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NHL 2005


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NHL 2005 screens

Gamespot Preview

IGN X-Box preview

Anyone hear any news on NHL 2005 yet? I'm kind of impatient for a new hockey game, so I've been looking around.

I'm hoping this next installment will be a big improvement over 2004. I had quite a few complaints about 2004, from the horrible announcing to the crappy defence. I'm liking the 'subtle touches' they're planning on adding, such as players tapping their sticks on the ice. The changing of playing styles sounds good too. Hopefully they don't get too bogged down in the subtle stuff though, and make a game that's just not realistic and fun to play.

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Wow. Marcus Naslund looks fucking amazing.

But that's not suprising, because NHL always goes for style over substance. Each year the graphics look better while the game... not so much.

ESPN has been the superior series 2 years running, NHL had better make some changes if they want my money. Again.

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Why the fuck is the exit sign backwards in the third screenshot?

Anyways, it looks good, but they need some serious work on last year's version to make it any good. The dynasty mode needs sorting (need an injuries screen for one thing!), more open ice, basically more realism.

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