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Note: This starts on the December 3rd show on TNA on PPV. Most of the match endings are the same or similair (i.e. Kid kash interfering in Main Event) to give me a base on which to build storylines.


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NWA:TNA on Pay-Per View!

December 3, 2003 – The Asylum

We’re welcomed to the broadcast by NWA:TNA commentators Mike Tenay and Don West! The two run-down tonight’s matches, which include Jeff Jarrett defending his NWA World Title against the Number 1 contender, AJ Styles!

“Out of the Picture...”

We open up this week’s Pay-Per View Broadcast backstage, where Jeff Jarrett is talking on his cell phone. Behind him are The Redshirt Security and the ‘Monster’ Abyss, all 3 men looking at Jarrett. The NWA World Champion then pulls the phone away from his ear, and tells the three that “Hogan is out of the picture”. He also says that both Jimmy Hart and Dusty Rhodes haven’t been seen, so they’re “not a problem” either. Jarrett walks off as he has to go talk to Don Callis, who is out in the parking lot!

Low Ki vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Kid Kash

Kid Kash makes his way to the ring carrying a double-sided sign, with “Kid Kash Fears no Man” on one side, and “Vote Kid Kash Mr. TNA” on the other, referring to the current poll running on NWATNA.COM. “The Fallen Angel” then makes his way down to ringside, followed by Low-Ki. The bell rings as Kash and Daniels gather on one side, looking to double-team Low-Ki. They both charge ‘Ki at the same time attempting a double-clothesline, but Low Ki ducks and bounces off the opposite ropes, taking out both men with a Clothesline of his own! A dazed Christopher Daniels is the first to his feet, and he swings a wild right hand at Low Ki which misses completely, allowing the man from Brooklyn to take him down with a Stiff Kick straight to the jaw! Low Ki begins putting the boots to Daniels, but Kid Kash attacks him from behind with a forearm to the back of the neck, forcing him into the corner. Kash places him on the top rope and then joins him looking for a Backdrop from the top rope, but Low Ki counters with elbows to the head! Kash manages to balance himself on the rope and the two exchange brutal chops to each others’ chests, before “The Fallen Angel” gets back to his feet and grabs Low Ki’s foot trying to pull him back into the ring, but gets a kick to the face instead! Kid Kash uses the distraction to his advantage, clambering onto the turnbuckle and grabbing hold of Low Ki, before nailing him with a Superplex from the top rope! Kash covers; 1... 2... Daniels breaks up the count! ‘The Notorious’ K.I.D gets to his feet yelling “What the Hell!?” at Daniels, who asks the same question. The two begin pushing each other back and forth, before Daniels rams Kash back into the corner! He unloads with a flurry of right hands, left hands and knees to Kid’s ribs, before whipping him into the ropes. Kash manages to stop himself by grabbing the ropes and then charges Daniels, who goes behind and sets Kid Kash up for the Last Rites! He twists Kash around but he manages to counter, before nailing Daniels with a Reverse Vertical Suplex! Kash covers; 1... 2... Low Ki breaks up the count! He drags Kid Kash up to his feet and whips him into the ropes going for a Tilt-A-Whirl on the rebound, but Kash counters it into a Hurricanerana! Another cover from Kid Kash, but this time Low-Ki kicks out just before the 3! Kash gets to his feet and signals for The Money Roll, but Chris Daniels manages to send him through the ropes to the outside with a Dropkick! He leans over the ropes trash talking Kash and then turns – straight into Low-Ki who drills him with the Ki Krusher 99! 1... 2... 3! Low-Ki gets a shot at Michael Shane’s title next week on TNA!

Winner via Pinfall: Low-Ki

As the referee raises Low-Ki’s hand in victory, Kid Kash manages to slide into the ring unnoticed – Steel Chair in hand! He lines up Low-Ki, before smashing the chair down on his back! Kash nails him with another 2 shots to the back and one to the head, before grabbing his sign and heading up the ramp, walking backwards. However, “Heavy D” Don Harris walks out behind Kash, who is shouting “I’m Afraid of No Man!” However, he backs straight into Harris and turns, before quickly running back towards the ring! Harris gives chase, chasing Kid Kash through and then around the ring, before disappearing backstage!

“House of Styles”

In the backstage area, TNA interviewer Scott Hudson is standing by with AJ Styles, who takes on Jeff Jarrett in tonight’s Main Event. Hudson asks Styles what he thinks about Jarrett’s comments that “AJ can’t compete on his level.” AJ says that tonight he will prove to the world just why he is ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles, when the NWA World Title comes back to the House of Styles. He says that in recent weeks, he’s beaten the likes of Abyss and even the legend Lex Luger, and tonight, he WILL beat Jeff Jarrett.

“Tag Champs in the House!”

A video plays showing the 3-Live Krew’s victory over Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger last week on Pay-Per View, earning them the Tag Team Titles. BG James and Ron Killings then come out to the ring carrying their gold, accompanied by Konnan. BG James does his old New Age Outlaws speech for the 3LK, and says that thanks to the belts around their wastes, the 3 Live Krew now have more money for gifts for their kids this Christmas. America’s Most Wanted then make their way out to the ring, and say that they only have those belts thanks to “the boot of James Storm” after they helped the 3LK in their match last week. Harris says that they told the Krew that if they won the Tag Titles, then they would have AMW to answer to. Harris says that he and Storm want their title shot, and the two exchange words until Jeff Jarrett comes out to ringside, along with Don Callis!

Jarrett says that the real issue at hand is whether the teams are with him... or against him. Harris tells Jarrett that “the answer isn’t just no... IT’S HELL NO!” The 7 men are then joined by Glenn Gilberti, David Young, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger, and Gilberti tells Jarrett that he and Young are behind him 100%, as are Simon and Swinger! However, Simon interrupts and tells Glenn “never to speak for them” as it was Gilberti and Young who cost them the Tag Titles last week!

Finally, the Director of Authority Erik Watts comes through the crowd with Goldylocks, and makes a three-way tag match, with the winners getting a shot at the gold next week! It will be Glenn Gilberti and David Young vs. Simon and Swinger vs. America’s Most Wanted! Watts then tells Jarrett specifically that he will be in AJ Styles’ corner in their match tonight as an equalizer! Jarrett tells Watts that it’s fine, because Styles can’t compete on Jarrett’s level.

Suddenly however, AJ Styles comes from the back and attacks Jarrett from behind, digging into him with a barrage of right’s and left’s! The two are separated by all men currently out at ringside, but Jarrett manages to break free and attacks Styles! Eventually the two are separated and Jarrett is dragged to the back, whilst he and AJ yell back and forth at each other.

Who Runs TNA?

Backstage in the lockeroom, Goldylocks bumps into Tracy and the two get into an argument over who runs NWA:TNA – Erik Watts or Don Callis! Eventually the two ladies storm off, with neither looking happy.

Ultimate X II?

Another backstage segment, as Scott Hudson interviews Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt. Sonjay says that his rise to the top of TNA would continue tonight. Chris Sabin then said that he is refocused, and ended the interview with “It may be time for Ultimate X 2” leaving Don West and Mike Tenay speculating about the possibility of another Ultimate X.

Shane Douglas & Michael Shane vs. Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin

Douglas and Shane make their way out to the ring with Tracy, before Sabin and Dutt enter the ring. Shane and Michael seemingly mock their opponents, by deciding who will start off with a game of Rock, Scissors, Paper. Sabin and Dutt take exception to this, and jump The New Franchise straight away! Douglas rolls out of the ring avoiding the attack, but Michael Shane isn’t so lucky as Sabin whips him into the corner, before whipping Dutt straight into him! Douglas gets onto the apron and Dutt goes to the outside, leaving Chris Sabin and Michael Shane in the ring. Sabin sends Shane into the ropes with an Irish Whip and goes for a Spinning Heel Kick on the rebound, but the X-Division Champion ducks under the kick, and then hits Sabin with a Clothesline! He tags in Shane Douglas, and “The Franchise” immediately goes to work on Sabin with stomps and elbows to the upper-back. He drags Chris to his feet and sends him into the corner, before nailing him with a Splash. Sabin falls forwards down to the mat, as Douglas tags Michael Shane back in. Shane rolls Sabin over and covers, but barely gets a 2-count. He goes to pull him up but Sabin begins to fight back in his knees with punches to the ribs, before getting up to his feet. Sabin rams his knee into Shane’s stomach, before planting him with a DDT! Slowly, the two crawl to their corners, and eventually make the tags to their respective partners! Dutt ducks a Clothesline attempt from Douglas and then catches him with a few jabs to the face, before bouncing off the ropes and taking him down with a Flying Elbow! Dutt quickly covers Douglas, but Michael Shane breaks up the count. He whips Dutt into the ropes and charges just behind him, but Sonjay elevates himself over Michael using the ropes, and then rolls him up; 1… 2… Kick Out! Dutt gets to his feet and takes Shane down with a Snapmare, before signalling for the Bombay Splash! He hops onto the top rope, but whilst an ‘injured’ Shane Douglas distracts the referee Tracy low blows Dutt, and then pushes him all the way down to the floor! Douglas quickly recovers and grabs Chris Sabin pulling him up, before nailing him with the Franchiser! He covers; 1… 2… 3!

Winners via Pinfall: Shane Douglas & Michael Shane

Tracy gets into the ring as Michael Shane gets to his feet, and the three proceed to stamp on Chris Sabin. Douglas begins to direct traffic and tells Shane to pick Sabin up, but as he does so Sonjay Dutt slides back into the ring – chair in hand! The New Franchise quickly escape the ring, with Tracy narrowly missing a chair shot. The three retreat backstage celebrating their victory, whilst Dutt checks on Sabin in the ring.

“It’s 4 on 2”

Backstage, Glenn Gilberti along with David Young, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger stand by with Scott Hudson. Diamond says that “They were flying high until ‘Hillbilly’ David Young joined the group. All 4 men then begin arguing, but Gilberti manages to defuse to situation – for now. He says that Erik Watts has essentially booked a 4-on-2 match against America’s Most Wanted, not a 3-way as originally planned. Hudson tries to ask that, if it comes down to it, who will take the pinfall, but the 4 men choose to ignore the question and walk off.

Next Week on Pay-Per View

Mike Tenay announces that next week’s Pay-Per View broadcast is already beginning to take shape, as it has been confirmed that Kid Kash will take on “Heavy D” Don Harris in singles action. Also, the winner of the upcoming Tag Team 3-way will face Ron Killings and BG James for the title belts. And finally, Low-Ki will wrestle Michael Shane with the X-Division Title on the line, after his victory earlier on in the night.

See you Next Week… ?

Suddenly, we cut backstage where a camera is rushing through the backstage area. Slowly, we start to hear shouting and a few loud ‘thuds’ here and there, and as we round a corner we see “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels pounding on Low-Ki, who is bleeding profusely from the forehead. Daniels lays into him with stiff shots to the head before taking him and throwing him head first into the concrete wall. Daniels then wishes Low-Ki good luck next week against Michael Shane, but then adds “… that is, if you can make it!” Daniels then leaves the scene, as a few TNA Blackshirts attend to the fallen & bloody Low-Ki.

America’s Most Wanted vs. Simon & Swinger vs. Gilberti and Young

America’s Most Wanted make their entrances first, followed by all other 4 men who make their entrances together. Simon, Swinger and Young rush the ring whilst Gilberti stays on the outside, as the 5 men begin brawling. “Wildcat” Chris Harris gains the upper-hand over David Young and clotheslines him over the top rope, before helping out James Storm - who is currently being double-teamed by Simon and Swinger. Harris drags Swinger off and hits him with a couple of punches, before whipping him into the corner. Gilberti then gets into his corner and is joined by Young, whilst all the other men get to their corners. Eventually, James Storm and David Young start things off with a lockup in the middle, with Young using his strength to his advantage applying a side headlock to Storm. He drags him around the ring but Simon Diamond tags himself in of David Young, and begins stomping on James Storm. Quickly he tags in Glenn Gilberti, who drops his knee into the throat of James Storm, before covering; 1... Kick Out almost straight away. The cover seems to annoy Swinger, who tags himself in off of James Storm! Glenn Gilberti quickly tags Chris Harris, who is more than happy to step into the ring with Swinger. The two go to lock up, but Johnny Swinger connects with a kick to the gut of Harris, before driving him with a Vertical Suplex! Swinger goes for the cover, but David Young gets into the ring and breaks up the count! Diamond begins arguing with Gilberti on the outside, as Swinger and Young push each other back and forth inside the ring. The two teams then get into a fully-fledged argument, which culminates in Simon and Swinger throwing both Glenn Gilberti and David Young to the outside! They trash-talk their seemingly former friends, but then turn in Superkicks from America’s Most Wanted! Both Harris and Storm cover their opponents, and the referee makes a double count! ONE... TWO... THREE! America’s Most Wanted face 3 Live Krew next week for the Tag Team Titles!

Winners via Pinfall: America’s Most Wanted

After the match, Glenn Gilberti and David Young slowly re-gather themselves on the outside, arguing with each other about the match. We then cut back into the ring, where “Wildcat” Chris Harris and James Storm are celebrating. However, as they do Ron Killings, BG James and Konnan appear on the ramp, and the two teams that will face each other next week stare each other down.

One Night Only

We go backstage into a darkly lit room, where Raven is sitting with a hood concealing his head. Either side of him are his two fanatical followers – CM Punk and Julio Dinero. Raven says that he has reunited The Gathering for one night only, to take on Redshirt Security and Abyss. Punk and Dinero assure Raven that they “will not disappoint him” before Raven repeats “For One Night Only” as the scene fades to black.

The Gathering vs. Redshirt Security & Abyss w/ Don Callis

Legend, Kevin Northcutt and Abyss make their way down to the ring, accompanied by TNA ‘Management Consultant’ Don Callis. They are followed by The Gathering, comprising of CM Punk, Julio Dinero and their leader – Raven. Punk and Dinero try to get to their opponents but the referee steps in their way, as Raven slumps down in the corner against the turnbuckle. As the bell rings he pulls himself up and gets onto the apron, leaving Punk and Legend to start things off. Legend simply over powers CM Punk straight away, grabbing his arm and twisting it around, yanking on it to put pressure on the collar bone. Punk tries to roll out of the hold, but Legend takes Punk down to the mat with an unruly Clothesline, almost snapping his head off. He covers Punk but only gets a 2, before tagging in Kevin Northcutt. Kevin pulls CM up and sends him into the corner with an Irish Whip, before squashing him with a huge splash in the corner! Punk falls forwards and then goes down like a sack of bricks, as Northcutt taunts Dinero and Raven on the outside. Northcutt then pulls Punk up, but takes two shots to the stomach before CM manages to get to his feet and bounces off the ropes, catching Kevin with a Cross Body! Slowly, Punk makes his way to his corner – eventually tagging in Dinero! Julio stomps on Northcutt a couple of times before knocking Abyss off the apron with a Dropkick to the knee, and then ramming his elbow into Legend’s face! Dinero turns, but walks straight into a Powerslam from the now-standing Kevin Northcutt. He covers; 1... 2... Kick Out. Northcutt tags in Abyss, who immediately begins kicking at Dinero, forcing him back into the corner. He uses the ropes for leverage as he chokes out Dinero with his huge boot, before the referee makes him break the hold. On the outside, Don Callis shouts directions at Abyss who follows, picking Julio up and nailing him with a gut-wrench Powerbomb! The fans begin calling for Raven as Abyss pulls Julio up and whips him to the ropes, and Julio manages to slide through Abyss’ legs before making the tag to Raven! The fans erupt as he gets into the ring, taking it to Abyss with punch after punch. Inevitably, the Redshirts try to get involved but Raven takes care of them as well, before Dinero and Punk get back into the ring and take Northcutt out of the ring, along with Legend! The referee leans over the ropes and tries to break up the four men, whilst Don Callis slides a chair to Abyss! The Monster throws the chair into Raven’s head knocking him down, before covering as the referee turns; 1... 2... 3!

Winners via Pinfall: Abyss & Redshirt Security

After the match Callis gets into the ring, and is soon joined by Northcutt and Legend. He hands Kevin a set of handcuffs as Abyss nails Raven with a ferocious Black Hole Slam, before Northcutt grabs Raven’s arm – looking to cuff it to the ropes. However, before he can do so The Gathering slide into the ring equipped with steel chairs, chasing off the Redshirts, Callis and Abyss. As the 4 men head backstage, Punk and Dinero check on the beaten Raven.

Piper... NEXT WEEK!

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper appears on the big screen, and we see the Scot punching a punch-bag. Piper tells us that he’s coming back to TNA on December 10th, which is next week! As the scene fades Piper continues to beat the punch-bag, harder and harder.

Jeff Jarrett w/ Don Callis vs. AJ Styles w/ Erik Watts

Before the match Jeremy Borash gets into the ring and announces this match old-school style, so the fans know that is going to be good. The challenger AJ Styles then makes his entrance first, before the current NWA World Champion comes out to the ring – will he still be champ at the end of the night? The bell rings and the crowd in the Asylum watch on transfixed, as Styles and Jarrett stare at each other, nose-to-nose. We can see Jarrett tell AJ once again that he can’t compete on his level – which elicits a punch from AJ! “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles continues to rain down the punches on Jarrett forcing him back into the ropes, where the NWA World Champion covers up! Styles throws his jacket out of the ring, but gets a thumb to the eye from Jarrett for the momentary lapse of concentration! Jarrett grabs the back of Styles’ head and jams his forearm and elbow into it repeatedly, before whipping him into the ropes. He goes for a back-body drop but AJ manages to land on his feet, and then sends Jarrett flying to the outside with a Spinning Heel Kick! AJ follows and grabs Jarrett, slamming his head down into the announcers table before whipping him backwards into the ring apron. Callis comes over and tells Styles to get back into the ring, as AJ looks at him and begins to walk after him. Callis hightails it around the ring as Styles goes back towards Jarrett, but gets a boot to the gut from the champion. Double J takes Styles and throws him into the metal barricade, before grabbing him in a Vertical Suplex position and dropping his ribs down onto the top of the barricade! Styles falls into the crowd as Jarrett climbs over and begins putting the boots to Styles, before taking a chair from the audience. He brings the cold steel crashing down on AJ’s back, before lining him up again. As Styles gets to his feet, Jarrett thrusts the edge of the chair into the challenger’s rib cage! Styles shoots backwards, the wind obviously taken right out of him as Jarrett tosses the chair aside, telling us that “he told us so”. Jarrett takes Styles and drags him back towards ringside, throwing him over the barricade and then flipping off a fan in the front row. He rolls AJ into the ring and covers, but only gets a 2 count. Jarrett picks Styles up and then bounces off the ropes, completely running through him with a Clothesline! Another pin attempt from Jarrett, and another 2-count as Styles Kicks out. Jarrett, now a little angry picks Styles up again – but this time gets a kick to the gut! Styles bounces off the ropes and ducks under a Jarrett clothesline attempt, before going for another kick to Jarrett. This time however, the champion grabs Styles’ leg, but AJ manages to counter with an Insiguri, which Jarrett ducks sending Styles’ boot straight into the referee, knocking him out!

Immediately taking advantage of the situation, Don Callis slides Jarrett his patented Guitar, with which Jarrett lines Styles up. He swings, Styles ducks, and smashes the Guitar to pieces with a Spinning Heel Kick! The fans are on their feet as Jarrett seemingly begs Styles, who jumps on Jarrett with a Lou Thesz Press! He unloads a barrel of punches on Jeff before going onto the apron, and then springboards into the ring with a Spinal Tap on Jarrett! Styles covers, but there’s no referee! Wait... its Jimmy Hart! He slides into the ring and rips off his Hulk Hogan t-shirt, revealing a striped referees shirt! He makes the count; ONE... TWO... NO! Kid Kash pulls Hart out of the ring, and knocks him down with a hard right hand! Erik Watts makes his way around towards Kash, but is attacked by Redshirt Security, who drag him all the way up the ramp and backstage, out of sight. Meanwhile in the ring AJ Styles, now on his feet gets up to see what’s going on, and looks at Kash. He trash talks him before turning back, straight into a chair shot from Jeff Jarrett! AJ goes to ground like a tonne of bricks, as Jarrett covers; 1........ 2.............. 3!

Winner via Pinfall: Jeff Jarrett

The crowd erupts in boos and jeers as the referee makes the 3 count, before Don Callis and Kid Kash get into the ring, presenting Jarrett with his title. The NWA World Champion raises Kash’s hand, who has seemingly aligned himself with Jarrett! As the NWA:TNA PPV goes off the air, Jeff Jarrett and Kid Kash stomp away on AJ Styles, and Don Callis even gets a few shots in.

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NWA:TNA Newsdesk

December 4th, 2003

Xplosion Cancelled

After lengthy negotiations over the weekend period, NWA: Total Non-Stop action owner Jerry Jarrett has mutually agreed to end the Xplosion TV deal with the Urban American network.  TNA believes that running both weekly shows and Pay-Per Views was responsible for lower audiences in recent weeks, as a majority of ‘casual’ viewers were not tuning into both shows.  Another possible option would have been to move Xplosion to a more appealing time-slot, and only run monthly PPV’s.  However, Urban American were not interested in this option, so cancelling the show was the only feasible way to make both parties happy.

No ‘Major’ Free Agents to TNA

As of this moment, NWA:TNA has no intention of bringing any of the current major free agents to the company.  TNA has been linked with the likes of Steve Austin and Goldberg in recent weeks after their releases from the WWE, as well as former WWE superstars such as Ken Shamrock.  Whilst these stars would undoubtedly boost TNA’s image on a wider scale, the wage demands of these men could financially cripple the company.

‘Phenomenal’ AJ Styles Signs New Contract

The NWA:TNA Newsdesk is proud to announce that the ‘Phenomenal’ AJ Styles has signed a new, written contract with the company, making him exclusive to TNA.  AJ is undeniably one of the brightest up-and-comers in the business right now, and all of us here at TNA are extremely pleased to have him on our roster.

TNA on PPV Preview

The preview for this weeks TNA on Pay-Per View can be found below, as posted on the NWA:TNA website.


user posted image

NWA:TNA on PPV Preview

December 10th, 2003

This week on NWA:TNA on Pay-Per View, ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper returns to TNA... LIVE!  What business does Piper have back in the Asylum?  Tune in to find out!  Also on the PPV, after his victory last week on the broadcast, Low-Ki will get a shot at Michael Shane and the X-Division Title.  However, will Low-Ki be in any condition to compete after he was cruelly assaulted by “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels last week.  All this and more on the NWA:TNA PPV!

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Thanks for the feedback 999, much appreciated (Y)


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NWA:TNA on Pay-Per View

December 10th 2003

Quote the Raven

Before Mike Tenay and Don West have time to open up the show, Raven appears on the TNATron! He is sitting in a dimly room sitting on a chair with his hands clasped together, and a hood covering his head. He looks into the camera and addresses Abyss, saying “they say no-one escapes from a Black Hole... but I did.” Raven says that tonight he will tear Abyss limb from limb, and make him pay for last week. He ends with his famous catchphrase “Quote the Raven, Nevermore” before striking the Crucifix Pose, as the scene fades.

Chase Stevens w/ Andy Douglas vs. Heavy Metal

We come back to ringside after Raven has opened up the broadcast, where Heavy Metal is standing in the ring. His opponent, Chase Stevens then makes his entrance – accompanied by his tag team partner Andy Douglas. The bell rings as Chase gets into the ring, looking very confident. The two lock up in the middle of the ring, and Metal uses his strength to his advantage, simply tossing Stevens to the other side of the ring! Chase gets to his feet with a shocked expression on his face, and asks Douglas what to do. Heavy goes for a Clothesline but Andy points him out, and Chase ducks the attack before hitting a Dropkick on Metal. However, it doesn’t take his opponent off his feet, so he goes for another, but again Metal stays standing. Chase bounces off the ropes and goes for a Cross Body, but Heavy Metal catches him before hitting a Power Slam! He covers; 1... 2... Kick Out. He drags Stevens to his feet before whipping him into the ropes, with the sheer velocity of the throw sending Chase over the turnbuckle and down to the canvas below! Andy Douglas goes over to help his tag partner up, but Metal slides to the outside chasing him off. He picks Chase up and sends him into the apron, before rolling him into the ring. He covers again, but Chase kicks out on 2. Metal picks Chase up for the umpteenth time, having dominated the match – but has so far been unable to put Chase away for good. Metal raises his arm in the air whilst supporting Stevens with the other, yelling “LA CASITA!” to the fans. Suddenly, a chair comes crashing down on the back of Heavy Metal, before 3 more shots knock him down and out. The referee rings for the DQ, awarding the win to Heavy Metal.

Winner via Disqualification: Heavy Metal

Andy Douglas throws the chair to one side and helps Chase out of the ring, before helping him backstage. He looks disgusted as he almost drags Stevens up the ramp, before disappearing backstage.

Piper Returns to TNA!

After all the commotion of the previous match has finished, the Bagpipes can be heard throughout the Asylum, as Roddy Piper makes his return to NWA:TNA! Piper gets into the ring and is handed a mic by Jeremy Borash who quickly goes back to his seat, as Piper begins to speak. He can just about be heard over the screaming fans, who start up a loud “PIPER!” chant.

Roddy Piper: “Well it looks like ta Hot Rod is back in TNA!” (Loud pop) “Now, last week ta Hot Rod watched ta Main Event, and let me jus’ say this. What went down, was a TRAVESTY! Ya see, Jeff Jarrett has dun’ nothing but disgrace the belt around his waist, FROM DAY ONE-AH! And last week, took tha’ biscuit. Jeff Jarrett SCREWED AJ Styles out of tha’ title, because he KNEW that AJ had him beat! So he enlisted the help of the scumbag Kid Kash, who is no better than Jarrett!”

This angers the NWA World Champion, who appears on the ramp! Piper stops and looks at Jarrett, looking sickened by what he sees.

Jeff Jarrett: “You know what Hot Rod? I’m sick and damn tired of people whining and complaining about how ‘Jeff Jarrett screwed AJ Styles.’ Let me tell you this; AJ Styles, screwed AJ Styles. I told him that he couldn’t compete on my level, but he wouldn’t listen. These inbred hicks wouldn’t listen... and obviously, YOU didn’t listen Piper. And, do you know what else is quite obvious? That you have chosen what side you’re on. And as I’ve said before, if you’re against me... you will pay.”

Suddenly, Piper is knocked down from behind by Kid Kash, who lays into Piper with stomp after stomp! Jarrett gets into the ring and joins in with Kash, before telling him to pick Piper up. Kash does so and Jarrett takes his jacket off, before grabbing Piper and setting him up for the Stroke! However, before he can connect with the move the fans erupt, as AJ Styles comes sprinting down the ramp and into the ring, chasing off both Kid Kash and Jeff Jarrett! The two retreat up the ramp seemingly happy with their brief but effective attack on Roddy Piper, when they’re joined by the TNA Management Consultant – Don Callis!

Don Callis: “Piper, the lights are on but nobodies home, are they? If you knew what was good for you, then you would’ve stayed home. But seeing as now I’m paying you to be here, I’m going to get my monies worth. Next week, you will team up with AJ Styles and take on Jeff Jarrett, and Kid Kash! Oh and Piper, if your team loses then AJ forfeits ANY title shot for a year!”

In the ring, Hot Rod looks at Styles almost as if to say ‘sorry’ before looking back at the three men on the ramp, who are all looking extremely smug. Then, in the crowd, Director of Authority, Erik Watts! Watts is carrying a mic as he climbs over the barrier and gets into the ring, alongside AJ Styles and Roddy Piper.

Erik Watts: “Callis, that’s just not how its gonna go down. Now, I can’t remove your stipulations... but I can add to them!” (The fans cheer as Watts begins to smile) “Now, if AJ and Piper lose then AJ will forfeit any World Title shot for a year... but if they win, then AJ will get a title shot, TWO WEEKS FROM TONIGHT!”

Styles and Piper smile as, on the ramp, Jeff Jarrett begins asks Callis if “he can do that.” Styles motions to Jarrett mimicking a belt around his waist, before Callis, Kash and the NWA World Champion head backstage – clearly unhappy.

Michael Shane © vs. Low-Ki

Video clips are shown on the TNATron of last weeks Triple Threat Match, which was won by Low-Ki earning him this title shot tonight. It then moves onto Christopher Daniels’ backstage assault on the victor, raising whether Low-Ki will be able to compete tonight. Unusually, the current X-Division Champion Michael Shane comes out to the ring accompanied by Traci, but no Shane Douglas. Shane is in the ring and we can see him tell Traci that “He won’t show up” – but he does! Low-Ki’s music rips through The Asylum, and the man from Brooklyn comes down to ringside and gets into the ring, looking extremely pumped up! Shane does not give him any time to get started however, immediately throwing a punch at the challenger. The blow catches Ki off guard who goes back into the turnbuckle, but he recovers in time to duck a second right hand from Michael Shane. Low-Ki nails Michael with a few punches of his own before going for an Irish Whip, but Shane reverses sending the challenger into the corner. Shane charges but Low-Ki manages to get his leg up, thrusting his boot into the chest of Michael Shane! The champ staggers backwards gasping for air as Low-Ki lines him up, before connecting with a stiff kick to the jaw that echoes throughout the arena! Ki goes for the early cover on Shane, who kicks out on 2. Low-Ki pulls his opponent up and forces him back into the turnbuckle again with a shoulder to the abdomen, before using the second rope as a springboard and kicking Shane in the side of the head! Michael falls straight down to the mat and then rolls to the outside, where he tries to shake off the cobwebs. However, he doesn’t get much of a break as Low-Ki slides to the outside and comes up behind Shane, knocking him down with a forearm to the back of the head! He puts the boots to him before picking him up, and throwing him face-first into the guard-rail! Low-Ki takes Shane and heads back to the ring, rolling him in but leaving just his head and neck hanging over the apron. Ki gets onto the apron and takes a short run up on Shane, before dropping his leg down onto the throat of Michael Shane! The X-Division champion immediately grabs his throat and begins coughing violently, as Low-Ki gets into the ring. He places Shane’s shoulders on the mat and covers; 1... 2... Kick Out. He kicks Shane straight into the face a couple of times before picking him up straight, but Traci gets onto the apron distracting Low-Ki! This allows Shane to recover, and as Low-Ki turns back around Shane connects with some Sweet Shane Music! He covers Low-Ki; ONE... TWO... THR, NO! Shane puts his head around the back of his head in shock as Low-Ki gets the shoulder up, before raising three fingers at the referee. Shane takes the referee by the shirt and turns him so he is now facing away from Low-Ki, and as he does so Christopher Daniels slides into the ring holding the X-Division Title! Low-Ki gets to his feet, but is blasted back down to the ground with a shot from Daniels who quickly drops the title and heads towards the ramp! Shane then releases the referee and climbs onto the top rope, before leaping off and hitting a Picture Perfect Elbow Drop, alá Shawn Michaels! Shane covers; 1... 2... 3!

Winner via Pinfall: Michael Shane ©

The Asylum erupts in boos as Traci hands the belt to Michael Shane, and the two celebrate over the now-bleeding Low-Ki. Meanwhile, “The Fallen Angel” stands at the top of the ramp smiling sadistically, clearly pleased with costing Low-Ki the X-Division Title.

America’s Most Wanted vs. 3 Live Krew ©

Wildcat Chris Harris and James Storm come out to a huge pop from the crowd, before the 3 Live Krew come out to a similar reaction. Konnan gets on the mic and warms up the crowd a little before going to the outside, as the bell rings. Harris and Killings go to their respective corners, as BG James and James Storm lock up in the centre of the ring. James applies a side headlock to Storm, but Johnny thrusts BG into the ropes and connects with a hip toss. James is quickly to his feet and ducks a clothesline from Storm, before connecting with a kick to the gut. He sets Storm up for a Piledriver but James counters with a Back-Body Drop, before going down and applying a headlock. With Killings and Konnan willing him on, BG manages to get to his feet and shakes Storm off with elbows to the rib-cage, before bouncing off the ropes. He applies a headlock of his own but Storm escapes using BG James’ methods, before nailing a Back Drop! Storm makes the tag to his partner, and Wildcat quickly covers James for a 2-count. Harris picks James up and goes for a Vertical Suplex but BG escapes behind, and catches Chris with a Clothesline as he spins round! He makes the tag to “The Truth” who starts off by whipping Harris into the corner, before charging and squashing him in the corner with a Cross Body! Killings covers; 1... 2... Kick Out. We cut to the ramp where Glenn Gilberti and David Young have appeared, and are watching the match. Konnan yells something at them in Spanish making them back off a little, but they’re still out in the arena. Back in the ring, Killings has Harris in a Wastelock, before hitting a German Suplex! Killings covers but Harris again kicks out on 2. Ron is frustrated but still continues the attack, stomping on Harris over and over, before making the tag to the refreshed BG James. James gets into the ring and grabs Harris, before hitting him with a jab. He then hits another before going for the Shake... Rattle... and Roll, but Harris ducks and almost snaps BG in half with a mammoth Clothesline! Slowly the Wildcat crawls to his corner, eventually meeting the outstretched hand of James Storm! James gets into the ring and knocks Killings off the apron with an elbow to the head, before grabbing BG and whipping him into the ropes. He catches him with a knee to the gut on the rebound flipping him over, before covering. Killings breaks up the count on two with a dropkick to the back of Storm’s head, before pulling him up. He connects with a kick to the gut before hitting an Axe Kick and covering Storm, but the referee won’t make the count because he’s not the legal man! As Killings argues with the referee BG James is slowly up to his feet, but Chris Harris meets him with a Catatonic! James Storm covers BG James as Harris attacks Killings; 1... 2... David Young breaks up the count! Young stomps on Storm as Gilberti gets into the ring and attacks BG James! The referee rings the bell, and the match is announced as a No Contest due to interference.

Winner: No Contest Due to Interference

Konnan tries to stop the beating but is met by a Spinebuster from David Young, when suddenly Simon and Swinger slide into the ring! Diamond takes Gilberti out of the ring with a Clothesline, whilst Swinger nails the Swing Thing on David Young! Out of the 4 teams currently at ringside, its Simon and Swinger who stand tall – as we head backstage.


We open up backstage in one of the TNA lockerooms, where Jeff Jarrett is kicking at anything and everything. Don Callis keeps trying to calm him down, but Jarrett isn’t listening.

Jeff Jarrett: “Every damn week, it’s the same damn thing. Erik Watts plays favourites and screws me at every damn turn!”

Jarrett takes a duffel back and throws it at the wall, with clothes scattering everywhere on impact.

Don Callis: “Listen, Jeff, what have you got to worry about? Piper? The guy’s almost 50 with an artificial hip... and remember Jeff, Styles can’t compete on your level. You proved it last week and you can prove it again next week.”

Jarrett stops mid-kick and looks at Callis, before breaking into a smile. He begins to nod his head back and forth before shaking hands with Callis, before walking out of the room.

Raven vs. Abyss

Abyss is out first for this one, screaming at the fans inside the Asylum. Next, its Raven. The fans go wild as the former-ECW star makes his entrance, wasting little time in charging the ring! He attacks Abyss forcing him into the corner with punches, kicks and elbows, but the big man manages to push Raven away! However, he comes back for more but again, gets pushed away. The third time however, he comes back deadlier than the first, making Abyss cover up in the corner! Raven pulls the monster out of the corner and goes for an Irish Whip, but Abyss doesn’t budge and reverses – sending Raven flying over the top rope to the outside! Abyss rolls to the outside and grabs Raven, before sending him into the ring apron with an Irish Whip! He rolls Raven into the ring, but then grabs a chair from ringside. He gets into the ring and lines up Raven, with the referee trying to stop him. However, Abyss pushes him away and swings at Raven who ducks, and then sends the chair straight into Abyss’ face with a kick! Abyss goes down to the mat and Raven covers, but the monster powers out just before three! The two men get to their feet and begin exchanging punches, with Abyss gaining the upper-hand. However, Raven ducks under a punch and connects with a kick to the gut, setting Abyss up for an Evenflow DDT! He connects and covers Abyss; 1... 2... Kick Out! The fans “oooh!” in disbelief as Raven gets to his feet – and sees the chair. He picks it up and turns towards Abyss who is now standing, and brings the chair crashing down on Abyss’ head! He doesn’t fall over however and instead just stumbles backwards, as Raven drills him with another shot! This time Abyss goes down onto all-fours, and Raven raises the chair again before bringing it down on the back of Abyss. The bell is now ringing repeatedly as the referee disqualifies Raven, who nails Abyss with the chair again.

Winner via Disqualification: Abyss

As the PPV Broadcast goes off the air, Raven drops the weapon and strikes the Crucifix pose over the beaten, bloody and lifeless body of Abyss.

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NWA:TNA on PPV Preview

December 17th 2003

Styles/Piper vs. Kid Kash/Jarrett

This week on TNA’s Pay-Per View broadcast, AJ Styles teams up with the legendary ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper to take on Jeff Jarrett and Kid Kash, and if Styles & Piper win he gets a NWA World Heavyweight Title shot next week! This match was made last week by NWA Director of Authority Erik Watts, after Kid Kash had cost AJ the title the previous week on the PPV.

Low-Ki vs. Christopher Daniels

Another match confirmed for this week is a bout from the X-Division, as Christopher Daniels takes on Low-Ki with the winner moving onto a shot at the X-Division title shot later in the night! Daniels interfered in Low-Ki’s previous shot costing him the title – will Low-Ki get a measure of revenge tonight?

Simon & Swinger vs. Glenn Gilberti & David Young

After last week’s altercation between the two during the AMW/3LK title match, Gilberti went to Don Callis and requested a match against his now seemingly former clients. Callis made the match, with one stipulation – the winner gets a shot at the Tag Team Titles on next weeks TNA PPV!

Raven vs. Redshirt Security

After Raven got himself disqualified in his match against Abyss last week, TNA Management Consultant Don Callis was quick to force him into a match against the Redshirts, comprising of Legend and Kevin Northcutt. Callis said that if Raven took the cowards way out again this week, then he would be fired on the spot!

And More...

With top TNA superstars such as Michael Shane, Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt and America’s Most Wanted also scheduled to be on the PPV, anything could happen in the Asylum come Wednesday 17!

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Guest It's 999

This is looking really good man, I'm liking the push of a violent Raven ala ECW, very nice, just hope he destroys the Redshirts. Keep it up!

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Just an advance warning. After the PPV on the 31st of December I will be converting all the data into TEW, so I can simulate TNA correctly. This could mean a slight delay in the diary, but then I might be able to do it relatively quickly. Thanks.


user posted image

NWA:TNA on Pay-Per View

December 17th 2003

The Pay-Per View broadcast starts off with clips of last weeks show playing on the TNATron. It shows clips of the Low-Ki vs. Michael Shane match from last week, as well as Simon and Swinger attacking David Young and Glenn Gilberti, setting up tonight’s match. Extensive clips of Roddy Piper’s return and Raven’s match against Abyss then show, reminding us of how tonight’s matches came about.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Shark Boy

We cut back to ringside and it looks like we’re going to be treated to some X-Division action to begin the broadcast, as the bell rings. The two lock up in the centre of the ring, with Dutt applying a side headlock. Shark Boy bounces him off the ropes and then goes down to the mat allowing Sonjay to jump over him, before springing back up. He goes for a Clothesline but Sonjay ducks and connects with a boot to the gut, before rolling over Shark Boy’s back and dropping him with a Back Drop... no, Shark Boy lands on his feet! Dutt turns thinking he’s done something but is met with a right hand, before Shark Boy whips him into the ropes. He hits Dutt with a picture-perfect Dropkick, and Dutt rolls to the outside. Shark Boy follows and grabs Styles, before whipping him into the barricade and then bashing his head on the announcers table. He slides Sonjay into the ring before clambering in himself, covering his opponent for a 2 count. Shark Boy picks Sonjay up and goes to whip him into the corner, but he reverses and it’s Sharky who’s sent into the turnbuckle. Dutt places Shark Boy on the rope and then jumps up to join him, looking for a Superplex. However, Sharky Boy manages to counter with punches to the gut of his opponent, sending him back down into the ring! Dutt gets to his feet a little dazed, and Shark Boy plants him with a Cross Body! 1... 2... Kick Out! The two get to their feet in tandem and begin to exchange blows, with Dutt gaining the upper-hand and sending Shark Boy into the ropes. Dutt goes for a kick to the stomach but Sharky catches his boot, so Dutt goes for an Insiguri but Shark Boy ducks, but Dutt drills him with a boot straight to the chest! Dutt goes to the top rope and leaps off looking for a Bombay Splash, but Shark Boy rolls out of the way! He gets to his feet and grabs Dutt setting him up for the Deep Sea Drop, but Dutt manages to wriggle out of it and rolls Shark Boy up into a Small Package; 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Sonjay Dutt via Pinfall

The two are now back on their feet looking at each other, as the referee raises Sonjay’s arm in the air. After an intense stare-down, Shark Boy slowly extends his hand towards Dutt. He looks around at the fans, before accepting the outstretched hand! Shark Boy then makes his way to the back as Dutt celebrates, eventually heading backstage as well.

A Problem?

On the TNATron, we see Don Callis sitting in his plush office. He seems to be reading over a few papers when suddenly the door bursts open, and David Young rushes into the room!

David Young: “Boss, boss, I need to talk to you.”

Don Callis: “Whoa, hold on a second their Young. Didn’t your mother ever teach you to knock?”

David Young: “But Don, it’s about my match tonight...”

Don Callis: “Look David not now, alright? In case you hadn’t noticed I have a show to run and I haven’t got time for you right now, okay?”

Before David can answer, Callis gets up and walks out the door. We cut back to Young who is looking extremely agitated.

Starting Early

We cut back to ringside at almost the exact time that the NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett’s music plays over the Personal Address System. Double J comes out to a loud chorus of boos and jeers from the Asylum, before he slides into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Jeff Jarrett: “Roddy Piper, last week you stuck your nose where it didn’t belong. Last week, you made your return to NWA:TNA. But not only that, you had to try and humiliate me Piper, spreading your lies about me screwing AJ Styles out of my title. Like I said Piper, he can’t compete on my level. I was simply protecting this companies interests. But, enough about AJ. I came out here for you Piper... I don’t want to wait for tonight. Bring yourself down to my ring RIGHT NOW, and look into the eyes of a true legend.”

Jarrett doesn’t have to wait barely 5 seconds, as the bagpipes begin to play. The Asylum promptly erupts as ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper steps out onto the ramp, staring down at Jeff Jarrett. Slowly Piper walks down the ramp, eventually reaching the ring. He climbs the steel steps one by one and clambers through the ropes, getting face to face with Jarrett. He pulls a mic from his pocket, as a loud “Piper!” chant goes up from the crowd.

Roddy Piper: “Well ya’ know Jeff Jarrett, you couldn’t be more wrong. Last week I came back ta’ TNA for one reason, to help the kids like AJ catch’a break. I watch you week afta’ week, cheatin’ to keep that title around your waist. Well Jeff, I’m simply an equalizer. And after myself and AJ Styles beat you and your little lackey tonight, I’m gunna ensure that he gets a fair shot at your belt next week!”

Jeff looks at Piper, and then begins to smile. Slowly, it turns into a chuckle, before going into full-blown hysterics. Piper doesn’t see the funny side and raises his hand to Jarrett – who quickly backs off.

Jeff Jarrett: “Whoa, hold up there Roddy. Now you see Piper, there’s just one problem with that... you ain’t gonna win tonight!”

Suddenly, Piper is knocked down with a forearm to the back by none other Kid Kash, Jarrett’s partner for tonight’s match! The two stomp away on Piper before Jarrett takes on the role of ‘traffic director’ telling Kash to pull Roddy up. Kash complies and drags the Scot to his feet, handing him to Jarrett.

The NWA World Champion sets Piper up for the Stroke when suddenly the crowd erupts once again, as AJ Styles comes sprinting down the ramp and slides into the ring. He drills Kash with a couple of right hands before disposing of him over the top rope with a stiff Clothesline, before turning back to Jarrett.

The champ is ready as he throws a punch at AJ, but ‘The Phenomenal One’ is aware and manages to duck, before connecting with a kick to the gut on Jarrett! He looks for the Styles Clash on his opponent for later tonight but Kid Kash manages to save his tag partner, before any real damage can be done. As Kash and Jarrett head back up the ramp licking their wounds, Styles and Piper raise each others’ arms in the air.

Christopher Daniels vs. Low-Ki

As Styles and Piper leave the ring, Mike Tenay gives us a brief recap of how this match came along, with the aid of the TNATron.

2 Week’s Ago...

... Kash gets to his feet and signals for The Money Roll, but Chris Daniels manages to send him through the ropes to the outside with a Dropkick! He leans over the ropes trash talking Kash and then turns – straight into Low-Ki who drills him with the Ki Krusher 99! 1... 2... 3! Low-Ki gets a shot at Michael Shane’s title next week on TNA!

1 Week Ago...

... Shane puts his head around the back of his head in shock as Low-Ki gets the shoulder up, before raising three fingers at the referee. Shane takes the referee by the shirt and turns him so he is now facing away from Low-Ki, and as he does so Christopher Daniels slides into the ring holding the X-Division Title! Low-Ki gets to his feet, but is blasted back down to the ground with a shot from Daniels who quickly drops the title and heads towards the ramp! Shane then releases the referee and climbs onto the top rope, before leaping off and hitting a Picture Perfect Elbow Drop, alá Shawn Michaels! Shane covers; 1... 2... 3!

Back in the Asylum the fans are booing as the clip comes to an end, but they quickly turn to cheers as Low-Ki makes his entrance! Ki gets into the ring looking as focused as ever, bouncing off the ropes a couple of times awaiting the arrival of his opponent. “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels then appears at the top of the ramp, to a massive chorus of boos and jeers. He slides into the ring and removes his cloak, but Low-Ki attacks him before it even hits the floor! ‘Ki directs kick after kick at Daniels’ legs knocking him down to the mat, before pulling him up and whipping him into the ropes. Daniels ducks a Clothesline attempt on the rebound and knocks Low-Ki down with a flying elbow-block. He covers looking to end things quickly, but Low-Ki kicks out on 1. “The Fallen Angel” pulls Ki up but his hands are pushed aside, before ‘Ki nails him with a few stiff right hands. He goes for a Spinning Heel Kick but Daniels ducks, before taking his opponent down with a leg sweep from Chris! Another cover, and another immediate kick out from Low-Ki. Daniels positions Low-Ki near the corner and Springboards onto the top rope looking for the Best Moonsault Ever, but lands on his feet as he spots Low-Ki rolling out of the way. The two get to their feet in tandem and Ki ducks a shot from Daniels, before taking him down with a rolling kick! He lets out a tribal roar before grabbing Daniels and pulling him up, before whipping him into the corner. ‘Ki nails Daniels with a big Clothesline in the corner before taking him down with a spinning enziguiri! Low-Ki covers “The Fallen Angel;” 1... 2... Kick Out. Low-Ki gets to his feet again and stalks Daniels, who casually gets up only to walk straight into the grasp of Low-Ki! He sets Daniels up for the Ki Krusher 99 but Daniels manages to wriggle out landing behind Low-Ki, rolling him up into a Schoolboy Pin; 1... 2... Kick Out! So close from Daniels there! He snaps Low-Ki into the ropes who barely misses a Clothesline on the rebound, but gets caught with a Tilt-a-Whirl inverted DDT on the way back! Another cover from Daniels; 1... 2... NO! Another kick out from Low-Ki! Daniels gets to his feet once more and signals for the Last Rites, walking behind Low-Ki who is slowly rising to his feet. He grabs Low-Ki and sets him up for his patented finisher, but Low-Ki manages to counter and reverse the move, nailing Daniels with a reverse Vertical Suplex! Cover by Low-Ki; ONE... TWO... THR, NO! Yet another kick out, this time by Daniels! Low-Ki puts his hands on his head and momentarily wonders what to do next, before grabbing Daniels and dragging him up once more. He sets Daniels up for the Ki Krusher 99, but just like last time Daniels manages to wriggle out and land on his feet behind Low-Ki, before drilling him with a Low Blow! ‘Ki keels over as the referee decides whether to ring the bell or not, as Daniels nails the Last Rites on Low-Ki! The referee makes the count; 1... 2... 3!

Winner via Pinfall: Christopher Daniels

Daniels gets to his feet and begins to put the boots to Low-Ki, before lifting him up again. He sets him up for the Last Rites, before connecting with the second of the night! As ‘Ki lies in the centre of the ring motionless, “The Fallen Angel” slides out of the ring and heads backstage, to an almighty chorus of boos from the Asylum.

Simon & Swinger vs. David Young & Glenn Gilberti

Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger make their entrances, to a loud pop from the crowd in the Asylum. Next up is David Young, Don Callis... but no Glenn Gilberti. The two solemnly walk to the ring, with Callis looking rather unhappy whilst Young seems to be saying “I tried to tell you, boss” over and over. Callis takes a mic from a crewman at ringside, and then slides into the ring.

Don Callis: “Ladies and Gentleman, I regret to inform you that Glenn Gilberti will not be joining us tonight. In fact, he will not be joining us, on any night. You see, Glenn Gilberti has decided to abandon NWA:TNA, and sign with World ‘Wrestling’ Entertainment.”

There is a mixes reaction to the announcement, as the fans are happy that he’s gone but on the other hand, are unhappy he’s joined the WWE.

Don Callis: “But don’t worry, because you’re still going to get your match! It will be Simon and Swinger taking on David Young... in a handicap match!”

A beaming smile suddenly shoots across Callis’ face, but Young looks shocked. Simon and Swinger are laughing and nodding as Don exits the ring, and heads backstage.

Simon & Swinger vs. David Young

Simon and Swinger slowly walk towards Young who is holding his hands out in front of him, pleading with the two. They’re having none of it though, as they both charge him at the same time taking him out with a double-clothesline! The two stomp on Young viciously, before picking him up and sending him into the ropes with an Irish Whip. The duo connects with a double Back Body Drop before Johnny heads to his corner, whilst Diamond covers Young; 1... 2... Kick Out. He pulls David to his feet and drags him back into his corner, tagging in Johnny Swinger. He grabs Young and tosses him into the ropes, before taking him down with an armdrag. He goes to lock-in a Fujiwara Armbar on David, but he manages to grab the bottom rope with his free hand. Swinger gets to his feet and pulls David Young up, before tagging Simon Diamond back in. He grabs Young and nails him seemingly instantaneously with the Simon Series, before covering; 1... 2... 3!

Winners via Pinfall: Simon & Swinger

Simon and Swinger pick up an extremely quick victory over David Young, now without his tag partner Glenn Gilberti who has signed a contract with the WWE. As the referee checks on the hurt David Young, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger head backstage – lapping up the fans’ adoration.

Raven vs. The Redshirt Security

David Young disappears backstage aided by two or three TNA officials, as Mike Tenay and Don West recap last week’s PPV broadcast, when Raven demolished Abyss during their match. They also reinforce the stipulation added to this match by Don Callis, which is that if Raven gets himself disqualified again this week, he will be fired on the spot! The Redshirts music then hits the P.A System, and Legend along with Kevin Northcutt make their way down to the ring, accompanied by TNA Management Consultant Don Callis. Next up is a man that Mike Tenay calls “The Most Dangerous Man in Professional Wrestling Today” – Raven. He slides into the ring amidst the frenzy of the fans, who are all on their feet screaming at the arrival of Raven. He slides under the bottom rope and climbs onto the turnbuckle, striking his famous Crucifix pose before jumping back down into the centre of the ring. He now stand opposite Legend and Northcutt whilst Callis gets out of the ring, and the bell rings. Neither of the Redshirts seem to want to start the match against Raven having seen what he did to Abyss last week, but eventually Legend agrees to start the match. Big mistake. He attempts a punch on his opponent but Raven sees it coming and ducks, before taking Legend down with a huge punch of his own. Legend is back up to his feet in an instant, but is knocked back down again just as quickly. This goes on 3 more times until Legend ducks a Raven punch and tags in Kevin Northcutt, before quickly escaping onto the apron. Northcutt and Raven lock up in the middle of the ring, with Kevin using his power to apply a side headlock. Raven manages to counter and pushes him into the ropes, before driving his elbow into Northcutt’s head on the rebound! Raven picks Kevin up and whips him into the corner, before following up with a big Clothesline to the chest. He places him back in the corner and drills his knee into Northcutt’s sternum a couple of times, before dragging him back into the centre of the ring and hitting a hard Snap Suplex. He covers, but Northcutt kicks out quickly. The two get to their feet and Raven goes for an Irish Whip, but Kevin reverses and sends Raven into the ropes, before taking him down with a big Powerslam! Cover; 1... 2... Kick Out. Northcutt tags in Legend who instantly begins stomping away on Raven, before pulling him up and drilling a stiff shot into the jaw, sending him back into the ropes. He follows it up with a Clothesline that sends Raven flying over the top rope and to the floor below, landing with a loud thud. Legend goes to follow but the referee stops him, as Northcutt jumps off the apron. He makes his way round to Raven and picks him up, before throwing him head-first into the top of the guardrail! Northcutt slides Raven under the ropes and into the ring, before heading back to his corner. Meanwhile, Legend has covered a now-bleeding Raven, who kicks out on 2. Joe E. pulls Raven up to his feet, but gets a couple of shots to the ribcage on the way. Legend and a wobbly Raven exchange blows until Raven manages to block a shot from his opponent, before bouncing back off the ropes and taking Legend out with a knee to the face! Raven gets back up to his vertical base and calls for the Raven Effect, prompting Don Callis to send Northcutt into the ring. He knocks Raven down from behind with a forearm to the back and puts the boots to him, as Legend slowly gets to his feet. They both send him into the corner, and Northcutt looks to send Legend into him with an Irish Whip – but Raven moves! Legend goes crashing face first into the turnbuckle as Northcutt moves towards Raven, but gets a huge kick to the face, before rolling to the outside! Raven turns his attention back to Legend and awaits for him to turn, connecting with a boot to the gut followed up by an Evenflow DDT! Raven hooks the leg; ONE... TWO... THREE!

Winner via Pinfall: Raven

On the outside of the ring Don Callis is going berserk, as Raven defeats both members of his Redshirt Security cleanly. Raven strikes his Crucifix Pose whilst his eyes stare down at Legend, who is being checked on by the referee. Suddenly, Raven is attacked from behind by the monster Abyss, who goes for an Irish Whip but reverses it into a Black Hole Slam on Raven! Callis is now smiling as he heads round to the other side of the ring, accompanying Abyss to the backstage area. Callis is still smiling and laughing at Raven as they reach the top of the ramp... as he sits up. Both Callis and Abyss stop in their tracks, and a blank look comes across the face of Callis. Raven slowly gets to his feet and simply stares at Abyss, cracking a small smile as the scene fades.

AJ Styles & Roddy Piper vs. Jeff Jarrett & Kid Kash

As the final competitor from the previous match disappears backstage, Mike Tenay informs us that it’s time for tonight’s Main Event. He reminds us that if AJ Styles and Roddy Piper can pick up the win, then AJ gets a shot at Jeff Jarrett’s NWA World Title on next week’s broadcast! However, if Kid Kash and Jarrett can pick up the win, then AJ will automatically forfeit any title shot he earns for the next year. As Tenay finishes, “I Am” by Dale Oliver rips through the TNA Asylum, as AJ Styles and Roddy Piper make their entrance to a huge pop from the crowd! As they get into the ring AJ removes his jacked as does Piper, and Jeff Jarrett’s music begins to play. Sure enough, Jeff Jarrett struts out onto the ramp with Kid Kash in tow, with both men looking extremely smug and confident. After taunting and trash-talking a couple of the more ‘vocal’ fans at ringside they get into the ring, ready to start the match. As Jarrett and Piper go to their separate corners the bell rings, as Kid Kash and AJ Styles look to start things off. The two lock up in the centre of the ring and Styles gains a quick advantage applying a headlock, but Kash quickly rolls round behind and applies a top wristlock on Styles. “The Phenomenal One” front flips out of the move and reverses it onto Kash, who takes a swing at Styles but he manages to duck, before nailing Kash with a release German Suplex! Kash bounces back up and grabs his face as Piper begins to clap on the outside, whilst AJ grabs Kash by the hair. He pulls him up and whips him into the ropes before charging, but gets a boot to the face from Kid Kash, who makes the tag to the NWA World Champion – Jeff Jarrett. He picks Styles up and positions him in the corner, before hitting a couple of nasty-sounding chops that echo throughout the arena. Jarrett snapmares AJ to the mat before locking in a rear chin lock, holding his arm for extra leverage. In the crowd, Piper helps to start up an “AJ Styles!” chant, spurring him to slowly begin to get to his feet. AJ causes Jeff to break the hold with elbows to the mid-section before bouncing off the ropes, but the Champion knocks him down with a shoulder block! Double J tags in Kid Kash, who grabs Styles and pulls him to his feet, before setting him up for the move he calls the ‘Dead Level.’ He connects sending Styles’ shoulder into his knee, before covering; ONE... TWO... THR, NO! AJ gets his shoulder up, to the amazement of both Kash and Jarrett. Now a little desperate, Kash pulls AJ up and goes for another Dead Level, but “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles slips out and lands behind Kash, rolling him up into a Schoolboy Pin; 1... 2... Kick Out at the last second! We cut to a relieved Jarrett on the apron as the two competitors slowly get to their feet, and begin exchanging punches in the centre of the ring. Styles gains for upper hand and goes to kick ‘The Notorious’ K.I.D, but he catches his boot only to be met with an enziguiri from AJ! The move seems to have taken a lot out of AJ, as he slowly begins to crawl over towards his corner, whilst Kash does the same. Kash makes his tag to Jarrett, but the fans erupt as Styles’ hand meets Piper’s, bringing the Scot into the ring! Piper blocks a right hand from Jarrett and hits him with a punch of his own, followed by another and another, taking the Champ down! Jarrett gets back to his feet quickly and charges at Roddy, but he ducks and locks in a Sleeper Hold on Jeff! He struggles at first but quickly begins to fade, until Kid Kash breaks up the hold with a forearm to Piper’s back! Kash sets Piper up for what could be the third Dead Level of the night, but AJ cuts his legs out from underneath him before he can connect! AJ pulls Jarrett up and whips him into the ropes, before nearly annihilating him with a Spinning Lariat! AJ covers; 1... 2... Kash breaks up the count! Styles is back to his feet but Kash keeps him at bay with punches to the head, before Piper locks Kash in a Sleeper Hold from behind! Styles turns back to Jarrett, only to get a kick to the gut! Jarrett sets up Styles for The Stroke, but AJ manages to counter and hits Jarrett with a kick to the mid-section of his own... STYLES CLASH ON JARRETT! The fans erupt and count in-time with the referee; ONE... TWO... THREE!

Winners via Pinfall: AJ Styles & Roddy Piper

The fans explode in cheers as the referee counts the 3, confirming AJ’s title shot next week on Pay-Per View! Piper releases the only semi-conscious Kid Kash and grab AJ’s arm, raising it high in the air! As the broadcast fades from the air, Piper takes the NWA World Title and hands it to Styles, who raises it in the air. Will this be an indication of what’s to come next week?

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“From the Inside” with Jeremy Borash

Friday 19th December, 2003

The views expressed in the following article do not necessarily reflect the views of TNA Entertainment, its employees, or its parent company. Although it often fails at doing so, it is meant for the sole purpose of entertaining the readers on NWATNA.com, and the author's minimalistic group of friendly professional acquaintances.

Hello everybody and welcome to ‘From the Inside’ with me Jeremy Borash. NWA: Total Non-Stop Action has been gaining momentum like a freight train over the past few weeks, with buy-rates and attendances increasing for 3 weeks straight now - there’s even talk of TNA getting its own TV show. Personally I haven’t heard anything official on that front, but never say never.

Kudos to both Christopher Daniels and Low-Ki for their tremendous match-up on this week’s Pay-Per View broadcast, a 5 star match from two top tier athletes. Both men truly embody what TNA is about – bringing top class wrestling and entertainment to the fans around the world.

Christopher Daniels will be heading to Japan at the beginning of January to work with New Japan Pro Wrestling, but will fortunately be available for all of our shows through January. However, Daniels’ enemy Low-Ki will miss the January 14th PPV due to his Zero-One commitments, but will definitely be available for all other shows in January – all thins permitting of course.

Another big shout out to the four men in the Main Event; Roddy Piper, AJ Styles, Kid Kash and Jeff Jarrett. A great match to finish off an excellent show. Piper was drawing some insane reactions from the crowd, and you really had to be there to realize how over he was. AJ Styles and Kid Kash both look like future megastars and Jeff Jarrett is a great champion to represent TNA. I eagerly await next week’s Main Event match for the NWA World Title next week on our Pay-Per View Broadcast.

Just a quick update on Shane Douglas, who has been absent from the last couple of TNA broadcasts. Shane has been sidelined with a stomach bug he got a few weeks ago, but is expected to be back before the end of December.

Ever since the end of Wednesday’s show, I have been asked by fans if Glenn Gilberti has really signed with the WWE. I can say now that Glenn is a WWE superstar as of this Tuesday, after signing a written contract with the company one day before the PPV. Glenn has gone down in my estimation, as he notified us by fax on the morning of the show and, as you can imagine, that left us in the lurch. It was only the quick thinking of Don Callis that saved us, booking Gilberti’s partner (David Young) into a handicap match with their scheduled opponent.

I can confirm that whilst TNA did hold preliminary talks with Vader over the weekend period, it looks extremely unlikely that Vader will sign with TNA. As we continue to grow in size TNA directors are becoming increasingly intent on only signing workers to written contracts, something which Vader wasn’t willing to do. Perhaps because he doesn’t want to be tied down to a single company, or he doesn’t feel that we’re big enough... just yet. Either way, we wish him all the best.

That’s it for this week, see you next week From the Inside.

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NWA:TNA on PPV Preview

Wednesday 24th December 2003

AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett

On this week’s PPV broadcast, Jeff Jarrett’s NWA World Title will be on the line as he takes on AJ Styles, who earned his shot last week on the PPV. AJ Styles and Roddy Piper defeated Jeff Jarrett and Kid Kash, earning AJ this shot. Can “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles pick up the title at the second time of asking, or will Jarrett find a way to victory once again?

Raven vs. ???

Last week, Raven defeated Legend and Kevin Northcutt of the Redshirt Security, much to the surprise of Don Callis. This week, Callis has promised to end Raven’s ‘lucky’ run by bringing in an outsider, someone to stop Raven once and for all. However, it will be no easy task as was shown last week, as Raven sat up after Abyss nailed him with the Black Hole Slam – something that has never been seen before.

Simon & Swinger vs. BG James and Ron Killings

As a result of their victory over David Young last week, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger will face the 3 Live Krew for Tag Team Gold this week on the PPV! However, America’s Most Wanted have promised they will be at ringside for this event, as they believe they should be the ones getting this title shot – not Simon & Swinger.

Michael Shane vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Low-Ki

After numerous matches between Daniels and Low-Ki with neither one looking stronger than the other, a 3-Way match has been booked for this week’s PPV where they will compete against the X-Division champion Michael Shane with the X-Division Title on the line! Remember, the champion doesn’t have to be pinned for the title to change hands, so Shane better be on his guard.

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  • 2 weeks later...

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December 24th 2003

“Derelict” by Reveille rips through the TNA Asylum marking the beginning of this week’s TNA PPV, the penultimate episode of 2003. The scene opens up at the announcers table where Mike Tenay and Don West are standing with microphones in their hands. They hype tonight’s show with focus especially on the Main Event, as AJ Styles takes on Jeff Jarrett, with the NWA World Heavyweight Title on the line!

One Last Chance

After the usual introductions to the broadcast from Mike Tenay and Don West, the TNATron lights up taking us to the backstage area, where Scott Hudson is standing by with “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles!

Scott Hudson: ”Styles, the time has finally come for your title shot against Jeff Jarrett, after yourself and Roddy Piper defeated Jarrett and Kid Kash last week. How are you feeling right now?”

AJ Styles: “You know what Scott?, I’m ready. I have been waiting for this since December Third, when Jeff Jarrett screwed me out of the title. But tonight, the title will come back to the House of Styles. Tonight, is my night. Tonight, AJ Styles will once again climb to the top of the TNA Ladder, and win the NWA World Heavyweight Title.”

AJ looks at Scott and then into the camera one more time, before walking off.

Scott Hudson: “Back to you Mike...” [75]

Triple Threat Match

Michael Shane © vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Low-Ki

X-Division Title

We go back to ringside as Christopher Daniels and Low-Ki await the arrival of Michael Shane, as they stare a hole right through each other. Shane is out accompanied by Traci but, once again, Shane Douglas is absent due to an injury. Shane slides into the ring and poses on the turnbuckle, before handing the X-Division title to the referee who holds it up in the air, finally giving it to the timekeeper on the outside. The bell rings and all 3 men stand in separate corners, each awaiting another to make the first move.

Low-Ki quickly moves towards Daniels who slides out of the way, stopping next to Michael Shane. The two look at each other and then run at Low-Ki going for a Double Clothesline, but ‘Ki ducks and takes both men out with a Clothesline of his own! Daniels gets to his feet but is met with a stiff chop to the chest, and Shane suffers the same just seconds later. This time, Daniels is up to his feet a little slower allowing Low-Ki to grab hold of him and whip him into the corner, before pulling Michael Shane up. He attempts to whip Shane into Daniels, but the Champion reverses and sends Low-Ki towards the corner who then gets a boot to the face from The Fallen Angel! ‘Ki turns holding his nose and slightly dazed, but manages to duck a Cross Body from Shane sending him into Chris Daniels instead! Shane turns back but gets taken down with a Spinning Heel Kick for the cover; 1... Daniels breaks up the count! He pulls Low-Ki up and throws him into the ropes and thanks to Traci holding the top rope down, sending him straight down to the floor! Sluggishly, Low-Ki gets back to his feet and Daniels launches himself over the top rope, taking him out with a Senton Bomb type manoeuvre!

Back in the ring Michael Shane is now on his feet watching his two opponents on the outside, and when they’re up he launches himself over the top rope, taking both men down with a Cross Body! Traci claps as Michael gets to his feet and rolls Daniels back in the ring, following shortly after. He covers; 1... 2... Kick Out. Shane gets to his feet and makes his way over to the corner, where he begins ‘Tuning up the band’ waiting for Daniels to get to his feet. Sweet Shane Music... no! Daniels ducks underneath the boot and connects with a kick to the gut, before planting Michael Shane with a DDT! “The Fallen Angel” drags Shane over and places him near the corner, before spring-boarding from the Second to top rope, and connecting with the Best Moonsault Ever! Surely its over, but Low-Ki breaks up the count just before 3! Daniels and ‘Ki get to their feet and exchange punch after punch, when suddenly, Elix Skipper comes through the crowd and slides into the ring! Skipper steps in between the two former team-mates stopping them from attacking each other, as he turns to Christopher Daniels. He tries to calm him down, before abruptly turning and nailing Low-Ki with a right hand, knocking him to the mat! He picks Low-Ki up and nails him with The Overdrive, before Daniels nails another BME, this time on Low-Ki! Daniels covers; ONE... TWO... THREE! We’ve got a new X-Division champion! [74]

Winner via Pinfall: Christopher Daniels

Elix snatches the X-Title from the referee and hands it to Christopher Daniels who slings it over his shoulder, before throwing up the X to Skipper. He responds with the same and the two leave the ring, but not before stomping on Low-Ki a couple of times. Michael Shane begins to come round as Traci gets into the ring and explains what happened, causing Shane’s emotions to get the better of him. He pushes Traci to the outside and takes the referee down with a punch, before drilling him with some Sweet Shane Music! Shane leaves to the backstage area looking extremely angry, as more referees swamp the ring to attend to their fallen comrade and Low-Ki. [74]

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls...

We go backstage again with Scott Hudson who is standing by with all three members of the 3 Live Krew.

Scott Hudson: “BG James... Ron Killings, you are just moments away from defending your tag team titl...”

Hudson is cut off.

BG James: “Jus’ hold on one second there Scott Hudson... LADIES AND GENTLEMEN BOYS AND GIRLS, CHILDREN OF ALL AGES! THE NWA IS PROUD TO PRESENT TO YOU THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOOORLD!... BG JAMES AND RON KILLINGS, THE 3... LIVE... KREW! Now Scott like you said, we’re just moments away from facing Simon and Swinger, with our belts on the line. Now, those two clowns are only facing us for one reason only – because Don Callis handed it to them on a Silver Platter. C’mon Hudson, did anyone really expect David Young to put up a fight after Gilberti took his ball? Well tonight Simon & Swinger will learn the real meaning of competition.”

BG James, Ron Killings and Konnan all leave the scene, as Hudson hands back over to Mike and Don.

Tag Team Match

3 Live Krew © vs. Simon & Swinger

NWA Tag Team Titles

Simon & Swinger make their entrance first as the challengers, to a decent pop after their demolishing of David Young last week. However, the Tag Team champions come out to a huge reaction from The Asylum, accompanied by Konnan. Once all four men are in the ring the bell rings, and both teams begin trash-talking each other. After this brief delay it looks like we’re all ready to start the match... no, wait, America’s Most Wanted are on the ramp! All four competitors turn to look at ‘Wildcat’ Chris Harris and James Storm, who believe that they’re still worthy of a shot at 3LK’s gold. Simon and Swinger use the distraction to their advantage by attacking the 3 Live Krew from behind, stomping away aggressively on Killings and BG James. Eventually, the Tag Champs fight back and send Simon and Swinger to the outside with tandem Clotheslines – much to the delight of the crowd. The two go to follow but the referee blocks them, allowing the challengers to regroup. Simon Diamond climbs into the ring whilst Swinger gets onto the apron, and finally the match can properly get underway. BG James starts things off with Diamond as the two lock up in an elbow & collar tie-up in the centre of the ring. Simon goes behind with a Waistlock but James reverses with an elbow to the head, before bouncing Diamond off the ropes, taking him down with a Clothesline on the rebound! James covers Diamond, but barely gets a one-count.

BG pulls Simon up to his feet and whips him into the ropes, catching him with an Arm Drag on the rebound. Diamond shoots straight back up but is caught with another arm drag, with an armbar applied afterwards. Simon manages to fight back to his feet before any real damage can be done, but James rams his elbow down onto Simon’s arm before tagging in Ron Killings. Killings whips Diamond into the ropes and goes for a back body drop, but Diamond takes Ron down with a knee-lift to the face! Simon quickly tags in Johnny Swinger, ho pulls Ron up to his feet and whips him into the ropes, taking him down Flapjacking him on the rebound! Cover; 1... 2... Kick Out. Swinger whips Killings into the ropes and charges going for a Clothesline, but Ron gets his boot up into the face of the challenger! As Swinger staggers backwards Killings hops backwards onto the second rope before attempting a Hurricanerana on Swinger, who reverses into a vicious Powerbomb! ONE... TWO... DAVID YOUNG BREAKS UP THE COUNT! What was that? Like the fans, Mike Tenay and Don West are shocked as David Young takes Johnny Swinger and whips him into the ropes, and nails him with the Spinebuster! He knocks the groggy Simon Diamond off the apron to the outside before turning his attention to Ron Killings, when James Storm and Chris Harris slide into the ring! Storm goes to Superkick Young, but he moves sending Storm’s boot into Killings’ face! Amongst the mêlée, the referee has rung the bell ruling the match a No Contest.

Simon & Swinger and The 3 Live Krew fought to a No Contest

America’s Most Wanted quickly get out of the ring on one side, whilst David Young escapes on the other. Konnan and BG James get into the ring to check on Ron Killings who has no idea where he is after that Kick from James Storm. [73]

Raven’s Opponent Announced

After all 7 men from the previous contest have made their way backstage, the music of Raven hits the P.A System, and The Asylum erupts at the arrival of Raven! The Enigma gets into the ring and gabs a microphone, saying that the time has come for Don Callis to name his mystery opponent for tonight’s match. However, Callis instead opts to stay in his office, and makes the announcement via the TNATron...

Don Callis: “Raven... be careful what you wish for. Tonight Raven, your match will be No Disqualification, and your opponent will be... The World’s Most Dangerous Man... KEN SHAMROCK!”

The fans begin to both cheer and boo at the announcement of Ken Shamrock making his return to TNA, facing Raven... NEXT! [75]

No DQ Match

Raven vs. Ken Shamrock

The arena goes dark and smoke fills the entranceway, as “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock makes his return to TNA! Mike Tenay tells us that on his last visit to the Asylum, Ken Shamrock was the NWA World Heavyweight Champion – something that Raven has never accomplished. As soon as Tenay finishes the smoke clears – and Ken Shamrock appears! He makes his way down to the ring, staring intently at Raven as he slides in.

The bell rings signalling the beginning of the match. The two men stare at each other before locking up in the centre of the ring, with Shamrock gaining advantage applying a waistlock on Raven. Raven goes to escape, but before he can Shamrock hits a perfect German Suplex! Raven gets to his feet clutching the back of his neck, before Shamrock knocks him back down with a stiff Clothesline! Ken drags Raven up and whips him into the ropes chest-first, and he staggers back into a Side Russian Leg-Sweep from the World’s Most Dangerous Man! Shamrock covers; 1... 2... Kick out by Raven! Ken whips Raven into the ropes and applies a side headlock on the rebound, but Raven counters with a backdrop on Shamrock! The two men get to their feet and begin exchanging punches, with Shamrock gaining advantage again when a kick to the gut connects. After a few forearms to the head he whips Raven into the ropes who holds on, causing Shamrock to charge. Raven drops down and holds onto the top rope bringing it down, consequently sending his opponent to the outside! As Shamrock rolls around in agony on the outside, Raven shakes off the cobwebs and slides the arena floor. He grabs Shamrock and whips him back-first into the guardrail, before charging and ramming his knee into Ken’s throat! As The World’s Most Dangerous Man gasps for breath, Raven heads towards the announcers position and grabs a steel chair, snapping it shut as he walks back. Ken, now getting to his feet is unaware of what awaits him, as Raven brings the chair crashing down on the top of his skull! “The Enigma” Raven tosses the chair into the ring and rolls Shamrock under the bottom rope, covering him for a 2 count.

Raven rolls back to the outside and begins searching under the ring, eventually emerging with a table! He slides that into the ring and then follows again, but this time is met by Shamrock. He throws Raven into the corner and unloads with a couple of knife-edge chops on Raven, before whipping him into the opposite corner. Shamrock places Raven on the top rope and climbs up to join him, looking for a Superplex. However, Raven blocks the move and shoves Ken back into the ring, but Shamrock quickly jumps back up and nails Raven with a release Belly to Belly, sending him all the way down to the mat! Ken hooks the leg; 1... 2... NO! Raven kicks out! Unbelievable determination from Raven there! Shamrock gets to his feet and grabs the table, setting it up in the corner. He then places Rave against the table before retreating back to the opposite corner and charging Raven – who moves! Shamrock goes crashing through the table! Ken staggers backwards and turns into a Drop Toe Hold from Raven, dropping his head straight down onto the Steel Chair! Raven signals for the Raven Effect as he gets to his feet, stalking his opponent. Shamrock gets to his feet and Raven connects with a boot to the gut, before drilling Shamrock with an Evenflow DDT! Cover by Raven; 1... 2... 3!

Winner via Pinfall: Raven

Raven’s music hits the Personal Address System again, as he strikes the Crucifix Pose. Raven looks down at Shamrock and smiles before climbing out of the ring and heading backstage, whilst the referee tries to help Shamrock to his feet. [81]

TNA on PPV Main Event

Jeff Jarrett © vs. AJ Styles

NWA World Heavyweight Title

AJ Styles comes out first to a huge reaction from the fans, as he jogs around the ring high-fiving the fans. The NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett is up next, and he makes his entrance to a loud chorus of boos from the TNA faithful. Once both men are in the ring the bell rings, and the match is underway.

The two enemies exchange insults, with Jarrett yelling “You Can’t Compete on my Level!” to AJ, enraging the challenger. However, Styles manages to keep his cool with Jarrett – until he slaps him across the face! AJ takes Jarrett by surprise with a right hand knocking him down, following up with soccer kicks forcing Jarrett back into the corner! The referee tries to pull AJ away, and only just manages to – allowing Jarrett to get to his feet. As soon as the referee has moved Styles is back at Jarrett, splashing him into the corner and unloading with a barrage of right and left hands! Once again, the referee steps in between the two breaking them up, and this time Jarrett slides to the outside to regroup. A loud “AJ Styles!” chant builds up pissing Jarrett off, whilst AJ claps his hands playing to the crowd. Eventually Jarrett gets back into the ring, and the two men lock up in the centre. Jarrett forces AJ back into the ropes but won’t give him a clean break, as he boots Styles in the stomach! Double J whips AJ into the ropes and hits an inverted Atomic Drop as he runs back, before taking him down with a forearm to the back of the neck! Jarrett goes for a cover looking to finish things quickly; but AJ is up after just one. Jeff sends AJ into the corner with an Irish Whip and charges just behind him, but AJ manages to jump over Jarrett and dropkick him in the back! Jeff bounces off the turnbuckle and AJ rolls him up into a Schoolboy pin; 1... 2... Kick Out by Jarrett!

AJ drags the Champ to his feet and sends him over the top rope head-first, before climbing onto the apron. Jarrett gets to his feet and AJ springboards off the middle rope, and connects with a Moonsault on Jarrett! The move hurts Jarrett but it also seems to have hurt AJ, who clutches his lower back as he gets to his feet, rolling Jeff into the ring. A cover gets a two count for AJ, who manages to get to the turnbuckle and climb to the top rope. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles goes for the Spiral Tap, but Jarrett rolls out of the way! AJ looks to be in really bad shape now, as Jeff Jarrett applies a Surfboard to AJ, an extremely unorthodox move from the champ! AJ screams in agony and Jarrett keeps the hold locked in for almost a minute, before AJ manages to break free. However, the damage could already be done to Styles as Jarrett hits a Snap Suplex, followed up by another cover and another two count. Jeff however covers again, but Styles kicks out – albeit a little slower than last time. Jeff gets back to his feet and signals for the Stroke, before pulling AJ up by his hair. Here it comes, Stroke – but AJ escapes before Jarrett can connect! Jarrett spins and around to face AJ Styles and gets hit with a kick to the mid-section before AJ sets him up for the Styles Clash! WHAT THE HELL! A guitar comes crashing down on Styles’ back shattering on impact, and the fans erupt in boos as the camera pans around. There is an unknown man standing above Styles, and Mike Tenay points out that “that’s Eric Angle – brother of the WWE’s Kurt Angle!” What’s he doing here in TNA? By now, the referee has rung the bell awarding the match to AJ Styles via DQ, but Jeff retains the title.

Winner by Disqualification: AJ Styles

Still NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Jarrett

Angle pulls Styles up and gives him a hellacious Eric Angle Slam, before handing Jarrett the title. Jeff raises Eric’s hand up in the air and the two celebrate over AJ Styles, who has surely ran out of chances. [81]

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Wednesday 31st December 2003

Main Event

“The New American Hero” Eric Angle vs. AJ Styles

Last week on the Pay-Per View, AJ Styles took the NWA World Heavyweight Champion to the edge, and had the title in his grasp as he set the Champ up for the Styles Clash. However, it wasn’t to be and the title was once again snatched away from him, this time by the self-proclaimed “New American Hero” Eric Angle – brother of Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle. This week, AJ will get a shot at revenge against Eric thanks to the Director of Authority, Erik Watts.

Raven’s Ultimate Destiny Match

Raven vs. Jeff Jarrett/Kid Kash

For the umpteenth time, Raven once again overcame on of Don Callis’ challenges – this time in the form of “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock. This week, Callis will once again attempt to stop the enigma, by throwing the NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett and Kid Kash in front of him. But, as usual with Callis, there’s more. If Raven can win he will get a title shot 2 week’s from tonight... but if he loses, he must leave the Asylum and never return. The stakes are high, but Raven has no intention of losing.

Tag Team Titles 4-War

Simon & Swinger vs. 3 Live Krew © vs. AMW vs. The Naturals

As the Tag Team situation in NWA:TNA grows ever-more confusing the board of directors has come to the conclusion that it is best to ‘start over’ with the belts. The winners of tonight’s match will become the Tag Team Champions, and the #1 Contenders will be decided in a tournament, the brackets for which will be announced on January 7th. However, which team will be the champions when the tournament starts?

Tag Match

Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper vs. Low-Ki & ??

After the shock ending to last week’s X-Division title match in which Elix Skipper turned on Low-Ki to rejoin forces with The Fallen Angle, Low-Ki challenged the two men to a match with himself and a mystery partner. Skipper and Daniels were quick to accept, but the question still remains; who will Low-Ki pick as his partner? The only way is to turn up or tune in!

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Guest It's 999

Eric friggin' Angle? Come on man, that run in could have gone to any number of underrated, undiscovered guys right now. Oh well, I'm loving the Raven/Callis storyline, and I'm intrigued as to who Low Ki's partner is. I'll be reading.

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December 31st 2003

Commentators: “The Professor” Mike Tenay & Don West

“Derelict” by Reveille rips through the TNA Asylum as 2003 draws to a close, with NWA:TNA live on Pay-Per View! Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to the show, as a video recapping the shocking conclusion to last week’s Main Event, when Eric Angle made his TNA debut and cost AJ Styles the NWA World Heavyweight Title! We’re now going backstage, where Eric Angle himself is standing by!

The Reason...

We cut backstage into the typical TNA promo room. The Stars and Stripes hang on the wall behind Eric Angle, who stands looking at the camera with a solemn look on his face.

Eric Angle: “For years I was treated as a joke by the WWE... it’s fans... it’s superstars... it’s management. For years I was criminally ignored by the mindless, overshadowed by my brother. So last week I made the conscious decision to head on over to the TNA Asylum, and make myself a household name. I destroyed AJ Styles’ chance at becoming the NWA World Heavyweight Champion and tonight, I’ll destroy his career. Just... like... that.”

Eric snaps his fingers and then begins to laugh, as the scene begins to fade.

Tag Titles 4-War

Simon & Swinger vs. 3 Live Krew © vs. AMW vs. The Naturals

NWA Tag Team Titles

A fast paced opening once all four men are in the ring, with a large eight man brawl breaking out. Andy Douglas is the first casualty of the match, as Simon & Swinger combine to take him over the top rope with a double clothesline. Stevens manages to get a small measure of revenge with dropkicks to both Diamond and Swinger, but he is also taken out with a dropkick from Chris Harris. The Wildcat then goes into the corner to help his partner James Storm, who is being double-teamed by the current champions – Ron Killings and BG James. However, James and Storm are pulled out of the ring by the referee, leaving Ron Killings and James Storm in the ring. Killings pulls Storm up to a vertical base and bounces him off the ropes and attempts a dropkick, but Storm stops himself and charges the Killings, taking him down with a clothesline. He pulls Ron up and places him in Simon & Swinger’s corner hitting him with a few knife-edge chops before pulling him away, but not before Simon Diamond has made the blind tag. The unaware Storm is attacked from behind by Diamond with a clubbing blow to the back of the neck, before whipping him back into his corner. Diamond begins to work on Storm with punches but the referee steps in between them, only for Johnny Swinger to begin choking James Storm out! Diamond tags out to bring Johnny in legally, who immediately begins where Simon left off with punches to the body of James Storm. Swinger pulls Storm into the middle of the ring and attempts to whip him into the ropes, but James Storm counters and connects with a Back Body Drop! Storm instinctively goes to the nearest corner and makes the tag – to Chase Stevens. Stevens is quickly in the ring but is met by an elbow from Swinger who is now on his feet, before bringing Diamond in with the tag. They connect with the Problem Solver immediately, and as Simon Diamond covers Stevens Johnny Swinger knocks Andy Douglass off the apron, and The Naturals are eliminated!

Elimination #1: The Naturals by Simon Diamond

The referee pushes Johnny Swinger out of the ring as Ron Killings gets into the ring, locking up with Diamond. Diamond somehow works towards a hammerlock and tightens the hold, but Killings counters into a hammerlock of his own. Killings breaks the hold and sends Simon into the ropes knocking him down with a Clothesline, before hitting a snapmare and locking in a headlock! Diamond pulls himself up after a minute or so and forces Killings to release him with elbows to the ribcage before bouncing off the ropes, but Killings takes him down to the mat with a Drop Toe Hold! Killings tags in Chris Harris who quickly covers Diamond, but only gets a two-count. The Wildcat drags Diamond up and attempts an Irish Whip, but Simon reverses and sends Harris into the corner instead! Harris hits the turnbuckle with such velocity that he ends up in the Tree of Woe position, allowing Simon Diamond to begin choking him out with a boot to the throat! James Storm attempts to save his partner but is blocked by the referee, who steps in front of him. With the referee distracted, David Young comes through the crowd and pulls Johnny Swinger off the apron and goes for an Irish Whip, but reverses it himself and drills him with a Spinebuster! Young begins to head up the ramp as Simon Diamond, now focusing on Young begins to shout obscenities at him, whilst the referee turns back to the action. Diamond heads over to the corner and looks down at Swinger before turning around – straight into a Superkick from the now-legal man James Storm! Storm covers; 1... 2... 3! Simon & Swinger are gone!

Elimination #2: Simon & Swinger by James Storm

Storm gets back to his feet as BG James is quickly into the ring, laying into Storm with stiff rights and lefts. James connects with a boot to the gut and attempts a Pump Handle Slam, but Storm counters out of the move only to be forced back into the corner by a charging BG James. James rams his shoulder into the gut of James Storm three times, before whipping him into the opposite ropes. He drops James down on the ropes with a Stun Gun before bringing in Killings with a tag. The tag champs look to be in complete control as Chris Harris is only just getting to his feet on the outside, whilst James & Killings dominate James Storm in the ring. Killings goes for an Axe Handle Kick on Storm, who counters into a modified Powerbomb! I think I spoke to soon. Slowly, both men crawl to their respective corners with both men making the tag at the same time! Despite being the worse-for-wear of the two, Harris is the typical house on fire as he takes BG James down multiple times with strong right hands, before nailing a picture-perfect dropkick for a two-count. Harris pulls James up but is attacked from behind by Ron Killings, as the 3 Live Krew begin to double-team Harris, but James Storm makes the save. He takes Killings to the outside with a Clothesline but also goes over the ropes himself, leaving Harris and BG in the ring. The two exchange right hands before BG blocks a shot from Harris gaining to upper-hand, setting Wildcat up for a Piledriver. However, Harris counters with a Back Body Drop, and then nails the Catatonic out of nowhere! Cover; 1... 2... 3! We’ve got new Tag Team Champions!

Elimination #3: 3 Live Krew by Chris Harris

New Tag Team Champions: America’s Most Wanted

James Storm slides into the ring as the referee hands AMW the title belts, and the new tag team champions celebrate their third tag title reign! They will now have to wait for the upcoming tag tournament until the #1 contenders are announced!

Low-Ki’s Partner is...

A pre-taped interview is played on the TNATron, as Low-Ki – who is in action next talks about Triple X, and how they betrayed him last week. He says that tonight he has a chance at revenge, but he knows that he won’t be able to do it alone. Introducing Low-Ki’s partner... STEVE CORINO! “The King of Old School” steps out from behind the darkness and high-fives ‘Ki, as the screen fades.

Tag Match

Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper vs. Low-Ki & Steve Corino

Daniels and Corino begin, with “The Fallen Angel” taking down Steve with an armdrag before applying an armbar. Corino fights back up to a vertical base but is dragged into the opponents corner as Daniels tags in Skipper, who takes the arm from Chris and twists it, before taking Corino down with a vicious clothesline! The cover only gets a two-count however, and Skipper digs into Corino with stomps before allowing him up. He connects with multiple kicks to the gut before whipping Corino into the corner, and bringing in Daniels with another tag. Tenay points out that they’re keeping each man fresh whilst isolating Steve Corino, and not allowing Low-Ki to get in the ring. Daniels grabs Corino’s hair and begins to pull him up, whilst flipping Low-Ki the finger. The now incensed Low-Ki tries to get in the ring but the referee blocks him off, allowing Elix Skipper to get in the ring. Daniels and Elix whip Corino into the corner and go for a double clothesline, but Steve ducks and nails both men with a double clothesline of his own! Ki gets back into his corner and stretches his arm out looking for the tag... and he gets it! Low-Ki comes in hot off the tag, nailing both his former team mates with stiff kicks to the chest. Daniels goes down onto his knees and Low-Ki drills him with a HUGE kick to the temple before making the cover; 1... 2... Skipper breaks up the count!

Elix whips Ki into the ropes and looks for a Back Body Drop, but Low-Ki rolls over his back ninja-style and drills him down to the mat with a release German suplex! Daniels is now back on his feet as Low-Ki turns around, hitting him with knife-edge chops to the chest forcing him back into the corner. Daniels attempts an Irish Whip but Low-Ki reverses and pulls Daniels towards him, connects with a boot to the gut and sets him up for the Ki Krusher – but Steve Corino cuts his legs out from underneath him! The fans are in shock as Steve Corino lines Low-Ki up who is now pulling himself up, before nearly taking his head off with a Super Kick! Chris Daniels drapes an arm over Low-Ki and reluctantly, the referee makes the three count.

Winners via Pinfall: Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper

Corino helps Daniels up to his feet and raises his arm in the air before turning back to Low-Ki. He stomps on him whilst yelling at Elix Skipper on the outside to “grab a table”, and Skipper obliges. He slides it into the ring and Daniels drags it into the middle of the ring but doesn’t set it up, whilst the “King of Old School” pulls Low-Ki up. Daniels climbs to the top rope whilst Corino sets Ki up for a Piledriver, before they Spike him straight down onto the table! As Low-Ki’s body crumbles to the side the camera moves in on the head-shaped hole now in the table, as Corino, Daniels and Skipper come together in the center of the ring.

The New Triple X

Chris Daniels takes a mike from ringside whilst looking very mug, shaking hands and high-fiving Corino and Low-Ki.

Christopher Daniels: “You can’t have Triple X... without three people. Low-Ki thought he had a friend in Elix Skipper... he thought wrong. He thought he had a friend in Steve Corino... he thought wrong. Low-Ki thought he could brush me aside with ease, and look at him now.”

Daniels drops the mike and begins to chuckle as all three men raise their arms to create three individual X’s in the air, placing them together one at a time.

“Raven’s Ultimate Destiny” Handicap Match

Raven vs. Kid Kash & Jeff Jarrett

The team of Kid Kash and the NWA World Heavyweight Champion are out first, accompanied by Don Callis. Next is Raven, who gets a huge reaction from the TNA Asylum as he makes his way down the ramp, staring intently at what stands in between him and his destiny – an NWA World Heavyweight Title shot. Raven starts off with Kid Kash, who charges his opponent on the orders of Callis and Jarrett. However, Raven simply moves out of the way sending Kash falling flat on his face – pissing both Jarrett and Callis off. This time Kash takes a more cautious approach, walking up to Raven and attempting to punch him. Unfortunately however, Raven blocks it and responds in kind, taking Kash down at the first attempt. Kid bounces back up but is knocked straight back down by Raven. This happens three more times before Kash finally avoids a punch, quickly bringing in Jarrett with a tag. Jarrett slowly gets into the ring, watching Raven all the time as the two go in for a lock-up, but Jarrett hits a boot to the stomach of Raven. Raven eats a couple of right hands from the champ sending him back against the ropes. Jarrett sends him into the opposite ropes with an Irish Whip, but Kash pulls the top rope down sending Raven to the outside! The Notorious K-I-D smashes Raven’s head down on the steps a couple of times before rolling him back into the ring, where Jarrett makes the cover; 1... 2... Kick Out.

Jarrett calls Kash a Moron and tells him to do it again, before rolling Raven back to the outside. Kash attempts the same move, but this time Raven extends his arms to stop himself, elbows Kash in the head and then whips him into the guardrail! Raven gets back into the ring as Don Callis tries to shove Kid Kash back into his corner, whilst Jarrett pleads with Raven in the ring “not to hurt him.” However, when he realizes it won’t work he quickly low-blow’s Raven, before drilling him with a vicious Spike DDT! Jarrett – now extremely proud of himself – begins to strut around the ring... when Raven gets up! Jarrett stops in his tracks and looks at Raven, before diving to his corner and making the tag to the unaware Kid Kash, and escaping the ring! Jarrett quickly grabs Don Callis and heads back up the ramp, as Kash – who has now realized what has happened looks at him in despair, as Jarrett yells “you finish him off”, sounding extremely relieved. Kash gets into the ring assuming Raven is down on the mat, but of course, he isn’t. Kid takes a boot to the mid-section before Raven sets him up for the EvenFlow DDT, and nails Kash right in the middle of the ring! Cover; 1... 2... 3! Raven gets a title shot in two week’s time!

Winner via Pinfall: Raven

Raven strikes the Crucifix over the sprawled-out Kash, amidst the cheering from the fans in The Asylum. Can he finish the job in two week’s time, when he comes face to face with his destiny?

Main Event

“The New American Hero” Eric Angle vs. AJ Styles

The two men make their entrances as a video package plays on the TNATron, recapping what went down in last week’s Main Event as Eric Angle cost “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Once the video has ended Jeremy Borash introduces the two competitors, and the bell rings.

The two circle each other before an locking up in the centre of the ring, with neither man wanting to let go. Eventually, Styles pushes Eric back into the corner and he is forced to break it up – which he does cleanly. A stare down follows, before the two lock up again in the middle of the ring. They stumble around the ring with the hold still locked in, and this time Angle forces Styles into the corner, giving him a clean break as well. The two make their way back into the middle and Eric looks for a test of strength with Styles, but quickly boots him in the mid-section taking the advantage. He takes AJ down with a stiff clothesline before digging into him with stomps, forcing The Phenomenal One into the corner. Eric pulls his opponent up and goes for an Irish Whip but AJ reverses and goes for a clothesline, but the move is poorly-timed as Eric ducks and goes behind, nailing AJ with a Release German Suplex! Taking a page out of his brother’s book there. The subsequent cover only gets a two, as Styles gets his left shoulder up. Eric begins stomping away on AJ, before choking him out with both hands! The referee eventually pulls Angle off, but the damage has already been done to Styles who is rolling around the mat gasping for breath. Angle whips AJ into the corner and charges, but eats boot as Styles manages to get his foot up in time! As Eric stumbles backwards AJ hops onto the second then top rope, waiting for the opportune moment – Flying Cross Body! Cover; ONE... TWO... THR, no, kick out at the last minute! With the momentum now in his favour, AJ looks to capitalize as he pulls “The New American Hero” to his feet and placing his head between his leg, signalling for the Styles Clash! AJ goes to lift Angle up but he counters into a back body drop, but AJ lands on his feet, and then nails Eric as he turns with a Superkick! Surely it’s over; 1... 2... Jeff Jarrett breaks up the count! The NWA World Heavyweight Champion came through the crowd and broke up the count, and is now heading up the ramp – with Styles in pursuit! AJ is chasing Jarrett up the ramp! The two exchange punches as Jarrett tries to get away, before the two disappear backstage. Meanwhile in the ring, the referee has begun the ten count as Angle slowly gets to his feet; 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10! Eric Angle wins via count-out!

Winner via Count-Out: Eric Angle

The referee raises the oblivious Angle’s arm in the air whilst explaining what happened, bringing a smile to Eric’s face – who picks up the win in his debut TNA match.

A Trap

We cut backstage on the TNATron to find AJ Styles – now equipped with a lead pipe – walking around the outside parking area, obviously still looking for Jarrett. AJ yells “Come on Jarrett, come out and fight me like a man.” Jarrett’s voice is heard as the camera – and AJ – spin round, to find Jarrett standing behind a car. AJ begins to walk towards him, when Legend and Kevin Northcutt come from behind! The two begin putting the boots to Styles as Jarrett walks over, telling them to “give me the damn pipe.” Jarrett snatches it from Legend and then commands him to hold AJ up, before slamming the pipe straight into the head of Styles, busting him wide open! Two more shots – this time to the ribs and Jeff drops the pipe, saying “Let’s finish him off.” The three drag AJ over to a car and feed him to Legend, who, without any hesitation, Suplexes him onto the hood! “OOOH!” can be heard from inside the Asylum, as Kevin Northcutt climbs onto the hood and picks the lifeless AJ up, placing his head between his legs. He looks down at Jarrett, and with the World Heavyweight Champ egging him on, brutally Powerbomb’s AJ Styles through the windshield! As the TNA copyright info appears, we get a shot of AJ’s crumpled body, with Legend, Northcutt and Jarrett congratulating each other.

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man, loving the diary. Just read it. THe booking is solid all around. DOnt know about Eric Angle, but it makes for a change. Isnt he Kurt Brother though, not cousin...or is that just how you wanted to have it??

Anyways, keep up the solid work (Y)

PS--> the graphix add a nice added touch...

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TNA Newsletter

January 5th, 2004

- TotalNonStopTNA.com


user posted image

Styles Expected to take Time Off

Posted by Scott Reed

After the ending to last week’s Pay-Per View when AJ Styles was assaulted by Jeff Jarrett and The Redshirt Security, it looks like Styles will be taking some time off from the company.  He recently signed a new deal with TNA that made him exclusive to the company, and has been working through multiple injuries over the last month, which have now gotten to him.  Styles was recently voted number 14 in a recent survey held by grapplefanatics.net, in a list to determine the top 100 workers of 2003.  Topping the list was Kurt Angle – who’s brother Eric recently made his debut in NWA:TNA.  The top 10 spots were nearly all held by WWE superstars, except for Juventud Guerrera and TNA’s own Christopher Daniels – who is clearly no longer the ‘Greatest Secret in Professional Wrestling’.

Raven to Win Title?

Posted by Alec Young

Despite Don Callis’ best efforts, Raven has still managed to earn a title shot against Jeff Jarrett on the January 14 PPV broadcast.  With Styles now out of TNA for at least a couple of months, it looks as if Raven is in a better position than ever to take the gold for the first time in his career – and complete his ‘destiny’.  However, Jarrett has been reluctant to drop the title in the past – even when it would have helped the company tremendously, so whether Raven will come out on top remains to be seen.

Other TNA News

TNA has been slowly rising in popularity throughout December, and a recent opinion poll on WrestleCircle.com had them at 95% popularity, from around 90-93% at the beginning of the month.  TNA is now closer to the WWE than ever before – but still has a long way to go before they can legitimately compete with McMahon.

NWA:TNA officials are rumoured to be unhappy with Lollipop.  The Dancer’s attitude has been nothing short of terrible as of late, as she considers herself to be ‘better’ than the company.  Don’t be surprised to see her removed from her position on the TNA Pay-Per Views, and perhaps NWA:TNA altogether.

Japanese youngster Hi69 will make his debut for TNA on this week’s PPV, against “The Original Playa from the Himalaya” Sonjay Dutt!  The two high-flyers are sure to put on a promising match, so be sure not to miss out.


That’s it from us here at TotalNonStopTNA.com this week, thanks for reading.

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user posted image

NWA:TNA on Pay-Per View

January 7th 2004

Main Event

Raven vs. The Redshirts & ??

Perhaps the final roadblock on Raven’s passage to his destiny comes in the form of Kevin Northcutt and Legend, along with yet another ‘mystery’ handpicked by Don Callis. The Redshirts, fresh off of their attack on AJ Styles last week will look to spare Jeff Jarrett from having to face the Enigma next week, in a World Title Match.

Tag Title Tournament

Brackets to be Announced!

After “Wildcat” Chris Harris and James Storm won the Tag Titles last week, a tournament will now be set up to define clear #1 contenders to the belts. All of TNA’s top teams will be involved, including Simon & Swinger, the 3 Live Krew and The Naturals! However, some surprise entrants have been lined up to take part, so be sure not to miss out.

Singles Match

Steve Corino vs. Jerry Lynn

After coming to NWA:TNA as Low-Ki’s partner and then turning on him in the same night, Steve Corino aligned himself with “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper, to form the new-look Triple X. On the TNA PPV, Corino will face off against Jerry Lynn in his first singles match here in TNA, whilst Lynn makes his return to the promotion. However, with Daniels and Skipper confirmed to be at ringside, will Lynn be able to overcome the odds or will Steve Corino take the victory?

Singles Match

Sonjay Dutt vs. Hi69

Widely tipped as ‘The Next Breakout Star’, Hi69 will get his first chance to make an Impact here in the States as he takes on “The Original Playa from the Himalaya”, Sonjay Dutt! First impressions count for a lot, so Hi69 will be looking to pick up the win against Dutt.


Eric Angle will be in the arena, and we’ll have an exclusive update on the condition of “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, after the vicious assault by The Redshirt Security at the end of last week’s broadcast.

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I really don't feel like doing 3000+ results for the shows anymore, it killed off nearly all my interest in carrying on with this diary. Short results should, hopefully, allow me to continue without getting burnt out.


user posted image

NWA:TNA on Pay-Per View

Wednesday January 7th, 2004


The broadcast opened up with a video showing what happened after last week’s PPV went off the air, following Jeff Jarrett and The Redshirts annihilating AJ Styles. We saw about a dozen TNA officials – including Erik Watts frantically running around backstage, as an ambulance arrives on the scene. “AJ, can you hear me?” echo’s in the background, as the EMT’s appear with a stretcher. The scene fades into a close-up of Styles being placed on the stretcher with a neck brace on, and the ambulance doors being slammed shut before the vehicle drives off.

We cut into The Asylum to a shot of a sombre-looking Mike Tenay and Don West, who tells us that AJ suffered “severe internal injuries” at the hands of Kevin Northcutt, Jeff Jarrett and Joe E. Legend. We were supposed to speak to AJ via satellite tonight but unfortunately, he hasn’t recovered in time. Both Don & Mike wish Styles a speedy recovery, and hope that Jarrett gets his comeuppance.


Sonjay Dutt vs. Hi69

Hi69 made his debut in TNA against another foreign superstar, Sonjay Dutt in tonight’s opening match. Hi69 was looking to make a good first impression on the TNA faithful and started strongly, perhaps catching Dutt by surprise with a couple of good dropkicks and a Cross Body from the top rope for the two-count.

Sonjay fought back with the aid of an Irish Whip and a Clothesline, but Hi69 quickly rolled out of the way of the following elbow drop from Dutt. 69 went on the offensive again, hitting “The Original Playa from the Himalaya” with an array of high-flying manoeuvres, including a Corkscrew Moonsault and a flying Senton all the way to the outside! Hi69 rolled Dutt back into the ring and covered him, but only got a two-count.

Eventually, it was a rookies mistake that cost Hi69 the victory as he took to long looking for the Trance Rave, allowing Sonjay Dutt to nail him with a Superplex for the 1-2-3. After the match, the two men shook hands as a show of respect before heading backstage, as we cut to the back.


The TNATron opened up in the Triple X lockeroom, where “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper and Steve Corino are standing. Daniels said that what happened last week was just a warning to anyone who thought they could stand in Triple X’s way. Low-Ki thought he had a friend in Steve Corino, but Daniels showed him the light.

Corino jumps in and says that, unlike all the local hillbillies in The Asylum, he realized that Triple X were the way to the top of TNA. He moves onto Jerry Lynn, and says that tonight Lynn will become another notch on his belt, and then next week, it’ll be someone else, and someone else after that. Daniels finishes off the tirade against Lynn by saying that tonight, Lynn will learn the hard way why Triple X can’t be stopped.


Steve Corino w/ Triple X vs. Jerry Lynn

As expected, The King of Old School was accompanied to the ring by both Elix Skipper and Christopher Daniels, who taunt the fans and then turn their attention to Jerry Lynn as he makes his entrance. The match eventually gets underway after Skipper & Daniels leave the ring, as Corino and Lynn begin to exchange words in the middle of the ring. That was, however, until Corino got a cheap shot in on Jerry – who got one straight back! The two exchanged punches until Lynn went behind, and nailed Steve with a backdrop!

Lynn remained in control until Elix Skipper got on the turnbuckle distracting the referee, allowing Chris Daniels to slide into the ring. He went for a clothesline but Lynn dodged it, before taking Daniels down with a vicious chop to the chest, which echoed throughout The Asylum. However, the distraction allowed Corino to get to his feet and nail Lynn with a Superkick as he turned before covering, but Lynn kicked out just before the three! All three members of Triple X looked back and forth at each other in disbelief, before Skipper got onto the apron and then the top rope – in full view of the referee! Corino pulled Lynn to his feet and they looked to be going for the Spike Piledriver again, but Lynn managed to push Steve into the ropes – crutching Skipper on the turnbuckle! Lynn rolled Corino up into a Small Package and looked to have the match won, but “The Fallen Angel” pulled the referee from the ring! Lynn got to his feet and complained to the referee on the outside, as Corino got to his feet and nailed Jerry with a Low Blow! As the referee slid back into the ring, Corino nailed the Old School Expulsion for the academic three count.

After the match, the other two members of Triple X got into the ring and raised their hands in victory, as the referee checked on Jerry Lynn.


We cut to the backstage area where NWA:TNA Director of Authority Erik Watts is standing – along with Goldylocks, with the tag team champions; America’s Most Wanted. Watts tells us that over the next couple of months or so, a tournament will be held to define clear #1 contender’s to the tag team titles – currently held by Chris Harris and James Storm. Teams involved in the draw – to be held in just a few seconds, are as follows:

1. The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas)

2. Simon & Swinger

3. 3 Live Krew (BG James & Ron Killings)

4. The New Franchise (Shane Douglas & Michael Shane)

5. Danny Doring & “The Angry Amish Warrior” Roadkill

6. Paul London & Spanky

7. Northcutt & Legend

8. Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper

Matches will start next week, and they will be announced this Friday. To find out who will be facing who, log onto nwatna.com to find the official brackets for the tournament.


We come back to ringside where Eric Angle has just grabbed a mic, and issued an open challenge to anyone in the back. Angle said that last week he defeated AJ Styles in his debut match – and although it was by count-out, he still had Styles beat.

Are You DOWN!?

Eric Angle vs. D’Lo Brown

Out came D’Lo Brown! AJ Styles’ former tag partner sprinted down the ramp and slid into the ring, laying into Angle with punch after punch! Brown forced Eric into the corner and began stomping a Mudhole in him, as a referee hit the ring. He pulled D’Lo off of Angle, allowing the “New American Hero” to slide to the outside and regroup. However, he didn’t have long as D’Lo got onto the apron and launched himself at Angle, taking him down with a Flying Cross Body!

D’Lo kept coming at Angle for nearly the entire match, but got to cocky at the end as he went for the Lo Down, taking to long allowing Angle to roll out of the way. Eric got to his feet and quickly locked in Eric’s Ankle Lock, causing D’Lo to scream in pain. However, Brown managed to get to the ropes but the damage was already done, as he could put barely any pressure on the knee as a result. Towards the end of the match, D’Lo mounted a brief comeback but his knee proved to be the chink in the armour, as Angle took it out with a shoulder-block, followed up by the Eric Angle Slam for the victory!

After the match Eric once again locked in Eric’s Ankle Lock, but this time didn’t let go when D’Lo got to the ropes – or when he began to tap furiously. Eventually, Angle breaks to hold as referees and some of the TNA wrestlers swarm the ring pulling Eric off, who now stands at 2-0 in TNA.


Raven vs. The Redshirts & ??

In another attempt by Don Callis to keep Raven from getting the NWA World Heavyweight Title Shot, he has booked him in another 3 on 1 handicap match, this time against The Redshirt Security and none other than MIKE AWESOME! Callis looks extremely pleased with himself as “The Gladiator” emerges from the back, and the three behemoths get into the ring. Mike Tenay says that Raven may have emerged from situations like this before – but never against three giants.

The match started off with Raven and Legend in the ring, locking up with a collar-and-elbow tie up. Legend forces Raven back against the ropes and then connects with a boot to the gut, before putting Raven on the canvas with a clubbing blow to the back! The two exchange control until Legend brings in Northcutt, and the cycle starts all over again. Eventually, Raven gets the advantage with a Running Knee Lift to the face, and begins to beat down on Kevin Northcutt. Eventually, Northcutt pokes Raven in the eye and makes the tag to Mike Awesome, who’s orders are to “kill him” – which Callis yells repeatedly from ringside.

Awesome hit a series of power moves on Raven, which resulted in multiple covers which edged closer and closer to the three count every time. However, the ever-resilient Raven managed to comeback with a bulldog out of the corner on Awesome, before knocking Northcutt and Legend off the apron to the outside! Raven took hold Awesome and went for the Raven Effect, but Don Callis smashed a chair across Raven’s back – with no effect! Raven let go of Awesome and grabbed Callis by the hair, kicked him in the mid-section and went for an Evenflow, but Kevin Northcutt nailed him with a Big Boot to the face! Northcutt continued to stomp on Raven, and was soon joined by Legend, Awesome and – you guessed it, Jeff Jarrett. Northcutt nailed Raven with a Powerbomb and Mike Awesome hit an impressive Awesome Splash from the Top Rope, as Jarrett grabbed a mic.

He said that Raven was a smart man so he should make the smart choice – stay home next week. Everyone saw what Jarrett and The Redshirts did to AJ Styles last week, and everyone knows that they could do the same to Raven right now. However, they’re fair men, and they’ll give Raven the chance to escape total annihilation. “Quote Jarrett, Nevermore.” As the broadcast goes off the air, Jarrett punches Raven in the forehead with the mic in hand, as blood flows from a gash in Raven’s head.

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