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I've never read the comics, but I'm 99.99% certain it isn't in production anymore. I've never seen any new X-Factor comics in the 7 or so comic shops I'm in regularly (in England mind you).

X-Factor were the government funded mutant superhero team weren't they? What I heard/read was that they just disbanded the group.

I'm just having a look in the 'Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Teams 2005' and they disbanded after Havok was "killed" (wasn't really). So I'd say it's safe to say that X-Factor are no more.

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Guest ryan_the_canuck

The last issue of the series was the one in which Havok was killed. The comic was later sequelled as Mutant X.

I think this would have been roughly 1999, but I'm not sure.

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Wow. Thanks for the info so far everyone.

Next question: What has since happened to the members of the group? (Havok, Sabretooth, Mystique, Forge, Polaris, Wildchild, etc.)

Well, actually, the name "X-Factor" is kind of still around since Jamie Madrox, the oh-so awesome Multiple Man, uses it as the name of the P.I. agency he runs with Strong Guy and Wolfsbane.

Havok and Polaris are both appearing regularly in X-Men, and Mystique's just shown up there too. Sabretooth was last seen gutted by Wolverine in X-Men last year. I can't remember where Forge and Wildchild are, though.

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Didn't Jaime Madrox die, like, twice in the past 10 years? First from the Legacy Virus, then after being brought back somehow, died again?

edit: I think Forge just showed up recently in some book or another... I think it was one of the main X-Books, it might've been Cable and Deadpool, I'm not sure. I remember reading something recently with him in it.

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The original Jamie Madrox died of the Legacy Virus, but his dupes lived on.

And another one of his dupes died at the start of the Madrox miniseries, which is one of the best comics that came out in the past year.

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So I picked up some more X-Factor today, along with the first few issues of Mutant X.

So far, Mutant X is surprisingly good.

New question: Is Mutant X #3 worth going out of my way to pick up? I'll have to order it off of a website if I can find it.

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An update on X-Factor; Peter David will be writing a new X-Factor title after House of M is over. I'm so psyched for it.


Any word yet on what the roster will look like this time around?

Considering the aforementioned ending to the Madrox miniseries and various rumors I've heard, Multiple Man is a lock, and Wolfsbane and Strong Guy are very likely as well. Outside of that, not yet, no. Havok and Polaris have moved on to bigger things, really, and Quicksilver will probably still be in the middle of the weirdness going on with the rest of his family.

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