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I just made that label up <_<, but are there any bands like Coheed and Cambria whose lyrics or music form a story of sorts? Any concept album recommendations are welcome to, but I will beat you with the nearest blunt instrument I can find if you recommend the Mars fucking Volta.

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Darkside of the Moon - Pink Floyd (great concept Album, no scratch that..... greatest album ever)

If you like concept as a thing you should get M83 - Before the Dawn Heals us its a cinematic/ambient/electronica album by an amazing French Band (M83)

Then really you should just by 70's prog like Yes, Caravan, etc....

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Darkside of the moon is amazing whatever the price i got it on vinyl as well just to look cool <_<

to be honest any pink floyd album once Syd BArret left is a decent to excellent concept album, The Wall while expensive is also great as is Animals

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The Liars have Drum's Not Dead and The Were Wrong So We Drowned. Be forewarned... highly experimental and not for everyone.

I'd say Sufjan Steven's two records are kind of like that; but instead of looking at characters, they focus solely on the two American states of Michigan and Illinois.

Green Day's American Idiot is a concept album.

The Street's have A Grand Don't Come For Free, about Skinner losing the money in the shoe box.

Deltron 3030 is an amazing concept record for those who live hip hop.

Ziggy Stardust is a concept album.

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Yeah, if you don't have The Wall and Dark Side Of The Moon, you clearly suck.

Dark Side, especially, has a tremendous flow, and listened to in one sitting, is impossible to discern where the songs end as they bleed into each other perfectly.

If you have those and like them, I'd pick up On An Island, the recent solo album by David Gilmour. While not top notch lyrically, it has the same rolling, flowing, organic ambience that Pink Floyd had, and sounds a lot like The Division Bell.

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"Control" by Pedro The Lion springs to mind

Taken from an Amazon.com review;

The album tells the story of an unfaithful husband and a resentful wife and culminates in the murder of the husband by the wife. The story is quite sad, but it resonates home to just about any listener. The opening song, options, already shows the breaking down of the relationship and the following infidelity on track two (Rapture) gives us a voyeouristic view of the affair. The listener is given a bird's eye view of the entire situation - seeing it from both the husband's and the wife's and ultimately a third party seeing the situation from afar.
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I have the streets album. It was good to listen to once, but I can't do it again.

A Grand Don't Come For Free Spoilers.

Also what kind of friends does he have that he'd even consider that they would steal £1000 from him.

Also if the box was on the TV set.. and then it wasn't... how did it take the space of an entire album (Which is set over a long period of time) before he considered the possibility that it fell down the back?

I dunno. Those things irked me.

Oh and Zero Cipher - 45 Minutes Of Fairytale Endings is a concept album. It's not subtle either, with little intermissions every now and then to bring you up to speed.

It's a fairy tale with wizards and witches and shit.

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