Mean Gene you have known me for a long time you know nobody can put on a good challenge against the Nature Boy! WHOOOOO!! I am on fire tonight I am going to run all over that Eddie Guerrero make that man tap out with the Figure Four Leg Lock. That Mexican thought it was funny to strap my own move on me at Thunder is going to get punished!

Mean Gene- Tonight Flair will this be the end of the Flair and Eddie Guerrero feud?

Flair- WHOOOOO! You dam right its going to be the end because this Nature Boy is going to move on to bigger and better things.

Mean Gene- Like what?

Flair- Like the WCW World Heavyweight Championship! WHOOOOOO!! Listen Mean Gene I got to go get ready for my match I know you will be cheering for me. WHOOOOOOOO!!!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!

[Flair WHOOOS a couple more times as he walks away and Mene Gene stares in disbelief.]

Over- 92


[The lights go out and Eddie Guerrero’s music starts to play and the fans cheer. Eddie Guerrero walks out with the Nature Boy robe on. Fans cheer as Eddie walks out. Eddie climbs into the ring and taunts around. Eddie takes the cut off laughing.]

Bobby- Give me a break folks the real Nature Boy will not tolerate this any further. I can’t wait to see Flair walk all over his a…

Tony- Calm down Brain.

[The horsemen music starts to play and Ric Flair walks out wearing another robe. Ric Flair gets in the ring and Eddie walks up to Flair. The two men stare at each other face to face. Flair smiles and suddenly punches Eddie in the face. Eddie turns back and goes for a punch but Flair blocks it. Still with his rove on Flair begins to chop Eddie. Flair chops him and Eddie falls out of the ring beneath the second turnbuckle. Flair takes off his robe. Flair gets out of the ring and follows Eddie. Eddie is resting. Eddie turns around in time to see Flair and kicks him in the stomach. Flair then gets his head bounced off the railing. Flair bounces back and Eddie kicks him in the stomach and DDTS him on the mat. Flair lays there. Eddie taunts.]

Tony- This is a any thing goes match so I guess this will go.

[Eddie picks up Flair and whip lashes him into the ring post. Flair hits and falls down on the other side. Flair is slowly getting up as Eddie walks around. Eddie kicks Flair in the stomach.]

Tony- Complete disrespect!

Bobby- This is anything goes there is no respect that is honored in this match!

[Eddie picks up Flair and throws him into the ring. Eddie slides in the ring and taunts once more. Flair begins to fight back. Flair chops but Eddie hits his own chop. Flair stumbles backwards. Flair moves forward and Eddie goes for another chop but Flair stops it. Suddenly Flair begins to get energy. Eddie bounces back with a surprise look on his face. Eddie goes for another hit but Flair blocks it and hits another. Flair kicks Eddie in the gut and then hits a DDT. Fans cheer. Both me are down. Flair gets up. Flair runs against the ropes and runs back kicking Eddie in the face. Fans cheer. Flair drags Eddie to the turnbuckle. Flair climbs outside the ring where Eddies legs are hanging. Flair straps in the Figure Four. Eddie is screaming!]

Tony- That has to be the most dangerous move in all of the business when it comes to submission.

Bobby- Well the match can’t be won out there because he is hanging onto the ropes.

[ Flair lets go and climbs back into the ring. Eddie gets up slowly moving backwards. Flair grabs Eddie by the neck and hits a neck breaker. Fans cheer. Flair goes for the pin. 1…2… kick out.]

Tony- Almost!

Bobby- Flair is taking his time with this one. Doesn’t want to end it to quick or the fans will get upset.

[Flair picks up Eddie and hits a couple more punches to the face. Flair grabs his arm and does a arm drag. Flair holds onto his arm. Flair lets go letting Eddie get up. Flair whip lashes him and hits him with a chop. Flair whip lashes him again and Flair runs forward. Eddie hangs onto the ropes and Flair runs at him and they both go over. Both me are laying outside of the ring. Both men are motionless.]COLOR]

Bobby- First man up will take the match.

[Flair gets up slowly. Flair climbs onto the ring apron. Flair gives a WHOOOO and Flairs runs off the apron going for a elbow drop but Eddie moves. Fans Cry in cheer.]

Tony- Momentum just shifted back to Eddie.

[Eddie is searching under the ring for something. Eddie pulls out a chair. Flair slowly gets up. Flair turns around and Eddie goes to swing the chair but Flair kicks Eddie in the stomach. Both men stumble back. Eddie goes for another shot but this time fakes a high one and then jabs Flair in the stomach. Flair goes down to both knees. Flair then gets finished off with a steel chair shot to the head.]

Bobby- I will be hearing that for days at a time!

[Flair then gets pushed into the ring by Eddie. Eddie climbs the turnbuckle and taunts. Flair is laying in the perfect position for the Frog Splash. Eddie fly’s across the ring nailing the Frog Splash on contact. Eddie rolls off of Flair.]

Tony- I don’t think Eddie will be able to make the cover both men look to tired.

[Eddie slowly crawls his way over. 1……2….. Flairs leg hits the rope. Break of the pin! Eddie rolls off and cant believe it. Eddie slowly gets up and pulls Flair up with him. Eddie and Flair begin to battle back once again with slow motion like punches. Flair gives Eddie a eye rake. Eddie moves backwards holding his eyes. He turns around and Eddie legs get pulled out from under him. Flair straps in the Figure Four Leg Lock.]

Tony- Could this be it?

[Eddie is making a motion to grab for the ropes a few feet away by the ropes. Flair pushes back with pain and blood running down his face. Eddie makes a attempt to reverse it. Flair grabs the ropes on the other side for leverage. The reff turns back and Flair lets go.]

Bobby- Clever.

[Flair grabs them again suddenly Eddie taps and taps! Flair has won the match. Flair keeps the hold on to the reff tells him to let go. Flair lets go and starts to celebrate for the win.]

Tony- A hell of a win even if I don’t like Flair that was a hell of a win.

Bobby- Cheat to win, cheat to win.

Over- 95


Match- 97


Bobby- Well I am getting told that we are heading backstage it seems that we have a late arrival here tonight.

Tony- Wonder who it could be.

[A black and silver limo pulls up to the arena. Fans are cheering. The limo driver gets out and runs down to the end and opens the door. The Macho Man Randy Savage gets out. Suddenly Eric Bischoff is seen running down the parking lot to where Savage is.]

Eric Bischoff- Savage what the hell are you doing here? You are supposed to be injured!

Randy Savage- Well Eric my man I was feeling a little better so I decided to come check this place out YEEEEEEAAAAAA!!!

Eric Bischoff- If you interfere in that United States match later tonight you are going to be fined and suspended!

Randy Savage- Eric my man. Chill out the Macho Man Randy Savage has it all figured out. Tonight I am going to go down to that ring and join my men The Brain and Tony and do a little good ole announcing. Is that alright with you Eric?

Eric Bischoff- That’s fine but no interfering!

Randy Savage- Wouldn’t dare dude. But I have to be on my way people are looking forward to seeing me. Like they say I am the Macho Man Randy Savage.YEA

[savage walks off as Bischoff stands there and looks over at the limo driver.]

Eric Bischoff- Get the hell out of here!

Tony- Looks like we will have company later tonight.

Bobby- Anything for the Macho Man but The brain predicts that Randy Savage will interfere in that match no matter what Bischoff says.

Overall- 92


[The lights go out and the fans begin to cheer. Hollywood starts to play and Scott Hall walks out. Fans boo as they see him and Hall does his arms out taunt. Hall walks down to the ring and climbs in and taunts a little more until he gets shocked by the Giants music. The Giants music starts to play and the Giant walks out. The Giant is in the middle of the ramp when Bret Harts music this and the Giant turns around and Bret Hart is already in side the ring going through the crowd. Hall turns around and Hart nails him in the head with a punch. Hall falls down but gets right up and Hart grabs him for a twisting neck breaker.]

Bobby- Smart choice with Hart to stay away from the Giant!

[Hart is in the ring stomping on Hall in the corner. The Giant runs down to the ring. Hart turns around and sees Giant slide into the ring. Hart climbs out. The Giant walks over and spits on Bret Hart who is out side the ring. The Giant then slowly grabs Scott Hall. Hall is holding onto the ropes so he won’t get thrown over. Giant steps back and launches Hall over the top rope. Hart moves to avoid being hit. Hall nails the mat padded material.]

Tony- For fans hearing us at home you might think that mat gives a little but I assure you it doesn’t when you hit that its like hitting cement.

Bobby- Because there is cement under it!

[ The Giant taunts for Bret Hart to get in the ring. Hart pulls Hall over and rolls him into the ring. Hart climbs in after. Giant and Hart stand face to face. Hart then spits into the Giants face. The Giant feels his face. Hart kicks Giant in the gut but no reaction. Giant grabs Hart by the throat. Hart begins to give a couple more kicks. Giant slams Hart down. Hall is back up and so is Hart. Hall and Hart signal to attack from both sides. Hall and Hart go up. Hall in the front and Hart in the back. The Giant swings around and grabs Hart by throat and turns around and grabs Hall. CHOKE SLAM!]

Bobby- What a double choke slam!

[ The Giant then lines them up in order. The Giant begins to run against the ropes going for the Giant Splash when MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE runs out from the back. Savage runs into the ring. Giant stops and runs at Savage making Savage fall to the ground. The Giant grabs Savage by the throat. Choke Slam! The Giant picks him up again. As Giant is doing this Bret Hart crawls over and covers Hall. The Giant then choke slams Randy Savage back down. Giant pushes him out of the ring. .2…3! Giant turns around to see Bret Harts arm begin raised. Giant walks over and grabs Hart. CHOKE SLAM!]

Tony- I think the Giant is a little upset.

Bobby- A little?

[Hart lands in the center of the ring. GIANT SPLASH! Giant then looks over and sees Scott Hall slide out side of the ring. Giant follows him out. Hall turns around and Giant grabs him by the throat. Giant then leads Hall up to the top of the stage. CHOKE SLAM! Off the stage!]

Bobby- Did you see that Tony? Oh my god the brain predicted wrong but I think both me and you know who the real winner of this battle is THE GIANT!

[Giant walks to the back as Scott Hall is being helped out at the bottom of the stage and Bret Hart crawls out of the ring with his WCW United States Title.]

Match- 88

Crowd- 89

Match- 88

Title gained over


[The camera turns on and it shows Eric Bischoff standing with somebody with his back turned.]

Eric Bischoff- Well folks tonight you all wanted to see the very new N.W.O member and here he is. He is non other then…

[The man turns around]

Eric Bischoff- The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase!

[Fans cheer]

Ted DiBiase- That’s right folks the money man is back and ready to fight. Your looking at the number one contender to the winner of later tonight’s Heavyweight Title Match. And remember folks when you hear the music Money! You know a real champion is walking down that ring. HAHAHAHAHA!!

[scene ends]

Over- 89


Tony- This next match is a match both me and you and I think all of wrestling had been looking forward to for a while know.

Bobby- The rules are simple anything goes, anybody can interfere through out the match and the last man standing wins.

Tony- By that, he means that it is elimination only. Pin or submit is the only way to win the match.

Bobby- Yes and the brain predicts that the man that has been undefeated will win and I am talking about GOLDBERG!

[As he finishes that sentence the music GOLDBERG starts to play and his fire works goes off and Goldberg walks down to the ring. Goldberg gets loud cheers. Goldberg climbs into the ring as The lights go out and a figure from the sky fly’s down. The lights turn back down and Sting is standing in the ring. Wolf pac music starts to play and Kevin Nash walks down to the ring. Nash climbs into the ring and stretches. Hollywood starts to play and Hollywood Hogan walks down to the ring playing the guitar with his Heavyweight Title. Paul Heyman is following him.]

Bobby- Heyman is going to do what ever it takes to keep the World Title on him.

[Goldberg starts it off by going straight for Nash. Sting and Hogan start to battle it out also. Goldberg whip lashes Nash into the other turnbuckle. Goldberg runs at him but Nash nails him in the face with a elbow at the last minute. Nash throws Goldberg in the corner and nails a couple elbows to the face. Nash gets out of the way as Sting whip lashes Hogan into Goldberg. Goldberg moves out of the way as Hogan hits the turnbuckle stomach first. Hogan rebounds back and turns around and Sting flips him going for the Death Lock. Hogan grabs the rope and Sting is forced to let go.]

Tony- I think we will see plenty of double team moves.

[ Sting and Nash begin to battle with some punches both ways. Sting dunks a Big Boot and rebounds back with a flying Lariet. Goldberg dumps Hogan outside the ring and Goldberg climbs threw the rope. Goldberg whip lashes Hogan into the guard rail. In side the ring Sting gets nailed with a big boot. Sting gets picked up and a back breaker is executed.

Bobby- This Is already starting to look good.

[ Paul Heyman sneaks behind Goldberg and gives Goldberg a chair shot. Goldberg turns around and Paul Heyman begins to run. Goldberg follows. Goldberg does a lap and Hogan comes out of the corner with a Big Boot to the face. Fans Boo. Hogan picks up Goldberg and slams his head against the steel post. In the ring Sting is on the turnbuckle. Flying neck breaker. Nash goes down and Sting goes for the pin. 1…2… kick out. Sting picks him back up and goes for the arm. Sting reverses the arm drag into a take down headlock. Fans chant Stings name. Outside the ring Hogan dominates Goldberg by throwing him into the steel steps causing a huge sound of dominance going threw the crowd.]

Tony- Did you hear that impact?

Bobby- I certainly did.

[ In side the ring Sting nails the Death Drop. Sting straps on the Death Lock. Will Nash tap? Fans are cheering. NASH TAPS! Nash is being forced to the back. Hogan rolls inside the ring. Both him and Sting pear at each other face to face. Sting goes for the first swing and fakes the punch into a kick to the gut. Sting DDTS Hogan. ]

Bobby- Nice fake but I have seen better.

[ Outside the ring Heyman is beginning to stomp on Goldberg. Hogan gets up to be met with a knee to the stomach by Sting. Hogan falls into the corner. Stinger Splash! Heyman looks over to see Sting hitting the DEATH DROP!]

Bobby- I think Sting has the number one card to win this match!

[Heyman slides into the ring with chair in hand. Hogan gets slammed. Sting gets up and turns around to be met with a steel chair shot from Heyman to the head. Sting falls down. Heyman slowly picks up Hogan. Suddenly Heyman makes a hand motion to the back and RVD with Ted DiBiase walk out.]

Tony- What the hell are they doing here?

Bobby- Hear to take over.

[Goldberg is in the ring. Heyman turns around SPEAR! Both men fall outside the ring from the spear. Inside the ring Atomic Leg Drop onto Sting from Hogan. 1…2…3! Sting has been eliminated.]

Bobby- Sting and Nash gone. Hogan and Goldberg left!

[ RVD runs down the ramp where Goldberg is getting up. RVD and Goldberg exchange blows. Ted DiBiase climbs into the ring. Ted DiBiase rolls Sting out and helps Hogan get up. Spear! Goldberg spears RVD outside the ring on the stage. Goldberg turns around and heads back to the ring. Goldberg slides into the ring. Ted gets out. Goldberg and Hogan stare off. Hogan runs back against the ropes and as he runs back Goldberg lets out a super kick and nails Hogan. Goldberg gets in the corner. Goldberg then goes for the spear. SPEAR! Goldberg then gets up and taunts signal for the Jackhammer. RVD climbs back into the ring. Goldberg grabs him. JACKHAMMER!]

Bobby- This man is acting so dominate.

[ Goldberg gets up and Hogan is waiting for him. Ted DiBiase slides back into the ring. Hogan nails him with a Big Boot. Goldberg is down and out. Hogan runs against the ropes and on his way running back. BIG BOOT! Ted DiBiase just nailed Hogan with a Big Boot. Hogan bounces against the ropes and then DiBiase grabs Hogan and lifts him up and twists his body around hitting a atomic side walk slam. Fans Cheer and DiBiase smiles. Goldberg is back up and smiles. Goldberg gets in the corner. SPEAR!! SPEAR!! Another spear to Hogan. Goldberg goes for the pin. 1…2…3!!!!]

Bobby- I cant believe this we have a new World Heavyweight Champion!

Tony- Within a week!

Bobby- WCW is making history here tonight.

[Hollywood starts to play and Eric Bischoff walks out on the stage.]

Eric- Wait a second people, wait a second. Ted DiBiase what the hell do you think you are doing? Interfering in a World Heavyweight Title match. You have no right to be out here do you? You think just because you are in the New World Order you have permission to be out here? Well guess what that’s not how it works around here DiBiase and for you actions here tonight… I am going to strip Bill Goldberg the World Heavyweight Title and place it back on the shoulders of Hollywood Hulk Hogan!!!

[Fans Boo and Goldberg can’t believe it. Goldberg asks for a microphone.]

Goldberg- Eric Bischoff… If you want this title so bad why don’t you walk down here and take it from me.

[bischoff looks upset and then walks down the stage and climbs into the ring.]

Eric- Did you think I was scared of you Goldberg?

[Eric grabs the title and begins to leave the ring. Hogan is outside being helped by RVD and Heyman.]

Goldberg- Hey Bischoff wait a second.

[bischoff turns around and Goldberg nails him with a spear!]

Goldberg- Hogan might be champion but I still have the title!

[Goldberg drops the microphone onto Bischoff’s body. Goldberg climbs the turnbuckle and taunts with Ted DiBiase.]

Bobby- What a night folks. We still don’t have a clue what’s going on. Goldberg is taking the Title and Hogan is the real champion? Find out at Nitro and thank you for joining us!

Over- 94

Crowd- 95

Match- 93

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