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Jeff Probst hosts "Survivor: Wrestling"

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Coming This Fall to CBS….

On a remote island in the south pacific, 14 of the top wrestlers in North America will compete against each other in a series of gruelling events that will test not only there ability, but there strength, heart and determination. Alliances will be made, promises broken and feelings hurt. Some are doing it to garner attention, others to add to there already impressive legacy. 14 men will fight it out in and out of the ring to determine who is the Sole Survivor and champion of…

Survivor: Wrestling

Premiering this fall on CBS.

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Show Information and Rules

To answer your first question, yes this will be related to and run through EWR 4. All angles, matches and others such things will be booked on the show and the ratings will be reported in the show write ups.

Regular fed diaries are the norm here on EWB. I wanted to do something different; something off the wall that would give readers an alternative option when reading a wrestling diary. I’m the TNA Impact to the boards WWE RAW and Smackdown! if you will. The jest of this diary is much the same as the show Survivor, but yet completely different at the same time. 14 hand picked wrestlers will be taken to a remote island in the South Pacific and forced to fight the elements as they try and “survive” for 14 weeks. The workers will be broken up into two tribes consisting of 7 wrestlers each. They will be given Rice, matches, two knives, a pot and other necessities of life. In addition, each wrestler is permitted one “luxury” item from home, much like the real show “Survivor.” Along with that “luxury” item however, they will also bring there wrestling gear. The difference in this seasons show is instead of races, games and eating of disgusting things the workers will match off in wrestling related events such as matches, promos, and wrestling based skill tests. These events will determine rewards and the all important immunity.

At tribal council, the losing tribe will be forced to put up two members that they believe should be voted off. Those two members will then face off in a match with the winner staying while the loser must go home. As the show starts the matches will be simple one on one contests. Once the show progresses and the tribes merge the two wrestlers nominated to leave will face off in an array of gimmick matches ranging from a Cage Match to a Strap Match. All this will lead to the finale when the final two wrestlers remaining will face off live in New York City in a 60 minute iron man match. The winner will receive an automatic WWE contract as well as a spot in the WrestleMania main-event. But above all else, they will be named the Sole Survivor of “Survivor: Wrestling.”

The list of competitors as well as there bios will be up next along with other show details and answers to any of your questions.

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I can remember two Wrestler Survivor diaries before this, ranging from good to brilliant. Your writing so far, while short, does intrigue me, as you seem to have a grasp of what you're going to do instead of just throwing it out of your ass. Good luck, I shall zoom back and give comments once you post the bios.

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The 14 Castaways

14 Castaways will embark on a journey that, for one man, will result in achieving a dream. Some of these Castaways have been to the top before, some have not. One thing is for sure though, they all want to be the one left standing when it’s all said and done. Now, let’s meet the castaways.

AJ Styles: “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles is a young man from Georgia who has already made a name for himself with his work for NWA:TNA. Some fans already know how good this kid is, but for many members of the wrestling world, they have yet to have the privilege of watching AJ Styles work. On top of the natural skill and athleticisms this guy already possesses, he also has an uncanny ability to over come adversity. Look for this guy to go a long way in “Survivor: Wrestling.”

A-Train: Although many fans may claim to know what they get with A-Train after seeing him on Smackdown! the truth is they really have no idea how good this guy can be. Aside from his sheer strength, A-Train has both a desire to succeed and a brutal mean streak that can really take its toll on any competitor. Some may think A-Train is a little “slow”, but don’t underestimate this big guy.

Christian: When you think of arrogant, egotistical, self-centered wrestlers one of the first names that come to mind is Christian. But how can you blame a guy for being full of himself when he is as good as this young Canadian is. Along with his in ring ability, Christian is equally skilled on the microphone which could prove to be a major plus for his tribe.

D’Lo Brown: This guy is still alive? You may be asking yourself that question, and the answer is yes. D’Lo Brown has be alive and well since leaving the WWE, making a major name for himself in NWA:TNA. D’Lo has been in the WWE and competed at WrestleMania before. Now he’s looking to not only get back, but make it to the top spot.

Eddie Guerrero: ”Latino Heat” Eddie Guerrero has become one of the top stars in all of professional wrestling over the past year. It started with him capturing his first ever WWE Championship in February of this year and continued on through the spring and into the depths of the summer until a “recovered” Kurt Angle defeated Eddie for the title at SummerSlam. Now Eddie wants to get back to the top, but to do it he’s got to out wit, out last and out wrestle 13 other men.

Hardcore Holly: Bob “Hardcore” Holly is one tough customer. Weather it be in the ring or just a conversation, you never feel safe around this guy. Holly takes no crap from anyone, just ask Matt from Tough Enough. Twos things are guaranteed from this guy. One, he won’t be bossed around and two, he will work hard at whatever his task may be. Having him in your tribe is like a double edged sword.

Jeff Hardy: Girls love him, guys want to be like him and I can’t stand him! This if Jeff Hardy’s chance to prove me wrong when I say he is one of the worst wrestlers of all time. Jeff wants this because wrestling in the main-event at WrestleMania means a lot to him. I want this because Jeff will surly prove me right when I say he sucks!

Ric Flair: ”The Nature Boy” Ric Flair will take one last shot at reaching the top of the mountain. One of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Flair will have to over come not only adversity and the physical demands placed on him. He will also have to battle the realities of being in his mid 50’s. Can Flair keep up with the likes of AJ Styles and Christian, only time will tell.

Rico: What would a season of Survivor be with out a controversial character? Rico fits the bill nicely as his “sexual interests” are not of the norm. However, this guy isn’t just about the guys, he’s about hard work and getting the job done. If you can get past his preferences, Rico could be a very valuable member of a tribe. Plus, he won’t be taking his clothes off!

Ron “The Truth” Killings: “Castaway” is one word that can really be used when talking about Ron Killings. The WWE saw nothing in him, so they casted him away only for NWA:TNA to pick him up and reap the benefits. He is a multiple time NWA World Champion and a man that gets what he wants. Ron Killings could very well win it all.

Steven Richards: Lost in the undercard of the WWE, Steven Richards struggles to get noticed. When you ask him what the highlight of his career is, he would probably say “escorting Victoria to the ring at WrestleMania 19.” As sad as that may sound, the fact that he hasn’t gotten a break yet is even sadder. Richards has a lot to prove and nothing to lose, he could be very dangerous.

Sean Waltman: The word “bounce” best describes the career of Sean Waltamn. He has bounded around from Minnesota to New York to Atlanta, back to New York with stops in Japan mixed in. Waltman has seemingly burned many bridges and now finds it very hard to get his foot in the front door again. Fortunately he can rely on his friendship with Triple H to help him out when needed.

Terry Funk: Another old timer, Terry Funk is going for glory one more time. His legend speaks for itself, his resume impressive. The only thing missing is a main-event match at WrestleMania. The Funker wants it, but will his age hold him back from achieving his goal?

Triple H: ”The Game” Triple H is easily the favourite going into this season. Not only is he one of the best in the world today, he already has existing friendships with both Sean Waltman and Ric Flair. Just getting the guy nominated to be voted off will be hard enough, yet alone defeating him in a match to actually get him out.

The competitors will be broken up into two tribes of seven on the first episode of the show. From there each tribe will elect a “Captain” who will be responsible for leading hi tribe into battle with the other tribe as well as making all final decisions regarding the team. With leadership comes responsibility, a responsibility to make the right decision for the group and not for the individual. If the tribe feels they are being misguided they can elect a new leader with a majority vote from the tribe.

Q & A

“You mean they aren't from the WWE? After all, the person who wins gets an automatic contract.” - sirdavinator

Answer: As you can see, some competitors are currently with the WWE. For them, the prize is main-eventing WrestleMania. For many of the WWE superstars in this competition, they could very well never get that shot for the rest of there careers. This is an all or nothing situation for them. As for the other workers, they get a contract and the main-event spot.

If there are anymore question between now and the first episode I will gladly answer them. Give this thing a shot, you may end up loving it.

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The winner gets a WWE contract? It sounds like a cross between "Tough Enough" and "Help! I'm a Celebrity! Get me Out of Here!"

Assuming this is completely realistic, let's suppose the ratings aren't good and it gets canceled after a few weeks. (Which is what usually happens with Survivor spin-offs.) The contract is believable, but it seems kinda far-fetched that they would take 16 midcarder and below wrestlers and let one of them main-event Wrestlemania. So much for the Royal Rumble.

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yeah. Well I miss the guy since he only finished one episode. Live by example my friend, so heed my parting words

'those who do not learn from the past fail to repeat it'

in other words, if you cant make more than one episode, damn thats gonna suck big time. But good luck nonetheles and your preview is a good hype towards the first show. Infact I cant wait to see what happens.

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Episode 1

The show begins with the Survivor Theme as the 14 castaways are introduced with a quick picture and there name given. As the video package ends we then see all 14 castaways as they are walking down what seems to be a makeshift runway in the middle of the jungle. The camera then zooms in on Triple H who is sporting a pair of sunglasses while wearing an “Evolution” t-shirt and some jean shorts. A voice over then begins.

Triple H: I know why I’m here, but do I know what I have to do to win? I know I do!

The camera then changes focus to Terry Funk, who has a “Funk-U” t-shirt on while wearing cowboy boots and jeans. He also has a red bandana wrapped around his head as he carries a rather large backpack over his shoulders. Cue Terry Funk voice over.

Terry Funk: I may be just a hard nosed Texan with no shot at winning this thing, but damn it, I’m gonna’ give it my best shot!

The camera then cuts to Rico who is wearing tight leathers pants and a neon green tank top.

Rico: I know people have opinions about me. Maybe I can change some of those while on this show.

The camera then shows a wide angle shot of all 14 castaways as they march down this makeshift runway. At the end stands Jeff Probst, the host of the show. The castaways finally get to the end and drop there bags, already tired from the long hike. Jeff takes a long hard look at the group before speaking.

Jeff Probst: Here we are in the middle of the South Pacific. It must be 100 degrees out here already, and according to my watch it’s only 9:30 local time. If this heat is getting to you, just wait until later this afternoon when temperatures approach 130 degrees. But enough about the weather, let’s talk Survivor. This season, as you all know, we have changed a lot of things. Many of those changes won’t be revealed until we move further into the game. As for right now I’m going to separate you into two groups of seven, those groups will be your new tribes Your first objective as a tribe is to elect a “Captain” who will be responsible for both leadership and final decisions as they relate to events and other such things. Remember, a majority vote is required for a person to be designated as Tribe Captain. If the person you select ends up doing a bad job you can elect a new Tribe Captain, but you can only do that with a majority vote and you can only do that at Tribal Council. So, enough about that, let’s get you into your Tribes.

Probsts takes a list and nails it to the door of the building behind him. The workers approach and read the list. Some don’t seem too happy while others have big smiles on there faces. The workers then get into the Tribes standing side by side.

Jeff Probst: Alright, now that your broken up into your two Tribes let me tell you the names of your Tribes. Blue, your Tribe name is “The Thez Tribe.” Green, your Tribe name is “The Monsoon Tribe.” Of course, each Tribal name pays homage to Lou Thez and Gorilla Monsoon. So, take a few moments to talk and elect your Tribal Captain.

The two Tribes talk amongst begin to talk amongst themselves as we take a commercial break.

The Thez Tribe: Triple H, Ric Flair, D’Lo Brown, A-Train, Jeff Hardy, Ron Killings and Rico

The Monsoon Tribe: AJ Styles, Christian, Eddie Guerrero, Hardcore Holly, Sean Waltman, Steven Richards and Terry Funk.


When we return from break both Tribes are standing side by side, ready to announce there Captains. Jeff Probst asks for each Tribes Captains to step forward. For The Thez Tribe Triple H steps forward. For The Monsoon Tribe Eddie Guerrero steps forward. Probst nods and the two Captains shake hands. All the Castaways then board a cargo plane behind them.

We then watch as the 30 minute flight his highlighted in about two minutes of footage of Tribal members talking in the plane. Flair and Triple H are talking up a storm while Eddie Guerrero makes his rounds, introducing or re-introducing himself to each member of his Tribe. The plane then lands, roughly, before the cargo doors opens and the castaways make there way out onto the ground. They look around and see two boxes, one for each Tribe, with a map on top of it. The pilot of the plane then begins to speak through a speaker on the back of the plane.

Pilot: You have 5 minutes to gather as much stuff as you can from your respective boxes before “Survivor Security” rushes in hear and takes everything away. If you do not vacate the area before they get here your Tribe will have to for fit all of your items and be forced to Survive on your own. The time starts…now!

The Tribes scramble to get all of the stuff they possibly can before time runs out. In the melee, Jeff Hardy manages to cut his arm up pretty bad on the metal latches of the crate. Jeff clutches his arm as blood pours down into the ground. Triple H looks up and sees hardy not working.

Triple H: Jeff, what the hell are you doing! We got like 30 seconds to get all this stuff and get the hell out of here. Get your ass up and start pickings things up!

Jeff ignores Triple H as Ron Killings and Rico come over to help. Triple H sees this and starts to yell.

Triple H: What the hell do you two think your doing! He doesn’t need your help, we do. If we don’t get this stuff out of here were going to starve to death. Hurry the F*ck up before I come over there a beat some sense into you! And Jeff, it’s just a scratch, get over here and help us!

The Buzzer then sounds as The Monsoon Tribe takes off into the woods. Triple H yells out a big “F*ck” before he and the rest of his tribe take off into the woods as well, not wanting to lose the items they were able to collect. Rico and Killings help Hardy into the woods as they disappear just before “Survivor Security” shows up.


When we return from break we get a wide shot of the island showing that The Monsoon Tribe is very close to there camp while The Thez Tribe is lagging behind, about half way to there camp. We then cut to Eddie Guerrero who is running and talking at the same time.

Eddie Guerrero: Oh la lay homes! Were almost there essa, and your all doing a great job! Keep workin’ it homes, were getting closer and closer.

This seems to spark his tribe as everyone starts to run even harder. Eddie leads them around a very tall tree and through a collections of limbs and bushes before they stumble upon there camp! Everyone falls to the ground, sucking wind hard. Eddie takes a second to catch his breath before handing out water to his tribe members. Hardcore Holly is handed The Monsoon Tribe flag. Eddie nods his head before Hardcore places the flag on the pole in the center of there camp and raises it high in the air. Everyone claps and smiles in joy of there first accomplishment as a team.

We then go to The Thez Tribe who with Triple H and Ric Flair leading the way though the bush. D’Lo Brown and A-Train are right behind them while lagging behind are Rico and Ron Killings who are now carrying Jeff hardy who seems to be losing a lot of blood. Killings and Rico then stop.

Ron Killings: Trips, Natch, we got a problem. I think Jeff loosing consciousness. We need to wrap up his arm before we go any further!

The four men in the front stop and then turn around. Triple H jogs back to see the three men.

Triple H: Let me look at him. (Examining the wound) He’s fine, it’s just a scratch.

Rico: Just a scratch, Jeff’s blood is all over your boots now. He needs some medical attention Trips!

Triple H: Who’s the Tribe Captain? Hmm? That’s right, it’s me! I say we keep moving, and if you don’t listen to me then there will be hell to pay!

Killings and Rico reluctantly pick up there stuff and begin to run again. This time Triple H runs behind them, ensuring they don’t slow there pace. We then get a few different shots of them running before they finally reach there camp. It is now dusk as all seven members take a breather and grab some water. Triple H raises The Thez Tribe flag while leaning on the flag pole to keep his balance. No one claps though, they are too busy attending to Jeff Hardy.


When we return from break it is now morning. We cut to The Monsoon Tribe who seem to be in high spirits. Steven Richards and Terry Funk come out from behind a tree, seemingly haven just got the tree mail. The Funker hands it to Eddie to read, but Eddie pushes his hand away, wanting The Funker to share the news with Tribe.

Terry Funk: We got some tree mail so I’m just gonna’ go ahead and read it t’ yall. ”In the world of wrestling, a lot of things are needed for a wrestler to be successful. They have to be able to get the job done in the ring, make the fans care about them and above all else, cut a good promo! Bring your best talker, ‘cause the winner gets immunity!” Well, if I was a betten’ man I’d reckon that we be in good hands!

Eddie Guerrero: Oh la lay Funker, we in great hands essa! Every single one of us can get the job done on the microphone homes!

Christian: Yea, and no one is better at wowing a crowd then me!

Steven Richards: What are you talking about?!?!? We all know who can cut the best promo, that’s Eddie! He isn’t our Tribe Captain just ‘cause he looks good, he dose the best job at just about everything.

Eddie Guerrero: Wow there essa, I wouldn’t say that.

Sean Waltman: Yea, just cause you guys voted for him to be captain doesn’t mean we all did. I didn’t vote for him, I voted for Christian just like I am now. He should be the one to take this challenge!

Everyone starts to argue except for Eddie who lets it go for a minute before breaking it up.

Eddie Guerrero: HEY HEY HEY! We don’t need to argue. I’m the Tribe Captain so I’ll make the final decision on who will do this task, alright! So then, the only two to be nominated for this are me and Christian. Fine, I’ll think about it and make my decision at the Immunity Challenge. Now, let’s get back to work!

Meanwhile, over at The Thez Tribe

Triple H: It’s clear who’s going to be doing this challenge for us.

Everyone looks around at each other nodding while Ric Flair gets a smile on his face.

Triple H: He’s the only guy here who knows how to get people behind him. He’s the only one here who knows how to work the crowd in just the right way. He’s one of the greatest of all time!

Ron Killings pats Flair on the back while nodding his head. Flair then stands up with a smile on his face and gets ready to let out a big “WOOOOO!”

Triple H: That man is… ME!

Flair is shocked and caught in mid “WOO!” Everyone lese can’t believe it either. But instead of Flair getting upset he just adjusts his shirt, shakes Triple H’s hand and turns to the group.

Ric Flair: You guys have to respect Triple H’s decision. We elected him Tribe Captain so will roll with the punches, o.k? I don’t want any of you to talk bad about this guy, he is after all the greatest wrestler in the world today!

D’Lo Brown: But Natch, it should be yo…

Ric Flair: NO! Triple H is going to do this for us and he’s going to do a great job, aren’t ya’ champ!

Triple H: You guys just sit back and enjoy. Hell, maybe you’ll even learn something!

The group can’t believe that Flair isn’t getting the promo spot as they reluctantly go back to work. Triple H watches them all with a smile on his face while Flair puts on a happy face.


When we return from the break we get a camera pan from the air showing a beach lined with Survivor torches. In the center there is a circular stage with stump like seats organized in the front. Jeff Probst is standing on stage and both Tribes make there way into the area. They walk in front of the stage and take there seats according to there respective Tribes.

Jeff Probst: Alright, looks like everyone is here. So I’m sure you could take from the tree mail that this, the first, immunity challenge will involve cutting a promo. Basiclly how this will work is each Tribe will assign one member to cut a promo. Now that promo must have to do with what ever topic I draw from this bucket. There are about 30 different scenarios’ that are in here and what ever one I draw you must cut a related promo. Now you don’t have a lot of air time, so make sure you keep it to under two minutes. If you go over the two minute mark your team will be deducted points accordingly. Now, we have a special judge here today to evaluate each person’s promo and will award you a mark out of ten. Now then, when you think professional wrestling and you think promos, aside from Ric Flair, the first name that comes to mind is our special judge for this challenge. Let’s bring him out… HULK HOGAN!

The Hulkster walks out from the back area and out onto the stage. He shakes hands with Jeff Probst and then takes a long hard look at each Tribe. Some are happy to the The Hulkster while other aren’t. Hogan doesn’t say anything, but rather sits down as his judging table and gets ready.

Jeff Probst: Alright, the order was determined earlier and Monsoon, your up first. Who will it be for your group?

Eddie Guerrero stands up and steps forward.

Eddie Guerrero: Jeff, I’ve decided that…Christian will represent The Monsoon Tribe.

Many of The Monsoon Tribe members aren’t too happy. Christian gets up and walks to the stage, ignoring Eddie who held out his hand for a handshake.

Jeff Probst: Wow, Christian. O.K. Hulkster, will you please draw and read Christian his promo scenario.

Hogan reaches in the bucket and pulls out a piece of paper. He opens it up and begins to read.

Hulk Hogan: You’ve just defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin for the World Title. Now Jim Ross wants a victory speech. Go!

Christian: WOOOOO!!!!! Not to steal a line from The Nature Boy, but WOOOO!! Your all looking at the new champion of the world! Now then, I want to take this time to tanks everyone that made this possible, everyone that stood behind me and everyone that believed in me. So, thanks goes out to….ME! That’s right, ME! No one else thought I could do it! No one else thought I could beat The Rattle Snake and become the world champion, but I did! And the best part is, I did it with out help from anyone, especially all of the fans! I’m the world champion because of me damn it!!!! So as the new world champion, I have one thing left to say to all of you and that is this…KISS MY ASS!

No one is sure what to make of that promo, no one except for Sean Waltman who gets to his feet and claps very hard. Eddie just shakes his head while both Hardcore Holly and AJ Styles look at each other in amazement. Christian holds his hands in the air, think he has just won immunity for his team. Christian then slaps hands with Waltman and sits down beside him while Triple H approaches the stage.

Jeff Probst: Alright, now Triple H it is your turn. Hulkster, go ahead and read him his promo scenario.

Hulk Hogan: Alright Triple H, here is your Promo Scenario. You’ve been in a heated feud with your best friend. He turned his back on you a few months ago and now your just moment away from steeling the score in the ring. Ready…GO!

Triple H: You know friend, we go back a long, long time. Breaking into this business, I truly believed that we were going to be side by side forever. Never once did it cross my mind that you may get so jealous, so envious that you would turn your back on me. But that’s exactly what happened, isn’t it? The more success that I achieved, the more it ate away at you deep down inside. Slowly, the feelings of jealousy grew like a cancer, devouring your inner being, leaving nothing but hatred behind. Looking back on things now I’m surprised I didn’t see it coming. I could tell there was something wrong with you, but I didn’t know I was the problem. Now here we are, moments away from entering the ring and finishing this thing once and for all. I didn’t want it to come to this; I didn’t want it to get physical. But when you started to bring up old times, hard time for me, and rub it in my face, trying to make me feel like less of a man that got to me. The hurt you’ve caused me has created a motivation. This motivation is what will drive me tonight inside that ring. This motivation is what will cause me to BREAK YOU IN HALF! I didn’t want it like this, but I guess things will finally be over between us. It’s been a long hard road, unfortunately for you it’s a dead end!

Ric Flair almost comes out of his coat as he shows his appreciation fro Triple H’s work. The rest of his Tribe is also delighted with his work. Triple H goes back to his Tribe where he receives hand shakes and pats on the back from everyone, including Jeff Hardy. Triple h takes a seat with a smile on his face.

Jeff Probst: Alright, let’s give The Hulkster a minute to tally up his scores before we reveal the winner of the first immunity challenge.

Hogan spends about a minute finishing up before taking to the stage in front of everyone.

Hulk Hogan: Let me just start off by saying that what you guys are doing out here is impressive. Not a lot of guys would go through what you’re putting yourselves through to reach your dreams. That takes guts, and I respect each and every one of you for that. Unfortunately, only one of you can win and that starts tonight with the first Tribal Council. We were just witness to two very interesting promos. First of all Christian. Although you stuck the topic at hand, I feel you made making the fans feel bad too much of a priority and not making your title win a big deal less of one. You were bale to get the point across that you won the title, but all I walked away from that promo with was that your one self centered dude! Brother, that stuff doesn’t work in the wrestling business, unless you’re a heel. Out of 10 I scored you at 5.5.

Christian is very upset by this and has to be restrained by both Sean Waltman and Eddie Guerrero.

Hulk Hogan: Now then, Triple H. Coming into this thing we all knew you could bring the goods on the mic and in the ring, there’s not debating that. You track record speaks for itself. But let me tell you brother, I wasn’t expecting a promo like that. You chilled me to the spine with that one dude, and I only wish there was an actual match between you and this friend of yours. That was a fantastic job and I scored you with a 9 out 10!

The Thez Tribe jumps up and celebrates there win as Jeff Probst hands them the Immunity Championship belt. Flair puts the belt over the shoulder of Triple H who then holds it up for all to see.

Jeff Probst: Alright, you know what that means. Monsoon Tribe, I’ll see you at Tribal Council tonight. One of you is going home!


When we return from commercial we get a wide angle shot of the Tribal Council area. There is a circular area with stump seat on one side and a podium on the other. Jeff Probst is standing at the podium as The Monsoon Tribe makes there way in and takes a seat.

Jeff Probst: Alright, now that your all hear allow me to explain how this all works. You will each individually walk up those stairs and write down the name of the person you would like to vote off tonight. Once everyone has voted I will tally the votes. The two people that receive the most amounts of votes will then square off in a one on one match in this ring behind me. All rules will be enforced mind you. The winner of the match will stay while the loser will have to leave. Once I read the votes the decisions are final and can not be changed. Once a decision in the match is reached it is final and can not be changed. To ensure that each match is called as fairly as possible, one of the best officials of all time, Earl Hebner, will officiate the action. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about your first few days on the island. Terry, how hard has it been to adjust to living here on the island?

Terry Funk: Let me tell you Jeff, it hasn’t been easy. I consider myself a tough guy and I don’t mind eating the rice of sleeping on branches, but when you have to wipe your ass with leaves that’s were the trouble begins for me. Makes me wish my luxury item was a roll of toilet paper.

Jeff Probst: Ha ha ha. Alright Terry, I can see that. What about you Steven Richards? How have you adjusted?

Steven Richards: Well, as much as the whipping of the ass has bothered me, I find the days long. I mean when you go all day cutting trees and boiling water and cooking rice and building shelter you get tired pretty quick, then to have to sleep in these conditions, it tough.

Jeff Probst: I bet. Eddie, I want to talk to you about your decision as Tribal Captain to let Christian do the “Promo Scenario” and not yourself. I know the majority of the group wanted you to do it.

Eddie Guerrero: Well Jeff, I thought about it for a while and honestly, I thought Christian could do it. In fact looking back on the promo, I think he did do it. I have a lot of respect for Hulk Hogan, but I think his score for Christian was a little low essa. Granted Triple H did a hell of a job, Christian definitely did a good job too.

Jeff Probst: In your opinion Eddie, was Christian effort good enough to win? Was it better then triple H’s?

Eddie Guerrero: I think Christian did a good job.

Jeff Probst: Alright, we’ll leave it at that then. Let’s go ahead a vote. AJ, why don’t you start us off.

Each member then takes there turn voting before Jeff Probst retrieves the ballots.

Jeff Probst: Alright, remember. Once I’ve read the names they are final and can not be changed. The first vote is for… Christian. The second vote is for…Christian. The third vote is for…Steven Richards. The forth vote is for…Steven Richards. The fifth vote if for…Christian. The sixth vote if for… Steven Richards. Alright then, that means that Christian and Steven Richards will square off one on one when we come back from commercial break.


Christian vs Steven Richards (Vote Off Match #1)

Christian and Steven Richards enter the ring and circle around a little before the bell sounds. The two lock up in the center of the ring with Christian getting the upper hand, locking in a headlock. Richards quickly propels Christian off the ropes but is met with a shoulder block in the middle of the ring. Christian then takes off from the opposite ropes and takes Richards down with a clothesline. Richards clutches the back of his head as h hit pretty hard on the mat. Christian then picks Richards up and backs him into the corner. Christian begins to open up with some hard kicks the mid section, sending Richards into a sitting position in the corner. Christian backs up seven or eight steps before charging in and smashing his knee right in the face of Steven. Richards grabs his face is agony and rolls out of the ring. As Richards tries to recover Christian begins to taunt the other Survivors. He points at them and laughs and then does an Eddie Guerrero impression before turning his attention back to Richards.

Christian goes outside the ring and kicks Richard again in the stomach before smacking him face first into a tree! Richards stumbles backwards and trips on the lip of the wooden area that surrounds the ring. Christian then picks him up and rolls him back into the ring. Christian makes a cover but only gets a two count. He then stands up, pulling Richards back to his feet with him. Christian slaps Richards a few times before turning him around and going for the Unprettier. Christian pauses for a moment to show bout and that costs him as Richards escapes and drop kicks him from behind. Christian shoots into the ropes chest first and backs up into a roll up for a near fall. Richards returns to his feet and blocks a Christian right hand, connecting with one of his own. Richards hits another and then another before hitting the ropes and going for a clothesline, but instead is met with a quick kick from Christian followed by a DDT. Christian makes the cover and gets a near fall.

Believing he has things under control, Christian takes another moment to stare down the fellow Survivors. Sean Waltman stands up and starts to clap for Christian. Christian points at him and gives him a smile before turning back to Richards. Christian gets down on the mat and starts to choke Richards, not breaking the clutch around Richards throat until the referee gets to 4 and seven eighths. The referee warns Christian he will be disqualified, but Christian pays him no attention. Christian picks Richards up and backs him into the corner. The Canadian hauls back and hits a stiff chop, driving the air out of Richards lungs. Christian hits another and then another, turning the chest of Richards beat red. Christian then pulls Richards away from the corner and delivers a suplex in the center of the ring. He makes a cover for another near fall. Christian turns to the Survivors and signals for the end, yelling “I’ve had enough of this guy” while cutting he air like Scott Hall. As Christian is turning around one of the Survivors yells something at him. Christian turns back and starts jawing with someone, saying “shut up or I’ll beat your ass next!” Christian brushes the sweat from his chest and flicks at his own Tribe, showing nothing but disrespect to them all. Christian then turns around… BANG!!!! Steven Richard hits the Steven Kick!!! Christian crashes to the mat and a half conscious Richards falls on top of him, 1…2…3!!!

The bell sounds as The Monsoon tribe, minus Waltman rush the ring to celebrate! Eddie Guerrero and AH Styles help Richards to his feet while Jeff Probst enters the ring.

Jeff Probst: Congratulations Steven, your still in the game. Christian, the tribe has spoken.

Terry Funk hands Probst Christian torch. Probst then places his giant wooden spoon over top and extinguishes the flame. Christian is the first wrestler voted off of Survivor: Wrestling.”

Jeff Probst: There you have it folks, we’ll see you next week on Survivor: Wrestling!

The end credit then role as The Monsoon Tribe celebrates with Steven Richards in the ring. Christian is still out as the show fades out.


Overall: 78

Rating: 6.86

Edited by Miami Vice
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