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Anyone seen Hostel?


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Anyone see it? I'd not heard much about it, went to see it tonight. It was a nice concept, but I dunno, something about it just didn't click into place to make it OMG great, or anything.

The concept of people paying to torture others reminded me somewhat of the film My Little Eye, where people pay to watch people get killed off in a reality TV show, and I love those kinda concepts. Add to that the sinister nature of the kid "gang", who kill the blokes following Paxton (is that his name?) for the bag of bubblegum, there are some great concepts in the film IMO.

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I saw it. I thought it was decent. Like you said, it some good concepts, but it really didn't captivate.

I'm a huge horror fan. Alot of horror fans online were claiming that the movie would be the first movie in the start of a new horror generation. They were claiming it was going to reboot the horror genre, but honestly it didn't. It was just another piece of crap that they've been putting out. It was made by the same guy who made Cabin Fever, which I also thought was a piece of shit.

I mean it wasn't as bad as Cabin Fever, but it was a huge disappointment.

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Yeah, as I said, I wasn't blown away by it, but I guess I was asking purely since I hadn't heard of it until now, it would seem.

Lots of boobs in it though...

Yeah, the tits where one of the best things about it.

It was too slow for me for the first 50 minutes or so, and just seemed to lack any real plotline.

And the lads where not ugly, really, so why would they need to go all that way to find some hot chicks.

They should of used some ugly slob actors. >_>

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I dunno about the "new horror generation", but I do feel a lot more uneasy about possible concepts such as these, that could occur, rather than some of the more outlandish horrors that have come out.

It's the sort of thing I could see happening in some dingy Eastern European corrupt country, and that scares me more than anything in the film, probably :P

EDIT: Dan, I thought that blone haired bloke was kinda ugly, or at least weird looking.

Oly was class though.

"Course, my horse"

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What got me was the fact that every Slovakian seemed to be in on it. "Shh! Just don't tell the Americans!"

I didn't think it was that gory either, to be honest. I was expecting something really, really bad, but the only bit that came anywhere near to that was the achilles tendon bit.

But the brunette girls' tits were nice though.

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Wow. I would rather wish my friends slam there heads off of concrete then watch this horrible movie. It's just bad. Horrible plot (which just ignores common sense), bad acting and a huge broken promise makes me hate this. The poster at the theatre said "The Scariest American Film In A Decade", and while the extremely timid might squirm a little, the movie isn't scary at all. You don't feel for the characters at all that get killed and tortured, except for one who would have been a better character to focus on then the one they did. I laughed, alot throughout this film. It's just bad. The gore factor is overstated, if you want to see a "Scary Movie", even Ya-Ya Sisterhood is a better choice.

Rarely do I see a movie and want my money back. In fact, I love a lot of bad movies. But this movie is just not worth the time or money to see. Even spending $4 to rent it is paying too high. Even bending over to pick up a free copy laying on the ground is too much effort. This movie is the worst movie I have ever seen in my life, as (except for one scene that I laughed at near the end) I was not entertained - at all.

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A rating of zero out of ten should never even be taken seriously. How the heck it deserves a rating like that I really don't know.

Enjoyed it a great deal if I'm being honest. It was something different, or it certainly was for me. It had some cringe worthy moments in places. It's not a classic or anything, but it had some pretty awesome scenes I thought.

Hostel II is apparently set to come out before the end of the year as well (Or so I believe), which surprises me majorly. Never expected them to start work on it as quick as they have. None the less, I look forward to the next one.

Only slight complaint I'd really have was the ending. The last minute could have been better than it was and in someway built up to the next one, but still, I enjoyed it.

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I gave it a 0/10 because for it to get a 1, it would have to contain something I liked. But I disliked everything about it. If I wasn't there with a group of friends, I would have left. The gore, which is arguably to main part of the movie since it is what all the advertising was about, was tame in comparison to the claims that were made by Eli Roth. The acting, in my opinion, was atrocious. Roth and Tarantino even sent a letter to the government of Iceland apologizing for there portrayal of people from Iceland through the character of Oli. The way the movie makes Slovakia look is far from the truth, making it look like a country stuck 20 years in the past and extremely poor.

Plus, I cannot buy the plot in any way, because I cannot see 2 Americans ever trusting the word of a Russian dude in a hostel that they just met minutes ago.

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Hostel had a good enough premise and good enough ideas to become a cult classic, but it just ultimately failed to deliver. It was just.. kinda 'there'.

And when they say movies are gory, I expect gore. Not watered down Takashi Miike. (Although I did mark out for him~!)

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