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Al Magz Vs Kandiman


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June 2004

Al Magz had been in the WWE since February because of the fact he is in fact Vince McMahon's son, he was slowly getting more and more over (up to a high of 16 over!), then thanks to an incident involving him, a goat and a man with a camera he was back down to 0 over. Then he met him:

Backstage at WWE Headquaters

Al and Alicia Magz are walking around talking about the heat match Al has with Shannon Moore tonight when they walked into and knocked down two people who were also on their up in the WWE Kandiman and Ralphus


Ralphus: :drool: (no drool smilie)

Al: Shut the fuck up I'm Vince's son!

Alicia: ummm... HEY YALL!

Kandiman: Yeah that's great now get out my way before I do something you regret

While they continue arguing Vince McMahon walks up and tries to stop the argument but gets shoved by Al then Kandiman

Vince: Damnit, Al, Alicia, Kandiman, Ralphus YOUR ALL FIRED!!!

After their firing Al and Alicia decided the best way to spend the $500,000 they had got in compensating for being fired was to start a fed based on Al's 'wrestling ability' and take over the wrestling world

And with that we had the birth of:

Magz Wrestling Empire

Size: Backyard

PI: 0%

Cash: $500,000

Production, Advertising and Merchandising: all 0%

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Kandi: Son of a Bitch. That no talent hack and his whore cost me my shot at revenge. REVENGE ON ALL OF EWB! Come on Ralphus

Ralphus: *drools*

So that was the start of things. Like the Magzter, Kandi got $500,000 for his dismissal from the WWE but he had only one thing on his mind....Revenge. The Magzter must pay for his sins and he will pay dearly.....oh yes he will pay dearly.

So where do I come in? Well a very disturbing phonecall came into me just a few weeks ago. I was hungover at the time

Me: Hello?

Kandi: Troy? Is it really you?

Me: No it's the fucking Easter Bunny....who is this?

Kandi: It's me.....Kandiman....you know Fear the 'Fro!

Me: Piss off Cade....just because I got you heat with the Outlaws this is no reason to keep giving me all these prank calls.

Kandi: Troy it's really me

Me: Right.....If you're really Kriss what did you say when I said I was going to get Chance Meeting to Australia?

Kandi: Nothing.....I just made up some line about us touring Australia on the Chance Meeting site I created.

Me: Kriss! It is you! Jeez how the hell are you?

Kandi: Fired....And Angry....You need to help me

Me: With what

Kandi: Why to book IWA: Worldwide of course

Me: Piss off Kriss....Don't start that bullshit again

Kandi: It's no joke Troy....read the Indy Insider

Me: All right hang on

*A few moments later*

Me: For fucks sake you're taking on the Magzter? You're gonna get killed.

Kandi: That's what I need you for....I can't book or I'll get creamed....Your recaps show me you can book and that's what I need

Me: What would I get paid?

Kandi: How does $2,000 a month strike you?

Me: Yoink! I'm in

Kandi: There is a condition you know?

Me: *sighs* Always a catch.....What?

Kandi: You have to sign our champion

Me: NIGHTHAWK! But he SUCKS! He sucks more than nabeel's diarys

Kandi: Nawho?

Me: Never mind.....*sighs* Fine.....but I get full power over who else to sign

Kandi: Except for Ralphus.

Me: Wouldn't dream of leaving him out. The Drooling Elbow is ratings! :shifty:

Kandi: Good then it's settled.....And the prick Magz is as good as dead. If you tell anyone I'll kill you

Me: Who'd believe me anyway?

So here I am. Head Booker of IWA:Worldwide. Armed with the cheapest amount of money and three useless talents we're already behind the eight ball. But I guess I'll have fun while I'm at it


Size: Backyard

PI: 0%

Cash: $500,000

Production, Advertising and Merchandising: 0%

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Damn right he was going to get killed by the Magzter, because this is where I Huw Hay otherwise known as hugobomb comes in.

*ring ring*

Me: Hello?

Alicia Magz: Hi is this Huw Hay?

Me: Yes

Alicia: Otherwise known as hugobomb

Me: Yes who wants to know?

Alicia: Well Al and Alicia Magz want to know

Me: The two former WWE employee start their own fed?

Alicia: Yes, we read your Al Magz diary on EWB III

Me: Ah yes about that, I meant that as a jo..

Alicia: We want to hire you as head booker

Me: You read my Al Magz diary and want me to book your fed?

Alicia: Yes for $2,000 a month

Me: I'm there! Where do I meet you?

I get the address and I'm on the next plane, BOOYAH! Huw Hay in charge, one problem I have to book Al Magz as the star of this fed, and after seeing him wrestle I saw he was as bad in real life as he was in EWR, this'll be interesting

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Huw Hay huh? Can't say I've heard of him......oh wait Hugobomb....now HIM I've heard of. I wonder if he can book the Magzter like he did on EWB without making him look like a fool

Right now I'd like to give you your IWA:Worldwide Sponsors.

Major Sponsor - EWAdditions.com $12,000 a month

Hey a third rate Battleground sponsoring a second rate Yardtard fed. Bonus. And the cash will pay for my entire roster.

Other Sponsors - Gamewinners.com $5,000 a month

That's a ref in the bag

Chart Wars $5,000 a month

Writer. They'll give me more if they ever release Chart Wars 3

Total Disscussion.com $1,000 a month


And now My Roster


"KSP" Kriss Sprules (Gimmick: Fun Babyface)

I guess he wanted to get rid of any remnants of Kandiman. The owner, all round good guy and probably first title holder....oh and he has complete creative control. More fun for me

Nighthawk (Gimmick: Comic Book Hero)

The first IWA:Worldwide Champion....at least in dream stage. Now just a bad wrestler doing a bad hurricane impersonation

Ralphus (Gimmick:....Well he drools a lot....does that count?)

Well he has the Drooling Elbow. Not a lot else. Our ratings are sure going to be fun

Heels (AKA those who carry the talent)

Black Dragon (Gimmick: Doesn't have one yet)

He's from M-Pro so you know he's good. Why he signed for me I'll never know. It's a shame he'll probably end up being jobber fodder.

Greg Pawluk (Gimmick: Degenerate)

The Degenerate Greg Pawluk as I christen him is one of my favs. He's almost like the Benoit of Backyard. He'll be getting a few wins.

Michael Kovac (Gimmick: Doesn't have one yet)

Now this guy I remember from a match with Dan Severn in England. I think he had a cup of coffee with ECW too. He'll be my number one heel and brings much need experience to my roster.

So there you are the inaugral roster.

Now how to get them over.....Let's see Hee Haw top THAT

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Um...er...uh... :blink:

It's like Kandman & Ralphus, but...it's not really :unsure:

The drooling elbow's there but...:ohwell:

It's Troy, doing Kandiman but not really the same...


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Um...er...uh... :blink:

It's like Kandman & Ralphus, but...it's not really  :unsure:

The drooling elbow's there but...:ohwell:

It's Troy, doing Kandiman but not really the same...


Ahhh but I am continuing the Kandi diary.

Call it multiple universes :P

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Sponsors eh? OH SHIT! WE NEED SPONSORS! There's always one fucking thing you forget, wll here are the sponcer I got

Main- EWAdditision $10,000 a month.Hey they decided to sponsor the pair of us, SON OF BITCHS! Their sponsoring Troy $2000 a more than than us! Don't they see greatness in the Magz Plex?

Minor- Chart Wars $5,000 a month, meh again sponsoring the pair of us

Minor- Gamewinner.com $5,000 a month, again both of us

Minor- Titlehistories.com HA! We get a different sponsor than IWA:Worldwide! Oh $1,000 so we still end up getting $2,000 a month less than IWA, ah well through adversity we struggle

Anyway here the roster that has been put together by me, Al and Alicia:

Al Magz (Gimmick: Arrogant)

Owner of the fed, my boss, complete control of his character, think Vince and Triple H rolled into one, without the wrestling skills, overness or charisma of either

Alicia Magz (Gimmick: Bitch)

Al's real life sister, 10 more charisma points than Al (making a total of 10), will be Al's Manager in MWE

Anarchy MWE (Gimmick: Obsessed Fan)

Part of the tag team NC-17 MWE (his name, his partners name and their tag team's name have been changed, with the EWF at the end replaced with MWE) Anarchy is the slightly less talented one of the team

Brandon Young (Gimmick: Pro USA)

Hey if you can't get them over on their wrestling resort to cheap face pops. Simple

Cade Sydal (Gimmick:Hero)

This was just to make it personal to Kandiman (or Kriss Sprules), hey Cade is a talented wrestler and the Hero gimmick is to show the fan he made the right decision in coming to MWE

Konrad (Gimmick: Bad Ass) Remember Erin Bray on the older versions of EWR? The man you haired everytime you started a Backyard or small fed? Well Konrad is the new Erin Bray, good skills of a Backyarder and he's charismatic

Lazzerus (Gimmick: Supernateral)

Cheap worker + Silly Gimmick (It will be silly when you see it) = RATINGS!

Phoenix MWE (Gimmick: Obsessed Fan)

The more talented part of NC- 17 MWE, not a lot else to say about him

My roster may seem less talented that Kandiman's but their cheaper, Troy it's hard to continue rising in the rank if your out of money isn't it?

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Ahhh but I am continuing the Kandi diary.

Call it multiple universes  :P


Thats okay then. I'll follow you and Kandiman to whatever universe you want!!!

The above statement may or may not be true. I'll still be reading.

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Remember Erin Bray on the older versions of EWR? The man you haired everytime you started a Backyard or small fed?

You mean like Austin Lee is in the new versions? :D

Who knew EWAdditions had enough cash to sponsor TWO companies?

How many times will each wrestler have to compete each month to fill up a show?

No more questions, your honor...good luck, gentlemen. :shifty:

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Ahhh but my six stars only cost me $2,000 a month.....in other words my EWAdditions.com sponsorship pays their wages.

But already I've had a setback


Apparantly he thinks we're too small time for a man of his talents. Fine you drooling fat fuck see how you do without me.

But who to sign? I considered GBW hero JC Ice but no he costs too much. Then it hit me. I have a probable heel jobber in Black Dragon so I need yes...A face jobber. And one that has an EWB account so he can see what his enemies are saying about him

New Signing

Jeremy Vengance (Gimmick: No Gimmick Needed. Jobbers don't have them)

That should work. JV isn't a good wrestler by any stretch but his $4,000 price tag sold me. I need to scrimp on money.

Now for the IWA:Worldwide Inaugral Show.....I think we'll call New Addition in honor of our sponsors.

IWA:Worldwide presents NEW ADDITIONS!

The following has been announced.

IWA:Worldwide Heavyweight title tournament

Three Way Dances (Man who gets pinned is eliminated)

"KSP" Kriss Sprules V Jeremy Vengance V Michael Kovac

Nighthawk V Black Dragon V "The Degenerate" Greg Pawluk

Semi Finals


Also the two 1st round losers will face in the night

Tickets are $5. Anyone who actually shows up will be given a free bucket should the need for projectile vomiting arise

Edited by Troy Maskell
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Go Magz.  "Thats the Magzplex bitch, you dont get up".

YOU DIE NOW! :shifty:

Fucking Ralphus.....How am I supposed to get ratings now?

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Ha! IWA:W are not the only ones who can put on a first show, here we go

Magz Wrestling Empire Presents:

Brave New World

8 Person tournement for MWE Heavyweight Title

Semi-Final 1

Al Magz Vs Cade Sydal Vs Anarchy MWE Vs Lazzerus

Semi-Final 2

Alicia Magz Vs Konrad Vs Phoenix MWE Vs Brandon Young

Fatal 4 way elimination for number one condership (The two men from each match who didn't get pinned)

Final of tournement

Tickets are $5 and refreshments are free (1 pack of crisps each). We are not liably for any comas induced by the shit wrestling.

Booker's note: Brave New World? Brave fucking fans with the wrestling we'll get

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IWA:Worldwide Presents New Addition

0. Vengance will be laid down

Before the official show starts Jeremy Vengance comes down to the ring. The backyard is small enough so we don't need a knife to hear what he has to say

I claim Vengance on this entire show. I've heard what everyone has had to say in the leadup. They're saying I don't have a hope in hell. But let's look at the facts. How am I gonna lose to a fat fuck and an ECW wannabe? It's obvious that I'm the man to pick for this entire tournament. Magzter you didn't call me. You hurt my feelings, you called Cade but you didn't call me. Well I'm gonna do something you'll only dream of doing. I'm gonna beat Kriss Sprules to an inch of his life and if Kavok or whatever his name is interferes. I'll kick his ass too.


Jeremy Vengance gained 2 points from this interview

1. History made. First match. JV's first job

Almost immediately "KSP" Kriss Sprules hit the ring and the two squared off, allowing Kovac to sneak in and attack both of them from behind.

Opening Kovac gets in some stiff shots on both competitors before Kriss and JV get smart and double team him with a double flapjack then a double clothesline to send Kovac outside. JV takes time to pose to the fans allowing Kriss to take over with a surprisingly well executed snap suplex.

Middle A cross corner whip from Kriss and a charge only meets boot. Another charge has the same result allowing JV to hit a pair of second rope bulldogs. He covers but Kovac makes the save, someone doesn't know the rules. Kovac with a slam on JV allowed him to go up for a Swandive headbutt but JV managed to put his foot on the rope leading to the long antcipated Sprules-Kovac showdown. Both exchange right hands but Kovac gets the better of it. But when he finally knock Sprules down he walks into another second rope bulldog from JV.

The Ending JV talked trash to Kovac allowing Sprules to sneak up behind with a German Suplex. JV landed right on his head and went lights out. Kriss then locked on the Half Crab of Doom! with no responce the bell was rung (We don't have a ref)

DUD (39,18,61)

Kovac debuted his new gimmick (Ice Man) It got a positive responce

2. Kandi gets the stick

Kriss prepared to cut a promo but he got drowned out by the chant of Kandiman, Kandiman. He then got real angry as he spoke



And really bad laughter ensues


Kriss gained 1 point of overness

3. Nighthawk flies high

The second three way dance then began with Nighthawk, Black Dragon and the Degenerate Greg Pawluk competing to go through.

Opening It was true three way style early with Black Dragon hitting everyone before Pawluk and Nighthawk caught up with him. A kneelift from Nighthawk set up a Degenerate Driver (Brainbuster I stole from Austin Lee sue me) but Dragon wasn't done yet and kicked out at two. (The crowd count the fall)

Middle Hawk and Pawluk obviously decided that they were the two who should advance and not Dragon as they kept up the double team with a Hart Attack Clothesline. Dragon staggered up only to take some sweet chin music from Nighthawk. Pawluk went up for the Firebird Splash but Dragon fought back again getting the knees up and throwing him out of the ring.

Ending Dragon's spirit was willing but his body was weary. He turned and walked into a Ghettoblaster from Nighthawk who then locked on the Texas Cloverleaf for the tapout win.

*1/2 :blink: (50,19,81 :blink: :blink: )

Greg Pawluk debuted his gimmick (Degenerate) It got postive responce

4. Kovac has some retalitatory words for Kandi

Michael Kovac then came out in preperation for the semi final against Kriss but he had some words first.

I can't believe that Fat Fuck came from the WWE. To have him in my spot, that's like a slap to my face. It reminds me of my father which is NOT a good thing as he used to hit me and beat me up. Tonight I take out that anger at him on Kriss Sprules. You may be the booker Kriss but I'm the man around here. So get your fat ass out here so I can kick it all over this fucking BACKYARD!


5. Kovac books his shot at the title

Kriss learnt from his time with WWE walking calmly down to the ring so as not to get blown up. Kovac tried to rise the anger of the young man with a slap to the face. Kriss responded by throwing some big right hands to the face as the crowd got behind him.

Opening Kovac soon put an end to that though and made it a wrestling match going through an series of arm and leg holds. Kriss came back with power though. Hitting a short power bomb that folded Kovac up. The cover only got two though.

Middle Kovac is better than that however and he came back with a Davey Boy Smith suplex to really hurt Kriss. That got two. Top Rope Legdrop got two. An Irish whip was reversed by Sprules though and he hit a mammoth lariat for two.

Ending Kriss then went for the Piledriver but Kovac flipped up and sit on his chest to force Kriss down and then he hooked the ropes for the three count

3/4* (47, 20, 75)


6. Nighthawk. Paragon of heroism

Semi final 2 saw Nighthawk V "The Degenerate" Greg Pawluk. Pawluk comes out with total disrespect for everything and that riled Nighthawk. This one was on out of the gate.

Opening Suddenly the match turned into a Kawada match as both men traded stiff kicks to try and knock each other down. Pawluk stopped that with a belly to belly then set Nighthawk up in the corner to deliver Splash Mountain for two. An irish whip came from Pawluk but Nighthawk hit a desperation clothesline to take control.

Middle Nighthawk whipped Pawluk to the corner and layed in the stomps. He then took a running start and layed in a baseball slide to the groin. Pawluk in trouble with that move. Pawluk crawled out of the corner only to crawl into a Shining Wizard from Nighthawk but that only got two. Nighthawk went for a Lionsault but Pawluk rolled away. Pawluk went to the top with a clothesline for two but for he went for the Degenerate Driver.

Ending But Nighthawk would reverse to one of his own crashing Pawluk's head to the mat. He then locked on the Texas Cloverleaf for the second time for the same result, a tapout win.

*3/4 :o (54, 27, 82 :thumbs-up: )

7. JV gets some revenge

Now the jobbers explode! JV and Dragon were the freshest guys and they tried to put on a show for the fans

Opening Slugfest to begin with, JV winning it and pushing Dragon back before whipping him to the ropes but Dragon came off with a spin kick to the Jaw to take control. A macho man top rope elbow got him two as he look to put the match away.

Middle Dragon slowed the pace with a hammerlock but JV fought out and hit a DDT to regain the ascendency. He then bounced Dragon off the ropes and hit a Spinebuster for two. JV whipped Dragon to the buckle but got caught coming in. Dragon then hit a superkick for two.

Ending Dragon went to the well with the Superkick again but this time JV caught it and hit the Jarrovian Driver for the three count.

-* (34,14,54)

8. The first Champion is....

The final of the tournament Kovac V Nighthawk. Who was the better man? But first Troy "Vince Russo" Maskell came out to make an announcement.

Now this is the final of this tournament. And since you two bitches seem to love using submission holds so much. I am using my booking power to make this match.....An I Quit Match. You want to see the gold you make your opponent scream like a girl.

Opening Kovac decked Nighthawk before the bell and looked to dominate but Nighthawl quickly came back with a lariat to regain some footing. Nighthawk then hit a Ricky Steamboat armdrag series. 5 armdrags into an armbar and Kovac was dazed.

Middle Nighthawk changed focus with a sleeper but Kovac hit a jawbreaker to break free. Kovac then hit a Jackhammer to really take control. Short powerbomb and Kovac looked to end it. The spear from the top was countered however, Nighthawk hitting a facecrusher.

Ending Nighthawk then took to the air with a top rope missile dropkick. He then locked in the Texas Cloverleaf for the third time tonight. Kovac fought though. He gritted his teeth and dragged Nighthawk to within touching reach of the ropes. Nighthawk was having none of it, dragging Kovac back. Kovac then tried to power out but Nighthawk was too strong. Finally with no other choice Kovac tapped out to give Nighthawk the IWA:Worldwide heavyweight title.

1 1/2* (56,34,79)

The Heavyweight title gained in image

Overall rating: 45%

6 whole people braved our show. WOOHOO! 60 big ones. What? I jacked the price.

Our PI gained 2% to get to......2%

Oh and by the way Hee Haw. Saying you're going to kick our asses and all.


Magzter don't know what hit him

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Brave New World

The first show of Magz Wrestling Empire started with some sparkers being handed out. The fans who did turn up did wave them but it seemed kinda well... shite

Al Magz Vs Cade Sydal Vs Anarchy MWE Vs Lazzerus

Well in a matc where we saw all three men having to carry Al Magz to a half acceptable match for him, we saw Magz attempting to actully wrestle here, in some shamefull gimmick stealing we saw Alicia (who was doubling as the annoucer) name some suplexs from Magz (not the Magz Plex, that too powerfull to be done more than once a match, for his opponates safty of course) We saw Magz hit a Belly to Belly Magz Plex, the Arm and Leg Magz Plex and finally the German Magz Plex, he fucked them all up but go for them he did. They broke off into two fights Al Magz Vs Cade Sydal and Lazzerus Vs Anarchy MWE, Cade used his supiror wrestling ability to get the advantage of Al but then came that dreaded move... RIGHT HAND! RIGHT HAND! Cade Sydal was suddenly on the back foot and quicky left the ring taking Lazzerus with him. Lazzerus by the way came out dressed as Superman and was hyping himself up as Superman on the outside. While Sydal and Lazzerus recovered Al saw his chance and turn Anarchy around and BOOM! Magz Plex get the 3

Winner: Al Magz (pinned Anarchy) (51/9/30)

While Al was celebrating his win Kondrad walked out and started to talk to all 6 fans

Konrad: Hello there people I am Konrad but really all you need to know is that I shall be winning the MWE Heavyweight title and I win beat that bitch Alicia Magz in order to progress. I mean that whore has no place in this ring, we are trained wrestlers and she is just a woman and is making a mockery of everything we wrestlers hold dear. So in the next I will beat that bitch.


Alicia Magz Vs Konrad Vs Phoenix MWE Vs Brandon Young

Alicia ran underneath the ring to start this off and so the two faces in this match Konrad and Brandon Young went after Phoenix MWE. Brandon Young used the cheapest of the cheap face pop by leading the crowd into a 'USA! USA!' chant, there was no real reason for this chant since all 4 people in this match are American but hey it gets the crowd into it. Since Alicia was hiding underneather thering the 3 in the ring could concentrate on have a good match, and it was looking like they could succeed at that but then Alicia quickly rolled into the ring and rolled Konrad up for a 2 count. After that count Alicia tried to roll back out the ring but was stopped by Konrad who grabbed her by the hair and picked her up, he start asking the fans permission to attack her and he got it. He went a powerbomb but was rolled up by Phoenix for a 2 count, this allowed Alicia to roll out of the ring and hide again. Konrad was pissed at this and Bradon Young who oviously concidered this roll up of a fellow American 'unpatriotic' so both men beat the hell out of Phoenix. Brandon Young then allowed Konrad to hit the Radbuster on Phoenix for the 3, this was to allow Konrad to 'avenge Phoenix's Pearl Harbour on Konrad'

Winner: Konrad (pinned Phoenix) (51/13/32)

Before Konrad could leave the ring Cade Sydal came down to talk to him

Sydal: Konrad you really wanted to beat Alicia for the win didn't you?

Konrad: Yeah but the bitch ran off

Sydal: Don't worry she didn't get pinned, she has to come back for the next match which by the way is elimination so she has to get beat, sound good to you?

Konrad: Good with me

Sydal: Fine but if I beat her, I get a match with you next month, wether you win or lose tonight's title match, I get you next month

Konrad: Your on

The pair shake hands in the ring before the rest of the match competitors come out including a very scared looking Alicia Magz who Cade said one thing to before the match started

Sydal: It's nothing personal Alicia I just don't like you


Alicia Magz Vs Brandon Young Vs Cade Sydal Vs Lazzerus

Right after the bell Alicia fled underneather the ring to save herself from Sydal. Sydal, Young and Lazzerus got going in this one soon after and sohwed they were out to win, even if Young was going to follow the rules to the letter. This included giving Sydal a telling off for throwing Lazzerus over the top rope only to be told 'if he's a super hero why didn't he fly?'. While Young thought about this Sydal hit him with the Hang Over to eliminate him. Lazzerus rolled back in the ring, still I might add in his Superman costume, Sydal and Lazzrus fought for a bit then both looked down at the ring and shared a smile, both rolled to the outside and went to diffent sides of the ringbefore both rolling under. The sound of a Alicia Magz surprised scream got a pop and she rolled out from under the ring closly followed by Sydal and Lazzerus, when all 3 where in the ring Alicia tried to escape but was stopped, she then try an desperate roll-up on Lazzerus and to everyone's surprise especially Lazzerus's Sydal put his weight on to help Alicia get the 3 on Lazzerus. Being elimnated by Alicia Magz surprised him to say the least. Alicia celebrated like she had won the World Title, she turned around and was met by a Hang Over for the 3.

Winner: Cade Sydal(51/10/30)

After his win over Alicia, Cade didn't look like he was finished with her but Al Magz ran out to prtect his sister form anymore harm. Had he left it there we would have been fine, but NOOO! Against my wishes he start to talk, he doesn't even let Alicia do the talking for him. Well I say talking but no one understand him as he talked way to fast. In the ring Cade Sydal has an 'what the fuck' look on his face before walking off to leave Al to his match with Konrad


Al Magz Vs Konrad (MWE Heavyweight)

WHY THE FUCK DID I TAKE THIS JOB!!! Al really is pissing me off tonight, first he talks on the mic and does one of the worst promos I've ever heard (well heard is a bit generous) and now he's no selling our most over worker, and stiffing our most worker. Konrad didn't know what to do and I'm not bloody surprised, Al seems so much worse in real life then he did on EWR and that isn't saying much. Konrad to his credit did try and drag this match out of the gutter but Al wouldn't allow it, Konrad sold like a mother fucking here hyping up the ever useful RIGHT HAND! RIGHT HAND! Amazing this got a two count, mainly because of Al mouthing 'fall over fucker' at Konrad while hitting him with the right hands. This match which Al Magz dominated, which could be why it sucked wasn't that long thankfully and ended when Konrad surprised Al with an Radbuster out of nowhere for the 3 count and the MWE Heavyweight Title! Ad so we have a main event for next month set up Cade Sydal Vs Konrad for Konrad's MWE Heavyweight title!

Winner: Konrad (24% overall, the results got skipped)

Overall: 28% (-17% on IWA:W)

Crowd: 6

PI: 1%

Well we had a worse show, gained less PI and WE LOST MONEY! Just wait IWA:W I'll soon have these people over enough to cover for Al

Also we have brought in Flash Christian, he will make the odd appearance and I will be cutting down on Cade Sydal's appearances as he is costing us $9,000 a show

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That was one of the most pathetic shows in history. Plus the Magzter lost money, see I am truly the better booker. IWA:W is clearly the horse to be on in this stake.

Lessee I made $8,000. I could hire another wrestler but Kriss doesn't seem to think we need one. What we need is a jack of all trades to take on a number of jobs with IWA:W till we get bigger. I mean, I can't do this all alone.

Fortunately I have someone who can do that job nicely.

Sebastian St. Hubbins

I found Sebastian at the bus shelter. He's a bum sleeping on a bench. I hired him to be our referee/road agent/writer. Although he looks like he could have a stroke any minute. The $5,000 a month price tag will still mean I'll turn a profit, all of which means I can still kick the Magzter's ass.

Meanwhile we have another show to put on. Let's see August......Kriss wants to challenge the WWE. I'll call it Hardcore Heaven I mean we're a cheap ECW ripoff anyway. We even have a former ECW wrestler.

I sat down with Kriss and worked out a tentative card.

MAIN EVENT. IWA:Worldwide Heavyweight Championship Match

Nighthawk © V Michael Kovac

"KSP" Kriss Sprules V "The Degenerate" Greg Pawluk

Black Dragon V Jeremy Vengance

Nighthawk V Black Dragon - Non Title

Jeremy Vengance V "The Degenerate" Greg Pawluk.

Magzter may have more wrestlers which means his crowd don't get bored but he can't run a show when he's broke can he?

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Yes Troy at this rate I'll be out of business in say 160 months, so we've only got 13 and a bit years left in business, anyway here's the card for our next show called Bad Habits

Bad Habits

August 29th 2004

MWE Heavyweight Title

Konrad © Vs Cade Sydal

Lazzerus Vs Phoenix MWE

Anarchy MWE Vs Bradon Young

Al Magz Vs Lazzerus

Tickets again are $5 and normal free bag of crisps still apply

Booker note: Let's hope bad shows don't become a bad habit

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IWA:W Hardcore Heaven

1. A new name makes an impact

The opening event of Hardcore Heaven was the match between "KSP" Kriss Sprules and "The Degenerate" Greg Pawluk. Both men looked at each other with a look of hate looking to settle some scores they had.

Opening: As expected Pawluk opened up on the big man with a pair of snap suplexes. Everything was in double for Pawluk tonight it seemed as he hit a pair of clotheslines to capitalize then following that up with a pair of DDT's for two. Pawluk had words with Sebastian St. Hubbins about the count, allowing Kriss to come back and unload on him with Knifedge chops to the chest.

Middle: Kriss hit a teardrop for two to keep the pressure on before going for the Guerrero vertical combo. Pawluk stopped him on the second however and reversed into a Tiger Bomb that looked like it killed Kriss. It only got two however. Pawluk picked up the hapless Sprules and hit a second Tiger Bomb for two. He then hit a Gutbuster before setting up Kriss for a third Tiger Bomb but this time Kriss would sweep the feet out from under Pawluk and slingshot him to the buckle to take control.

Ending: Pawluk was groggy after the Slingshot and walked right into a Falcon Arrow by Kriss......at least I THINK it was a falcon arrow. Kriss then picked up Pawluk and hit the patened IWA:Worldwide DDT. He then signalled to the fans for the Double Standard but then suddenly a fan slid into the ring and attacked with a chair. Sebastian called for the bell but it didn't stop our fan. A one man Conchairto left Kriss out but the fan was not finished. He picked him up and hit Raven's drop toehold into the same chair....busting Kriss open as the crowd booed.

3/4 * (47,20,75)

Kriss gained overness while Greg Pawluk lost it.

2. The fan introduces himself

Finally the fan stopped his assault as the crowd wondered what the hell was going on. They would soon find out as the fan spoke for the first time

So this isIWA:Worldwide?this place sucks! (Cue crowd booing)If you don't know who I am.....My name is Cassidy O'Reilly and I don't suck...no I rawk.....I rawk so much that I'm too good for this place!..this fat piece of trash doesn't deserve to be in the same ring as me.


Cass gained overness (who'd have thought? To all GBW fans and Conniption I apologise but I couldn't resist using the term "Rawk" in Cass's promo)

When suddenly he's inturrupted by Head Booker Troy Maskell who has a security detail with him (If you can call a 54 year old Ralphus lookalike in a ref's shirt Security)

Who in the hell are you? Now what you fail to realise Cass is that this isn't Jeffery Golden's backyard and this ain't Crash TV. You're in the FUCKING IWA...WORLDWIDE SON! (Cue crowd pop) Which means Cass that you're in my world. And you're in Kriss's world. I should get Sebastian here to take your "Rawking" ass and throw you the hell out of here. But.....No I don't think I'll do that at all. In fact...Cassidy....I'm going to pay you to compete tonight. In fact tonight in that ring you will compete....You will face Kriss Sprules....And if by some chance you win.....You'll get a shot at the IWA:Worldwide Heavyweight Championship next month. Now get the hell out of MY ring before I have Sebastian here drag you out!

3. Perfect warmup for the 'Hawk

With the commotion over we see our non-title affair between Nighthawk and Black Dragon. Dragon had been wowing them in M-Pro but wasn't given much of a hope here.

Opening: And Nighthawk wasted no time in going for the quick win with a rematch against Michael Kovac deep in his mind. Nighthawk used his martial arts to slow Dragon down early before hitting a missile Dropkick for two. But Dragon is made of sterner stuffer than that and he came firing back with an unbelievable Asai DDT off of an irish whip to take control.

Middle: Dragon continued to go for the highlight reel taking to the top and hitting a Dragonrana.....What an upset! One! Two! Oh My God Nighthawk just kicked out from the Dragonrana! Nighthawk started.....I don't know....Hawking up I guess :shifty: and came back with big right hands and a ghettoblaster enzurguri for two. But Dragon came back again with a Springboard dropkick...he went for a Lionsault but Nighthawk moved out of the way and then took control back with a Ricky Steamboat Armdrag combo.

Ending: The ending was near for Dragon and the Nighthawk sensed it. He hit a Dragon Screw legwhip before locking on the Texas Cloverleaf right in the centre of the ring for the tapout win.

**1/2 :o (57,24,90)

4. Meanwhile Kriss is pissed

Then the crowd was treated to a promo from Kriss Sprules. Who launched into brutal diatribe on Cassidy O'Reilly

You know I've been stabbed in the back before.....BY YOU CADE! AND YOU VR! JUST TELL ME WHY! WHY DID YOU TURN YOUR BACK ON ME?

But tonight to have a.....a.....NOONE! come and try and get over on me. Well it makes me angry.....AS ANGRY AS THE DAY VR BANNED ME FROM EWB! Cassidy.....The only way you will wear what I have worked so hard to make right. IS OVER MY DEAD BODY! You think I'm joking? I'M NOT FUCKING JOKING! I DON'T JOKE! You bring your ass to the ring tonight Cass cause after it's all said and done you will learn like everyone else....here and on EWB...you will learn to FEAR THE 'FRO!


Kriss gained overness

5. Needed....One Jobber.....if suits you please contact G. Pawluk

Next was what we like to call..."Filler"....as "The Degenerate" Greg Pawluk stepped back into the ring to face everyone's favorite Jobber Jeremy Vengeance.

Opening: Vengance opened up from the bell hitting right hands and a basic body slam before going up top and missing a Harlem Hangover. Pawluk hit a pair of belly to back suplexes to really rub it in for two. Shake Rattle 'n' Roll Neckbreaker gets two. A pair of lariats and a backbody drop on Vengeance and he was really in trouble but he would not stay down, kicking out at two and then hitting a Jawbreaker to take control.

Middle: A stump puller piledriver from Vengeance and he looked the goods getting two. Heavenly Vengeance (Clothesline from Hell) gets two. A running powerslaw by Vengeance but this time Pawluk gets his foot on the ropes and hits a Stun Gun across the ropes as Vengeance tries to capitalise.

Ending: From there Vengeance was easy pickings for Pawluk. The Degenerate Sweep (AKA Jeff Jarrett's Stroke) put Vengeance on Dream Street allowing Pawluk to lock on the Degenerate Destruction Device (Really wanky way of saying Boston Crab) for the tapout victory.

DUD (40,23,58)

6. Kovac has a dream

Next was promo time for Michael Kovac leading into the main event.

Last month I got screwed.....Everyone saw it.....I had Nighthawk beat in the center of the ring but what happens....No count.....And it's all your fault! But you know what I have a dream.....of Nighthawks bloody and broken body laying flat on the canvas for all to see as the Heavyweight title is put around the waist of the most hardcore of the hardcores here in IWA:Worldwide.....Now that my friends would truly be....Hardcore Heaven.


7. Cass wins the war over Kriss

Next was the match noone expected to see. Cassidy O'Reilly....GBW hero and all round nice guy.....taking on the Kandiman....Kriss Sprules....with a shot at heavyweight gold on the line.

Opening: Kriss was an angry man as he stepped into the ring and looked to do permnament injury to Cass's arm....First with a shoulderbreaker, then a cross armbreaker as Cass struggled to fight out. Kriss then attacked with a Roaring Elbow for two. Cass is stronger than that though and fought back. First with a spinning heel kick, then attacking the knee to gain the advantage.

Middle: A facecrusher by Cassidy got two as the fans got behind Kriss. Headscissors got two for Cass before he made the cardinal mistake of trying to suplex a winded Kriss.....No hope as Kriss reversed then hit another Roaring Elbow for two. Jawbreaker by Kriss got two. Then Kriss hit an Osaka Street Cutter for two. But once again Cass would fight back, reversing an irish whip to the buckle then following in a clothesline to daze Kriss.

Ending The end would come from there. Cassidy climbed the buckles looking for Diamond Dust but Kriss would block as he flipped over. Kriss then turned Cass around and looked for the IWA:Worldwide DDT but Cass would duck down and hit a low blow before rolling Kriss up and putting his feet on the ropes for the three count. Cass then went to attack Kriss after the bell but this time Kriss was ready and the two brawled all the way out of view.

1/2* (47,27,68)

8. But who would Cass face?

That would be decided in the main event. A fresh Michael Kovac taking on a winded Nighthawk who had to fight against Black Dragon. This time the gold was up for grabs.

Opening: Both men jockeyed for position early. Nighthawk with Martial arts. Kovac with straight brawling before he decided enough was enough and hit a snap suplex. A lariat then lead to an Exploder suplex for two as Kovac looked the goods early. Another attempt was blocked by Nighthawk who hit a brainbuster before going up and hitting a Swooping Hawk Elbow for two.

Middle: Kawada kick by Nighthawk gets two before he heads up again for a Swooping Hawk Clothesline for two. Nighthawk then went for the Hawksault but Kovac got the knees up and hit a double springboard splash for two.

Ending: Kovac thought he had his man and went up top but his Senton Bomb missed, stunning him allowing Nighthawk to quickly lock on his Waco Suspension Bridge for another tapout win. Hardcore Heaven ended with the Nighthawk standing triumphant once again.

*3/4 (59,37,81)

The title gained in image.

Overall Rating: 49% (Up 4%)

Another 6 people for 60 big ones for me.

Public Image went up another 2% to 4% total.

Sure we lost about $3,000 but come on with a money fued like Cass V Kriss how could I resist? Besides we're still $5,000 up on when we started.

Oh and better yet I've got a diva with class....unlike that tramp Alica Magz to help out with getting my top heel Michael Kovac over.....plus she works cheap.....understandable she is my girlfriend and all (just in the story but you probably knew that) so she ain't getting none if she don't. Easy.

Gentlemen, meet Madison. The lady who occupys my Shrine in my sig at the moment. That's her. Apart from being tremdously hot. She has charisma in bags. A whole lot better than bland Michael she'll be a tremendous addition.

IWA:Worldwide. STILL the one to pick in this battle

Edited by Troy Maskell
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