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Breaking News: Carmine DeSpirito to announce new Director of Operations for MAW!

It was announced at the Mid American Wrestling show on May 28th, 2004 that Carmine DeSpirito has decided that because of the overhaul of work he has faced managing wrestlers not only in Mid American Wrestling, but across the country, he has decided to hire a Director of Operations to be in charge of booking matches, signing shows, and all the business operation that goes on behind the scenes. To the surprise of many, DeSpirito has decided to hire Jim Kennix to be the new Director of Operations. Kennix has a good amount of experience in the field, having worked as a manager in the midwest and east coast independent scene, and also serving as Comissioner of Combat Zone Wrestling from November 2002 until January 2004, when he lost his job after his client Messiah lost not only a No Ropes Barbed Wire match for the CZW World Heavyweight Title, but Kennix's job, which was part of the stipulations. Kennix then went to work in a short stint for Revolution Pro Wrestling, based in City of Industry, CA, until he resigned his post to become Directer of Operations at Mid American Wrestling. Kennix has stated that he is hard at work with a team of assistants putting together a suitable card for the show, which has been tentatively titled "Twelve", for a reason unbeknownst to the MAW staff. In another shocking move, Kennix has announced that he has stripped all current titleholders of their titles, and plans on bringing in new talent to fill gaps. "Twelve" is set to take place on Friday, June 16th from the Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center in downtown Milwaukee, WI. Kennix has also issued this release of the talent currently on the MAW roster:

Ace Steel

Adrian Serrano

Austin Aries


Brad Bradley

Chris Hamrick

Chuck E. Smooth

CM Punk

Colt Cabana

Corporal Robinson

Danny Daniels


Dino Bambino

Horace the Psychopath

Ian Rotten

JC Bailey

Jason Dukes

Ken Anderson

Lenny Lane

Matt Sydal

Nate Webb

Ricky Reyes

Rocky Romero

Ryan Boz

Shawn Daivari

Silas Young


Tracy Smothers

Truth Martini

Zach Gowen

Besides that, all we can tell you is to continue visiting midamericanwrestling.com for updates on "Twelve".

[for those of you wondering, my rev pro game crashed and I didn't really feel like putting it together all over again, so I turned to another relatively unknown fed. feedback is appreciated, criticism, praise, whatever.]

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Twelve Man Tournament to crown the new MAW Heavyweight Champion:

First Round

Match A: Ace Steel vs. Truth Martini vs. Austin Aries

Match B: Ken Anderson vs. B-Boy vs. Matt Sydal

Match C: Colt Cabana vs. JC Bailey vs. Ian Rotten

Match D: CM Punk vs. Danny Daniels vs. Delirious

Second Round

Match A Winner vs. Match B Winner

Match C Winner vs. Match D Winner

Final Round:

Winner of AB vs. Winner of CD


Winning Team Gets Choice of MAW Tag Team Titles Match Stipulation for next show:

Southern Comfort vs. Havana Pitbulls vs. Bradley and Boz vs. Zach Gowen and Silas Young


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Holy...this looks damn good, mainly because it's Mid-West (or South? Nevermind...), but still.

The backstory is a bit flawed (Messiah losing the title in CZW...in a No Ropes Barbed Wire match? Where was that match held, and I hope you won't say Viking Hall...), but the card for the first show looks good. Predicting that Austin Aries, B-Boy, Ian Rotten & CM Punk go through, followed by B-Boy defeating Aries and Punk defeating Rotten, and then Punk defeating B-Boy in the finals. Bradley & Boz will win the Tag match.

Now give me a show. >_>

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MAW: Twelve


From the Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center in Milwaukee, WI.

Attendance: 363

First Round: Ace Steel vs. Truth Martini vs. Austin Aries

Before the match even started, the fans were really ripping into Aries with a huge "ARIES SUCKS!" chant that echoed throughout the Masonic Center. While Aries had his back turned to the crowd, Steel and Martini jumped him and set the pace for the match, which was basically that Aries would get beaten down, and Steel and Martini would fight over who would attempt to pin him. Martini hit a tornado DDT against a chair on Steel and hit a three count for the first elimination of the night. Aries floored Martini with a huge spinning heel kick and followed it up with a standing somersault for a two count, but floored Truth again with the chair and hit a 450 Splash to secure a next round bid at 14:51.

Winner: Austin Aries

Match Quality: 72%

First Round: B-Boy vs. Ken Anderson vs. Matt Sydal

Ken Anderson came out to the ring wearing the old-style MAW Heavyweight Title belt, as he was the champion before the ownership and roster shakeup occured. B-Boy made the title into a weapon though, pulling it off his waist and slamming it repeadetly into Anderson's head, causing a gash on the forehead. Sydal hit a Van Terminator against the belt to eliminate Anderson as the fans booed him out of the building. B-Boy gained advantage of the belt and gave Sydal a Cross Special Brainbuster onto the belt for a very near two count, which aggrivated B-Boy enough for him to strap the belt tightly around Sydal's head and hit a huge shining wizard against it to pick up the win at 11:19.

Winner: B-Boy

Match Quality: 74%

First Round: "Classic" Colt Cabana vs. J.C. Bailey vs. Ian Rotten

Cabana came down to the ring empty handed, but Bailey and Rotten decided to spice up the tournament by bringing down garbage bins full of deathmatch weapons like light tubes, barbed wire, thumbtacks, etc. Cabana stayed mostly to the side until he was dropkicked into a bed of tacks by Bailey and then splashed by Rotten. Rotten tried to pumphandle slam Bailey into light tube log cabin but Bailey whipped around and bulldogged Rotten into it for the first elimination. Colt then got creative with barbed wire, wrapping it around his shoulder and hitting Bailey with a Colt 45 into the wire to advance in the tournament at 14:34.

Winner: Colt Cabana

Match Quality: 68%

First Round: CM Punk vs. Danny Daniels vs. Delirious

Before the match, Punk got on the microphone and told the fans at the Masonic Center receiving their free beer from MAW to not blame him when he is forced to slap every one of them in the face for being stupid drunkards. This brought out Danny Daniels drinking a pitcher of beer and a bottle of Southern Comfort, which caused Punker to flip out and break the pitcher over Daniels' head. Delirious literally sat in the corner while Punk and Daniels brawled into the stands and around the auditorium. Punk pinned Daniels after a HUGE Pepsi Plunge off a ledge, but was too fatigued to get up, so Delirious simply hit a corkscrew moonsault for the three count and the HUGE surprise victory!

Winner: Delirious

Match Quality: 73%

Introduction of Jim Kennix

Before intermission, Carmine DeSpirito made his way down to the ring and thanked the fans for attending the show. He said that, while he was no longer in charge of booking, he was still in charge of ownership and he plans on continuing to be owner until he has no breath left in his body. With that said, he welcomed out Jim Kennix, who received a fair ovation from the crowd. Kennix came out and basically said the usual new booker shit until Adrian Serrano made his way down to the ring. He said that Kennix didn't book Serrano for the sheer fact that he doesn't want him to seriously injure any of the tournament participants. Kennix laughed, so Serrano floored him with a clothesline and locked him in a cross armbreaker! MAW security forces had to pull Serrano off, which led Kennix to let Serrano know that he's booked in the next show, in a Fans Bring the Weapons match against Corporal Robinson! Corp came out and chased Serrano out of the ring, leaving with Kennix.

Semi-Finals: Austin Aries vs. B-Boy

Austin Aries vs B-Boy

The two started out with a taste of chain wrestling, but the match quickly degenerated into a full out stiff strong style match. B-Boy corned Aries and began kicking him square in the side of the head, hard enough that you could hear it in the stands! Aries eventually got out of the corner and scored with a brainbuster in the center of the ring, which he followed up with a missed 450 Splash attempt. When he rose to his knees in agony, B-Boy caught him square in the jaw with a Shining Wizard, but only obtained a two count! B-Boy went for a Cross Special Brainbuster but Aries hit a low blow, pulled out a pair of brass knuckles and gave B-Boy a brass fist to the face! He went for the cover, but HOMICIDE made his MAW debut and pulled the ref out of the ring, saving B-Boy from a cheap defeat. Aries was pissed enough to go after Homicide, and when he slid back in, B-Boy nailed a Shining Wizard for the victory at 16:43 to advance to the finals of the Heavyweight Title Tournament. Afterwards, Aries went to give B-Boy a handshake, but B-Boy slapped him in the face! As B-Boy left, Aries was overheard saying "you'll regret that".

Winner: B-Boy

Match Quality: 88%

Semi-Finals: Delirious vs. Colt Cabana

Colt Cabana was followed to the ring by Ace Steel and CM Punk, which led Delirious to employ the services of his mentor Ian Rotten. Colt started off the match by making fun of Delirious on the mic with cheap jokes about lizards and aliens and shit, until Delirious nailed Colt with a missile dropkick to start the match off. Much like the second Semi-Final match, this match degenerated into a brawl at about the 10 minute mark. Ace Steel attacked Ian Rotten from behind with a chair, which distracted the referee long enough to allow Punk to slide in and nail Delirious with the ring bell and then a Pepsi Plunge against the ring bell! Colt then simply rolled Delirious up for the three count at 11:07.

Winner: Colt Cabana

Match Quality: 84%

Southern Comfort vs. Havana Pitbulls vs. Bradley and Boz vs. Young and Gowen

This match was simply a huge, wild brawl to escape from the overall seriousness of the tournament. The four teams brawled all over the center with Rocky Romero battling Tracy Smothers in the ring, Bradley and Boz battling Ricky Reyes and Silas Young in the crowd, and Zach Gowen battling Chris Hamrick in the stage area. Silas Young got himself and Gowen eliminated first after he recieved a Southern Bell Ringer from the stage through a table. Rocky Romero then actually receieved a submission from Tracy Smothers after turning a Lady of the Lake into a flipover cross armbreaker style manuever. Bradley hit a huge powerbomb off the top to Romero, but it was broken up by Ricky Reyes. Romero and Reyes then double teamed Bradley out of the ring long enough to nail a Cuban Missile Crisis to Boz and pick up the victory at 21:28.

Winners: Havana Pitbulls

Match Quality: 91%

Tournament Finals: B-Boy vs. Colt Cabana [MAW Heavyweight Title]

The two men entered the ring battered and bruised from their Semi-Final battles but determined to win the title. They started off with a staredown that ended with B-Boy slapping Cabana in the face after Cabana mocked his westside hand gestures. Cabana retailiated by knocking B-Boy down and going for a quick pin which only got a one count and aggrivated B-Boy even more. The two took turns with brutal moves for five minutes or so until B-Boy floored Cabana with an enziguri and locked in an STF. Cabana got into it for about two minutes before passing out. The referee got Cabana's hand dropped twice until CM Punk slid into the ring and broke it up. The ref attempted to throw Punk out, but he wouldn't leave, which triggered Homicide to run out and knock Punk out of the ring, then nailing him with a Cop Killa against the floor, gaining a "HOLY SHIT!" chant from the crowd. Inside the ring, Cabana slowly made his way to his feet but saw B-Boy flying at him with a Shining Wizard. Cabana regained his composure in time to catch B-Boy and nail a HUGE backbreaker as the two men laid out in the ring. At the eighth count the two made their way to the feet, and B-Boy hit a Cross Special Brainbuster to Cabana for a near count at two. B-Boy then grabbed a chair and set it up in the ring, laying Cabana in the corner and hitting a huge springboard facelift dropkick to Cabana, only getting a two count yet again. B-Boy was now pissed off beyond human belief, to the point where he began beating Cabana down with the chair. At that point the crimson mask appeared on Cabana as the blood poured from his head. B-Boy went for a Shining Wizard but Cabana caught him yet again and nailed a Colt 45 to B-Boy. Cabana covered - 1.....2....KICKOUT! The fans were literally split down the center for who to cheer and boo for, as the two made the way to their feet. They began staring each other down again, now 20 minutes into the match. They locked up and Cabana pushed B-Boy down into the corner. Cabana then grabbed the chair and SMACKED B-Boy across the head with it with so much power that he collapsed to his knees. B-Boy rolled out of the ring and began bleeding profusely from the chairshot. He slid back in behind Cabana and hit a Yakuza Kick to the back of the head, hit the ropes, Shining Wizard! Cabana rolled to his knees from the impact and B-Boy met him with ANOTHER Shining Wizard, knocking Cabana into the corner. B-Boy sprinted and hit a huge Facelift to Cabana. Cabana, slouched in the corner, then got a chair lodged into his face by B-Boy for a THIRD Shining Wizard and a 1.......2.........3! for the victory and the MAW Heavyweight Championship at 28:43.

Winner and NEW MAW Heavyweight Champion: B-Boy

Match Quality: 79%

The two men layed in the ring for three minutes or so while the locker room cleared out to give them a standing ovation. B-Boy made the way to his feet and accepted the title, but was attacked from behind by Austin Aries! The locker room had to stop the two from brawling as the cameras stopped rolling. B-Boy was forced backstage and Aries was forced out the back door.


Feedback, thoughts, anything goes here.

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It doesn't matter if he's your friend or if you talked about it on AIM.

One line feedback in diaries isn't appreciated, ecspecially if it is solicited.

So smack his bitch as up and get back to writing.

That said I don't really like your roster... but your writing is good, your strength being your matches. Stick to it, it looks good.

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On July 16th, 2004, Mid American Wrestling put on a show that independent wrestling fans have been calling one of the most action packed nights of wrestling in recent history. On August 27th, 2004, from the Humphrey Masonic Center in downtown Milwaukee, WI, MAW will attempt to one-up themselves when they present "LIGHTS OUT!". Jim Kennix and his booking team released the card to the MAW Webmaster today, and so here it is:


These two put on a battle at Twelve, and ever since then the fans have been screaming for some sort of rematch. This is why, that on Monday, July 19th, when Colt Cabana and Ace Steel burst into the MAW offices and demanded that Colt Cabana recieve a rematch against B-Boy with the title on the line. Citing public interest, Jim Kennix and his booking team decided to sign the match, but decided to make it a Lights Out match just to see if the two could top the brutality of their first encounter, hence the name of the show. On 8/27, we all shall see Colt Cabana vs. B-Boy for the title; will Cabana be able to get the Heavyweight Title monkey off of his back, or will B-Boy shine Cabana's wizard to turn his lights out?


Ace Steel was tagging along in the offices with Colt Cabana, and mentioned to Jim Kennix how aggrivated he was that Homicide had to get into himself and Cabana's business, ultimately costing Cabana the Heavyweight Title. Kennix suggested that Steel put his money where his mouth is and told him that he will sign Homicide vs. Ace Steel. If Ace Steel wins, Steel gets a shot against B-Boy, if Homicide wins, Homicide gets to have Colt Cabana one on one.


The rules to the Tag Team match on 7/16 were never properly established, so we'll take this time to explain: The first team eliminated (Zach Gowen and Silas Young) will not receive a Tag Team Title shot. The team who wins the match (Havana Pitbulls) get to choose what the stipulations of the Tag Team Title Match are. The Pitbulls, citing their backgrounds, chose an SSS Match: Strong Style and Submissions. This basically means that everything is legal when it comes to weapons and fighting styles (closed fists allowed), and the only way to defeat your opponent is by submissions.


The stage was set at Twelve: Don't cross the boss. And also, don't cross arm breaker the boss either. Adrian Serrano obviously never indulged in the MAW Rulebook, because he chose to lock Jim Kennix into a cross arm breaker in the center of the ring. Pissed, Kennix lost his cool and put Serrano in a Fans Bring the Weapons match against a crazy mother fucker named Corporal Robinson. Oh, the humanity.


These two men decided to turn what was supposed to be a standard match in the first round of the Heavyweight Title Tournament into a full out deathmatch. These two men feuded in IWA Mid-South in the early stages of the year and have spilled it into the ring of Mid American Wrestling to the point that Jim Kennix has decided to call an end to it. A ring will be set up in the parking lot as to not waste time setting up the wire, and these two have been invited to go bat shit with the weapons. What will happen? Who will do what? Is somebody going to die? Buy a ticket and see yourself, faggot.


Austin Aries sent out an e-mail this week through the offices of MAW letting everyone know his dislike for the new Heavyweight Champion B-Boy, and his actions. Aries has stated that he is going to be at LIGHTS OUT!, and that he is going to fight. Who he will fight has yet to be seen.

Friday night, August 27th at 7:30pm sharp, @ The Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center, located on the corner of Van Buren & Wells in downtown Milwaukee! Bell time is 7:30 p.m. and front row tickets are only $18 dollars while all other seating is only $15 dollars!!! Tickets are available at the door, emialing midam@webtv.net, or by leaving a message at 414-777-3941!!! FREE BEER will be served while supplies last!!!

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I don't mind recaps for matches, but I really think you should write out the "interview" parts like where Kennix was introduced as the new booker. It makes it harder to develop characters with just a summary of their speaking parts.

But like Sean said, the strength is the match writing and specifically, the way you made the main event better than the rest of the card, showing importance.

And DBD, before you lecture someone on postwhoring as feedback...you said pretty much the same thing "lol" said, except you made it seem longer.

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Meh, the show was alright. Short, but effective, match reports and the layout is simple, but a tad bit ugly. Maybe try to use something more than just bold?

I actually liked the preview for the next show more than the Twelve show itself. Personal and well-booked, nice. :)

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  • 2 months later...

OOC: Damn, what a wait. I lost interest in this diary immediately after I started it. I became re-interested in doing it back at the end of July and started booking towards the show when my EWR game crashed and I lost all the data. I basically had to re-work all the way back to this, which wouldn't have been hard if I wouldn't have forgotten all the stats I had set out and the plans I had made for the direction of the company. I decided to do something different than I had originally set out to do with it but I actually think it is going to be better.


MAW: Lights Out!


Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center

Milwaukee, WI.

Attendance: 370

Austin Aries promo.

The show starts out as Austin Aries is sitting in a chair in the middle of the ring. As the show starts, he stands up, unfolds the chair, takes the microphone from the ring announcer and begins to speak.

Aries: Now that you all have been seated and received your free beer, I have some real business to attend to. At the last show, “The New Age Punisher” or whatever he likes to be called, B-Boy, disrespected me in a great way. I offered my hand to him, and he refused it. However, not only did he refuse it, he slapped me in the face for my efforts! I am a former MAW Junior Heavyweight Champion, an accomplished star in all sorts of companies, and this little street gangster punk wants to come in to MY territory, and slap MY face in the middle of MY ring?! That’s one too many of MY things he has violated. B-Boy, I don’t give a flying deer’s testicle that you have a Lights Out match against Colt Cabana later tonight. I don’t even care if you bring that title of yours. I want a match with you, here and now!

With that, Jim Kennix steps through the curtain to a respectful ovation from the MAW crowd.

Kennix: Aries, like you said my friend, Mr. Boy has a Lights Out match later tonight. And he is preparing for that match as we speak. Therefore, I cannot force him to wrestle you tonight. However, B-Boy has brought a friend along for the show. I’m sure he’ll be happy to face you. MAW, say hello to “The Hired Assassin” Dan Maff!

Maff makes his way down to the ring, and we have a match!

Austin Aries vs. Dan Maff

Maff climbs into the ring and is immediately hit with a boot by Aries, sending Maff into the corner. The two trade blows with forearms and elbows, until Maff gets annoyed and just knocks Aries down with a huge clothesline. He goes to pick Aries up but is met with a set of European uppercuts, followed by a gigantic sidekick from Aries, once again launching Maff into the corner. Aries waits too long to regain his breath, and when he stands he is met with another lariat from Maff, this time making him do a back flip. Maff goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Maff grabs Aries by the trunks and throws him shoulder-first into the turnbuckle, waits for him to return, and does the same thing to the other turnbuckle. Aries begins to favor his left shoulder, and Maff takes advantage with a cross-arm breaker to that exact area. Aries comes close to tapping, but Maff stops, stands up, smirks and then begins to lay gigantic boot stomps into Aries’ shoulder. Maff lifts Aries up and begins to work away on the shoulder again, draping it over the ropes and stomping it again. Aries is now holding his shoulder with his right arm and grimacing at every open chance. Maff lifts Aries up and places him up on the top turnbuckle, slapping him in the face for a follow-up. He picks Aries up for a back-body drop, but Aries resists and instead pushes Maff off, who lands on his feet. Maff gets angry, and stomps back over to Aries, this time just throwing him off the turnbuckle, with Aries landing shoulder first against the guardrail! Aries waits on the ground, kneeling and holding his shoulder up to a seven count. At that, B-Boy comes running down, lifts Aries up and rolls him back into the ring, where Dan Maff is waiting with a gigantic leg drop right to the shoulder area. Maff lifts Aries up and hits him with a powerful shoulder breaker to the same shoulder. Maff lifts up Aries, signals with a cutthroat, and lifts him onto his shoulders for the Burning Hammer. Aries shakes around like a bad case of Tourette’s, but Maff holds on and nails a Burning Hammer with an emphasis on the shoulder, as to where Aries lands right on his left shoulder! Maff pins, but Aries lays his foot on the ropes at two. Maff stands up and drags Aries to the center of the ring for a painkiller armbar to the left shoulder. Aries hesitates for only three seconds before tapping quickly.

Winner: Dan Maff

Maff leaves as Aries lays in the ring, holding his shoulder. B-Boy slides into the ring and waits for Aries to stand. When he does, B-Boy gets in his face and they exchange words. Aries slaps B-Boy and he retaliates by grabbing his left arm and dragging it down, applying a cross arm breaker. Aries frantically taps for a minute until Colt Cabana emerges from backstage and knocks B-Boy off. Cabana whips B-Boy into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but B-Boy ducks, hits the other set of ropes and nails Cabana with a spinning heel kick, exiting the ring and heading backstage being chased by Colt. Aries is eventually helped backstage by medical personnel.

NO ROPES BARBED WIRE: Ian Rotten vs. JC Bailey

The crowd and cameras head outside as Rotten and Bailey are already brawling in the lot of the building. Rotten nails Bailey with a few stiff trashcan shots and begins to cut his head up with a fork. Bailey nails a low blow that gives him enough time to recuperate and give Rotten a dropkick into a flight of stairs. Bailey begins to head towards the ring but is cut off by Rotten with the trashcan again. Rotten places the can on Bailey’s stomach and hits a senton splash off of a folding chair for a two count. Bailey is slid in by Ian and the match officially begins. Ian goes to whip Bailey into the ropes, but Bailey slides and runs at Ian, who bypasses Bailey right into the ropes, where he gets tangled. Rotten dropkicks Bailey even further into the wire, and the wire collapses on top of Bailey. Rotten grabs a baseball bat from a fan and begins tearing off the wire from the other side, wrapping it around the bat. When he turns around, Bailey is waiting with a barbed wire lariat. He begins to cut Rotten up with the wire but is met with a shot from the lethal bat. Bailey falls out of the ring and Rotten follows him back into the parking lot where a nice array of fan’s weapons have begun to pile up. Rotten grabs a thumbtack cookie sheet and kicks it into Bailey’s back. Bailey goes for a lariat with more wire, but Rotten ducks and turns it into a head-arm suplex into a pile of weapons. Rotten sets up two tables next to each other at the bottom of a staircase and piles thumbtacks onto them. Bailey approaches Ian from behind and breaks a stack of light tubes over his head, sending Ian crashing into a pile of weapons. Bailey lays Ian across the table and ascends to the top of the stairs. Bailey sits on top of the banister, signals, and slides down the banister into a senton through Ian and the table. A cover and a three count gives JC the win over the Undisputed King of Hardcore.

Winner: JC Bailey

Afterwards, Ian makes it to his feet. JC begins to back off but Ian extends the hand, and they shake hands amongst the carnage of blood and weapons.

MAW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH (SSS MATCH): Havana Pitbulls vs. Bradley and Boz vs. Southern Comfort

We go back inside and the three teams are in the ring, Romero, Bradley, and Hamrick are starting off the match. Bradley says something to Romero about Fidel Castro and Romero gets in his face. Hamrick sits in the corner and allows the two to go at it, smiling. Romero just LAYS into Bradley with a maniacal forearm. Bradley is taken aback and surprised, but not staggered, and returns with a forearm of equal or greater value, depending on the rate of the yen. The two trade forearms while Hamrick sits in the corner reading a magazine, literally. Eventually they show signs of fatigue and Bradley knees Romero in the gut and tags out to Boz, who powerbombs Romero. Hamrick kips up and nails Boz with a gigantic superkick, then moves over to Romero and stands on his arm for a strange submission move. Romero eventually sweeps Hamrick out and applies a through-the-leg variation of an armbar, nearly getting Hamrick to tap until Hamrick skillfully tags out to Smothers on a leap, who just walks in and kicks Romero in the face. Boz grabs Smothers from behind and literally drops him on his head with a sick german suplex variation. Smothers, totally out of it, tags out to Ricky Reyes. Reyes doesn’t think twice, and comes in. The Pitbulls immediately take charge of Boz in the corner with vicious forearms and chops. Romero then takes Boz down with a crossface and Reyes locks up his legs in a sharpshooter variation. Bradley attempts to break it up but is caught off the top with a dropkick by Hamrick. Boz taps and himself and Bradley are eliminated.

Bradley and Boz eliminated.

Hamrick immediately kips up and meets a rushing Reyes with a bypass, throwing him out of the ring. Hamrick zones in on Romero and takes out his legs, applying a figure-four leglock shortly thereafter. Romero comes near to tapping but Reyes pulls Hamrick off and nails an exploder to Hamrick. Reyes picks up Hamrick, but Tracy Smothers comes out of nowhere and nails Reyes in the kneecap with a lead pipe! Hamrick rolls up Reyes with another figure-four, and Reyes taps after ten seconds in the move!

Winners and NEW MAW Tag Team Champions: Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort are backstage, drinking Budweisers and laughing about their victory. They are approached by the Havana Pitbulls.

Reyes: We may not like the way you beat us, but you beat us, and so you two have won our respect.

Smothers: Respect? You don't know the meaning of respect. Respect is waking up at 5 AM to wrestle in a gym in the middle of Mississippi for $10 at 8 AM in the morning on Christmas Eve. Respect isn't getting beat. You want respect? Next month, Havana Puppy Dogs vs. Southern Comfort. No tag titles, no referees. Respect. I'll show you respect.

Fans Bring the Weapons: Adrian Serrano vs. Corporal Robinson (with Jim Kennix)

Serrano entered the ring wearing a sweatshirt, beanie, and sweatpants. Corp immediately grabs Serrano by the shirt and slams him down into a pile of thumbtacks. Corp grabs a thumbtack bat and shoves it down Serrano’s shirt, following it up with a boot into the bat. Serrano tries to escape but Kennix nails him in the face with a lighttube and Serrano falls back into the ring. Corp lifts Serrano up to the top and slams him off with a boot camp through a light tube stack for a quick fucking victory.

Winner: Corporal Robinson

We see B-Boy backstage, pacing back and forth and air-boxing. He picks up his title and sits down, in a deep trance.

…AND THEN WE CALLED 187: Ace Steel vs. Homicide

Steel charges at Homicide to start off the match but is met with a quick as lightning exploder suplex into the corner, with Steel’s body folding like an accordion from the impact. Homicide meets the standing Steel with a hiptoss and a spinal tap soccer kick, emitting a scream from Steel. He locks on a rear chinlock as Steel attempts to muster up energy to get out of it. Homicide lets go, but before Steel can get up he is met with a shin kick to the back of the head, sending him face first thudding against the mat. Homicide hits the ropes and hits a quick missile dropkick to the face of Steel. Homicide lifts Steel up again but is met with an array of chops from Steel, followed by a European uppercut and a lariat. Steel waits for Homicide to rise, and when he does, he nails Homicide with a running knee. The two lay on the mat for about 6 seconds, and Steel is up a second before Homicide, giving him a chance to nail Homicide with a handcuff hip toss, sending Homicide out of the ring. Steel heads up top and meets Homicide outside with a cross body block. Steel rolls Homicide in, but wastes time jabbering with a fan, and when he turns around to go in he is met with 187’s signature tope con hielo through the second rope. The two do some senseless brawling on the outside, and it spills into the crowd where Homicide DDT’s Steel against an unfolded chair. Homicide gets up and is met with a folding chair shot to the head from a fan wearing a hood and a baseball cap. The fan begins to lay serious boots into Homicide. Steel gets up and he and the fan begin to beat Homicide viciously with stiff chairshots. The fan’s hat is removed and we see it’s CM Punk. Punk irish whips 187 into a row of chairs, and the ref decides to ring the bell to signify a double count-out.

Decision: Double Count-out

Punk and Steel don’t seem to mind, and they continue to beat Homicide with the chairshots. They eventually spill into the ring, where Homicide attempts to fight back, but Cabana climbs into the ring with handcuffs, and handcuffs 187 to the ropes. The three begin to beat Homicide with chairs and a chain. They bust Homicide open with the chain and Steel begins to grind the chain into his forehead as more blood begins to flow out of his head. B-Boy comes running down but he is knocked down by Punk and Cabana. Cabana motions for the ref to start their MAW Heavyweight Title match, and he does.


B-Boy doesn’t even stand a chance, as Punk and Cabana are already beating him senseless with the chairs and chains. They eventually completely overpower B-Boy and handcuff him to the ropes also. B-Boy gets busted open with a chairshot by Cabana, so hard that the seat breaks off. Dan Maff runs down to the ring with a chair and begins to score some offense on the group, to the point where he manages to get B-Boy un-handcuffed, but Brad Bradley enters the ring with a baseball bat and beats down the two. Bradley winds up and nails B-Boy in the head with the bat so hard that the handle breaks. Ryan Boz comes running down and tries to tell Bradley to stop, but Bradley doesn’t listen, instead attacking Boz with the bat handle, busting him open also. The ring looks less like a wrestling ring and more like a scene straight out of Saving Private Ryan with the bloody, battered bodies all over the ring and the warriors holding their weapons. Ian Rotten makes the final attempt to save the troops, running down with a barbed wire 2x4. He actually cleans the group out of the ring, but the tides are turned YET again when Austin Aries climbs out of the crowd with a Singapore Cane and nails Rotten in the back of the head, breaking the cane. The ref has no idea what to make of this, but since the match is technically no holds barred, he cannot do much. Cabana lifts B-Boy up top and hits a top rope piledriver against a chair. The ref does a three count hand drop and we have a new MAW Heavyweight Champion.

Winner and NEW MAW Heavyweight Champion: Colt Cabana

The group continues to pummel their enemies in the ring, until they finally just kick them, roll them, push them, shuffle them, or do whatever to them to get them out of the ring. They then pose: Colt Cabana, CM Punk, Ace Steel, Brad Bradley and Austin Aries. The victims are helped backstage as the five men stand in the ring, celebrating as the show ends.

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On July 26th, a new era of MAW began. On August 27th, this new era took a turn to the dark side. Five men with one similar goal, domination, took out five men with five different goals. The one thing linking them together was the hatred from this group. An e-mail message was issued across the offices of Mid-Am the Monday after the show from an anonymous e-mail address, reading:


What you saw on Friday was only the beginning. We will take what we want and we will not stop until we get it. You have been forewarned.

-Unified Saints

We're willing to guess out of sheer bargain that the name of this establishment of MAW wrestlers - Colt Cabana, CM Punk, Ace Steel, Brad Bradley, and Austin Aries - are calling themselves the Unified Saints.

That being said, the MAW offices had some serious considerations to go through before assembling the show. Will B-Boy be 100%? Will Homicide be 100%? Will Dan Maff be 100%? Will Ian Rotten be 100%? Will Ryan Boz be 100%? We didn't know. We have spoken with each wrestler, and have received clearance to give them matches.

However, we still live under the shadow of the Unified Saints. What are their plans? Will they overtake the show? Will they even show up? We can not be sure on anything, but one thing's for certain: there are going to be asses kicked.


When asked about being given a rematch against Cabana, B-Boy responded with "hell fucking yeah", which we're really hoping means "Yes", because we have given him this match. Cage match so the Unified Saints stay away, and so we could possibly have one match on the show that stays in the ring. Blood is sure to flow, tempers are sure to flare, and an ass is sure to be kicked. The cold steel of the cage is almost as unforgiving as these two are on each other.

"I BE HULLA PIST!": Homicide vs. CM Punk

"I BE HULLA PIST" are the exact words, as translated from Webster's-Merriam officials, that Homicide screamed at the offices a few days ago. We offered him donuts but he explained further that he wanted a match with CM Punk. So we gave him Punk. There's really not much to say about it. Punk beat the shit out of Homicide with a chair and chain, who wouldn't be hulla pist?

A FRIENDSHIP BROKEN: Brad Bradley vs. Ryan Boz

Bradley turned on Boz at the last show with a rifling shot of a bat handle, literally knocking Boz out cold. Boz came storming in earlier asking for a match. It was funny, we had ordered pizza, so we thought it was the pizza man, it was just Boz. We told him that, but he didn't find it funny. He just wants to kick Brad Bradley's ass, and such, he will, we hope.

NO SPECIAL NAME: Ian Rotten and Dan Maff vs. Austin Aries and Ace Steel

I'm sure Rotten and Maff are mad at Aries and Steel. That's why we made this match. Aries really wanted to face B-Boy this show, but we were all like "No" and he was all like "Well why not" and we were like "Cuz u sux" and he was like "wtf" and then we signed off because the pizza came. We kinda told Aries that if he gets the pin, he gets a title shot next show. Especially if Cabana wins. Dissention!

RESPECT: Southern Comfort vs. Havana Pitbulls

"Southern Comfort are backstage, drinking Budweisers and laughing about their victory. They are approached by the Havana Pitbulls.

Reyes: We may not like the way you beat us, but you beat us, and so you two have won our respect.

Smothers: Respect? You don't know the meaning of respect. Respect is waking up at 5 AM to wrestle in a gym in the middle of Mississippi for $10 at 8 AM in the morning on Christmas Eve. Respect isn't getting beat. You want respect? Next month, Havana Puppy Dogs vs. Southern Comfort. No tag titles, no referees. Respect. I'll show you respect"

Let that speak for itself. Asses gon' be kicked.

DEBUT!: Chris Hero vs. Zach Gowen

Chris Hero asked to work for us. We totally said yes. Problem was, he had no opponent. We thought for a while, and I was just thinking "Chris Hero vs......." and then it came to me that Chris Hero wouldn't be able to lock on his Walls of Jericho to Gowen. Sophie told me that I had Jericho confused with Hero. So I fired her and continued to smile as I made this match, booyah.

Plus: Ken Anderson, Silas Young, JC Bailey, Delirious, Matt Sydal, The Thomaselli Bros.,Danny Daniels, and Truth Martini.

Friday night, September 25th at 7:00pm sharp, @ The Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center, located in downtown Milwaukee! Bell time is 7:00 p.m. and front row tickets are only $18 dollars while all other seating is only $15 dollars!!! Tickets are available at the door, emialing midam@midamericanwrestling.com, or by leaving a message at 414-555-3941!!! FREE BEER will be served while supplies last.

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Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center

Milwaukee, WI.

Attendance: 385 (The highest possible amount for the auditorium.)

The Thomaselli Bros. (Vito, Sal, and Brandon) vs. Matt Sydal, Delirious, and JC Bailey

Vito starts off with Sydal as the show gets underway. Vito immediately goes for a takeout of Sydal’s leg, but Sydal jumps back and pushes Vito face first to the mat, following it up with a quick leg drop to the back. Vito slides over and makes a quick tag to Sal, who immediately rushes in and catches Sydal with a bulldog. Sydal tries to get over for a tag to Bailey, but Sal grabs his leg and twists it around into a standing leglock submission. While in the hold, Sal tags out to Brandon who hits an elbow drop off the top to Sydal, covers, but only gets a two count. Brandon whips Sydal into the ropes, and Sydal nails a blind tag to Bailey who leaps over the ropes and hits a hurricarana to Brandon, hooking the leg for a two. Bailey is up, but Brandon catches him with a European uppercut and throws him to the ropes, catching him with a high angle dropkick. Brandon makes a tag out to Vito, who is in and locks on a camel clutch to Bailey. Delirious runs in to break it up, but is caught with a back elbow by Sal, who progresses on to Sydal and knocks him off the apron. The three Thomasellis then begin to stomp Bailey until Vito goes up top and nails a guillotine leg drop. Vito covers but Bailey manages to get his foot on the ropes at two. Vito wastes time arguing with the ref and is distracted long enough for Bailey to roll him up, very near two count. Vito kips up quickly and stands face to face with Bailey. Bailey slaps Vito in the face and tags out to Delirious, who rushes in for a clothesline. Vito ducks and sends Delirious into the corner. Vito rushes at Delirious, but Delirious leaps over Vito, who lands back first against the turnbuckle. Delirious goes for a huge super kick but Vito catches his leg, spins him over and nails an exploder into the corner, forcing Delirious’ body to fold like an accordion. Vito tags out to Brandon who climbs in and takes a few seconds to stomp Delirious in the corner before tagging out to Sal. Sal comes in and takes Delirious up top, giving him a ten count of punches, and finishes him off with a hurricarana off the top. Sal tags out to Vito who leaps on top of Delirious for a two before it is broken up by Bailey and Sydal. Bailey and Sydal brawl with the three Thomasellis until Brandon and Sal throw the two out. Brandon climbs out and holds the two together, and Sal nails a plancha dive to the group. Inside the ring, Vito regains his composure, but is surprised by Delirious, who leaps onto his shoulders for a victory roll. Vito thinks quickly and locks Delirious’ head in, nailing a rubick’s cube for a three count and the win for his team.

Winner: The Thomaselli Bros.

Jim Kennix comes out to the stage, holding a letter envelope and a title belt. Kennix takes a microphone from a stand and clears his throat, beginning to speak.

Kennix: As long time fans of Mid American Wrestling know, we have a very prestigious Junior Heavyweight Title, with a laundry list of champions who have gone on to be superstars in the bigger international companies. That being said, at the next show we will have a quick, one night, eight man tournament to decide the new Mid American Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Champion. Because of the pinfall victory he gained over a team of very talented Junior Heavyweights tonight, Vito Thomaselli will receive the first bid into the tournament for the vacant title. Others will be announced via our website, MidAmericanWrestling.com, and throughout the show. Our next matchup will be a four way dance, with the winner receiving the second bid into the tournament for the title.

Kennix raises the belt high in the air, and then sets it down on a table on the stage before leaving.

Tournament Qualifier: Silas Young vs. Ken Anderson vs. Danny Daniels vs. Truth Martini

Anderson starts out in the ring with Daniels, as Young and Martini step onto the apron. Anderson and Daniels lock up, and Daniels forces Anderson into a headlock. Anderson pushes Daniels into the ropes, and Daniels runs back at him, nailing a shoulder block that sends him slamming against the mat. Daniels runs at the perpendicular ropes, but Anderson leaps up and nails an armdrag. Daniels makes a quick tag to Young, who slowly gets in. Young goes for the Greco-Roman knuckle lock, but Anderson kicks him in the side and nails a lariat. Anderson climbs up top, and when Young stands, nails him with a cross body block for a two count. Anderson gets up again and immediately runs to the corner and knocks Martini off the apron. He then springboards off the ropes and hits a moonsault to Truth on the outside. Anderson gets up again on pure adrenaline and climbs back into meet a rushing Young with a dragonrana. Anderson pins Young for a three count.

Silas Young eliminated.

Danny Daniels slowly climbs in behind Anderson and locks in a headlock. He keeps it locked in for a few minutes, and eventually Anderson falls right on his back. Daniels takes the initiative and locks in an armbar. The ref drops Anderson’s arm twice and goes for a third, but Anderson barely holds his hand up. Daniels lifts Anderson up and tucks him between his legs, signaling for the piledriver. Anderson flips him over, and hits a Kryptonite Krunch for the three count.

Danny Daniels eliminated.

Anderson lays down and rests as Truth slowly climbs back into the ring. Truth climbs on top of Anderson, but only gets a two count. The two slowly make it back to their feet, and Anderson strikes Truth down with a superkick. He climbs up top, signals, and nails a swanton bomb, rolls through, hops onto the next ropes and nails another swanton bomb. Anderson covers and gets a three for a birth into the tournament.

Winner: Ken Anderson

The ring announcer climbs into the ring again and makes the announcement that for next month’s show, MAW will be expanding into a new, larger building to accommodate for the bigger crowds.

Ian Rotten and Dan Maff vs. Unified Saints (Aries/Steel)

Maff starts out by pushing Steel into the corner and giving him huge forearms and chops. Steel attempts to fight back with chops, but Maff grabs him by the arm and flips him down to the mat with a violent armdrag. Maff then grabs hold of the ropes and stands on Steel’s throat as Steel flops around in pain. Aries leaps off of the top and dropkicks Maff to break him off, although Maff stays on his feet. Maff turns around, grabs Aries, and gives him an exploder, sending Aries’ body through the ropes and to the cold floor. Rotten drops off the apron and chokes Aries out with a t-shirt as Maff begins to stomp Steel. Steel attempts to hit Maff with a clothesline, but Maff ducks and gives Steel a modified rock bottom against his knee for a two count. Rotten tags in to Maff and locks Steel in a straightjacket choke on the mat. Steel attempts to get out, but Rotten clubs him in the head. Rotten lifts Steel and delivers a Rotten Rush. Steel tries to slide out but Rotten grabs him by the hair, drags him to the center of the ring and locks on a surfboard. Steel grimaces in pain for a dozen seconds or so before quickly giving up.

Winner: Ian Rotten and Dan Maff

Maff and Rotten raise each other’s hands, but are chased off by the other members of the Unified Saints, who rush the ring. Rotten and Maff get away just in time, and the Saints decide to just go backstage.

Chris Hero vs. Zach Gowen

The two start out by locking up in the middle of the ring, and Hero spins around into a hammerlock. Gowen reverses it into a hammerlock of his own, but Hero is ready and flips it back, re-applying the hammerlock. Gowen twists around and Hero locks him in a front facelock. He tries to squirm out into his own hammerlock, but Hero locks it on tight, as he kneels down with it. Hero waits a few seconds, flips over and nails a stiff neckbreaker. Hero somersaults into a squatting position in front of Gowen, and slaps Gowen in the face. The two lock up on the ground, and Hero manages to stand with the lock, but Gowen flips it into an arm wringer. Hero tries to flip it into a hammerlock, but Gowen continues moving and manages to elbow Hero in the face repeatedly, to the point where Hero is nearly out on his feet. Gowen locks in a headlock, but Hero elbows him in the stomach and nails an atomic drop to get out, and sends Gowen to the mat with a lariat for good measure. Gowen rolls onto his back, and Hero uses the position to lock in a texas cloverleaf. Gowen weasels out by removing his leg, stunning Hero enough to give him time to stand, turn, and hit a backflip dropkick to the back of Hero’s head. Gowen hops over to Hero, lifts him up, and nails two snap suplexes in succession. He points to the turnbuckle and hops on top, going for a moonsault. Gowen wastes time jawing with a fan, and when he does go for the moonsault, Hero gets out of the way, and right when Gowen gets up Hero is waiting. Hero nails the Hero’s Welcome and gets a three count.

Winner: Chris Hero

As Gowen begins to make his way backstage, he is cut off at the entrance by the Pitbulls and Southern Comfort, who apparently began brawling backstage.

No Holds Barred/Falls Count Anywhere - Respect Match: Havana Pitbulls vs. Southern Comfort

Romero and Smothers begin brawling into the crowd, as Reyes and Hamrick continue to brawl in the stage area. Smothers nails Romero with an uppercut that sends Romero tumbling into a row of fans, while Reyes and Hamrick unsuccessfully attempted to throw each other off of the stage. Hamrick elbows Reyes in the face, and settles with throwing him down the ramp, with Reyes rolling all the way under the ring. He goes to pull Reyes out, but is swept and Reyes blows a fire extinguisher into his face. Reyes pulls out a ladder and props it against the guardrail, and Smothers comes out of nowhere, suplexing Romero over the guardrail and against the ladder! Reyes doesn’t see Romero and attempts to whip Hamrick into the ladder, but Hamrick reverses and tosses Reyes into Romero. Smothers takes Reyes now, and whips him over the guardrail into a fan-less area of the audience. He sets up three chairs next to each other and goes to suplex Reyes into them, but Reyes reverses and front suplexes Smothers chest first into the row of chairs. Hamrick pulls out a table and lays Romero on top of it, climbing to the apron. He begins to jog on the apron towards Romero but Romero slides off and grabs Hamrick off. Smothers is pulled up by Reyes, but throws powder in his eye and pushes Reyes into a janitor’s closet and closes the door. Smothers makes it over to Hamrick, who is now walking with Romero towards the stage. Smothers drags the table to the stageside area and sets it up. Smothers throws more powder in Romero’s eyes and gives him a chairshot. He lays Romero onto the table as Hamrick stands on the stage, waiting. Reyes comes running out with a mop and breaks it over Smother’s head, and Romero climbs off and climbs onto the stage. Romero grabs Hamrick by the trunks and tosses him off of the stage! Hamrick does a somersault in the air, falls ten feet and slams through the table. Romero climbs down and covers Hamrick for a three.

Winner: Havana Pitbulls

When both teams regain composure, Hamrick and Smothers extend their hands to The Pitbulls, who shake them. The two teams raise each other’s hands, but Silas Young and Zach Gowen, former MAW Tag Team Champions, slide into the ring and take out both teams with title belt shots to the head. They then pose with the belt some more before grabbing the microphone.

Gowen: Now that the fag convention is over, let’s get down to business. Silas and myself are former tag champions in this company and we deserve to have our title shots. What do you guys say, next month, Young and Gowen vs. Pitbulls vs. SoCo, what do you say to that, you respectful homos?

Smothers: If it’s fine with the Pitbulls, Chris and I are up for kicking your asses.

Romero: That’s cool, see you guys next month. Gowen, Mr. America won’t be able to save you when myself and Ricky are going strong style on your handicapped ass.

Homicide vs. CM Punk

Homicide charges Punk before he even has a chance to remove his jacket and the match is underway. 187 begins choking Punk with his “XXX” jacket as Punk flops around trying to get out. Punk eventually flips over and nails Homicide with a roaring elbow to get out of it. The two begin to just fight, with bare fist punches back and forth for literally a few minutes until the both of them are on two knees giving each other forearms, elbows, and punches. Homicide finally grabs Punk by the hair and nails him with a lariat so hard you could hear the impact on the hard cam. The two lay there until Homicide makes it to one knee and pulls out his signature fork. He begins to grind the fork into the forehead of Punk, and Punk automatically juices like a ripe melon. Homicide wipes blood off of the forehead of Punk and wipes it on the mat in a gigantic X. He then lifts Punk and drops him with a piledriver right on the X. 187 climbs out and gets a chair as Punk lays in a pool of his own blood in the center of the ring. Punk eventually rises to his feet a minute later and is met with a thunderous chair shot from the deepest levels of hell via Homicide. He unfolds the chair, lifts Punk up and gives him an exploder right into the chair. He sits Punk in the chair, hits the ropes and dropkicks him out of it. Punk lays motionless as Homicide wails into him with chairshots to the head, back, and legs. Homicide finally unfolds the chair again and sits Punk down in it. He waits a second and just stares at Punk with malicious eyes. Homicide then looks around, grins, and begins slapping Punk as hard as he can. Punk is barely conscious as Homicide ascends to the top rope. Homicide then leaps off and double stomps Punk’s body into the chair. Homicide lifts Punk up again and slaps him again, with the sweat and blood of Punk flying everywhere. Punk collapses and falls out of the ring, but Homicide refuses to let him go, holding onto his foot as Punk dangles an inch from the ground. Homicide lifts Punk a few feet up with his leg, kicks him in the groin and lets him drop on his head. The ref begins to count Punk out but Homicide tells the ref to stop. The referee continues and Homicide screams at him to “shut the fuck up”. Ref walks away and continues counting, so Homicide grabs him and lariats him down. Homicide climbs out of the ring and searches under for a little bit, eventually pulling out a barbed wire board as the ref disqualifies him.

Winner: CM Punk by Disqualification

Homicide props the board against the guardrail and walks to Punk. Homicide pulls Punk’s lifeless body up, which is now ½ covered in the blood of Punk, and exploder suplexes him through the board. Homicide gives Punk the cutthroat motion and walks backstage as Punk is stretchered out.

The camera rushes backstage and Punk is getting stretchered out. He sees Cabana and begins screaming.


Cabana Whoaaaaaa, what the fuck happened to you man? We were taking care of Boz, but the better question is what the fuck happened to you?

Punk: Lots of things damn it.

The camera cuts to a shot of Ryan Boz’s lifeless body as B-Boy, Rotten, and Dan Maff stand over him screaming for help. Boz is handcuffed to a post on the wall and has been knocked out cold and bloodied.

We return to the ring where the cage is set up and Colt Cabana is standing with the MAW Heavyweight Title belt over his shoulder.

Cabana: I’ve been informed that Ryan Boz has been attacked backstage.

The fans boo loudly at this announcement.

Cabana: I want to let you all know one thing. Neither I, nor Punk, nor Aries, nor Brad Bradley, nor Ace Steel had ANYTHING to do with the attack of Ryan Boz. I will put that on my mother and father and the holy bible. I don’t like Ryan, neither do my friends in the Unified Saints, but hey, we did NOT do THAT.

B-Boy comes running down the ramp and climbs into the cage, immediately going for Cabana.


The cage is surrounded by tables, and the only ways to win are pinfall and submission. B-Boy begins to just maul Cabana in the corner with punches as the door is closed and chained shut, but Cabana over powers him and throws him down to the mat. B-Boy jumps up and is met with a rushing clothesline by Cabana out of the corner. B-Boy kips up again and is met with an armdrag. He rolls up again and is met with another armdrag by Cabana, who then hits the ropes and rushes B-Boy. B-Boy ducks and gives Cabana a drop toe hold, sending him right into the cage. Cabana is busted open early, but that does not phase him, as he pops right up and he and B-Boy have a stand-off. They begin yelling at each other, and B-Boy slaps Colt in the face. Colt goes to slap him back, but B-Boy blocks it and flips under into a hammerlock. Colt goes to flip it but B-Boy slaps him in the back of the head, keeping the hammerlock on. Colt bends down and B-Boy makes a quick move as he hops onto his shoulders and nails a reverse hurricarana. The two are up again with Colt charging, but he is armdragged by an anticipating B-Boy. Cabana rushes at B-Boy again and he bypasses him, sending Colt back-first into the corner. He rushes at Colt but he is ready and jumps out of the way as B-Boy slams chest first into the corner. Colt moves in and begins grinding B-Boy’s head against the steel cage. He begins to bleed also, and Colt starts slamming his face into the cage. He grabs B-Boy and slams him into the other side of the cage also. He goes for a third time but B-Boy kicks his foot up and slams Colt into the steel. He waits for Colt to bounce back, and when he does he nails a backdrop driver. He goes for the first pin of the match but only receives a two count. He lifts Colt by the straps of his singlet and again starts grinding his head into the cage. Colt finally pushes away and chops him into the corner. Colt drags him to the top rope and goes for a german suplex, but B-Boy holds on to the cage and Colt flies off to the cold mat. B-Boy hits a guillotine leg drop to Colt and a two count is made as a result. B-Boy goes to climb up again for another move but Colt is up. Colt grabs him and holds him over his shoulders, parading around the ring. Colt then goes and gorilla press slams B-Boy into the cage wall. Colt goes to lift B-Boy, but he is nailed with an uppercut. He stumbles back and B-Boy hits a springboard spinning wheel kick to the back of Colt’s head, shades of Super Dragon. The two lay there for what seems to be hours, but is in reality about a minute, until they stand at about the same time. They once again get in each other’s face and begin screaming at each other. Colt turns 90 degrees and then clotheslines B-Boy swiftly down to the mat and covers for a two. He stands and sits in the corner, resting and waiting for B-Boy’s return to his feet. B-Boy makes it up and Colt attacks with a shoulder block down. Colt hits the ropes, leaps over B-Boy, ducks under B-Boy, and the two clothesline each other at the same time and go down. The two are covered in blood at this point, as they both make attempts to rise to their feet. The two get up and begin back at square one, trading blows in the middle of the ring. Colt goes for another huge lariat, but B-Boy ducks and nails a quick backdrop driver, sending Colt into a violent somersault on his head. Colt ends up on his knees, which of course means that B-Boy hits the ropes and nails Colt with a VICIOUS Shining Wizard. B-Boy slowly rises again and removes his kneepad, calling for a second shining wizard. Colt slowly gets to a knee and B-Boy rushes in with a SECOND sickening thud of a Shining Wizard. B-Boy refuses to cover, however, and is up calling for a THIRD Wizard. He waits as Colt slowly makes it to his feet again and charges in for the kill, but Colt catches him and nails a violent backbreaker. He lifts B-Boy and quickly fisherman suplexes him, but forgoes the pin and lifts him onto his shoulders. Cabana nails the Colt 45 in destructive fashion and makes the signal for a tombstone piledriver. He lifts B-Boy up for the tombstone, but B-Boy flips it over into his own. Colt flips it over again, and B-Boy flips it over again, as to where B-Boy is standing on the turnbuckle behind Colt. B-Boy kicks him in the head, and when he turns, hits a leaping shining wizard off the top. The two lay there for about a minute and B-Boy slowly crawls on top of Cabana. One, two, and Colt kicks out as the referee’s hand is about a millimeter from the mat. B-Boy is up quickly out of frustration and nails Colt with the FIFTH shining wizard of the contest. He points to the top of the cage and motions for his guillotine leg drop. He slowly climbs as the fans rise to their feet. He makes it to the top, but the worst fears are imagined as Brad Bradley climbs up behind him. Brad makes it to the top and grabs B-Boy from behind. He lifts B-Boy slowly up into a sidewalk slam position, stalls, and then leaps off the top of the cage, through the tables below! The fans boo loudly as Aries shows up to slide B-Boy back in to Colt, who nails him with one more Colt 45 for an expected three count.

Winner: Colt Cabana

And then it begins again. Colt motions towards the curtain and Ace Steel emerges with a duffel bag. Steel climbs in and opens the bag to reveal a chain and four sets of handcuffs. They handcuff the unconscious B-Boy to the cage and begin to take punches at him. Rotten, Homicide, and Maff emerge from backstage and climb in to the cage. They brawl back and forth with Bradley, Steel, and Cabana. Bradley climbs back in and nails Rotten with a chair, then does the same to Homicide. Maff manages to give Steel a burning hammer, but when he makes it to his feet he is met with a con-chair-to by Cabana and Bradley. Steel begins pulling tables into the ring. He sets up a table next to a corner as Bradley climbs up top with Rotten on his shoulder. He makes it up top and pulls Rotten under his legs. He lifts Rotten up, waits, and then piledrives him off the top of the cage through a table! Rotten lays in a broken heap as the three move on to Homicide. They motion to a stack of tables outside, but Ryan Boz comes running down and they let go of Homicide. Bradley grabs Boz, but before he does anything, they embrace in the middle of the ring. Boz was on their side all along. Boz grabs Homicide and takes him up top. He then proceeds to just push Homicide off the top of the cage through two stacked tables on the outside. Cabana, Boz, Bradley, and Steel motion to the curtains and Austin Aries comes running down. He pushes the group out of the way and begins beating B-Boy down. This continues for a minute or so, until Chris Hero and Corporal Robinson come running down, Hero with a chair and Corp with a running weedwhacker! They scare the group off and uncuff B-Boy as he collapses in the middle of the ring. Meanwhile, Homicide is out cold outside and Rotten is still out cold inside the ring. The carnage is all over the place as the show ends.

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At the last show, "A Night of Revenge", things happened that should never happen to a human being. Ian Rotten suffered a near fatal broken neck. Homicide suffered a broken collarbone. B-Boy received a concussion. Ryan Boz betrayed the trust of MAW. On October 30th, MAW hopes to take their next steps in the right direction. The first step being towards a new Junior Heavyweight Champion as eight of America's best J. Heavyweights will fight for gold in the Mid American J-Cup to crown the new MAW Junior Heavyweight Champion. The eight contenders (each representing a seperate company) are:

Ken Anderson - MAW

Vito Thomaselli - MAW

Matt Sydal - IWA Mid-South

Roderick Strong - NWA-FL

Petey Williams - TNA X-Division Champion

Jimmy Jacobs - IWA-MS Lightheavyweight Champion

Sonjay Dutt - CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion

Scorpio Sky - Revolution Pro Junior Heavyweight Champion

So, seven matches later and the new Junior Heavyweight Champion will be crowned.

But that's not all.

Six Man Tag Attraction: Colt Cabana, Brad Bradley, and Ryan Boz vs. Chris Hero, Corporal Robinson and Dan Maff

Hero and Corporal showed their loyalty to MAW by making the save for B-Boy at the end of the last show. At "The Next Step" they will get their chance to take out the three power members of the Unified Saints.

Grudge Match: Austin Aries vs. B-Boy

This rivalry dates back to the semi-finals of the Heavyweight Title Tournament at "Twelve", where Aries believes that B-Boy disrespected him by slapping him in the face. Ever since then these two have been wanting to get in the ring again, and at "The Next Step" we have granted their wish. 1 on 1, mano y mano, it is on like neck bone. B-Boy may not be 100%, but he has said that he will go in even if he is at 1%.

MAW Tag Team Titles: Southern Comfort © vs. Havana Pitbulls vs. Young and Gowen

Young and Gowen extended the challenge at the last show, claiming that because they were the last tag champions before the major management shake-up, they deserve to have one last shot at the belts. Both teams agreed, and that leaves us with this match.

That's October 30th, 2004 at the NEW home of MAW and the new MAW Arena, the King Community Center Gymnasium, located 1531 W. Vliet St. in the suburbs of Milwaukee, WI. Bell time is at 7:00 sharp. Front row tickets are as cheap as they'll ever get at $15, with second row at $12 and general admission at $10. At the last show we had to turn some of you away at the door, but no worries as the new venue holds a comfy 650. Tickets are available at the door, emialing midam@midamericanwrestling.com, or by leaving a message at 414-555-3941.

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Cabana push = Ratings.

Nice show. The roster gives a nice Indy feel and it will be interesting to see where you go from here. My only complaint is slight lack of charecter development. Keep it up!

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To anyone who reads this, let me ask you something. Should I continue to write detailed play-by-play of the whole match in the results, or should I write detailed recaps, highlighting the whole feel of the match? Any feedback is welcome.

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i say do a little bit of both. The lesser matches, like matches that arent part of a fued of for a title belt could be recaped, and matches in a fued or for the title could be written.

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Thanks for the response guys, i'll be posting the results later tonight. I decided to stop going word-by-word because people get bored by it, i'll be doing past-tense recaps with an emphasis on the important stuff.

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