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The Adventure - Angels and Airwaves


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The best thing is the fact the video's titles "Toms Angels". It's a pretty good song, better than most latter Blink stuff (Besides Violence and Stay Together For The Kids).

Toms Angels is an angels and airwaves fansite :P

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So yeah. Anyone else heard the album yet?

It's not all that bad. I was hoping for something more laid back. It's not heavy by any stretch of the imagination. The U2 style guitars actually work surprisingly effective here. Of coruse, it's nowhere near what Tom hyped it up to be. But at the end of the day, I can't actually pick one song and say "That's bad". One thing I do like is the near anthematic style every song has. It sort of seems a little OTT, but I love it. It's like every song tries to be a 'spectacle', however this does have some negative effects as sometimes songs seem to drag on far too long. The opening track takes far too long to kick in. I know thaat there can be fading in, to an album. But it's a boring start too :ohwell: . Nothing really jumps out at me as great though either. However if I had to pick a few of the best tracks I'd say "The War", "It Hurts" and "The Adventure".

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