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December 17, 1985

“Don’t ever mention that cocksucker’s name again.”

I looked across two plates of mostly-eaten scrambled eggs and got a good look at the wizened face of self-made wrestling legend and AWA impresario Verne Gagne. The lines across his forehead and down his cheeks formed a sort of labyrinth, the walls of which quaked as his sneer deepened. He was a desperate, pissed-off man, and I had made the mistake of using the H-word in his presence.

“Listen,” I told him, “this isn’t about… him. All we need to worry about is the talent you’ve got assembled. Guys like Jerry Lynn, Steve Regal, Michaels and Jannetty, they could be America’s homegrown answers to Satoru Sayama and The Dynamite Kid. Bockwinkel’s no youngster, but he’s dependable. And Hall and Hennig- man, they’re the closest things to sure bets in the wrestling business.”

“I know, I’ve got some great workers.”

Verne seemed like he was cracking. A couple of months ago, news had popped up in the underground that he was looking for a new head writer for the AWA. I guess he felt the old ship had given him one too many problems. Or maybe he just felt like retiring. Either way, being on the inside of the industry helps. As much as I liked my job as a contributing columnist at Pro Wrestling Illustrated, I had big hopes. When this opportunity presented itself, I was more than happy to contact Verne. Now here we were, meeting face to face for the first time in a sweaty little diner surrounded by miles of freezing Minnesota air.

“But, it’s not just about the workers, Verne,” he raised an eyebrow as I addressed him by his first name. “Take a look at the other leagues. WWF? They could have every great wrestler of all time, from Thesz to Flair, on their roster, and they’d job ‘em all out for the sake of a cartoon character. NWA? Fading. For all their talent, they don’t have much of an investment plan for the future, it seems. The business is ours for the taking. We can snatch up the fans of the sport of pro wrestling, the guys who want to see great action and fresh faces.”

Verne scratched his head. He seemed confused, but overall, he looked a little younger now than he did when we started our meal. He decided to get gruff again.

“You won’t have shit in the way of job security, son. You fuck up, I’ll send you packing.”

“Fair enough,” I told him.

“Alright. You start January 1st. Show up at 9:00 at our headquarters- 14th Street and Polk Avenue. Ask for my niece, Sophie. She’ll get you settled in.”

“Excellent,” I said as I shook Gagne’s hand. “You won’t be disappointed.”

“I better not be,” he replied, without any humor in his voice.

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He did it, he did it, by god he did it!

Well, good luck Boulder. I can't get into 1985 diaries since I was born in 1984. But I'll check back later, and if your character development is as good as it normally is, I'll likely be unable to leave.

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Thanks for the encouragement, guys. I, too, was born in 1984, which is why I'm a little worried about my ability to "capture" the AWA. If I make any glaring mistakes in regards to the wrestling world or characterization, please feel free to point them out.

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I am both shocked and amazed that you actually agreed to do this. However I wish you the absolute best of luck. I think that you have the skills as a writer to pull it off. A little research, a little ingenuity on your part, and you should have a hit. You can write characters in ways we've never seen before, and still manage to have them feel the same, so I have no doubts in my mind that you can do this justice.

Again, good luck and I shall be reading.


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January 1, 1986

8:56 AM

Damn, it was cold in this town. I pushed open the big glass door of the building in which AWA headquarters was located, and was relieved to feel a wave of heat hit me. I approached the receptionist with my mind on the task at hand.

“Sophie Gagne, please,” I told the pretty young receptionist. “I’m Scott Fried, I have an appointment.”

“Floor seven,” she told me politely. “You won’t miss her desk.”

I got on the elevator alongside a middle-aged gentleman. My heart pounded- I always got a little nervous in situations like these. The man got off at the fourth floor. When the doors opened, the wall opposite the elevator bore a big sign reading “Hub’s Appliances.” Wow, this place was headquarters for Hub’s, too. Now I knew where to get retail blenders.

The door shut, and up I went, all by my lonesome. When the doors opened again, I stood in front of a huge red, white, and blue sign: the AWA logo. I stepped off and turned a corner, and I was right in front of a large, expensive looking desk bearing a nameplate which read “Sophie Gagne.” On the other side of the desk sat one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen. I was sure she was adopted.

“Hi, Mr. Fried,” she said, shaking my hand. “Please, have a seat. How was your Christmas?”

“I went to the movies,” I told her. She seemed to be caught off guard.

“Um… okay. I hope your New Year’s was good.”

“Not among the best, but good enough,” I replied. I was shy and clever at the same time, and I came off as misanthropic.

“Well, here’s hoping you’re ready to work. Uncle Vernie has some high hopes,” she told me. I bit my tongue to keep from laughing.

“Ab- absolutely,” I said, regaining control. “What’s on tap first?”

“Well, we’ve got the roster to polish, some business odds and ends, papers to sign…” well, this was going to take a while. Nevertheless, what needed to be done needed to be done. I didn’t need Uncle Vernie on my ass.

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Guest ashork

Good luck Boulder. I grew up on the AWA from the age of 6 (I am 37 now) I loved the AWA, even though 1984 and on the AWA started to suck. Maybe you can bring it back to its old glory!

If you are looking to get a feel for what it was like go to Kayfabe Memories at

http://kayfabememories.com/ and read the articles written about the AWA (under regional territories) also vist their forum at http://kayfabememories.com/phpbb/. Lots of good info to be gathered there ( I am in the slow process of creating a 1982 scenario and have gotten alot/most of my information from this site)

Look forward to the first card

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January 1, 1986

11:24 PM

Whew. That was some day.

After 15 hours of work, Sophie and I had altered the face of the AWA. Roster cuts had been made, plans for a developmental territory and a training camp had been put in motion, and several contracts had been renegotiated. Plus, I found out Sophie’s favorite food, color, and movie.

“I think we’re done,” she told me, “finally time to get some rest. You’ve got a show to book for tomorrow, cowboy.”

Cowboy? Eh, whatever.

“Well, little lady, before I hit that old trail, just lend me that there roster, if you will,” I slowly morphed from romantic cowboy into Dusty Rhodes.

She giggled and gave me the paper. I looked it over, and I liked what I saw.

“Looks good,” I told her. “Just like… me.”

She laughed again. Time to get when the getting was good.

“I’m gonna be off now,” I said, “Gotta get some rest before the big show.”

“Bye bye, Scott.”

I turned and walked into the elevator. As soon as I got in, all of the pleasantries of conversation with Sophie were gone. Staring me in the face was a big damn responsibility.

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January 2, 1986


Mike Tenay: Welcome, folks, to AWA All Star Wrestling on ESPN! I’m your brand new host, Mike Tenay, and you may remember my partner, Eric Bischoff!

Eric Bischoff: Good evening, fans! Mike, I’m looking forward to working with you, but I’m especially looking forward to this new year of AWA action!

Mike Tenay: Absolutely, Eric! Things should start off in a big way, as tonight, we’ve got a match between Larry Zbyszko and Masa Saito, with the winner receiving a shot at the AWA World Heavyweight Championship, currently held by Stan Hansen. It’s already shaping up to be an exciting year! With that in mind, let’s go down to the ring!

Randy Rose versus Greg Gagne

The much younger Greg Gagne took the advantage early with a two dropkicks, before finally taking Randy Rose to the mat with a headlock. Rose tried to break it, but the best he could manage was rolling Gagne over into a cover. Both men got to their feet and Gagne took Rose over with an armdrag. Rose turned the tide by catching Gagne with a thumb to the eye, then started going to work with a few punches. He backed Gagne into a corner, and then fiercely whipped him across the ring. Gagne staggered back into a schoolboy rollup, but kicked out. He popped back up and leveled Randy Rose with a powerful clothesline. Gagne then got to his feet, lifted Rose up, and delivered a weak-looking back suplex. Gagne lifted Rose up again and tried to grab him for a bodyslam, but Rose quickly pushed Gagne off, locked his arms, and took him down with a backslide for the win.

Overall: 50%

Crowd: 59%

Match: 52%

Rating: DUD

Match Time: 5:42

Arriving in Style

A limousine is shown pulling up in the parking lot.

Mike Tenay: I wonder who could be here?

Eric Bischoff: Hmmm, whoever he is, he seems important.

The chauffeur gets out of the car, walks to the back, and opens the door. Larry Zbyszko gets out of the limo with a big smile on his face.

Mike Tenay: Oh, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

Larry Zbyszko: Park it somewhere safe, friend. Tonight’s the beginning of a new chapter in pro wrestling history. Someday, you’ll be able to tell your grandkids that you drove the Living Legend to the show where his path to the AWA Title began.

Eric Bischoff: No lack of confidence from Zbyszko!

Overall: 72%

AWA Women’s Championship Match: Sherri Martel © versus Magnificent Mimi

Mimi managed to knock Sherri down with a spin kick to start the match, rattling and angering the champion. Sherri got back to her feet and locked up with Mimi, but once again, the challenger took her down, this time with an armdrag. Sherri got up and charged at Mimi, but Mimi once again took Sherri to the mat, this time with a drop toe hold. Sherri got up and faked a charge at Mimi, which threw the challenger off her game plan. Sherri was then able to tackle Mimi with a Thesz Press. Martel started pounding on Mimi’s face, and then scratching at it with her fingernails. Sherri got to her feet, lifted Mimi up, and nailed her with a side kick to the stomach. Sherri then climbed to the top rope, despite the referee’s protests, and came off with a double knee drop to the gut of Magnificent Mimi. As per the rule against jumping from the top rope onto a prone opponent, Sherri was disqualified. However, she retained the title, which she held proudly above her head as Mimi was helped to the back.

Overall: 51%

Crowd: 64%

Match: 43%

Rating: -*

Match Time: 3:45

Mike Tenay: Shocking… Sherri’s not exactly the poster girl for fair play, but how could she do that Mimi?

Eric Bischoff: If I know Mimi at all, she won’t let the issue end here. She’ll be back for revenge against Sherri!

Mike Tenay: On another note, fans, earlier today we received word that a very talented wrestler would be making his AWA debut on this very show. Apparently, he’s aware of how good he is, as he refers to himself as “The World’s Greatest Wrestler” Ted DiBiase.

Eric Bischoff: Well, let’s see how he stacks up against Brad Rheingans. That match is up next!

Ted DiBiase versus Brad Rheingans

Brad Rheingans clapped as the opening bell rang, and the fans joined in, solidly behind the Olympian. DiBiase was undaunted, as he kept a confident smirk on his face the whole time. They locked up, with DiBiase getting a headlock. He took Rheingans over to the mat, but Rheingans managed to lock his legs around DiBiase’s head, pulling him off. Ted DiBiase flipped forward onto Brad Rheingans for a two count before Rheingans threw him off. Both men got up, but DiBiase quickly reached down and swept Rheingans off his feet with his arm. DiBiase covered Rheingans with a picture-perfect lateral press, complete with forearm across chin, but Rheingans kicked out once again. DiBiase lifted Rheingans up to his feet and then suplexed him. DiBiase popped back up and yelled at the crowd, who booed him vociferously. He lifted Rheingans up again and went for another suplex, but Rheingans reversed into a small package press for two. Brad Rheingans attempted a dropkick, but DiBiase ducked, and Rheingans crashed to the canvas. With lightning-quick speed, DiBiase pulled Rheingans’s head up, locked on a full nelson, and turned him over into a modified Camel Clutch. After DiBiase wrenched the hold for a few moments, Rheingans had no choice but to submit.

Overall: 53%

Crowd: 56%

Match: 63%

Rating: ¾*

Match Time: 7:12

Mike Tenay: Impressive debut for Ted DiBiase! It’s a little to early to tell if he truly is the world’s greatest wrestler, but still, quite a showing here!

Eric Bischoff: He forced Brad Rheingans to give up, Mike. Not many guys can say they’ve done that.

Mike Tenay: Certainly not. On a different note, earlier today, our own Joe Blanchard caught up with Scott Hall and Curt Hennig, and they had some very interesting comments to make regarding the AWA World Tag Team Titles and the champions, Jimmy Garvin and Steve Regal.


Joe Blanchard is sitting in an interview studio with Scott Hall and Curt Hennig.

Joe Blanchard: Hall, Hennig, you specifically requested this interview segment because of some comments you wished to get off of your chests. Gentlemen, the floor is yours.

Scott Hall: ‘Bout time. Joe, let me ask you something. What does “AWA” stand for?

Joe Blanchard: American Wrestling Association.

Scott Hall: That’s right. And even though every league uses the word “wrestling” in their name, none of them exemplify it like the AWA does. And in the AWA, there are no two wrestlers who better exemplify greatness than Curt Hennig and myself. We’re big, we’re bad, and we’re the best. Those AWA Tag Titles belong to us. Garvin, Regal, there’s no point in training. You guys oughta just devote your time to shining up those belts so they can look their best when we take them.

Curt Hennig: Big tag match tonight, Blanchard- Lumberjacks versus Badd Company. Who d’you like?

Joe Blanchard: Well… I don’t really know.

Curt Hennig: Me neither, Joe, but the fact is, I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. They’re just part of a long list of teams who don’t have what it takes to dominate this league. We’ll beat The Lumberjacks, we’ll beat Badd Company, we’ll beat Garvin and Regal. We’ll beat anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Joe Blanchard: With all due respect, Mr. Hennig, isn’t that a little presumptuous?

Curt Hennig: Coming from anybody else, it would be. Coming from Curt Hennig and Scott Hall? It’s just the truth. The cold, hard, truth.

Overall: 83%

Mike Tenay: Well, there’s no lack of confidence from Hennig and Hall. However, they are right- they are among the most talented men in wrestling.

Eric Bischoff: I’m sure that The Lumberjacks and Badd Company would have something to say about the outcome of their match not mattering, as would the AWA!

Mike Tenay: True, whether Hall and Hennig like it or not, the winners of this next match will not go unnoticed!

The Lumberjacks (John Nord and Scott Norton) versus Badd Company (Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond)

John Nord and Paul Diamond started things out with a lockup. Nord shoved Diamond down and laughed at him, then powerslammed Diamond as he rose. Nord followed up with a legdrop, then attempted a second, but Diamond moved. Paul Diamond got to his feet, rammed his knee into the forehead of the sitting John Nord, and tagged Pat Tanaka. Tanaka tried to wear his much larger adversary down with a front facelock, but Nord merely tossed him off. Tanaka then surprised Nord with a dropkick, sending the Lumberjack into his own corner. Nord then tagged Scott Norton, who charged in with a clothesline. However, Tanaka ducked it and hit an enziguri kick, staggering Norton. Tanaka followed up with a charge, but Norton caught him and delivered a spinebuster. Scott Norton then slapped on a chinlock, which he retained for a few minutes until tagging John Nord back in. Nord laid into Tanaka with several overhead forearm shots, then whipped him to the ropes and caught him with a powerslam for two. Nord lifted Tanaka up for a bearhug, but Tanaka quickly got out with an elbow strike to Nord’s face. Tanaka tried to tag out to Diamond, but Nord was able to grab him and throw him back to the mat. Nord tagged Norton back in, and Norton waited for Tanaka to rise, then nailed him with a running shoulder. While Paul Diamond looked on in frustration, Scott Norton Flapjacked Pat Tanaka, and then pinned him.

Overall- 51%

Crowd- 40%

Match- 74%

Rating: *¼

Match Time: 11:52

Mike Tenay: Wow, Hennig and Hall want a shot at the AWA World Tag Team Titles, but they may not be first in line! After the amazing dominance shown by The Lumberjacks, they may be line for a match with Garvin and Regal, despite what Hennig said!

Eric Bischoff: Absolutely. Badd Company is a veteran team, and a win over them definitely boosts The Lumberjacks up the rankings.

Mike Tenay: Wait… I’m getting a message here… Joe Blanchard is the back with Larry Zbyszko. Zbyszko’s got a few things to say before his match with Masa Saito.

Zbyszko’s Path to the Gold

Joe Blanchard is standing backstage with Larry Zbyszko.

Joe Blanchard: Larry Zbyszko, you’re about to go head to head with Masa Saito. The winner of the match gets a shot at AWA World Champion Stan Hansen.

Larry Zbyszko: That’s Mister Zbyszko, punk. Saito, you know what the difference is between the Living Legend and a McDonald’s restaurant? You can’t just break your way through me. I don’t care how tough you think you are, Saito, when we get between the ropes, wrestling is the name of the game. I’ll outclass you, and I’ll outclass that redneck Stan Hansen. Look high, look low, and you won’t find another man who better exemplifies what wrestling is all about. I don’t sweat you, Saito. I’ve got your number, and tonight, you’ve got a date with a lady named canvas.

Overall: 78%

Masa Saito versus Larry Zbyszko

Larry Zbyszko stood focused in the ring, ready to pounce… until Saito entered. He made a beeline for Zbyszko, at which point the Living Legend hopped through the ropes and out onto the arena floor. The fans booed a bit, but it was nothing compared to what would follow. Zbyszko shouted at Saito, eventually prompting Saito to run out after him. Zbyszko ran around the ring with Saito close behind, until eventually he slid back in. Saito, however, managed to grab Zbyszko’s foot. Both men got to their feet, with Saito still holding the foot. He raised his arm and charged forward, mowing Zbyszko down with a clothesline. Larry Zbyszko took the opportunity to roll out of the ring and shout at ringside fans while Saito got angrier and angrier. Whether playing mind games with Saito or truly fed up, Zbyszko eventually turned towards the entranceway and started heading for the back. However, Saito ran out, grabbed Zbyszko by the hair, and dragged him back into the ring. Zbyszko tried to beg for mercy, but Saito kicked him in the chest and followed up with a hiptoss. Saito lifted Zbyszko to his feet and attempted a suplex, but Zbyszko slid out and rolled Saito up for two. Zbyszko grabbed Saito by the arm, whipped him to the ropes, and caught him with a dropkick as he came back. Not one to rest on his laurels, Zbyszko immediately flipped Saito over and dropped a knee across his back, setting him up for an eventual Spinebuster. He then lifted Saito up and dropped him back down across his knee with a picture-perfect backbreaker. With Saito prone on the mat, Zbyszko buried his knee into his back and held it there as Saito writhed in pain. Zbyszko backed off, allowing Saito to expend his own energy to get up before continuing the punishment. He made his way over to Saito slowly, but that proved to be a mistake, as when Zbyszko got close enough, Saito quickly grabbed him and delivered a belly to belly suplex. Both men lay on the mat for several moments, until they finally started to rise simultaneously. Zbyszko connected with a punch on Saito, then attempted another one, but Saito ducked. Zbyszko spun around, and Saito administered a belly to back suplex. The crowd roared as Saito stalked Zbyszko, waiting for him to get up. When Zbyszko did get to his feet, Saito leveled him with a clothesline. Saito then grabbed Zbyszko from behind, and nailed him with the Saito Suplex. The ensuing cover led to the three count, and the victory and the title shot for Masa Saito. Saito regained his bearings in the ring as the fans cheered, but unbeknownst to him, AWA World Heavyweight Champion Stan Hansen had entered the ring and stood behind him, brandishing the championship belt. Saito turned around just in time to get a face full of gold. As he lay on the mat, Hansen shouted threats at him, then capped off his attack by spitting tobacco juice all over Saito’s face.

Overall: 54%

Crowd: 56%

Match: 66%

Rating: ¾*

Match Time: 12:25

Mike Tenay: Disgusting! Hansen may be the World’s Heavyweight Champion, but he’s not allowed to do things like that! What happened to sportsmanship?

Eric Bischoff: Unfortunately, sportsmanship doesn’t mean much to Stan Hansen. He’ll get Saito whenever he can. I hate to say it, but these next few months, as Saito chases the title, may be the most difficult of his career!

Mike Tenay: Don’t ever underestimate Masa Saito, Eric! He can take what Hansen dishes out, and give it back, maybe even better! We’re all out of time, though, folks. See you next week!

Overall- 60%

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The hardest part about a retro diary this old is catching the old school feel and how different things were back then while at the same time trying to keep readers entertained. You've got a stacked roster and this is before WWF really blew by AWA, so you should be able to compete.

I enjoyed the Zbyszko piece and the Hall/Hennig interview, but Greg Gagne losing to Randy Rose I wasn't sure about. I really didn't like the choice of Mike Tenay, but only because I feel it's a move based on how he is today. A little backstory on the fed itself, what's been going on for the last month, any ongoing feuds, etc. woulda been great too, but this should still be pretty good and I'll definately check in on it.

Edit: One more thing I just noticed. Your character took over December 17th when Rick Martel was champion. If you left the original booking, then Hansen won the title on December 29th and your first show, 3 days later, should have at least had a victory speech of some sorts. Not a major thing at all, just letting you know for research purposes.

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The hardest part about a retro diary this old is catching the old school feel and how different things were back then while at the same time trying to keep readers entertained.  You've got a stacked roster and this is before WWF really blew by AWA, so you should be able to compete. 

I enjoyed the Zbyszko piece and the Hall/Hennig interview, but Greg Gagne losing to Randy Rose I wasn't sure about.  I really didn't like the choice of Mike Tenay, but only because I feel it's a move based on how he is today.  A little backstory on the fed itself, what's been going on for the last month, any ongoing feuds, etc. woulda been great too, but this should still be pretty good and I'll definately check in on it.

Edit: One more thing I just noticed.  Your character took over December 17th when Rick Martel was champion.  If you left the original booking, then Hansen won the title on December 29th and your first show, 3 days later, should have at least had a victory speech of some sorts.  Not a major thing at all, just letting you know for research purposes.

Yeah, the Martel thing was purely an oversight. I should've paid more attention to details such as when Hansen won the title. The decision to hire Tenay wasn't really because of who he is today, it was pretty much just because he was the most talented announcer available. Jobbing out Gagne wasn't too realistic, I'll admit, but I have some plans for him.

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January 6, 1986

I hung up the phone and began to massage my temples. I had just spoken to Uncle Vernie for the past two and a half hours, and he had mostly told me things I already knew.

The show on Thursday was a bomb. I thought from a booking perspective it made sense in the long run, but the in-ring action was abysmal. When John Nord is involved in the match of the night, there are definite problems. But shit, talk about clashes of styles. Saito and Zbyszko are two great talents, but things just didn’t click. Verne was pissed about that.

I then got an earful regarding Greg. Yes, I had jobbed him to Randy Rose, and yes, I had sent him to AWA Wrestlezone- our developmental territory. Verne was extremely pissed, but I told him the truth- I had big plans for Greg, but only if he could make some serious improvement. Verne was beside himself at that point, but he didn’t fire me, so maybe, deep down inside, he sensed some merit to my opinion.

He also broke the news to me that yesterday, Wayne Bloom had broken his leg skiing. It was a little too early to tell for sure, but it looked bad. Word had it that it’d be about a year before he could even consider coming back to the ring. Verne didn’t know if he’d ever be the same. I felt badly for Wayne. I couldn’t say I was planning on using him a lot in the near future, but the Destruction Crew were a strong team. They could’ve been contenders- hell, champions- down the line. Well, a year was a long time. Even if Wayne came back at 100%, I’d still have to think of something to do with Mike Enos.

Verne had ended the conversation by warning me that my job was in extreme jeopardy. At this rate, so was my sanity.

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January 9, 1986


Mike Tenay: Welcome, fans! I’m Mike Tenay, beside Eric Bischoff, and this is another exciting episode of AWA All Star Wrestling!

Eric Bischoff: It’s bound to be a great night, Mike! Check out the main event: a non-title match pitting World Champion Stan Hansen against Sergeant Slaughter.

Mike Tenay: It’ll be interesting, not only to see one of the AWA’s most popular wrestlers take on possibly the most hated, but to see how Stan Hansen reacts knowing that Masa Saito has it out for him!

Eric Bischoff: All good points, Mike, but first things first. Baron Von Raschke versus “The World’s Greatest Wrestler” Ted DiBiase, coming up right now!

Ted DiBiase versus Baron Von Raschke

The Baron entered the ring with a deranged look on his face and his “claw” raised in the air, completely unthreatened by the presence of “The World’s Greatest Wrestler” Ted DiBiase. DiBiase, however, seemed somewhat deterred by the unpredictable nature of his opponent. DiBiase tried to start things off with a grapple, but Von Raschke quickly punched him in the stomach, then followed up with a clothesline. Von Raschke then grabbed the head of DiBiase, took him to the turnbuckle, and began choking him against the top rope. He released the hold in time to avoid a disqualification, then knocked DiBiase down with a forearm shot. The Baron attempted to lift DiBiase up, but DiBiase caught him in the gut with an elbow, then took him down with a flying head scissors. DiBiase lifted Von Raschke to his feet, linked hands with him, hooked his head under the Baron’s armpit, and suplexed him over. He bridged the suplex into a pinning position, but Von Raschke was able to kick out easily due to the lack of pressure on his legs. Both men got up, and the Baron went for a clothesline, but DiBiase caught his arm, swung around him, and nailed him with a belly to back suplex. DiBiase popped back up to his feet and lifted Von Raschke up, but the Baron quickly surprised him by snapping on the Claw! DiBiase struggled for several seconds but managed to make it to the ropes, forcing the Baron to break the hold. Nevertheless, damage was done, as Von Raschke was able to hit a disoriented DiBiase with a neckbreaker. He followed up with a cover, but DiBiase kicked out right before the three. Von Raschke lifted DiBiase up and attempted a powerslam, but DiBiase elbowed him in the shoulder, breaking his grasp. DiBiase grabbed the Baron and went for a whip, but Von Raschke reversed it and sent DiBiase into the corner. Von Raschke charged in with a clothesline, but DiBiase dodged him. While Von Raschke staggered back, DiBiase quickly slapped on a Full Nelson hold. He tripped Von Raschke down to the mat, and pulled back on the Full Nelson, using the same hold that defeated Brad Rheingans. It proved to be successful once again, as Baron Von Raschke gave up.

Overall: 63%

Crowd: 60%

Match: 66%

Rating: *

Match Time: 8:45

Mike Tenay: Another big win for DiBiase! At this rate, he’s not likely to stop thinking of himself as the world’s greatest wrestler!

Eric Bischoff: He certainly is impressive, Mike! By the way, I spoke to DiBiase earlier, and he said that his submission finisher is called the Sugar Hold. He was taught the move by a group of Canadian shooters.

Mike Tenay: He’s been around, that’s for sure. Folks, I understand that Joe Blanchard is standing backstage with Sergeant Slaughter, who has some pre-match words for Stan Hansen. Joe?

General Disgust

Joe Blanchard is standing backstage with Sgt. Slaughter.

Joe Blanchard: Sgt. Slaughter, you have a non-title match later tonight with AWA World Heavyweight Champion Stan Hansen. What are your thoughts?

Sgt. Slaughter: Atten-hut! I’ve got the same thoughts going into this match as I do going into every match, Private. Attack and destroy! Hansen, you’re nothing but a maggot! You call yourself tough, but you attack from behind like a coward! I know Saito’s got first dibs on your title, and he’s earned it- but Hansen, I’ve got dibs on your sorry carcass. You’re a tough guy and one heck of a fighter, but don’t think I’m not, maggot. With the power of the USA and all the fans of the AWA behind me, you better start apologizing right now! Company, March! Left, right, left, right, left, right!

Sgt. Slaughter walks off screen as Joe Blanchard is left to himself.

Nick Bockwinkel versus Mike Enos

Mike Enos was desperate here, possibly due to the recent injury of his partner, Wayne Bloom. He attacked Bockwinkel from the get go, but his attacks were unfocused and hasty. Bockwinkel countered a charge with a drop toe hold, and drained Enos’s energy with a powerful front facelock. Enos was able to escape by throwing a few punches at Bockwinkel. Enos then threw a dropkick, but the veteran sidestepped it and Enos crashed to the canvas. Bockwinkel took him over with an Oklahoma Roll, but Enos managed to kick out. Mike Enos attempted a clothesline, but Bockwinkel ducked and schoolboyed him over for two. Enos blindly ran at Bockwinkel, but Bockwinkel rolled him up with a Small Package for the pin.

Overall: 63%

Crowd: 58%

Match: 68%

Rating: *

Match Time: 3:21

Mike Tenay: Talk about distracted! Bockwinkel’s a tough guy when you’re at your best! No way was Mike Enos gonna come in and beat him like that!

Eric Bischoff: Without Wayne Bloom by his side, Mike Enos is starting to crack! He needs to find some way to get some direction!

Stan Hansen’s Surprise-

Stan Hansen steps out from between the entranceway curtains holding a microphone. He is greeted with a shower of boos, which he ignores. He slowly makes his way down the aisle and into the ring, where he takes his AWA World Title off of his waist and tosses it over his shoulder. He begins to address the crowd.

Stan Hansen: It wasn’t two damn weeks ago that I beat Rick Martel within an inch of his life, took the AWA Title, and threw him right outta here. For the first time in a long time, the AWA has a real champion- a man’s man holding this belt. Now what I wanna make perfectly clear is that I ain’t asking for a shortcut. Stan Hansen never took a shortcut in his life. What I am asking for, though, is what I got coming to me- a little respect. Last week, I thought I’d get to speak my mind, maybe officially usher in the Hansen era. But what did I get instead? A challenger thrown at me. What I did to Saito after he beat Zbyszko was fair play. When the AWA won’t treat a champ like a champ, sometimes he has to take matters into his own hands. That’s why I placed a call for a little backup. I know a guy- a tough guy. He’s Hansen tough. We got an old saying- ain’t nothing to be done that a Texas boy can’t do right. So here he is, folks- “The Sweetwater Psycho” Barry Windham!

Mike Tenay: Barry Windham? In the AWA? I don’t believe it!

Eric Bischoff: Talk about backup! Windham and Hansen on the same page?

Barry Windham walks through the curtains as the stunned fans look on in disbelief. He gets into the ring, and Stan Hansen gives him the microphone.

Barry Windham: You damn right, Cowboy! Ain’t nobody gonna stand in our way!

Stan Hansen: Saito and everybody else, y’all better take notice! Stan Hansen ain’t playing around!

Hansen and Windham shake hands and head to the back as the fans, finally removed from their state of shock, boo wildly.

Overall: 73%

Curt Hennig versus Marty Jannetty

Curt Hennig sneered at Marty Jannetty, then quickly locked up with him. Hennig grabbed a headlock, but Jannetty shoved him off. Hennig bounded to the ropes and came back to an ultra-quick hiptoss from Jannetty. Jannetty quickly ran to the ropes and came back with an elbow drop, but Hennig rolled out of the way. He sprung to his feet, grabbed the now-sore arm of Marty Jannetty, and applied a hammerlock. Jannetty managed to reverse it into a hammerlock of his own, but Hennig grabbed the ropes, forcing a break. Jannetty approached him from behind, but Hennig delivered a stiff back elbow, shoved Jannetty to the mat, and quickly covered him for two. Both men got to their feet and began to circle each other. Hennig went for a grapple, but Jannetty dodged and grabbed a waistlock. He tripped Hennig up and took him to the mat, then applied a front facelock. Hennig got to his feet and rammed Jannetty into the ringpost, breaking the hold. He then immediately followed up with a dropkick, sending the Rocker over the top and onto the floor. Hennig flexed in the ring as the fans booed. Meanwhile, though, Scott Hall sauntered down to ringside. Jannetty got back up onto the apron, but Hennig caught him and suplexed him back into the ring. Hennig lifted Jannetty to his feet and set him up for a Side Russian Legsweep, but Jannetty elbowed Hennig off and hit him with dropkick. Hennig was knocked back against the ropes, and when he came back, Jannetty hit him with a jawbreaker for two. Hennig got to his feet and ran at Marty Jannetty, but Jannetty backdropped him. The referee went over to check on Hennig, but Hennig grabbed him by the shirt, refusing to let go. While the referee was incapacitated, Hall slid into the ring and gave Jannetty a punch to the back of the head. Jannetty went down, Hall slide out of the ring, and Hennig let go of the referee. He then crawled over to Jannetty and covered him while the confused referee made the three count. After stuffing something into his pocket, Hall raised his hands in the air. However, out of nowhere, Shawn Michaels clobbered Hall from behind with a double axe handle! He then ran into the ring, lifted Hennig to his feet, and tossed him over the ropes to the floor below.

Overall: 80%

Crowd: 76%

Match: 85%

Rating: ***¼

Match Time: 14:16

Mike Tenay: Thank goodness for Shawn Michaels!

Eric Bischoff: You know, Mike, I think Hall had some sort of chain around his fingers when he punched Jannetty!

Mike Tenay: That doesn’t surprise me in the least. For all their bragging about being the best, you’d think Hall and Hennig wouldn’t need to resort to cheap tactics like that!

The Challenge is Laid Down

When the show returns from a commercial, Joe Blanchard is standing backstage with Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty. Michaels is visibly upset while Jannetty still seems to be very woozy.

Joe Blanchard: Shawn Michaels, what possible-

Shawn Michaels: Joe, with all due respect, this isn’t the time for questions! Hall, Hennig, you can run your mouths all you want, and it doesn’t make an ounce of difference to me. But when you take out my partner and friend just so you can protect your egos, things get serious. You guys crossed a line you shouldn’t have crossed, and just because Marty and I are smaller than you doesn’t mean we’re gonna even think about backing down. You guys wanna be big bullies? Well, guess what? Somebody just stood up to you. The AWA’s running a big show in St. Paul at the end of the month. We want you guys there. If you’re as bad as you say you are, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Marty Jannetty: Hall… Hennig… watch yourselves!

Michaels helps Jannetty to the locker room area as the camera fades to black.

Overall: 68%


Mike Enos is shown walking through the parking lot, his bag slung over his shoulder. He hasn’t showered since his match, and sweat is showing through his shirt. He paces quickly and noisily through the lot.

Mike Tenay: Well, following his loss to Nick Bockwinkel, Mike Enos must be even more distraught. He’s not even staying until the end of the show!

Enos gets to his car, opens the trunk, puts his bag in, and closes it. He hesitates for a second, and then slams both of his hands down on the trunk.

Eric Bischoff: Talk about a shame, Mike Enos is really at the end of his rope.

Enos stops for a few moments to regain his composure. He then gets into his car and drives away.

Overall: 43%

Mike Tenay: Folks, we’re reaching the end of the show, and you know what that means. It’s time for our big main event- Hansen versus Slaughter!

Stan Hansen versus Sergeant Slaughter

Stan Hansen started out by faking a grapple and kicking Sgt. Slaughter in the gut. He followed up with a powerful slap across Slaughter’s chest, but the Sergeant simply shook his head. Hansen kept his cool and threw a punch, but Slaughter blocked it and started firing back with fists of his own. He backed Hansen into the corner and rushed at him, but Hansen nailed a back elbow and took Slaughter down with a charging forearm. However, Slaughter was quick to his feet and caught Hansen with a powerslam for two. Slaughter lifted Hansen up and bodyslammed him, then slapped on a rear chinlock. After struggling for a bit, Hansen was able to get to the ropes, at which point Slaughter broke the hold. Hansen got to his feet, raked Slaughter’s eyes, and suplexed him over for two. He dropped a forearm across the throat of Sgt. Slaughter, then stood up and repeated the move with his knee. Hansen then laid several punches into the face of Slaughter and covered him again, but only got two. Stan Hansen got to his feet, and lifted Slaughter up to his, but Slaughter threw a few elbows into Hansen’s gut, pushed him off, and briefly applied the Cobra Clutch. However, Hansen threw his weight backwards and smashed Slaughter into the corner, forcing him to break the hold. Hansen grabbed Slaughter, tossed him into the corner, and unleashed with a series of heavy-handed chops and slaps. They weren’t enough to put Slaughter out, though, as he pushed Hansen to the mat and dropped an elbow on him. Slaughter lifted up his arms and spread his fingers, indicating that it was time for the Cobra Clutch. Suddenly, though, Barry Windham charged out onto the entranceway and ran into the ring. Slaughter caught him with a few punches, but Stan Hansen, who had gotten to his feet, nearly decapitated him with an incredible Lariat. The referee threw the match out as both men put the boots to Slaughter. This continued until Masa Saito ran out with a wooden chair. He slid in the ring brandishing his weapon, and Windham and Hansen retreated.

Overall: 66%

Crowd: 65%

Match: 67%

Rating: *¼

Match Time: 9:23

Mike Tenay: Once again, Stan Hansen proves that he has no sportsmanship, absolutely no desire to fight like a man!

Eric Bischoff: But who can stop him? He’s the World Champion, and he’s got Barry Windham on his side!

Mike Tenay: I don’t know if Hansen can be beaten, Eric, but if he can, Saito is the man to do it! You’d better run, Hansen, because Masa Saito knows you’re afraid of tangling with him!

Overall: 66%

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'Sweetwater Psycho' ... I like it. I'd have gone for a Dick Slater perhaps, but I think Windham will work.

So far you've done a good job. I agree with TP on the Tenay thing though. I cringed when I read it. It wouldn't have been too far fetched to have grabbed Schiavone or Ross from the NWA. Still, that's minor.

Good luck with it.

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Glad to see I don't have to kick your ass for letting this die. Hypocritical, yes, but I love retro AWA.

Its good that you have a lot of talent that, in real life, became huge, and gives you a chance for success, but I hope that you don't become over enamored with the stars of the future, and neglect to build some of your own. Thats half the fun of a retro diary.

Here's hoping for a nice, long, Stan Hansen run.

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But... Tenay's stats... they were so good :(

I have no plans on ending this diary, but between the longer match write-ups I've decided to use and the way my computer's been acting up lately, updates might not come as frequently as they did in Metamorphosis. In any event, keep the feedback coming!

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Here's hoping for a nice, long, Stan Hansen run.

Dear God that would be lovely ... of course, in my mind I've already built up a Hansen/Hennig fued as a clash of "progression" in the business, but that's just me.

You can make Tenay work as long as YOU develop him and don't use him as "today" ... Now that I think about it, this could be a challenge for you that isn't present in MANY of the diaries that are attempted. You now have the challenge of developing a NON wrestler, and making him believable despite our present knowledge of him.

:lol: Good luck with that .... *wub*

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January 16, 1986


Mike Tenay: Welcome to AWA’s All Star Wrestling! I’m Mike Tenay, and beside me is Eric Bischoff. We’ve got a hot night of action, plus more information on our big St. Paul show a week from this Sunday!

Eric Bischoff: That’s right, Mike, and the only way to see the action is to be there in St. Paul… but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Tonight- Saito versus Windham!

Mike Tenay: A big match as the situation escalates between Saito and Stan Hansen! Speaking of tense situations, though, we’ve got Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall starting this show off! This match is sure to display some of the bad blood brewing between Hall and Hennig and The Rockers since last week.

Eric Bischoff: And don’t forget, the AWA Board has officially banned all interference from ringside! No Curt Hennig, no Marty Jannetty!

Shawn Michaels versus Scott Hall

Scott Hall got down on his knees and put his fists in the air, mocking his opponent’s stature. However, Michaels quickly sent the overconfident Hall to the mat with a flying forearm and stomped away on him. Hall got to his feet, but Michaels backed him into the corner and started hammering away as the fans went crazy. Their joy was short-lived, though, as Hall blocked a punch and rammed his knee into the gut of Michaels. As Shawn was doubled over, Hall smashed his elbow on the back of the Rocker’s neck. Michaels went down, and Hall stepped on the back of his neck as the referee counted to five. Hall broke the count, lifted Michaels to his feet, and slammed him on the mat with a side suplex. Hall made the cover, but only got two. He got up and pulled Michaels by the hair, then crushed him with a short-arm clothesline. Hall went for Michaels again, but Michaels rolled him up for a two count. Both men popped to their feet, and Michaels gave Hall a drop toe hold, sending him chest-first onto the second rope. Michaels ran across the ring and came back, smashing his leg on Hall. Michaels immediately took Hall over with a back suplex and covered him, but only scored a two. Michaels got up, grabbed Hall’s legs, and rolled over on him, but once again, only scored a two. Both men bridged up and spun around until Hall had Michaels in Piledriver position. Michaels attempted to backdrop Hall, but Hall kept his footing, lifted Michaels up, and connected with the Piledriver. Hall seemed to have the match won, but Michaels managed to get his foot under the ropes right before the referee made the three count. Hall pulled Michaels into the center of the ring and covered him, but this time, he kicked out. Hall got up, and Michaels slowly pulled himself up on the ropes. Hall charged at him with a big boot, but Michaels dodged, and Hall hooked his leg over the top rope. While he struggled, Michaels nailed him with a dropkick, sending Hall to the mat. Michaels scurried up to the top rope and jumped off with a flying clothesline as Hall got to his feet. He connected with Hall and then covered him, scoring the pinfall.

Overall: 66

Crowd: 63

Match: 86

Rating: ***

Match Time: 10:28


Joe Blanchard is standing backstage with an irate Curt Hennig.

Joe Blanchard: Curt Hennig, after what we’ve just seen, this seems like the most appropriate time to ask- what is your response to the challenge Shawn Mich-

Curt Hennig: No! There’s no way! I don’t know who Jannetty and Michaels think they are, but they have no right to stand in the way of the future of the AWA! Michaels got lucky just now! Big deal! Listen to me, Shawn Michaels… be smart. Just turn around, pretend this never happened, and pick a feud with someone else. You boys keep messing with Curt Hennig and Scott Hall, and you’re gonna find that you’re in way over your heads! No dice, Blanchard! I’m doing The Rockers a personal favor, I’m shutting them down!

Overall: 90%

Mike Tenay: And I thought I’d heard everything! Curt Hennig refusing a match with The Rockers for The Rockers’ own good? Give me a break!

Eric Bischoff: I wonder what Hennig’s answer would’ve been if Michaels hadn’t just beaten Hall fair and square in the middle of the ring.

Mike Tenay: Who can tell? On another note, fans, up next we have a new wrestler debuting. Some viewers may be familiar with him, as not only is he a well-traveled professional wrestler, but he also competed in Judo on the Olympic level- he is “Bad News” Allen Coage.

Allen Coage versus The Masked Superstar

The Masked Superstar advanced on Allen Coage, but Coage immediately staggered him with a palm thrust to the chest. Coage followed up with a roundhouse kick to the side of the Superstar’s head, sending him to the canvas. Coage made the cover, but Superstar kicked out with authority. Both men got up, and The Masked Superstar smashed “Bad News” with a double axe handle. Coage stumbled back over to the Superstar, who nailed a back elbow and then slammed him. The Masked Superstar dropped an elbow on Coage and followed up with a cover, but only scored two. Coage got up in time to take a stiff chop from the Superstar, but it seemed to have little effect. Coage nailed Superstar with a powerful chop to the shoulder, then tackled him to the mat and started punching him. The referee managed to break up the brawling, which angered “Bad News,” as he got up and started arguing with him. The Masked Superstar got to his feet and seemed to have a clear shot at the distracted Coage, but “Bad News” spun around and nailed an Enziguri Kick right to the side of Superstar’s head. The three count followed.

Overall: 65%

Crowd: 66%

Match: 80%

Rating: **1/2

Match Time: 6:22

Mike Tenay: Wow, great presence of mind from “Bad News” Allen Coage!

Eric Bischoff: Trust me, Mike, that awareness comes from martials arts experience. “Bad News” has it, and he does a great job of parlaying it into his wrestling.


Sensational Sherri walks out into the arena as the fans boo. She takes the AWA Women’s Title off of her waist and holds it up proudly as she gets into the ring.

Mike Tenay: Last time we saw AWA Women’s Champion Sensational Sherri, she had assaulted Magnificent Mimi.

Eric Bischoff: The depravity… it really knows no gender in the AWA!

Sherri takes a microphone out of her belt, and begins to address the crowd.

Sensational Sherri: Shut up! If you don’t start showing your Women’s Champion some respect, I’ll have to do to each and every one of you what I did to Mimi two weeks ago! That bimbo got what was coming to her, and I’d do it again!

While Sherri talks, the crowd starts getting chaotic. Magnificent Mimi is among the audience, and she’s making her way towards the ring!

Mike Tenay: That’s Mimi! She’s heading towards the ring!

Mimi hops the guardrail and gets in the ring as Sherri continues talking.

Sensational Sherri: I said SHUT UP! I’m the champion, and that means I-

Sherri is cut off in mid-sentence as Mimi nails her in the back with a dropkick. Sherri is knocked forward and flies out of the ring between the second and third ropes. The fans go nuts as Mimi triumphantly raises her arms. Sherri gets to her feet and scowls at Mimi from ringside.

Eric Bischoff: A little payback for Sherri’s attack two weeks ago!

Mike Tenay: No way was Mimi just going to let that go!

Overall: 65%

AWA World Tag Team Championship Match: Steve Regal and Jimmy Garvin © versus The Olympians (Ken Patera and Brad Rheingans)

Steve Regal and Ken Patera started things out in this title match. Regal ran at Patera, but he took Regal down with an armdrag. Patera followed up with a bodyslam, then slapped a powerful armlock on the champion. Regal cartwheeled out of it and took Patera down with a drop toe hold. He applied a side headlock, but Patera’s power allowed him to easily get to his feet and suplex Regal. Patera followed up with an elbow drop and covered Regal for two. Patera lifted Regal up, but Regal slid between Patera’s legs, ran to his corner, and tagged Jimmy Garvin in. Jimmy Jam strutted a bit as the fans booed, and then locked up with Patera. Patera got a headlock and took Garvin over, then gave him a legdrop. He tagged out to Rheingans, who came in, lifted Garvin up, and snapmared him over. Rheingans tried to apply a chinlock, but Garvin punched him in the head, got to his feet, and kicked Rheingans in the stomach. Garvin then ran back to the ropes and came back with a kick to the side of Rheingans’s head, laying him out. Garvin tagged Regal, who climbed to the top rope and leveled Rheingans with a double axe handle when he got to his feet. Regal stalked Rheingans until he got to his feet, then took him down with a spinning heel kick. Regal lifted Rheingans up, but Rheingans fired back with lefts and rights, then hit a belly to belly suplex out of desperation. Both men were down, but far closer to the heel corner. Regal managed to tag Garvin, who ran in and dropped a knee on Rheingans before he could reach Patera. Garvin lifted Rheingans to his feet, and while Patera watched, Garvin nailed him with the Jammer. The three count followed, scoring the win for the champions.

Overall: 53%

Crowd: 51%

Match: 67%

Rating: ¾*

Match Time: 11:12

Mike Tenay: An impressive showing by The Olympians, but the champions retain!

Eric Bischoff: Who will the next challengers to these titles be?


Masa Saito is shown in his locker room doing push-ups.

Mike Tenay: With only minutes until he meets Stan Hansen’s partner, Barry Windham, Masa Saito is getting himself psyched up.

Eric Bischoff: Saito’s got his mind on the match, that’s for sure.

Saito gets to his feet, slaps his chest a few times, and leaves the room.

Overall: 45%


Joe Blanchard is standing backstage with Barry Windham.

Joe Blanchard: Barry Windham, your arrival in AWA and your partnership with World Heavyweight Champion Stan Hansen make for one of the most surprising developments in wrestling in recent memory. What is on your mind?

Barry Windham: Blanchard, ain’t no need be worried about what I got planned. Fact is, I’m here because Stan Hansen told me that the two of us could run this place, and he’s right. But like I said, you don’t have to worry about that. It’s the AWA wrestlers who have to worry, and the first one is Masa Saito. I wouldn’t dream of robbing Stan Hansen of the pleasure of taking Saito apart, but I will soften him up tonight. And “The Sweetwater Psycho” will take great joy in doing it.

Overall: 71%

Masa Saito versus Barry Windham

Saito and Windham circled each other for a bit, each man aware of the other’s toughness and neither wanting to make the first move. They locked up at the thirty second mark, with Windham’s reach advantage allowing him to get an easy headlock. Saito fired off with a back suplex, and Windham sprung back up to his feet, surprised. They locked up again, but this time, Saito took the upper hand with a fireman’s carry takeover, then fired a hard forearm right between Windham’s shoulder blades. Barry Windham, to his credit, shook off the pain and got to his feet. Saito attempted a whip, but Windham reversed, then caught Saito with a big boot as he returned. Windham covered, but only got two. He then got to his feet and nailed Saito in the forehead with a fistdrop. When Masa Saito got to his feet, blood was pouring from his forehead. Windham rushed at Saito, but Saito backdropped him. He then lifted Windham up, and showing his amazing strength, gave his nearly 300-pound opponent a hanging vertical suplex. Windham had barely hit the ground when Saito scooped him up and gave him a fallaway slam. Saito lifted Windham up again, but Windham gave him a knee to the gut and DDTed him, sending the bloody Saito head first to the canvas. Windham got to his feet and lifted up Saito, then sent him back to the mat with a bulldog. Windham lifted Saito up again, and set him up for another bulldog, but Saito quickly pushed Windham off, grabbed him from behind, and gave him a Saito Suplex. Saito mustered up all his strength and rolled onto Windham, pinning him. As the bell rang, Stan Hansen ran out into the arena and entered the ring. He stalked Saito until he got up, and when he did, Stan Hansen hit a huge Lariat on him. As Saito lay on the mat, Hansen once again spit tobacco juice on him.

Overall: 56%

Crowd: 60%

Match: 67%

Rating: *

Match Time: 9:36

Mike Tenay: A huge win for Saito, but Stan Hansen strikes again!

Eric Bischoff: How long will this continue?

Mike Tenay: There needs to be some order restored to the AWA!

Overall- 63%

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January 19, 1986

I pressed the "play" button on my answering machine yet again. Verne Gagne's voice drifted in and out of my head.

"-no recourse-"

"-effective immediately-"

I guess patience wasn't one of the old man's virtues. I slammed my fist down on my counter. There was so much more I would've done. I spent a lot of money over these three weeks, but I was prepared to make it back. I guess I pissed off a lot of people, too, but it was all going to be worth it. Now, though, there would be no redemption.

Verne would turn around one day and realize he made a mistake. I was sure of it. And I promised to myself that my days in the wrestling industry weren't over. This was a bitter pill to swallow, though. My only comfort was that I got to get the hell out of Minnesota.


OOC: Yep, I got fired. Pretty damned embarassing to happen after such a short time. My shows had low ratings, and the NWA was whipping us. It was interesting while it lasted, though. Thanks for reading.

**Mopes back into the shadows**

Edited by Boulder
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