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Rick James Movie!!! Uh... Bitch!


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I'm Rick James bitch Jun. 10, 2004  Source: Hollywood Reporter  by: Mike Sampson    I've said it before and I'll say it again - Comedy Central's "Chappelle's Show" is the funniest half-hour on television. And it was only a matter of time before sometime parlayed that humor into a feature film. Well now Paramount and producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura are looking to take one of Chappelle's most popular skits - Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories with Rick James - and adapt it into a movie. The film will actually play out more like a Rick James biopic as the project is said to be based on the rocker's upcoming biography MEMOIRS OF A SUPER FREAK. One can only hope they'll somehow find a way to work Charlie Murphy into the film somehow. Chappelle is also working on another film project, an untitled film about his family's fictional participation in historic events. The comedian just wrapped a stand-up tour and is currently negotiating a return to Comedy Central for a third season of his popular sketch show. It's definitely a celebration bitches.

Credit: JoBlo.com

Chappelle is so on the verge of superstardom. If either of these films hit, it'll be an excuse to get him into the mainstream media. Discuss.

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That's awesome, for him.

Wonder if he'll actually star in it, playing the role from the show. I just think it'd be odd seeing him like that for a whole hour and a half. But still, I'd go and see it when it comes out.

From what mtv.com is saying, he probably will.

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Thats awesome. Cheppelle's Show is the funniest show on TV, and one of my favorites. I would go see both of those movies if they come out, and i hope they do. I want to see him become a superstar, he deserves it.

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