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What Lies On The Other Side?


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(Warning: This diary WILL include scenes of violence, death and profanity. If you're offended by any of these things, it would probably be best to stop reading now)

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We at Wrestling-Heat.com always regret to be the bearers of bad news, but unfortunately we must report that last night the police were called in to the home of a former WWE superstar, who was found murdered. Due to legal constraints, we have not yet been able to obtain the identity of said wrestler, but it is always sad to hear any news of this nature, and we will try and keep you informed as much as possible over the following few days.

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In his office at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Vince McMahon paced around his office, then stopped and looked in to the mirror. He rested his elbows on his desk and put his head in his hands, exasperated. He'd spent the whole day talking to lawyers about this damned murder case, even though "the deceased" didn't work for him any more.

Apparently Mr. McMahon was a character witness, but Vince knew the real reason. As a self-made millionaire and owner of the largest and most famous wrestling company in the world, Vincent Kennedy McMahon was the figurehead for the wrestling industry. That meant that when wrestling was popular, Vince McMahon was popular. However, it also meant that whenever a scandal hit the pro-wrestling world, a scandal hit Vince McMahon. There was nothing he could do about it, Vince was intrinsically linked with the wrestling industry in a way that could never be changed.

But there was more. Vince knew that he had something to do with the murder, he knew that...

Vince shuddered, as he felt a gust of cold air across the base of his spine. He turned, and saw his office window slightly open...that's odd...it was bolted from the inside, and Vince never opened it...it's not like there's anyone else here...

Vince shrugged, then slammed the window shut and returned to his desk. Just as he sat down, something landed on the desk and made him jump. It was a large black bird...like a crow, or a raven or something...how the hell did that get in here? It must have flown through the window...

Vince tried to shoo the bird away so he could get it out of the window, but got a peck on the hand, drawing a little bit of blood for his troubles. Mr McMahon cursed and shoved the bird away then turned back to the mirror...but froze as if he'd seen a ghost.

He turned, and saw a familiar face staring back at him.

"You!" Vince gasped, "How did you...but you're...you can't be..."

The man slowly walked up to Vince and put his hand over his mouth, then stood behind him, still with his palm clasped firmly over Vince's mouth.

"Believe in angels, Vincent," the man said, "You'd be wise to."

He took his hand from around Vince's mouth and shoved him to the floor, then stared down at his former employer's terrified expression.

"You're pathetic, Vincent," he said, "Pathetic."

With that, he held out his arm and allowed the bird to perch itself on it and Vince backed away, never more terrified in his whole life.

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In a seedy motel in South Carolina, a large man, standing well over 6' tall, and clad in a leather jacket walked into his room. He opened his jacket and produced a sword, which he wiped clean before laying down on the bed and slumping down into his chair. He brushed hair from his eyes, then pulled open a drawer and took out what appeared to be a rudimentary make-up kit.

He began to paint his face with white make-up, as a large black bird flew through the window and perched itself on his shoulder.

He painted a smile in black lipstick, then stood up and forced the motel room window open. As the bird flew out into the night, he followed, jumping out of the window in pursuit.

"People once believed, that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes, something so bad happens, that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can't rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes the crow could bring that soul back to put the wrong things right."
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In a South Carolina back alley, a small altar of some description had been erected, something the locals had blamed the teenagers of the area for. Those crazy teenagers and their satanic rituals.

But the man kneeling by it right now was no teenager.

"My Lord," he spoke, "I have been called back to this world for a reason, to right the wrongs that caused my death, but I feel that I need guidance. Please, give me a sign, give me some semblance of an idea...give me something, please, Lord."

The altar began to shake as the man arose, and a voice sounded from deep within his soul. It sounded louder than anything he had heard in his life, but none of the passers-by could hear it.

"My child," it said, "You are not here to avenge, but to punish...and to cleanse. You were released from World Wrestling Entertainment in events that led to your murder, and you must prove that your release was a mistake. Prove that you are the greatest wrestler in the world today. And prove, beyond any doubt, that you will not be the only casualty of these events. For it shall be brutal, moreso than anything the wrestling world has ever experienced. You will not be the only one to find out what lies on the other side."

And with that, the voice stopped as the man rose. He knew his mission. He was to prove himself as the greatest wrestler in the world today by construing a series of fights to the death, both in and out of the squared circle. It would be the biggest tournament in wrestling history and the best part is, only he knew the entrants.

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So The Crow 5: WWE huh?


I am interested in seeing who the Crow is, what happened, and how in the hell you are going to turn this into a wrestling diary. You have me interested, I hope you can keep me there.


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Note: The matches on this show are intentionally short, as this is a prelude of sorts to the actual diary. Still part of the back-story, but not...if you get what I mean.

Backstage at WWE's SmackDown! tapings and all was not well. For starters, Vince McMahon was nowhere to be seen, and with the show not being at it's best anyway, they were now a ship without a captain, unless you count Bruce Pritchard, who had been spending all day trying to contact Vince.

Steve Lombardi paced back and forth, he was getting worried. They hadn't heard from Vince in nearly a week, so the booking for SmackDown was looking even worse than usual.

The former Brooklyn Brawler took out his cell-phone and dialled Vince's number. He let it ring but still didn't get an answer. He'd tried Shane and Linda too, but neither of them knew where Vinny Mac had got to. Brawler put his phone away.

"Shit..." he said through clenched teeth,

Well, it seems like the show must go on.

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Match 1: Chavo Guerrero Jr vs. Billy Kidman

A pretty decent cruiserweight match-up, back-and-forth action making both men look pretty strong, with Chavo picking up the win via a handful of the tights...I smell a rematch.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero Jr

Next up, The Undertaker came out to a fantastic response. His opponent was none other than his own personal jobber, Nunzio.

Match 2: The Undertaker vs. Nunzio

Predictable as they come, Nunzio doesn't even get a move in, just gets taken down with a Chokeslam then lifted back up for a Tombstone Piledriver for the easy 'Taker pinfall.

Winner: The Undertaker

Next up, and John "Bradshaw" Layfield rides the wave of cheap heat down to the ring, followed by Spike Dudley. I smell another squash. Two in a row?! What is this, 1986?!

John "Bradshaw" Layfield vs. Spike Dudley

Slightly longer than the previous match as Spike gets some offense in, but inevitably falls prey to the Fall-Away Slam and the Clothesline From Wallstreet...er...Hell by JBL, for the hook of the leg and the pinfall. Look on the bright side, Spike, he didn't hog-tie you in the showers.

Winner: John "Bradshaw" Layfield

We get some backstage gubbins now. I'm not entirely sure what was going on, but General Manager Kurt Anger was annoyed with Dawn Marie for some reason.

Back in the ring, and John Cena is cutting a stinging (read: dull and predictable) rap on Booker T. This, of course, prompts the Booker man to come down to the ring and face Cena. Looks like we have a main event to round off an awful SmackDown.

Main Event: Booker T vs. John Cena

Booker doesn't do too badly, but it's almost all Cena throughout, beating the Bookerman like the bitch he is! Booker actually manages to get a Scissors Kick in, but Cena kicks out and fires back with the F-U! Hook of the leg!

Wait a minute...a fan jumps over the guardrail, and the referee and security try to stop him! No...that's no ordinary fan...he's in a black leather trenchcoat and face-paint, with a bird on his shoulder...that's The Crow!

Referee Charles Robinson tries to restrain The Crow, but he gets knocked out with one solid palm thrust to the jaw! One of the security guards tries to take him down, but The Crow pulls a knife on him and drives it deep into his chest, causing the guard to drop to his knees in pain.

The fans don't realise what's going on and they're cheering like anything, not realising that they've just witnessed a televised murder. The Crow enters the ring as Cena and Booker back away from him, and he calls for a microphone, which reluctantly gets handed to him.

Crow: I am here as a messenger. A messenger from below. My life was ended only a matter of days ago...and I have been summoned back to Earth. You see...there is a place where us restless souls shall wander, burdened by the weight of our own sadness and unable to enter Heaven. So we wait. We wait, trapped between this world and the next, searching, endlessly searching for a way to rid ourselves of our pain....in the vain hope that somehow, someday we will be reunited with those we love, and that all that was wrong will be righted. I am alone, but I shall not be for much longer.

The Crow stops and a smile comes to his face as, unheard by anyone else in the arena, he hears a police siren from outside.

Crow: I must prove that my release and my death were unjustified. But I can not do that on this Earthly plain. I must prove that I am superior in my own element, and will only give up my life for another's. We must depart to Purgatory. To Limbo. The Other Side. Any wrestlers that want the opportunity of a lifetime...come to the graveyard tomorrow night. I'll be waiting.

The Crow continues to speak, but someone finally manages to cut off his microphone. The ring is surrounded with road agents and ring crew, but no one dares get into the ring. The first person to make a move is Tazz, who steps up from the announce table and cautiously climbs into the ring. He tries to talk sense to The Crow, but gets caught in a Sleeper Hold. Tazz struggles to get out of it, but The Crow tightens his grip and, with a sickening crack, drops Tazz's limp form to the floor.

By now, the police have reached the arena and rush to the ring. Rather than try and run, The Crow simply stands still and allows them to put him in handcuffs and help him out of the arena, with a sickening grin on his face, as paramedics rush to attend to Tazz.

Casualty Count: 2 (Tazz & un-named security guard)

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Due to the circumstances surrounding the ending of the show, UPN opted not to air WWE SmackDown! this week, but even so, the message that The Crow delivered had got out, and there wasn't a wrestler or a fan in the world who hadn't heard of his "opportunity of a lifetime". Obviously, a fair few of them decided against it, meeting a murderer in a graveyard for an "opportuntity of a lifetime" perhaps not the greatest idea in the world, but for others it was just too much. One way or another, it was a chance at immortality.

In a Conneticut prison cell, The Crow smiled. He knew that his plan was going to come to fruition. He was putting his own meager existence on the line, up against the existence of any number of other wrestling "superstars".

His eyes rolled back into his head as his faithful companion, his personal familiar, his crow, landed in the graveyard where the competitors were due to meet. So far, three people had turned up. The Crow recognised two of them as D-Von Dudley and Nunzio, but had no idea who the third was. Probably some indie no-hoper looking to make a name for himself.

The Crow smiled humourlessly, then forced the door to his cell off it's hinges and simply walked to freedom.

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I may be getting a bit confused here, but wouldn't the fans mistake him as Sting? Haven't saw the Crow films in years, but wasn't Sting based off him? Maybe thats who it is?

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I may be getting a bit confused here, but wouldn't the fans mistake him as Sting?  Haven't saw the Crow films in years, but wasn't Sting based off him?  Maybe thats who it is?

I did think about that when I was writing SmackDown! (possibly the worst Smackdown write-up in history), and I also considered Sting as a possible candidate for being The Crow...but it's not him. It's a former WWE employee.

The Crow is a different build to Sting, so the fans might mistake them at first glance but probably no more than that.

The fans won't play too much of a role in the rest of the diary, though.

Edited by Skumfrog
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It was quite a surreal sight as The Crow sat in the centre of the graveyard, surrounded by a number of crows and ravens, as wrestler after wrestler began to turn up, each as intrigued by The Crow's offer as the next.

The first to turn up was, as The Crow had seen, D-Von Dudley.

"One for sorrow.." The Crow said,

"Just letting you know," D-Von said, "I'm not into this supernatural "back from the dead" crap, I just wanna make sure this is all legit, understand?"

The Crow simply smiled at D-Von then said the words, "Two for joy." as Nunzio arrived.

Nunzio was keeping his distance from The Crow, not evening able to bring himself to look him in the eye. The next to turn up was Victoria...The Crow must have missed her before.

"Three for a girl..."

The next was a man not exactly built to be a pro-wrestler, and dressed in a pinstripe suit and flares. It was Elvis J. Healey, former Channel Islands Backyard Wrestling Champion. He was the man The Crow hadn't recognised before, and presumably was in this to try and make a name for himself.

"Four for a boy..."

The next man who turned up surprised even The Crow. It was the former Big Boss Man, Ray Traylor. Perhaps he was looking to re-establish himself as a top name?

"Five for silver..."

The next man should have come as no surprise, it was Kurt Angle, not a man to back down from a challenge.

"Six for gold..."

The seventh man came as something of a shock to everyone else present. It was Paul Heyman. Not a wrestler, by any stretch of the imagination, so why would he be here?

"Seven for a secret," The Crow murmured, "That's never been told."

Over time, more and more people filed in. This looked like it could be interesting...


1) D-Von Dudley

2) Nunzio

3) Victoria

4) Elvis J. Healey

5) Ray Traylor

6) Kurt Angle

7) Paul Heyman

8) Triple H

9) Chris Jericho

10) Shawn Michaels

11) Eddie Guerrero

12) The Undertaker

13) Big Show

14) Chris Benoit

15) Edge

16) Christian

17) John Cena

18) Kane

19) Matt Hardy

20) Randy Orton

21) Rey Mysterio Jr

22) Rob Van Dam

23) Al Snow

24) Billy Gunn

25) Charlie Haas

26) Eugene

27) Bubba Ray Dudley

28) Hardcore Holly

29) John "Bradshaw" Layfield

30) William Regal

31) Tajiri

32) Stevie Richards

33) Spike Dudley

34) Rhyno

25) Johnny Nitro

26) Nathan Jones

27) Mark Henry

28) Rene Dupree

29) Rico

30) The Hurricane

31) Ultimo Dragon

32) The Brooklyn Brawler

PLUS: The Crow and some mystery entrants!

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Man, this is some SERIOUSLY intriguing stuff here. That's a pretty damn good backstory you have there, and it's making me want to keep reading, which is definitely a good thing. If you can keep the "shows" (or their equivalent) this intersting, you'll have a reader in me.

Quick question: This "Crow" is somebody who actually HAS been released from the WWE in REAL life, right? This isn't someone who left the WWE in your fantasy world?

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This certainly looks interesting Skumfrog, I was a fan of your WWE in the Style of Skumfrog, and I'll be reading this one for sure. I'm intrigued to see what the "shows" will be like. If you plan on killing someone else anytime soon, make sure it's Ray Traylor. He deserves to die.

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bigsheep, The Crow is a real-life former WWE superstar. I'll be dropping a few subtle hints as to who he is throughout the diary, as well as hints towards other things. In fact, I've already dropped some pretty important ones!

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