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Static-X rarities CD out July 20th.


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As everyone worth their weight in Midgety gold would know, Static-X does -- in fact -- rule. So imagine my surprise when I heard that various b-sides over Static-X's career have been rounded up and thrown onto a compilation CD dubbed "Beneath, Between, Beyond", set for July 20th.

Check out the tracklist. I've heard all but one song so far, and I intend to hear that one shortly =)

1. Breathe *brand spankin' new*

2. Deliver Me *also on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre soundtrack*

3. Anything But This *also on the Resident Evil soundtrack*

4. S.O.M. *featured on MTV: Return Of The Rock Vol. 2*

5. Down *featured on the Push It single*

6. Head *this is the original version recorded during the "Wisconsin Death Trio" CD sessions...a remix was released on ECW's second compilation CD

7. So Real *featured on the Screan 3 soundtrack*

8. Crash *featured on the Batman Beyond soundtrack*

9. Push It (JB's Death Trance Mix) *also featured on the Push It single*

10. I'm With Stupid (Paul Barker remix) *featured on the Ozzfest 2001 Sampler*

11. Burning Inside (featuring Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory) *featured on The Crow: Salvation soundtrack*

12. Behind The Wall Of Sleep *featured on N.I.B. II*

13. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment *featured on "We're A Happy Family: A Tribute To The Ramones"

14. I Am (demo)

15. Love Dump (demo)

16. Get To The Gone (demo)

17. New Pain (demo)

18. Otsegolectric (demo)

Thoughts, opinions, misc.?

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