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WCW 1998


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"In my stars I am above thee; but be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em.”

-William Shakespeare

Twelfth Night

Act II, Scene V

Diary Backstory- Part 1

My story starts on July 27, 1994. “Forrest Gump” was dominating the American box office like few films before it, Swedish pop-rockers Ace of Base were redefining the standards of the two-hit wonder, and then-President Bill Clinton was best known for his health care plans and his domineering wife. However, none of that mattered to me- actually, that’s not entirely true. I enjoyed “Forrest Gump” and had boogied to “I Saw the Sign” on numerous occasions.

The night of July 27, though, none of that mattered to me. After a drought of nearly a year, WCW was coming back to the Nassau Coliseum, Long Island’s pro wrestling stronghold. Though the Long Island crowd was considered especially rowdy and rude in the world of wrestling, WCW, for some reason, seemed to have struck a chord with the fans. While bland top WWF faces such as Lex Luger got their heads verbally handed to them upon parting the curtains in Nassau (in fact, I remember one particularly humorous incident regarding Rick Steiner and a raw egg), WCW’s headliners- Flair, Sting, Rude, Steamboat- were met with thunderous, respectful applause, regardless of heel-face allegiance.

This was shaping up to be a big night for WCW- not only were they running one of their hottest locales, but WCW’s man of the hour- new World Champion Hulk Hogan- would be seeking to further legitimize his title reign by defeating former champion Ric Flair in a rematch, one which would be held with no holds barred- and that was only the main event. Sting, Ricky Steamboat, Steve Austin, and Terry Funk were all scheduled to be in action.

And we had front row seats.

Tickets had gone on sale May 3, but my friend, Wayne, and I had been camping out by the Coliseum box office since May 1, to ensure first pick of tickets. We had failed to take into account the waning popularity of wrestling- the “seconds” on line did not arrive until 38 hours after us- but nevertheless, we achieved our goal: two tickets, front row center. Though the event was non-televised, it was still sure to be one to remember.

I would soon find out how true those words proved to be.

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YES. For quoting Twelfth Night you get a million cool points. Twelfth Night rules. Can't wait to see where this goes. Don't get fired again!

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Diary Backstory- Part 2

Wayne and I arrived at the Coliseum with plenty of time to spare. We reached our seats at 7:03, a full 57 minutes before the scheduled starting time of the show. The time passed quickly, though, as we spent it asking each other wrestling trivia questions and ridiculing those with seats inferior to ours. At 8:00 on the dot, though, the lights dimmed. As I squinted at the curtains, I saw a short, paunchy man wearing a drab tuxedo with a very, shall we say, festive bowtie and cummerbund. Penzer, my main man.

The show was off. The first match was a terrific opener- “Flyin’” Brian Pillman beat Brad Armstrong. For all the drama, intensity, and beauty of the contest, little was more exciting than patting Armstrong’s shoulder as he hit the rail in front of me. My hand stuck to him for a fraction of a section, but nevertheless, it was worth it. I wiped Armstrong’s sweat onto a napkin, then held the napkin up to Wayne, threatening to clone Brad and bring another Armstrong into the world if Wayne didn’t buy me a soda. Needless to say, Wayne quickly bought me a Sprite.

As much of an experience as the first match was, the second match on the card would prove to be far more memorable. Cactus Jack was slated to wrestle Brian Knobbs in what was billed as a “Long Island Street Fight.” The crowd went absolutely nuts for Jack, the hometown hero. While he didn’t break kayfabe by officially announcing that he was from Long Island, Cactus acknowledged the crowd with a thumbs up and a “Bang, bang!”

Poor Knobbs. Ace Ventura himself could’ve come out next, and he’d have been booed to the floor. To his credit, Knobbs played it up, jaw-jacking with several fans at aisle-side as he made his way to the ring. When he finally got there, Cactus brutally attacked him. The next six minutes saw Cactus dominate Knobbs, tossing him into the steel steps, slamming him on the metal ramp, and pulling all of the violent tricks out of his hat that he could. The tide turned, however, when Cactus missed his apron-dive elbow drop. Knobbs seized his newfound opportunity and grabbed the timekeeper’s chair. He ran over to Cactus, who had risen to his feet, and bashed him in the head with the steel. Jack staggered, but did not go down. Knobbs struck again, but Cactus remained on his feet. Finally, Knobbs reared back and side-swung the chair as hard as he possibly could. Jack ducked, but Knobbs must have swung the chair a little too hard. It flew out of his fingers, and quickly sailed about ten feet, until it was stopped by my face. Wayne later told me I didn’t black out immediately, but the image of the chair growing larger was the last thing I remembered.

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Diary Backstory- Part 3

“Who won?” I asked, before even opening my eyes. Pain rushed through my nose into every part of my body as I spoke.

“Get back, everybody. Give him some space.” I opened my eyes to the speaker, a man who appeared to be a doctor. Upon looking around, I was laying on a stretcher in a small room that was functioning as a medical ward. Probably still in the Coliseum, I thought. My suspicions were confirmed as I saw the others in the room- Brian Knobbs and Cactus Jack, with looks of genuine concern upon their faces, Eric Bischoff, holding as much WCW merchandise as his arms could bear, and Wayne, with a grin plastered on his face. He was probably glad just to meet Knobbs and Cactus.

“Hello, Scott,” said the doctor. “I’m Doctor Pat Wallace, member of the WCW Medical Team. You took a real knock out there, but luckily, you didn’t suffer a concussion. However, your nose was broken. I’ve taped it up, and you’ll have to be very careful with it for the next couple of weeks. How are you feeling, son?”

“Who won?”

“I’m sorry?” asked Dr. Wallace.

“Hogan,” said Wayne.

“Just great,” I said, slapping my forehead. The subsequent pain proved that I had made a mistake.

“Hey, Scott!” WCW Executive Vice President Eric Bischoff had come beside me. “Look at all this great stuff that I got you! A Sting leather jacket- and I got the Stinger to sign it! And hey- a Kevin Sullivan action figure! And an official WCW V.I.P. T-shirt! Here, I’ve got a whole box full of stuff.”

Knobbs and Cactus came up, next. “I’m really sorry,” said Cactus Jack.

“No,” interrupted Knobbs. “It was my fault.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I said. “It was an accident.”

Bischoff took his cue. “Yep, it was an accident. A simple accident, you said so yourself. No hard feelings? Good. I just want you to sign some of these papers-”

“Mr. Bischoff,” interjected Dr. Wallace. “Will you please wait?”

“Listen, Wallace,” yelled Bischoff. “You like your job? If he sues, you could be crazy gluing Sabu by next Tuesday!”

So that’s what it was. Bischoff was afraid of a lawsuit. I should’ve known, even before I regained consciousness. Maybe I should sue, I thought. Ted Turner is rich... I could make a few hundred grand off this whole thing. Nah, I can’t. If Turner was losing money, he’d be on Bischoff. And guys like Knobbs, Cactus, and Dr. Wallace would be the ones to feel the heat. I can’t sue. Suddenly, I got a brilliant idea… one so brilliant that I would’ve flashed a fiendish smile, if not for the fact that that would have hurt like hell.

“A job,” I said.

“A what?” asked Bischoff.

“A job. I want a job working for WCW.”

“Heh heh, you’re kidding, right?”

“Nope, Eric. I’m serious. I want a job on the creative team.”

“No way. That’s ludicrous!” Bischoff started to pace around. “I can’t believe I’m getting a job application from a brain-damaged fan!”

“It’s your ass, Eric,” I said. “Maybe the money I win won’t hurt Turner. But the bad press will hurt you. And Verne Gagne doesn’t even run his own little show anymore. Where are you going to find work?”

Eric pointed his finger at me and opened his mouth as if to shout at me. However, a smile soon crossed his face. If it wasn’t for my condition, I would’ve tried to get what was on his mind via a long conversation, but as I was, I just wanted to go home and go to sleep with my stuffed bear.

“You know what?” Bischoff began. “You’re right. Hell, you’re on the writing team! Welcome to WCW! Wallace, help Scott to his car. And get his address… I want to pay him a visit tomorrow morning in order to set things up officially.”

“Son,” Dr. Wallace whispered to me as he helped me off the stretcher, “I know this guy. Just don’t get your hopes up.”

I had never thought about a job in the wrestling industry before, and out of nowhere, here I was, part of the WCW creative team. My nose may be broken, I thought, but it’s worth it. Sorry, Dr. Wallace. My hopes are already up.

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Diary Backstory- Part 4

The following morning, I was greeted with a knock at the door at approximately 9:00 AM. When I opened it up, Eric Bischoff, briefcase in hand, and a man I didn’t recognize stood outside.

“How ya doin’, buddy?” asked Bischoff, grinning once again. “How’s the face?”

“No more headache,” I told him, “but the nose still hurts.”

“Well, it does take a while,” Bischoff said. “May we come in?”

“Sure,” I told him. Bischoff and the other man came inside. I extended my hand to the man. “I’m Scott Fried.”

“I’m Doug,” he told me.

“Doug’s WCW head computer tech guy,” Bischoff jumped in to the conversation.”

“Yeah, that’s my official title,” said Doug, rolling his eyes.

Bischoff gave him a stony look, then turned back to me. “Doug is going to give your computer the internet!”

“Wow,” I said. “The Internet? There’s only one, and I get it? Sweet.”

“No,” said Doug. “The Internet is a vast information database and communications tool. I will give your computer access to the Internet, and you’ll be able to receive, via electronic mail, letters from WCW. They’ll be transmitted immediately!”

“Wow,” I said. Doug got to tampering with the computer. “Eric,” I turned to Bischoff. I noticed his eyes widen marginally as I called him by his first name. I decided to make a habit of it. “Eric, what does my job entail, Eric?”

He looked puzzled, but started speaking. “Well, Scott, you are going to be part of our creative team, just as you requested. Our writing team is very much like a democracy- all ideas are welcome, and we decide, as a group, which are best.”

“Okay, that sounds fair,” I said. “Now, when do I get to meet the other members of the team?”

Bischoff put his arm around my shoulder. “Scott, I think it would be best if you worked from here. We can e-mail you our TV show scripts, you e-mail back your ideas, and they’ll be read at the creative meetings.”

“What?” I asked, not mad, but rather annoyed. “I’m not even going to be in the meetings?”

“Scott,” Bischoff seemed to like using my name when trying to comfort me. “The writing team travels with us from show to show. We’re on the road 200 days a year. Is that what you really want?”

“No,” I said, truthfully. “I guess not.”

“And trust me, Scott. Your voice WILL be heard, I assure you. I just need you to sign these three papers. The first is an agreement that you will not sue WCW over last night’s unpleasantness. The second is the contract for your new job. The third is a confidentiality agreement. After all, you’ll be knowing all the storylines in advance. I trust you, but they make me get these signed.”

“Okay,” I said, and signed all three papers.

“Finished here,” announced Doug.

“Well, we had better get going,” Bischoff told me. “You’ll get your first e-mail tomorrow, most likely, as we prepare for WCW Saturday Night. Make sure you get back to us as soon as you can.”

“Not a problem, Eric,” I said. He shook my hand again, and he and Doug left. The sky was the limit now; I was ready to create for the business that I loved.

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Diary Backstory- Part 5

Four years passed.

If you’re worried that I skipped anything important, allow me to allay your fears. Nothing of any importance happened. For four years, I was e-mailed the script to every Pay-Per-View, every Nitro, every Thunder, every Saturday Night, even every Worldwide. I read each and every one, and I e-mailed back suggestions. I can honestly say that not one of my ideas was ever used on the show.

I can give Eric partial benefit of the doubt. I didn’t deal with the wrestlers directly. I sent an e-mail to the company in 1994 BEGGING to put anyone besides Brutus Beefcake in the main event of Starrcade. Of course, I didn’t talk face to face with Hogan; I didn’t get flecks of spit all over my face while hearing, “Brother, Brother Brutus is my brother, brother!” But most of my ideas were not only good, and didn’t hurt any of the egos up top- yet they were still ignored. So as you can imagine, my responses became less and less enthusiastic as I realized that my employment was only on paper. I collected a measly $102 every two weeks, and all the while, I could see Bischoff’s face, laughing at how he’d avoided a lawsuit all by paying me less than twelve grand. And Bischoff got the added bonus of torturing me for four years.

That’s why when there was a knock at the door on the morning of July 31, 1998, WCW was the furthest thing from my mind. When I opened the door, I was face to face with the man who’d given me my job way back when.

“Eric,” I said as the corners of his eyes tightened, “how nice to see you. Congrats on the promotion. I would’ve mentioned it a couple of years ago, but you know, you’re such a difficult guy to reach.”

“Can I come in, Scott?” he asked. His voice was angry and fed up, but at the same time, it conveyed a true need for assistance.

“Sure,” I told him. “But wipe your feet.”

Bischoff complied and entered. “Scott, I’m going to cut the horse crap. I know you’re a smart guy, and I know you’re smart enough to realize that I don’t like you all that much.”

“Really, Eric? Because I always considered you to be one of my closest friends.”

“Can it with the wise-ass remarks, Fried. I’m still your boss.”

“What’s your purpose?” I asked, slightly pissed off.

“The big bosses have been on my ass to deliver like never before,” he began. “The writing’s on the wall. The WWF is on top again. Needless to say, this is giving me a few more gray hairs.”

“How can you tell?”

Bischoff ignored my remark. “I’m at the end of my rope. I need to pull us back to number one. I need you.”

I was shocked, utterly and truly. Bischoff needed me? For the past four years he’d wanted nothing to do with me.

He continued. “Your ideas are good, Scott. They’re gold. We’re all burned out and dried up. You’re the only one who we think can take this company- the nWo, Goldberg’s title reign, everything- and send it back on the right track. You’ve got a mind for the business.”

I finally managed to speak. “You want me to become head writer? You think I know the business?” Bischoff nodded. “Then answer this question: how come, in the past four years, you haven’t used even ONE of my ideas?”

Bischoff lowered his eyebrows. “Because… because I hate you.”

“Well,” I said as I put my hand on his shoulder. “I hope you’re over it, because you have a new best friend.”

“Well,” said Bischoff uneasily, “what are we going to do?”

“We’re postponing Road Wild until August 23th.”

“WHAT?” he shouted. “We’ve got millions of people counting on-”

“On what?” I yelled back. “On a card with no buildup, and barely any matches? On thousands of bikers who haven’t paid a cent for admission sitting on motorcycles, revving them whenever a Hulk Hogan gets offense? On JAY LENO? I tell you, Eric, this is the last Road Wild we’re ever running.”

Bischoff thought for a second. “Alright, fair enough. What else?”

“Let’s take it one step at a time,” I said. “How am I going to do this, by the way?”

“You’ll go in like a regular job. Fill out paperwork, write scripts, deal with talent. You’ll report to our Mineola base,” said Bischoff.

“Mineola base?” Mineola was thirty minutes away from my house. “When did WCW open up a Mineola base.”

“About a year ago.”

“How come nobody ever told me?”

Bischoff rolled his eyes. “Do I really have to answer that question?”

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Diary Backstory- Part 6

The next morning, I arrived at WCW’s New York Headquarters at 9:00 promptly. I opened the door and went to the main desk, where a secretary was sitting.

“Mr. Fried?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I told her. “How did you know?”

“Because you’re the only person here whom I’ve never seen before,” she smiled.

I returned the favor. “What’s your name, ma’am?”

“I’m Sophie. I’m actually not the secretary, by the way. I’m your assistant. And the secretary, too, I guess.”

“Oh, okay,” I said. Confusing stuff.

“Let me show you to your office,” she said. She got up and let me down a hallway to a door. When she opened in, I saw a big, mostly empty office. A big desk with a computer and a phone, a few chairs, a window, and a potted plant in the corner.

“Here you go,” she told me. “The first thing you ought to do is look over the roster. I don’t need to tell you we’re overspending, so you might want to make a few cuts. However, it would also be nice to bring in some talent- I’d suggest talented unknowns to stick in development, but a few big names could also be nice.”

“Sure thing,” I replied. “I’ll take a look at the roster immediately.”

“Good,” she said. “And you have to book tonight’s WCW Saturday Night, as well.”

“Yup,” I told her. “I know this is going to be a busy job, but as corny as it sounds, it’ll be a labor of love.”

She smiled at me as she left. I stood alone in my office.

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WCW Saturday Night

August 1, 1998

Mike Tenay: Hello, everybody! Welcome to WCW Saturday Night! I’m Mike Tenay, and sitting beside me is my brand-new co-host, the one and only “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes!

Dusty Rhodes: Thank you oh so much, Mike Tenay. Bein’ back feels good like you cannot believe!

Mike Tenay: It’s great to have you back, Dusty. We have a night of action ahead, folks, but first, an important announcement. WCW’s Road Wild Pay-Per-View has been postponed to August 23rd. All current buys will be honored, that’s a guarantee.

Dusty Rhodes: And when WCW guarantees you somethin’, you can take it to the bank. Ain’t that right, Mike?

Mike Tenay: Absolutely, Dusty. Now let’s get to the ring, as our first match is beginning.

Perry Saturn versus Mike Enos

Mike Enos jawed with the fans at ringside for a bit before getting in the ring. Once entering, he charged at Perry Saturn with a clothesline, but Saturn ducked and started to work Enos over with a series of punches. Saturn followed up with a whip, then caught the returning Enos with a hiptoss. The match continued in this fashion- Enos occasionally fired off some power-based offense, but by and large, Saturn was able to remain dominant. Enos tried to piledriver Saturn, but Saturn answered with a backdrop, then followed up with the Death Valley Driver. He then slapped on the Rings of Saturn, drawing the submission victory.

Overall: 61%

Crowd: 53%

Match: 69%

Time: 7:21

Imminent Impact

A black screen is shown. Suddenly, a split-second of a wrestling match is shown, and the screen goes black again. A slightly longer clip is shown, and it becomes clear that this is a match from several years ago. The screen goes black again, and when the next clip is shown, The Great Muta and Barry Windham are visible. The screen goes black yet again, and then, the rest of the clip is shown- Starrcade 1992, The Great Muta eliminates Barry Windham to win the BattleBowl match. The screen goes black again, but this time, white markings appear in the shape of Muta’s facepaint. On the bottom of the screen, the words “HE IS COMING BACK” appear.

Overall- 77%

Mike Tenay: The Great Muta’s coming back? I don’t believe it! Talk about excitement!

Dusty Rhodes: WCW fans ain’t seen The Great Muta in a while, but if he’s comin’ back, I gotta believe he’s gonna be makin’ himself heard… figuratively speakin’, of course!


Scott Hall is standing backstage with “Mean” Gene Okerlund.

Gene Okerlund: Scott Hall, you requested this interview time because you wished to address Kevin Nash, your former best friend who refuses to fight you. What can you possibly say to him?

Scott Hall: Gene-O, don’t get so fired up. For weeks, all I’ve been hearing from Big Kev is that me and him were like brothers, and that’s why he doesn’t wanna fight me. I don’t buy that, Nash. Because ya see, a couple of years ago, there was a guy who was like a brother to you, and you went at him. So what’s the problem now, buddy? I think I know. You’re doing a real good of covering it up, but I ain’t fooled. You’re scared. Our pal up north may have beat you, but he can’t destroy you like I can. I know every weakness you’ve got, Kev. I know you better than you know yourself. I can ruin you like nobody else can. You know that. You know that when you fight me, your career is as good as over. So keep running scared, Kev. It’s kinda entertaining. But pretty soon, I’m gonna get tired of it. And I’ll come for you whether you like it or not.

Overall- 81%

Mike Tenay: Well, I’m sure Hall is doing a good job of provoking Nash, but it remains to be seen if Nash is willing to step in the ring against his former best friend.

Dusty Rhodes: I gotta believe, Mike Tenay, I gotta believe that Nash will step up to the plate, even if it is against Scott Hall!

Boogie Fever (Disco Inferno and Tokyo Magnum) versus Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis

Juventud Guerrera and Disco Inferno started things off. Disco had the clear strength advantage, but Juvi used his speed to dazzle him, eventually scoring a bulldog. The heels, taking the opportunity to gauge their opponents, sent in the quicker Tokyo Magnum to match speed with Guerrera. Magnum ended up hitting a big missile dropkick, forcing Juvi to tag Psicosis. Frequent tags by the heels wore Psicosis out until he finally made the hot tag to Juvi. “The Juice” DDT-ed Tokyo, then went after Disco Inferno. However, Disco quickly kicked Juvi in the stomach, then nailed him with the Chartbuster for the three count.

Overall: 66%

Crowd: 57%

Match: 75%

Time: 11:10

Flock Attack

Perry Saturn is backstage, sitting is his locker room with a towel over his head. Footsteps can be heard, and he pulls the towel off. The camera turns and shows the open door of the room, where Kidman stands with a steel chair and a terrified look on his face. Saturn springs to his feet and runs at Kidman, who sprints off in the opposite direction. Saturn continues to give chase, but when he turns a corner, a loud bang can be heard. As the camera follows, Saturn can be seen lying motionless on the floor. Standing above him, holding a dented steel chair and laughing, is Raven. Kanyon, Kidman, and Raven stomp away at Saturn.

Overall- 77%

Dusty Rhodes: You believe that, Mike? Can you explain those actions by The Flock?

Mike Tenay: I can’t explain them, but unfortunately, I can believe them. The Flock and Saturn have been at each other’s throats, and The Flock is not above using their numbers to their advantage.

Eddie Guerrero versus Kidman

Kidman still wore a grin on his face after his ambush of Saturn, but Eddie Guerrero was all business. They traded wrestling holds on the mat, where Eddie quickly took the advantage. As the pace built, though, the unpredictable Kidman was able to score a few impressive moves, such as a springing corner bulldog and a hurricanrana which almost gave him the win. In the end, though, it was Eddie who picked up the victory after a back suplex and a Frog Splash. After the match, it was his turn to smile as he stepped on Kidman’s face.

Overall: 61%

Crowd: 43%

Match: 79%

Time: 9:44

Mike Tenay: Well, Kidman can’t still be happy. Of course, Eddie Guerrero now has even more to brag about! Wait a second, I’m getting something… Gene Okerlund is backstage with Diamond Dallas Page. Gene?

Ever the Optimist

Gene Okerlund is standing backstage with Diamond Dallas Page.

Gene Okerlund: DDP, Road Wild is just a few weeks away, and we’ve got one of the oddest, yet one of the most interesting matches in WCW history on the horizon. Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff will team up to take on you and Jay Leno.

Diamond Dallas Page: Mean Gene, that’s right, and as far as I can see, it’s a no lose situation. First of all, I get to get my hands on HOLLYWOOD SCUM HOGAN! Second of all, I get to do it in front of thousands of bad bikers in Sturgis, South Dakota! And maybe even best of all, that little weasel Eric Bischoff is gonna get what’s comin’ to him! I’ve been training with Jay Leno all week, and not only does he have one smooth Diamond Cutter, but he’s itching to get a piece of Bisch! Last month, me and The Mailman delivered. This time, Hogan and Bischoff are both gonna feel the BANG!

Overall- 85%

Mike Tenay: Page isn’t playing, and neither is Leno, apparently!

Dusty Rhodes: Mike, I’ve known Dally for a long, long time, and as fun a guy as he is, as nice a guy as he is, when it comes to stuff like this, he don’t play! And if any of that’s rubbin’ off on Leno, Hogan and Bischoff better take some special care of themselves!

Raven versus The British Bulldog

Raven dodged a grapple to start and got a waistlock. However, the sheer power of the Bulldog allowed him to back up and ram Raven into the corner. Bulldog turned around and went for a forearm shot, but Raven dodged and started punching and kicking. Raven spent the rest of the match trying to chip away at the armor of the Bulldog with fast-paced brawling. Bulldog’s offense was less frequent, but far stronger; he almost won following a hanging vertical suplex. In the end, Bulldog lifted Raven onto his shoulder, but Raven slid off and pushed the Bulldog into the turnbuckle. The Bulldog bounced back at Raven, who spun him around, kicked him in the gut and gave him the Evenflow DDT for the pin. Raven struck a pose and laughed after the match, having dominated the entire night.

Overall: 74%

Crowd: 75%

Match: 74%

Time: 10:02

Mike Tenay: The Flock certainly reigned supreme tonight, but one has to wonder, what will happen when Saturn comes for his revenge?

Dusty Rhodes: Maybe tonight wasn’t Saturn’s night, Mike, but sooner or later, he’s gonna come back, and if he can get Kidman, Kanyon, or even Raven alone, well, I know who my money’s gonna be ridin’ on!

Overall- 72

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WCW Newsreel

August 3, 1998

Hello, folks.  This is Bingo Boulder, new roving reporter for WCW.  I’ve been all around the world and I dare say nobody is as familiar with professional wrestling as myself.  Why am I here?  That’s simple enough.  To bring you, the fans, the hottest inside scoop regarding the events and members of World Championship Wrestling.  Every Monday morning, just log on to WCWwrestling.com to see the latest WCW Newsreel, courtesy of me.  Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Hogan’s Revenge

Just because Hollywood Hogan has had his hands full with Diamond Dallas Page, Karl Malone, and Jay Leno as of late doesn’t mean that he has forgotten about his WCW World Heavyweight Title loss to Goldberg.  In fact, sources tell me that the leader of the eponymous nWo Hollywood has been contacting his stable-mates even more frequently as of late, and Goldberg is a common topic of discussion.  Is Hogan seeking a rematch?  Does he have something more sinister on his mind?  Only time will tell.

Investing in the Future

In recent days, WCW has signed a number of ex-WWF developmental workers to similar contracts.  They will report to WCW Wrestlezone, where they will continue to hone their skills before being called up to the main roster.  We are not going to release any names, because, quite frankly, their names would be unrecognizable to all but a very slim minority of fans.  However, let it be known that these talented men will be among the crop of stars who carry WCW and professional wrestling well into the next millennium.

Misawa Bound For WCW?

Reports are indicating that Mitsuharu Misawa, arguably the number one wrestler in Japan over the past decade, has chosen to take a sabbatical from the world of puroresu (Japanese wrestling, for those unaware) in order to make his mark in the United States.  Whether leaving All Japan Pro Wrestling will prove beneficial to Misawa or not remains to be seen.  However, what cannot be disputed is the level of his talent, and the allure of potential dream matches against Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and others.  It is confirmed that WCW has made an offer to Misawa, but no response has been received.  More information will be revealed as it becomes available.


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Ohmigawd you have Magnum TOKYO~! Sod on all those punks! Push Mr. Egoist!

Uhm, yeah. Good show. Lots of Flock is always good and if you use Misawa right he could be huge.

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WCW Monday Nitro

August 3, 1998

Tony Schiavone: Welcome, fans, to WCW Monday Nitro! This is Tony Schiavone, and with me as always, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. We’ve got a major lineup tonight, which will see both the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and the WCW World Tag Team Championship on the line. In addition, we have received word that not only will a number one contender be named to Goldberg’s World Title, but this number one contender will be a member of either the nWo Hollywood or the nWo Wolfpac.

Bobby Heenan: Both those groups have been streamlined as of late, and in my opinion, they’re looking like all-star rosters! Goldberg may be a machine, but he better be looking over his shoulder!

Tony Schiavone: Indeed, when it comes down to the nWo, what can one man do?

Bobby Heenan: Pray.

Kidman versus Dean Malenko

The more experienced and larger Malenko managed to make this match less than pleasant for Kidman, for the most part. He worked over the Flock member on the mat for several minutes, eventually relenting only to nail a high-impact blow, such as a leg lariat or charging forearm. Kidman scored brief flurries of offense, but Malenko remained in control until Raven came down to ringside. While Raven distracted referee Mickey Jay, Kanyon snuck into the ring through the crowd. Malenko had Kidman in the Texas Cloverleaf, but Kanyon Flatlinered him to the mat, then pulled Kidman on top of him. Kanyon ran back into the crowd as Jay turned around. He saw Kidman’s cover, and made the three count.

Overall: 67%

Crowd: 56%

Match: 78%

Time: 8:19

Tony Schiavone: A stolen victory for Kidman and The Flock!

Bobby Heenan: What did you expect, Tony? You mess with one member of The Flock, you mess with all of them!

Tony Schiavone: But Malenko wasn’t messing with them, it was just a match! Never mind, I’m being told that President Eric Bischoff will now address the situation regarding the World Heavyweight Championship match at Road Wild.

The Raffle of a Lifetime

Eric Bischoff is shown backstage at his desk. Sitting next to his right hand is a Bingo-style raffle machine.

Eric Bischoff: Hello, everyone. As you may know, I have an important announcement to make regarding the number one contender to Bill Goldberg’s World Heavyweight Championship. Now, there are undoubtedly a healthy number of top contenders to said title amongst the rosters of both nWo divisions, but only one man will receive the title shot. I have decided that the most fair method of choosing a contender will be via a raffle. Inside this cage, there are several silver orbs. Each one bears the name of a member of the nWo Hollywood or the nWo Wolfpac. At least, I think I remembered to include the Wolfpac in here. Later tonight, I will randomly select an orb. The wrestler whose name is on the orb I pick will go on to wrestle Goldberg at Road Wild. Thank you.

Overall: 90%

Tony Schiavone: Do you honestly believe that Eric Bischoff has included the members of the Wolfpac in that raffle?

Bobby Heenan: Why not?

Tony Schiavone: He’s a member of nWo Hollywood!

Bobby Heenan: Oh, that’s right. I forgot. Good point.

Tony Schiavone: And I wonder what Bischoff’s excuse is for not including any members of the WCW roster in the drawing.

Bobby Heenan: He doesn’t have a big enough lotto cage?

Chris Benoit versus Tokyo Magnum

Magnum danced before the bell rang, but the ever-stoic Benoit was neither amused nor impressed. Once the bell rang, Benoit opened up with clobbering blows and stinging chops, taking Tokyo Magnum out of his light-hearted mood. Magnum traded holds with Benoit on the mat, but “The Canadian Crippler” nearly scored the win after a rollup. The pace picked up with several high-impact moves, including a Benoit Tombstone and a Magnum leg lariat. After said lariat, Magnum went up to the top rope, and in a striking display of mockery, jumped off with a diving headbutt. Benoit rolled out of the way, Magnum hit the mat head first, and Benoit quickly locked on the Crippler Crossface. Within a few seconds, Tokyo Magnum tapped out.

Overall: 67%

Crowd: 58%

Match: 76%

Time: 9:32

Tony Schiavone: A hard fought match, and an impressive win for Chris Benoit!

Better Safe Than Sorry

Rick Steiner and Buff Bagwell are in the locker room. Buff is still in a wheelchair, as a result of the neck injury he suffered four months ago.

Rick Steiner: Man, Buff, I’m worried about you. The nWo really has it out for you, man. They’re mad, and I can’t stand seeing you get hurt again. Please, man.

Buff Bagwell: Are you sure this is safer, Rick? I mean, sure, I’d be alone back here, but… out there?

Rick Steiner: At least I could keep an eye on you, man. I gotta go out later and take on Mike Enos. If you’re out there with me, I’d feel a heck of a lot better.

Buff Bagwell: Alright, man. I’ll go out there.

Overall: 78%

Tony Schiavone: Well, I’m sure Rick Steiner feels more secure, but I’m not certain this is such a great idea for Buff’s safety! I think Rick is thinking with his heart, not his head!

Bobby Heenan: Thinking with his head wasn’t working, I commend Rick for trying something new!

Tony Schiavone: Well, speaking of the now, we’ve got a star-studded match coming up for the WCW World Tag Team Titles! Let’s go to the ring!

WCW World Tag Team Championship Match: The Giant and Scott Hall © versus Sting and Konnan

Sting and The Giant started things off, with The Giant manhandling the former multi-time World Heavyweight Champion. Finally, Sting staggered The Giant with a dropkick, then nailed a Stinger Splash in the corner, drawing a tag to Scott Hall. Hall and Sting traded punches, but Hall took the upper hand with an eye poke. From there, Hall hit Sting in the gut with a knee, and nailed a Fallaway Slam. Hall rolled out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair as Sting tagged Konnan. Hall re-entered the ring and swung the chair, but Konnan ducked the shot. However, Hall spun around quickly and caught Konnan in the chest with the edge of the chair, then smacked him in the head, drawing the disqualification. Sting entered the ring, but caught a chairshot from Hall as well. Afterwards, The Giant Chokeslammed both men for good measure.

Overall: 79%

Crowd: 82%

Match: 73%

Time: 5:41

Tony Schiavone: No! The nWo walks away with the titles! You better believe that Sting and Konnan will come back for revenge!

Bobby Heenan: But will Nash, Tony? What happens if Nash has to choose between his old buddy and his current friends?

Tony Schiavone: That’s a very good question, Brain!

Bobby Heenan: Yes, I agree.

Tony Schiavone: You… of course. Well, fans, up next, we’ve got Goldberg putting the World Heavyweight Championship on the line! Let’s go to it!

Calling the Monster

Doug Dillinger is standing outside a locker room door with a number of armed security guards. He knocks on the door twice, and after a loud thump, Goldberg comes out of the locker room. As the fans chant, the World Heavyweight Champion and his entourage make their way down to the ring.

Overall: 92%

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Goldberg © versus Disco Inferno

Goldberg and Disco locked up, but the World Heavyweight Champion quickly shoved Disco down. Disco Inferno got to his feet, but was leveled by a clothesline. Goldberg then took Disco over with a hiptoss and followed up with the Spear and the Jackhammer for the win.

Overall: 74%

Crowd: 81%

Match: 61%

Time: 2:03

Tony Schiavone: A quick, dominating victory by the World Heavyweight Champion, Goldberg! That puts him at 109 and 0- unbelievable!

Bobby Heenan: You’re sure he’s never been beaten?

Tony Schiavone: Sure- it’s getting late, huh?

Bobby Heenan: Not for me, Schiavone.

The Drawing

Eric Bischoff is shown backstage again, standing beside his desk.

Eric Bischoff: Well, ladies and gentlemen, as I promised earlier, it’s time for something of a lottery, so without further ado, let’s find out who the number one contender is!

Bischoff starts spinning the lottery cage. After about half a dozen rotations, he stops, opens the cage, and picks out a ball. He opens it and takes out a folded piece of paper. Bischoff unfolds it, reads it, and smiles.

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and gentlemen, at Road Wild, Bill Goldberg will defend the WCW World Heavyweight Title against “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner!

The camera cuts to the nWo Hollywood locker room. Scott Steiner is standing up with his arms raised as his stablemates applaud.

Overall: 87%

Tony Schiavone: Scott Steiner versus Goldberg! Goldberg is big, mean, and bad, but so is Steiner!

Bobby Heenan: You can say that again! Steiner’ll chew Goldberg up and spit him out!

Tony Schiavone: I wouldn’t count Goldberg out, Brain! Speaking of Steiners, Rick Steiner is in action next! Let’s go to the ring!

Rick Steiner versus Mike Enos

As expected, Steiner brought Buff Bagwell down to the ring with him for this contest. Mike Enos fought furiously, but Steiner dominated, scoring a near fall after a Steinerline. Enos managed to nail a dropkick, but missed a second one, allowing Steiner to climb up top and hit the Steiner Bulldog for the win. Afterwards, Steiner seemed pleased with his decision to have Bagwell accompany him.

Overall: 51%

Crowd: 43%

Match: 60%

Time: 6:27

Tony Schiavone: A big win for Steiner, and surprisingly enough, the nWo did not take advantage of the situation!

Bobby Heenan: Not this time, Tony.

Tony Schiavone: Well, you may be right. Speaking of the nWo, Gene Okerlund is backstage right now with Hollywood Hogan!

Bobby Heenan: Another great segueway, Tony.

Hogan on Page

Hollywood Hogan is standing backstage with Gene Okerlund.

Gene Okerlund: Hollywood Hogan, at Road Wild, you and Eric Bischoff will team up to take on Diamond Dallas Page and Jay Leno. How are you preparing for the match?

Hollywood Hogan: Let me tell you something, Gene. Me and my main man Eric, we’re already the perfect cohesive unit, dude. I know what he’s thinking, and he always knows what Hollywood’s thinking. When it comes to Page and Leno, brother, we don’t need to sweat. Eric, he’s a black belt. He can punch through bricks that’re even bigger than Leno’s chin, brah. And as for that trailer park trash Diamond Dallas Page, me and The Worm whipped his butt last month. Road Wild ain’t gonna be an ounce different, brother. I’m still Hollywood Hogan, I’ve still got the 24 inch pythons, and that’s all that matters. Whatcha gonna do, DDP? Whatcha gonna do when Hollywood lays you out for the second month in a row?

Overall: 90%

Tony Schiavone: Hogan’s counting the days until Road Wild!

Bobby Heenan: It’s twenty. I saved him hours of math.

Diamond Dallas Page versus Curt Hennig

Between his wrestling skill and his use of cheap shots, Hennig was able to keep DDP down for the opening minutes. However, after a discus lariat and a DDT, Page gained control. DDP hit an elbow drop and tried to apply a Boston Crab, but Hennig rolled him up for two. The match continued at an even pace until Hennig scored a backbreaker. Hennig set DDP up for the Hennig-plex, but Page punched him in the gut and hit the Diamond Cutter for the win. No sooner did Page get up than Hollywood Hogan, who had entered the ring, leveled him with a clothesline. Hogan followed up by whipping Page repeatedly with his belt.

Overall: 71%

Crowd: 70%

Match: 72%

Time: 12:32

Tony Schiavone: Hogan cheap shots Page after a hard-fought win! Hogan’s like a shark; he’s always looming there, know it or not!

Bobby Heenan: And what big, angry teeth!

Tony Schiavone: I can’t believe this! The war between these two will continue to Road Wild!

Overall: 76%

Edited by Boulder
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Guest Justin Chain

Boulder, this is yet another great piece of work that you've made. I'm a bit disappointed with Sting being put on the backburner because of Nash, but other then that, it's good.

More Flock time is always a good thing, especially when its Raven against Saturn. Scott Hall having a nice large part is especially nice, hoping his horrible drug problems don't kick up.

Very nice job.

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Thanks for the feedback, Justin. Sting may be down low for now, but I've got big plans for him (as well as the other top guys) come Starrcade.

Thunder should be up sometime this weekend.

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Just read all this through. The backstory was always fine, as it worked, but I didn't like it at the start. I hated how you just got a job. But then, I liked how you had to work and none of your ideas were accepted, then finally after four years you got back into the mix of things. I thought it was good anyway, I'm rambling. First two shows were great.

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