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ESPN or Madden


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Which of the two should I get? I need to decide soon, because I'm definatly getting Ncaa, and I'll probly be able to get one more game, and it'll be one these 2. So which should I get?

EDIT- BTW, I have a PS2 and a GC, if that means anything...

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Though I can't play it (I just have GCN), get ESPN. It's bargain binning itself this year by coming out for just $20. Not the smartest move for sales, budget wise, but definitely a good thing for the fans who want cheap games. btw, I'm getting NCAA 2005 sooner or later because IMO, last year's NCAA was better than Madden.

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Well now I might be able to get both....I realized I had coke caps piled up, and all I need is 2 more caps, and I get ESPN for $10 and then still might get Madden for $50. Maybe I'll jsut trade in a few games...

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Guest Sean O'Haire

ESPN sucks, IMO. I hate the way the game feels. The way they tackle and shit just isn't realistic to me.

I have always been a fan of Madden, and always will be. I plan on getting Madden and NCAA '05, and finally kickin some ass online. :D

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