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The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah


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Well if you are a DT fan like me then you might have bought DT6 today. I have started reading it and I am almost halfway done(I was sick today and mom bought it for me so i would have something to do, although I have to pay her back grrrr)

So far the book is very good. So if you bought it and have started to read it what are your thoughts

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Haven't bought it yet, but will soon. I just got "Everything's Eventual," and in it there is a PRELUDE to the whole Gunslinger story.

I'll be getting it soon enough, and I'll be RE-reading the entire saga once I do.

SK is the God of all authors.

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I've only read the first Dark Tower book, I have a lot of them because my aunt gave them to me (she used to read King a lot as a teen, but stopped and headed the way of the romance novel, so she pretty much gave her King novels to me)

I still need to read "Drawing of the Three", but I keep forgetting to get it from her house. I have 1, 3, and 4 instead :unsure:

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Guest bruins72

I loved the Dark Tower series but kind of fell out of reading. If I'm in my living room, I'm easily distracted. If I try reading in my bedroom, I fall asleep after a couple of pages. I read the first three books and then spent forever waiting for the next. By then I was out of reading. I also gave away my copies of the first three books (which I'd need to re-read before I could read the new ones. How were the next couple of books?

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