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The Evolution Of Wrestling

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National Wrestling Alliance

Los Angeles


Created in 1998 out of the ashes of the defunct NWA: Golden State, NWA: Los Angeles is the most violent of all NWA affiliates, even surpassing Heyman's boys out in Philly.

Run by 'Hot Rod', 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper, in conjunction with 'Easy E' Eric Bischoff, NWA:LA is home to some of the most ruthless men in wrestling today, as well as some of the finest pure wrestlers. It's a beauty and the beast complex. From technicians like 'The Natural One' Michael Modest, 'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels, and Samoa Joe, to deathmatch specialists such as The Wifebeater, 'Sick' Nick Mondo, and The Messiah, NWA:LA offers something for everyone.


The Main Players


'The Harlem Bad Boy' Booker T</center>

A five time NWA: Los Angeles, California State Heavyweight Champion, 'The Harlem Bad Boy' Booker T is also the current California State Heavyweight Champion, having defeated New Jack at last years Louie Spicolli Tribute Cup show. A veteran of every type of match we've seen in NWA: Los Angeles, Booker did what many didn't think he could do after coming from back east for the start of the company, fitting right in with the blood and gore, as well as the fine pure wrestling. Having defended his title in everything from the LA Cage of Death in a rematch against New Jack, to a points based amateur match against NWA: Detroit's ace, Kurt Angle, Booker is NWA: Los Angeles. Seconded by his brother, Stevie Ray, who is retired from full time active competion after a severe injury in the Cage of Death 2, Booker T is willing to rise to any challenge, though his recent troubles with a masked man calling himself G.I. Bro, have lead him down a darker path then anything we've seen before.

NWA: Los Angeles California State Heavyweight Title Rankings

Champion: Booker T

1. Donovan Morgan

2. Rob Van Dam

3. Samoa Joe

4. Christopher Daniels

5. Ron Killings

6. C.W. Anderson

7. Sabu

8. Perry Saturn

9. Michael Modest

10. Charles Wright


'The Future' Frankie Kazarian

The reigning NWA: Los Angeles Pegasus champion, named in honor of former Japanese great Pegasus Kid, better known to North American fans as Chris Benoit, now with NWA: Hardcore City, 'The Future' is on top of the world after defeating Ruckus for the title on last months Pay Per View, Revolutions. Kazarian is the bearer of the lightweight torch for NWA: LA, and is considered a top contender for NWA World Lightweight Champion AJ Styles' crown. Kazarian isn't without his troubles though, as both Ruckus, looking to get back his belt, as well as Kazarian's former tag team partner, Nova, are gunning for him.

NWA: Los Angeles Pegasus Title Rankings

Champion: Frankie Kazarian

1. Ruckus

2. Nova

3. Super Dragon

4. Kaos

5. Boogalou


'The Human Horror Film' Supreme

'The Human Horror Film'. That's what many have called the man named Supreme in his time in NWA: LA, as he has amassed victory after victory on his way to becoming the defending MurderDeathKill Champion.

Since coming to NWA:LA in late 1999, Supreme has lost exactly five matches, and proved to be an unstoppable force, winning the last two Reign In Blood deathmatch tournaments, defeating Wifebeater and 'Sick' Nick Mondo respectively. Recently his run of matches with The Messiah have proved to be some of the most violent in the history of the promotion, and some of Supreme's closest victories.

MurderDeathKill Title Rankings

Note: The MDK title is a unique case, as it is vacated every October for the Reign in Blood deathmatch tournament. However, if the reigning MDK Champion wins RiB, it is considered a continous reign. Therefore, Supreme is considered to have held the belt since his victory at RiB 4 (2002).

MurderDeathKill Champion: Supreme

1. The Messiah

2. The Wifebeater

3. Nick Mondo

4. Vic Grimes

5. Johnny Grunge

This... is NWA: Los Angeles

[Reposting: Renamed King of the Deathmatch to MurderDeathKill Championship, Renamed Baptized in Blood Deathmatch Tourney to Reign in Blood, and Changed Piper, Bischoff, and Booker T pics]

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NWA: Los Angeles Official Roster

Active Singles

2 Cold Scorpio

'The Harlem Bad Boy' Booker T

'PimpDaddy' Charles Wright

'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniel's

'The Enforcer' C.W. Anderson

'California's Finest' Donovan Morgan

'The Future' Frankie Kazarian

Homeless Jimmy

Johnny Grunge

'The Rock SuperStar' Kaos

'The Natural One' Michael Modest

'The Gladiator' Mike Awesome

Mustafa Saed

'The Original Gangsta' New Jack

'Sick' Nick Mondo

'The iNOVAtor of Offense' Nova

Perry Saturn

'The Whole Fuckin' Show' Rob Van Dam

Ron 'The Truth' Killings



'The Puro God' Scott Norton

'The Human Horror Film' Supreme

The Messiah


Active Tag Teams

Natural Born Sinners ~ Homicide and Boogalou

Samoan Dragon ~ Super 'Fucking' Dragon and Samoa Joe

Harlem Heat ~ 'The Harlem Bad Boy' Booker T and Stevie Ray

The Gangstas ~ 'The Original Gangsta' New Jack and Mustafa Saed

The Rising Sons ~ 'The Gladiator' Mike Awesome and 'The Puro God' Scott Norton

Rob Van Dam and Sabu


'Rowdy' Roddy Piper

'Eazy-E' Eric Bischoff

Stevie Ray

Bill Alfonso


The Rising Sons ~ 'The Gladiator' Mike Awesome, 'The Puro God' Scott Norton, and 'Eazy-E' Eric Bischoff

Rob Van Dam, Sabu, and Bill Alfonso

NWA: California

Acero Derado


Chilly Willy

El Gringo Magnifico


'The Samoan SuperStar' Ma'Koa

Jimmy 'Solo' Snuka Jr.

Steve Mack

Big Babbi Slymm

[updated as of real time May 10th]

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Saturday Night Beatdown


SNB returns to the airwaves with another week of the most violent action in the whole f*ckin' NWA! The most blood, the harshest brawls, and the biggest bumps in North America!

On this Saturday's show, Excellence Inc.'s 'Enforcer' C.W. Anderson will take on the man from the streets, Homeless Jimmy!

'The Future' Frankie Kazarian gets a warm up for his match with Ruckus, as he takes on Boogalou in non title action!

And in the main event, the 'Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal' SABU will take on 'Sick' Nick Mondo in a match that the censors didn't want you to see! We stretch the FCC's line to it's breaking point, and then we GO RIGHT BY THAT MUTHA F*CKA!

Also in the house, 'The Original Gangsta' New Jack will address Scott Norton, and the boss, Rowdy Roddy Piper will announce the final matches for When Worlds Collide.

All this action, only on KJLA, Midnights on Saturdays!

NWA: Los Angeles

Got Blood?

[i'm actually going to be adding to the show, since it sucked so horribly last time]

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National Wrestling Alliance


NWA: Detroit is a smash mouth, no nonsense territory where the spirit of the mid south lives on.

Established by "Cowboy" Bill Watts NWA: Detroit continues the traditions established by Watts himself in the mid eighties. Big men dominated then and damn it why should it be any different now? Having dominated the south for years Watts was disheartened when the fans and talent began flocking to NWA: Texas and his own Oklahoma territory went under. So in 1994 Bill Watts went home. Three years later Watts received a call from one of his former stars Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff. Orndorff had been running his own territory in Detroit, but was getting ready to call it quits himself. So he called up his former employer to see if he was interested in getting back into the sport. Watts looked over the roster and couldn't believe some of the trash Orndorff had collected. It was indeed time to turn the Motor City back into a powerhouse. Watts fired almost everyone in the company and got on the phone to every old contact he could think of. Some laughed in his face, but quite a few of his old friends including Dr. Death Steve Williams got on board.

Watts continued to collect marginal talents most of which were declared washed up by the rest of the industry and pushed them to the top. Chief amongst those pushed was his own son Erik Watts who enjoyed four title reigns between 1997 and 1999 including a controversial victory over Raven which turned quite a few of the boys against him. NWA: D began losing steam until finally in mid 99 a glimmer of hope emerged. That hope was Kurt Angle.

Seeing the response by the Detroit fans to Angle Watts immediately put the title on the charismatic amateur champion. Although Angle has tasted defeat in some of his more high profile matches outside of Michigan he still holds the Detroit Heavyweight Championship to this very day. Some of the newer fans of the sport are beginning to turn on Angle claiming he is getting boring, but to Watts he is the flagship and we will "Run with that Hoss until he can't run no more."

NWA Detroit Rankings:

NWA: Detroit: Heavyweight Title Rankings

Champion: Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle has turned away all challengers since claiming the Detroit Heavyweight title in September 1999. Angle proudly proclaims to all who will listen that he has managed to stay on top this long through a stern training regiment a healthy diet and staying away from drugs and alcohol. These philosophies have made him a hero in Detroit for years, but recently a few of the more vocal fans in the crowd have been saying otherwise. Kurt’s stance of free speech for all may be coming back to bite him.

1. Scott Steiner

2. BG James

3. Justin Credible

4. Vampiro

5. Erik Watts

6. Steve Williams

7. Rick Steiner

8. CM Punk

9. Rene Dupree

10. Doug Basham

NWA: Detroit Tag Team Title Rankings

Champions: The Road Warriors

Hawk and Animal have ruled the tag team ranks in Detroit for years now. The Harris Boys have been their biggest competition trading title wins with them on several occasions. It wasn’t until recently with the emergence of 3 count and other teams that the tag team ranks were competitive. The Road Warriors still are the most powerful team in Detroit, but could age finally be catching up with them? Only time will tell.

1. The Harris Boys

2. 3 Count

3. The Varsity Club (Steve Williams and Rick Steiner)

4. The Decapitation Crew (Barry Darsow and Brian Adams)

5. Second City Saints (CM Punk and Erik Watts)

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NWA: Detroit Rock Wrestling May 5th 2004

Joey Styles and Mark Madden are your announce team.

We begin our show with Joey Styles and Mark Madden sitting at the announce position. Joey is dressed in his trademark suit and tie and Madden in his typical “cool fat guy” Hawaiian Shirt and shades.

Styles: Hello everyone and welcome to Detroit Rock Wrestling I’m Joey Styles alongside Mark Madden. Fans I have to admit to you we have no idea what matches will be taking place this week. We know that BG James is in our main event tonight, but besides that we are flying blind.

Madden: That’s always more exciting Joey and I for one could use as much excitement as I can get.

Styles: Ladies still not biting big fella? (laughs) I’m sorry I’m sure they just swarm all over that shirt.

Madden: Shut up Joey! Besides we’ve got a show to get to. The Useless Son of The Cowboy is on his way to the ring.

Styles: You better not let him hear you say that Madden. Erik Watts is on his way to the ring right now and fans he looks serious.

A Challenge

Erik Watts climbs into the ring carrying a microphone and dressed in his wrestling gear. Watts acknowledges the portion of the crowd clapping for him and begins to speak.

Watts: Now you guys all know me pretty well by now. And you know that I always face all my challenges head on. Me and my partner Punk have been coming out here for a few months now and telling you about our lifestyle for months now. Taking the teachings of Kurt Angle in mind we have cleansed our bodies of all the impure facets and we are now a lean mean tag team machine! (the crowd cheers) So tonight I say we take things to the next level. I heard that The Road Warriors are looking for the next challengers for their belts. I for one think that we would be pretty good for that job. What do you people think?

Watts tries to fire up the crowd and some of them cheer for him.

Watts: Well unfortunately Punk couldn’t make it to the arena tonight. (the crowd boos) Yeah I know. I wanted him to be here too. But I have a solution to the problem. Tonight I will face any member of any team here in Detroit. And the winner of that match will face The Road Warriors! How about that Detroit?

The audience cheers the potential match up and Watts drops his mic and motions for someone to come on out.

Rating: 58%

Styles: What about that Mark? Erik Watts made a challenge to anyone in the back to come out here and face him right now.

Madden: Joey you may call it bravery, but I for one will always consider Erik Watts a gutless coward just like his old man. I know that whoever comes out here right now will kick his useless butt!

Styles: I doubt it will be that cut and dry Mark. After all Watts is a former Heavyweight Champion.

Madden: Right and I used to be skinny. Watts is going down. (The music of 3 Count begins playing) Ah crap.

Styles: (laughing) What’s wrong Madden? Not so confident now are you?

Madden: Joey it’s not all over yet. It all depends on who comes through the curtain. (Evan Karagais enters the arena) Ah crap!

Erik Watts vs. Evan Karagias

Evan dances up the aisle much to the dismay of most of the crowd. However when he gets to the foot of the ring he motions to the back and out from backstage emerge Shannon Moore and “Sugar” Shane Helms. The two remaining members of Three Count dance their ways up the aisle and meet Evan at the ring.

Madden: All right! What did I tell you Joey? Watts is going down! Ha Ha! Down.

Styles: Right… It’s still three little girls against a former Heavyweight Champion.

Evan slides into the ring and the bell rings to start the match. Watts quickly takes the advantage with a series of punches and winds up and hits another big punch sending Karagias sprawling through the ropes and to the floor. Moore and Helms help him up as Watts fires up in the ring looking for some more action. After a meeting with his band mates Evan slides back in to continue the fight and locks up with Watts. Watts whips him off the ropes and Evan ducks a clothesline. Karagias bounces off the opposite ropes and meets the vaunted WATTS DROPKICK!

Styles: OH MY GOD! What a dropkick! Watts is on fire.

Watts dominates the next few minutes with various power move tossing the much smaller Karagias all over the ring. Watts hits a gutwrench powerbomb and goes for the pinfall. 1…2…FOOT ON THE ROPE!

Styles: Shannon Moore put his foot on the rope! This match should be over right now!

Madden: Joey I saw no such thing. Evan Karagias is double tough and you know it!

Watts gets up and angrily stares down at Moore and Helms. He yells something at them, which gives Evan enough time to recover and go for a schoolboy! 1…2…KICKOUT! Watt quickly gets back to his feet and turns to face Evan, but Moore and Helms grabs his ankles and hold on. Karagias charges and Watts instinctively reverses it and sends Karagias hurtling over the top and to the floor with a backdrop! The referee shakes his head, but has no decision but to call before the bell.

Styles: Damn it! Come on this is ridiculous.

Madden: What do you expect him to do Joey? Watts clearly threw Evan over the top and the referee had no choice but to award the match to 3 Count! I couldn’t be happier Styles this is a great day for all us true wrestling fans.

Styles: Madden you are pathetic. This is a travesty and I for one hope something gets done about it.

Rating: 50/34/67

Moore and Helms tend to their fallen teammate as Watts argues with the referee. Finally seeing that there is no convincing the official Watts points to 3 Count on the floor. The fans cheer as Watts attacks all three men!

Styles: Go on kid! Kick their ass.

Madden: Security! Get some security out here now!

Watts takes down every member of 3 Count with a flurry of punches and looks to be ready for more, but security comes down the aisle and breaks the situation up taking Watts to the back.

Styles: Come on! Let him go. These jerks deserve it.

Madden: Joey…Joey…Joey. I’m going to have to ask you to be impartial out here. You can’t just cheer for whomever you want. We have to call this thing right down the middle.

Styles: Says the guy who is saving up for a private concert with 3 Count.

3 Count pull themselves to their feet and crawl into the ring.

Madden: Shut up Joey I think they might be getting ready to sing.

The Road Warriors can’t dance

Shane Helms grabs a microphone and clears his throat like he is getting ready to sing. The other two member of the group get into dance position and the crowd begins to boo. After a couple false starts Shane waves his partners off and instead begins to talk.

Helms: Forget it! This crowd isn’t good enough to hear 3 Count! (a huge ovation) Shut up. You wish you were a 3 Count crowd. Because if you were maybe there would be some attractive ladies here tonight instead of all these over greased Detroit Cows! Man we hate performing for unappreciative crowds. But the fact is we love to dance. Let’s break it down one-time fellas.

Madden: All right! Don’t ruin this for me Joey.

All three get in line and throw their hands high in the air. Their music hits and they perform some snazzy dance moves. A few high-pitched squeals can be heard, but mostly boos come from the crowd. Finally Shane motions for them to cut the music.

Helms: Now what did you think about that Detroit? (loud boos) The Road Warriors can’t do that. I mean can you imagine what it would look like to see Hawk out here tying to dance? You think Animal can sing like Sugar Shane Helms? Well I highly doubt it. The point is people we’ve got our shot at gold and we are going to win. Because you know what they say (Shane smiles) They all go down for the 3 Count! Now hit our music again.

Rating: 56%

Some music began to play, but it wasn’t 3 Count’s music.

Styles: Thank god someone is coming out to put an end to this.

Madden: What a jerk! Damn it Joey I hate this guy.

Oh you didn’t know?

3 Count stare angrily at the curtain as a familiar voice comes from backstage.

James: Oh you didn’t know? Your ass better CALL SOMEBODY!

The crowd cheers loudly as BG James makes his way into the arena.

James: Now then. If you three are done going (looks at his crotch) down for each other let’s get back to business.

Styles: Ha Ha! This is great.

Madden: That is offensive and heinous and I hope they don’t stand for it.

James: No really I like your music honest. And I for one am sure you are great wrestlers. (the crowd boos) Now hear me out D town hear me out. Yeah I’m sure these guys would fit in real fine in Los Angeles with the rest of the (James makes an effeminate motion with his wrist) lightweights. But boys this is man business so why don’t you go ahead and head to the back and get yourself a bottle of spring water.

3 Count looks angry, but Helms appears to stay calm and gets back on his mic.

Helms: You’re lucky were in a good mood and we got the hook up with some freaks. Otherwise we would take you out right now.

James: Yeah I saw those girls. Well you better hurry up then I think curfew is in a couple hours.

3 Count leaves the ring and mocks the crowd on their way out.

James: Well now that we got that taken care of… WHATS UP DETROIT? (loud ovation) It’s me again The Man, The Myth, The Legend BG JAMES! Now I was in the back and I heard a bit of news that I’m sure all you people would like to know about. They told me not to tell you about it yet. (boos) Come on people you know I would never keep a secret from you! (cheers)

Madden: Somebody cut his mic! Don’t let him give away secrets.

James: Well you all know that a little over two weeks from now is Motor City Mayhem. (more applause) Well at that show the top four guys are going to battle in a tournament to decide who gets the next shot at Kurt Angle!

Styles: Wow that is huge! I can’t believe it Mark. Any of those guys has a chance to make a real impact in the ratings and get a shot at Angle.

James: Well I for one want to be ready for that. So if anyone of the other three guys wants a shot at me right now. Go ahead and bring it on out here.

Rating: 58%

Styles: Oh my god! We have a huge main event on our hands fans. Any of those three men could provide some great competition for BG James.

Madden: I hope they kick his ass Joey. I want to get out of here and go party with 3 Count.

James waits for a moment and then finally hears the music of… The Harris Boys?!? James looks confused and then Don Harris steps out looking angry.

Harris: Hey punk! You don’t get your warm up tonight. You made a big mistake backstage.

James: That’s impossible. She told me she wasn’t married. (James smiles)

The crowd laughs, which seems to piss Harris off even more.

Harris: No you dumb son of a bitch! (James looks serious now) I know you were the one who ate my Ham Sandwich! And now I’m coming down there to beat it out of you!

BG James vs. Don Harris

Harris stomps down to the ring looking like deadly serious while in the ring James looks to be on the verge of laughing.

James: A sandwich? Are you serious?

Harris climbs over the top rope and into the ring.

James: Well that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever…

Harris knocks the mic out of his hand and the bell rings for the match to begin.

Styles: A sandwich? Man those Harris Boys will get pissed off over anything.

Madden: Joey I for one know that Ron and Don have those sandwiches specially made for them. It takes a long time to get another one.

Styles: Give me a break Mark. This is just silly.

Madden: Yeah tell that to BG James. He is getting hammered over “just a sandwich”.

Harris connects with an elbow knocking James to the canvas. Harris stomps down James while screaming something about aged cheddar cheese. James tries to make his way to his feet, but gets caught on the bridge of the nose by a Harris knee lift. Harris hits some elementary slams and elbow and knee drops. Harris locks in a sleeper hold looking to end the match. The crowd gets behind James and he starts to move!

Styles: It’s not over yet Mark!

Madden: Come on Don! Do it for the honey roasted ham big man!

James makes it to his feet and slides under the hold and delivers a back suplex! (A loud BG chant breaks out) James begins shaking and feeling the energy of the crowd. Both men back to their feet and James hits a right hand. Two more shots and James does a little dance before dropping Harris with another right! James bounces off the ropes…


James plays to the crowd and waits for Harris to get up. Kick to the gut and a DDT! Pin by James 1…2…KICKOUT! James pulls Harris up and executes a PILEDRIVER! 1…2…3!

Rating: 59/53/65

Styles: A big win for BG James going into the tournament. Looks like he wont be buying them new sandwiches after all.

Madden: He may have made it through tonight Joey, but there is no chance BG James can win a tournament with Scott Steiner involved. I hope that sandwich was good pal because in two weeks Scott Steiner knocks your teeth out!

Styles: That is yet to be seen partner. But for this week we are desperately out of time. For Mark Madden I am Joey Styles and we’ll see you next week on DETROIT ROCK WRESTLING!

TV Rating: 0.23

Overall Rating: 56%

Attendance: 170

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[Fuck it, it's just a straight re-post]

Saturday, May 1st, 2004

The LA Arena

Hollywood, California

Saturday Night Beatdown

The NWA: Los Angeles theme, It's Going Down by Linkin Park and The X-ecutioners hits, complete with the usual shots of NWA:LA action. New Jack's dive off the cage from 2000, The Messiah's bump off the scaffold from 2002, and of course, the infamous 'Mass Transit' Match, in which 'Sick' Nick Mondo took a bump off of a bus on a Los Angeles street.

SnB starts off with Eric Garguilo and John House putting over When World's Collide, which is tomorrow. Tickets still available, $15 at the door. Their cut off when the instrumental's of LL Cool J's Deepest, Bluest hits, bringing out 'The Enforcer' C.W. Anderson. Anderson is accompanied by his Excellence Inc. stablemate 'The Natural One' Michael Modest, but the third man in the crew, number one contender, 'California's Finest' Donovan Morgan is nowhere to be found.

Anderson and Modest make their way to the ring, but Anderson is taunted with 'You Tapped Out' chants from the crowd. Apparently we have some marks in the building, strange for NWA:LA. It's true though, as last month on PPV, Anderson fell victim to the Joejigatame from Samoa Joe, in a tag team match. Anderson takes the mic.

C.W. Anderson: ' Shut up you stupid f*cks! No one gives a damn if I tapped out, especially no one here!'

The chants get louder, but eventually die out.

Anderson: ' Good. I'm not out here to talk a lot of sh*t and act all hard, so I'm going to get right down to business. Super Dragon, Samoa Joe, you too beat us last month, and we haven't had a chance to get back at your sorry asses, so tomorrow night, at When Worlds Collide, we want you two, one more time! I don't give a f*ck if you don't want a match, because you've already got one!'

Anderson was interrupted as Metallica's Wherever I May Roam hits. Homeless Jimmy makes his way out, scratching his head, and pushing a shopping cart full of hardcore goodies. He's blasted by Modest as he tries to get in the ring though, and Modest throws him into the guardrail, and roughs him up, before tossing him to C.W. in the ring, for the official start.

C.W. Anderson vs. Homeless Jimmy

C.W. took care of Jimmy fairly easily, working over his back before nailing a SpineBustah~!! for the finish. Some nice spots though, as Jimmy fought hard, ending up in what amounted to a handicap match whenever it spilled to the outside, and actually drawing blood from Modest when he smashed in his head with a toaster. Anderson didn't seem willing to go the ultra violent route however, as he took Jimmy out with a carefully planned technical assault.

Winner: C.W. Anderson

After the match, Anderson grabs the stick again, when suddenly, the Bagpipes hit. Out comes the owner and governing body of NWA: Los Angeles, Rowdy Roddy Piper. Piper has a mic as well.

Piper: ' Whoa there C.W. Ya want a match against Samoan Dragon? YA GOT IT!'

The crowd cheers this.

Piper: ' But, there is one condition. If I give ya this match, ya got to stay out of the main event. If either of you two decide to interject yourself in Donovan Morgan's match with Booker T, all three of ya sorry asses will be OUT OF THIS COMPANY!'

Anderson and Modest look on with shock.

Piper: ' And that's not all. New Jack's match with Scott Norton is now a FAN'S BRING THE WEAPONS match!'

Loud cheers for this. Suddenly though, Disposable Teens by Marylin Manson hits the LA Arena sound system. Logically, this brings out 'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels, who also has a mic.

Daniels: ' Piper, time and time again, the flock of The Fallen Angel has asked, no, demanded, 'where is The Fallen Angel's title shot'. They yearn for it Piper... give it to them!'

Piper: ' Ya want a title shot? I tell you what, if you can pin Rob Van Dam's shoulders to the mat, 1, 2, 3, tomorrow night, then ya got a title shot!'

The fans cheer this as well. Daniels looks on, and nods.

Daniels: ' All is well then. Van Dam, tomorrow night, you shall feel the wrath of The Fallen Angel. That's not a threat, that's not a promise, That's The Gospel, According to The Fallen Angel.'

[Commercial Break]

Back from commercial, and Boogalou is already in the ring. Not a good sign for him, but hey, you never know.

Face Value by Prong brings out 'The Future' Frankie Kazarian, with his NWA: LA Pegasus Title over his shoulder, for this non title match. The Coolest Man on Earth slaps a few hands, and slides into the ring, were we get introductions, and the bell rings.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Boogalou


Another disappointing match, as neither of these men really brought their A-game tonight. Boogalou gave us out extreme quota for the match, taking a Flux Capacitor on a open chair for the finish. Match was unremarkable, but afterwards, Ruckus ran down and we had a mini match between the Pegasus champion and his opponent for When Worlds Collide, which ended as we went to a commercial after this long match/segment.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

[Commercial Break]

The scene when we come back from break is off the back parking lot of the LA Arena. Standing in front of a graffiti ridden wall stands 'The Original Gangsta' New Jack. He's accompanied by his tag team partner Mustafa Saed, who stands off to the side drinking a forty.

New Jack: ' Scott Norton, you done f*cked up now son. Fans bring the weapons? Sh*t, I'm gonna f*ck yo' ass up Norton.'

New Jack turns his back, then spins back around, throwing up the 'X'.

New Jack: ' Scotty boy, yo' ass betta' bring it tomorrow night, cuz I'm fitting to go Compton on yo' ass, fo' real!'

The scene fades out.

Back to in-ring action, where Sabu and 'Sick' Nick Mondo are already in the ring.

Sabu vs. Nick Mondo

Solid match, which as promised, went beyond the call of free tv, as barbedwire came into play. Mondo tasted the barbs, and had a niiiiiiice crimson mask going on. Sabu was his usual self, speeding up the tempo, but throwing in some nice pure wrestling as well, carrying Mondo through a hold sequence. Finish came when Sabu hit the Arabian Facebuster onto a chair wrapped in barbedwire for the duke.

Winner: Sabu

Edited by sycodmn
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NWA: Los Angeles Presents

When Worlds Collide

Final Card

user posted image

California State Heavyweight Title

Excellence Inc. Banned From Ringside

'The Harlem Bad Boy' Booker T vs. 'California's Finest' Donovan Morgan

NWA: Los Angeles Pegasus Title

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match

'The Future' Frankie Kazarian vs. Ruckus

Six Man Tornado Tag Deathmatch Action!

The Messiah, 'Vicious' Vic Grimes, and 'Sick' Nick Mondo vs. 'The Human Horror Film' Supreme, Wifebeater, and Johnny Grunge

Fans Bring the Weapons Compton Street Fight

'The Original Gangsta' New Jack vs. 'Puro God' Scott Norton

Number One Contender to the California State Heavyweight Title[/i

'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels vs. 'The Whole Fucking Show' Rob...Van...Dam

Tag Team Grudge Match

'The Enforcer' C.W. Anderson and 'The Natural One' Michael Modest vs. Samoan Dragon (Super Dragon and Samoa Joe)

Tonight! From the LA Arena, in HOLLYWOOD, California. Tickets $20 at the door.

NWA: Los Angeles

Got Blood?

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user posted image<p>

NWA: Los Angeles


When Worlds Collide</center>

The DVD/Video opens with a video montage similar to the Saturday Night BeatDown opening, per usual, set to It's Going Down by The X-Ecutioners. It fades out to were Eric Garguilo and John House stand in front of a NWA: Los Angeles When Worlds Collide banner.

Garguilo: ' Welcome to NWA: Los Angeles' DVD presentation of When Worlds Collide...'

House: ' Wooooooo Eric baby! DVD baby, finally Piper got out of the 80s!'

Garguilo: ' John, I'd watch it, he does sign your checks.'

House: ' Yeah, well...'

Garguilo: ' Exactly. Up first we have six man tornado tag deathmatch action, as the team of The Messiah, 'Sick' Nick Mondo, and Vic Grimes take on Supreme, Wifebeater, and Johnny Grunge.'

House: ' Supreme's gonna take it all.'

Rob Zombie's Living Dead Girl brings out Team Supreme, who slide into the ring, and... pay no attention to each other. Apparently they don't get along, not that I can blame anyone not liking Supreme.

Supreme stands on the second turnbuckle and flips off the crowd. Grunge attempts to get the crowd going, waving his arms side to side, ala his old Public Enemy days. He wears an Oakland Raider jersey with RIP Rocco across the back, while Wifebeater looks all business, looking around at the trays of death, and the barbed wire.

Finally, Prayer by Disturbed sounds out, as Team Messiah make their way out together, and stop at ringside. The Messiah says something to his partners, and the three spread out to the sides of the ring, then slide in, as the bell rings.

The Messiah, Nick Mondo, and Vic Grimes vs. Supreme, Wifebeater, and Johnny Grunge

As the match begins, its announced that this match would be fought under elimination rules, meaning that the last team with a member left would win. The match started off hot and heavy, and quickly turned bloody.

Supreme and Messiah locked horns in the middle of the ring, and Supreme came out on top, eventually tossing Messiah from the ring, to the bed of light tubes on the floor. This lead to a double team on Grimes, who was eliminated when Supreme nailed him with a Mecca Toad Splash as Wifebeater and Grunge held off Mondo and The Messiah.

With a three on two advantage, Team Supreme went on a full scale offensive assault, cutting Mondo and The Messiah from each other, and basically quarantining them in oppisite corners of the ring. This failed however, when Messiah and Mondo finally fought out, and whipped Supreme into Wifebeater, and then bundled them out of the ring, allowing them to double team Grunge, who fell victim to a GodSmack which left him laying on a barbed wire board in the ring, and a leg drop off a ladder by Mondo finished him off, and evened up the match.

Mondo wasn't long for the ring however, as a missed dropkick by The Messiah caught him square in the mouth, and he fell into a Chokenstein from Wifebeater, slamming him into a pile of tacks. Wifey didn't go for the cover though, and moved out of the way as Supreme came in with a barbed wire wrapped chair assisted splash, sending the 'Sick' one to the hospital.

What happened next was the biggest spot of the match, and possibly of the night. The Messiah and Supreme were battling it out on a ladder, with Wifebeater taking a breather in the corner, when Messiah jumped off the ladder, and pushed it over, all in one motion, sending Supreme crashing into the guardrail, and a pile of barbed wire and light tubes!

This lead to Wifebeater and The Messiah squaring off, a showdown that resulted in Wifebeater getting eliminated after kicking out of The Godsmack, but being pinned after having a nail board driven into his chest with a springboard leg drop from The Messiah.

This left the fans with the matchup they really wanted to see, The Messiah versus Supreme. The two were beaten and bloody, but they still gave the fans a good 15 minutes of action. Both men took some nice bumps, Supreme missing a Mecca Toad Splash into a pile of light tubes, while Messiah got backdropped over the top rope, into a table laden with barbed wire and glass panes. The match finally ended when The Messiah caught Supreme on the top rope, and got him on his shoulders, nailing the GodSmack for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Team Messiah, The Messiah lone survivor, via GodSmack at 30:45



The clip cuts, and now we see a bloody Messiah, standing in front of the same banner as Garguilo and House.

The Messiah: ' Supreme, finally you find yourself on your back, looking up at the lights. Finally, you have been defeated.'

Messiah touches his head, looks at the blood, then shakes his head.

The Messiah: ' Supreme, now that I have pinned you, one, two, three, I want my shot. You've avoided me far too long. Supreme, Sunday, July 4th, Independence Day, the Los Angeles Sports Arena, Concrete Jungle, on pay per view, I want you. A Glass Menagerie match. Accept it, and be saved, or reject, and be damned to an eternity of hellish existance from me.'

The Messiah finishes talking when he's attacked from the side, getting bowled over by Supreme. Supreme continues the assault, stomping on the fallen Messiah, before staff come and pull him away. He gets dragged off, but not before yelling ' You want it, you got your fucking match, bitch!' at The Messiah.

We cut to another scene backstage, where the 'Puro God' Scott Norton is preparing to head out to Compton, were his Compton Street Fight match with New Jack will be held. He's putting things in a bag. A tire iron, some chains, pepper spray. Hell, is he going to fight New Jack, or liberate Iraq?

Anyway, as he does so, there's a knock on the door, and in walks Eric Bischoff. Bischoff has his usual slimy smile going on as he walks up to Norton, and puts his hand on his shoulder. Norton dosen't pull back, but he gives Bischoff a look that makes Eazy-E take his hand off Norton.

Bischoff: ' Scottie... my man. I didn't come here to start shit man. I came... with an offer.'

Norton raises an eyebrow. Not Maivia style, but inquisitively. Bischoff takes it as a que to continue.

Bischoff: ' Imagine... The Puro God vs. Booker T! Imagine... The Puro God... California State Heavyweight Champion. Imagine... The Puro God... NWA WORLD CHAMPION!'

Norton looks to be thinking it over.

Norton: ' I like it.'

Bischoff smiles.

Bischoff: ' Good, good. Listen, your match with New Jack tonight... I got a plan.'

Bischoff winks, and closes the door on the scene.


Back to in front of the banner, where once again Garguilo and House stand.

Garguilo: ' Looks like The Messiah and Supreme have taken things to a whole different level now...'

House: ' I'd say. Man, you know Supreme let The Messiah get the win, just so he can put him through hell in the infamous Glass Menagerie Match!'

Garguilo: ' What the fuck are you on? Moving on... what about the new alliance between 'Eazy-E' and 'The Puro God'? We know that Bischoff has been talking about a new wrestler from Japan recently, but is Norton him?'

House: ' Bischoff is the smartest man in this company, waaaaay ahead of Piper. He's got something up his sleeve, that bitch New Jack better watch his back tonight! Up next, we get to see Excellence Inc.'s 'Enforecer' C.W. Anderson and 'The Natural One' Michael Modest beat the shit out of that masked freak Super Dragon and that coconut eating idiot Samoa Joe!'

Garguilo ' I'd watch what you say John... Joe might hear you.'

We cut to the ring, where Bruce Dickinson's The Zoo is playing, as Modest and Anderson enter. Modest is pointing out his physique while C.W. does his 'C-W-Throat Cut' taunt. The two slide into the ring, where Anderson repeats his taunt standing on the turnbuckle, while Modest starts jawing with a fan.

Their fun is interrupted as Rockets On The Battlefield by Kool Kieth hits. This brings out the masked Super Dragon and the massive Samoa Joe. Joe and SD walked confidently down the aisle, even calling Anderson and Modest out, to start the match off in the aisle, which the heels turned down. Super Dragon got on the mic and called Modest a 'fag' and told him that he was going to hit him with a brick, which brought a laugh from some of the SoCal fans. Finally, Samoan Dragon got in the ring.

Samoan Dragon vs. C.W. Anderson and Michael Modest

Match starts off with Modest and Super Dragon, who trade takedowns and holds, but neither man can get a clear advantage. This changes however, as Modest and Anderson succeed in double teaming SD as Samoa Joe argues with the ref. They do the fake tag, with Anderson clapping his hands together, before whipping SD off the ropes, and nailing him with the SpineBustah~! early in the match. The pinfalls broken up by Samoa Joe, who drives an elbow into the back of C.W's head.

Anderson went to work on the back of Super Dragon, locking on a single leg crab, but was unable to keep the masked worker from reaching the ropes. After a few more holds and escapes, Super Dragon was able to hit a desperation dropkick on Anderson, knocking him out of the ring, and make the tag to Samoa Joe.

Joe came in like a house of fire and took out both Anderson and Modest with huge lariats. He then put a nice boot scrape on Anderson in the corner, before nailing a Mick Foley-ish running knee on the Enforcer. Joe locked on a Fujiwara armbar, but it was broken up as Modest came flying in, but Joe moved and Modest's knee drop attempt landed on the outstreched arm of Anderson. This lead to Anderson making a tag to Modest.

Modest came in and attempted to suplex Samoa Joe around the ring, but was unable. Joe put a huge elbow into Modest's back on a T-Bone attempt, and dropped him with a brainbuster, as the action got stiffer. Joe tossed Modest over the top rope, and when Anderson went to check on his partner, Joe attempted a suicide dive, but Anderson pushed Modest out of the way, and Joe crashed into the guardrail.

Super Dragon invoked the little used 'lucha rule' allowed in NWA: Los Angeles, and entered the ring as the legal man, as Modest tagged out to Anderson. Anderson went on the offensive, and nailed a massive over the knee backbreaker to Super Dragon, that seemed to signal the end of the match. A SpineBustah~! later, and Anderson and Modest had picked up the win.

Winner(s): C.W. Anderson and Michael Modest via SpineBustah~! at 18:27


* 1/2

We cut to the back again, and this time it's Frankie Kazarian we see.

Kazarian: ' I am the Future of the wrestling business. I am the NWA: Los Angeles Pegasus Champion, and tonight, I am going to kick Ruckus' ass.'

Kazarian adjusts the Pegasus championship belt on his shoulder.

Kazarian: ' There's going to be tables. There's going to be ladders. There's going to be chairs. Ruckus, there's going to be one more thing. The Coolest Man on Earth. That's right. Tonight, besides the extra shit, there's still me, the best damn junior heavyweight on this planet, no matter what NWA headquarters say. I beat AJ Styles last time, but that damn ref...'

Kazarian goes into a fit of rage, but calms himself down.

Kazarian: ' It's not important. What is important, is tonight, you and me, and TLC. One, two, three, Ruckus, that's the last fucking thing your going to hear tonight!'

Kazarian leaves the interview area and we cut to the ring.

Regulators by Warren G starts up, and brings out the South Central native, Ruckus. Ruckus is sporting his Crip blue tonight, and does a Crip walk on his way to the ring, really playing up the gimmick, throwing up the 'C' and everything. He slides into the ring, and immediately grabs a chair, brandishing it La Parka style.

He's interrupted by Prong's Face Value, as 'The Future' Frankie Kazarian makes his entrance, the NWA:LA Pegasus Championship over his shoulder. Kazarian slaps some hands on his way down, but stops at the bottom of the aisle, and points at Ruckus, before tapping his title, and smiling.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Ruckus

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match for the NWA: Los Angeles Pegasus Championship

Before the bell rings, it's announced that this match is to be contested under pinfall rules, meaning pinfall, submission, and referee's decision only. Ruckus attacks Kazarian with the chair as soon as he gets in the ring. Ruckus continued the beatdown until Kazarian used a leverage move, and sent him into the ropes.

With both men standing, but Ruckus with the clear advantage due to the early chair shots, the match got started in earnest, with Ruckus taking it to Kazarian with right hands, and then whipping The Future off the ropes, and catching him in the jaw with a dropkick. Ruckus then brought a ladder into play, and nailed a twisting splash onto Kazarian who was under the ladder.

Kazarian was able to fight back, starting with an enziguri which caught Ruckus flush in the back of the head, and almost got a fall, but twas not to be, as he kicked out. Kazarian then went to work with the chair, resulting in a chair duel, which is always a good way to get the crowd involved. Ruckus took control when he feinted low, then came over the top, taking Kazarian down with the chair shot. He then dropped the C-Walk Elbow Drop, in which he does the C-Walk before dropping the elbow, on the chair for two.

Kazarian ends up on the outside after a dropkick by Ruckus sends him over the ropes, and crashing to the floor. Ruckus tosses a chair on him, then nails his patented Apron SSP, decimating Kazarian. It looks like Ruckus has the match in hand, but you can't win it on the outside, so he rolls Kazarian back into the ring and goes for the pin.

This turns out to be a mistake, as Kazarian reverses the pin attempt, but Ruckus kicks out. The two end up on their feet, both with chairs. They swing at the same time, and both connect, knocking each other out. Somehow, both men end up with a hand on the other, and the ref counts the pin, leaving us with... a double pin? What the fuck?

Winner: Double Pin at 12:42


* 1/2

We cut to the backstage banner area, where House and Garguilo are.

Garguilo: ' Obviously, things aren't finished between 'The Future' Frankie Kazarian and Ruckus.'

House: ' What are you talking about?!?!?'

Garguilo: ' Did you watch the same match as I did? IT WAS A DOUBLE PIN!'

House: ' Double pin my ass. Ruckus was clearly robbed in that match. He should be the Pegasus Champion right now'

Garguilo holds his ear like he's listening to something.

Garguilo: ' Fans, I've just been told that at Concrete Jungle, Frankie Kazarian and Ruckus will face each other one more time, in a last man standing match, to determine an absolute winner!'

House: ' That's outrageous! Ruckus should be the champion now!'

Garguilo shakes his head as we cut to another scene.

We are once again in front of the banner, but now it's Rob Van Dam standing in front of it.

RVD: ' Chris Daniels... dude... you really want a piece of me, The Whole Fucking Show... Mr. Pay Per View... Rob...Van...Dam?'

As RVD says his name, he does his thumb taunt.

RVD: ' Hey... it's all cool. Tonight, Fallen Angel, I'm going to get high... and then I'm going to hit the Van Daminator on your ass!'

A scuffle is heard to the side of RVD. He looks, and the camera pans to see Christopher Daniels.

Daniels: ' Robert Van Dam... you think your so... cool. You think your somebody special. But tonight, after you step into my ring, my church, you will find out that you are like so many others, just another member of the Fallen Angel's flock. Tonight, Rob Van Dam, I will beat you, and go on to claim the California State Heavyweight Title at Concrete Jungle, so it is written, and so it shall be. That is the gospel of The Fallen Angel.'

RVD looks at Daniels, then shrugs.

RVD: ' Whatever, it's all good. Tonight, your going to find out that 4:20 is more then 3:16!'

Fade out.

Breathe, Sweat, Walk... WHATTA YA SAY!

Pantera's Walk hits, and the LA Arena busts wide open in cheers, as the 'Whole Fuckin' Show' Rob Van Dam, announced for the first time as residing in Hermosa Beach, California instead of Battle Creek, Michigan, makes his entrance. RVD takes his time, talking with the crowd, trading remarks, slapping hands, and doing his signature thumb taunt. He also does his 'right down the middle taunt' a tribute to Bill Alfonso, who recently underwent surgery, and is a good friend of Van Dam.

Van Dam's party is broken up by Disposable Teens by Marylin Manson, as the preacher robe clad 'Fallen Angel' makes his entrance. Daniels walks slowly to the ring, his arms outstretched, palms up, with his head down. Daniels berates a fan who a moment ago was speaking with Van Dam, then gets into the ring, and removes his robe.

Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniels

California State Heavyweight Title Number One Contender's Match

Van Dam and Daniels start off circling, before Daniels charges, and gets monkey flipped. The two then run the ropes, Van Dam doing the ducks like only he can, split legging them. The leads to Van Dam getting the advantage with his feet, and catching Daniels off guard.

With Daniels reeling from Van Dam's unconventional offense, it looks like this match could be over quickly. The resourceful Daniels however counters Van Dam's double enziguri by quickly turning it into an STF. Van Dam struggles against the hold, and makes the ropes, breaking it. This leads to some more trading of moves, with Daniels coming out on top.

It dosen't last long however, as Van Dam scores with a mule kick, and then nails the Rolling Thunder, getting two. Van Dam then heads up top, but gets caught. He manages to knock Daniels down, and nails a split legged moonsault for two. Van Dam gets frustrated, and heads outside, sliding a chair into the ring.

Some chair play between the two, and Daniels wrenches the chair away, allowing Van Dam to attempt the Van Daminator, but Daniels has him scouted, and ducks the move, and crashes the chair over Van Dam's head. Daniels continues to beat down on Van Dam, then places the chair on top of Van Dam and hits a picture perfect quebreda, but Van Dam just gets his shoulder up.

Daniels stays on the offensive, dropping a knee on Van Dam, then locking on a leg lock. Apparently his strategy is to ground the high flying Van Dam. Daniels continues to work over the leg, but Van Dam escapes, and takes Daniels down with a sweep, then nails a corkscrew leg drop.

The two end up on the outside, and Van Dam drops Daniels chest first on the guardrail, and hits his leg drop from the apron spot, before climbing back up on the apron, and playing to the crowd, as they chant 'R-V-D' as he does his thumb taunt.

Daniels struggles to his feet, and gets back in the ring, but gets met with a kick to the gut, and dropped with a double underhook piledriver, which gets a long two. Van Dam drops another leg on Daniels, then heads up top... FROG SPLASH! One... two... THR-NO! Daniels got the shoulder up!

Van Dam can't believe it, and Daniels struggles to his feet. Van Dam turns around, and catches a kick to the stomach...ANGEL'S WINGS! Daniels covers... One...Two...THREE! Daniels has defeated Rob Van Dam!

Winner: Christopher Daniels via Angel's Wings at 19:56


** 1/4

We cut to a street scene, and the bottom of the screen tells us that it's Compton, California. Time for the New Jack/Scott Norton Compton street fight.

New Jack is on the street corner, with his tag team partner Mustafa Saed, apparently waiting for Norton to show up.

New Jack: 'Look mutha fucka, when that bitch Norton shows up, I'm gonna fuck his ass up.'

Saed nods in agreement. Suddenly, the squealing of brakes is heard, and a late model Ford truck rolls into the scene. The driver side door busts open, and Scott Norton jumps out. He makes a bee line for New Jack, but gets held back by the ref. The other door of the truck opens, and Eric Bischoff gets out.

Bischoff: ' New Jack, are you sure you still want this? I mean, this man is The PURO GOD, SCOTT NORTON! He'll go through you, and come back for more!'

New Jack: ' Mutha fucka, I ain't scared of no sucka ass white boy!'

With that, Norton breaks the refs grip, and the fight is on!

New Jack w/ Mustafa Saed vs. Scott Norton w/ Eric Bischoff

Fans Bring the Weapons, Compton Street Fight

The two start off brawling in the street, but New Jack is quick to take advantage of his surroundings, sending Norton crashing into a car. New Jack grabs a baseball bat from a fan, and swings for the fences, but misses, and only succeeds in bashing in the window of the car.

Norton goes on the offensive, charging New Jack and slamming him into a wall. The two brawl down the street, with Norton getting the upperhand, smashing a VCR over New Jack's back. Norton continues to bash the disintegrating machine over New Jack's back until he hammers him into the ground, then opts to lay in with stomps.

Norton continues the beat down, slamming New Jack into a garbage bin repeatedly, then flipping him over, into it. Norton starts to jaw at the crowd, then climbs up on top of the bin, only to have New Jack pull him in. The two brawl some more, and eventually Norton gets knocked off the top of the bin, leading to a splash off the top of it by New Jack, which gets two.

The two continue to brawl down the street, and a shot with a bat by New Jack brings Norton to his knees. New Jack reaches back, and gets a staple gun from a fan, and goes to town on Norton's head, busting him open and leaving him a bloody mess. Norton gets out of it with a low blow.

Norton uses the change in momentum to his advantage, and sends New Jack down an alleyway. He follows, and busts New Jack open with a trash can lid, before getting a mace like weapon made by a fan, and breaking it open on New Jack, to reveal... thumbtacks? He drives New Jack face first into the thumbtacks, and follows up with a standing elbow drop that gets two.

With both men busted open, and brawling in an alley, a car pulls up in front of the alley, blocking off the exit. The door bursts open, and Mike Awesome jumps out, rushing New Jack with a lariat. New Jack's partner Mustafa Saed tries to help, but gets caught with a side slam, and Norton and Awesome nod at each other, then lift both Gangsta's up with Stereo Powerbombs driving them onto the tacks. Norton covers, one, two, three!

Winner: Scott Norton via Powerbomb at 7:35



Bischoff rushes into the scene, and raises the arms of both Awesome and Norton, before getting up close and personal with the camera.

Bischoff: ' Here it is folks, the most dominating force in wrestling today. 'The Gladiator' Mike AWESOME, the 'Puro God' Scott NORTON... they are THE RISING SONS! Trained in far off Japan, and having defeated the best the island nation has to offer, they are here, and they are going to destroy people! So line up now, because, if your not with us, your against us, and... judging by the Gangstas, I think that's an easy decision to make.'

Fade out.

Back to the banner, where Booker T is standing, the California State Heavyweight Title over his shoulder.

Booker T: ' Donovan Morgan, tonight, you get a chance at greatness, you get a chance at immortality, you get a chance at me... The Harlem Bad Boy, the best looking man in the business, and the best thing going today, Booker T. So, sucka...'

Booker T turns his head, as apparently someone is standing there. The camera pans, and we see NWA: Los Angeles' owner 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper.

Booker T: ' What do you want, sucka?'

Piper smiles, and adjusts his kilt.

Piper: ' Book, I gotta tell ya, I respect ya, I do, but with all these shenanigans surrounding ya, with GI Bro, and the fact that your facing a member of Excellence Inc ta night, I gotta change ya match.'

Booker looks shocked.

Booker T: ' What is this man? You come to me, minutes before my match, and tell me, the champion, your gonna change it? Look sucka...'

Piper: 'Hold up Book, I'm doing this for ya own good. I'm making your match a cage match. Pinfall, submission, or escape. Look, it's for your own good, no one can interfere.'

Booker T: ' They betta not! Now, Donovan Morgan, I'm going to walk in that cage tonight the champ, and I'm going to walk out the champ, Now can you dig that SUCKA!'


Fade out.

Bruce Dickinson's The Zoo hits once again, as all three members of Excellence Inc., defying the authority of Piper, make their way down to the ring, Donovan Morgan in the lead. Morgan instructs Modest and Anderson to take up positions outside the door of the cage, and enters, climbing up onto the top of the cage almost, and posing to boos.

This is interrupted as Bad Boy For Life by Puff Daddy hits, bringing out the California State Heavyweight Champion, Booker T, along with his brother, Stevie Ray, to a decidedly mixed reaction. Booker carries the belt over his shoulder, and Stevie Ray leads the way, getting up in the face of Modest and Anderson, until they part, allowing Booker into the cage. Booker hands the belt off to the ref, who raises it high, then the bell is rung.

Booker T w/ Stevie Ray vs. Donovan Morgan w/ C.W. Anderson and Michael Modest

Pinfall, Submission, or Escape Cage match for the California State Heavyweight Title

The two start off circling, and Morgan makes the first move, shooting for Booker's leg, but gets a forearm to the back of the head, knocking him to the ground. Booker taunts Morgan, and the two circle again.

The two lock up, and Booker gets whipped to the ropes, but catches Morgan looking, and hits a DDT on the bent over challenger. The two start brawling, but Morgan breaks it up with a snap suplex, which he holds onto, and turns into a vertical suplex, and then, completing the circuit, a stalling suplex. The sequence gets two.

Morgan uses the cage as a weapon, suplexing Booker into it, and after a couple of tries, busts him open, and leaves him laying on the canvas. He attempts to climb out, but predictably, gets caught. Booker rockets him off the turnbuckle, then heads up top, dropping an elbow on him.

Booker rises from the canvas, and picks Morgan up, dropping him with an old school body slam. This actually leads to Booker getting rolled up. Booker breaks out, and jumps up, outraged, mostly at himself. He trades blows with Morgan, and nails a kick that bends him over. He goes for the Ax Kick but Morgan stands up straight, making Booker miss, and get caught with a hardway suplex.

Morgan goes into super puro submission mode, locking on hold after hold, and really looking like he could take the match, when Booker finally catches him with a Book End a modified uranage, but is unable to capitalize. He tries to climb over the top, but can't, as his leg has been worked over, and ends up crashing to the mat from near the top of the cage.

Morgan smells blood, and after a few moments, is able to once again lock on a hold. It's countered by Booker fighting to his feet, and ramming Morgan into the cage repeatedly, until Morgan crashes to the mat. Booker signals for the Harlem Hangover, and heads up top.

At this point, there's a commotion on the outside, as Anderson and Modest seem to be trying to get into the cage. Anderson pulls out some bolt cutters, and tries to go to work on the chain and lock, but the duo are taken out by Stevie Ray. Stevie takes out Modest with a SlapJack on the concrete, as in the ring Booker is looking at the commotion outside. This allows Modest to toss him off the turnbuckle, but Booker lands on his feet, and catches Morgan with a second Book End, and gets the pinfall as Stevie Ray and Anderson fight into the crowd.

Winner and STILL California State Heavyweight Champion: Booker T via Book End at 16:23


* 1/4

The actions not over however, as there's a commotion in the crowd. Booker is in the ring, with his back to the action, and dosen't notice, as Modest has risen and collected Morgan through the door, and the two have went to the back. Stevie Ray and C.W. Anderson are nowhere to be seen, but out of the crowd bursts the masked soldier G.I. Bro!

G.I. Bro slides into the ring as Booker T turns around, and catches him with a Book End! Holy shit! The California State Heavyweight Champion has been taken out!

The When Worlds Collide DVD ends with the image of G.I. Bro standing almost on top of the cage, holding up the title. This then fades to the NWA logo.

Overall: 60

Paid Attendance: 1895

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user posted image

NWA: Los Angeles When Worlds Collide Aftermath Report

The show went off very well, with little in the way of problems. Booker T and Donovan Morgan both agreed that they didn't really 'click' in their match, but the atmosphere surrounding it, with the G.I. Bro angle and all, it came off well.

No major injuries to report. Scott Norton and New Jack both needed stitches after their Compton Street Fight, as did most of the participants in the Deathmatch 6 Man, but that was expected. Norton came to us after the show and said that he was worried about how stiff New Jack was. I guess taking stapler shots is one thing, and being stiffed is another.

The backstage was particularly impressed with Christopher Daniels, as his shot at the title has been a long time in coming. There have been rumors that this is just the beginning of a major push for him.

NWA: Los Angeles Rumor Mill

It's being rumored that NWA: Los Angeles will be resurrecting the California State Tag Team titles, not seen since the days of NWA: Golden State.

Expect the new Bischoff lead stable of Mike Awesome and Scott Norton to gain a new member soon, one very well known for his funky-ness on both sides of the Pacific

Louie Spicolli Tribute Cup News

As many of you know, next month, June 6th to be exact, is the annual Louie Spicolli Tribute Cup. Past winners include the aforementioned Christopher Daniels (1999), Juventud Guerrera (2000), John Cena (2001), Samoa Joe (2002), and Brian 'Spanky' Kendrick (2003). Already announced for this year's event are;

NWA: Mexico City's Los Freebirds

NWA: Hardcore City's BackSeat Boyz

NWA: Texas' NWA's Most Wanted

NWA: Strong Style's Haas and Benjamin as well as American Dragon and Yoshihiro Tajiri

NWA: Stampede's Teddy Hart and Jack Evans


NWA: Los Angele's very own Natural Born Sinners

This leaves two available spots open for the Cup. Expect those to be filled on upcoming Saturday Night Beatdown tapings.

Also on June 6th, Booker T will defend his Califonia State Heavyweight Title against 'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels

Concrete Jungle News

NWA: Los Angeles will be airing it's next Pay Per View, Concrete Jungle, Sunday, July 4th, from the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Already scheduled for the night are;

NWA World Title Match

The Rock vs. Booker T/Christopher Daniels

NWA: LA Pegasus Title Match

'The Future' Frankie Kazarian vs. Ruckus

NWA: LA King of the Deathmatch Action

Glass Menagerie Match

'The Human Horror Film' Supreme vs. The Messiah

Concrete Jungle will be available through your local cable provider, and will be $20 for a night of action.

Saturday Night Beatdown News

SNB for the night of May 8th will feature the following matches;

Louie Spicolli Tribute Cup Qualifying Match

'The Rock SuperStar' Kaos vs. 'Sick' Nick Mondo

'PimpDaddy' Charles Wright vs. 'The Enforcer' C.W. Anderson

Vic Grimes and The Messiah vs. Supreme and Wifebeater

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Louie Spicolli Tribute Cup Change

In a recent phone interview with NWA: Los Angeles press agent Joseph Franklin, socalUNCENSORED.com has learned that their has been a shakeup in the Louie Spicolli Tribute Cup lineup.

Due to a chance to perform in Japan, American Dragon and Yoshihiro Tajiri have declined the invitation. This would be Tajiri's first appearance in his homeland in over 5 years.

This has left the tournament with a hole. This hole was quickly filled with a phone call to NWA: Detroit head man Bill Watts, rectified that situation. After short negotiations, the team of Doug and Danny Basham, the Basham Brothers, will be filling the slot left by AmDrag and Tajiri.

NWA: Los Angeles also revealed the brackets for the LSTC;

Teddy Hart and Jack Evans vs. Los Freebirds

NWA's Most Wanted vs. The Bashams

Haas and Benjamin vs. The Backseat Boys

The Natural Born Sinners vs. NWA: Los Angeles Team B

With the final two spots yet to be filled, the tournament is already shaping up to be an exciting event.

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the following is excerpted from The National Wrestling Alliance: Behind The Curtain published in September, 2004 by Doubleday Books

Created after the old school influenced NWA: Golden West went out of business, NWA: Los Angeles, founded in 1998 was created to offer the most violent and hard hitting action available anywhere in the NWA. With an uppercard filled with workers from elsewhere, save a few SoCal products, it is the most cutting edge of all NWA promotions. In that vein, this is the story of NWA: Los Angeles stalwart...

user posted image

New Jack

Four Justifiable Homicides. If you remember nothing else about New Jack, remember that. A former bounty hunter by trade, New Jack got his start in the old NWA: Tri State, and was still there when it became Hardcore City, where he was a fan favorite. Mainly wrestling in their tag team division with his partner Mustafa Saed, as The Gangstas.

Upon the opening of NWA: Los Angeles, New Jack was one of the first to make the jump to the new promotion, after a falling out with NWA: Hardcore City head man Paul Heyman. New Jack's long time tag team partner Saed followed him as well. Both entered into the the inagural California State Heavyweight Title tournament, and in a match that exceeded the boundaries of blood letting, squared off in the semi finals, with New Jack taking the victory.

New Jack went on to face Terry Funk in the finals of the tournament, and lost after Mustafa ran in and took out New Jack, when he meant to take out Funk. New Jack was livid, and cut all ties with Mustafa, and went on to challenge Funk again, but Funk went on to lose the Calfornia State Heavyweight title to Booker T before New Jack could get his rematch.

New Jack lost it, and went on to lose a match with Booker T for the title, after Mustafa came in, and in an attempt to cost Booker T the title, once again cost New Jack the match. This lead to an epic and bloody feud between the two that set the bar for barbarity in NWA: Los Angeles, and got negative press for both NWA: LA and the NWA as a whole.

This lead to a 'cooling off' period for the two, in which both were kept off all NWA programming and cards for the better part of a year, due to the backlash. Upon their return in early 2000, the duo seemed to have resolved their problems, and went on to challenge the Canadian team of Sexton Hardcastle and Christian Cage for the NWA World Tag Team Titles, again, missing the brass ring.

Upon his return to action in NWA: Los Angeles, New Jack went forward with singleminded ambition, engaging in a feud with Booker T, who had recently regained the California State Heavyweight title from Sabu. They feuded for the better part of 2000-2001, in one of the longest feuds in NWA: Los Angeles history. Once again, New Jack failed in his attempts.

2002-mid 2003 was spent with New Jack, as well as the majority of the NWA: Los Angeles roster, fighting off the 'invasion' of the now defunct NWA: Iron. With matches against workers such as Samoa Joe, Donovan Morgan, Michael Modest, and 'The Shooter' Tony Jones, New Jack showed that he wasn't all staple guns and garbage cans, but that he had a good handle on actual wrestling as well.

After a short rekindling of their feud, New Jack was finally able to rest the California State Heavyweight title off of Booker T, but lost it shortly after as 'The Puro God' Scott Norton made his appearance in NWA: Los Angeles, looking to make a name for himself.

With an ongoing rivalry with Booker T, as well as his issues with Norton, what does the future hold for 'The Original Gangsta'? Only time will tell.

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user posted image

Saturday Night BeatDown Preview

Coming off of a tremendous night of action at When Worlds Collide, SNB will have ALL the backlash from it you need!

We have footage from immediatly after WWC, featuring California State Heavyweight Champion Booker T!

We have Louie Spicolli Tribute Cup qualifying action, as 'The Rock SuperStar' Kaos takes on 'Sick' Nick Mondo for the right to be in this prestigious tournament.

'PimpDaddy' Charles Wright will bring ALL his hoes out as he goes on on one with Excellence Inc.'s 'Enforcer' C.W. Anderson, who is fresh off a tag team victory at When Worlds Collide.

We'll have the first of our series of looks at visiting Louie Spicolli Tribute Cup teams as we take a look at NWA: Stampede's Teddy Hart and Jack Evans, as well as NWA: Strong Style's Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin!

And in the main event, will The Messiah find a new tag team partner now that Vic Grimes has ran off to Detroit? Or will it become a handicap match as he takes on the team of Supreme and Wifebeater, WITH OR WITHOUT A PARTNER!

The reigning number one contender to the California State Heavyweight title will also be in the house, as 'The Fallen Angel' has some words for his flock.

All this, and MORE, Saturday nights, at midnight, only on KJLA!

NWA: Los Angeles

Got Blood?

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Saturday, May 8th, 2004

The LA Arena

Hollywood, California

Saturday Night Beatdown

Immediatly after the usual opening sequence, set to Its Going Down by the X-cutioners, we cut to a office scene, where Rowdy Roddy Piper is talking to a women. Some may recognize her as NWA: Los Angeles development talent Alicia. A graphic on the bottom of the scene reads 'Following When Worlds Collide'.

The two are talking about nothing in particular, when the door violently bursts open. In barges a sweaty, huffing, and puffing, Booker T, who has the California State Heavyweight Title over his shoulder. He's quickly followed by his brother, Stevie Ray. Booker rushes the desk, as Alicia runs off, and pounds both fists down on it, before getting in Piper's face.

Booker T: ' Look sucka, you told me that the cage was for my own protection, so just what the f--k happened?'

Piper takes a deep breath, and looks straight into Booker's eyes.

Hot Rod: ' Book, I told ya straight up, I was looking out for you. That didn't change. I don't know who the hell G.I. Bro is, but trust me Book, if I find out, you'll be the first ta know.'

Booker gets a frustrated look.

Booker: ' That ain't good enough Piper. I want that sucka, and I want him now!'

Hot Rod: ' Ya know I can't do that Book. One, I don't know who the hell he is, two, you got a match with Christopher Daniels, and three, if you beat Daniels, you got Rock for a NWA World Title shot. Now, I don't think you want to give that up just for a chance to face someone you don't even know who is.'

Booker: ' Your lucky sucka, lucky that the Harlem Bad Boy's gonna get himself a shot at NWA gold. But if that sucka shows his sorry face again, be and my bro are gonna have to lay a beatdown from H-Town, now can you dig that...'

Stevie Ray: ' Sucka!'

[Fade out.]

Back from fade out, and the 'PimpDaddy' Charles Wright is in the ring dancing to his music, P.I.M.P by 50 Cent, with his hoes, Lizzy, Desire, Veronica, and Valentina.

He's stopped, as the instrumental cut of LL Cool J's Deepest Bluest brings out 'The Enforcer' C.W. Anderson, who makes his entrance alone, instead of with an Excellence, Inc. member. He walks purposefully down the aisle, and slides into the ring.

During this time, Wright has asked for a mic.

PimpDaddy: ' Whoa there C Dubbya, we need to talk.'

Anderson motions for him to continue, but dosen't take his eyes off of Wright.

PimpDaddy: ' Now we all know the PimpDaddy is all about fat asses and pink caddies, and we all know I love to have a good time. There ain't not need to fight, make love, not war, ya dig ma' brotha?'

Anderson just looks at Wright, who gets a weird look on his face.

PimpDaddy: ' What I'm trying to say is... instead of wrestling me, why don't you take a night off, and wrestle, one of my lovely ladies?'

Anderson's had enough, and rushes Wright, as the ladies bail from the ring. The time keeper rings the bell, and this match is started.

C.W. Anderson vs. Charles Wright

Your typical Wright match, which means he brought Anderson down to his level, as the two brawled in and out of the ring, and sent the hoes scurrining on many different occasions. A nice delayed vertical suplex by Wright got a two count, but that was about all the 'high impact' offense he got in, as Anderson worked his back, keeping Wright from lifting the Enforcer. CW hit his patented stalling second rope superplex, almost using it to pick up the win, but was pulled off the cover by one of the hoes, allowing Wright to get back in it, momentarily at least. Finish came when Anderson reversed a whip, and nailed the SpineBustah~!, making the count academic.

Winner: C.W. Anderson via SpineBustah~!



[Commercial Break]

Before getting back to the action, we're shown a video highlighting two of the teams coming to NWA: Los Angeles for the Louie Spicolli Tribute Cup.

It starts off with Right Now from KoRn, and showcases the exploits of NWA: Strong Styles Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. It shows their 'leapfrog' double team maneuver, as well as Haas' Haas of Pain, and Benjamin's Dragon Whip, as well as them outclassing their opponents with mat wrestling. It shows an extended clip of them holding up numerous tag team titles in their short span of teaming, and ends with the graphic 'Haas and Benjamin ~ The World's Greatest Tag Team'.

The video then changes gears, morphing into Dope's Die MFer Die, with clips of NWA: Calgary Stampede's Teddy Hart and Jack Evans. It shows Hart nailing several flashy moves, including a rana into an armbar, a twisting 630 off of a 20 foot high cage, and various other high impact moves. It showcases Evans in the same way, though his moves are not as dangerous. It ends with 'Hart and Evans ~ Stampedes New Generation'.


[Fade to Arena]

Papa Roach's Last Resort heralded the entrance of 'Sick' Nick Mondo, still nursing some injuries that sent him to the hospital after the six man deathmatch at When Worlds Collide. Mondo was sporting some stitches in his head, and his abdomen was wrapped, but he insisted on going through with this match, thats how much a chance to win the Spicolli Cup means.

Mondo gingerly climbed up on the turnbuckles, and played to the crowd, but his fun was cut off as Rock Superstar by Cypress Hill rang out. Hollywood's own bad boy, 'The Rock SuperStar' Kaos, came down with a mic. It looked like Mondo was going to charge him, but Kaos begged off.

Kaos: ' Whoa whoa whoa there Nick, this ain't about you, so don't get your panties in a punch kid.'

Mondo balled up his fist, but once again Kaos begged off.

Kaos: ' Just let me get through this, and I can get down to whipping your ass, aight.'

Kaos winked at the crowd after that one, pulling down his sunglasses and smiling as he did.

Kaos: ' No, I'm not out here to talk about sick boy over there, I have more important s--t to speak on. You see, I was watching American Dreams last week, since, you know, I was too busy with Piper's wife to be on the show, and I saw those 'good ol' boys' from Texas at my cousin's house. Now, they claim to be 'only true bad boys in LA'... well, if drinking beer and smacking your wife is 'bad' then where does the Rock SuperStar sign up? I mean, my Hollywood exploits and indulgences are legendary. I drink more then Dimebag, bang more women then Wilt, and am sexier then Pitt. I am the Hollywood Bad Boy, and if any of those southern f--ks think their man enough to go one on one with the famous one, then step right up biyotches!'

Kaos poses, and then tosses the mic away, motioning for Mondo to bring it.

Kaos vs. Nick Mondo

Louie Spicolli Tribute Cup Qualifying Match

The match started off fast, and got even better as it went on. Mondo really played up his injuries, such as when he attempted to lift Kaos up onto the turnbuckles, and couldn't. Kaos kept pushing the envelope on Mondo, making him work harder and harder as the match continued, in an effort to take advantage of Mondo's injuries.

The match had some nice spots, including a moment in which Mondo got bumped to the outside and went through a table, allowing Kaos to take a breather and play to the crowd. A few moments later, Mondo caught Kaos with a stun gun, but held him on the ropes, nailing a Mondo Sledge that sent both men to the outside. Finish came when Kaos tossed Mondo to the outside, and headed up top, catching Mondo on his way in with the Hollywood Blockbuster, a Buff Blockbuster, to gain entry into the Spicolli Cup.

Winner: Kaos via Hollywood Blockbuster


** 1/2

[Commercial Break]

Coming back from commercial break, the screen is thrown into darkness, before some perceptible camera movement happens. The camera continues to move forward, before it rounds a corner, and we finally see some light, given off by candles, surrounding a figure, on their knees, in a praying position. As the camera moves in, the figure gets up and turns around, revealing itself to be 'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels. Daniels looks at the camera, and begins to speak.

The Fallen Angel: ' And so, it has come to pass. The Fallen Angel has vanquished yet another of your pitiful 'heroes' in one, Rob Van Dam. Administered last rights on the 'Whole Fucking Show', and earned what is so rightfully mine, the chance to dance with the Harlem Bad Boy for the California State Heavyweight Title.'

Daniels starts to walk forward, forcing the camera to back up.

The Fallen Angel: ' You see Booker, your not facing a normal man, no, your facing The Fallen Angel, and June 6th, right here in the LA Arena, your going to have the toughest night of your life. Top to bottom, back to front, up, down, and sideways, because the Fallen Angel falls for no man, Booker, remember that.'

Daniels continues to force the camera back. We hear a door open, and light floods into the picture.

The Fallen Angel: ' Be prepared Booker, because The Fallen Angel is risen, and that belt is mine. This is the word, this is the truth, and that is the gospel, according to the Fallen Angel!'

The camera is forced out of the room, and the door slams in front of it.


[Fade Out]

Prayer by Disturbed is already playing as The Messiah stands in the ring, awaiting his opponents. It rapidly becomes obvious that with Vic Grimes defection to NWA: Detroit, Messiah is going to go partnerless for this match up, as Living Dead Girl hits, Rob Zombie's vocals filling the LA Arena.

Supreme and Wifebeater make their way down together, Supreme chortling at the fact that Messiah is partnerless, and Wifey, once again, looking all business. The duo take oppisite sides of the ring, and look about to climb up onto the apron, as Messiah looks on worried but determined, when suddenly Danzig's Firemass sounds out.

As the song plays, Supreme and Wifey look towards the entrance, when Sabu bursts out of the entrance, and rushes down to the ring, sliding in, and taking Messiah's back. The Homcidal, Genocidal, Suicidal One isn't the only person to come through the curtain however, as the 'Manager of Champions' Bill Alfonso, makes his first appearance in NWA: Los Angeles. Fonzie's got a mic, and the crowds' full attention.

Fonzie: ' Hey baby! Grimes wasn't the only one changing locales daddy! Messiah, you got a problem, and me and Sabu are gonna help handle it baby!'

With Sabu in the ring, Wifey and Supreme are much less anxious to get started, but eventually everything falls into place, convieniently, right as we go to commercial.

[Commercial Break]

The Messiah and Sabu w/ Bill Alfonso vs. Supreme and Wifebeater

The pace of this match was slowed somewhat by Supreme and Wifey, as Messiah can go, as can Sabu at times, despite the injuries he's acrewed through out his semi illustrious career. First big spot of the match happened when Sabu leaped off a chair, 'Air Sabu', and dropped a leg through Supreme and a table. Other spots included Messiah getting tossed through a light tube coffee table, which had been drug out from under the ring by Supreme, and Wifebeater taking an Arabian Facebuster con-chair-to style, sandwhiching his skull between two chairs.

Sabu looked especially good in this match, carrying Wifebeater through a hold sequence, and flying around the ring like he did 6 years ago, trying to keep the pace of the match up. Supreme was able to catch him with a No Look Reverse Tombstone Piledriver on a chair, but the cover was broken up by a slingshot leg drop from Messiah. Finish came when Messiah somehow hoisted Supreme up on his shoulders after the beating he took, and nailed a Godsmack, followed by the legal man Sabu hitting a top rope Arabian Facebuster, assisted by Fonzie.

Winner(s): The Messiah and Sabu via top rope Arabian Facebuster


* 1/4

The show ended with The Messiah and Sabu standing the ring, Alfonso raising their hands in victory.

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user posted image

Saturday Night Beatdown Preview

NWA: Los Angeles is hitting the airwaves once again with the hardest hitting matchups in pro wrestling today!

New Jack has had his problems with The Rising Sons, and promises that Saturday he will be introducing a 'Big' homie from the hood to even things up. Not to be outdown, The Rising Sons' agent, Eric Bischoff has said that the Sons ALSO have a new addition, and he promises that he will make an impact!

The NWA: Los Angeles Pegasus Title will be on the line as 'The Future' Frankie Kazarian defends against the one and only Super 'F'N' Dragon! Just two weeks removed from When Worlds Collide, its doubtful that anything has changed between Ruckus and Kazarian, and Ruckus WILL BE IN THE HOUSE! Not only that, but Kazarian's former tag team partner, NOVA, promises that he's not done with the Future either!

We'll get a look at two more entrants into the Louie Spicolli Tribute Cup in NWA's Most Wanted, and Los Freebirds!

And in the main event, California State Heavyweight Title ranking spots will be on the line as 'The Truth' Ron Killings takes on 'California's Finest' Donovan Morgan, with Excellence Inc BARRED FROM RINGSIDE!

All this, and of course, MORE, Saturday Nights at Midnight, on KJLA!

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National Wrestling Alliance

Hardcore City

user posted image

In 1994, Paul Heyman took the struggling NWA: Tri-State Wrestling promotion out of the shadow of Vince McMahon's NWA: East Coast and transformed it into NWA: Hardcore City. Calling downtown Philadelphia's Viking Hall home, Hardcore City is sometimes shocking, sometimes controversial, but always entertaining.

NWA: Hardcore City lives up to its monniker with some of the most brutal matches and insane competitors the world has ever seen. From the NWA World Tag Team Champions The Dudley Boyz and their table-breaking antics, to the recently returned Singapore cane-wielding Tommy Dreamer, Hardcore City is truly a place where the inmates run the asylum.

user posted image

The Main Players

user posted image


In his third Hardcore Heavyweight Championship reign, Raven perches at the very top of Hardcore City. Having dispatched perennial rival The Sandman as well as Minister Mitchell's New Church, Raven now finds himself seemingly surrounded by allies. His longtime sidekick Stevie Richards on one side and the next generation Gathering of Julio Dinero and Alexis Laree on the other, Raven was surprised to find his childhood friend and more recent foe Tommy Dreamer extending the hand of friendship in his most recent battle with The Pitbulls. Tortured by the demons of his past, Raven is faced with choices that could not only put his title in jeopardy, but his relationships, and his very career.

NWA: Hardcore City Hardcore Heavyweight Title Rankings

Champion: Raven

1. Chris Benoit

2. Taz

3. Bubba Ray Dudley

4. D-Von Dudley

5. Tommy Dreamer

6. Stevie Richards

7. Pitbull II

8. Chris Chetti

9. Dan Maff

10. Nick Dinsmore

user posted image

'The Manbeast' Rhino

Destroying everything in his path, "The Manbeast" Rhino has gored a hole through the Hardcore City roster, having recently driven "The Japanese Buzzsaw" Yoshihiro Tajiri through a table and out of Hardcore City to capture the Television Title. With a decided weight advantage over most of his high-flying contenders, Rhino looks to hold the strap in a deathgrip while he and partner Chris "The Crippler" Benoit chase The World Tag Team Champions, The Dudley Boyz.

NWA: Hardcore City Television Title Rankings

Champion: Rhino

1. Spike Dudley

2. Jimmy Yang

3. Spanky

4. Shark Boy

5. Trent Acid

6. Sonjay Dutt

user posted image

Bubba Ray & D-Von: The Dudley Boyz

Hardcore City has always been a breeding ground for great tag teams, whether it's The Dudley Boyz or The Gangstas, The Eliminators, The Pitbulls, Public Enemy, the list goes on and on. It's no surprise, then, that Hardcore City hosts the current NWA World Tag Team Champions, The Dudley Boyz. A couple of miscreant half-brothers from Dudleyville, Bubba Ray & D-Von, along with the runt of the litter, little Spike, prove that blood is thicker than wood.

Hardcore City Tag Team Rankings

Note: The NWA World Tag Team Titles are defended across the NWA territories. The following rankings reflect just the challengers that await The Dudley Boyz in NWA: Hardcore City.

NWA World Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz

1. Chris Benoit & Rhino

2. Spanky & Sharky (Spanky & Shark Boy)

3. The Pitbulls

4. The Backseat Boyz (Johnny Kashmere & Trent Acid)

5. Chris Chetti & Nick Dinsmore

This... is NWA: Hardcore City

[Reposting: Rewritten from memory. :( ]

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NWA: Hardcore City Official Roster

Active Singles

Bison Smith

Dan 'The Man' Maff

'The Oriental Anarchist' Ikuto Hidaka

Jimmy Yang

JT Smith

Justice Pain


Sonjay Dutt

Spike Dudley

Stevie Richards


Tommy Dreamer

Active Tag Teams

The Gathering ~ Alexis Laree & Julio Dinero

The Dudley Boyz ~ Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley

Benoit and Rhino ~ Chris Benoit & Rhino

Chetti and Dinsmore ~ Chris Chetti & Nick Dinsmore

The Backseat Boyz ~ Johnny Kashmere & Trent Acid

Youthanazia ~ Josh Prohibition & M-Dogg 20

The Pitbulls ~ Pitbull I & II

Spanky & Sharky ~ Spanky & Shark Boy


'Diamond' Dallas Page

'The Queen of Extreme' Francine


Paul Heyman


Raven, The Gathering, Stevie Richards, & Tommy Dreamer

Spike Dudley & The Dudley Boyz

Justice Pain & The Backseat Boyz

Francine & The Pitbulls

Lotus & Ikuto Hidaka

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the following is excerpted from The National Wrestling Alliance: Behind The Curtain published in September, 2004 by Doubleday Books

Tired of lurking in the shadow of Vince McMahon's NWA: East Coast, Paul Heyman transformed the tepid NWA: Tri-State promotion into NWA: Hardcore City. With a roster that includes some of the most technically proficient, most reckless, most bloodthirsty wrestlers from around the world, one man stands tall at the top of the ladder in Hardcore City. This is the story of NWA: Hardcore City's tortured soul...


The man who would become Raven began his career in 1991 as Scotty “the Body” Flamingo, a vain Muscle Beach reject working the NWA: Pacific Northwest territory. Joining The Cartel with Cactus Jack, he feuded with “The Handsome Stranger” Marcus Bagwell. He would eventually head south, to Texas and NWA: WCCW. There, he would trade the NWA World Lightweight Title with the late Flyin’ Brian Pillman and Brad Armstrong.

user posted image

As 1992 drew to a close, Scotty found himself under the management of Diamond Dallas Page in NWA: Tri-State. Here, he adopted a boxing gimmick, and traded punches with 2 Cold Scorpio and “Marvelous” Marc Mero. Mero would take his feud with Scotty as well as his wife Rena to Vince McMahon’s NWA: East Coast promotion.

user posted image

After getting knocked out on pay-per-view by Mero in 1993, Flamingo took the lessons of DDP as well his family fortune, and bankrolled them into a stable that included tag teams The Quebecers (Jacques Rougeau and Pierre Carl-Ouelette) and The Lost Souls (Wrath and Mortis). Living vicariously through others didn’t sit well with Scotty, and The Flamingo Family eventually broke up, leaving him in a half-hearted announcing role for much of the following year.

user posted image

1995 saw Paul Heyman turn NWA: Hardcore City into the talk of the town. Scotty left The Big Apple and the big paycheck for the grittier and edgier Philly product. Gone were the colorful robes of Scotty Flamingo, traded in for the darker plumage of the enigmatic Raven. Along with his lackey Stevie Richards, Raven rampaged through Hardcore City, feuding with Public Enemy, The Pitbulls, and The Gangstas, among others.

In 1996, Raven began one of the signature feuds of his career with then Hardcore Heavyweight Champion and cult icon The Sandman. Raven captured his first Hardcore Heavyweight Title in a brutal, bloody brawl. Raven proved his mastery of mind games by converting Sandman’s wife and son to his nihilistic ways, leaving The Sandman a drunken, despondent, and defeated wreck.

Energized by possessing his first major heavyweight title, Raven also realized another childhood dream, garnering the affections of his teenage sweetheart, Beulah McGillicutty. Trouble entered into paradise in the form of a former friend, Tommy Dreamer. While Tommy wished the happy couple nothing but success, Raven’s jealousy grew, driving Beulah into his arms. Raven brought in a new valet, Chastity, to feud with the duo. A “Losers Leave Town” Match against Tommy and Beulah resulted in “The Chairshot Heard Around the World” when Dreamer bent a steel chair around the head of Raven and allowed Beulah to get the pinfall to send Raven and his skank packing.

Raven next showed up in the later half of 1997, forming his first Flock in NWA: Detroit, consisting of midcard menaces Saturn, Kidman, Riggs, Lodi, and Van Hammer. With his Flock at his back, Raven interjected himself into Motor City Title matches between DDP and “The Crippler” Chris Benoit. His push was cut short when NWA: Detroit promoter “Cowboy” Bill Watts used Raven as a placeholder Motor City Champion, having him drop the belt to his son, Erik Watts, in less than a month. Raven was offered his release and he took it, eagerly.

Through 1998, Raven’s fortunes continued to spiral down the drain. He reunited with his disciple Mortis in NWA: Mexico City, but the team was short-lived after they nearly crippled Villano IV with a botched neckbreaker/powerbomb combo. Raven cut an emotional promo apologizing for the incident and claiming his heart was no longer in the business, but with his sick mother.

In 1999, Raven returned to NWA: Hardcore City with Chastity by his side and immediately chased down Hardcore Heavyweight Champion The Sandman. Raven would find himself betrayed by a woman once again, as Chastity joined The Sandman and helped him end Raven’s second Hardcore Heavyweight Title reign. Raven brought in more concrete backup, joining Saturn, Mortis, and Vampiro to form The Dead Pool. They would feud with The Jersey Triad, Benoit & Malenko, and The Pitbulls before disintegrating to pursue their individual interests elsewhere.

Left without a partner to face The Pitbulls, Raven found himself with an unlikely ally. Tommy Dreamer extended a hand to his former friend. Raven took it and vanquished the heel team. Together, the extreme duo would depart Hardcore City and take their act to NWA: East Coast alongside The Dudley Boyz. The Hardcore Heroes would enjoy only modest success on McMahon’s crowded roster. While The Dudleyz captured the NWA World Tag Team Titles, Dreamer ended up in a mentorship role with The Hardy Boyz, while Raven found himself back at the announce table and strongly contemplating retirement at the close of 2002.

After fruitlessly chasing Triple H’s NWA World Heavyweight Title, Raven found himself back in Hardcore City. Yet another feud with The Sandman culminated in a brutal Clockwork Orange Horror House of Fun Match that gave Raven his third Hardcore Heavyweight Title. Old allies as well as new flocked to Raven’s side as Stevie Richards, Julio Dinero, and Alexis Laree formed The Gathering. Together, they would battle “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and Minister Mitchell’s New Church of Slash, Sinn, and Vampiro. Raven made his way through The New Church one at a time, until he defeated Vampiro in a bloody Nailed Coffin Match to drive the faction out of Hardcore City.

As 2004 opens, Raven is still flying high, but the recent return of Tommy Dreamer has cast doubt among the faithful. Is Dreamer here to help The Gathering against Francine and The Pitbulls or is there another agenda for “The Innovator of Violence”?

user posted image

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May 7th, 2004

user posted image

The National Wrestling Alliance and The MSG Network present…

Hardcore Television

Hardcore Television is taped LIVE at Viking Hall in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“Thunderkiss ‘65” by White Zombie is the official theme of NWA: Hardcore City. After a montage of historic moments, (including the “Chairshot Heard Around the World,” The Dudley Boyz hitting the 3-D on “Flyboy” Rocco Rock, Rhino Gore-ing Yoshihiro Tajiri through a table set in the corner to capture the Television Title, and Raven knocking The Sandman backwards off his perch to crash through a trio of stacked tables to win his third Hardcore Heavyweight Title) we cut to ringside where Diamond Dallas Page sits alone at the announce position.

DDP: “TONIGHT… The Ultraviolent All Star, Justice Pain, gets a crack at Raven and the Hardcore Heavyweight Title. Hopefully, we’ll hear the champ’s thoughts on the return of Tommy Dreamer later on, but let’s kick things off right now in the ring where Dan… The Dragon… Wilson will introduce our first match.”

1. Ikuto Hidaka w/Lotus vs. Chris Benoit:

“Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf begins to play, and Ikuto Hidaka gets led to the ring by the lovely Lotus. She applauds as he slingshots himself into the ring and tests the ropes.

user posted imageuser posted image

“Introducing FIRST… in the ring to my left… from Yokohama, Japan… accompanied by Lotus… The Oriental Anarchist… Ikuuuuto Hidaaakaaaa!”

“Back in the Saddle” by Aerosmith booms out over the P.A. as “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit marches to the ring. He slaps his chest on the way and rolls into the ring with a snarl. He wears red tights with black tiger stripes and black boots.

“And his opponent… from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada… The Canadian Crippler… Chris Benoit!”

Both men circle for a bit before locking up in a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Benoit goes to an aggressive side headlock. Hidaka tries to counter into a back suplex, but “The Crippler” just grits his teeth and muscles Hidaka over with a snap mare. He immediately goes for The Crippler Crossface, but Hidaka scuttles out of the ring to regroup with Lotus, who offers some encouragement.

Dragon: “Discretion is DEFINITELY the better part of valor here, as that Crossface would surely put this one in the books rather early.”

DDP: “Yu-Gi-Oh’s nobody’s fool. I’ve been on the bad end of that Crossface, Wilson, and it’s no joke.”

Dragon: “Ikuto… The man’s name is Ikuto.”

DDP: “Open yer ears, Wilson. That’s what I said.”

Hidaka motions for Benoit to get back so he can return to the ring, but the impatient Canadian takes the opposite approach, climbing out through the ropes to chase down his foe. Hidaka sprints around the bend, nimbly hops over the ring steps, and rolls into the ring to bounce off the far ropes. He tries a baseball slide dropkick, but Benoit easily dodges it and snares his ankle to jerk him out of the ring and throw him bodily into the ringside railing with a crash.

Benoit takes the opportunity to hit several loud knife-edge chops, drawing “Whoo!”s from the crowd and leaving Hidaka slumped against the barricade. At Referee Jim Mollineaux’s urging, Benoit rolls Hidaka back in under the bottom rope and follows close behind.

He pulls Hidaka up by the arm and whips him towards the corner, but “The Oriental Anarchist” is able to hop up onto the middle ropes and catch Benoit charging in with a back heel kick to the jaw.

Hidaka tries to keep Benoit reeling with a spinning heel kick, but Benoit catches it and throws him overhead in a capture suplex. Benoit savagely stomps at Hidaka before pulling him up for some bracing forearms to the face. An Irish whip sends Hidaka to the ropes, only to get run over with a big clothesline.

Benoit draws his thumb across his throat and heads to the corner, but stops in his tracks as Lotus pleads for mercy down on the floor near the ring post. He points at her and snarls some kind of threat, but it buys Hidaka enough time to struggle to his feet. He races into a running dropkick that sends Benoit crashing chest-first into the turnbuckles. Hidaka scores with a series of stiff, quick kicks to the back and ribs.

He grabs Benoit in a rear waistlock and tries a German suplex, but Benoit hooks the ropes with his arms and elbows out to break it. Hidaka charges in, but Benoit sidesteps and uses a drop toehold to send him face-first into the middle buckle. Hidaka bounces off and into the arms of “The Crippler,” who takes him down in a German suplex.

DDP: “Just like bad news, these bad boys come in t’rees, Wilson. You betta believe it.”

Sure enough, Benoit hits the trifecta, with the last release German sending Hidaka sprawling into the corner. An Irish whip slams him into the opposite corner, where Benoit hits a quick, follow-up clothesline. Hidaka staggers out and right into The Crippler Crossface! Despite Lotus slapping the apron to try a rally, Ikuto Hidaka taps out in short order.

Referee Jim Mollineaux calls for the bell and orders Benoit to release the hold, but he refuses. Smiling a gap-toothed sneer, Benoit continues wrenching back on Hidaka’s neck. Lotus paces ringside, hands to her face in dismay.

WINNER: Chris Benoit, by submission to The Crippler Crossface.

*** rating for a good bout. (O:71. C:57. M:85. Ikuto Hidaka gained 3 points of overness from the television exposure in this squash.)

2. A Woman’s Place is in the… Crossface?:

Lotus cautiously climbs into the ring as Mollineaux continues to call for the bell in vain. She tugs on Benoit’s muscled arm and is surprised to have him release the hold. She smiles tentatively as he backs away, leaving her to attend to her man. He returns the smile, and that doesn’t bode well.

Benoit pulls Lotus back by the hair, causing her to stumble in her heels. He pushes her down and flexes his arms before reaching down to lock in The Crossface. Suddenly, Spike Dudley slides into the ring with a steel chair in hand and pastes Benoit across the mug, knocking him on his ass.

Benoit rolls out of the ring and backs up the ramp holding his jaw. He points and mutters some threats, but Spike is too busy adjusting his glasses and checking on Lotus, who, in turn, is back to checking on the still prone Ikuto Hidaka.

DDP: “Wow, how’s that fer gratitude, Wilson. Lil’ Spike Dudley just signed his damn death warrant, and Lotus ain’t givin’ him the time o’ day.”

Dragon: “She’s just concerned about her charge, DDP. You can’t fault her for that. And as for Spike signing his death warrant… He’s proven time and again that he doesn’t back down from nobody, not even someone like The Crippler.”

DDP: “Yeah, that’ll look good engraved on his tombstone, Wilson. Don’t go nowhere, people. We’ll be right back.”

(59. Chris Benoit lost a point of overness from his misogynistic behavior, but Lotus scarfed up that point by playing babe in distress.)


3. An Offer That Cannot Be Refused:

When we return, we’re greeted with a close shot of the door to “FRANCINE’S CHAMPAGNE ROOM – THERE ARE NO RULES IN THE CHAMPAGNE ROOM.” We pull back to show the door flanked by The Pitbulls, their massive arms folded against their chests, spiked dog collars hooked tight around their bulging necks, and a thoroughly empty expression fixed on their faces. Spanky practically skips into frame, dressed in an archaic suit and a fedora, an unlit cigar clenched in his teeth. He reaches out to knock, but Pitbull I catches his fist and squeezes.

Pitbull I: “What you think you’re doin’, Little Man?”

Spanky holds up a closed briefcase.

Spanky: “I’m here to see The Queen of Extreme about some bizness. Is Her Majesty in?”

Pitbull I: “Yeah, but she ain’t…”

Francine: (shouted from inside) “Oh, just let him in!”

Pitbull II opens the door and we follow Spanky into Francine Fournier’s exclusive Viking Hall dressing room. She lounges on a black leather sofa in the dim light, a red lycra minidress clinging to her curves. A bowl of strawberries and a glass of champagne sit on a checkerboard art deco table alongside a bottle on ice.

Francine theatrically swings one leg over the other to sit facing Spanky. She adjusts the strap on her clear lucite stiletto heel before taking up the glass of bubbly.

Francine: “What do YOU want?”

Spanky: “I have an offer… an offer I’m told you can’t refuse.”

He sets the briefcase on the table and opens it. Before he turns it to face her, we can see it is overflowing with crumpled bills and some loose coins.

Spanky: “Thirty-four thousand dollars and sixty-two cents. Payment for services of a… personal nature. Services, I’m told, you provide beyond compare.”

Francine: “Waitaminute. Are you saying I’m a WHORE?! Are you offering me thirty-four thousand dollars to…”

Spanky: “…and sixty-two cents…”

Francine: “Are you trying to buy sex from me?”

Spanky: “Well, it’s more of a rental thing, I guess, but um… you’re not going to call The Pitbulls in here to break my neck are you?”

Francine: “Give me ONE good reason why I shouldn’t?”

Spanky: “I think you’re looking at thirty-four thousand reasons.”

Francine: (pauses) “Thirty-four thousand dollars… and sixty-two cents… to sleep with you?”

Spanky: (laughs) “Oh NO! No, not with me… with Shark Boy. I think it’s just about time he became a… y’know… Shark MAN.”

Francine: “Are you SERIOUS?! I can’t… I…”

Spanky: “Well, *I* can’t do it. He’s my tag team partner. Help me out here, Toots. I’m offering fair compensation, I think. Look, to be honest, I’m not even sure the kid knows which end is up, so to speak, but I figger if anyone can… er… set ‘im straight, it’d be you.”

Francine: “I can’t believe this. I’ll tell you what… Spanky… Give me one week to make a counter offer. We juuuust might be able to work something out.”

Spanky: “Fantastic! I look forward to hearing from you then.”

Spanky slams the briefcase shut and slides it off the table. He takes up the bottle of champagne and clinks it against her glass.

Spanky: “To bizness and pleasure…”

He brings the bottle to his lips and begins to chug, but Francine holds up a finger and wags it at him. The camera pulls back to find Spanky flanked by The Pitbulls. He sheepishly swallows the champagne and sets the bottle back in the ice bucket with a mischievous smile.

Francine: “Boys, show Mister Spanky the door.”

(66. The Queen of Extreme gained 3 points of overness from holding court.)


4. Bison Smith vs. Danny Maff:

After some ads for The Hardcore Hotline and generic hype for the upcoming Hardcore Heaven, we return to the ring, where Dan “the Dragon” Wilson is ready with notecards for introductions.

The massive Bison Smith paces the ring. His hair is cut in a flattop, his moustache and beard a thin, trim line around his jaw and upper lip. He wears simple black, all business trunks, kneepads, and boots.

“Already in the ring… from The Mile High City… Denver, Colorado… Bison Smith!”

user posted image

Smith holds up his hand, indicating the power of The Iron Claw. To say the fan response is tepid does a disservice to tepidity. Modtrom Productions’ “What You Gonna Do” begins to play.

“His opponent hails from Brooklyn, New York… He is The Six Figure Heavy Hitter… Dan… The Man… Maff!”

Maff strides down the aisle, a black bandanna wrapped around his bald forehead. He slides into the ring and stands nose-to-nose with his foe. We get a brief staredown before Maff adjusts his sleeveless t-shirt and hauls off to light Bison up with a STIFF~! knife-edge chop.

Bison cringes and backs up, then lunges for a clothesline, easily ducked by Maff, who runs him out over the top rope and to the floor. Maff rolls out of the ring and begins fishing around under the apron. He pulls out an aluminum trash can and lifts it high over his head. He slams it down over Bison’s dome, putting a huge dent in the metal.

Maff throws the can down with a clatter and hooks Smith in a front facelock. He gets a fistful of black trunks and suplexes the big man over to crush the trashcan flat. Maff jaws at the front row a bit before climbing up onto the ring apron. He takes a few steps and cocks his elbow, dropping down to drive it into the chest of Bison Smith.

Maff picks Bison up by the neck and rolls him in under the bottom rope. He takes a steel chair from ringside and folds it up, sliding it into the ring. Maff climbs in and sets the chair up. He slams Bison face-first into the seat and sets his head on it. Dan climbs out onto the apron and pulls back on the top rope. He tries a somersault leg drop onto the chair, but Bison scrambles up and catches his legs as he flips over. Bison Smith shifts Maff onto his shoulders and turns to brutally powerbomb him onto the chair, demolishing it.

Bison Smith kicks the crushed chair out to the floor then pulls Maff up by the scruff of the neck. He rips off the bandanna and blows his nose in it before tossing it aside.

DDP: “WHAT a show of disrespect, Wilson!”

Smith pulls Maff into a standing headscissors and hooks him around the waist. Bison lifts for a powerbomb, but once on his shoulders, Dan Maff hooks him around the back of the head with one hand and begins raining down stiff fists to the top of the skull with the other. He shifts and drops backward, spiking Bison Smith with a DDT.

Maff reaches over and hooks a kneepad to pull the leg back for 1… 2… Bison rolls his shoulder.

Danny Maff takes a top wristlock and begins wringing the arm while laying kicks into the shoulder, trying to dislocate it.

Dragon: “We’ve got to go to break, but we’ll be back with the conclusion of this match.”


When we return, Maff is still working the arm-wringer, but the big man is lumbering up to his feet. He takes a wild swing with a clothesline, but Maff ducks it and pulls Smith in for a short-arm back elbow that knocks Bison Smith backward into the ropes. Maff catches him on the bounce for a big bulldog. He rolls Bison over and covers for 1… 2… Bison kicks out.

Maff takes him up by the arm and wrings it a bit more before using it to send Bison into the ropes. He catches him on the rebound and pivots to throw him down in a high angle spinebuster. He hooks both legs deep for 1… 2… 2.99999! Bison gets his shoulder up barely in time. Referee Jim Molineaux holds up two fingers.

Maff reaches down to pull Bison up, but gets a big hamhock right hand to the gut to knock the wind out of him. After checking his mouth for blood, Bison Smith draws upon his NOAH experience to hit a series of big forearms to the face, driving Maff to the ropes.

Smith pushes Maff against the ropes and whips him across. He catches him for a high hip toss, but Maff lands on his feet and reverses into an arm-drag takedown. Bison rolls through and up to his feet to get caught in a tight powerslam.

Suddenly, the crowd grows sour as Justice Pain slides into the ring with a steel chair in hand. Maff rolls off of Smith, whom he was straddling and pummeling, and takes up a defensive stance. Pain holds up a hand, then takes the chair and brings it crashing down on Bison Smith’s shoulder, causing him to cry out in pain.

Bison tries to get to his feet and fight back, but Pain keeps laying wicked chair shots across his back, driving him down to his knees. He motions for Maff to finish Bison. Dan steps into a standing headscissors and, with Pain’s assistance, hits The Mafia Bomb for the academic 1… 2… 3.

Pain throws the chair down and proceeds to kick Bison Smith out to the floor. The Backseat Boyz, Johnny Kashmere and Trent Acid, hop up onto the apron and hold the ropes for Danny Maff, motioning for him to depart. Maff obliges, but not before looking back and fixing everyone with a serious glare.

Kashmere calls for the house mic and passes it to Pain as he and his partner climb into the ring. Pain is dressed to wrestle in simple black trunks and boots as opposed to The Backseat Boyz, who are stylin’ and profilin’ in fashionable street clothes, sadistic grins curling their lips.

Pain: “Raven! I can’t wait any longer. I don’t care about Danny Maff… I CERTAINLY don’t give a flying f**k about that pile of buffalo sh*t flopping around down on the floor there. I don’t care about Tommy Dreamer or The Gathering. The only thing I care about right now… is getting you out here… beating you to within an INCH of your miserable life… and taking that Hardcore Heavyweight strap because… I AM The Ultraviolent All Star… and this star is ready to shine with ten pounds of glittering GOLD around its waist.”

Dragon: “We’ll get Raven’s answer… and our main event… right after this.”

WINNER: Dan Maff, by pinfall with The Mafia Bomb after an unwanted assist from Justice Pain.

**1\2 rating. Perfectly Acceptable Wrestling. (O:56. C:32. M:80.

Bison Smith gained 3 points of overness from his valiant efforts. Danny Maff gained 6 points of overness from getting the win.)


5. Justice Pain w/The Backseat Boyz vs. Raven w/The Gathering (For The NWA:HC Heavyweight Title):

As the “Head Nurse” Ysabella Martinez Ruiz and some trainers attend to Bison Smith, “Come Out And Play” by The Offspring blares over the P.A., and out strides the Hardcore Heavyweight Champion, Raven, needing no proper introduction. Gathering members Alexis Laree and Julio Dinero follow behind in their usual black Goth apparel while their shaman sports face paint, a black velvet surcoat, grey kilt, and boots.

Dragon: “Faithful lackey Stevie Richards… CONSPICUOUS in his absence…”

Pain tosses the mic and takes the chair up in a two-fisted grip. Nonchalantly, Raven slides out of his coat, unhooks the title belt, and passes both to Alexis before climbing into the ring. Pain stutter-steps forward, then fades back as The Backseat Boyz try to get the jump on the champ. Trent Acid is met with a boot to the gut while Johnny Kashmere is sent tumbling over the top rope and out to the floor. While Julio and Alexis send Kashmere scuttling backward towards the relative safety of the ramp, Raven hits The Raven Effect DDT on Acid and boots him out to the floor.

The distraction, while painful for The Backseats, proves effective as Justice Pain brings the chair crashing down against the back of Raven, driving him to his knees against the ropes. He draws the chair back up and measures another shot, but Raven throws an elbow backward to the gut to knock him back. Pain doubles over, the chair now resting on the canvas. Raven bounces off the ropes and spins for a discus clothesline to drop the challenger.

Pain quickly bails to the outside to regroup at the base of the ramp with his rock star buddies. He timidly climbs back into the ring and motions for a lock up. Raven obliges and gets the upper hand, marching Pain towards a corner. Pain is able to switch, however, and throws Raven against the turnbuckles. He takes to the middle ropes and holds a fist up. He fires off a few right hands before Raven pushes him off. Pain lands on his feet and runs in. He plants his boots in Raven’s midsection and sends him flying out with a monkey flip, but Raven lands on one knee and quickly rises to catch him charging out with a stiff superkick.

Raven fetches the chair and sets it up in the middle of the ring, slapping the seat into position with his taped hands. An Irish whip sends Justice Pain into the ropes, and a drop toehold plants him face-first into the chair. Raven pumps his arms, but only succeeds in getting cheers from Julio and Alexis, as no one in Viking Hall gives Justice Pain a snowball’s chance in hell of winning tonight.

Raven brings Pain up by the hair and begins laying taped fists into his forehead. Blood is already trickling from his brow. He sends Pain chest-first into the turnbuckles with an Irish whip. As Justice Pain backpedals out, Raven hits the ropes for a clothesline, but Pain has the move scouted and ducks it. He turns and drops Raven with a side Russian legsweep into the chair. As Raven clutches the back of his head, Pain kicks the chair away and bends down to hook in the STF.

DDP: “Let me tell you, Wilson. The STF may have been made famous by Masahiro Chono, but it’s been PERFECTED by Justice Pain!”

Before Pain can lock it in, however, Raven tags him in the forehead with a taped fist and pulls him in for an inside cradle, getting 1… 2… 3-NO! Pain springs free. The Backseat Boyz were going to storm the ring, but were halted in their tracks by The Gathering.

Raven pulls Pain up by the arm. He tries another whip into the ropes, but Pain plants his feet and reverses. Pain telegraphs the backdrop and eats a kick to the face for his indiscretion. Raven hits a second kick to the gut to double him over. Raven Effect DDT! Raven hooks a leg and leans back for 1… 2… 3.

The Gathering join Raven in the ring, and he takes the mic from Dan “the Dragon” Wilson before he can be announced as the winner. The Backseat Boyz drag Justice Pain from the ring and help him back up the ramp.

WINNER: Raven retains cleanly by pinfall after The Raven Effect DDT.

**½ rating for a decent contest. (O:60. C:47. M:73. Justice Pain gained 3 points of overness from putting up a good fight.)

6. Lining Up Challengers:

Raven: “That’s the thing about stars… They burn out. They collapse and they suck everything around them into a dark, silent void. Now that THAT’S settled… I want to address a situation… a DEVELOPMENT… that not even *I* could have foreseen. I’m talking, of course, about the return of an old foe… an even older friend… and a man who’s NEVER asked for anything from me. Tommy… we’ve walked separate paths, you and I, but those paths always seem to intersect. We’ve BOTH chosen roads less traveled, and suffered the worse for it, but here we are again at the crossroads. You see… You’ve never asked for anything from me, Tommy, but I’m going to give you something… I’m going to give you something you very much deserve… and that’s a shot at this title. But there’s a price, Tommy, as there is to anything of any value. I’ve got to look out for those who’ve remained loyal to me, and… all his considerable faults aside… Steven has remained VERY faithful to me over the years. He ALSO never asked for a title shot. Now, I’m not of a mind to face you both… That wouldn’t be fair to any of us, but I AM willing to ask Paul to let you two face each other at Hardcore Heaven, with a FUTURE title shot on the line. Quoth The Raven…”

Suddenly, there’s a clatter as a headset hits the announce table, and the camera pans to show Diamond Dallas Page standing atop the announce table, a microphone in hand.

DDP: “Whoa whoa WHOA! You may not be walking out of Hardcore Heaven WITH that belt, Raven, so don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

Raven turns, his face drawn up in confusion.

DDP: “Yeah, that’s the look I remember. You and I go way back, Raven, don’t we? You see, I’ve TALKED to the boss… Paul Heyman… and he knows about your little gift match to your buddies and that’s all cool, but that leaves you open at Hardcore Heaven. Now Chris Benoit is ranked your number one contender, but he and Rhino have an NWA World Tag Team Title shot that night, so his opportunity will have to wait as well.”

Raven: “You want a shot, Page?! You want to gamble your happy retirement… your ability to walk… against a shot at glory?”

DDP: “No, no no. I plan on STAYING retired. This announce table can get pretty comfortable, you know that. No, I’ve spoken on behalf of someone else, someone who’s been overlooked for TOO long around here… someone I plan on taking to the very TOP of this business where he belongs.”

A figure in a black satin boxing robe begins jogging down the ramp. A hood is drawn over his face, his head bowed, his taped fists shadowboxing. As he passes the camera, we can see the name “SCOTTY FLAMINGO” embroidered on the back of the robe in white.

Raven: “That’s one of MY old robes! You want me to fight myself, Page?! I’m no stranger to THAT battle. I’ve been on the losing end of it my whole life. Don’t try to play mind games with me, Page. I’ve got you outclassed. So who’s it gonna be?!”

The figure stands in front of the announce table as Page hops down alongside. DDP holds the microphone under the hood.

Hooded Figure: “At Hardcore Heaven… You’ll get yer chance to… beat me… IF you can…”

DDP pulls back the hood, revealing the bald, sneering head of Taz and causing the crowd to erupt.

Taz: (and the crowd in unison) “SURVIVE… if I LET you.”

DDP and Taz share a sinister chuckle as Dan Wilson and The Gathering look on in shock and Raven nods his silent assent. For all intents and purposes, three big matches have just been made for Hardcore Heaven. Freeze on DDP patting Taz on the back, copyright The National Wrestling Alliance, and fade to black.

(84. Yay!)

Overall: 68

0.24 TV Rating

Attendance: 173 @ $15 each

Thanks for reading,


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