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World Championship Wrestling 1997


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In 1996 WCW was down, But not out.... The interest in wrestling was low especially for WCW. WCW had a horrible year in 1995..... Hulk Hogan had all the power and he brought his friends to WCW with him. That's right good old Brutus Beefcake, Big Bossman, Honky Tonk Man, Jim Duggan and others came to World Championship Wrestling.... WCW lost Steve Austin who's becoming one of the top stars in the WWF because of Hogan and pals. 1995 featured many horrid things like The Renegade, Hogan versus Vader which shot Vader's credibility as a main eventer down the toilet, The Dungeon Of Doom and many other things. The WCW and WWF were both getting lower ratings as the week went by with each promotion barely getting ahead of each other.... But in 1996 the WCW came out on top when they got Kevin Nash and Scott Hall fresh off the WWF.... Hall and Nash would join up with Hulk Hogan who turned heel at Bash At The Beach 96 to form the New World Order..... WCW was finally on top but how long could it last? Well you'll have to wait and see.... Eric Bischoff brought me into WCW as a writer in December as a favor for Kevin Nash. Nash and I worked at the WWF while I was a writer for WWF magazine..... Nash and I became friends in the WWF and in late 1996 I got released from the WWF. Nash gave me a call and said he could get me a job.... I thought it would be working for WCW magazine but boy was I surprised when Nash told me I would help write and book shows! The year is 1997 World Championship Wrestling is finally on top, Can I help it stay on top?

Promotion Information

user posted image

Owner: Ted Turner

Money: 50000000

Public Image: 46

Size: Global

Based in: America

Risk Level: 50 (As high as I can go except for Pay Per Views)

Production Values: 100%

Merchandising: 100%

Advertising: 100%

Top 5 Babyfaces

1. Sting (100)

2. Ric Flair (96)

3. Randy Savage (94)

4. Lex Luger (94)

5. Rowdy Roddy Piper (93)

Top 5 Heels

1. Hollywood Hogan (100)

2. Kevin Nash (95)

3. Scott Hall (95)

4. Eric Bischoff (90)

5. Syxx (84)


World Wrestling Federation

Size: Global

Public Image- 15

Risk Level- 70

Top 5 Stars- Shawn Michaels (100), Bret Hart (97), Undertaker (93), Sycho Sid (92), Steve Austin (90)

Extreme Championship Wrestling

Size: Cult

Public Image- 70

Risk Level- 90

Top 5 Stars- Raven (74), Tommy Dreamer (73), Shane Douglas (72), The Sandman (72), Sabu (70)

user posted image

Last Pay Per View: WCW Starrcade 1996

Date: December 29, 1996

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Arena: Municipal Auditorium

Attendance: 9,030

1. Non-Televised Match: Mascarita Sagrada and Octagoncito defeated Jerrito Estrada and Piratita Morgan (7:00) when Sagrada pinned Morgan

2. World Cruiserweight and Super J Crown Title Match: Ultimate Dragon pinned Dean Malenko (18:30) to win the title and retain the J Crown title

3. World Women's Heavyweight Title Match: Akira Hokuto pinned Madusa (7:06) to win the vacant title

4. Jushin Liger pinned Rey Misterio, Jr. (14:16)

5. Jeff Jarrett pinned Chris Benoit (13:48)

6. World Tag Team Title Match: The Outsiders (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash) defeated The Faces of Fear (Meng and The Barbarian) (11:52) when Nash pinned Barbarian to retain the title

7. United States Heavyweight Title Match: Eddie Guerrero pinned Diamond Dallas Page (15:20) to win the vacant title

8. Lex Luger pinned The Giant (13:23)

9. Roddy Piper defeated Hulk Hogan (15:36) via sleeperhold.

user posted image

Last Television Show: Monday Nitro December 30, 1996:

1. The Amazing French Canadiens defeated Public Enemy

2. World Cruiserweight Champion, The Ultimo Dragon, pinned Jushin Liger

3. Konnan defeated Michael Wall$treet in a strap match

4. Hugh Morrus defeated Kensuske Sasaki by Disqualification

5. Harlem Heat defeated The Faces of Fear

6. Glacier pinned Disco Inferno

7. Chris Benoit pinned Chris Jericho

8. Mascarita Sagrada and Octagoncito defeated Jerito Estrada and Pirata Morgan

9. Rey Misterio Jr. drew with Dean Malenko

10. Lex Luger defeated Greg Valentine

*The Giant got kicked out of the NWO on the show too*

Credit WIA for show results....

Next post will be the roster, TV and PPV information and stuff.....

Edited by Baby Hewey
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The 96 is just.....gone? :(    Oh well, Hewey kicks ass at diarys, this one will own.

I didn't have all of it saved :( but I did finish IYH and saved it, I'll be doing this one for now but I still got the game saved and stuff I can just recap the stuff up to May (Where I'm at) :D

Well atleast this one will be saved :D

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user posted image

WCW Roster

Face, Heel, Tweener

Main Event

Lex Luger

Randy Savage- Savage was gone from storylines since Halloween Havoc 1996 where he lost to Hollywood Hogan.....

Ric Flair- Currently injured should be back in active competition around May.....

Rowdy Roddy Piper

Sting- Hasn't wrestled since September.... He's not with WCW or NWO right now.....

Hollywood Hogan

Upper Midcard

Arn Anderson

Diamond Dallas Page

Kevin Nash

Scott Hall


The Giant


Chris Benoit

Dean Malenko

Eddie Guerrero

Jim Duggan

Rick Steiner

Scott Steiner

Steve McMichael

The Booty Man--- Tried to join the NWO at Hog Wild 96 but ended up getting his ass kicked... Don't think he was on TV after that.

Big Bubba Rogers

Booker T


Lord Steven Regal

Stevie Ray

The Taskmaster

Ultimo Dragon

Jeff Jarrett

Lower Midcard

Alex Wright

Bobby Eaton

Chris Jericho


John Tenta

Johnny Grunge

Rey Mysterio Jr.

Rocco Rock

Scotty Riggs

Buff Bagwell

Carl Ouelette

Disco Inferno

Hugh Morrus

Jacques Rougeau Jr.

Masahiro Chono


Michael Wallstreet

Scott Norton

The Barbarian


Juventud Guerrera


Chavo Guerrero Jr.

The Renegade

Craig Pittman

Devon Storm

Greg Valentine

Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker

Squire David Taylor


Billy Kidman

Brad Armstrong

David Flair

Jim Powers

Joe Gomez

Kenny Kaos

Prince Iaukea

Robby Rage

Scott Armstrong

Steve Armstrong

Bunkhouse Buck

CW Anderson

Dirty Dick Slater

Horace Hogan

Mike Enos



Debra McMichael- Manages Steve McMichael, Jeff Jarrett

Kimberly- Manages Diamond Dallas Page

Woman- Manages Chris Benoit

Colonel Robert Parker- Manages Dirty Dick Slater and Bunkhouse Bunk

Elizabeth- Manages no one

Jimmy Hart- Manages The Taskmaster, Hugh Morrus, Meng, The Barbarian, Konnan

Sonny Oono- Manages Ultimo Dragon

Ted DiBiase- Manages Vincent

Non Wrestlers

Larry Zbyszko

Eric Bischoff


Dungeon Of Doom

Hugh Morrus

Jimmy Hart



The Barbarian

The Taskmaster

Leader: The Taskmaster

Four Horsemen

Arn Anderson

Chris Benoit

Steve McMichael

Ric Flair

Leader: Ric Flair


Big Bubba Rogers

Buff Bagwell


Eric Bischoff

Hollywood Hogan

Kevin Nash

Masahiro Chono

Michael Wallstreet

Scott Hall

Scott Norton


Ted DiBiase


Leader: Hollywood Hogan

nWo Wolfpac

Kevin Nash

Scott Hall


Leader: Kevin Nash

*Note Wolfpac is like the later 1997 version with these three men, No new members will be added... It's only these three!*

Tag Teams

Amazing French Canadians

(Carl Ouelette and Jacques Rougeau Jr.)

Faces Of Fear

(Meng and The Barbarian)

Harlem Heat

(Booker T and Stevie Ray)

High Voltage

(Kenny Kaos and Robby Rage)

Public Enemy

(Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge)

Renegade and Gomez

(The Renegade and Joe Gomez)

Steiner Brothers

(Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner)

The Armstrongs

(Brad Armstrong and Steve Armstrong)

The Outsiders

(Kevin Nash and Scott Hall)

Vicious and Delicious

(Scott Norton and Buff Bagwell)

Edited by Baby Hewey
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News from wrestletalk.com

News for January 1st through January 4th

Ken Shamrock signs with World Championship Wrestling, Wrestlers released, New development camp, WWF fires workers and more......

The following wrestlers were released, We wish them the best of luck in the future.

1. Ace Darling

2. Hardwork Bobby Walker

3. La Parka

4. Madusa

5. Mark Starr

6. Rick Fuller

7. Sister Sherri

8. Super Calo

Ken Shamrock signs with World Championship Wrestling

The news has spread that former UFC Super Fight champion Ken Shamrock has signed a two year deal with World Championship Wrestling. Shamrock had been contacted by both the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling to join their company. In the end after much negotiating Shamrock has agreed to a two year deal with WCW. Shamrock should debut soon in WCW. Sources say that Shamrock will get a big push during his stay with World Championship Wrestling and that he could be a future main event star. We'll have to keep an eye out and see what happens when "The World's Most Dangerous Man" debuts.

World Championship Wrestling gets development camp.

World Championship Wrestling has opened up it's first ever development camp.... Much like the WWF's USWA camp WCW will be sending down workers who can improve to this camp and hire young workers to also put in the camp to prepare for the future. This should help WCW as it already has a training camp with the development camp WCW will no doubt get the best talent in the world and help most wrestlers improve.

The talent that have been sent down the development camp are as follows.....

1. Brad Armstrong

2. CW Anderson

3. David Flair

4. Horace Hogan

5. Kenny Kaos

6. Prince Iaukea

7. Robby Rage

8. Scott Armstrong

9. Steve Armstrong

10. The Booty Man

WWF fires wrestlers

The WWF has released the following talent from their roster.....

1. Joe E. Legend

2. Prince Albert

3. Gangrel

4. K-Krush

5. Erin O'Grady

6. Andrew Martin

7. Mosh

8. Matt Hardy

9. Vic Grimes

10. Thrasher

11. Jeff Hardy

12. Scott Taylor

13. Brian Christopher

14. Christian Cage

15. Shawn Stasiak

16. Steve Blackman

17. Tiger Ali Singh

18. Scott Borders

19. Steve Bradley

20. Mark Henry

21. D'lo Brown

22. Adam Copeland

23. The Goon

24. Alex Porteau

Extreme Championship Wrestling releases wrestlers

The following wrestlers were released from ECW.

Sal E. Graziano and Kimona.

WCW Pay Per View map for 1997

January- "nWo Souled Out" Will be live from Dayton, Ohio and the event will be held on Sunday, January 19th live from the University Of Dayton Arena.

February- "Superbrawl VII" Will be live from San Francisco, California and the event will be held on Sunday, February 16th live from the Cow Palace.

March- "Uncensored" will be live from North Charleston, South Carolina and the event will be held on Sunday, March 23rd live from the North Charleston Coliseum.

April- "Spring Stampede" will be live from Denver, Colorado and the event will be held on Sunday, April 20th live from the Denver Coliseum.

May- "Slamboree" will be live from Charlotte, North Carolina and the event will be held on Sunday, May 18th live from the  The Charlotte Coliseum.

June- "Great American Bash" will be live from Baltimore, Maryland and the event will be held on Sunday, June 22th live from the Baltimore Arena.

July- "Bash At The Beach" will be live from Daytona Beach, Florida and the event will be held on Sunday, July 20th live from the Ocean Center.

August- "Road Wild" will be live from Sturgis, South Dakota and the event will be held on Sunday, August 24th live from the Sturgis Rally and Race.

September- "Fall Brawl" will be live from Atlanta, Georgia and the event will be held on Sunday, September 21st live from the  Georgia Dome.

October- "Halloween Havoc" will be live from Las Vegas, Nevada and the event will be held on Sunday, October 19th live from the MGM Grand Arena.

November- "World War 3"will be live from Auburn Hills, Michigan and the event will be held on Sunday, November 23rd from the Palace at Auburn Hills.

December- "Starrcade" will be live from Washington, D.C. and the event will be held on Sunday, December 21st from the MCI Center.

Next post should be the preview of the first show which will be Saturday Night and other stuff....

Edited by Baby Hewey
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Personally, I think you should have used the game info from your current WWF game, had one wrestler jump ship and then bring you in as a favor to that wrestler. Of course, witth a higher salary than WWF would pay.

You got by in 95' using a lot of gimmicks, which was fine for WWF in 95', but now let's see what you can do with a more serious type diary. ;)

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World Championship Wrestling Title History

WCW World

Hollywood Hogan (2)- August 10, 1996

WCW United States

Eddie Guerrero (1)- December 29, 1996

WCW Television

Lord Steven Regal (3)- August 20, 1996

WCW Cruiserweight

Ultimo Dragon (1)- December 29, 1996

WCW Tag Team

The Outsiders (Kevin Nash *1* and Scott Hall *1*)- October 27, 1996

*Numbers mean how many times they have held the title*

Storylines leading to 1997

The Giant got kicked out of the nWo on the last Nitro of 96..... He hasn't turned heel or face yet but something is expected to happen with him and Hollywood Hogan soon.... The Giant is the number one contender for Hogan's title since he did win World War 3 in November.

Syxx stole Eddie Guerrero's US title at Starrcade after Guerrero won the belt.... Guerrero is currently the champion but right now the title is being carried around by Syxx.

Diamond Dallas Page has been offered to join the nWo a couple of times now and he has said no.... Page felt offended that Hall and Nash didn't ask him to join from the very beginning..... The Outsiders and Syxx cost Page the United States title at Starrcade during his match with Eddie Guerrero..... What will happen between DDP and the nWo next?

Sting hasn't joined any teams yet..... At Starrcade he came down during Lex Luger versus The Giant and put the baseball in the middle of the ring for one of them to use... Luger used it in the end and beat The Giant....

Jeff Jarrett is trying to join the Four Horsemen but hasn't succeed yet.....

Chris Benoit and The Taskmaster were still feuding......

Nick Patrick has a heel nWo referee

And nWo Souled out will be a nWo versus WCW Pay Per View.......

user posted image


Announcers: Mike Tenay and Dusty Rhodes

Taped from: Orlando Florida

The first show of 1997 will be a hot one as WCW brings you great action.... In the Main Event we'll see Steve McMichael and Jeff Jarrett team up to face the team of Konnan and Hugh Morrus! Can Jarrett prove to the Horsemen that he is Horsemen material?

We'll also hear from the nWo Wolfpac! What will these three men have to say? Will they talk about Diamond Dallas Page? or Eddie Guerrero? Will Syxx have Eddie Guerrero's United States title with him?

Matches for Saturday Night

Public Enemy V Dirty Dick Slater and Bunkhouse Buck with Colonel Parker

Buff Bagwell V Chavo Guerrero Jr

John Tenta V Vincent

Steve McMichael and Jeff Jarrett V Konnan and Hugh Morrus

I think those are pretty much all the storylines going into 1997.... Anyways Saturday Night should be up later. :D

Edited by Baby Hewey
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Guest blueblood

Saturday Night looks good Hewey. Glad to see you put up the storylines leading into 1997, that's a good touch.

Can't wait for SN.

Edited by blueblood
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