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Punk songs help

Guest Cashmiesta

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Anything by Death By Stereo

Black Flag's "Nervous Breakdown"

Black Flag's "TV Party"

The Germs' "Lexicon Devil"

The Germs' "Media Blitz"

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What kind of "punk" songs are you looking for? Do you want proto-punk? 77 style? Hardcore? Oi? Avant Garde? Ska?

I'll just list off stuff by the genre's I mentioned and let you work from there.


MC5: Rama Lama Fa Fa (Rocket Reducer No. 62), Kick out the Jams, Ramblin' Rose

The Dictators: Faster and Louder, Minnesota Strip, Science Gone too far

77 Style

Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers: Born to Lose, I wanna be loved, Chinese rocks

Dead Boys: Sonic Reducer, What Love Is, Aint Nothing to do


Bad Brains: Banned in DC, Supertouch, Right Brigade

Reagan Youth: Urban Savages, No Class, Queen Babylon


Cockney Rejects: East End, Flares and Slippers, Police Car

Sham 69: Hey Little Rich Boy, Angels with Dirty Faces, Cockney Kids are Innocent

Avant Garde

Black Randy and the Metrosquad: Idi Amin, I slept in an arcade, I wanna be a nark

Big Boys: Fun Fun Fun, West Hollywood Swinging, We Got your Money


The Offs: 100 Dollar Limo, Die Babylon, Johnny too bad

Flatfoot 56: Battle of Bones, Blood and Sweat, The Rotten Hand

There is countless more bands and songs I could offer you, but this is a good place to start. It also helps you avoid getting the better known stuff, not that there is anything wrong with it, but it's best to explore the more obscure stuff first in my opinion. In fact, if you have any questions, want more suggestions, or need direction in finding more music you can drop me a pm.

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Guest Cashmiesta

I've got Dead kennedys(Nazi Punks Fuck Off) and Angels with Dirty faces by Sham69, but has anbody got the type of punk music which was used in games such as THUG, THPS and Crazy Taxi 3?


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Dead Kennedys:

Chickenshit Conformist

Anarchy For Sale

Viva Las Vegas

MTV - Get Off The Air

Stars & Stripes Of Corruption

Let's Lynch The Landlord

I Kill Children

Police Truck

Too Drunk To Fuck

California Uber Alles

Man With The Dogs

In Sight

Life Sentence

Child & His Lawn Mower

Holiday In Cambodia

I Fought The Law

Saturday Night Holocaust

Pull My Strings

Short Songs

Straight A's

Kinky Sex (Makes The World Go 'Round)


Night Of The Living Rednecks

Buzzbomb From Pasadena

Kill The Poor

Terminal Preppie


We've Got A Bigger Problem Now

That's all the DK stuff I have on my playlist.

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Pfft, don't try denying the greatness that is Jello Biafra, Mr. Puke.

Heh, trust me dude, you wont find a bigger fan of the Dead Kennedys than myself. As I said though, I wanted to avoid the better known bands, because stuff like DK, Ramones, Sex Pistols, the Clash, etc. are all very easy to find. That's stuff anybody can find on their own time without any sort of suggestions.

He still wouldn't have downloaded the best punk album in the history of music, because thats Live at a Dive by DI. Which you won't find for download, because I've tried. I'm lucky enough to own it.

NoFx is good, so is Pennywise, if you want some newer stuff. Op Ivy, Black Flagg too.

Actuallly, I found Live at a Dive for download, but that's about all I can say. You might not have been looking in the right places so to speak.

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To add another site to IWC's list, here is one I had previously forgotten.

Kill From the Heart

It's mostly hardcore punk, but it has a huge listing of bands. Every band is listed by region, so you can find bands from any state in the USA, or from pretty much any other country on the planet. As I said though, the majority of the bands listed are hardcore, so you may not find stuff in the 77 style mode.

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