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Yea, kind of odd I guess...but it just sort of came to me as I was awaiting for Fear Factor to come on and realized I do this almost every week. So just wondering what shows do you have to watch on that certain do. (Not have to..but usually try to catch.)

Monday- Fear Factor/RAW

Tuesday- Real World

Wednesday- Smallville/The O.C. (But both seasons are over now) Forgot to add Chappelle Show.

Thursday- Umm..oddly Smackdown, even though I never really pay attention.

Friday- I can't really think of anything for Friday..although I try to catch Road Rules or something for the first time.

Saturday- Velocity

Sunday- Oh yea..thx Hellfire. Sunday Stew. (Punk'd & Wildboyz mostly)

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Friday and Saturday I normally watch RAW or SD!, or if I am going out it gets taped. Apart from that, there is nothing really on that I watch religiously. Apart from the football, I guess. Fight Club that used to be on Sky One was essential viewing a while ago tho

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Monday - RAW

Tuesday -

Wednesday - The OC, South Park, Cheppelle's Show

Thursday - Smackdown

Friday -


Sunday - Viva La Bam, Wildboys, Pimp My Ride

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Guest EriKBN

I usually watch CSI: Miami on Mondays. I try to watch SmackDown on Thursdays, but usually don't get a chance to. I watch sports.

But the show I absolutely MUST watch every weeknight is That 70s Show. It's on at 10:00 every night and it's my favorite TV show of all time.

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Guest elJoJo


Tuesday-Seinfeld/whatever movie is on TBS

Wednesday-More Seinfeld than usual/whatever movie is on TBS

Thursday-Smackdown!/Seinfeld/WB Superstar USA

Friday-South Park/The Buzz/Smackdown! replay/old UFC matches on TSN

Saturday-Velocity/WWE Recap Shows/Seinfeld/Cops/America's Most Wanted/WB Superstar USA/old UFC matches on TSN/Saturday Night Live/old Saturday Night Live on afterwords

Sunday-Heat/Malcom in The Middle(OMG!!!11 No Seinfeld!!!11)

Got to love Seinfeld :D.

edit:also Conan and Leno every night.

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Monday - Angel, Charmed, RAW

Tuesday - Angel, Charmed

Wednesday - Angel, Charmed, Chappele's Show, Reno 911

Thursday - Angel, Charmed

Friday - Angel, Charmed

Saturday - None

Sunday - None

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Every weekday - Neighbours

*Hangs his head in shame, and slowly backs out of the thread*

Apart from Neighbours:

MONDAY: Nothings really

TUESDAY: Nothing really

WEDNESDAY: Nothing really



SATURDAY: Nothing really

SUNDAY: Nothing really

and Little Britain when that was on.

So, Neighbours, 24 and Raw. Excellent TV...................

I DO watch TONNES of other shows, but they're the only ones i'll go out of my way to watch.

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Weekdays - Its always got to do with the no. 6 I dunno but I usually enjoy watching The Simpsons every 6 PM in my TV during the weekdays. And every 6AM i watch connan o brien

Wednesdays - WWE RAW and a bit of those fraiser re-runs. Its 2 days late RAW...but still Its ok with me.

Fridays - A day late, SmackDown! and star tv's NWA:TNA. And my favorite show of all..VELOCITY!

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well lets see first you got to know something about my lifestyle. the tv is constantly own unless its storming.

Weekdays i keep the tv on TNT so as i can nap and work in betreen the shows. i usually take a break to watch . nypd blue , charmed , law and order and angel the rest of the shows during the day i just listen to while i work. After angle goes off . I turn it to g4techtv to see what new low they've sunk to After than i turn it back to watcha few episodes of law and order.

Fridays - I usually watcha little g4techtv and mtv and fuse

Saturday. a few of the sports channels , mtv fuse and fox

Sunday. I watch fox until all the good shows are off . simpsons , king of the hill , and malcom in the middle . after that i flick it back over to tnt so i want miss the monday morning shows.

When the 3rd season of chappelle starts i'll be watchin it as well I'll probably be watching the new shows on fox wednesday nights

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Guest bruins72

Most of my regular shows have ended for the season but here's what I watched at the peak of the tv season.

Monday - nothing

Tuesday - 24

Wednesday - South Park, Chappelle's Show (before they moved it)

Thursday - Survivor

Friday - nothing

Saturday - nothing

Sunday - Simpsons, Sopranos, Deadwood

I also watch the Simpsons once or twice a day in syndication on the local FOX network and catch whatever is on Comedy Central or The Food Network at various times. I try to catch American Chopper and Monster House when they're on as well if they're eps I haven't seen.

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