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Throw away your radio, you music pirate!


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WASHINGTON - Digital radio broadcasts that bring CD-quality sound to the airwaves could lead to unfettered song copying if protections are not put in place, a recording-industry trade group warned on Friday.

Without copy protections, music fans could cherry-pick songs off the air and redistribute them over the Internet, further deepening the copyright woes of record labels, the Recording Industry Association of America (news - web sites) said.

U.S. regulators at the Federal Communications Commission (news - web sites) should ensure that the broadcast format limits such copying so radio stations don't turn the airwaves into a giant file-sharing network, RIAA officials said.

Rest of article: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...digitalradio_dc


Wow, radio stations giving away songs for free, stop them now while we still can! And while we are at it, better ban music videos, because apparently that is a way to hear cd-quality music without paying for them. Those dirty dirty pirates, how dare they pirate music!

Let me say at this time, arr arr matey.

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Guest TheTokenWhiteGuy

Its not like the record lables don't make millions, because they do, its not like albums don't go platinum, because they do, this is just bullshit.

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The worst part is that radio stations, digital or not, pay for each song they play. There's nothing illegal about it; the RIAA is just trying to make trouble. This is especially ridiculous considering that RIAA members are played every time a song is played on American radio. They're biting the hand that feeds them.

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That Storm Radio kicks ass, shame my speakers are shit (My right speaker don't work)

w00t, Alient Ant Farm.

**sings along**

"I want you to be free, don't worry about me. And just like the movies, we play out on the last scene"

Or something like that, ages since I heard it.

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Linkin Park...........Nickelback. Save me **cries**

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Guest Xecution

I'd like to see them to search for every single peson that's listened to a song on the radio.

Gee I wonder where they are going to find a jail big enough for 6 billion people. :rolleyes:

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What, it's almost like they don't want the people to hear music period. It's like they want you to buy the CD, tape, vinyl, 8-track or whatever, and sit in a closet and listen to it with the volume cranked REALLLL low.

This file sharing buisness it getting obnoxious.

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What The Hell? People have been dobbing music of the radio's ever since cassette tapes were released over twenty years ago, and this is worse than just hearing music over digital radio as you now have a copy on tape of the song, rather than just hearing it once every so often on the radio station.

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It's just gotten to the point of the RIAA is just being silly. We went down this road twenty years ago. Really all this does is make us think the music industry is run by a bunch of fools (which it is). Fuck the RIAA, give me my eye patch and if you need that new Mr. Mister CD, I'll have it in my wooden leg.

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