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Baseball Sims


Which baseball sim do you think is worth buying?  

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  1. 1. Which baseball sim do you think is worth buying?

    • Out Of The Park
    • Baseball Mogul

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Really depends on what you want. For a deep sim including firing/hiring coaches, morale, etc. go with OOTP. For a game you can pick up quickly and play, go with Mogul. Its like comparing EWR to TEW, it just depends on what kind of game you want.

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Get OOTP6 my dad just bought it and we have been playing it non stop. The system for playing games is excellent or if you just want to sim(days,weeks,months,years or seasons) it works well also.

There is also manager mode which is practically the same as regular dynasty mode(if you want to call it that) but you create yourself(couple details on how you know baseball and business skills and personal info) sign a contract with a team. Each team has a goal(play better then .500 ball or win the world series etc.) If you fail to do this then they might not resign you. And you can also get married or date and have kids and later on in the game your kids could be playing baseball in your game.

Maybe it was just me though but I find OOTP6 much easier to navigate then baseball mogul.

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OOTP 6. It's a no-brainer. It's a really indepth game. Yeah it costs more, but the quality of the game more then makes up for it. I think OOTP is 34.95 but trust me it's worth it(eventhough I paid 24 bucks since I pre-ordered).

On a side note if someone is interested in joining a Sim IM me on AIM (sahyder1). We have a couple of small market teams open but they have a lot of cash to spend in the FA and will have high draft picks in the draft.

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