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Tomb Raider: Legend


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So this game rocks! Quite short though but the storyline was excellent in my opinion and they've done amazing work on the visuals of the game. Plus the gameplay made the game really enjoyable to play. If you haven't got it then I recommend buying it as it's the best Tomb Raider easily so far in my view.

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It comes out in the US april 11th or something and I am getting it as a gift for my dad...since he loves this series and I forgot to get him something for his birthday...hopes this makes it up. I dont enjoy this series much, altough I finished Last Revelation and Chronicles... Only played two levels of the dismal Angel of Darkness before I traded it in. The first three I played, but never finished. Probably going to get it for PC since I can push a lot more out of the graphics than in the PS2.

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Guest _sTe_

Very good game, tragically short.

You can unlock quite a lot of stuff during the game, and replay any level on Time Trial.

But if your like me and only play for the story mode, you'll be left a little cheated, and yet extremely pleased at the same time.

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