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Best Series Finale.

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What show had the best series finale?

While the show wasn't the best of shows, I'd say Six Feet Under because

Firstly, the scene at the end is awesome. Secondly, everyone died. You had closure because you knew what the characters did once the show ended and it didn't leave you with an "I want more feeling".

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Easily M*A*S*H. Even though the series, while excellent, wasn't a patch on the film, and maybe went on a little too long, the finale was worth it. Incredible, moving stuff.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The Enterprise isn't destroyed, everyone's happy, and is almost a direct sequel to "Encounter at Farpoint" (The first show in the series. That and John DeLanice owns (Y)

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I liked the ending to Angel, agreed.

Life on Mars had a really good final episode, there was just the right balance of closure on the season/possibility for more hijinx later on.

I liked the Firefly end, as an episode, not sure if it made a good 'finalé' though, 'cos obviously it got cancelled.

My favourite "last episode ever" would have to be the end of Seinfeld though, agreed. Either that or Frasier.

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Nah. While the ending doesn't annoy me like it did the first time around (which seems to be the way with a lot of things. I somehow now find myself actually liking Ezri Dax), I would only rate the ending as 'satisfactory'. It didn't have the 'full circle' that TNG's had, or the finality of Voyager's. It is still the best series though.

The ending of the final Red Dwarf episode both infuriates and delights me.

Blackadder Goes Forth (fuck the specials that came afterwards) has the best possible ending it could have had.

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One show I know alot of people watch that I loved the end of was Cheers. The final shot with Sam turnning off all the lights in the bar and the only light comming in through the window by the stairs was tear jerking.

The one I am pretty sure not that many people know about was Pretender. Great final show, that series ended way to quickly. 4 seasons wasn't enough.

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