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Camden Crawl (Tell Me About These Bands)


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So I'm going to the Camden Crawl. The bands are probably shit, but they'll be drink, drugs and indie chicks, and I'll dance like a twat. And that sounds good to me.

Anyway, the confirmed bands so far are

Absentee > Akira The Don > The Aliens > The Automatic > Cazals > The Delilahs > Dogs > Fields > !Forward Russia! > The Fratellis > Good Books > Guillemots > The Holloways > Howling Bells > Humanzi > Lethal Bizzle > Louie > The Maccabees > The Marshals > The Mitchell Brothers > Morning Runner > Mumm-Ra > Paolo Nutini > The On Offs > The Paddingtons > The Pipettes > The Pistolas > Plan B > The Rifles > The Rogers Sisters > Rumble Strips > Shit Disco > S.Rock Levinson > The Spinto Band > The Sunshine Underground > Sway > Switches > Wolfmother

(Sorry about the shit formatting)

I've already seen Wolfmother, and they sucked.

Anyone tell me anything about the bands on that list?

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The Fratellis are fucking class...that's all you need to know.

Their single "Creepin' Up The Backstairs" is gonna be huge...well I presume it's a single, it has a video anywhere...MTV2 will probably start jizzing over it soon enough, I've seen it on there a couple of times over the weekend.

Shit-Disco have to be awesome, purely for that name....I've think I've heard songs by The Rifles, The On Offs, Guillemots and The Automatic....none made that much of an impression.

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Sway is amazing, UK rapper:

"One day I'm gonna be bigger than Peter Andre, bigger than the pair of lips kissin' on Beyonce, bigger than the willy shown in Any Given Sunday"

Lethal Bizzle and the Mitchells are also top notch, not familar with anyone else bar Forward Russia - and I'm not really a fan.

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Guillemots are fucking fantastic. Think Coldplay(ish), but good. Really good.

Morning Runner are alright. From the couple of tracks I've heard, they sound like the more commercial end of Indie. Memory might be betraying me though.

Plan B is fucking wicked. 'Working Class Rapper' as I've heard him called. He plays an acoustic at the same time, and his....*ahem*....rhymes....are rather great. "I'll stab you in the eye, yo/with a fuckin' biro/the same fuckin' biro/you just used to sign your Giro." being a personal favourite of mine.

Switches are also really good. And a friend of mine joygasms over Sunshine Underground, The Automatic and The Paddingtons, so I assume they're at least tolerable.

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