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                          Wrestling world in shock!

In what can be termed as a clash between the wrestlers and Linda McMahon, 12 regular HeAt wrestlers have left World Wrestling Entertainment, in move described by reviewers as “rebellion”. No one is sure about how the incident started, but rumors have been contradicting each other. The most believed rumor is that there was a clash between these “rebels” and Linda over a salary rise. Another rumor supports the idea that Vince McMahon, ex-husband of Linda and the owner of SmackDown!, paid these wrestlers for what they did, but this is unlikely. No one is sure about what happened, but we are. Our reporter arranged an exclusive interview with Stevie Richards, the “rebel leader”.

Kriz (reporter): “Stevie, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding you and the other 11 “rebels” and many proclaim that your and other “rebels” career is over. What do you have to say?”

SR: “First of all, stop calling us rebels. We are not rebels. If you were in our position, you’d have done the same thing. About my career being over, along with others, this is rubbish. Our career is not over. I’ve been in contact with a few people and am confident about my and my partners future, which I state, is not over for a long time”

K: “You said you have been in contact with a few people. Who are those few? Is it Vince? Is it Jarett? Is it Feinstein? Is it Bauer?”

SR: “It’s none of these people and there’s no chance in hell that I’d leak the secret.”

K: “What exactly ignited the incident, Stevie?”

SR: Ignited? Incident? That was not an incident, waiting to be ignited. That was our right. What we did was to fight for our right and in return what do we get? We get called rebels? We’re fired? We’re mocked and stared and what not?. I’ll tell you what happened. We’re tired of being on Heat, week after week. Hell, we’re even better than most of the guys on Raw. Do you think people watch HeAt, no what they watch is a show, just to increase money and we’re sick of being actors. We’re not actors, we’re wrestlers and this is not wrestling. This is entertainment. Don’t the people know it? No. Don’t the historians know it? No. Had they known, they would have spoken up. Do they really think that the Tommy Dreamer they watch is the real Tommy Dreamer? Then who was the guy for whom people chanted in a city known as Philadelphia. Who was the one who introduced the term extreme? Who told people what hardcore is? He was one wrestler who made 2500 fans turn up. Why? Just to see him use his Singaporean cane to break his opponents bone. That was Tommy Dreamer”.

K:” That’s only one guy Steve, what about the others?”

SR: “Other’s aren’t any different. Look at me. Am I the same guy who feuded with Terry Funk? Who nearly destroyed his body for fans sake? Who had a bright future which got screwed because ECW went bust? No. I’m not. I’m just an average wrestler, in the eyes of the fans. Me, and my partners are ready to show the world their true, barbaric side”.

K: But how do you plan to display yourself? Join any promotion?

SR: “Better than that, start our own promotion. We’ve already found sponsors, production guys and hopefully, the promotion will start working from June the 1st”.

K: Thank you, Steve.

SR: You are welcome.   

Wrestlers involved in the uprising are

Stevie Richards

Tommy Dreamer



Chris Nowinsiki

Rob Conway

Sylvain Grenier

Rodney Mack

Mark Henry

Nick Dinsmore

Val Venis

Chuck Palumbo

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            Major signings

Stevie Richards promotion has just upped the odds favoring them by signing five of the best Indy talent out there. Nearly all of these wrestlers have wrestled for the McMahon’s and two of them were recently fired.

The biggest superstar of the five is undoubtedly a shrewd master mind. He was also one of the recent inductees of Hall of Fame. Yes you are right, he is Bobby Heenan.

Ex-hardcore legend Terry Funk also agreed to work along his former ECW friends Richards and Dreamer when he signed the contract without reading the rules or anything

WCW badass Chris Kanyon also agreed to a contract as he had nothing to do. Chris Kanyon is a hugely talented wrestler who has been severely underused by the SmackDown! Company

Another WCW wrestler Sean O’ Haire will be wrestling in the newly formed promotion. Sean made a return to the wrestling world with Rowdy Piper. But when Piper piped down SmackDown!, he was fired, giving Sean’s career an unexpected break, which later led to his firing

Last, but not the least, one half of the Hardy Boyz, Jeff Hardy confirmed his signing. Gotten rid of by the WWE on the basis of drug problems, Jeff is all set to make a come back.

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                  Promotions lose star players

Raw and Smackdown!, the two dominating promotions in the whole world have lost two of their stars each, to Stevie Richards rebel promotion. The promotion, yet to have name, have signed Raw superstars, Matt Hardy and Rhyno. When Matt was contacted about the situation and asked about his decision, he said,” Yesterday, my brother, Jeff Hardy announced his decision to join Richards and later that night called me. He told me about how he wanted to start all over again, from scratch. He talked about how he longed to be his usual, extreme self. He said that since his last wrestling match which he enjoyed, was with the Undertaker, he was longing for more extremism. After the call, I discussed this with Rhyno, my room mate. Rhyno had been in ECW and was looking for more. We discussed the prospects and the risks. In the morning I called Stevie and asked if we could join. He said joining them was more than welcome and we’re looking forward to it”.

SmackDown!, Raw’s counterparts, have lost two wrestlers, both related with ECW, and that too, extremely closely. One of them is none other than Paul Heyman, the man who built ECW from scratch and one of the shrewdest minds ever. He has to his credit building the careers of RVD, Dreamer, Richards and the NFL player, Brock Lesnar. Another man who left SmackDown! Is Tazz, the human suplex machine. A former ECW champion, Tazz said he was looking forward to reviving his career

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Feedback Welcome, guyz.

First of all, don't say that, it immediatly turns people away to see people asking for feedback, especially in a throwaway post like that which just bumps your diary (granted there isn't that many right now but it is still bumping). One thing did make me curious though, which is when this is set:

Another rumor supports the idea that Vince McMahon, ex-husband of Linda and the owner of SmackDown!, paid these wrestlers for what they did, but this is unlikely

Is this set when Flair had RAW and Vince had Smackdown? When were Vince & Linda divorced?

Secondly, how did you manage to get Hardy, Rhyno, Heyman and Tazz out of their WWE contracts so easily?

The backstory is alright but there are a few inconsistencies you should look at.

Edited by ADGray
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            Ex-ECW wrestlers join

According to the latest new we have received, ex-ECW wrestler and current TNA wrestler the Sandman has agreed to compete in the yet-to-be-named promotion. Sandman is famous for his hardcore style and drinking cigarettes in the middle of the ring. His career is full of bumps and he is now hoping for a stable one.

Another great brawler Roadkill has joined Stevie Richards and others by signing the contract immediately. Roadkill, who many feared was getting rusty, is all set for his debut and hopes to make an impact on those fans who haven’t seen him wrestling

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                        Owner takes charge

Nabeel Jafri has taken charge of the new hardcore promotion. Nabeel has been a successful man all through his life. Starting from a show-reviewer, he worked his way into the WWE. After getting released by them recently, Stevie Richards contacted the inspiring Nabeel and asked him to take charge. Nabeel has many things on his hand, and is determined to solve them out before June the 1st, when the promotion starts its official running. He has to name the promotion, finalize the T.V deals and look for sponsors, as well as hire the staff and announcers

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Here’s what my roster looks like. Faces in blue, heels in red.

Main eventers: Rhyno

Upper Midcarders: Al-Snow, Matt Hardy, Sean O’ Haire

Sandman, Terry Funk

Midcarders: Chris Kanyon, Chuck Palumbo, Jeff Hardy, Rodney Mack, Stevie Richards, Sylvian Grenier

Maven, Mystery Man, Roadkill, Tazz, Tommy Dreamer, Val Venis

Lower Midcarders: Chris Nowinsiki, Mark Henry, Rob Conway

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Show Preview: Coming to you live, from Philledelphia will be the beginning of what many critics are describing as a new era in the history of the wrestling world. With the promotion looking strong with Dreamer, Hardys, Kanyon, Richards and Al-Snow, it is a big possibility that hardcore wrestling may be back. Don’t forget to buy your tickets, available at the arena, with the first hundred buyers getting a 50% discount.
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Guest Reaperstang

Combine posts! Instead of allt hese small posts you should save your stuff in word or notepad and then post them in one big post for about 3 or 4 of these small posts. People dont like diary bumps or post whoring. :D

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Combine posts!  Instead of allt hese small posts you should save your stuff in word or notepad and then post them in one big post for about 3 or 4 of these small posts.  People dont like diary bumps or post whoring.   :D

I'll take care next time, thanks for advice, here's my first show :)



May 15th, 2004

Philadelphia, USA

The show opened with the camera zooming towards the announcers table, where Diamond Dallas Page and Jim Cornette were ready for the introductions.

DDP: Welcome fans, to Extreme Warfare Battleground’s The Ring, hosted by your Diamond Dallas Page and Jim Cornette.

JC: Thank you DDP, and do you know what will prevail here, first night of EWB’s debut. One wonders

DDP: Well, what we do know is that wrestling will be in a never-seen-before extreme way. Here comes the General Manager now, Paul Heyman, apparently having an extremely important announcement to make

JC: You have to give that man credit, DDP

1.The opening angle

Paul Heyman waited for the roaring crowd to die down before beginning his speech.” Welcome ladies and gentleman to Extreme Warfare Battleground’s The Ring, the most hardcore show in the whole world. I Paul Heyman, general manager of The Ring would ……

Paul Heyman was cut short, too short I belief, when Bobby Heenan made his way down the ramp

Heenan: Did my ears deceive me or did you just proclaim yourself as the General Manager of The Ring? Have you forgotten that you are not the only one out there as the General Manager? I think I was chosen as the Co-General Manager, right

Heyman: It was a little mistake, now let me do my work. I haven’t got all day. As I was saying, fans, that with a show full of talented wrestlers like ours, there is one man every where who stands out. One man, who deserves credit, and that one man also deserves to be EwB’s World Hardcore Champion, so why don’t you welcome

Heenan: You can’t do that!

Heyman: and why can’t I?

Heenan: Because, you need to consult me before doing anything

Heyman: Why would I consult you? Look at yourself. You are nothing but a joke. You don’t recognize talent, I do. You are not charismatic, I am, above all you are not a …

Heenan: Wait, why don’t I complete your last quality which I’m not, Paul, I’m not a jackass, you are.

Heyman: Will you shut up. As I was saying

Heenan: that we’ll have an eight man tournament, starting right now, for the EwB’s World Hardcore Championship and the entrants are…

Heyman: You can’t choose all the wrestlers why don’t I make my picks, after you have picked your four wrestlers. Who are those? Why don’t you tell the fans about it?

Heenan: Well Paul, if you insist, my four wrestlers are Al-Snow, Sandman, Tazz and Dreamer.

Heyman: Is that all, let me tell you in advance, that my wrestlers are completely superior than yours. To match Al-Snow, I have Chris Kanyon. I have Sean O’ Haire to take Tazz’s care, To stop Dreamer, I have Rhyno and to take care of the Sandman, I have ……. Wait, why should I tell you and these fans. Wait a little bit more and you’ll find out. Thank you.

Paul Heyman stormed out of the ring, grinning from ear to ear, as Heenan stood in the ring, aghast and surprised, while DDP and JC discussed the ongoing tournament as we headed to a break.

2.Sean O’ Haire too much for Tazz?

The match started with the brutal Sean storming Tazz with a flurry of punches before attempting to pick Tazz and throwing him to the ground. Tazz, took some time too stood up before fighting back and giving Sean a clothesline. Showing he still had it in him, Tazz went for a german suplex, and no doubt would have given Sean more if that monster had not broken the hold. With both men equally balanced, Sean kicked Tazz in the gut before attempting a DDT, which Tazz reversed setting Sean up for the much-longed-to-be-seen Tazzmission.

DDP: What a match Jim, Tazz is back after a long interval

JC: You are siding with Tazz, DDP, I still think it was a fluke. Tazz just got lucky, after all, we all know that Sean is better than Tazz

DDP: That’s what you think Jim. And ladies and gentleman, Tazz has progressed to the second round of the tournament where he will meet the winner of the next match which will be between Sandman and a mystery opponent. Till then let’s head to the back where Hardy Boys have something to say.

3.Re-United ?

Jeff: The Hardy Boys are back, and they are back as Team X-treme.

Matt: And Team X-treme is the only team worthy of being EwB’s Hardcore Duo

Jeff: So I demand that both the General Managers better give us our right

Before Hardy Boys can continue, La Resistance interrupt and voice their opinion

Grenier: Team X-treme, monsieur

Conway: To us you are like any other stupid duo, who are wasting there time down here when every one knows that we’re superior

Grenier: But like every other American, you guys have plenty of time to waste, but we, the superior Frenchmen, recognize the real value of time

Conway: and we’ll make sure it doesn’t get wasted.

With that, La Resistance attacked Team X-treme with their hidden brass knuckles and made sure they have made an impact

4.Sandman vs. ???

Sandman came out with a trash can in one hand, full of barbwires, a glass bottle and a mug. Sandman put his things inside the ring before getting ready to beat the hell out of his opponent. His confidence nearly shattered when he found out that his opponent was none other than New Jack. New Jack charged to the ring but got attacked by a sliding kick. With the fight now on the outside, both men threw each other on the steel barriers but New Jack gained the upper hand when he used the steel steps to his advantage, and busted Sandman wide open. After positioning Sandman on the barrier, New Jack climbed the turn buckle and jumped on the Sandman, who managed to avoid it, and the crash knocked New Jack out, unconscious. Sandman rolled New Jack in the ring and got a pinfall, much to the crowds dismay. Sandman then went back, celebrating all the way, while our announcers discussed the match.

DDP: What a brutal display of wrestling, just the kind people came here to see but no one was expecting the return of the original gangsta, New Jack

JC: Leave New Jack out of it, he got what he deserved and now Tazz has to worry about Sandman.

DDP: I’m of the opinion that the match between Tazz and Sandman will no doubt be a great one.

JC: Tazz will get what he is afraid of, DDP

5.Kanyon’s request ?

Backstage, Chris Kanyon was standing in Paul Heyman’s office.

Kanyon: Come on Paul, it’s within your powers

Heyman: I know it is, but what if Heenan gets to know about it?

Kanyon: I’ll take care of him

Heyman: Are you sure, then I’ll do it, only if you defeat Al-Snow

Kanyon: Al-Snow better watch out because I am the same person who was in the World Championship Wrestling.

6.Main Event of the night

Tommy Dreamer, the innovator of violence, came out with his traditional Singaporean cane and worked up the crowd before taking on the man beast, Rhyno. Rhyno and Tommy Dreamer used the basic moves of wrestling before getting involved in a major brawl. Dreamer clotheslined Rhyno and then went for the boston crab, but Rhyno blocked by giving Dreamer a low-blow. While the referee reprimanded Rhyno, Dreamer took his time to get up. Rhyno noticed this and went for a gore but Dreamer moved out of the way and Rhyno went out of the ring, head-first onto the hard floor. Dreamer went down and attacked Rhyno with his Singaporean cane. Eventually the pain became too much for Rhyno and he decided to return to the back, when Dreamer slid in and referee counted out Rhyno, giving the victory to Tommy Dreamer, before the show went off the air

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                            More EWB News

-EwB have hired independent worker Cade Sydal to a written contract. Cade Sydal is a hugely talented wrestler who will be spending some time in the development before making it to the grand roster

-EwB management is happy the way the last show proceeded. The show, which went smoothly, has managed to get a rating of 2.44, which according to the critics, is a huge boost.

-Spike TV are not happy with the risky nature of the last show and have asked EwB to tune it down. When contacted, the EwB management said although Spike TV have asked them to decrease their risk level, they have no right to demand us to. We’ll do it the way fans want it. Apart from the risk fiasco, Spike TV are considerably pleased with the show and if EwB agree to tune their risk level down, their show can make it to the prime time slot.

-Maven has been injured in a house show and will be out for atleast 7 months

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May 22nd , 2004


The show opened with the EwB theme song, ‘Hardcore’ sung by an anonymous group. The camera zoomed towards the announcers table, where Diamond Dallas Page and Jim Cornette were ready for the introductions

DDP: Welcome to The Ring, where we have an action packed night which will be sparked off by Al-Snow who will be taking on Chris Kanyon

JC: And don’t forget the last week, when Kanyon asked Heyman for something and Heyman agreed, only if Kanyon takes down Heenan

DDP: One wonders what the request is, but here comes Al-Snow

1. Is this what everybody wants?

Al-Snow came to his old music, roaring obscenities all the way, before getting in the ring and waiting for Kanyon. ‘Who’s betta than Kanyon’ hit and Kanyon came out, with the crowd chanting against him. Kanyon started the match with a sudden attack on Al-Snow, who barely avoided and the bell rang, denoting the official start. Kanyon wearied out Snow by a range of grappling moves before eye raking him. Snow tried unsuccessfully to avenge but got screwed when Kanyon move in for the kill and gave Snow an I’m betta than you, before Snow kicked out. Snow started to gain control before attempting a powerbomb. Kanyon rolled up and when Snow came near him, Kanyon used the hidden chain to bust open Snow. Throwing the chain aside, he made the fall and proceeded to the next round, all ready to face Tommy Dreamer

DDP: That’s outright cheating. The match should be re-started

JC: That’s the bad world of wrestling, Dallas, and that’s the way I like it

DDP: You may like it, but Heenan and I don’t

JC: Where did Heenan come …….

2. Better late than never !

Jim’s sentence was cut short when Bobby Heenan came out and started to speak, ”I know that many of you are disappointed the way last match proceeded so I’m going rectify that. You see Kanyon, this promotion is hardcore, but not an unjust one. And I think Al-Snow deserves to get a pay back. So, why don’t we have it this way. May 30th, Sunday, Time for Destruction, you versus Al-Snow, No disqualification match. Now, towards my other announcement. Also on that Pay-Per-View will be Team X-treme vs. La Resistance. But Team X-treme has been getting a little rusty, so I have arranged for a practice match for those two. Tonight, in the main event we have Team X-treme vs. the tag team duo of Tommy Dreamer and Steve Richards”. Before he could proceed further, Kanyon attacked him from the back, grabbed the mike, and said” Heyman, I’ve done what you wanted to, now give me my right” and left down the ramp

DDP: Two matches already decided for the Time for Destruction. Another will be for the EwB’s Hardcore Champion between the last two finalists of the on going tournament.

JC: I have this hunch that Kanyon will be the one winning the tournament

DDP: You are a free man, and you can have your own opinion. But I think it’s the Sandman who has the highest odds

JC: And folks, when we come back from this commercial break, we’ll have Christopher Nowinsiki taking on Terry Funk.

3. Harvard’s problems

Christopher Nowinsiki came out to a chorus of boos and grabbed the mike and addressed the crowd, “I know a lot of you are hopeful about me getting beaten by my opponent but that’s not what will prevail. As you all can fore-see, I graduated from Harvard, a civilized school, full of civilized and etiquette men. And there we have none of this trash, hardcore, as you call it. So, respecting my opponents legacy as a great hardcore wrestler, I give him my due respects. And abiding by the rituals of Harvard, I demand the general managers to forfeit this match as I’m not going to have some barbarian spoil my body …….” Mr. Harvard was cut short when Terry Funk came out, with a barb wire wrapped around his right hand.

4. Too civilized ?

Funker wasted no time in attacking Nowinsiki with his barbed hand, resulting in blood spilling out of both the competitors. Throwing aside the barbwire, Funk grabbed Nowinsiki’s throat and choked him, before the referee intervened, giving some time to Nowinsiki to get up and reply with his hidden brass knuckles. Nowinsiki then went down and brought out a badminton racket and a fire extinguisher. Using both the weapons to his advantage, he sprayed Funk and slid down the ring, bringing back to the ring with him a large encyclopedia, which he used to knock out an already fatigued Funk. After making the pinfall, Mr. Harvard exited through the crowd.

DDP: Once again, cheating has prevailed and I wonder when will it be put to stop

JC: Tell you what, Dallas, when it is put to stop, half the crowd will turn away

DDP: You can say whatever you want, but there is no argument about EwB certainly living upto the fan’s expectations

JC: For once, I agree with you, Dallas

DDP: And next up we have the second round of the 8 man tournament, which has now been reduced to four, and those are Tommy Dreamer, Chris Kanyon, Sandman, and Tazz. When we come back from the commercial break, we’ll have Sandman against the human suplex machine, Tazz.

5. And the winner is ???

Tazz came out to a huge applause, apparently as a favorite. Sandman came out with the trash can, full of the same contents as last week. The match started with some fast-paced moves by both the opponents. After some time, Sandman attempted a pile driver but ended up all set for a DDT. Tazz executed the move perfectly. With the momentum his way, Tazz climbed the top rope and gave Sandman a top rope splash. He went for the pinfall but Sandman kicked out. With the crowd on Tazz’s side, Sandman went against the odds and gave Tazz a dropkick. After making Tazz eat some boots, Sandman waited for Tazz to stand up before going for a Russian Leg Sweep, and making a successful pinfall. Sandman has now progressed to the finals of this tournament, where he will meet the winner of Chris Kanyon and Tommy Dreamers match, scheduled for next week..

DDP: And Sandman here has defied all odds to defeat the real people’s champ, Tazz

JC: Right you are, Dallas and I still think Kanyon will outdo Dreamer to meet Sandman in the finals, where Kanyon will emerge the winner.

DDP: And now it’s time for our main-event, featuring Team X-treme taking on Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards

6.Practice makes a man perfect

The match started with some brisk moves traded between Jeff Hardy and Tommy Dreamer. Jeff gained the upper hand because of his swiftness and clotheslined Dreamer. Matt Hardy got tagged in and started beating the crap out of Dreamer. He went for the pinfall but Dreamer reversed the pinfall, which Matt kicked out easily. Dreamer reversed a punch and dived towards the ropes, making a hot tag to Richards. Richard told Matt to tag in Jeff, and in came Jeff. Both men stared each other down and started grappling. Richards went for the dropkick and missed. Jeff used this opportunity to gift Richards a lionsault. Heat started to stir up between the two teams and Jeff became dominant. He tried to Irish whip Richards into the turn buckle but Richards reversed the move and Jeff ended in the corner. Both men exchanged punches and took the fight to the outside, where Jeff and Matt singled out Richards. Dreamer made the save and chased Matt away. Jeff tagged in Matt who attempted a side effect on Richards but Richards reversed the manoever by giving Matt a DDT. Richards tagged in Dreamer and Matt tagged in Jeff. Matt distracted the referee long enough to allow Jeff to low blow Dreamer. An outraged Richards made a desperate tag and came in, only to Superkick Jeff. After making the pinfall, Richards helped Dreamer up and celebrated by climbing each of the turnbuckle.

DDP: What a match. Despite some cheating, Dreamer and Richards still outdid Team X-treme.

JC: Outdid? What the hell. I still think that it was Team X-treme who deserved to win this match and I think Heenan has lost his senses. Calling Team X-treme rusty? He’s gone too far, Dallas

DDP: Well, no he hasn’t. And after giving you fans an amazing show, I, Diamond Dallas Page, and Jim Cornette, your hosts, ask your leave, and we’ll meet you, next week, same time, same place, and till then, it’s goodbye.

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Guest 12characters

Yo, about combining posts:

Usually it's a good idea to combine all those into one post except if you are building tension for your backstory, and I'm sorry but I wasn't feeling any tension. Only break it into two or maybe three if you are going for that effect as well, any more and it just looks like you are bumping you diary. And Heenan sounds very little like what you seem to think he does.

The matches aren't all that bad though, and your concept is sound. Keep it up.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Found on EwB.com

‘WTF ? Why didn’t the show air?’


‘Technical error, maybe’

‘Yeh, techanical error, any way, the promotion sucks’

‘It ain’t that bad, I mean, with Dreamer and all …’

‘Who proceeded to the final? Kanyon or Dreamer’

‘My ass’

‘My tuckus’

‘I am not telling ya something you don’t know. Something you don’t know, won’t hurt ya’

‘I NEED to know’

‘Maybe this link will be helpful’

‘Too helpful’

‘Hurry up, I need REAL results’

‘I was there. Dreamer will face Sandman today

‘Today ?’

‘Damn, haven’t ordered the show yet’

‘Care for your money, don’t order’

‘What about the other matches ?’


New Jack defeat Sean O’ Haire, stupid match, plus Roadkill, dft Conway. Hardyz came thru da crowd and attacked all men

‘New Jacks being wasted, I demand his push’

‘I agree with you’

‘What about Dinsmore ?’

‘OMG ! Noooooooooooooo’

‘Is Dreamer vs Sandman a singles match, only?’

‘It’ll be a HIAC match’


‘Real ?’

‘Yeah. Paul E. said it was gonna have 20 feet iron walls and like there will be a cross at the top, connecting opposite sides and that’ll be two feet wide. It’ll hold weapons, which’ll be revealed when the match starts. And there’ll be two ladders inside the cell and turn buckles will be chained with spikes and thorns, and same with ropes. Cell, will be closed and only way to win is by hitting a move of the Arsenal, which is 20 feet high, and then making the pinfall. One hell of a match, and that’s the sole purpose I’m oredering the show

‘Awesome man, that’s hardcore’

‘How long’ll the match be?’

’10 minutes’


’45 imn to 30 min’

‘Half an hour of great, HARDCORE wrestling’

‘make that shitty’

‘suck my dick’

‘To hell with you. You guyz are busy fighting, Keep ur opinion to ur selves’

‘and wasting boards money, and members time. Closed and sent to Arhives’

Edited by nabeel
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I liked that for some reason


Usually it's a good idea to combine all those into one post except if you are building tension for your backstory, and I'm sorry but I wasn't feeling any tension. Only break it into two or maybe three if you are going for that effect as well, any more and it just looks like you are bumping you diary. And Heenan sounds very little like what you seem to think he does.

The matches aren't all that bad though, and your concept is sound. Keep it up.

I'm going to substitute Heenan and bring some one else. Also, I'll try to build up more tension, according to my early motives

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Things that pop to mind immediately:

-Jim Cornette working for an Extreme Fed and giving props to Heyman? In Bizarro Land yes, in reality, no.

-Is this a modern day diary then? Cuz the dates indicate that it is, but your WAAAAAAY too long BS made me think that perhaps it wasn't. It's as if you mixed recent events with recently past events. Kanyon has been gone from WWE for months now, yet the way you worded it felt like he was still an active participant.

-Nick Dinsmore has been headling Heat huh? Again, the recent dates indicate that it's NOW, which means that the Eugene Character has debuted and gotten over HUGE by this time.

-The board thing of people bitching was actually kinda neat. Nice idea. Next time use names. Hell, for cheap pops here use EWBIV members names.

-A REAL Hell In A Cell with iron walls? The mental image I get is a huge iron box around a ring. How in the hell can anyone see inside to watch the match?

BUT...you were right in the thread you started in Polls And Questions to pimp this diary (thought I didn't notice?), this IS better than the EWBIII thing. 100% better.

Keep trying.


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Things that pop to mind immediately:

-The board thing of people bitching was actually kinda neat.  Nice idea.  Next time use names.  Hell, for cheap pops here use EWBIV members names.

BUT...you were right in the thread you started in Polls And Questions to pimp this diary (thought I didn't notice?), this IS better than the EWBIII thing.  100% better.

Keep trying.


I'm honoured

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My Show got dropped and after the PPV, I'll be doing the chat thing until I get a TV show, which is difficult, bcz market is in a slump

Major News

-Spike TV have dropped EwB’s only show, The Ring. When contacted, Spike TV said that we had already informed them about the move. After warning them again and again, we finally decided to pull the plug. When the del was taking place, they had agreed not to have any violence whih could lead to severe mental disorder. Many customers complained that their language was fowl and their action, below dignity.

-With The Ring getting dropped, EwB are desperately looking for another TV station. Unfortunately, their search has proved unsuccessful.

-Bobby Heenan, one of the major wrestlers, has been released. Due to inside sources, Heenan had been unhappy since May 29th, the first time show didn’t air. Nabeel, however, said that anyone who wanted to leave, could leave, because those who have faith, will be the ones who’ll succeed

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The first ever Pay-Per-View starts with a new song, ‘Redefining the terms’ by EwB IdoLs. The camera zooms towards the announcers table, situated behind the ring.

DDP: Welcome to EwB’s first ever Pay-Per-View, Time for Destruction. I’m Dallas Page, and next to me, I’ve Jim C.

JC: What a historic night, and we can damn well guarantee you that all you fans will be receiving what you paid for

DDP: We kick the night off, with a no disqualification match, when Al-Snow takes on Chris Kanyon.

JC: Takes on? Or gets taken on? You should watch your sentences, Dallas

DDP: I do watch my sentences and also the matches. Now shut up, and let me watch the match.


Al Snow came down the ramp, waving to his fans, and promising them that they will get what they want. Chris Kanyon came out to a mixed reaction, with the heel section cheering, while the face section booing. Snow started the match after locking Kanyon in a grapple. Kanyon reversed and went for a waist lock, but Snow quickly grabbed Kanyon’s arm and started working on it. Snow used the left-right punch combo to take control but Kanyon took him down with a short but powerful clothesline. Kanyon made Snow eat some boots before choking Snow, but the referee just didn’t allow that. While the referee talked to Kanyon, Snow stood up and took down Kanyon with a bulldog. Snow even managed to get a leg drop. Kanyon took advantage of a weak kick by Snow and gave his opponent a DDT. Kanyon climbed the turn buckle but Snow grabbed him by the tights and gave him a powerbomb. After an unsuccessful pinfall, Snow waited before giving Kanyon an Enzugiri. Snow then quickly applied the figure four leg lock on Kanyon, who immediately tapped out.

DDP: Oh my god, Jim C, did you see that?

JC: Of course, I saw it at the same time when you did, Dallas

DDP: What a move by Snow, hitting the Enzugiri on Kanyon. Then figure four leg lock, and what not?

JC: I’ll tell you what not, Dallas, no hardcore, no extremity.

DDP: I’m sure we’ll have plenty when Rhyno takes on Terry Funk. Last week Rhyno was in the ring and was running his mouth …

JC: Running his mouth? He was talking the truth, Dallas, what’s happened to you?

DDP: I’m perfectly alright, thank you. As I was saying, Rhyno was out in the ring running his mouth, ( JC snarls) when Terry Funk came out. Rhyno disgraced Terry Funk saying he ‘Has-been’. Terry Funk got angry and both men were about to settle their differences when Paul Heyman told them to save it for today. And here comes the hardcore legend, Terry Funk

JC: Legend? What is the world coming to?

2.For once and for all

Terry Funk’s entrance got a great applause. Rhyno’s entrance music hit but Rhyno was nowhere to be seen. All of a sudden, he emerged from the crowd and gave an inattentive Terry Funk a kick. Rhyno knee dropped funk and made him eat some boots. Rhyno waited for Funk to stand up before presenting the hardcore legend with a Gore. After a successful pinfal, Rhyno quickly made his way down the ramp, not wanting to hang around.

JC: Any doubts, Dallas?

DDP: Not after that one though. But still Terry Funk is a great ..

JC: Forget Terry, and think about Rhyno, Dallas, the monster has been unleashed. And it was only me who had faith in him all along

DDP: Will Jim C, you have your favorites and I have mine. Moving along, though, Paul Heyman, the co General Manager of The Ring, has something to say.

3.Total possession

Paul Heyman came out to the usual jeering, but this time it looked like that something had happened which pleased him a lot, because instead of shouting on the fans, he said, “ You people can make as much noise as you want, because that isn’t going to change what has already been done. You see, my nemesis, Bobby Heenan, also known as The Brain, has proved what I knew, but you didn’t. All along, I believed that he was nothing more than a coward, and last night, he proved it. You fans can think I’m lying or something, but this is the truth. Bobby Heenan has left the promotion. Bobby Heenan has proved to be a loser, a quitter and a coward. As a result, the owner of this promotion, has chosen me as the sole General Manager of The Ring. Well, I was informed only last night, and I have much to do. First of all, I need to address two of my wrestlers, who’ll be going one on one tonight, in a Real Hell in a Cell match. Sandman and Dreamer. I am informing you both that if you try to go against the rules, or if you have any one interfering on your behalf, both you, and your helper will be fired on the spot. Plus, there are some stipulations. You see being a champion is not so easy, especially in EwB. The champion has the advantage that he is allowed to wrestle when he feels like, but I have the final say in the title matches. There is no such rule that states you can defend titles on P-P-V. It can happen when you are least expecting it. Whoever wins should be on the lookout.

DDP: Heyman as the sole general manager? This is ridiculous

JC: Oh! I can’t wait, Dallas, all hell is going to break loose

DDP: You are right this time. .

JC: What do you mean this time? Who said Rhyno was going to win? I did..

DDP: Ok, ok, no need to argue. Fans, we’re now moving on to a match, whose winner will be crowned the Tag Champions. Team X-Treme will face La Resistance, in a tag match. Team X-Treme consists of the Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy, while La Resistance consists of Rob Conway and Sylvain Greniar

4. The Battle between the Nations

La Resistance started the match when Conway attacked Matt. Conway used this to his advantage and kicked Matt in the gut, before DDT’ing him. Conway did his arrogant look and kicked Matt in the face. Conway picked Matt up but Matt fought back and took control using a wide array of moves, such as punches and kicks. Matt engaged Conway in a waist lock before taking him down on the mat. Matt gave Conway a leg drop and then went for a lion sault but Conway rolled out of the way. Conway tagged in Grenier and Matt tagged in Jeff. Jeff out did Grenier by using some aerial moves. Grenier fought back and picked Jeff up before giving him a back breaker. Grenier Irish whipped Jeff into the corner, when Conway gave him a knee to the back. Matt tried to get in, but the referee stopped him. While Matt and referee argued, Conway and Grenier wore down Jeff. Grenier tagged in Conway and Conway just unleashed on Jeff. Conway then climbed the turn buckle and gave Jeff a SWANTON BOMB. La Resistance have won the match and are the first ever Tag Team Champs in the EwB history.

DDP: La Resistance have just upsetted the favorites Team X-treme.

JC: Upset? I knew it all along.

DDP: You seem to know everything, Jim C. What’s going to happen next

JC: RHIAC match, of course

DDP: You are wrong there. I just received this letter which says that before this match, a video is going to be played

5. Video

Before Jim could say anything, the lights went out, and fog started to rise. Then came a sound, echoing every where, and said,” Go get a LIFE”. And then the lights came back, and our commentators had something to say

DDP: What was that?

JC: It was a sound. Have you gone deaf?

DDP: Well, I haven’t. I was talking about the sound. Who was that?

JC: Someone who was dead. Only a deadman can ask for life

DDP: He was telling us to get a life. Not asking. Any way folks, next up we have the much anticipated Real Hell in a Cell match. From what Paul E. said, this is the most brutal match ever devised.

JC: With iron walls, and weapons, and what not. Oh, I can’t wait.


Sandman came out to huge pop, as did Dreamer. Both man shook hands, and all the friendship vanished once the bell rang. Sandman Irish whipped Dreamer towards the metal turn buckle, full of thorns, and blood started spilling. Dreamer just went mad and took down Sandman with a clothesline. Dreamer picked one ladder up and threw it on Sandman. He looked towards the Arsenal and started climbing. Once up, he looked at the weapons, which included a chain, Singaporean Cane, Nun Chucks, Brass Knuckles, Sledge Hammer, Fire Extinguisher, Table and a Baseball Bat. He picked up a Singaporean Cane and threw it down. He then did the same with the Hammer and the baseball bat. Dreamer climbed down but Sandman immediately stood up, grabbed the Cane and gave Dreamer a dose of his medicine. Sandman carefully climbed the turn buckle and gave Dreamer a leg drop. He then picked the BaseBall bat and tried to attack but Dreamer ducked and the bat hit the cell wall. Dreamer clothes lined Sandman and took him down. He started punching Sandman’s head. Dreamer picked up the Sledge Hammer and attacked Sandman’s ribs. Dreamer then Irish whipped Sandman towards the ladder, and Sandman went down. Dreamer once again made his way up to the Arsenal. By this time, Sandman was starting to get up. He saw Dreamer and climbed up. Once up, both men started battling. Series of punches were exchanged and both men displayed great willingness to continue. Sandman then got the upper hand and kicked Dreamer in the gut, before DDT’ing him. Sandman waited for Dreamer to stand up and gave him a drop kick. DREAMER FELL DOWN THE ARSENAL AND HIT THE RING, KNOCKED OUT COLD. Sandman worked up the crowd, and a LEG DROP OF THE TOP. Sandman made the pinfal, and 1….2…..3…… Sandman has won the first ever RHIAC match.

DDP: Om my gosh! I’m speechless

JC: You’re better that way

DDP: Seriously, what an awesome match. Sandman has emerged as the victorious one. It’s goodbye from me

JC: and goodbye from the man who knows everything

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The writing's good, but a few thoughts on my part:

Break up the match text a bit; it's kinda hard for me to just read through a chunk of action. Maybe toss in DDP + Corny's in-match commentary to break up the action.

Maybe a change of font color once in a while?

And while I'm asking questions...

In your sig, is the ECW on Dreamer's shirt backwards for a reason?

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The writing's good, but a few thoughts on my part:

Break up the match text a bit; it's kinda hard for me to just read through a chunk of action. Maybe toss in DDP + Corny's in-match commentary to break up the action.

I can try that ;)

Maybe a change of font color once in a while?

I am thinking about that

And while I'm asking questions...

In your sig, is the ECW on Dreamer's shirt backwards for a reason?

Yes. You'll soon know why

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