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Mortal Kombat 1 For The Win


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Just found Mortal Kombat 1 for the Mega Drive for 50p in a charity shop. Absolute bargain.

Got absolutely mauled by Sonia to start with, but once I got used to the buttons again, I did alright until the endurance matches; which were brutal. Got through with one continue left, then Goro absolutely raped me in the first round of the boss battle. Managed to get a flawless next round, and then scraped through the final one.

Shang Tsung wasn't too hard.

So yeah, Mega Drive rules.

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I had MK2 on the Amiga and learnt all the fatalities, friendships, babalities, brutalities etc etc on the joystick. Proper nightmare, though Johnny Cage's two were the best - rip off their arms or rip their body off their legs.

Whoever it was that ripped the heart out through the chest was great too.

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We used to have MKII tournaments at friend's birthday parties when I was a kid. All I remember is the level where a finishing uppercut will send them plummeting onto a bed of spikes. That was really cool when you were like 8 or 9.

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