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More GTA:San Andreas Info


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Va Voom.

And if you're lazy

Confirmation List

All information that has been confirmed about San Andreas will be kept here.


It's only available on the Playstation2 console

The release dates are explained here

The game's storyline is explained here

Cities and Maps

The game takes place in the fictional state of San Andreas

This state has three cities explained here

Each city is the size of Vice City, meaning the entire game will be four to six times larger than Vice City

San Fierro will have many hills, and be driving based

You can drive from Los Santos, through the countryside, up a mountain and into San Fierro, then onto Las Ventura

Driving through the desert will be alive with weird things to see

There will be more buildings you can enter


The graphics engine has been tweaked, not changed

There will be smog effects in Los Santos

Real-time reflections on cars, mirrors, and windows

Radial lighting which gives realistic shadowing

Soft-shadow lighting for interiors

Unique models for objects for night and day to add more realism


There is 'rag-doll' phsyics, or 'impact animation' (adds realism)

In Las Ventura (Las Vegas), you can buy casinos and run them

You can gamble your money in casinos

You need to eat to keep up your stamina

Eat too much and you will become fat and be made fun of

Work off the fat by going to the gym to exercise

You can rob homes with careful planning

More mini jobs such as taxi driving, etc

Anything done outside of a mission can change your abilities, appearance, and progress

Hundreds of different skills to learn

'Dynamic Difficulty' changes the difficulty of the gameplay to match your skill

You can recruit gang members, and use them to do four person drive-by shootings

Ability to swim


The main character's name is Carl Johnson

Characters from the old game will return

References to old characters from past GTA games will be in the game, only recognizable by hardcore fans


Carl can use dual pistols, and other weapons

Improved gun targeting system

More hand to hand fighting techniques available

Weapons match those available in the early '90s

Weapons all feel unique


90's versions of GTA3 and VC vehicles will be in the game

Many more new vehicles

Improved driving physics

Specialty vehicles can be unlocked

There are bicycles, and to make them go faster you'll have to hit the buttons faster

Police helicopters are back

More ways to steal cars

Artificial Intelligence

Pedestrians are a lot smarter now, and react if you start beating someone in the streets

Peds have over 1 hour's worth of various comments, compared to 10 mins from Vice City


There is a confirmed rap station

There are other stations yet not yet confirmed

There is music from the '90s as well as a classic station

Confirmed GameInformer information from gta-sanandreas.com, our affiliate. Any of this information might be changed, as no one knows 100% what will be in the final version except Rockstar.

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i msut say that will be the game of the fucking year!! the ability to swim is so fucking brilliant and the fact you can rob homes gamble and you have to eat ; Huzzah!

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Personally, I hope there will be an army base in this one like there is in Vice. Except I hope its outside of Las Ventura and is a knock off of Area 51

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I hope you can rob any home you want, and not waht the game sets for you. If that's the case, I'll get my gang members, and go in there like a motherfucking snake, silent, stab the wife, husband, daughter, son, and even the fucking dog. Throw them motherfucker's in the basement, and start pimping the place out! Yeah bitch! Game of the year!


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when references...I hope they mean 'Maurice Chaves' will be mentioned. Or more so, I hope he hosts that VCPR thing here again or maybe it will be called 'SAPR' something. The map being bigger than the last game looks promising.

The food thing, well, I just hope the character WILL gain a look when he gets fat or something like that.

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I can't really see the 'food eatin, getting fat - exercise to lose weight' concept being implemented. It would just make things a bit slow. Just eating food for stamina might work okay, but the getting fat thing would ruin it in my opinion. Say your in the middle of a huge mission, that you need to complete to progress in the game, but you have to spend ages working off the fat. It would soon lose it's replay value. "Ooh! Look at that mission! I'd love to do that! But...it's really long, so I'd need to stop half way through to eat some stuff, and I might get too fat to finish the mission, requiring me to go work it off, before I can finish the mission...which was timed, and now I failed. Bah"

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Guest The Real Deal

Yes getting fat and being made fun off, I can just see a granny saying

"Hey asshole ya wouldn't see you goin skinny dippin"

Next thing whip out a Ak-47 and blow the stupid bitches head off.

Edited by The Real Deal
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I'm waiting for some idiot to come along and say "Maybe they should make it you can live in the house after you rob it, and then you have to pay for electricity and stuff. If you don't, you get evicted." Also i echo Kaneanites station, the whole "get fat- work it off" routine sounds crap, who goes to the gym, just to work off fat anyways, it's not like. "Oh i'm crap, i'll go the gym and work it off and then onlt go back when i'm fat." Bah. Too much and there'll be no gang feel to it.

Speaking of gangs i'd like you to be able to work for a gang, lead a gang and your gang members don't just hang around your property, they roam your "territory" too, territory could be marked by the property you own in a certain area.

The idea of the countryside intrigues me too, if it's quiet, it'd be a great place to do a murder. Also do the police just shoot you to death like normal, i know you could get busted but thats only when you're in a car really. Normally they just shoot you until you die, i'd prefer they arrest you like in real life, like, since when did police men shoot you to death?

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