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If ya don't alread use this place, do so...the prices here are friggin' great. I just pre-ordered the Star Wars Trilogy and the Chris Benoit DVD for a total of $46.44 after a using a coupon code which knocked 20% off the already low prices, and on top of that they don't even bill you on pre-orders until the item is shipped. Here are a couple of coupon codes<only one per order> dvdsale, dvdtalk, usatoday.

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Well, let's hit the Midget DVD Wishlist and see how this goes:

1. Samurai Jack, Vol. 1

Amazon: $21 ($21 total)

DDDVD: $23 ($23 total, +$2)

2. Dilbert

Amazon: $37 ($58 total)

DDDVD: $37 ($60 total, +$6)

3. Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Vol. 2

Amazon: $21 ($79 total)

DDDVD: $24 ($84 tota, +$5)

4. The Critic

Amazon: $37 ($116 total)

DDDVD: $37 ($121 total, +$5)

5. Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story

Amazon: $21 ($137 total)

DDDVD: $17 ($138 total, +$1)

6. Futurama, Vol. 4

Amazon: $35 ($172 total)

DDDVD: $37 ($175 total, +$3)

Factoring in the 20% discount, the total DDDVD order would come out to $141.

Final verdict: Intriguing, Bond.

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