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God what am I doing here. When I had seen the advert for the new head booker for a new wrestling promotion that was opening up under the leadership of Mick Foley I was all for going for the interview thinking I had some brilliant new ideas. Now that I am here though I‘m having second thoughts. In a room that had started out with twenty other people, all of whom were bragging about what accomplishments they had. All of them seemed that they had better storyline ideas and were more qualified than I could ever hope to be.

Now it was just me left in the room, and I’m getting more and more nervous at what is going to happen, I don’t think I can take this. What would they do if I got up and left? Nothing I suppose, one less interview for them to do. It’s not as if I have any chance at getting the job is it? So, not only am I not going to waste my time or theirs I am not going to make myself look like an idiot in the process.

I had just reached the exit when a young woman appeared in the doorway,

"Mr Foley will see you now.”

Great, just great when will this day end???

I can’t believe it not only had I not been laughed right out of the building but they had also loved the ideas I had put forward. The offered me the job on a month’s trial, which if it went well I could have the job permanently. I would have one month to prove myself. Apparently there was a new network that would be beginning broadcasting on the 1st of September. Mick Foley had managed to get a contract for a late night show on a Monday, called Instigation, and a graveyard show on a Thursday, called GPW TV. That left me with just a week to sign sponsors, staff and workers to contracts . I had a lot to do as the debut of Global Pro Wrestling is going to happen in just one week.

Owner – Mick Foley

Size – Global

Public Image – 1

Money – 3,000,000

Risk – 69

Production Values – 100

Merchandising – 90

Advertising - 85

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Fantasy Global promotions tend to fail in diary format because most of the writers like to just make it WWE: Cast-Away Edition.

I'll check back on this in hopes that you can do better than that. Good luck.

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That last week has had to be the fastest week that I have ever experienced. I had managed to convince Mick Foley to agree to open a training camp and a development territory to train new talent.

It was tough but I managed to convince four companies to sponsor us these are:

Death & War – 800,000

Head2Headrestling – 800,000

Kroeger’s DVD’S - 786,000

T.L. Hopper Plumbing- 710,000

I had also signed a number of wrestlers to written contracts, and with the WWE doing some "spring cleaning" we were able to sign some talented workers who otherwise would have been un-available to us. We had published the roster on our website but left a few new signings out for surprise value. Mick Foley and I had also agreed to run a brand split with half of the roster going on Monday's Insigation and Thursday's GPW TV. The roster that was published on the website looks like this. (Faces are in blue, heels and in red and a I or an G will follow to signify which brand the certain wrestler will be on)

Air Pais - G

AJ Styles - G

Alex Wright - I

A-Train - I

Bill DeMott - I

Billy Kidman - G

Buff Bagwell - I

Chris Chetti - I

Christian York - I

Danny Doring - I

EZ Money - G

Gail Kim - G

Garrison Cade - I

Jazz - G

Jeff Hardy - G

Jerry Lynn - G

Joey Matthews - I

Johnny Stamboli - I

Justin Credible - I

Ken Shamrock - I

Lenny Lane - I

Lita - G

Lodi - I

Mark Jindrak - I

Nova - G

Paul London - G

Psychosis - G

Rene Dupree - I

Rodney Mack - I

Ron Killings - I

Scott Hall - G

Sean Waltman - G

Seven - I

Shark Boy - G

Shawn Stasiak - I

Spanky - G

Sting - I

Sylvan Grenier - I

Test - I

Trinity - G

Victoria - G


Bret Hart - I

Don Callis - G

Roddy Piper - G

Signed to development contacts are;

Adam Windsor

Alter Boy Luke

Alter Boy Matthew


Black Dragon

Cassidy O’Reilly

Chase Stevens

Evan Karagias

Frank Shamrock

Frankie Armadillo


Greg Pawluk

Jimmy Rave

Joey Idol

Joey Ryan

Mitch Paradise

TJ Dalton

Vic Capri

Tag Teams:

Alter Boys - Alter Boy Luke/Alter Boy Matthew

Cade & Jindrak - Garrison Cade/Mark Jindrak

Erotica - Chris Chetti/Danny Doring

Hotshots - Cassidy O'Reilly/Chase Stevans

La Resistance - Rene Dupree/Sylvan Grenier

Rainbow Express - Lenny Lane/Lodi

T & A - A-Train/Test

The Lost Boyz - Azrael/Gabriel

York & Matthews - Christian York/Joey Matthews

Along with two weekly television shows there will also be a monthly PPV, the schedule is as follows:

January: A New Level

February: No Remorse

March: Betrayed*

April: Blaze of Glory

May: Submission

June: Uprising

July: Highway 2 Hell

August: Against All Odds

September: Global Warfare

October: Freefall

November: Retribution

December: The End is Near

*This month

Fantasy Global promotions tend to fail in diary format because most of the writers like to just make it WWE: Cast-Away Edition.

I'll check back on this in hopes that you can do better than that. Good luck.

I'd support many more fantasy global feds if they had a good mix of WWE/WCW castoffs, great indy talent and created people. The problem is that too many people use just one out of those three.

Thanks for the feedback and I will try not to become another "WWE: Cast-Away Edition."

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Yeah, the brand split doesn't make much sense, especially considering that you only have one TV show.

Sorry if I didn't make this clear in my first two posts. There are TWO TV shows one on Monday in a late night slot called Insigation and a graveyard slot show on Thrusday called GPW TV, hope that clears it up!

Roster's decent enough...but you're doing a Brand Split? What is the reasoning behind such a move?

The reason the brand split has been employed is that the two shows are going to be different. Instigation is going to be a more sports entertainment/soap opera sort of program. Whereas GPW TV is going to be focused on the wrestling side of things. At least this is what I hope is going to happen!

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Sorry if I didn't make this clear in my first two posts. There are TWO TV shows one on Monday in a late night slot called Insigation and a graveyard slot show on Thrusday called GPW TV, hope that clears it up!

The reason the brand split has been employed is that the two shows are going to be different. Instigation is going to be a more sports entertainment/soap opera sort of program. Whereas GPW TV is going to be focused on the wrestling side of things. At least this is what I hope is going to happen!

Yes, but that still doesn't answer my question. Basically, from what I know, your promotion suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder.

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The opening credits role and the pyros go off, the camera pans around showing the crowd of 4005 in attendance for the debut show of Global Pro Wrestling. The camera slowly moves onto the ring where Bret Hart is already standing

Hart: "Hello and welcome to the first ever Insigation. Now I am sure that many of you know who I am but for those of you who have been living under a rock I am Bret Hart and I am the commissioner of Insigation. Now in four weeks time Global Pro Wrestling will hold it's first ever pay per view event called Global Warfare I and on that night the first ever GPW World champion will be crowned, with one man from Insigation going toe to toe with one man from GPW TV." the crowd cheer.

"Also at Global Warfare I you will see the end of a tournament to determine just who will be the first ever GPW Tag Team champions. That tournament starts tonight with Rainbow Express taking on the team of Erotica, the winner of that match wil go on to Global Warfare I to fight for the championships. Over the coming two weeks there will be two more matches and the winners of them will also advance onto the final, however the three teams that don't qualify will have one last chance as they will all go into one final match and the winner of that match will be the fourth and final team to fight for the GPW Tag Team Championships at Global Warfare I, but enough about the future and let's go onto tonight. In the first ever main event of Insigation, in this very ring you will see Sting take on... actually I'm not going to reveal just who he's facing, you'll just have to wait and see!"

OR - 86

Erotica -vs- Rainbow Express Tag Tournament Round 1

Rainbow express came out to a reasonably loud amount of boos with Erotica coming out to quite a good pop. The match starts out with Chetti taking on Lodi. Chetti managed to hit a german suplex within the first couple of minutes, he quickly covered Lodi but Lenny Lane ran in and broke the count. The match continued to go the Erotica's way until Lodi hit Chetti with a low blow and quickly tagged in his partner to the match. Rainbow Express continued to cheat in every possible way and blocked every chance that Chetti had of getting to his corner to tag in Danny Doring. This beating continued for a number of minutes until Lodi flattened Chetti with a stiff closeline and climbed the top rope and then jumped off, splashing the already beaten Chetti. Lodi covered trying to finish the match and securing their place in the 4-way tag match at Global Warfare but the count was broken by Doring who has still yet to be tagged in, and was getting heated up on the ring apron.

At this point in the match, Lenny and Lodi got too overconfident and started taunting the crowd. Once there concentration was back on the match Chetti had managed to pull himself up with the aid of the ropes. Lodi and Lenny both charged at Chetti who ducked the running men which made Lenny and Lodi go over the top rope to the floor below. Chetti then managed to crawl over to his corner to tag in Doring for the first time in the match. Lodi, now irate at being humiliated, tried to ambush Doring while his back was turned but instead Lodi got hit by Doring’s Wham Bam, which got the three count for Erotica who advance to the 4-way tag match at Global Warfare.

Winners – Erotica

CR – 63 MQ – 67 OR 65

Shawn Stasiak -vs- Buff Bagwell

This match was the shortest of the night. Bagwell controlled the entire match with Stasiak getting very little offense in. The finish came when a Kobayshi DDT from Bagwell planted Stasiak. Stasiak though managed to get his shoulder up after a long two count, which started an argument between the ref and Bagwell. While the ref had his back turned a masked man jumped over the guardrail and slid into the ring. The masked man connected with a powerbomb on Stasiak. The masked man quickly got out of the ring and crouched down where the ref couldn’t see him. Bagwell had watched all this happen and covered the now lifeless Stasiak getting a easy pin.

Winner – Buff Bagwell

CR - 66 MQ - 51 OR – 61

After the match the masked man got back in the ring and stared at Bagwell. The two men then suddenly shook hands and Bagwell went outside to get a mic.

Bagwell: “See I told you this plan wouldn’t fail, my plans never do. With you by my side there is no way any one in this two bit company can beat me. This means that Bret Hart will have no choice but to make me the first GPW World champion.” The crowd boos, “Boo all you want, no-one will be able to stop us as with this man, with this monster by my side no-one will even think of trying to.”

Bagwell then went over to the masked man and pulled of the mask revealing that his accomplice is Seven. The two raise their hands to the crowd, who boo, before leaving the ring and going backstage.

OR – 78

Seven gained overness for this segment.

Ken Shamrock –vs- Justin Credible

Before the match starts Shamrock offers a handshake to Credible who just spits in his face. This irates Shamrock who barrages him with powerful left and right hands driving him back into the corner. Shamrock then irish whips Credible into the opposite corner and runs in after him with a closeline. Shamrock then places Credible on the top rope and delivers a superplex that gains him a two count. Shamrock then continues to do an array of suplexs on him. Credible then gains the upper hand when Shamrock charges at him and he boots him in the face. Credible then climbs to the top rope and delivers a dropkick to Shamrock. He is still too tired to capitalize though and the referee has to utilize his ten count. Both men groggily get to their feet before the ten count can be completed. The victory came when Shamrock was able to lock the ankle lock onto Credible who had no choice but to tap out.

Winner – Ken Shamrock

CR – 66 MQ – 63 OR – 65

Sting -vs- ???

Sting came out first and waited in the ring wondering who his mystery opponent was going to be. He didn’t have to wait too long though as none other than Raven made his way to the ring to quite a pop despite being a heel. The bell sounded and the match was on, the two circled each other before tying up in the middle of the ring, Sting over powered Raven who was hurled halfway across the ring. Raven then slid out side the ring to regroup and re-think his strategy but Sting got tired of waiting for him to get back into the ring and went outside to fetch him.

Raven saw him coming a rammed Stings head right into the ring post. He then whipped Sting into the guardrail and rolled back into the ring to break the count. Raven then slid back out of the ring and hurled Sting into the ring steps. Raven started to show boat to the crowd and signalled for the Raven's effect but he had taken to long and Sting blocked the move, this time sending Raven's head right into the ring post. Sting got back into the ring as a dazed Raven slowly regained his senses and re-entered also.

The two men then started to brawl around the ring throwing punches at each other. Raven came out the better of the exchange and started to dominate the vetran Sting. Raven once again signalled for the Raven's effect. This time connected with it but before he could continue a chair shot was delivered right onto the back of Raven, another chair shot came down with a vile sound onto Raven's head who then slumped to the floor in a heap revealing Randy Savage as the one holding the chair.

The ref had no choice but to call for the bell, ruling it a no contest due to interferance. The ref tried to get the chair off of Savage but was met by a chair shot to the head as well for his efforts sending the ref down to the mat. Sting then groggingly got back up but was sent right back down to the mat as well with a chair shot to the head by Savage.

Winner – No contest due to outside interference

CR – 81 MQ – 64 OR - 77

Insigation came to an end with Randy Savage looking down on the three men with a psychotic look on his face.

Best Segment - Bret Hart's opening speech

Worst Segment - Shawn Stasiak -vs- Buff Bagwell


The show got an overall rating of 72 which isn’t bad for the talent that was used on this show. The television rating we got for the show was a 4.91 and I hope this is enough to please Mick Foley. The network was completly happy with the rating and even told us that next week there going to try us in the prime time slot. This means that we will be going head to head with WWE'S Raw! I just hope that GPW TV will go as well as Insigation has.

In other news Bill Watts has taken over the cult federation NWA Wildside.

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The first GPW TV came on the air and the crowd of 4527 were in attendance to witness the crowning of the first ever GPW Women’s Championship and the first GPW TV main event of Jerry Lynn taking on AJ Styles.

Gail Kim –vs-Victoria –vs- Trinity GPW Women’s Championship

The beginning of the match saw the two heels teaming up to take on Kim. This alliance didn’t last long though as once Kim had been thrown out of the ring Trinity attacked Victoria from behind, sending her down to the mat. Trinity then proceeded to climb the top rope. She then hit a moonsault onto the stricken Victoria and covered to get the three count while Gail Kim was still hurt on the outside.

Winner and NEW GPW Women’s Champion – Trinity

CR – 65 MQ – 63 OR – 61

Jeff Hardy -vs- Scott Hall

As soon as the bell rang signalling the start of the match Scott Hall was completely in control. Hall used his size and power to his advantage at every chance wearing the young daredevil down. Jeff bravely, or stupidley however you want to look at it, tried to fight back but Scott Hall cut off any momentum Jeff had managed to gain. At one point in the match Scott Hall even hit his fall away slam and covered but Jeff was too near the ropes for the pin fall to be completed. This just angered Hall even more and he started going mad in the middle of the ring, jumping up and down and screaming his head off. Hall composed himself and then signalled for the end of the match, he hoisted Jeff onto his back, looking to deliver his outsider edge finisher. Jeff however rolled off the back of Hall and rolled him up gaining the three-count victory and the upset. Scott Hall was less than happy at the turn of events and started throwing another temper tantrum in the middle of the ring.

Winner – Jeff Hardy

CR – 70 MQ – 56 OR - 65

Piper’s Pit

Roddy Piper makes his way down to the ring where the Piper’s Pit set had been set-up.

Piper: “Now what would this company be if it didn’t have a wrestling talk show? Huh? See that’s what I thought it would be nothing without one! That’s why the greatest talk show in the history of wrestling has a new home. Piper’s Pit is going to be shown each and every week right here on GPW TV. So since this is the first showing of the new and improved Piper’s Pit I thought it would be only fitting if we had a new generation wrestler, that’s why my first guest is a wrestler that has a huge amount of potential, Shark Boy"

Shark boy makes his way out from the back and gets into the ring. Piper, who is standing is the corner relaxing, has a somewhat bemused look upon his face.

Piper: "Excuse me, are you lost? This is a wrestling ring and you are on a wrestling talk show. It’s for wrestlers son, not for little kids who dress up in sad little costumes when it’s not even Halloween for months, get out of this ring before I throw you out.”

The crowd boos loudly at Piper’s actions but Shark boy holds his ground and stares a hole through Piper.

Piper: "Didn’t you here me boy this place is for wrestlers, not for some…”

Shark Boy got into Piper’s face, Piper wasn't expecting this and he started to back off holding his hands up.

Piper: "You know what kid I gonna give you some credit. You may be small but you’ve got guts and I admire that, here no hard feelings.”

Piper extended his hand to Shark Boy who looked at it for a while. Shark Boy went to shake Piper’s hand when all of a sudden Piper sucker-punched him and quickly got out of the ring and went up the ramp leaving Shark Boy in the ring. When he reached the top of the ramp he turned round and faced the ring again.

Piper: "You know what kid? You may have guts but there's something you haven’t got and that’s brains. Next time know who your dealing with before you try to do anything because more than likely they will kicked you short little ass down.

OR – 84

Shark Boy gained overness from this segment.

Psychosis –vs- Paul London

This was the typical cruiserweight match with fast paced action all the way through. The beginning of the match neither Psychosis or London could gain an advantage. The advantage came when London went to dropkick Psychosis who ducked and London hit the referee with it instead. While London went to check to see if the referee was okay, Psychosis slipped out of the ring and grabbed a chair for ringside. He then got back in the ring and hit London, who was still trying to revive the ref, on the back of the head.

London collapsed on the floor and Psychosis proceeded to cover London but the referee was still out of it and couldn’t make the count. Another referee came out from the back and started to count but London managed to get his left shoulder up before the three. Psychosis argued with the ref for a while until he turned his focus back on London. He whipped London into the corner and ran in after him delivering a nasty looking dropkick along the way. Psychosis then placed the limp body of London on the top rope and climbed up there also. Psychosis then played to the crowd but a few well-timed punches to the gut by London managed to push Psychosis off the top rope and onto his back. London then came off the top rope and delivered a London’s calling onto Psychosis the referee counted the three giving London the victory even though he didn’t really look like a winner.

Winner – Paul London

CR – 60 MQ - 88 OR – 74

AJ Styles –vs- Jerry Lynn

Lynn dominated the opening of this match with Styles unable to get any offence in. Lynn had even managed to hit the cradle to the grave in the early going of the match but was unable to keep Styles down for the three. Lynn then went to try to deliver another cradle to the grave but was unable to hit it as Styles battled out of it. Styles then hit Lynn with a beautiful looking dropkick that sent Lynn back into the corner of the ring. Styles then proceeded to hit knife-edge shots onto Lynn’s chest wearing him down. Lynn then grabbed Styles and threw him to the corner and proceeded to hit Styles with his own knife-edge chops. The match continued with each man gaining the advantage from each other and hitting some high impact manoeuvres along the way. The victory came when AJ Styles managed to put Lynn away with his styles clash getting the three count.

Winner – AJ Styles

CR – 73 MQ – 93 OR – 73

GPW TV faded to black with a victorious AJ Styles standing in the middle of the ring

Best Segment - Piper's Pit

Worst Segment - Gail Kim –vs-Victoria –vs- Trinity GPW Women’s Championship


The show managed to get an overall rating of 75 that is up 3% on Instigation. We also got a television rating of 1.73, which managed to convince the network to move the show to a late night slot next week. If things keep on going as well as they are then it looks like I won’t have to go and rejoin the unemployment line.

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The opening music plays and the pyros go off, the second ever Instigation airs with 4534 people in attendance.

Bret Hart music plays and here comes the commissioner of Instiagation to a thunderous pop.

Hart: “I’m sure all most of you watched the events that took place during last week’s main event, but let me just refresh you memories."

A video replay shows on the titentron showing Randy Savage destroying the referee, Raven and Sting with a steel chair.

Hart: "Due to this interference from Randy Savage the match was deemed to be a no contest, so tonight we going to have ourselves a little rematch as tonight in the main event Sting will take on Raven and tonight there must be a winner, but this brings me to you Randy Savage. You had no business interefering in that match last week Savage and you have no business in it tonight, that's why if you so much as place one foot past that curtain then I will see fit to suspend your ass!"

OR – 86

York & Matthews -vs- La Resistance Tag Team tournament round 1

Both these teams made their debut here tonight and both fought hard to try and secure their place in the 4-way tag match at Global Warfare. La Resistance seemed a little out of place in this match though as they were unable to cope with York and Matthews highflying style. However a ill timed moonsault attempt by Joey Matthews allowed Rene Dupree to get the upperhand in this match. Dupree raised his knees sending them right into the gut of Matthews and from this point of Rene managed to keep him grounded on the mat. La Resistance prevented Matthews from getting the tag to his partner Christian York. Sylvan then distracted the referee while Dupree choked Matthews on the bottom rope; this brought York into the match but was quickly cut off by the referee who tried to get him back out of this ring. While the ref was dealing with York, La Resistance planted Matthews with a La Crepe. Sylvan then chucked York out of the ring while Rene covered Matthews getting the three count meaning that La Resistance have a place at the four-way tag match at Global Warfare.

Winners – La Resistance

CR – 64 MQ – 79 OR – 71

Our cameras then cut backstage where Raven is standing with our interviewer Josh Matthews

Josh: "Last week Randy Savage interfered in your match against Sting what are your feelings on this?"

Raven: “Last week was going to be the first step of my plan, my masterpiece, to become the first ever GPW World champion. If I had beaten Sting Bret Hart would have to put me in the match at Global Warfare to decide the champion, but one man destroyed that plan. That man is you Savage and you will pay because nobody destroys my plans, nobody gets in the way of my masterpiece. Tonight after I defeat Sting tonight, I'll be coming for you Savage. Quote the Raven, Nevermore."

OR - 84

Bill DeMott -vs- Buff Bagwell

Surprisingly Bagwell came down to the ring with Seven nowhere in sight. Bagwell had not been informed of his opponent prior to the match, only that the wrestler was making his debut. When DeMott made his entrance Bagwell looked less than pleased with who his opponent turned out to be. Bagwell tried to avoid coming into direct contact with DeMott who seemed to be enjoying the effect he was having on Bagwell. DeMott finally managed to catch Bagwell though and irish whipped him into the ropes. Bagwell however reversed the whip and drop tow hold DeMott onto the bottom rope. Bagwell then proceeded to choke DeMott on the rope which got him reprimanded by the referee.

With the referee’s back turned Seven proceeded to jump the guardrail and dragged DeMott onto the outside where he drilled him with a powerbomb onto the concrete floor. Seven rolled DeMott back into the ring and jumped the guard rail again. The ref had not seen this and looked a bit suspisous when Bagwell went for the cover on DeMott but with no proof of anything the ref went down and counted the three giving Bagwell the victory. Bagwell then started to celebrate his victory and demanded a mic.

Winner – Buff Bagwell

CR – 66 MQ – 51 OR – 61

Bagwell: "Once again I prove just how great I am, once again I prove that I am everything I say I am and more. Tonight I have become one step closer to achieving my goal of becoming the first GPW World Champion. With Seven by my side I am unstoppable, I am unvincible and for all my fans out there, for everyone single person out there who wishes that they could be me I will be the first GPW World champion and that's a promise!"

OR - 61

Shawn Stasiak –vs- Johnny Stamboli

In the shortest match of the night, and the shortest match in GPW so far, saw Stamboli pick up the win after hitting Stasiak with the fugettabout it gaining the three count at 49 seconds into the match.

Winner – Johnny Stamboli

CR – 64 MQ – 71 OR – 67

As we return from the commercial break Randy Savage makes his way down towards the ring to a reasonable amount of heel heat. He then snatches a mic from ringside and waits for the booing to stop before starting to speak.

Savage: “You know all week, every where I go all I’ve been hearing is why Savage why? Why did you interfere in a match that had absolutely nothing to do with you? Why did you destroy Sting and Raven with that chair? Because I can and no-one can stop me, not Bret Hart, not Raven not even your beloved Sting. That match had everything to do with me, it should have been me that was in the main event, me who should have won the match and it should be me to be the first GPW World champion but do I get regonsied for my obvious and many talents? NO and until I do get recognised as the best wrestler on this show I will interfere in any match I want until Bret Hart realises the mistake he has made Bret Hart WILL put me in that match at Global Warning where I will prove once and for all that no one can beat the Macho Man Randy Savage, OOOOOH YEAH!”

OR – 79

Ken Shamrock –vs- Justin Credible

In the first rematch from last week and the first match that didn’t involve a debuting wrestler saw Shamrock taking on Justin Credible. Credible was the one who actually requested the rematch to try and ease some of the humiliation he suffered at the hands of Shamrock the week before. Again Shamrock offered Credible a handshake before the match started but Credible attacked him hitting him with a barrage of right and left hands backing Shamrock into the corner. Shamrock however soon turned the tables and flung Credible into the corner and continued to hit Credible with right and left of his own. The match continued to go Shamrock’s way with Credible getting absolutely no offence in. Shamrock then hit Credible with a belly-to-belly suplex and locked in the ankle lock gaining a second submission victory in as many weeks.

Winner – Ken Shamrock

CR – 66 MQ – 71 OR – 68

Our cameras cut backstage to the Le Resistance’s locker room where Sylvan and Rene still seem to be celebrating their win from earlier in the night.

Rene: "See what did I tell you, we won that match and secured our place in that four way tag match at Global Warfare. We beat one team of American scum all we have to do is go through two more and we will win the tag team championship for the glory of France."

Sylvan: "There are three other teams in that match Rene, not two.”

Rene: "Sylvan you are forgetting something there third team in that match is. They are losers and are only caddon fodder so we as winners don’t need to worry about losers like that. Anyway with our superior wrestling and intellect we will manage to prevail don’t worry. All we need is a plan that will secure that those other two teams will not be able to make it to the match and we will face the losers.”

Sylvan: "Rene you’re a genius!”

Rene: "Hey, I’m French aren’t I, it’s hereditary and I’ve just thought up a way to eliminate those two other teams, you see what we’ll do is this…”

OR - 71

Sting -vs- Raven

Sting made his way out to the ring first to a good pop from the crowd. Raven’s music then started up but Raven did not appear, the music stopped and Sting was left alone in the ring with a confused look upon his face. Raven’s music started up again but still he did not appear, Sting went to ask the ref what exactly was going on but he also had no idea what had happened to Raven. Raven's music started up again for a third time and still he was no where to be seen, Sting began to get a little agitated by the lack of an opponent and started pacing back and forth along the ring. He then decided to go and fetch Raven from the back himself so he went back up the aisle. Just as he was pushing aside the curtain a chair shot cracked over the head of Sting cutting him wide open. Back at ringside Raven jumped the guardrail and ran up the aisle to fetch the bloody Sting. Raven irish whipped him into the sides of the ramp way and suplexed him onto the steel of the ramp. Raven then picked Sting up and rolled him back into the ring and climbed in after him, which made the ref call for the bell to signal for the start of the match. Raven then covered the now lifeless body of Sting hoping to gain the pin fall and his first victory in GPW.

Sting hadn't enough energy to kick out and Raven managed to get the three count. Raven celebrated the win while Sting managed to regain his senses and started to crawl towards the ropes. From the aisle though came Randy Savage, steel chair in hand and cracked it over Sting’s skull. Raven stopped his celebration and locked eyes with Savage, who then got in the ring. The two men came face to face in the middle of the ring, the two continued to stare a hole right through each other as Raven had promised that next week, but Savage slowly started to extend a hand out to Raven and Raven accepted it. The crowd started to boo realising that Sting had been set up and they started to throw garbage into the ring.

Raven and Savage didn't care though as they started to laugh in the middle of the ring and celebrated getting one over on everyone including Bret Hart. Sting, bloodied and beaten slowly started to move again and pulled himself up with the aid of the ropes, Raven and Savage began to stalk him. They waited to he got all the way up before Raven planted him with a second Raven effect sending him right back down to the mat.

Winner – Raven

CR – 81 MQ – 71 OR - 77

Raven gained overness from this match. Sting lost overness from this match.

Instigation ended with Raven and Randy Savage laying boots onto the lifeless body of Sting

Best Segment - Bret Hart books a rematch from last week

Worst Segment - Bill DeMott -vs- Buff Bagwell


The show equalled last weeks overall rating of 72, though that is down from last week’s GPW TV. The TV rating we got for the show was 5.49 , which convinced the network to keep the show in the primetime slot for the future. This means that now Instigation will be going head to head with WWE’S Raw on a weekly basis. This week's Raw rating came in at 6.04 , which quite a way ahead of us.

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4509 people in attendance to witness the first GPW TV in a late night slot. Tonight we will see the crowning of a new cruiserweight champion and in the main event a rematch from last week between AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn. Before that though, let’s go ringside for our first match of the evening.

Lita –vs- Jazz –vs- Trinity© GPW Women’s Championship

Trinity came into this match knowing the odds were against her, with her most formidable opponents to date. As Trinity was the last to enter though she hovered outside and refused to enter the ring. Lita and Jazz meanwhile didn't seem to notice that Trinity wasn't in the ring and began to tear into each other. Jazz controlled the early going of the match, locking in the STF on Lita but she was able too near to the ropes, she reached out and grabbed the bottom rope forcing Jazz to reliquish the hold.

Jazz then taunted the crowd shouting at them “The bitch is back,” causing the crowd to boo her and a chant of “You’re a man,” to start up. With Lita still recovering from Jazz’s STF she was too tired to get any offence in and became a victim to a sick DDT by Jazz, who then attempted to cover Lita but this brought in the champion for the first time in the match. Trinity soon threw Jazz out of the ring and covered Lita for the three count before Jazz could do anything about it. Without even hitting one move in the entire match, Trinity managed to walk away with the strap, but how much longer will it be before the champion's luck runs out?

Winner and still GPW Women's Champion – Trinity

CR – 69 MQ – 56 OR – 65

Piper’s Pit

Piper: "Last week Piper's Pit was cut of because of that punk wannabe Shark Boy. He thought just what every one else was thinking that Roddy Piper is past it, is over but they were wrong and you were wrong. Last week Shark Boy I showed the world that Rowdy Roddy Piper still has it, still has what it takes by laying you out, but sending you down to the mat with just one punch. It was so good to do that Shark Boy, it was so good that I'm going to show the world one more time just what I did, roll the footage!"

A video played of last week where Roddy Piper sucker punched Shark Boy sending him down to the mat. The shot is seen from numerous camera angles before cutting back to the ring where Roddy Piper is laughing obviously pleased with himself.

Piper: "See what I mean? I enjoyed that so much and I know you all did too, I'll tell you what since I am such a good person I'm going to show it you again."

Instead of the footage rolling again though Shark Boy comes out to the ring to a good pop from the crowd. He immediatley get's in Piper's face.

Piper: "See this is going back to what I said last week you’ve got guts kid but you haven’t got brains. No wait a minute I get it you want to come out here and watch the footage for yourself don't you.”

Piper called for a replay to be played again on the tientron. After in finishes Shark Boy and Piper are still in the ring.

Piper: "You see that, did you see what I done to you or do you want to see it again? Better yet instead of a replay shall I just ram this fist into your skull like I did last week? There’s nothing stopping me from doing so because I’ve got every right to put your lights out because you've just ruined my show by coming out here. You came out here and spoilt my fun and you came out here without a invitation so I want an apology, I want one now!"

Instead of an apology though Shark Boy spears Piper down to the mat. Shark Boy then whipped him into the corner and nailed the deep-sea drop on Piper to a good pop from the crowd. Shark Boy leaves the ring as Piper regains his senses shouting at Shark Boy that he will get his revenge and his apology!

OR – 77

Shark Boy gained overness from this segment

Jeff Hardy –vs- Scott Hall

After last week’s upset win by Jeff Hardy, Scott Hall demanded a rematch. Jeff couldn’t even make his entrance as an irate Hall attacked him halfway down the ramp from behind. Hall dominated the whole match hitting Hardy with every move in his arsenal. The finish came when Hall hit a fall away slam on Jeff who again, like last week, got his foot on the bottom rope. Hall then signalled for the outsider’s edge and hoisted Jeff onto his back and managed to deliver the finisher, pinning Jeff afterwards for the win. After the match Hall spat on the body of Jeff before getting out of the ring and heading back up the ramp.

Winner – Scott Hall

CR – 70 MQ – 64 OR - 68

Our cameras cut backstage where AJ Styles is standing with our interviewer Dan Wilson

Wilson: "AJ Styles last week you got an impresive victory over a vetran in Jerry Lynn but tonight you have to face him again what are your chances going into this match?"

Styles: "An impressive victory Dan? No my victory over Jerry Lynn last week was not impressive it was phenominal! I pinned his shoulders down to the mat 1,2,3 and tonight I'll do it again, but I don't want to talk about that now as I always think that actions speak louder that words. What I do want to talk about Dan is the GPW World Championship. For the past two weeks I've been watching Insigiation and I'll admit it's quite a good show with some quite good wrestlers but there's one thing that they don't have and that's me. All I've been hearing from them though is how so and so is going to be the first GPW World Champion, how they are going to go to Glbal Warfare I and be crowned the champion but there's one thing thst they haven't taken into account, ME! It's already a forgone conclusion that I'll be the man representing GPW TV and I'll go into that match at Global Warfare where the phenominal AJ Styles will win the GPW World Championship!"

Wilson: "Don't you think you're jumping the gun just a bit?"

Styles: "Jumping the gun, please! Dan Wilson did you not see my match last week with Jerry Lynn? I'll beat him and tonight I'll beat him again but in that match I will prove why I will be in that match at Global Warfare. I will prove that the phenominal one WILL be the first GPW World Champion!"

OR – 86

Ten man battle Royal GPW Cruiserweight Championship

The ten participants are:

Air Paris

Billy Kidman

EZ Money

Kid Kash


Paul London


Sean Waltman

Shark Boy


After all ten men had entered the ring the rules were explained to them. Elimination occurs when a man is thrown over the top rope and both feet hit the floor, the last man standing in the ring will be the winner and the new GPW Cruiserweight champion, the bell then rung and the match was on. Billy Kidman immediately charged at Paul London who used his own momentum against him and threw him over the top rope to the floor below taking him out of the match.

Elimination 1 - Billy Kidman by Paul London.

Each wrestler then paired off, Spanky nearly managed to eliminate EZ Money but was attacked from behind by Psychosis who inadvertently saved EZ Money from being eliminated. On the other side of the ring Sean Waltman and Air Paris were tarding blows, Waltman even managed to get Air Paris over the top rope but Paris managed to land on the apron, keeping him in the match. A dropkick though on the back of Sean Waltman by Paul London sent him into Air Paris, who the fell onto the floor.

Elimination 2 - Air Paris by Sean Waltman.

Waltman then saw Nova on the other side of the ring trying to catch his breath after fighting with Kid Kash. Sean Waltman charged at Nova closelining him out of the ring.

Elimination 3 - Nova by Sean Waltman.

As Waltman then taunted Kidman from the ring Spanky snuck up behind him and taking Waltman by surprise managed to throw him over the top rope. This caused Sean Waltman to throw a fit on the outside, he tried to re-enter the ring but the ref's held him back and sent him up the ramp.

Elimination 4 - Sean Waltman by Spanky.

The next elimination came when Kid Kash was trying to get EZ Money over the top rope when London lifted Kash up over the top rope with EZ Money in tow causing a double elimination.

Elimination 5 - EZ Money by Paul London

Alimination 6 - Kid Kash by Paul London

This left Shark Boy, Psychosis, Paul London and Spanky as the final four competitors. Spanky and Paul London squared off against each other while Shark Boy and Psychosis paired off. Out from the back though came Roddy Piper who climbed in the ring and went straight for Shark Boy, hitting him with right and left hands while Psychosis looked on. Piper then went outside and got a steel chair, he got back in the ring and smacked Shark Boy over the head with it. Piper then instructed Psychosis to throw Shark Boy over the top rope, which Psychosis was only happy to do.

Elimination 7 - Shark Boy by Psychosis.

As Shark Boy hit the floor Piper continued to ram him into the guardrails and disappeared backstage still attacking Shark Boy along the way. Back in the ring Spanky was still fighting Paul London and had him nearly over the rope. Psychosis then came up behind them and threw them over the top rope. London fell to the floor but Spanky was able to hold onto the top rope and prevented himself from being eliminated.

Elimination 8 – Paul London by Psychosis.

Psychosis was too busy celebrating thinking he had won the match so he didn’t see Spanky get back in the ring. Spanky turned the celebrating Psychosis around and hit him with a Sliced bread #2. Spanky then picked up Psychosis and threw him over the top rope to the floor making him the first GPW Cruiserweight champion.

Elimination 9 Psychosis by Spanky.

Winner and NEW GPW Cruiserweight Champion– Spanky

CR – 60 MQ – 73 OR – 66

The GPW Cruiserweight Title has lost image

AJ Styles –vs- Jerry Lynn

AJ Styles came out to this match with a more concentrated look on his face than last week, still determined to prove that he should go into the match at Global Warfare. Jerry Lynn came out then to quite a good pop, as he got in the ring he was immediately attacked by Styles who didn’t allow Lynn to get up from the mat. Styles attempted to finish the match early after a brutal looking kick to the temple of Lynn who just got his shoulder up before the count could be completed. Instead of arguing with the ref though Styles just picked up Lynn and continued to wear him down.

Lynn though did manage to create some offence but any momentum was cut off quickly by Styles. After delivering a hard-hitting spine buster to Lynn, Styles again tried to finish the match and covered Lynn but he wasn’t able to put him away for the three count. Styles became visibly frustrated with his inability to put Lynn away, but instead of losing his focus on the match by arguing with the ref Styles went right back onto the offensive. Eventually Styles hit Lynn with the Styles Clash. This move proved too much for Lynn, as he was unable to kick-out of the pin fall, giving AJ Styles another victory over him.

After the match Styles didn’t look like he had finished. He then picked up Lynn again and delivered another Styles clash on Lynn. The ref tried to get Styles out of the ring as the ring bell started to ring franticallybut Styles just shoved the ref down to the mat and picked Lynn right back up. He delivered a third brutal Styles clash on Jerry Lynn as referees and road agents came running from the back. They managed to get Styles out of the ring as EMT'S came down to check on the unconcscious Jerry Lynn.

Winner – AJ Styles

CR – 85 MQ – 91 OR - 88

GPW TV came to an end with the EMT'S still checking on Jerry Lynn as AJ Styles looked on from the top of the ramp.

Best Segment - AJ Styles –vs- Jerry Lynn

Worst Segment - Lita –vs- Jazz –vs- Trinity GPW Women’s Championship


GPW TV got a television rating of 5.01 and an overall rating of 76 . With the TV rating as high as it was I had managed to strike the same deal with the network that I had done with Instigation last week meaning that it will be in a prime time slot for one week. If this worked out GPW would have Insigation going head to head with Raw on a Monday and GPW TV going head to head with Smackdown on a Thursday!

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The opening credits roll and the pryos go off and we are live with this week’s edition of Instigation where 4005 people are in attendance tonight. Before we get to tonight's action a video replay is shown of last week's main event, which was Sting taking on Raven and the aftermath of it. The video ends with the handshake between Raven and Randy Savage. As is now customary Bret Hart is standing in the middle of the ring to kick off the evening.

Hart: "Last week Randy Savage I warned you that if you got involved in the main event that I would give you a suspension and since you did interfere in that match I've got no choice but to issue you with a..."

Bret Hart was interupted by Randy Savage's music as the Macho Man came down to the ring

Savage: "Bret, if I rember rightly you said that if I stepped one foot through that curtain then you would suspend me and that if I got interfered in that match then I would be suspended, am I right?"

Hart: "Yes and since you did do both of them things then Randy Savage as of this moment you are..."

Savage: "No you don't want to do this Bret Hart because I never did any of those things I did not step foot over that curtain as that match was taking place. I did not come down to the ring till after the match had finished do technically I didn't do anything you said I couldn't so you can't suspend me!"

Hart: "Randy Savage that's just a technicallity, you once again got involved in something that you have no business with..."

Savage: "Admit it Hart, you're jealous of me, ever since I steped in this company you've tried to get me out of it. I haven't even had a mnatch here yet, I am the biggest star this company has and yet you still refuse to have anything to do with me."

Hart: "No the only reason that you haven't had a match is that..."

This time Bret Hart was interupted by Sting coming down to the ring, Sting immidatly got in Savage's face

Sting: "Bret Hart if this skumbag wants a match here then look no further than me I would be pleased to beat him down. You've interfered for the last time in one of my matches Savage, what do you say Bret do we have a match?"

Hart: "Sting you want to face Randy Savage here tonight, I've got to say you have a good reason to want to face him so..."

This time Bret Hart was interupted by Raven running down to the ring and attacking Sting from behind. Savage joined the attack while Bret Hart was trying to seperate the three men but was having trouble, that is untill Hulk Hogan came running down to the ring with a steel chair in hand. Hogan got in the ring and smashed the chair over the head of Raven, Savage quickly got out of the ring and dragged Raven out with him.

Hart: "You want a match Savage fine you've got one tonight it's Randy Savage and Raven taking on the team of Sting and Hulk Hogan in the main event!"

OR – 95

Raven gained overness from this segment. Sting gained overness from this segment. Randy Savage gained overness from this segment

Cade & Jindrak -vs- T&A Tag Team tournament round 1

The final match in the tag team tournament round 1 saw another two teams making their debuts here tonight. Test and A-Train controlled the whole match using their weight and power to their advatage. Jindrak was eliminated in the early going of the match when Test hurled his head onto the exposed turnbuckle, busting him open. Cade then fell victim to a big boot from Test and a derailer from A-Train which got the three count. T&A now advance to the four way tag match at Global Warfare where they will meet Erotica and La Resistance. They will also meet the winners of the three way tag match between York & Matthews -vs- Cade & Jindrak -vs- Rainbow Express that will take place next week on Insigation

Winners – T&A

CR – 60 MQ – 57 OR – 59

We go backstage where we find Bret Hart sitting in his office.

Bret: “At Global Warfare many titles are going to be decided, including the tag-team titles where you have just see the final match in round 1, but that’s not what I want to address. At Global Warfare one of those titles that will be decided will be anpther interpromotion title called the GPW Television Championship. One member of the Instigation roster will take on one of the wrestlers from GPW TV and will be crowned the champion. The wrestler that will represent the Instigation roster this month will be Buff Bagwell , now I know you’re all wondering why I picked that man. I picked him because he has gotten some very clever victories so far in GPW so if one man can bring that title here I think it will be him. I am still undecided as to who will be place in the main event at Global Warfare for the GPW World Championship for Instigation as there are many great talents here on this show. All it will take is the first person to impress me will be in that match."

OR - 88

Ron Killings –vs- Alex Wright

Both men were making their debut here tonight and both came down to the ring looking to prove themselves after Bret Hart's announcement. Wright controlled the early going of the match after hitting Killings with a low blow while the ref was down. Killings fought back bravely and hit the true conviction. Wright kicked out at two much to the disbelief of Killings, who picked Wright up again delivering another true conviction and this time got the three count and the victory.

Winner – Ron Killings

CR – 68 MQ – 58 OR - 64

Shawn Stasiak -vs- Buff Bagwell

Bagwell came down to the ring looking pleased with himself at being placed in the match for the GPW Television title at Global Warfare. Stasiak then made his entrance and the match as on. Stasiak though seemed a little preoccupied with looking out for Seven but he was nowhere to be seen. This preoccupation was taken advantage by Bagwell who kept control of the match and even managed to get a two count after a kobayshi DDT. The match continued and Bagwell remained full in control of the match. Bagwell then went over to the turnbuckle and tried to remove the padding but the ref went over and made him stop. While the ref was trying to reattach the pad Seven ran down to the ring, he got in the ring and nailed Stasiak with a powerbomb before exiting the ring. Bagwell picked the dazed Stasiak back up and nailed him with the Buff blockbuster. Bagwell got the ref's attention and covered Stasiak, not knowing of the interference the ref counted the three giving Bagwell another victory but also showing just why Bret Hart chose him to be in that match at Global Warfare!

Winner – Buff Bagwell

CR – 66 MQ – 58 CR - 63

Bill DeMott –vs- Justin Credible

Justin Credible requested this match trying to ease some of the humiliation of the two defeats at the hands of Shamrock. He should of thought of an easier opponent than DeMott who too was trying to overcome the defeat of the previous week. As soon as he got in the ring DeMott he attacked Credible and shrugged off any move that Credible managed to hit, cutting him off and continued to beat Credible all over the ring. The finish came when Demott connected with the no joke and pinned Credible for the win.

Winner – Bill DeMott

CR – 59 MQ – 63 OR – 61

Backstage Randy Savage and Raven were with our interviewer Josh Matthews.

Josh: "Two weeks ago Randy Savage you attacked Raven with a steel chair but last week you two seem to have joined forces all I want to know is as I am sure many other people do too is just why?"

Savage: "What is it with everybody, last week everyone was asking me why I attacked Raven and Sting with a steel chair. Now this week everywhere I go everybody is asking me why did you side with Raven? Why one week smack a chair over a man’s skull and the next week team up with exactly the same man. I’m in such a good mood I’ll tell you. Last week I was talking about how I need to be respected for what I have achieved and what I am going to achieve. Raven has done that by challenging me even though he knew I would beat him down because I am the Mach Man Randy Savage, OOOOOH YEAH!”

Josh: "But Raven why did you join with Savage?"

Raven: "Josh Matthews is your mind too small to comprehend just what is going on here? Can't you understand what has become, what will happen..."

Savage: "What are you talking about brother? Come on we've got things to sort out, interview is over!"

Savage walked off but instead of going with him Raven sticks to the spot, staring at Savage as he leaves.

OR: 91

Raven gained overness from this segment.

Erotica -vs- La Resistance

These two teams will take on each other in the four-way tag match at Global Warfare; both teams requested a warm up match so they got put in a match against each other. Right from the outset La Resistance started to decimate their opponents. They managed to isolate Doring and wear him down. Sylvan then threw him through the middle rope and to the outside. The ref immediately stopped Chetti from coming in and trying to save his partner. While the ref was dealing with Chetti in the ring the La Resistance went outside and rammed Doring into the guardrail, they then picked him up and delivered a Le Crepe onto the steel ramp. Back in the ring Chetti had gotten past the ref and went outside and tried to attack La Resistance but the numbers soon became too much for him. Just like his partner he became a victim to a Le Crepe by the hands of La Resistance. The bell then sounded signalling the end of the match, a double count out, but La Resistance looked the winners while Erotica lay lifeless on the ramp.

Winners – Double count out

CR – 67 MQ – 71 OR – 69

We once again go backstage to where Josh Matthews is this time with Buff Bagwell

Josh: "Earlier tonight we heard that bRet Hart has announced that you would be representing Instigation at Global Warfare in a match to decide the first GPW Television champion. What are your thoughts on this and just who do you think you're apponents are going to be?"

Bagwell: "It seems that some one is actually taking notice of what I say around here. Last week I said I was going to prove that I am what I say I am. Buff Bagwell is for real and don't you ever forget that Josh Matthews, sure at Global Warfare I have to face a man from the GPW roster and they can bring what they want to the table! They can bring a steel chair, a lead pipe whatever they want because nothing will ever match up to what I'll be bringing in the monster Seven. With him by my side I am invincible and once I capture the GPW World Championship I'll be on the road to the GPW World Championship!"

OR – 69

Ken Shamrock –vs- Rodney Mack

Rodney Mack requested Ken Shamrock as his opponent in his first match wanting to prove himself, perhaps even wanting to be in the GPW World title match at Global Warfare. Shamrock made his way to the ring and offered Mack a handshake who just slapped the hand away. Shamrock again offered a handshake but once again Mack slapped the hand away again. Shamrock then slapped Mack right in the face and hit him with lefts and rights to start the match, Mack battled back from the onslaught and backed Shamrock into the corner. Mack then delivered a brutal looking spinebuster on Shamrock getting a two count.

Mack continued to wear Shamrock down and hit the underhook powerbomb; instead of going for the pin he went outside the ring and went to have an argument with a fan at ringside. Mack then got back in the ring and covered Shamrock, who while Mack had been arguing on the outside, had gotten a chance to recover so managed to kick out. Mack then went into a tirade with the ref about how he is not doing his job properly. Shamrock then got up and planted Mack with a belly-to-belly suplex following it up by locking in the ankle lock. After a brief struggle Mack had no choice but to tap out giving Shamrock his third victory here in GPW.

Winner - Ken Shamrock

CR – 68 MQ – 65 OR – 67

Sting/Hulk Hogan –vs- Randy Savage/Raven

Savage and Raven entered first looking unusually pleased with themselves. Hogan then entered to a deafening pop from the crowd. He waited outside the ring for his partner but Sting didn’t appear, instead on the titentron appeared Sting backstage unconscious with blood gushing from his head. Knowing he had been set up Hogan reluctantly entered the ring and went face to face with the heels. Hogan threw the first punch and knocked Savage to the outside and went after Raven. While Raven was begging not to be hurt he low blowed Hogan and called for Savage to re-enter the ring. The two briefly double teamed Hulk Hogan ignoring completley the ref's attempts to break them up.

Raven then picked Hogan up holding him in place; Savage went to ringside and grabbed a chair. He then threw the ref out of the way and went to hit Hogan in the head with it. Hogan ducked right at the last second and the chair came crashing down onto Raven’s head. Hogan then whipped Savage into the ropes and delivered a big boot. He then ran onto the rope and hit Savage with the legdrop.Hulk Hogan covered Savage for the win for the three count overcoming the two on one odds.

Winner – Hulk Hogan

CR – 86 MQ – 49 OR - 67

Hogan celebrated with the crowd after the match as Instigation went of the air with Raven and Savage were left lying in the middle of the ring.

Best Segment - Hulk Hogan debuts to save Sting

Worst Segment - Cade & Jindrak -vs- T&A


This week’s rating saw the approval rating up and television rating going down. The overall rating moved up one from last week up to 73 and the television rating fell to 5.47, the networks still happy though as it was only a minor drop. This weeks Raw got a rating of 6.08, still a way ahead of us. Global Warfare was starting to take shape with the storylines continuing to or first PPV.

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4037 people got to their feet as GPW TV came on the air. Scott Hall has demanded a match here tonight of championship material, just who will he be facing and will he live to regret his challenge.

To start tonight's festivities some unfamilier music plays throughout the arena and Don Callis comes down to the ring, for those of the audience who recognise him they start to boo but the people who have no idea who he is they remain completley indifferent to the man who is now standing in the middle of the ring.

Callis: "For those of you who don't know who is standing beofre you I am Don Callis and I am the commissioner of GPW TV. Now unlike some other people on another show the reason that you haven't seem me before is because I've actually been working to make this show the best it can be! I've been watching in the back over the past few weeks trying to make up my mind. I was trying to figure out just who should be put in a match at Globval Warfare for the GPW Television Championship and tonight I've come out with a system to find out who that man is. Tonight it's going to be Jeff Hardy -vs- Sean Waltman and the winner of that match will face Buff Bagwell at Global Warfare for the GPW Television Championship.

I'm also going to make some more matches that will take place at Global Warfare, the first of those will be Psychosis taking on Spanky for the GPW Cruiserweight Championship. Psychosis was the last man to be eliminated in the battle royal last week and so he has been granted a shot at the championship. Now also steming from that battle royal I've also seen fit to book Paul London -vs- EZ Money at Global Warfare because quite frankley EZ Money is pissed that he lost that match and is out for revenge against the person who eliminated him. Two more matches have just been signed from the best wrestling programme in the world today and the world has ever known GPW TV."

Don Callis exits the ring and goes back up the ramp, he goes behind the curtain but a couple of seconds later he comes back out. Don Callis stands at the top of the rampway with a briefcase in one hand.

Callis: "Sorry I completley forgot I would like to go back to something that happened last week, and that was the match between Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles. Role the footage."

A video plays showing the end of that match last week, where AJ Styles desimated Jerry Lynn with three Styles clashes. The video ends and now Don Callis is back in the ring.

Callis: "For my next announcement I need, no I demand AJ Styles to come down to the ring right now!"

AJ Styles comes down to the ring getting booed by the crowd, he looks smug with his actions last week and he gets in the ring wondering what Don Callis wanted with him.

Callis: "You said last week that you were going to prove that you deserved to be the first GPW World Champion, you said that it was a forgone conclusion that you were going to be the first GPW World Champion and all I've got to say to that is you were right. You are going to be the first GPW World Champion, you showed last week just how much that championship means to you by putting Jerry Lynn in the hospital. You've proved it time and time again that not only do you deserve to be the GPW World Champion that you are in every right a champion!"

Styles: "That's right, it's about time that the phenominal one gets the recognistion that he deserves. At Global Warfare when I beat whoever my opponent is from Instigation and when I am crowned the champion..."

Callis: "I don't think you understand me AJ Styles, I said that you are the first GPW World Championship, I never said anything about Global Warfare that concerns you. Bret Hart may feel that the GPW World Championship is a inter-brand title but he's wrong, I never agreed to that. The GPW World Championship is now yours and it's going to stay right here on GPW TV and there's nothing that Bret Hart can do about it!"

Don Callis then opens the briefcase he's carrying and pulls out the GPW World Championship belt. He hands the championship over to AJ Styles and raises his hand his celebration as the crowd boo the actions of the GPW TV commissioner.

OR – 79

Callis gained overness from this segment.

Gail Kim –vs- Victoria

This was the typical women’s match with the crowd not really interested in the match as they were still buzzing about the announcements that were just made by Don Callis. Victoria and Kim still put on a good match despite the fact the crowd weren’t behind them. Victoria had many chances to win this match, the best chance being after she hit the widow’s peak, instead of covering though she started to taunt the crowd to try and get them interested in the match, but it didn’t work. When Victoria finally went over to Kim and attempting to cover her, Kim kicked out at two. Victoria then got into an argument with the ref but Kim rolled up Victoria for the three count. Kim quickly left the ring leaving an irate Victoria in the ring.

Winner – Gail Kim

CR- 66 MQ – 55 OR – 55

Our cameras cut backstage to Don Callis and AJ Styles standing in Callis’s office.

Styles: Thanks Don, I can call you Don can’t I?” Callis just nods his head in agreement. "Good, so Don thanks again for giving me this title, it just saves me the bother of going and there and kicking someone’s ass. I am still undefeated here in GPW TV, everyone is scared of me and with every right. Just look what I did to Jerry Lynn last week, that’s what’s in store for any body who dares challenge the phenomenal AJ Styl...”

The door to the office then slams open and in walks in Jerry Lynn to a huge pop from the crowd.

Lynn: "So the phenomenal AJ Styles thinks he’s the best in the business just because he gets handed a title instead of winning it in a match. A man who said last week that he lets his actions speek louder than his words. The very same man who is now bragging about being handed the GPW World Championship, something that should be earned not given. If you really want to prove yourself and prove that you are the rightfull champion then you will put that belt on the line tonight against me!"

Styles: "You think I’m afraid of you old man, listen the phenomenal AJ Styles isn’t afraid of no-one. So tonight me and you, as far as I’m concerned it’s on and it will be my pleasure to beat your ass one more time making it three times in a row. What do you say Don, is the match on or what?”

Callis: “AJ Styles defending the GPW World Championship against Jerry Lynn tonight, heck I like the sound of that, you've got yourselves a match .”

Lynn: "Good, see you in the match boy, and remember you may be undefeated but sooner or later you'll loose and I'm going to make sure that the person you loose to is me!.”

Jerry Lynn then backs out of the room leaving AJ Styles and Don Callis alone.

Callis: "Can you believe the nerve of that guy, are you sure your going to be able to handle him?”

Styles: "Oh I’m sure alright, no-ones taking this title away from me, let alone some crippled old man, he just wants a replay of last week and he’s going to get one

OR - 69

Billy Kidman -vs- Psychosis

Kidman and Psychosis had a brilliant match that again the crowd didn’t really get in to. Psychosis was using this match as practice for when he meets Spanky at Global Warfare, even calling Billy Kidman Spanky at several points in the match. This was basically a one sided affair with Kidman not even being able to get one move in. The finish should have come after Psychosis delivered his psycho stunner on Kidman, but instead Psychosis lifted Billy Kidman’s shoulder up before the three count could be completed. Psychosis then climbed to the top rope and delivered a guillotine legdrop, this time getting the three count.

Winner – Psychosis

CR – 57 CR – 86 OR – 63

Backstage Jerry Lynn is with our interviewer Dan Wilson

Wilson: "Jerry Lynn everyone wants to know what exactly are you thinking challenging AJ Styles for a match here tonight after what he did to you last week?"

Lynn: "That’s exactly why I challenged him for a match here tonight because of what he did to me last week. I’m not proud of myself letting that punk pin me last week and I’m certainly not proud of myself of getting hit with three Styles clash afterwards either. That has to be one of the worse beatings I’ve had in my entire career but even before he got given that title I was going to challenge him tonight, the title just made it that much more certain. No-body should be given a title; they need to earn it by winning a match and not by kissing the boss’ ass. So tonight Styles wants to give me a repeat of last weeks performance well let him just try because anything that he does to me he will be getting it back!"

Wilson: "No offense Jerry but last week AJ Styles put you in the hospital after what he did to you. Are you really ready to go one on one with him again tonight?"

Lynn: "Ready? I was born ready!"

OR – 70

Paul London –vs- Air Paris

The two faces came down to the ring and put on a breath taking display of aerial moves. London was slightly quicker than Paris that seemed to show as the match went on. To get the advantage London had gone up to the top rose and missile dropkicked Paris to the canvas. London again assailed the top rope and delivered a London’s calling onto the prone body of Paris. He then covered but was pulled out of the ring breaking the three count. The ref had no choice but to award the match to London due to outside interference.

Back on the outside it proved to be EZ Money who had pulled London out of the ring. He whipped London into the guardrail and rammed his head on the ring post. EZ then put London on the announcer’s table and climber up after him. EZ the hit his Bank roll finisher on London sending him through the announcer’s table. EZ then left ringside as the ref checked on London.

Winner by DQ – Paul London

CR – 51 MQ – 64 OR – 54

Jeff Hardy -vs- Sean Waltman - Winner goes to Global Warfare to face Buff Bagwell for the GPW Television Championship

With a shot at the Television Championship on the line both men came down to the ring look incredibly focused for the match ahead. Waltman was in control of the early going of the match but Jeff Hardy was able to battle back and take control of the match for himself. He had gained the control after Waltman had attempted a bronco buster, Jeff had moved out of the way sending Waltman connecting with the turnbuckle. Jeff kept the pressure on Waltman and started to wear him down, he managed to keep Waltman down on the mat after hitting him with a twist of fate. Jeff then went up top and came flying of with a santon bomb, which was enough to keep down Waltman for the three count meaning that it's going to be Jeff Hardy -vs- Buff Bagwell for the GPW Televisison Championship at Global Warfare I.

Winner – Jeff Hardy

CR – 58 MQ – 64 OR - 64

A video recap plays, showing the last couple of minutes of the ten-man battle royal for the cruiserweight title last week. The video closed showing Spanky celebrating his win with the crowd and Spanky entering the arena tonight being congratulated by a fan.

OR - 64

Shark Boy –vs- EZ Money

EZ Money came down to the ring looking particularly pleased with his actions here earlier tonight. Shark Boy made his entrance and the two wrestlers circled each other getting ready for the match. The match didn’t start though as just as the two wrestlers were about to lock up in the middle of the ring down came Roddy Piper and blasted Shark Boy on the back of his head with a steel chair. Shark Boy just slumped to the canvas as EZ Money asks Piper what that was all about. Instead of giving him an answer though Piper just lifted the chair up again and once more blasted Shark Boy on the back with the chair.

This prompted Paul London to come out from the back, still not looking one hundred percent from being put through the announcer’s table earlier in the night. EZ grabbed the chair out of Piper’s hands and blasted London with it as he tried to enter the ring. Referees and road agents came running out of the back and into the ring to try and stop the two Piper and EZ Money from doing any more damage to the already injured Paul London and Shark Boy. EZ threw the chair to the ground and spat on London’s back before getting out of the ring. Piper just grabbed a mic from ringside and got back into the ring.

Piper: “You see that, looks like I just outsmarted you again doesn’t it boy.”

Piper then grabbed the chair and for a third time brought it crashing down onto Shark Boy’s back before leaving the ring and back up the aisle leaving utter devastation in the ring.

Winner – Draw

CR – 66 MQ – 80 OR – 65

Spanky -vs- Scott Hall

Hall had demanded a match of championship material and he got one when his opponent was the cruiserweight champion. Hall seemed a little bemused at his opponent and started to make fun of him once he got into the ring. Hall kneeled down and put his hands behind his back, giving Spanky a free shot. Spanky seemed a little uncertain by Halls action so he just ran against the ropes and delivered a boot to the face of Hall knocking him through the middle rope and top the floor below. Spanky celebrated this move in the ring while Hall stated to throw the remains of the announcers table in the ring and then shoved the ring steps off to one side.

Hall then grabbed a chair from ringside and went to swing it at Spanky. The ref though pulled the chair out of Hall’s hands and threatened to disqualify him if he didn’t calm down. Spanky then turned Hall around and whipped him into the ropes; he then ran to the other ropes and rebounded back. Spanky the tried to deliver a cross body onto Hall who caught him and hit a fall away slam for a two count. From this point in the match Hall remained in control of the match, delivering all of his signature moves but was unable to put Spanky away for the three. Psychosis then came running down to the ring while Hall whipped Spanky into the ropes. Spanky reversed the whip though and sent Hall to the ropes; Psychosis hadn’t seen the switch and tripped up Hall thinking it was Spanky. Hall turned round and started to shout at Psychosis saying it was none of his business to be here. As Hall turned round Spanky grabbed his head and delivered a sliced bread #2 getting the three count over Scott Hall.

Winner – Spanky

CR – 66 MQ – 67 OR – 59

Scott Hall lost overness from this match, Spanky gained overness from this match

Jerry Lynn -vs- AJ Styles© GPW World Title

Lynn came down to the ring first and he waited for his opponent. Styles then made his entrance with the new title around his waist. He first walked round the outside of the ring sizing up Lynn, he the polished his title for a bit and kissed it before getting in the ring for his first title defence. The two got into each other’s face at the beginning and a shoving match ensued, which Styles broke first by hitting a superkick on Lynn and covering getting a two count. Styles then delivered three german suplexes on Lynn but again he only got a two count. He then whipped Lynn into the corner and followed him delivering a closeline when they both arrived. Styles then attempted to suplex Lynn who reversed it into a swinging DDT.

Lynn continued on the offensive delivering knife-edge chops onto the chest of AJ Styles. Lynn then delivered his own super kick on Styles and covered also only getting a two count. The match continued back and forth between the two men, both getting near falls but neither able to manage to hit the final winning move. Lynn went to deliver his cradle to the grave piledriver hoping to end the match but Styles locked in an armbar on him trying to get a submission victory. Lynn managed to survive the pain and delivered a brutal looking powerbomb on Styles. Again Lynn covered looking for the three but once again Styles managed to kick out. Lynn then whipped Styles into the ropes and tried to deliver a spinning hurricanrana to Styles who reversed it and delivered a Styles Clash which put Lynn away winning his first title defence and proved along the way that he deserved to be the GPW World’s Champion.

Winner and still GPW World Champion – AJ Styles

CR – 84 MQ – 92 OR – 79

GPW World title has lost in image

GPW TV came to an end with a victorious AJ Styles holding his title aloft in the air over the body of Jerry Lynn

Best Segment - Jerry Lynn -vs- AJ Styles GPW World Title

Worst Segment - Gail Kim –vs- Victoria


This weeks GPW TV got the lowest overall rating to date of 66. It turned out to be one off those days where everything seemed to be off for some reason. The TV rating we got for the show was actually very good 5.48 meaning not only does the show now stay in it’s prime time slot but also we managed to beat the rating of Smackdown which got a rating of 5.18. It may not be much higher than Smackdown but it is defiantly going in the right direction. However how ever bad the show overall rating is the day was about to get even worse!

In other news Dusty Rhodes has taken over the cult fed FLI.

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Breaking News

Sean Waltman, member of the GPW TV roster, has been involved in a backstage altercation with another wrestler after GPW TV went off air. Over the past several weeks many wrestlers have been complaining of Waltman’s actions and backstage behaviour. Taking all this into account The GPW management has come to the decision of terminating Sean Waltman’s employment with us effective immediately. We wish Sean Waltman all the best in the future but it is it is highley unlikely that he will be employed by GPW again.

Credit. GPW.com

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The pryos go off signalling the start of the last Instigation before Global Warfare. 4021 people have come to see exactly what Bret Hart's reaction will be to Don Callis awarding the GPW World Championship to AJ Styles over on GPW TV

Our cameras show Sting arriving in the parking lot. He gets out of the car and gets something out of the trunk. As he leans in Raven and Randy Savage come running in and attack him from behind. They whip Sting into a car and slam his head in the door. They then both leave, laughing along the way congratulating themselves on a job well done. Before the cameras cut back inside we hear Raven say:

"One down, one to go.”

OR – 85

York & Matthews –vs- Cade & Jindrak -vs- Rainbow Express Tag Team Tournament Round 2

This match is for the final place in the four way match at Global Warfare. All three teams came to the ring looking incredibly focused. This match was an elimination match with a member of each team in the ring at the same tame. From the outset York & Matthews along with Cade & Jindrak made a tempary allaince. As Christian York and Mark Jindrak were the people to start out for their team they double teamed Lodi. This double team was too much for Lodi to manage and soon became a victim to a double super kick from the hands, or should I say feet, of York and Jindrak. While York went and knocked Lenny of the ring apron Jindrak pinned Lodi getting the three count and eliminating Rainbow Express from the match.

The temporary alliance that was held between York and Jindrak soon crumbled as the two men started to fight each other, with Christian York soon getting the advantage. York backed Jindrak into his corner and tagged in Matthews who then whipped him into the ropes and delivered a high elevation backdrop. Matthews then covered Jindrak hoping to end the match but Cade, who was still waiting patiently on the ring apron waiting to be tagged in, broke the fall. Matthews didn’t look too pleased with Cade’s action and whipped Jindrak into his corner. Matthews then tagged back in Christian York and double teamed Jindrak, planting him with the full effect. York then covered Jindrak while Matthews prevented Cade from braking the fall. Christain York managed to gain the pin fall and progressed his team on to the fianls. This means that at Global Warfare it's Erotica -vs- La Resistance -vs- T&A -vs- York & Matthews for the GPW Tag Team Championships.

Winners – York & Matthews

CR – 59 MQ – 77 OR – 69

Back out in the parking lot our cameras show Hulk Hogan arriving at the arena, to a deafening pop from the crowd. He then gets out of the car and walks into the arena. As he comes through the door though he is met be a chair shot to the head courtesy of Randy Savage. Raven then enters the camera shot, "God they’re dropping like flies around here.” The two of them walk off laughing and joking along the way.

OR - 93

Shawn Stasiak -vs- Buff Bagwell

Bagwell requested a warm-up match in preparation for his match against Jeff Hardy at Global Warfare. As accustomed Seven didn’t accompany Bagwell to the ring but would he make an appearance in this match? Stasiak didn’t seem too pleased with his opponent tonight, as he knows what fate awaits him. He eventually got in the ring and started to scour the crowd to see if he could find Seven but he was nowhere to be found. Once he was satisfied Stasiak squared up against Bagwell with a force that has never been seen from him before. Either he was trying to end the match quickly before Seven could make his presence felt or he was taking out his frustration of his defeats over the last couple of weeks out on Bagwell. Whichever reason it was Stasiak was like a man possessed, with these actions Seven came running down to the ring but before he could get into the ring the ref intercepted, sending him back to the locker rooms.

Back in the ring though Bagwell low blowed Jindrak and delivered the Buff Blockbuster. The ref turned around and seeing the cover being made he slid back into the ring and counted the three continuing Bagwell’s undefeated streak thanks to distraction by Seven.

Winner – Buff Bagwell

CR – 62 MQ – 62 OR – 61

After the match Buff Bagwell demands a mic

Bagwell: "You see that? Did you just witness Jeff Hardy what lies in store for you this Sunday at Global Warfare? I am undefeated here Jeff, I've never submitted, I've never been pinned and that's all because of one thing Seven! My monster is unstoppable, he makes me invicible and this Sunday you will witness Seven's power for yourself. You'll get within a reach of beting me, it'll be just there for you to reach out and grab but then the victory will be snatch away from you. Jeff Hardy I wouldn't blame you if you don't turn up this Sunday, I wouldn't blame you at all as it's just a formality, because I am going to be the first GPW Television Champion and that's a promise!"

OR - 62

As we come back from the commercial break Sting makes his way down to the ring.

Sting: "Raven and Randy Savage get out here now, last week you attack me in the back so I couldn’t take place in that tag match last week but you still got you asses beat by Hogan. Tonight you attack me when I arrive at the arena, this crap is going to finish here tonight. I don’t care which one of you gets out here but I want one of you, and I want one of you tonight!

Raven makes his way out of the stage and is followed quickly afterwards by Randy Savage.

Savage: "You want one of us tonight do you, well you know what you’re going to get your wish. Tonight Sting you are going to face Raven one on one, OOOOOH YEAH .”

Raven just stares at Savage in disbelief that he just put him in that match and an argument starts up between them.

Sting: "Raven don’t worry you ass whooping won’t take long and it will only hurt for a while. After I’ve done with you Raven, Savage I’m coming for you.”

OR - 74

Chris Chetti -vs- Rene Dupree

After the actions of La Resistance last week Bret Hart made this match, both participents came down to the ring being accompanied by their tag team partners, Danny Doring and Sylvan Grenier. Chris Chetti still seemed to be feeling the effects of that La Crepe on the steel ramp last week that was inflicted upon him by La Resistance. Regardless of this though Chetti brought his all to this match. His all wasn't enough though as Rene Dupree kept on attacking the back of Chetti. Rene was getting more and more sadistic with his attack on Chetti's lower back, obviously trying to eliminate him before Global Warfare.

On the outside Danny Doring had had enough of the attack on his tag partner and tried to enter the ring but the ref stopped him. This allowed Sylvan Grenier to enter the ring with a steel chair, Sylvan placed the chair on the mat and both Rene and Sylvan set up Chetti for a La Crepe on the steel chair. Their attempt at this though was foiled as York & Matthews came running down to the ring. They immidiatley went for La Resistance and the two teams started to brawl around the ring. The ref called for the bell giving the match to Rene Dupree by DQ, but all order was begining to be lost. Doring had gotten in the ring and he had too started to join the attack on La Resistance, this brought out the fourth team at the tag match at Global Warfare T&A.

A-Train and Test attacked York & Matthews as La Resistance started to get the advantage over Erotica. Doring was taken out of the brawl with a low blow by Rene. This allowed La Resistance to plant Chetti with a La Crepe, effectivley eliminating Erotica from the fight. Sylvan got the abandoned chair from the middle of the ring and Rene got one from the outside. La Resistance proceeded to hit anoything that moved in the ring, showing they had no favorites they blasted the chairs over the skull of A-Train and Test as well. La Resistance left the ring with all of the other six men that is in the four way tag match at Global Warfare laid out in the ring.

Winner by DQ - Rene Dupree

CR – 67 MQ – 71 OR – 69

Backstage Raven is standing with our interviewer Josh Matthews

Josh: "Raven we've just seen that Randy Savage has volunteered you to face Sting tonight what are your feelings on this? and what exactly is your arrangement with Randy Savage?"

Raven: "Well…”

Before he could start his sentence though, Randy Savage interrupted him.

Savage: "I’ll tell you exactly what our arrangement is, you see this man here is a good wrestler, not a great wrestler, a good wrestler. Under my tutoring I will make him go from good to great but he can never be as great as I am and tonight in his match with Sting, Raven’s transformation will begin. I’ve heard people talking round here that I only put Raven in the match because I am scarred of Sting but that isn’t true. Nothing would make me happier than to break that low life in two but if I do that Raven will never get out of my shadow, and let’s face it it’s a big shadow to try and get out of, so that’s why I given Raven this opportunity. Plus these scum here don’t deserve to see me wrestle and the sooner I get out of this god-forsaken town the better, OOOOOH YEAH!”

Savage then walks off leaving Raven with an angry look on his face, who then walks of in the other direction.

OR – 94

Raven gained overness from this segment

Ken Shamrock –vs- Alex Wright

Shamrock came down to the ring with quite a reasonable pop, Wright however came down to the ring and the crowd gave him no reaction at all. Shamrock opened the match by offering Wright a handshake who actually accepted it. When Shamrock went to let go though Wright didn’t loosen his grip instead he whipped him around and nailed a german suplex on him.

Wright then picked up Shamrock and whipped him into the corner; he then placed Shamrock on the top rope and followed him up. Wright then superplexed Shamrock and covered only getting a two count. Shamrock then got whipped into the ropes and got nailed with a dropkick from Wright who again covered but only managed to get a two count. Wright then climbed to the top rope and waited for Shamrock to get up. Once he was to his feet Wright hit him with a flying press from the top rope but Shamrock rolled through and locked him in the ankle lock. Wright struggled to get to the ropes and he finally managed to grab a hold of the bottom rope. Shamrock however dragged him back into the middle of the ring and Wright had no choice but to tap out to the pain.

Winner – Ken Shamrock

CR – 65 MQ – 60 OR – 63

Sting –vs- Raven

The main event had arrived and the crowd came to their feet in anticipation. These two put on a clean fight to begin with. Sting was still angry at the attack earlier in the night and was unrelenting on his attack against Raven. Raven was getting irate at not getting much offense in on Sting and tried to take the fight to the outside but Sting had been fooled by that before and refused to take the bait. Realising that his plan hadn't worked he reluctantly got back in the ring.

Back in the ring Raven was still unable to gain the upper hand on Sting, he made the unwise decision of entering a punching match with Sting, who once again gained the upper hand and knocked Raven down to the mat. Sting then locked Raven in the scorpian deathlock, and as Raven slowly made his way to the ropes Randy Savage came running down the ramp and got in the ring.

Savage attacked Sting, forcing the him to relinquish the hold on Raven. This attack forced the ref to call for the DQ as Raven got back to his feet, looking angry at Savage for costing him the match. Raven and Savage argued for a while as Sting got back to his feet, but Raven knocked him back down again and went back to his arguement with Randy Savage. Savage slapped Raven in the face and shouted at him that "you will be nothing without me," but Raven responed by kicking Savage in the gut and laying him out with a Raven effect, which caused the crowd to cheer for Raven but any cheering soon stopped as Raven got Sting back to his feet and planted him with a Raven effect as well.

This brought out Hulk Hogan to the fray, he was still feeling the effects as well after the attack by Savage and Raven earlier in the night but that didn't stop him from entering the ring and attacking Raven. The two men started to throw punches at each other but were soon forced apart as referees and road agents got in the ring and seperated the two men. Randy Svage and Sting had also gotten back to their feet and all four men were held back. They each as their own corner as each man tried to get at each other but they soon stopped as Bret Hart's music hit and the commissoner looked less than pleased.

Winner by DQ - Sting

CR – 95 MQ – 78 OR - 81

Bret: "It takes a lot to piss me off but congradulations the actions of you four have done it. So since Don Callis wants the GPW World Championship for himself then that's fine as Instigation is going to have it's own exclusive championship and since your four want to fight so much then this is how it's going to work. At Global Warfare it's going to be Raven -vs- Randy Savage -vs- Sting -vs- Hulk Hogan for the GPW Championship!"

OR – 85

Instigation went off the air with all four men having a stare down in the ring.

Best Segment - Raven & Randy Savage interview

Worst Segment - Shawn Stasiak -vs- Buff Bagwell


The show got a overall rating of 77, which after GPW TV was a big improvement. The TV rating stayed around the same area this week getting a 5.43 drooping .02 from last weeks show. Raw this week are still way ahead of us as the got a TV rating of 6.05. There are only two shows left under my control and hopefully nothing bad will happen as Sean Waltman already gone nothing else will happen, will it?

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Breaking News

While on a radio interview Shawn Stasiak made some remarks about Global Pro Wrestling and some our our workers that were completley unacceptable. Due to this the management have had no choice but to terminate Shawn Stasiak's contract effective immediately. Shawn Stasiak will never be standing in a GPW Ring again!

Credit: GPW.com

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4009 people were in attendance for GPW TV. In just three days the first GPW PPV Global Warfare I will occur, tonight Don Callis has made a triple threat match between Lita, Gail Kim and Jazz with the winner getting a Women's title shot at Global Warfare!

To start tonight's action Jerry Lynn made his way down to ringside.

Lynn: "Last week AJ Styles beat me fair and square in the middle of the ring to retain the GPW World Championship, a championship that was handed to him by Don Callis. I'll admit it, AJ Styles turned out to be the better wrestler last week, but tonight it's a whole different ball game. Tonight Styles I want you again one-on-one, I want a rematch for the GPW World Championship!”

Instead of AJ Styles coming down to the ring to answer the callenge laid down by Jerry Lynn, Scott Hall made his way down to the ring.

Hall: "Hey Lynn, you’ve had your shot and you blew it, you should now go to the back of the quese and let someone else have a try. You don't even have a victory here in GPW Lynn, you've had three matches and every time AJ Styles pinned you one two three in the middle of the ring, heck he even sent you to the hospital. It's tiem for someone else to have a shot at the belt, it's time for a person to step up to the plate, a person who can actually get the job done! That person who gets the next shot should be me, you know it, I know, heck all these idiots here know it as well and unlike you I’ll be walking away with the championship gold around my beautiful waist.”

AJ Styles obviously getting fed up of the two mans actions in the ring decides to make an appearance.

Styles: "Let me get this straight, there are not one but two people that are after their shot at the phenomenal AJ Styles and the GPW World Championship. Hell I'll be glad to defend my title here tonight but not against you two. As far as I’m concerned neither of you are even in the same league as me. Three weeks I’ve beaten you ass Lynn and you still want more? How hard did I beat you that you can’t even think properly? And you Hall, what have you done that even gives you the right to challenge me? The very first match you were in this company you lost to Jeff Hardy, and you bitched and moaned about it. So both of you can carry on dreaming cause Jerry Lynn you’ve had your shot and Scott Hall it’ll be a while, a long while before you get yours.”

AJ Styles goes to exit the ring but Don Callis makes his way down to the ring.

Callis: "Hold on a second here. I’ve just had a thought, AJ you’re still without an opponent for Global Warfare because no one out does Don Callis when it goes to making matches. So the only question is who should your opponent be for the show? We have two contenders here, not good ones but contenders just the same. I can’t decide which one of you should go into the match so here tonight Scott Hall you will take on Jerry Lynn the winner of that match will face AJ Styles at Global Warfare for the GPW World Championship, now what do you say, does that sound like a match or what?”

Styles: "Don what do you think you are doing, none of these deserve a shot at me, let alone my title.”

Don Callis just walks over to AJ Styles and whispers something into his ear. Styles just smiles and nods his head in agreement of whatever Callis just whispered to him.

Callis: "One more thing, the match between you two will be a no disqualification, no count out, falls count anywhere match, I told you I was great at making matches.”

Callis and Styles back out of the ring both with smiles on their faces while Hall and Lynn both stare a hole right through each other.

OR – 71

Shark Boy -vs- Kid Kash

Kid Kash made his entrance first in this match and Shark Boy made his entrance to a loud pop from the crowd. The two men locked up in the middle of the ring and continued to beat the living hell out of each other. Shark Boy had flattened Kash with a missile dropkick and was once again assailing the top rope. Whatever Shark Boy had in mind though was never too be seen as Roddy Piper came and threw him off the top turnbuckle onto the body of Kash. With Kash's shoulders on the mat and Shark Boy’s body covering it the ref counted the three getting Shark Boy the win thanks to the unintentional interference by Piper. Piper was irate at this decision and got a steel chair and entered the ring he went to hit Shark Boy on the back but he couldn’t complete it as he was interrupted by Don Callis.

Winner: Shark Boy

CR – 68 MQ – 64 OR – 66

Callis: "Even though I made that match between Jerry Lynn and Scott Hall earlier the match making mood hasn’t really left me and hopefully this next announcement will get it out. Roddy Piper you want to interfere in every one of Shark Boy’s matches it seems to me that this is your way of telling me you want a match and you know what I’m going to give you one. At Global Warfare you Roddy Piper will take on Shark Boy, hey I was right that did get it out of my system. Another great match signed by the greatest commissioner in this company, no the greatest commissoner in he world.”

In the ring Piper just had a huge grim plastered on his face. The chair was still above his head but he just placed it on the mat next to him. He got a mic from ringside.

Piper: "Just in case you think I’ve gone soft by not hitting you with this chair your wrong. You see the way I see it boy your going to get a beating this Sunday so I’d rather give it to you in one go instead of spreading it out. I'll see you at Global Warfare that is if you’ve got the balls to get into the ring with me. Yet again if you don’t perhaps it would prove to me that you have got brains after all because you won’t be leaving that match under your own free will. You’ll be leaving it by the aid of a stretcher once I’m done with you.”

OR – 63

Lita –vs- Gail Kim -vs- Jazz #1 contenders match for the GPW Women’s Championship

With such high stakes on the line all three women brought all they had going in to this match. Jazz dominated this match with her brute strength and neither woman could manage to stop her. Jazz made the mistake of taunting the crowd instead of carrying on focusing on her opponents, this allowed Gail Kim to sneek up behind her and threw her over the top rope. Lita then snuck up behind Kim and planted her with her with a powerbomb. Lita then covered and got the three before Jazz could get back into the ring to break the count. Lita goes on to face Trinity at Global Warfare for the Women’s Championship.

Winner – Lita

CR – 69 MQ – 56 OR – 58

Paul London –vs- Billy Kidman

London still looked like he hadn’t recovered from last week’s attack by EZ Money, where he was put through the announcer's table. Billy Kidman took advantage of this by focusing on the lower back of London throughout the match. London also looked a bit preoccupied, looking for EZ Money in case he tried to interfere in the match. Kidman went up top, looking to hit the shooting star press, hoping to end the match. London got his knees up though and the advantage moved into London’s favour. London flattened Kidman with a dropkick and delivered four armdrags on him. He the shoulder tossed Kidman and climbed up to the top rope. He came down delivering an absolutely flawless London’s Calling onto Kidman. London covered and he got the three count. He took a glance around the crowd, expecting an attack but it never came. He left the ring slapping hands along the way to the back.

Winner: Paul London

CR – 48 MQ – 76 OR - 55

Backstage AJ Styles is with our interviewer Dan Wilson

Wilson: "Tonight Scott Hall will take on Jerry Lynn with the winner getting a shot at your title at Global Warfare, which of the two would you rather face?”

Styles: "Which one would the phenomenal AJ Styles rather face. Well for the past three weeks I’ve beaten down Jerry Lynn and I wouldn’t mind doing it a fourth time. On the other hand though I’m getting bored of beating the same old man every week so if Scott Hall wins it gives me a new man to decimate I won't hold it against him. So which of the men would I rather face, it dosn't matter which one wins tonight I'm going to go to Global Warfare and beat the living hell out of them, the era of the phenominal one will be a long and glorified one.”

Wilson: "Before you go I have one more question. What did Don Callis whisper in your ear earlier tonight?”

Styles: "I think your imagining thing here. Don never whispered anything in my ear earlier so I can’t really answer that question, now I’ve got things to do.”

With that Styles walked off, whistling along the way.

OR – 84

Our cameras cut to where Paul London seems to be leaving the arena for the night when out of nowhere EZ Money comes running in and attacks him from behind. EZ concentrates on the lower back of London as Kidman did earlier. EZ Money takes Paul London back into the arena and throws him against walls along the way. The attack finally stops whre Paul London is thrown into the pile of pipes that seem to be in every arena. EZ Money leaves Paul London for dead as he walks off as road agents come to check on the state of Paul London

OR – 79

AJ Styles, still whistling, then walks past the devastation that has just happened. AJ Styles seem oblivious to the event and continues up the corridor, he stops at the door of Scott Hall locker room and knocks. He waits for an answer and walks in,he closes the door behind him but before it's closed completley we here three words.

Styles: "We gotta talk”

OR – 74

Jeff Hardy –vs- EZ Money

Our cameras go back to ringside where Jeff Hardy is already waiting for his opponent. EZ Money then makes his entrance to large amounts of heel heat due to the actions that he has just done to Paul London. Both men were using this match as a warm-up match for Global Warfare as EZ Money seemed to be weirdly focused going into this match. Every move he made was in such a way that he seemed to enjoy making pain for other people.

With him in this mood it is hardly surprising that Jeff Hardy got little or no offence in. The finish came when EZ Money set Jeff up onto the top turnbuckle setting him up for a frankensteiner, he managed to hit the move but Jeff rolled through, taking EZ by surprise and getting the three at the same time. Jeff left the ring before EZ could get revenge and went to the back, going with a win into Global Warfare and his match with Buff Bagwell.

Winner – Jeff Hardy

CR – 65 MQ – 78 OR – 63

Spanky –vs- Psychosis

In a preview for their match at Global Warfare, Spanky and Psychosis squared off. This was a show stealing match with fast paced action all along the way. Psychosis seemed a little frustrated throughout the match for some reason or another and took it out on Spanky. This didn’t stop the cruiserweight champion to stop trying to get offence in on the mad man and it was with this determination that he managed to nail Psychosis with the sliced bread #2.

He then covered him but Psychosis just, and I mean just got his shoulder up. Instead of complaining though Spanky climbed to the top rope and came flying off delivering a frog splash manouvre onto Psychosis. This manoeuvre seemed to be too much for Psychosis as it managed to put him away for the three count. After the match Spanky celebrated by climbing on all four post and posing for the crowd with his belt.

He spent too much time doing this as Psychosis got up and nailed him with a devastating Psycho stunner. He then grabbed the title belt and placed it on the chest of Spanky before leaving the ring with boos from the crowd.

Winner – Spanky

CR – 60 MQ – 98 OR – 71

Jerry Lynn -vs- Scott Hall #1 Contendership to the GPW World Championship

No DQ, No count out, Falls count anywhere

Before the match started AJ Styles came out and joined the announcing team, Scott Hall made his way out first to boos from the crowd. Jerry Lynn then mande his entrance but before entering the ring he alked over to the announcer's table and warned AJ Styles not to interfere in the match. Jerry finally got in the ring and squared up with his opponent.

It didn't take them long to take advantage of the rules in this match. Jerry Lynn and Scott Hall soon took their fight outside of the ring, where Hall seemed to be in his element. He whipped Lynn into the guardrail and then rammed his head into the ring post, following it up by throwing Jerry Lynn into the ringsteps. With the advantage Scott Hall started to take his time and even started to argue with AJ Styles. AJ Styles then got up an went to hit Scott Hall but instead of hitting Hall he whispered in his ear Hall looked amused, just smiled and nodded. Styles left the announcers table and grabbed the steel chair he was sitting on. Hall went over to Lynn and held him up while Styles came over. Styles went to hit Lynn with the chair but he ducked and the chair came crashing down on Hall’s skull.

Jerry Lynn then grabbed the chair out of Styles’s hands and smashed it over AJ's head. With AJ out Jerry Lynn covered Scott Hall and got the three count, Jerry Lynn goes onto Global Warfare I to face AJ Styles for the GPW World Championship.

Winner: Jerry Lynn

CR – 77 MQ – 66 OR – 63

AS GPW TV went off the air AJ Styles got back to his feet and started to throw a fit as ringside as Jerry backed up the ramp making the I want the belt action.

Best Segment - AJ Styles interview

Worst Segment - Paul London -vs- Billy Kidman


The show got an overall rating of 63 and a TV rating of 5.48. For two weeks in a row we beat Smackdown in the TV ratings. The Global Warfare is all set to go, with this show being the last show under my control it has to go well if there is to be a job waiting for me on the Monday afterwards. Global Warfare preview should be up next!

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Global Warning I Preview

Trinity© –vs- Lita GPW Women’s Championship

On GPW TV Lita won a triple threat match to become the number one contender. Trinity won the championship also in a triple threat match by taking out Gail Kim with the aid of Jazz but quickly turned on Jazz and pinned her to become the champion. Two weeks ago on GPW TV Trinity defended her title against both Victoria and Lita, without hitting one move she managed to walk away with the title. This match though is one on one, she has no one to team up with and with it being one on one she can’t rely on other people to do her work. Will she be able to walk away with the title or will Lita walk away with the gold?

Shark Boy –vs- Roddy Piper

On the very first GPW TV Shark Boy was the guest on Piper’s Pit that saw him getting laid out by Piper. The very next week Shark Boy was once again a guest on Piper’s Pit but this time attacked Piper, laying him out with the deep-sea drop. Two weeks ago Piper eliminated Shark Boy out of the battle royal for the cruiserweight championship and just last week laid him out in his match with Kid Kash. What will happen when the legend meets this new generation superstar?

Paul London -vs- EZ Money

In one of two matches that stem from the battle royal two weeks ago on GPW TV, these two men will collide in what is sure to be a show stealing match. EZ Money didn’t take kindly to being eliminated from that match and went about attacking the man who eliminated him, Paul London, driving him through the announcer’s table two weeks ago. What will happen when these two finally get their hands on each other?

Spanky© –vs- Psychosis GPW Cruiserweight Championship

In the second of the two matches that stem to the battle royal Psychosis will take on the cruiserweight champion Spanky. This is another potential show stealing match, how will Spanky react to Psychosis’s actions after their last match. These two have already met once in a spectacular match; will they be able to top it?

Jeff Hardy –vs- Buff Bagwell GPW Television Championship

On Instigation Buff Bagwell is undefeated thanks to the help of Seven, which is why Bret Hart picked him to be the representative for his match tonight. Over on GPW TV Jeff Hardy won his right to be here by pinning Sean Waltman. Bagwell has told Jeff Hardy not to show up but Jeff has never been one for doing what he'r been told. Will Jeff Hardy walk away with the gold or will Seven once again make his presence felt?

Erotica -vs- La Resistance -vs- T&A –vs- York and Matthews GPW Tag Team Championship

All these teams fought their way for their place in tonight’s match and only one can have the privilege to be the first ever GPW Tag Team Champions. All of the teams have shown they will do what it takes to walk away with the gold. Two weeks ago we saw La Resistance try and take Erotica out of this match but failed. Last week on Instigation La Resistance tried again to take Erotica out of the equation but were stopped by York & Matthews and a huge brawl started. T&A also joined that brawl and when it was all said and done La Resistance were the ones left standing will it be like that at Global Warfare I?

Jerry Lynn -vs- AJ Styles© GPW World Championship

Two weeks ago on GPW TV AJ Styles was awarded the title by Don Callis which angered Lynn to the extent of challenging him for the title here tonight, believing titles should be deserved, not given. These two have heat with each other going back to the very first GPW TV where Styles pulled out a victory over Lynn then three weeks ago Styles once again got a victory over Lynn. Not content with getting the win though Styles beat Lynn down after the match sending Jerry Lynn to the hostiptal. On the night Styles got awarded the title Styles got a third victory over Jerry Lynn and just last week interfered in his match against Scott Hall. Will Jerry Lynn be able to get the victory that’s been eluding him or will Styles get a fourth victory over him?

Hulk Hogan -vs- Sting -vs- Raven -vs- Randy Savage Four corners elimination match for the GPW Championship

Raven turned out to be Sting’s mystery opponent on the fist Instigation four weeks ago but Randy Savage made his presence felt smashing a steel chair on the heads of Raven and Sting. The next week in a rematch Sting once again faced Raven and once again Savage came down and smashed a chair over the skull of Sting, he then faced Raven and the two-shook hands creating an uneasy alliance. On Instigation two weeks ago the two heels ambushed Sting but the debuting Hulk Hogan came down for the save. Bret Hart the signed a tag match later for later that night. Raven and Savage attacked Sting in the back to such an extent he wasn’t able to compete in the match, making it two on one against Hogan. With miscommunication from the two heels Savage smacked a chair, looking for Hogan, but hitting Raven instead. Hogan delivered a legdrop to Savage and got the three. Just last week Savage attacked Sting and Hogan as they were arriving at the arena. This made Sting challenge one of them for a match, Savage decided to nominate Raven to be his opponent, which caused an argument between the two wrestlers. Later that night in the match between Raven and Sting Savage interfered costing Raven the match. Raven had had enough of Savage and sent him down to the mat with a Raven effect. Raven started beating on Sting again but Hulk Hogan came down to the save. Bret Hart made this match but with so much hatred between these four men will one ring be able to hold them?

Don't miss GPW Global Warfare only on PPV

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Breaking News

GPW Superstar Alex Wright, who is on the show Instigation, has admitted to the allegations of him using cocaine. He has apoligised for using the substance and has agreed to check himself into rehab. Upper Management have agreed that if Alex can overcome his addiction then he will still have a job when he comes out of rehab clean. We here at RPW.com wish Alex Wright a full and quick recovery time.

Credit GPW.com

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