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WCW 1996


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What would have happened if WCW hadn't have taken the dive, and bought Nash and Hall into their company? What would have happened if WCW hadn't have turned Hulk Hogan heel at Bash At The Beach, and Hogan didn't go “Hollywood”? How would WCW have bridged the big gap that had been formed between there product, and WWF's? Where would they have gone, with an ageing roster, and seemingly no game plan?


In 1995, WCW had had a topsy turvy year, for lack of better words.With Hulk Hogan, Sting, Vader and many other top stars in, the year could have been one where WCW bridged the gap, but it didn't turn out that way. Over saturation of their big stars, such as Hogan and Macho Man, along with poorly thought out angles such as the Dungeon Of Doom meant that PPV buy rates were up and down across the year, ending with a nice idea in an NJPW/WCW face-off at Starrcade. However, the fans didn't like it, and with One Man Gang and Kensuke Sasaki being the main event, it went down like a lead balloon.

However, we got to see the cream of NJPW and WCW go against each other, and it did show that WCW may have a bright future coming through from there mid and undercard.

Some Results From Starrcade 1995

WCW World Cup: NJPW vs WCW

Jushin Liger (NJ) defeated Chris Benoit (WCW)..

Koji Kanemoto (NJ) defeated Alex Wright (WCW)..

Lex Luger (WCW) defeated Masa Chono (NJ) by Submission..

Johnny B. Badd (WCW) defeated Masa Saito (NJ) by Disqualification..

Shinjiro Ohtani (NJ) defeated Eddie Guerrero (WCW)..

Randy Savage (WCW) defeated Hiroyoshi Tenzan (NJ)..

Sting (WCW) defeated Kensuke Sasaki (NJ)..

Even though wrestlers like Benoit, Wright and Guerrero lost, whilst their “high-profile” partners got the WCW victories, the fact that they represented WCW showed WCW's faith in them to put on a good show to cap off the year. Also, Starrcade saw the crowning of a new champion, as Ric Flair won a Number One Contendership match against Lex Luger and Sting, before beating Macho Man for the WCW Heavyweight Title. This was Flair's third reign, but his first since 1993, so with a “fresh face” at the top of the tree, along with an incresively impressive undercard of wrestlers, WCW looked like they could have a good 1996. WWF were still miles ahead of WCW in terms of fanbase and popularity, but WCW had the raw materials to definitely challenge WWF in the near future.

Also important in WCW's resurgence was the debut of WCW Monday Nitro. WCW's new flagship show went against WWF's idea of putting on lots of high profile wrestlers squashing jobber style matches, by giving away PPV quality matches for free, to drag the fans into the product. Starting on September the 4th 1995, the first Nitro saw Brian Pillman beat Jushin Liger in a Crusierweight showcase, Ric Flair battle Sting, and Hulk Hogan overcome Big Bubba Rogers, before Lex Luger made his WCW debut, facing up to Hulk Hogan after his victory. In the weeks to follow, Nitro saw matches such as Huk Hogan vs Lex Luger, Ric Flair vs Arn Anderson, Sting vs Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan vs Sting, all matches that legitamately could have took place on PPV. But, in doing this, WCW were beginning to generate interest in the product, so it was doing its job. Now, all they had to do was keep the standard up on the PPV's, and they would begin to slowly catch up to the WWF.

So where did WCW go from here? Stick to the mainstays of Hogan, Savage, Flair and Sting, or begin to look into thier talented Mid and Lower card wrestlers? Whatever was going to be done, they definitely needed to stop WWF getting away from them in the ratings.

(OOC: Before anyone asks, I'm using EWR, and it's Baby Hewey's 1996 update that I have used)

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WCW 1996 Roster

Main Eventers


Hulk Hogan

Macho Man



Lex Luger


Ric Flair

The Giant

Upper Card


Jim Duggan

Rick Steiner

Scott Steiner


Arn Anderson

One Man Gang

Mid Card


Brian Knobbs

Jerry Sags

Johnny B. Badd

Steve McMichael

The Bootyman

The Renegade






Belfast Brawler

Big Bubba Rogers

Booker T

Brian Pillman

Chris Benoit


Lord Steven Regal

Squire David Taylor

Stevie Ray

The Taskmaster

Lower Card


Alex Wright

Buff Bagwell

Disco Inferno

Eddie Guerrero

Ice Train


Scott Norton

Scotty Riggs


Bobby Eaton

Dean Malenko

Johnny Grunge

Michael Wallstreet

Rocco Rock

The Shark



Al Greene

Brad Armstrong

Chavo Guerrero Jr.


Prince Iaukea

Steve Armstrong


Kenny Kaos


Robby Rage


Devon Storm

Hugh Morrus

Jim Powers


Mike Enos

The Barbarian

Ultimo Dragon



Ace Darling


Rey Mysterio Jr


Juventud Guerrera


Chris Kanyon

Managers & Non Wrestlers


Debra McMichael


Eric Bischoff

Larry Zybysko



Jimmy Hart

Sister Sherri

Sonny Onoo


WCW Tag Teams

American Males (Scotty Riggs and Buff Bagwell)

Blue Bloods (Steve Regal and Dave Taylor)

Faces Of Fear (Meng and Babarian)

Fire And Ice (Ice Train and Scott Norton)

Harlem Heat (Booker T and Stevie Ray)

High Voltage (Kenny Kaos and Robby Rage)

Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags)

Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock)

Road Warriors (Hawk and Animal)

Steiner Brother (Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner)

The Armstrongs (Brad Armstrong and Steve Armstrong)

WCW Stables

Dungeon Of Doom: Big Bubba Rogers, Hugh Morrus, Meng, One Man Gang, The Barbarian, The Giant, The Shark, The Taskmaster

Four Horsemen: Arn Anderson, Brian Pillman, Chris Benoit, Ric Flair

WCW Title Holders

WCW Heavyweight: Ric Flair

WCW US: One Man Gang

WCW TV: Johnny B. Badd

WCW Tag: Harlem Heat

(OOC: Similarly to Cole 37's WCW 1996, I'll be doing this kayfabe style, so if there are any hirings/firings, you'll only find out about the hirings when they debut, and the firings through any news reports I decide to do)

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I will definately be reading this because I have always wondered what it would be like it Hogan never turned heel or if The Outsider's never entered the company.

Looking through your roster there is nothing but pure talent. You've got some great guys to work with like Malenko, Pillman, Benoit, Booker T etc.

Looking forward to the first show!

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WCW Monday Nitro Preview (01/01/1996)

Happy New Year to all, from WCW!

In the last week of December, we've had a flurry of title changes, including most importantly, Ric Flair winning the WCW World Title at Starrcade. With this being his first title reign in two years, you can bet that Flair will have something to say come Nitro. But who will step up to be the next challenger? Sting, Macho Man, Hulk Hogan and many others are after a shot, but who will get the nod?

In our main event, we will see two of WCW's top tag teams fighting to be next in line for a shot at the Tag Team Titles, as The Steiners take on the Road Warriors. Both teams have been to the top before, but with them both vying for a shot at Harlem Heat's titles, only one of them can get the chance. Whoever wins the match will get the next title shot at Clash Of The Champions on the 21st of January.

We will also see Johnny B. Badd defend his TV title, as he will battle Hugh Morrus, one of the Dungeon Of Doom henchmen. Can Badd overcome this challenge, or will the Dungeon be celebrating come the end of Nitro? We all know he will have to have one eye on Morrus, and the other on the rest of the Dungeon.

In a night of title matches, One Man Gang will defend his US Title against Alex Wright, "Das Wunderkid". Wright is only young, but has impressed recently with his performances, especially in a losing effort against Koji Kanemoto at Starrcade, so much so that he has been rewarded with this title shot. However, with the One Man Gang on a winning streak, who knows how much of a reward it could be for Wright?

With more wrestlers in action including Steven Regal, Rey Mysterio Jr., Juventud Guerrera amongst others, we are looking to kick off the new year in style! Tune in, or miss out!

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WCW Nitro (01/01/1996)

Fading in, the fireworks go off, and it's Monday Nitro live! We head straight to the ring for our first match.

Rey Mysterio Jr defeated Juventud Guerrera with a top rope Hurrcanrana

And what a way to start off the show!WCW used this first match to showcase two of their lucha stars, as Rey Mysterio Jr came face to face with Juventud Guerrera. Rey was the clear fan favourite, but there were smatterings of cheers for Guerrera, especially when he was on offense.They started off with a lock up, before a number of reversals and counters led to a round of applause from the audience. Juve called for a test of strength, and as Rey went for it, booted him in the stomach, and slammed him down to the mat. From their, Juve decided to take out Rey's legs, as he nailed him with a dragon screw, a shin breaker, before placing Mysterio's leg on the bottom rope and jumping on it,leaving Rey rolling on the floor in agony. Juve picked up Mysterio,dumped him over the top rope to the outside, and as Mysterio got to his feet, nailed him with a lovely plancha over the top rope, wowing the fans in attendance! Rey looked down and out, but with the subsequent pinfall in the ring only getting Juve two, Guerrera appeared to get a little frustrated. Whipping Rey violently into the corner, Juve followed in with a clothesline, only to try the same thing in the opposite corner, and be met with a boot to the face. As Juve shook off the kick, Rey jumped to the second turnbuckle, and nailed a swinging tornado DDT for a 2 count. As Juve got up, Rey hit him with a dropkick, knocking Guerrera to the outside, before hitting his own picture perfect plancha onto Juve! As they both struggled to get up, Juve used his strength to reverse an irish whip, sending Rey crashing into the steel steps knee first. Picking him up, Rey was rolled into the ring, but a top rope leg drop only got Juve a near fall, and Juve was clearly angry as he remonstrated with the referee about a slow count. As Juve turned, Rey rolled him up and got a quick 2, but Juve was too strong and kicked out, before getting up and planting Rey back to the mat with a nasty powerbomb, falling on top of him for a close two count. Frustrated, Juve whipped Rey into the ropes, and hit another nasty clothesline, before heading to the top rope. As he perched, Rey nailed him in the stomach with a punch, crotching Juve on the top turnbuckle. Rey then got on the top rope himself, before taking Juve down to the mat with a Super Hurrcanrana! Hooking the leg, Rey got the inevitable 3 count! (77%)

As Rey struggled to get to his feet, he checked on Juve to make sure he was alright. Juve got to his feet, and the two shook hands as the crowd clapped their approval. Rey turned and went to leave the ring, but Juve span him around, kicked him in the gut, before planting him with the Juvi Driver! The fans cheers rapidly turned to boos, whilst Juve began to work away on Rey's leg. The ref tried to stop him, but Juve knocked the referee out of the way, and continued to stomp at the knee. Only when another ref and agent came down to stop him did Juve stop, and leave the ring, as the crowd gave him some serious heat.

The Four Horsemen Cometh

After Rey was helped out of the ring, the familiar strains of Alzo Spracht Zarathustra hit the PA systems. The crowd begin to boo heavily, as Ric Flair steps out from behind the curtains, wearing his newly won WCW World Title. Following him are the 3 other members of The Horsemen, Arn Anderson, Brian Pillman and Chris Benoit. They take a little while to soak up the hostile reaction, before slowly making their way to the ring. Once inside, Flair takes a microphone, and begins to address the audience.

Flair: WOOO!! Is it good to be back at the top of the mountain again? WOO!! I always knew it was just a matter of time before I won my title back again, and frankly, it tastes sweeter every time! Not only am I the best in WCW, each time I just show that I am the best wrestler to have ever stepped foot in a wrestling ring! And, when you have 3 men such as these (points to the other 3) behind you 100% all the time, there is nobody who is going to take this belt away from me! So you can boo all you want, but this is a site you'll be seeing every time you watch WCW in the near future, deal with it.

Now I've heard that everyone wants a shot at The Nature Boy, that Hogan, Sting, Savage, they are all clamouring to get their hands on Ric Flair. The Nature Boy doesn't care who he has to fight next, whether it be one of them 3, or any other wrestler on the WCW roster, because I will always come out on top, WOO!! Make any matches you want, I will defend this title wherever and against whoever, and I will fight you to the very end to retain my belt. The Four Horsemen still ride, and as long as we do, there is no living thing that can stop us. And if anyone in the back thinks they can, just try, and we will show you why we are the most dangerous thing in wrestling!

Flair drops the microphone to the floor, as Alzo Spracht Zarathustra hits the PA system once again. Flair struts about the ring a couple of times, as the fans boo heavily, before heading out of the ring with the other 3 Horsemen. They take their time getting backstage, seemingly enjoying the reception they have provoked out of the crowd. (95%)

Johnny B. Badd defeated Hugh Morrus after The Kiss That Don't Miss to retain the WCW TV Title.

The next match wasn't the masterclass of wrestling that we saw in the opening match, but the passion of the two wrestlers fighting for the TV title sucked the crowd in. Johnny B. Badd got a great ovation, as he fired his confetti guns into the ring, and planted a Kiss on a good looking girl at ringside. Morrus was already in the ring waiting, and as Badd stepped in, Morrus rushed him, knocking him back into the corner with a tackle, before nailing 3 shoulder charges to the midsection. Whipping him across the ring, Morrus tried to follow it up, but Badd was quickly out of the corner, leaving Morrus to slam hard into the turnbuckle. As he turned around, Badd began to unload with several punches, the last one knocking Morrus to the floor, where he rolled out to ringside to regain his compusure, as Badd taunted him. Morrus walked about outside for a few seconds before rolling back in to “start again”. A kick to the stomach, and a bodyslam gave Morrus the advantage, as he used his power to counter-act Badd's obvious speed advantage. Battering him down with clubbing blows, Morrus began to take it to Badd, and a powerslam coming off the ropes got him a close 2 count. Using several power moves, including a nice gorilla press slam, Morrus was taking total control, but after several close falls, another charge into the corner was avoided, leading to a close 2 count from a Badd roll-up. Morrus was up quicker, but Badd ducked a clothesline, and took Morrus to the mat with a perfect dropkick. A flying clothesline had Morrus down and in trouble, but Big Bubba Rogers came down to ringside and got on the apron, distracting Badd. Badd and the referee went over to try and get him off the apron, as Morrus got to his feet. Charging towards them, Morrus missed Badd sidestepping out of the way, and collided with Rogers, knocking him to the floor. Morrus staggered about trying to keep his balance, but Badd whipped him into the ropes, nailed the Kiss That Don't Miss, and got the 1,2,3. (65%)

As Badd was given the TV Title by the referee, Rogers got into the ring, and clotheslined Badd to the mat. Picking him up, Rogers went for an irish whip, only to have it reveresed, and also be nailed with the Kiss That Don't Miss. Badd picked up his title, before planting two Kisses on Morrus and Rogers.

Wrestling, The English Way

After Rogers and Morrus head backstage, Lord Steven Regal's music hits the PA system, and the crowd boos as Regal begins to head down to the ring for his match. Regal seems surprisingly focused, and as he gets into the ring, he calls for a microphone.

Regal: Now, I don't know about you, but displays like that last one are besmirching the good name of wrestling. Do we really want to see a Little Richard impersonator planting Kisses on people, and firing confetti into the crowd? I remember when wrestling just used to be about man versus man, best man wins. My countrymen, like Mark “Rocco” Rock and Dynamite Kid showed us what wrestling is about, only for fiasco's like that to occur.It's not right, but thankfully I'm here to show you that real wrestling still exists.

But look at my opponent for tonight. I'm fighting someone who comes down to the ring shaking his bottom! What kind of a ruddy joke is this? My forefathers would be rolling in their graves if they saw this happening week in and week out on national television. However, I'll make sure I give the Bottomman a good stretching, just like us real wrestlers learnt back in my country, wrestling the UK way! (71%)

Lord Steven Regal defeated The Bootyman after making him submit to the STF

With Steven Regal already in the ring, the Bootyman's music hit, and the crowd erupted as he headed down to the ring, rubbing and shaking his ass all along. Rolling into the ring, he walks up to Regal and shakes his ass a bit more, which Regal didn't seem to approve of. A collar and elbow tie up ensues when the bell rings, only for Regal to break it, and slap the Bootyman hard around the face! A couple of elbows followed by a hard European uppercut put Regal in command, which he follows with a couple of knees to the nose, knocking the Bootyman down to the ground. Not seeming to want to waste anytime, Regal tries to put the Bootyman into the STF, but he is quickly to the ropes. Backing off, Regal lets the Bootyman get up, but is quickly in on him again, rocking him with a couple of punches and a knee to the stomach, before hitting him with a clothesline off of an irish whip. Down on the mat, Regal synches in a rear chinlock, but the Bootyman battles out of it with a couple of elbows to the gut, and then using the back of his head to headbutt Regal in the face. The Bootyman is quickly to his feet, and after hitting the ropes, catches Regal with a big knee lift, before getting a quick 2 count. This just seems to annoy Regal, who gets up quickly, looking angry. As the Bootyman comes in for another running knee lift, Regal chops him across the chest, before nailing him with a double underhook powerbomb! As the Bootyman is down and out, Regal locks in the STF, and the Bootyman has no choice but to tap out! (72%)

Regal continues to STF the Bootyman, even though the match is over. As the ref tries to get Regal off, Johnny B. Badd hits the ring, and begins to kick away at Regal, who breaks the hold instantly! Trading punches, Badd gets the upper hand, but as Regal gets whipped into the ropes, he grabs onto them, hits the mat and rolls out to the ringside. Badd taunts an angry Regal at ringside, before going to see if the Bootyman is alright. Regal heads quickly backstage, visually incensed by Badd's actions.

One Man Gang defeated Alex Wright with a 747 Splash to regain the US Title

Whatever WCW's good intentions may have been with regards to giving Alex Wright a title shot, this turned into little more than a glorified squash. Wright was fast out of the blocks, rocking OMG with punches, kicks and a dropkick, but the second time he went for a dropkick, OMG brushed it off, leaving Wright prone for an elbowdrop. From there, it was pretty much all One Man Gang, as he used the serious weight difference to his advantage. Throwing Wright around the ring, OMG hit him with several power moves, including a nasty avalanche in the corner, which Wright somehow kicked out of at 2. Wright attempted a small come back, again using his speed to take OMG off his feet with a spin kick to the head. However, when Wright ducked a clothesline and tried to german suplex OMG, OMG just backed him into a corner hard, before nailing him with another massive avalanche. When Wright hit the mat, OMG followed it with a 747 splash for a relatively easy 3 count. Wright was badly mismatched, but I guess the experience is better than nothing. (62%)

The Taskmaster Mastering Tasks

With Alex Wright being scraped off the mat by some officials, we head backstage, where in some dark and damp recess of the building, the Taskmaster is standing about, with the rest of the Dungeon of Doom standing in the background.

Taskmaster: First Nitro of the year, one that they plan to be special. Ric Flair is the new WCW champion, and everyone is after him, wanting a shot at his title, but some of those men hav forgotten that we exist, it seems. Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, you may think that you are through with us, but we have only just begun. Instead of worrying about Ric Flair, and title shots, you should be worrying about us, the Dungeon Of Doom! We are out to get you both, and what would be more special for the first Nitro of the year than to see the Mega Powers destroyed? Tonight, we want to see you two in the ring against Meng and The Barbarian, the Faces Of Fear! Accept the challenge, and watch these two show you how vulnerable you are, and how dangerous we can be!

The camera fades out, as The Taskmaster begins to laugh maniacally. (72%)

The Road Warriors defeated The Steiners after the Doomsday Device

With a Tag Team Title shot on the line at Clash of The Champions, two of the greatest tag teams of our generation squared off in the ring next, as The Steiners met the Road Warriors. The fans seemed just to favour the Steiners, although the Road Warriors got their fair share of crowd support. Scott and Animal started out in the ring, and a couple of shoulder to shoulder collisions showed that neither was intimadated of the other, and that neither really had the advantage strength wise. However, Steiner hit the rope for another shoulder block attempt, Animal levelled him with a clothesline, before getting on top of him and pummeling him with fists to the face. A quick tag to Hawk, and the two began to work away on Scott in the corner, with punches and kicks, until Steiner was down in the corner. Picking him out, Hawk got a quick 2 count from a suplex. Whipping Scott to the ropes, Scott held on and tagged out to Rick. Running about and barking as he got into the ring, the crowd went mental for Rick, who then offered Hawk a test of strength. They started it, but both seemed to be going nowhere, until Hawk kneed Rick in the stomach, and hiptossed him to the mat. Stomping on Rick's head, Hawk tagged in Animal, who picked him up and shoulder charged him into the turnbuckle. From the corner, Animal picked Rick up and planted him with a bodyslam for a 2 count. A couple more quick 2 counts followed, with the Legion Of Doom cutting the ring in half, and keeping Rick away from Scott. Hawk made the mistake of heading to the top rope, as he was crotched by a desperate Rick dropping onto the top rope. Hawk fell off the top, and both men were down. Hawk was closer, and got to Animal first, but Rick was just able to tag Scott, and the crowd went bannanas as Scott got in, and started throwing punches at both Animal and Hawk. He took Hawk down with a belly to belly suplex, before throwing Animal with a nasty looking overheard belly to belly suplex! Rick was back in now, and began to work on Hawk, as Scott was beating down on Animal. As Scott picked up the tempo, and hit another suplex on Animal, it looked like they had the match in control. However, as Scott whipped Animal to the ropes ready for the Frankensteiner, Animal held on to the rope, and backdropped a rushing Scott outside the ring, where he hit the floor hard! Animal rushed over and clubbed Rick over the back with a big forearm, before drilling him with a big bodyslam. Picking him up, Animal got him on his shoulders, and Hawk lamped him with the Doomsday Device, to pick up the 1,2,3, and the title shot at Clash Of The Champions. (80%)

As The Road Warriors celebrated, Harlem Heat hit the ring with chairs in hand, and began to wail away on both the Warriors and The Steiners! Hawk took a chair shot to the head and Animal one to the back, before Rick and Scott are both laid out similarly. With all 4 men down, Harlem Heat pose in the ring, as the crowd are going irate.

Impromptu Main Event: The Mega Powers defeated The Faces Of Fear by DQ

With the challenge laid out by The Taskmaster, The Faces of Fear head down to the ring, to await and see if the Mega Powers will accept. Its only a matter of seconds however, when they are in the ring that Hulk's music hits the PA system, and the crowd pop as Hogan stands at the top of the ramp. Macho Man's music follows, and as Savage makes it out to the top of the ramp, he gets a similar reaction. Both run down to the ring, and the match is on, as all four men trade blows, with Hogan and Savage getting the better of both Meng and The Barbarian. However, it seems as if it was all just a set-up, as whilst Hogan and Savage are raining punches and kicks down on Meng and The Barbarian in the corner, The Giant and The Taskmaster hit the ring. Hogan turns around into a Giant hand, and is planted with a chokeslam, as The Taskmaster hit Savage with a chair to the back of the head! The Giant picks up Savage's prone body, and to add insult to injury, hits another Chokeslam! The Giant, The Taskmaster and The Faces Of Fear stand triumphant in the ring over the bodies of Hogan and Savage as the camera fades to black. (75%)

(OOC: Not the greatest card, not the greatest write-up, but I just wanted to get the ball rolling. I've not done one for a small while, so just wanna get something down, and then get working from there.)

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Not the greatest card, not the greatest write-up, but I just wanted to get the ball rolling. I've not done one for a small while, so just wanna get something down, and then get working from there.

I concur.

While you seem to have the fundamentals of a mid 90's WCW pre nWo down, you have nothing here that I would call exciting or worthy enough to continue on with. I don't mean this as a put down of any kind, so stay with me and I will attempt to explain what I mean.

In 1996 WCW and Nitro were losing to the juggernaught that was the WWF. We all know this. What Bischoff did to try and lure viewers away, even pre nWo, was to give the fans something they simply would not see on RAW or an free WWF TV, and that was PPV quality matches. WCW Nitro had a blueprint they went with damn near every week. Open with some cruisers, cut to a big name interview, give us some midcard goodness, or badness in the case of The One Man Gang, some more interviews, close out the first hour, when they went to two, with a ME worthy match to keep the viewers from tuning in to RAW, some more midcard stuff, and close it out with a big PPV worthy ME, many times seemingly "booked" on the fly.

You know this, I know that you do, as it's evident from the first show that you used the blueprint. However it all comes across so bland and weak. The opening cruiser match was decent enough, the Juvi heel turn was fine, and the fans arew starting to love Rey at this time. That all works. Then we get to the big name interview, and it all falls apart from there. What was the point of The Horsemen and the champ even showing up? Not only did they serve no purpose on the show, they seemed to be just filling a slot. The promo itself was rather weak as well. Getting Flair down is harder than placing a few well timed WOOO!'s in there and then using generic template promo number 23, yet that's what you seemed to do. I have no desire to discuss either Badd's match or One Man Gang's match, although you'd do well to get that title off of him as soon as is humanly possible, and Bootyman is, well, about as crap as you can get. Regal's promo seemed spot on to me, and I applaud you for that. Throw me a sunshine or two and I'll love you for it. Then we get to the rather bland OLD ME and the IMRPOMPTU NEW ME. The Road Warriors were an interesting choice, as I was so seeing this as a Steiner victory, so you got me there, but I can't say that I'm remotely interested in a Warriors/Harlem Heat Match yet just because HH laid into them. As for the actual Main Event, well, that sucked. Not necessarily bad writing, as much as bad booking. I know this storyline was raging on, seemingly forever as well, in reality, but man oh man I would give damn near anything to see it die away and for good. It was crap like this that was killing WCW at this time, and yet you continued it on with the non ending. Yes, running out of time and having the heels beat the shit out of the faces was the normal way Nitro came to a close each week, but it was done so with wrestlers we cared about. Nobody gave a shit about The Dungeon Of Doom and Hogan's battles with them in reality, and quite frankly you'd be hard pressed more than likely to find anyone on EWB that would either. The Giant is a star in the making, yes, but surrounding him with weak wrestlers who make him look like Christ Benoit isn't going to do that much for him. Get him over as a legit monster, and get him the hell away from that group of misfits and wastes of space.

Finally, you had Flair and a smattering of Macho and Hogan, but where was Sting and Luger? These men made up the WCW ME scene, and for the most part were on damn near every show. Just a reminder for you, in case you forgot.

Overall, I see the potential for a good diary here, and I see the makings of a good writer. Don't quit, don't give up, persevere, and make WCW in 1996 your own. I for one can't wait to see what this company looks like after you get the ball rolling. However don't be surprised to see some potentially negative feedback alongside mine until you do. While your above quote does make sense, it also could come across that you couldn't be bothered to try for the first show, and if the fans think that, why should they be bothered to read beyond the first show?

Overall grade for Nitro, D.


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Nitro Notes

* The overall consensus backstage at WCW was that the show was OK, but not exactly what was needed to start 1996 with a bang

* One Man Gang and some road agents both spoke out against his match with Alex Wright. It seemed a little off, as thier styles didn't mesh particularly well, and the road agents believe this put a lot of the crowd off of the match. It also didn't help that Wright got very little offense compared to One Man Gang

* Interest was high during the Regal promo, and many are interested to see the new, edgier side to Regal, who didn't take much rubbish when it came to dispatching The Bootyman

* Some fans have voiced thier disgust over the potential of a continuance of the Dungeon Of Doom/Mega Powers feud. It is yet to be seen where this goes, but many dissaprove of so much time being spent on lesser talented wrestlers such as those in the Dungeon Of Doom. On an otherwise related note, The Giant has had good reviews however, and may be one to look out for in the future.

WCW Notes

* With both Savage and Hogan on a collision course with The Dungeon Of Doom, next Nitro is advertising Sting vs Lex Luger, two of the others who petitioned for a title shot, with the winner getting a World Title shot at Clash of The Champions

* One Man Gang has also offered up an open challenge to his US title, with anyone on the roster allowed to have a go come Nitro

* TV Ratings were high at 6.42, and were 0.01 higher than Raw, which got a 6.41. However, many say that that doesn't show much, and only long term successes over WWF will be good enough for WCW

* In unfortunate news for the company, Dean Malenko tore his tricep whilst training. Whilst not as bad as first thought, it will still mean that Malenko is on the sidelines for 2 months at the least recuperating.

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Guest Prototype

Hey man, its a start. I think its good that you are keeping it realistic with the times. You cant make huge, dramatic changes on the very first show. Would have liked to see Sting though. Im sure it will start picking up soon.

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I thought it was alright, for a first show. The cruiser match was well written. The Flair promo was alright, I reckon it must be pretty tricky writing his promo style accurately. The main event as dissapointing though. And no Sting? What were you thinking man :P

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Well, RVD...It was intresting. I like how you have the feuds continuing from the current time. Which is a good thing a bad thing at the same time.

Good, because it's good to see you know your stuff meaning that down the line you'll get much better.

but Bad, because the feuds and storylines at that time pretty much sucked.

I think you have some real potential writing wise...the show was well written just not well booked. As you get some of your own NEW storylines going....you'll have an easier time booking.

Just keep hacking it out...You'll take a lump of clay and make a masterpiece in time...just be patient.

Also...get on MSN :P

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(OOC: obviously, due to Worldwide and Saturday Night being smaller shows, the write ups will be smaller, and less detailed. Just means I can focus more on Nitro's and PPV's)

user posted image

WCW Saturday Night (06/01/96)

The fireworks go off, WCW Saturday Night is on the air! We head to the ring straight away for the first match of the night.

Chris Kanyon defeated Ace Darling with the Downward Spiral

Chris Kanyon and Ace Darling were both met with pretty apathetic responses from the crowd, as neither are well known in the federation at the moment. Whilst Ace Darling had his moments in the match, using his experience to his advantage, Kanyon wowed the crowd with some innovative moves, taking it to Ace Darling, and not letting him get much offense in. After a small Darling comeback, Kanyon nailed him with a Sitout Facebuster, and then planted him face first into the mat for the 1,2,3 with the Downward Spiral. After the pin, Kanyon got up and celebrated in mid-ring, whilst the crowd gave him polite applause for the match, which whilst not a show-stopper, showcased a possible talent in Chris Kanyon. (49%)

No chance to stop for breath, as Saturday Night went straight into it's next match.

Psychosis beat Mr JL. with a Top Rope Legdrop

A change in pace in the second match, as Psychosis went up against the relatively new Mr JL in a quick action packed match. After intially trading counters and reversals, both took it to the outside, with Mr JL hitting a baseball slide, and a little later Psychosis nailing a tope con hilo. When the match returned to the ring, Psychosis took the match to JL, getting close falls from a sitout powerbomb and a facebuster, before JL blocked a top rope suplex attempt with a tornado DDT for a very close 2 count. Just as JL seemed to be picking up the pace, Psychosis caught him running in for a clothesline and dropped him throat first across the top rope! One top rope legdrop later, and Psychosis had got the 3 count. As the referee raised Psychosis's hand, he picked Mr JL up off the floor, and raised his hand up as well, to a good ovation from the crowd. They both shook hands, and then JL headed to the back, as Psychosis celebrated his victory. (57%)

Public Enemy defeated Fire and Ice after the Drive By

With the tag titles in the hands of Harlem Heat, this match was important in potential title shots down the road. Public Enemy, with more tag team experience cut off the ring initially, keeping Ice Train away from the more powerful Scott Norton. Tagging quickly, Grunge and Rock worked the larger man down, not letting him use his power. A double suplex was one of an array of double team moves they used to keep Train down, but after a missed senton splash by Rock, Train made the tag to Norton, who began to clean house. After nailing both men with bodyslams, Train was back up, and they began to beat down on Public Enemy. Unfortunately, an errant attempt at a clothesline by Ice Train was ducked by Rocco Rock, and he nailed Norton, sending him to the outside. A double DDT got Train down long enough for Public Enemy to hit the Drive By for the 1,2,3! With Public Enemy on thier way back to the locker rooms celebrating thier victory, Norton got back into the ring, and had some words with Ice Train about his mistake. The words got heated, and both looked angry, but they didn't come to blows, as cooler heads prevailed. (67%)

Sting Talks Titles

After the last match, we went to a taped segment with Sting.

Sting:From what I've heard, me and Lex Luger will be going one on one next week at Nitro, to earn a shot at Ric Flair's World Title. I gotta admit, I'm excited to be given the chance, but I have conflicting emotions about it all.It's about time the Stinger had the chance to get back into the title scene, and there'd be no-one I'd love more to beat than Ric Flair. Style and profile all you want, because when I get past Luger, the belt will be coming to me!

But, Lex Luger stands in my way. As many of you know, me and Luger are friends, tag partners, buddies. It's gonna be hard to put that all aside when we get into the ring on Nitro, but at the end of the day, we are both man enough to fight for the dream of being champion, and I will be giving 110%, as I'm sure Luger will. But, when it comes down to it, I want it that bit more than Luger does, and I'm going to prove it on Nitro, when I defeat him for the title shot! As long as at the end of it all, we can turn around and shake hands, and not let this get in the way of our friendship, then I see no problem. It'll be a great match, and Flair, whoever comes to you at Clash of The Champions, you better be ready!(81%)

Eddie Guerrero defeated Bobby Eaton with a Frog Splash

Returning to the ring, we got a chance to see Eddie Guerrero, one of the young hopefuls for WCW versus a veteran in Bobby Eaton. Eaton, a good technician, took Guerrero down early on with a suplex, a bodyslam and a drop toe hold, and instantly capitalised with a variety of weardown holds to keep Geurrero off his feet. However, when he missed a legdrop, and Guerrero got back to his feet, Eddie started to use his speed to his advantage, cracking Eaton around the back of the head with an enziguiri, and then hitting a caterpault somersault senton for a close 2 count. Eaton attempted to fend off Guerrero's attacks, but with a small comeback, where he blocked a vertical suplex attempt with one of his own before missing a charge into the corner, Eaton had little left, and Guerrero took him to the mat with a release german suplex out of the corner, and then flew off the top with the Frog Splash for a 1,2,3! (67%)

Mega Powers Megally Pissed

As Bobby Eaton is helped from the ring, we cut to a pre-recorded segment with the Mega Powers.

Savage: Taskmaster, I bet you think you are real clever putting one over on me and Hulk Hogan,oh yeah, but I got a warning for you, that the next time you try something like that you won't get so lucky! Anyone can hit someone on the back of the head with a chair, but when I get you in the ring, face to face, it'll be all about the Macho Man dropping you like a bad habit!

Hogan: Well you know something brothers, you are probably sitting there thinking how clever you are right now, as you tried to crush Hulkamania in one go last week at Nitro. But you can't crush what you can't handle! Taskmaster, you can have someone who is 7 foot tall attack me from behind, but Hulkamania always rises over adversity, brother, and he isn't the first giant I'll beat, and he won't be the last!

Savage: So me and Hogan, we got to thinking, and we decided to even it up a little, meet you face to face this Nitro! You can accept the challenge, or send someone else from the Dungeon but on Nitro, we'll be walking out victorious, OH YEAH!

Hogan: So brotha', bring your giants, your barbarians, whatever you want, because I just got one question for them all....WHAT YOU GONNA' DO, WHEN HULKAMANIA AND RANDY SAVAGE RUN WILD ON YOU? (85%)

Main Event: Chris Benoit beat Glacier with the Swandive Headbutt

For the Main Event, one part of the Four Horseman was in action, as Chris Benoit took on Glacier. After Glacier's impressive entrance, Benoit went straight to work from the bell, backing Glacier into the turnbuckle, and chopping him hard across the chest several times. Glacier blocked a fourth chop though, and span Benoit into the corner, and begun to unload on his with kicks to the knees and thighs, and punches to the head, knocking Benoit down to the bottom turnbuckle. Using his boot, Glacier choked Benoit, keeping the foot thier until the official told him to let go. As Benoit got up, he avoided a charge by Glacier into the corner, and as Glacier bounced out, hooked him up and dropped him on his head with a vicious german suplex, bridging for a close 2 count. Picking Glacier up, Benoit attempts to whip him to the ropes, only to be reversed and dumped to the floor with a backbody drop. Hitting Benoit with a spinning heel kick and a dropkick got Glacier a 2 count, but he sets up too early for the Chrionic Kick, which Benoit ducks, before hitting Glacier with a release german suplex, launching him halfway across the ring! Glacier looks out of it, but to put the icing on the cake, Benoit goes to the top rope, and lands a beautiful Swandive Headbutt to get the fall! (67%)

The camera focuses in on Benoit having his hand raised by the referee, as the camera fades to black.

Overall Rating: 67%

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user posted image

WCW Nitro Preview (08/01/96)

With Monday Nitro upon us, we already have a couple of big matches booked for the night, where we will find out who Ric Flair next has to defend his title against!

Sting and Lex Luger, good friends and ocassional tag team partners, will meet to determine who gets the next title shot against Ric Flair at Clash Of The Champions. Both have aspirations of glory, but it will be interesting to see who knows who better, and who has that little bit more desire to overcome the other. With Ric Flair waiting in the wings, we're also sure that The Nature Boy will want to make his presence felt as well.

Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, a week after The Taskmaster and The Giant viciously attacked them in the ring, have put out a challenge for the two to meet them in the ring. The Taskmaster and The Giant haven't accepted yet, but we will see if they are up to facing the Mega Powers face to face.

One Man Gang has offered up an open challenge to anyone who wants to take him on for the US Title. This shows a lot of confidence in his own abilities, but as this leaves him open to fight anyone, without knowing who it may be, OMG might have bitten off a bit more than he can chew.

After losing to The Road Warriors, The Steiners and Warriors were both attacked by Harlem Heat. With the Warriors getting a title shot at Clash Of The Champions, The Steiners will fight Harlem Heat in a non-title match this Nitro, trying to get retribution for the beating that Heat gave them last week.

Steve Regal seems on a mission to preach good UK-style wrestling at the moment, and although he won't be in action, he will be at ringside as his partner Squire David Taylor takes on Johnny B. Badd, a man that Regal has singled out for "besmirching" the good sport of wrestling.

With many others in action, including Arn Anderson, Brian Pillman, Ultimo Dragon and more, tune in to Monday Nitro this Monday on TNT!

(OOC: To avoid burning out, I'm auto bookering Worldwide for the time being, what with it being my 'C' show. If needed, for angle purposes, or to help promote a PPV, I will use it, so thats why I'm not just cancelling it.)

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user posted image

WCW Monday Nitro! (08/01/96)

The fireworks go off, the crowd goes nuts, and Monday Nitro is under way for another week!

Ultimo Dragon defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr with a Dragon Sleeper

Straight to the ring for a match, as we see Ultimo Dragon (accompanied to the ring by his manager, Sonny Onoo) facing Chavo Guerrero Jr. Both men are talented high flyers, and the crowd are anticipating something special.

They both circle the ring for a few seconds, before Ultimo hits Chavo with a couple of quick kicks to the knee and thigh, rushing in closer, which causes Chavo to back into the corner. With Guerrero in the corner covering up, Dragon hits another few kicks, before irish whipping him hard across the ring into the far corner, and following it with a lariat. Snapmaring him out of the corner, Dragon drops a legdrop and sinches in a reverse chinlock, attempting to wear Chavo down, but he easily reaches the ropes. With both men back to thier feet, Chavo avoids a dropkick attempt, picks up Dragon and dumps him hard on the back of his head with a high back suplex, for a 2 count. After dropping an elbow on Dragon's prone body, Chavo picks him up again, and gets 2 more 2 counts with a Northern Lights suplex and a snap suplex. As Dragon struggled to his feet, Chavo ran in and clotheslined him over the top rope. Hitting the ropes, Chavo then launched himself onto Dragon at ringside with a plancha! The crowd stood and applauded, as Guerrero got Dragon to his feet, and rolled him back in the ring. The subsequent pin only got a 2 count, however. With Dragon all over the place, Chavo went to try and close out the match, planting Dragon with a vicious brainbuster, before heading to the top rope. Sonny Onoo got up on the ring apron, grabbing at Chavo's leg, slowing him down. Guerrero kicked him off, knocking Onoo to the floor, but by this time, Dragon is to his feet, and falls onto the top rope, crotching Guerrero. Heading onto the turnbuckle himself, Ultimo took Chavo down to the mat with a perfect superplex! Both men are down, and begin to get to thier feet at the ref's 6 count. Chavo runs at Dragon, who shifts position and uses Guerrero's own momentum to drive him in between the top and middle turnbuckle, with his shoulder cracking the post! Dragon picks up Chavo, and lands a nice azteca suplex, before hooking in the Dragon sleeper. Chavo tries to fight it, but with nowhere to go, he has no choice but to tap out! (75%) (****)

Diamond Dallas Page defeated Konnan with the Diamond Cutter

In the next match, Diamond Dallas Page made his first TV apearance of the new year, going up against Konnan. Konnan was met with a mixed reaction by the crowd, who were not overly sure whether to cheer him or boo him. DDP however got a lot of heat.

Hooking up with a collar and elbow tie up, Konnan backs DDP into the corner, and the ref asks for a clean break, which Konnan does. They tie up again, this time DDP taking the advantage and backing Konnan into his corner, but this time instead of a clean break, DDP chops him hard across the chest. This just seems to annoy Konnan more than anything, who grabs DDP and spins him into the corner, before unloading with chops and punches of his own! DDP tries to cover up, but is eventually beaten down to the ground by the vicious onslaught. Grabbing him up, Konnan whips Page to the rope, before cracking him with a big back elbow, and planting him face first with a DDT. As Konnan goes to pick him up again, DDP gives him a thumb to the eye, and slams him, cutting short Konnan's offensive. Throwing him out the ring, DDP follows, and whips Konnan into the ringsteps hard. Rolling him back in, DDP lifts Konnan up, dropping him with a big suplex for 2 count. Whipped into the ropes, Konnan is dropped with a discus punch to the head for another 2 count. DDP uses the top and middle rope to tie Konnan up, and puts the boots to him, as the ref attempts to stop Page. Eventually, Konnan is released, and falls to the ground, with DDP getting a close 2 count. Konnan struggles to his feet, only to recieve a kick in the gut, and a piledriver. With Konnan now down, DDP uncharacteristically heads to the top rope, only for Konnan to move out of the way of DDP's elbow drop attempt. Both men are now down, but DDP is to his feet a little quicker, only to have Konnan take him down with a rolling thunder lariat after an irish whip. Taking the arm, Konnan hooks DDP into the Tequila Sunrise, but after a small struggle, DDP makes it to the ropes. Picking him up, Konnan whips Page into the ropes, to go for another rolling thunder lariat, but as he comes up with the clothesline, DDP ducks. Konnan turns around and Diamond Cutter! Page rolls onto Konnan, for the 1,2,3! (74%)

Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman defeated The American Males when Pillman pins Riggs after an Arn Anderson spinebuster

The American Males were met with general apathy, with a smattering of cheers, but when the two Horsemen came out, the crowd went bannana's, serious heat for both of them. They soaked it up at the top of the ramp, before getting into the ring.

The match began quickly, with both teams going at each other, with initially Anderson and Pillman taking over, before Riggs and Bagwell began to fight back with punches of thier own, before simultaneous backdrops left the Horsemen on the floor. They rolled to the floor to compose themselves, as the American Males posed for the crowd. Riggs went to the apron, leaving Bagwell to start in the ring against Anderson. Bagwell was moving quickly, and hitting Anderson with some quick punches, but his onslaught was cut short when Anderson blocked a punch and clotheslined Bagwell to the floor. Kneedropping him in the face while he was down, Anderson got up and held the four fingers up to the crowd, who booed relentlessly. Bagwell got up, but was dropped with an Anderson gourdbuster. Arn tagged out, and Pillman got a two count off after landing an elbow from the second tunbuckle. The Horsemen began to effectively cut off Bagwell from his corner, and with quick tags and a healthy mix of strikes and slams, wore him down. Pillman made a mistake of going to the top rope too early, though, and Bagwell avoided a flying cross body, and got the tag to Riggs, the fresh man. Riggs began to beat away on Pillman, and backbody dropped Anderson coming in. Riggs and Bagwell were both in full flight now, returning almost to how the match started, with the Horsemen struggling to stop the onslaught. Anderson was dropped with a suplex by Riggs, and left laying on the ring mat. As the ref tried to regain control, he grabbed an exuberant Bagwell, and began to try and get him back onto the ring apron. Riggs hit the ropes to launch a flying forearm at Pillman, but as Pillman hit the floor, Riggs ran over him, going straight into an Anderson spinebuster! Anderson got out of the ring, and as the ref turned back to the action, Pillman hooked Riggs' leg for the 1,2,3! (73%)

Savage Attack

After 3 matches in a row, we head backstage. Macho Man is in his locker room, seemingly getting ready for tonight and the possible confrontation with The Dungeon Of Doom. He is sitting in front of his mirror, putting the last touches to his costume. As he goes to get up, there is a knock on the door. Savage goes to answer it, but is knocked back as the door flies open, revealing The Giant in the doorway. Savage launches at him with some punches, but the big man shrugs them off and throws Savage to the floor. As Savage gets up, he is met with a thunderous chairshot from The Taskmaster, putting Savage back down to the floor, and leaving him motionless. They go to leave, but Taskmaster whispers something to The Giant, who turns around to the motionless Savage, and picks him up. With one hand, he launches the prone body of Savage into the mirror head first, shattering it from the middle outwards. Savage is left down and out, as a maniacal Taskmaster and The Giant leave, with thier mission accomplished. (80%)

Harlem Heat defeat The Steiners when Stevie Ray pinned Rick Steiner after using brass knuckles

The Steiners are met with rapturous cheers and applause, whilst Harlem Heat get a lot of abuse for thier treatment of both The Steiners and The Road Warriors last week.

Seeking retribution, The Steiners attack as soon as Harlem Heat get into the ring, pummeling them both down to the ground with clubbing punches and forearms. Whipping Stevie Ray into the ropes, Scott hits a belly to belly suplex as Rick is shoulder charging Booker T in the corner. The ref tries to get some sense of control, but The Steiners are rabid, beating away. The ref finally seems to get some control, as Scott heads to the outside, along with Stevie Ray, to leave Booker T and Rick in the ring. Rick still has control, and lands a huge shoulderblock to put Booker T back down to the mat. Putting him in the corner, a couple of swift tags allows Scott to plant Booker T with a couple of nice suplex variations, and Rick to hit a massive powerbomb, which may have got a 3 count if Stevie Ray hadn't come in to break it up. Booker T managed to get away, after low blowing Rick, and made a tag to Stevie Ray, but as he got in, Rick has regrouped, and caught him with a big clothesline, knocking him back out of the ring. As Harlem Heat stood out of the ring, they talked for a bit, and then turned thier back on the ring, heading back up the ramp to the boos of the crowd. However, as the count got up to 6, The Road Warriors appeared at the top of the ramp, and chased Heat back into the ring, where they were met with an overhead belly to belly suplex from Scott for Stevie, and a bell clap for Booker from Rick. The ref again tried to get the match under control, but it had now turned into an all out brawl, with the Steiners on top, as the crowd went mental. However, Booker T blocked an attempt at a piledriver, and backbody dropped Scott to the outside, over the top ropes! As the ref went to move Booker T out of the ring, he cunningly dropped something on the floor, and kicked it towards Stevie. Stevie picked it up, and as Rick came towards him, he punched him in the side of the face with the brass knuckles, knocking Rick out! The ref turned around to see Stevie covering Rick and the 3 count was academic. (79%)

As Harlem Heat celebrate, The Road Warriors get into the ring, and begin to beat on thier soon to be opponents. Animal press slammed Stevie Ray, and Hawk hit a perfect dropkick on Booker T, sending him to the outside. As Animal picked up Stevie Ray for the Doomsday Device, Booker T got back in the ring armed with a chair, and cracked Hawk off the top turnbuckle to the ringside floor! Turning around, Booker T then lamped Animal on the top of the forehead with the chair, putting him to the floor, dropping Stevie Ray in the process. Harlem Heat stand triumphant in the ring, as the fans are not happy!

Johnny B. Badd defeated David Taylor by DQ, after interference by Steven Regal, thus retaining his TV title

With Steven Regal accompanying him to the ring, David Taylor looked focused for this shot at the TV title. Johnny B. Badd comes down to the usual pomp, with confetti guns and the like. Regal takes up his place in Taylor's corner, as the match gets underway.

Taylor begins by trying to technically outmatch Badd, by taking him to the floor with an amauteur takedown, before locking in an armbar that Badd easily breaks. He then hooks Badd into a hammerlock, but Johnny hits him with 3 quick elbows to the face to force him to break it, before hitting the ropes and landing a beautiul flying forearm, knocking Taylor down to the mat. Showing what he can do on the technical side of things as well, Badd locks in a cross arm breaker, but Taylor is quickly to the bottom rope before much damage can be done. Picking him up, Badd drops him with two picture perfect dropkicks, and follows it up with a splash that gets him a 2 count. Taylor is back to his feet quickly though, and is able to break Badd's offensive with a knee to the gut, before locking in an abdominal stretch. Badd struggles in it for a small while, before breaking out of it with a hiptoss. As Taylor gets up, he is met with a crossbody for a near 2 count, before Badd puts him down on the mat again with a modified fireman's carry into a slam. Taylor looks in a bad way, and Badd whips him to the rope, tagging him upside the head with the Kiss That Don't Miss. As Badd goes for the cover, Steven Regal gets into the ring, and breaks it with an elbow drop to the back of the head. The referee has no choice but to call for the bell, awarding Badd the match by DQ. 68%

As the bell is ringing, Regal butterfly powerbombs Badd, before hooking in the STF. Badd begins to tap, but there is nothing that can be done for him, as David Taylor throws the referee out of the ring. Taylor kicks away at Badd's chest, as Regal pulls back hard on the STF. They only stop once some more officials come down to the ring, but it looks as if the damage has been done to Badd already.

Who Will Take The Challenge?

After Badd is helped from the ring, One Man Gang comes down to the ring, with the US title on his shoulder. One Man Gang doesn't take the mic, as we know why he is down here, ready for a challenger to accept his open challenge. He waits for a few seconds, before some unfamiliar music hits the PA system. The crowd look at the ramp, but are surprised to see a smallish man with a microphone.

Man: Hello, Monday Nitro! For those who don't know me, I am James Vandenberg. Now, as you can tell by the way I look, I'm not about to be going into the ring to take on the One Man Gang for the US title, but I've come to talk to you about missed oppurtunities. WCW has a habit of missing oppurtunities, and last year, they dropped the ball big time. Focusing on wastes of time and talent like you, rather than using thier connections outside the WCW to bring in some real talent. So instead of having you stinking up the ring each and every week, carrying around a belt that used to mean something, I chose to rectify the situation!

Now, One Man Gang, it's nothing personal against you, but what better time to showcase my new business acquisition, than to get him to come down here and beat you for the US title? Oh, and by the way Gang....he's behind you.... (64%)

Masahiro Chono defeats One Man Gang by ref stoppage to become the NEW WCW US Champion

As Vandenberg was talking, Chono had got out from under the ring and was standing behind the One Man Gang. As Vandenberg finishes talking, OMG turns to be met with a stiff Yakuza Kick to the face, putting him down to the mat straight away. The unexpectedness of the move, and the force that Chono put into it seems to have left OMG out cold. Chono locks in the STF, and the ref notices OMG isn't responding, struggling, or moving. Getting down to him, he lifts the arm 3 times, each time it drops. The referee calls for the bell, and awards Chono the match and the WCW US Title!

As the match had been going, Vandenberg had come down to ringside. Getting in the ring now, with his microphone still in hand. He claps for Chono, and then begins to talk again.

Vandenberg: As I know the general ignorance of the average WCW fan, I'll introduce my new client...this is Masahiro Chono, NJPW superstar, and your new US Champion! Now, before you choose to hate him, just think about it....this man eats, sleeps and breathes wrestling, and he gets the job done. Whilst WCW invested time in that waste of space on the floor, Chono was beating the best in the world. The ignorance of the backstage staff at WCW, not to realise the potential in tapping into the Japanese market, especially after the matches we saw leading up to and including Starrcade, is beyond me. But, I'll be your and WCW's saving grace. Chono is the first of what I hope is many wrestlers I am looking to bring to WCW, so prepare for bigger and better things than you can even imagine. At the end of the day, I'm doing this for WCW, and I'm doing this for you all, the fans. Thank you for your time.

The fans continue to boo, as Chono and Vandenberg leave the ring and head backstage. (56%

Running The Gauntlet

Hulk Hogan's music hits, and it looks as if he is in a serious mood, from the frustrated look on his face. He poses at the top of the ramp for a short while, and then heads to the ring, grabbing a microphone from the announcer.

Hogan: Taskmaster, The Giant....The Hulkster and Randy Savage called you out, and instead of getting an answer, you go and beat up Macho backstage. His been taken to hopsital, so now it's just me, brother and all the little Hulkamaniacs. But I'm not gonna turn away now, I want both of you down here right now....

The Taskmaster's music interrupts Hogan, as the whole of the Dungeon Of Doom (minus One Man Gang) come on to the rampway. Taskmaster has a mic in hand.

Taskmaster: Hogan, we came here today with two intentions. The Giant and I had our wicked way with Randy Savage, and put him in hospital. Now, the second of the two starts here, and you better hope there is a hopsital bed set up for you, because when we are finished with you, they'll have to scrape you off the mat!

But before you get your hands on me and the Giant, we'll let some of my other boys have a shot at you.

Meng, Barbarian, The Shark and Big Bubba Rogers head down to the ring, but Hogan begins to fight as soon as they get in, clocking them all with punches, bodyslamming The Shark and hitting the big boot on Bubba Rogers. Meng and Barbarian were knocked to the outside with a double clothesline, and as Rogers is down, Hogan drops the legdrop. As he was fighting them 4 away, The Giant and The Taskmaster have come down to the ring, and as Hogan gets up, he is met with a massive hand around his throat, and dropped with a massive chokeslam! Not wanting to tempt fate, The Giant picks him up again, and drops him one more time with a chokeslam.

Taskmaster: You wanted your match with us? Well, we aren't one to back down from a challenge, so you are on.

The Giant and The Taskmaster defeat Hulk Hogan in a handicap match

A ref hits the ring, as The Giant puts a big foot on Hogan's chest. 1,2,3, it is all over.

Taskmaster: You chose to mess with us Hogan, but that was a big mistake. Each and every week, we will make your life misery, until we destroy you once and for all. When you have a man in your corner like The Giant, there is nothing you can do about it. Watch your back at all times, as you never know when we will chose to extinguish your career!

The Taskmaster kicks Hogan's lifeless body a couple of time, before the Dungeon Of Doom leave the ring, to the crowds merciless hate.

Main Event: Lex Luger defeated Sting by submission after the Torture Rack

Both men get sizeable pops from the crowd, who are ready and raring for this Main Event, with the winner going on to fight Ric Flair at Clash Of The Champions.

Sting and Luger shake hands at the start, showing that the tension hasn't seemed to affect thier friendship yet. Collar and elbow tie up, but Luger easily has the power advantage, and throws Sting back into the corner. Rushing in, Sting avoids Luger, and then chops him a couple of times in the corner. Sting whips Luger to the other corner, and goes for a Stinger Splash, but Luger has the move well scouted, as he avoids it, and returns the favour with some chops of his own, before dumping Sting to the mat with a suplex. Kicking the downed body, Luger goes for an elbowdrop, but Sting rolls out of the way, and Luger hits hard. Both return to thier feet, and Sting hits a nice clothesline, followed by a dropkick for a quick 2 count. Luger manages to stop the offensive, as he catches Sting running in, and hits him with a reverse atomic drop, and then knocks him down to the mat with forearm smash to the face, for a 2 count. Picking him up off the floor, Luger shows off his power by picking up Sting in a gorilla press slam, but Sting slips out of the back, and runs Luger headfirst into the top turnbuckle. Ten turnbuckle smashes later, Luger hits the floor, and the crowd are popping big time. Sting goes for a pin, but only gets a two count, as Luger kicks out with authority. Trying to speed the match up to his tempo, Sting puts Luger in the corner, and this time lands the Stinger Splash, and repeats the feat in the opposite corner. Grabbing the legs of Luger, Sting goes for the Scorpion Deathlock, but Luger uses his strong legs to kick Sting back into the corner hard. Luger gets up, and hits a nasty powerslam for a close fall. Sting is slow to his feet, as Luger measures his opponent up. When Sting is up, Luger rushes to hit his flying forearm, but Sting ducks, and the referee takes the full force of the forearm on the side of the head. Luger gets up, and turns around into a kick to the stomach, and a scorpion deathdrop! Sting makes the cover, but the referee is down and out. Sting goes over to check on the referee, but the ref is out cold. As he turns around to put some more punishment on Luger, Flair and Anderson hit the ring. Sting tries to fight off the attack, but the numbers get to him, and he is eventually planted heavily into the mat with a spinebuster from Arn. Flair walks over to Luger, and pushes him a couple of times, trying to revive him. Luger comes to his senses, but when he sees Flair and Anderson by the ringside, he looks confused. Anderson shouts at him to "finish the job", and Luger turns to see Sting down on the mat. Luger picks him up, and puts him into the Torture Rack, as a second official slides into the ring. Sting is out cold however, so he can't tap, and when the referee sees no response, he calls for the bell, awarding the match to Lex Luger. Lex Luger will now be going to Clash Of The Champions to fight Ric Flair for the WCW World Heavyweight Title. (83%)

The camera fades to black as we see a confused looking Luger standing in the ring, as Anderson and Flair applaud his efforts.

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Monday Nitro Notes

*What was generally percieved to be a better show than last week actually did worse in the ratings. Nitro pulled a 5.68 whilst Raw easily won the rating war with a 6.03

*The road agents were very happy with the Ultimo Dragon vs Chavo Guerrero Jr match, as thier styles meshed well

*Some have voiced thier disapproval/dislike for Masahiro Chono getting the US title so quickly, but most believe it was a good move to get the belt off the One Man Gang. It'll be a matter of watching and waiting to see if the fans buy Chono as a legitamate US Champion

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WCW Notes

* Clash Of The Champions is slowly beginning to shape up, with several matches now booked for the card. This is what the card looks like at the moment:

WCW World Heavyweight Title Match

Ric Flair © vs Lex Luger

The Mega Powers vs The Taskmaster/The Giant

WCW World Tag Team Title Match

Harlem Heat © vs The Road Warriors

WCW TV Title Match

Johnny B Badd © vs Steven Regal

and with more matches to be added before the 21st, the card already looks to be an entertaining one.

* In what can best be described as a small cull, both The Renegade and The Bootyman were released from WCW last night. WCW seem to be trying to shed some dead weight, and more cuts may come in the future, to make room for new talent

* Hulk Hogan was "very upset" about WCW's decision to release two of his friends, and it took a couple of the road agents and the booking team to sit him down and explain the decision before he accepted that it was for the greater good. However, his morale is said to be low, which isn't good news for WCW

* With the feedback from the matches being very good, WCW have debated about introducing a Crusierweight Title. Nothing has been confirmed, and even a prospective date for the new belt is unknown. We'll let you know when we have more details

* Having lost in the rating wars this week, many believe WCW just doesn't have the star power to compete against the WWF. Aside from wrestlers such as Flair, Sting, and Hogan, many of the undercard names aren't as big, and there are fears that if WCW doesn't rectify the situation, WWF will pull away in the ratings war even further.

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Guest Prototype

Good Nitro. Not sure where you're going with the Luger/Horsemen angle, but it has me interested. Im glad you got the US Title off OMG, but like you said Im waiting to see if Chono can carry the title or not. I hope you introduce a CW title. Clash of Champions doesnt look too bad. Hopefully the Mega Powers/DOD feud will end there.

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