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The Corporation

Herr Matzat

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I am just whatching it, has annyone seen it ?


i think it´s don awsome and soooo much better than the commedy stuff Michael "half trouth

" Moore is doing. (ewveryone had a chans to say i want too say that over again and so on, no suprise rush interviews ect. )

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no idea how long the cinematic version is, but what i have seen today was a 3 part version each one houre, can´t imagin that they put a 3 houre documentary in cinemas.

Overall very good stuff, at least on first sight, need to backcheck some stuff

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It has actually been on Canadian TV a couple of times, although I missed both of them. This film raised one hell of a stink at Sundance, and is said to be better than Fahrenheit 911.

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What's it about?

about the history of corperations (especialy big ones) and how they are today (from the early days of capitalisem over IBM and Coca Cola in Nazi Germany up to nike selling shits for tonns of monney that get produced in 6.6** minutes by children that get 8 cent for it)

It´s very very well don, i can only recomend it, and you almost never get the moore documentary like feeling, you most of the time have the impression everyone got a quiet fair chans to say what he/she thinks about it´s own position.

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